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Chapter Eleven: Fair Warnings

It had been two full days since the confrontation with Kuroki and Kairos was still in a foul mood. His leg still hurt, the wound having opened during the struggle, but the pain wasn't as bad as the irritation he felt at having been trapped, if only for a moment. Never before had he come so close to being captured and it enraged him. If it hadn't been for Hadwin's interference then he would have undoubtedly been captured by the police. That was something he couldn't afford.

He had heard from Hadwin only the previous night about the meeting held by the Boss. Things were not looking too good for their little organization, and this held especially true for him. Kuroki simply refused to give up and he worried that with the way things were going, he would be captured. He wasn't foolish enough to think that he wasn't in a tight spot, he just hoped he would be able to leave soon, or at the very least hear from someone who could tell him what was going on.

This last thought was interrupted as his phone rang, surprising Kairos slightly. He was even more surprised to hear who it was that was calling.

"Get out of the hotel now, Kairos," Hadwin said, a note of urgency in his voice.

Kairos' brow furrowed at the command.

"What? Why? What's going on?"

Even as he asked this he was already moving through the room, gathering his things, or at least his most important possessions.

"There's no time to explain, just get out,"

"Well you're going to have to try. I need to know what the hell's going on if I'm busting out of here," Kairos snapped at his friend while zipping up his bag and pulling on his coat.

"Tch, fine! That damn woman found out where you're staying. She should be there any minute now so you need to get out."

Kairos stopped and let those words register. So the detective had found him.

"Shit! How the hell did she found out?"

"Idiot! You gave her a name, most likely."

And then Kairos realized Hadwin was right, he had given her a name, a fake one, but one he had used before. It was a name that could be tied to the one he was currently using, making it easy to find him. He cursed again as he pulled on his jacket, which served to hide the gun strapped to his side. Kairos moved over to the window and looked out, scowling as he saw a car pull up in front of the building and Kuroki step out. It would be a while before they made it to his room, at least.

"Hadwin, they're here," he said, quieting his friend's complaints.

"I'm leaving through the back. If I head out the kitchens I can exit on the other street. It'll take them a while to figure it out and catch up," Kairos explained as he grabbed his bag and moved to the door.

"No, head to the front," said Hadwin after a pause.

"What? Are you insane?"

"Not more than you, now listen and do what I tell you."

Kairos wanted to protest, but this was Hadwin, and Hadwin wouldn't put him in danger if he knew better.

Back in the lobby, detective Kuroki was waiting rather impatiently for the man at the front desk to tell her where the man she was looking for was. It had been an unexpected break through. She had been searching for the man, Diarkis, Kairos, trying to find any clues that would point to him being the thief that had been causing so much trouble. Yue knew it was unreasonable to suspect someone she barely knew, someone who could be innocent, but there was something about the man that just set her on edge, something that told her there was more to him than what he let on. It had been by accident that he found his name registered somewhere in Berlin a couple of months back, after that, a Varcolik, Kairos made a series of purchases in Ulm and then Diarkis, Kairos appeared once more in Lucerne, Switzerland where he remained for nearly a month.

There had been other names, Melissinos, Nikolaou, Lillis, Rozaklis, Liatos, Kanavos, but now, it was the name Kreskas that she was searching for. Kreskas, Kairos was registered at the hotel she now stood in. He had been there for a couple of weeks. Curiously enough, the thief she was currently chasing had appeared at around the same time as Mr. Kreskas. There was no doubt in the detective's mind that Kreskas and Diarkis, Kairos were the same man.

The man she had asked to search for the suspicious guest reappeared and proceeded to tell her that yes, there was a Kreskas, Kairos staying there and he was currently staying in one of the higher floors. Kuroki thanked the man and turned, ready to head up to where the man was supposed to be staying. Asato was with her, ready to follow along with two other officers in civilian clothing. After all, they didn't want to raise any suspicions before they were able to even reach the hotel.

It was as she walked into the elevator that she saw him.

A man, tall and wearing a dark coat, walked out of the elevator next to the one the officers were just boarding. She caught a glimpse of his face as he walked away and saw a glint of gold that were too familiar and cold to belong to anyone but the thief she was after. He walked quickly, a bag slung over his shoulder, not looking around at anyone and focusing on the door ahead. That was when Yue knew it was him.

