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Chapter One: Chronos

The night was dark and silent as the sleek form of a man crept across the rooftops stirring nothing but the wind around him. The cool night wind and the oncoming rain soothed his nerves as he moved towards his goal. Even so, said nerves had diminished over the years. After all, his job was a dangerous one.

Entering the building was an easy task. The ventilation ducts would do a good job of both hiding him and leading him to his target. He could hear the dull steps of the guards beneath him as they conducted his rounds and a smirk spread across his lips at the knowledge that they wouldn't know of his presence. That is, until it was too late.

He could see it now. The blue jewel was resting on a large wooden desk under a crystal cover as if it was some sort of trophy at which his owner never tired of looking. It shone brightly in the moonlight that streamed through the skylight above it. He took the silver pocket watch that he always carried with him and pressed the small button at the top. Quickly he slipped out of his hiding place and moved across the room to where the jewel lay. He stuffed it into his pocket and hurried back to the ventilation duct. After checking his wristwatch he crawled back to the rooftop and stood there for a moment with a satisfied smirk seemingly waiting for something.

Once again, he glanced back at the watch on his wrist and a second later the sounds of an alarm could be heard before frantic footsteps and bewildered calls could be heard outside from the floor below the rooftop. A low chuckle left the man's lips as he ran off into the night without a second glance to the building behind him.

The clock read five thirty-four as the black cat pounced onto his owner, waking him from his sleep. With a groan that was muffled by the pillows the slim form of a man in his early twenties sat up. A hand swept through messy black hair as bright amber eyes, so clear they were almost yellow opened blearily. The cat watched it's owner with what can only be called amusement as the man glared at the animal.

"Damn it Noir, why can't you just let me take a cat nap, you of all beings should understand." He complained with good humor.

His only response was a soft mewl to which he could only sigh.

"Alright, I guess you're hungry. Come on."

With a slothful air he rose from his bed and wandered into the kitchen to get his pet some food.

"Here you go." He said as he set the bowl down on the floor for the cat to eat.

There was a loud knock on the door and the dark haired man slowly made his way towards it, already suspecting who he would find behind it. The sight of a slightly shorter man with short blond hair and soft green eyes greeted him.

"Ah good morning, Hadwin. What brings you here?"

"It's almost sundown and you're just waking up!? You should be put away for being so lazy!" He scolded, contradicting the calm and soft look he carried.

The other man couldn't help but smirk as he watched his friend lose his temper. It was something that they were both used to, but no matter how many times he was scolded things wouldn't change. Of course, Hadwin already knew this, but for reasons unknown, he insisted on wasting time with halfhearted reprimands which only got weaker with time.

"But apart from making sure you didn't sleep through the month of July I was just going to tell you that you can go ahead and take the rest of the week off. For reasons unbeknown to me you were granted a week of vacation time." The blond said sulkily.

"So in short, you interrupted my rest to tell me that I'm on vacation." The other said as he let his friend inside.

"That's right, but there's something else I came here to tell you."

"Hmm, it's only to be expected. You really are a good little messenger." The dark haired man mocked.

"Oh shut up Kai." Hadwin said as he let himself slump down on a couch.

"Now, now, you know I was just joking. But seriously, what is it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Once you're done lazing about start packing. You're going to Japan on assignment."

Kairos. Looked up, surprised. He hadn't been in Japan in at least three years.

"You have any idea what I'm going there for?"

"No, I wasn't given details, but it must be something big if they're sending you. Either way, you'll find out soon enough. "

"Ah, I guess you're right. I'm sure gonna miss this place." Kairos said with a sigh.

"Oh stop it, you'll only miss it because you hardly did anything this time."

"You say that, but stopping a couple of thieves isn't so easy you know."

"Right." Hadwin said sarcastically as he stood up.

"I'll be leaving now. Don't let yourself get too slothful. It would be bad if you got killed."

"I'll take that as a 'take care buddy'."

"You can take it as 'go to hell' for all I care." Hadwin said.

They stared at each other for a moment, Hadwin, standing by the door with a serious face and Kairos sitting on an armchair with a blank expression. After a moment Kairos grinned and Hadwin shook his head with a sigh before walking out. Someone else might have said that the two hated each other, but they would be mistaken.

Hadwin and Kairos had known each other for a long time, practically having grown up together. They knew each other better than anyone else, but they also annoyed each other better than anyone else. Still, their relationship was one of strong and unwavering friendship, even if at times in seemed like they couldn't stand each other.

Kairos stood up from the armchair and wandered into the kitchen to see if he could scavenge anything edible. Unfortunately, he had put off shopping for quite a while. With a small groan he changed out of his nightclothes and headed for the door. He pulled on his usual black jacket and left the building in search of food.

The streets of France were cold and damp, from the rain that had fallen only a short while ago. As the cool wind chilled his body he wished he had thought to wear a scarf and maybe warmer clothing. If there was one thing he hated about the weather in that country was that it tended to get cold even in the middle of July, which also happened to be its rainiest month. Speaking of rain....

He could do nothing but groan as the rain began to fall once again in a steady and heavy rhythm. Kairos quickened his pace and soon reached the store. It was warm inside and he really didn't want to go back out into the rain, but he knew he couldn't help it. He almost ran back to his apartment, thanking his luck for the fact that it wasn't too far. A relieved sigh escaped him as he was finally able to feel the warmth of his home. A soft mewl caught his attention and he looked to where his black cat lay, next to an envelope by the closed window.

