Fear surfacing from the endless ghostly presence
She smells your lust and lusts your smell, however forbidden
It freezes her like the deadly poison that you are
Prohibiting her to live and live on and live free of you

It tracks her down in every vulnerable corner of her mind
Manifesting illusions of long dead pheromones she once drank
The new spawn of a monster who seduces with dark ease
Has she turned into the fiend that you harbour within your years?
Discarding human sentiments like they are tools for gain alone

She wipes the floor with her memories of your black words
Determined not to become what she already is and what you are
She refuses to succumb to the delights of her tortured mind
Which drags your scent from the grave and sends it on a chase
Hunting her sleeplessly within the fragile castle she has built
Ready to devour her when the relapse falls above her head
All it takes is the final break of the fa├žade, and she'll be gone.