The detective moved in an instant, holding the doors open and hurrying after the man, but he was already stepping outside and into the crowded streets. Yue heard the others following as she made it outside and began to chase after the suspect. The waves of people made it hard to follow him, even as he stood taller than most. Some of the people stopped and stepped aside to let Yue pass, but most of them weren't paying enough attention to do so. Meanwhile, the man, Kairos, was weaving through the sea of people almost effortlessly.

Yue didn't want to call out to him, didn't want him to know she was following, even though he probably already was aware. They walked down the street, the man never looking back, seeming to be focused on nothing but the road ahead. He turned a corner and kept walking down a new street, the crowds thinning somewhat and making it easier for the detective to follow. It was then that she realized that Asato and the others were nowhere to be found, most likely having lost her amongst the bustling crowds. She felt uneasy, knowing she was lone, but she wouldn't back down because of it.

They walked for a while longer, Yue hurrying to keep up with the man and battling her way through, planning on arresting the man as soon as she got close enough. Her hand moved into her coat, her fingers brushing the cold steel of the gun hidden there, ready to be aimed at the man's back. Kairos, however, had other plans.

His hand moved to his pocket and, too fast for Yue to react, he pulled out his watch and hit the usual button. Everything froze immediately, the cars, the people, even the wind that had been blowing gently through the city, they all froze. Kairos was the sole exception.

He turned and hurried over to Yue, raising an eyebrow slightly as he saw her hand hovering over her gun. Not wanting any trouble when she woke up, he removed her gun first and then carried her off to the waiting car Hadwin was sitting inside.

It turned out the blond had planned everything out and had been giving Kairos instructions through a headset. It was times like these that Kairos was glad to have Hadwin on his side.

He was sitting inside in the driver's seat, his own headset still on. Kairos didn't pause to look at him too much, instead hurrying to get the detective inside. He took the cloth Hadwin had set out for him to use and held it over the woman's mouth, just as his time ended and the noise around them started up again. Kairos saw her eyes widen for only a moment as she realized that she was no longer hurrying after him down the streets of Tokyo. A moment later, her eyes closed and the hand that had wrapped around his wrist fell limply to her side. He didn't bother to tie her up, she wouldn't wake up anytime soon.

"Is she out?"

Kairos turned to the blond in the front.

"Yeah, thank God for that," he sighed, pushing his way to the passenger's seat.

He was honestly glad they were finally doing something about the annoying detective, even if he was practically giving himself away. Really though, she seemed to already know it was him behind the thefts, so what was the point in hiding it anymore. Besides, if things worked out, she would just forget about the whole thing.

"Where are we going now?" Kairos asked after a while.

"You'll see."

Kairos frowned at the poor answer he received, but said nothing.

They drove for a while, leaving behind the crowded streets and entering a part of town that was much less frequented, mainly because of the restorations happening in it and the noise from the scattered construction sites. It was at one of these places that they stopped, parking behind a shed to hide their presence. Fortunately, no one seemed to be around, and Kairos knew Hadwin had planned it. The two men stepped out of the car and Hadwin went to the back, opening the door and pulling Yue out.

"Oi, help me out,she's not exactly light," he called over to Kairos irrtably.

The dark haired man resisted the urge to laugh and instead helped his friend, who led him to the shed they were parked next to. Hadwin easily broke in, being the expert in information gathering meant he often had to get information from less than willing sources. This usually involved anything from blackmail to breaking and entering. Kairos was glad, it make things a hell of a lot easier. He didn't have to be told to enter, already moving forward while holding the woman.

Once inside, they sat her on one of the folding chairs kept there and tied her down with some spare rope lying around. Hadwin took out a piece of cloth and used it as a blindfold to keep the woman from seeing them when she woke up. Not that Kairos cared, she already knew about him, but it would be even more troublesome if she saw Hadwin.

"There," the blond muttered, stepping back.

"Now what?" Kairos asked, not really knowing the whole plan.

"Now we wait for her to wake up," Hadwin answered, pulling out the gun he usually carried.

"It shouldn't take that long."

"Wait, you're not going to kill her, are you?"

Kairos didn't know why he asked that and neither did he know why the idea bothered hi so much, but he just didn't feel comfortable with having Hadwin kill the woman. His friend just looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

"No, I'm not going to kill her, though it would certainly keep you out of trouble. It would be too messy though."