Kairos blinked a few times before walking towards it and picking up the envelope. Even after all this time he was still surprised at the stealth with which his assignments were delivered. He opened the envelope and was a bit surprised at the information he had received.

"So that's why they're sending me...well, I guess it can't be helped."

He went to the kitchen with the envelope still in hand and tossed it into the fire after lighting the stove. It wouldn't do for someone to find it. After that he proceeded to prepare some sort of decent meal. He would worry about his job later. After all, it wasn't a particularly difficult job. It was always the same really. Someone had stolen something and it was up to him to get it back.

Of course, most people would think that the police were the ones to go to for this kind of thing, but the police lacked the tact and skill that only he and his co-workers could bring to this job. Besides, these crooks weren't people to mess with and the cops would only make a scene and bring trouble, failing to recover what was lost.

But he wouldn't fail. He never had.

The week passed quickly and soon it was time for Kairos to leave. Plane tickets were delivered to him by Hadwin the night before his departure. They didn't talk much. Hadwin was a busy person and so was he, most of the time. The only thing, the last thing, Hadwin told him before he boarded the plane was to always check his time.

Kairos smiled a bit at his friend and nodded, knowing what he meant. The blond watched his friend leave and walked back home, or at least what had been his home for the past month or so.

The flight was long and Kairos found himself unable to stay awake for long. A few minutes before the landing, he was woken up by the light and high-pitched voice of a stewardess reminding them to buckle up their seat-belts. It was a relief to finally be able to get out of the plane. The man stretched his tired muscles and stifled a yawn as he looked around, searching for someone he might recognize.

A smirk formed on his face as he saw a tall man dressed in a light, button-up shirt and dark jeans. His sleeves were rolled up to the elbows and a look of utter irritation was upon his face. Kairos knew why, the flight had been late for about half an hour and Axl wasn't known for his patience.

"I didn't expect to see you here." Kairos said as he neared the other man.

Sharp blue eyes focused on him as Axl frowned slightly.

"You're late." He remarked in a stern tone.

"Believe me friend, it isn't something I'm happy about either. Now, since we are already running late, we should probably get going."

With a shake of his head Axl turned and headed towards the airport's exit with Kairos following closely. Kairos welcomed the change in weather as he felt the warm rays of the sun warming him. Axl turned to look at him with his light brown hair being tousled by the soft wind. He motioned for Kairos to follow him to where their means of transportation was. They boarded a black car and took off with Axl at the wheel and Kairos in the passenger's seat.

"Did you get the letter?" Axl asked after a while.

"Hm, so it was you who delivered it."

"No, it was Talen. Where is it?"

"I burned it. You know I try to keep any and all information about my assignments from slipping out."

"Fine, as long as you know what your job is."

"Don't I always?" Kairos asked with a smile.

Axl glanced at him and then looked back at the road. A while later they arrived outside a hotel. It was large and looked like the type of place most people only ever dream of staying in. Even in the face of all of this grandeur Kairos remained as stoic as ever. An employee helped him with his bags, which weren't numerous. He turned back to the car and leaned over on the open window.

"Will I have any company this time?"


"Any other details you might have forgotten?"

"They will be delivered."

"Not in the talkative mood are we?" Kairos asked humorously.

Axl looked at him and sighed.

"Ez will probably contact you later. Keep your phone close by."

Kairos sighed with a smile.

"Alright, until our next meeting I guess."

Axl nodded and Kairos stood.


The man turned back and looked at his friend.

"Don't lose track of time."

Kairos repressed a chuckle and nodded. Axl drove off and so Kairos headed into the hotel.

It was late, probably around ten thirty when the cell phone resting on the coffee table rang. Kairos entered the room with a cup of coffee in his hand and answered the phone.


"Name." A feminine, but harsh voice said from the other end of the line.

"Chronos." Kairos responded.


"Ez, I've been waiting for you to call me for a while now."

"I was delayed by some business." The woman answered.

"You're not going to cancel now are you?" Kairos asked as he sat on the couch.

"No, I sent you the coordinates."

"I hope it's nothing too bad. The briefing wasn't too clear on the objective."

"What do you know?"

"What I'm looking for and who took it, but as for what it does-"

"That will be left for later. For now just worry on the job at hand." Ez said cutting Kairos off.

"Right, anything else?"

"I don't think so."

"Alright then, thanks for the call." Kairos was about to hang up when he heard Ez speak again.

"Wait, there is one more thing I forgot."

"What is it?"

"You might have some unexpected company."

"Ah, I see. Thanks for telling me." Kairos said with a smirk.

"I'm serious, be careful on this one. If you're late it could cause some trouble."

"You know I'm always on time." The confidence in his voice was clear even through the phone.

"There's a fist time for everything."

Saying that Ez hung up. Kairos sat there for a while, staring up at the ceiling and waiting for the right time to leave. It was almost one thirty when he decided to leave.

He got up and headed to his bedroom. He dressed in a black t-shirt and black pants. A black belt with a few pouches was filled with a knife, a gun and a few other things that could prove to be useful. He put on his usual watch, worn and beaten from so much use, but still working. The last thing he took with him was a silver pocket watch that he carefully placed in a pouch on the right side of his belt, within easy reach. The sleek metal was cool to the touch and the weight of it was only too familiar as it sunk into the pocked.

"'Don't lose track of time', really." Kairos said with a small laugh, remembering his friends' words.

"I am time."

End Chapter One

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