Ah yes, Kairos had almost forgotten how much Hadwin hated killing from up close. He was fine if it was from a distance. Putting a bullet through some corrupt bastard from a distance, perhaps a rooftop where he could get a good view, was fine. Being so close you could see the fear in your victim's eyes and feel the warm blood stain your face was something entirely different. That was why Hadwin preferred guns, Kairos thought.

"This is just to scare her, to show her you're not acting alone and that she shouldn't dig so deep into this."

"You really think that will work?"

Hadwin shrugged.

"It's worth a try."

Whatever comment Kairos was about to make was driven from his mind as a low groan was heard in the small room. They looked over to the woman they were keeping captive. She was finally waking up, it seemed, and after a moment she realized just what her situation was. Her body froze, her stance tense and Kairos imagined her eyes squinting through the cloth. No one moved for a moment, and then Hadwin stepped closer to her. His steps echoed dully in the room and the woman jumped and turned her head in the direction of the noise. Before she could say anything, Hadwin was behind her, his gun pressed against her head. Kairos just watched.

"Hello, Kuroki-san," he greeted in a detached voice, his 'business' voice, Kairos called it.

"What's going on? Who are you?" the woman asked.

Kairos was impressed at how even her voice was, not once wavering despite the gun pointing to her head.

"That is not something you need to know," Hadwin commented.

"In fact, you already know too much and I'm afraid we can't let you keep digging around in our business."

"'we'?" Yue said.

"Yes, you see, this case you're looking into isn't so simple, Kuroki-san. You'll find that if you get too close to one of us, the rest will not stand idly by."

Kairos almost scoffed at that. He was aware that it was quickly getting to the point in which each agent worked almost alone, with no one to depend on for backup and only the barest of information given. It wasn't something he was content with.

"What do you want?" Yue asked.

"We want you to stop this. Your fascination with a certain thief isn't good for us."

Kairos glared at the blond at hearing him call him a thief.

"If you keep this up, something bad could happen to you, Kuroki-san."

There was a mocking tone in his voice and an irritated from crossed the detective's face.

"Who are you, the Yakuza?"

Hadwin laughed lightly and Kairos had to admit, it was a bit amusing.

"No, Kuroki-san, the Yakuza is nothing compared to us."

Even as he spoke, Hadwin held back a smirk. As brave as the woman was, she wouldn't be stupid enough to keep going after Kairos after seeing how easily she could be killed.

"Now, I think it's time you had some time to reconsider this whole business. Maybe some time alone in a quiet place will help you see just how unreasonable it is for you to chase us around."

The blond man stepped away from the detective, lowering his gun. Kairos knew it was time to leave. It wouldn't take long for people to track them down and they still had some things to talk about.

"And don't worry, Kuroki-san, I'm sure your friends will find you eventually. Just make sure you think things through carefully. After all, this was just a warning, the next time we meet I don't think we'll be just chatting."

The two men left the small room, stepping outside and shutting the door behind them.

"Well, that went well," Kairos commented.

"We'll see about that," answered Hadwin, as he lit a cigarette.

"That woman is too stubborn, who knows what idiotic stunt she'll try next," the blond said as they got in the car.

"But it's like I said, next time it'll be worse."

"You're going to kill her?" Kairos asked offhandedly, even though he was still somewhat bothered by the idea.

"I won't but the Boss might send someone else. You know I don't like messy work," Hadwin said as he drove back onto the road.

Kairos didn't say anything at the slight look of distaste on Hadwin's face.

"Is that why you were so nice with her?" he wondered aloud.

"What are you talking about? That was the usual procedure," Hadwin scoffed.

"Whenever I have to clean up some mess you or Talen make I just go in, threaten people a bit, maybe blackmail them if possible, and then leave them to do what is best for their health," he shrugged.

"Now that you've seen the trouble I have to go through, maybe you'll be more careful."

Kairos scowled.

"It wasn't my fault. No one was supposed to be able to track me down. I don't even know how the hell she did it," he defended himself.

"I do, I heard her talking back at the station. That's how I knew she was going after you."

Kairos nodded, glad that Hadwin had been placed in a place where he could warn him of any danger. And then, something occurred to him.

"What are you going to do now? Will you go back to the police station?"

Hadwin shook his head.

"No, there's no point in doing that now. Whatever Kuroki does isn't my concern and you'll have to stay with me for a while, just until we get you out of the country."

Kairos knew that would happen, he knew he wouldn't be able to return to the hotel, but at least he only had to stay in Japan for a little while longer. Never before had he been so glad to leave a place.

End Chapter Eleven

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