Chapter One

I was just a normal teenage girl. Well okay maybe not normal because of the fact I was a total outcast. Sure I had a couple loyal friends but the rest what can I say they just came along and wasn't to fond of them either. I'm not the most popular girl at school and I didn't want to be one either. I hated shallow pretty girls who thought the whole world revolved around them. So I didn't mind much that I wasn't in there circle until it got into the way of what I wanted. There were only two things I wanted one to get good grades and two to finally get the crush of my dreams to like me. To bad the problem was he was popular and social while I on the other hand was the total opposite. How can I do that without having to change and hang out with the other low lives ? What happens when I bump into my crushes best friend? You'll see.

It started out on a cold, rainy, winter day as I was walking to my school, Hill Dale High School. Everything was perfect because I just loved rainy days everything seemed so peaceful and relaxing on days like these. I was almost to the school when I saw Ryan, the hottest guy in my grade and my crush since like forever, he was getting off of his black motorcycle. He looked so cool with his dark brown hair, cute dimples, and those cool blue eyes I could stare into fore-and that's when it all began I tripped and bumped into somebody of course dropped my stack of countless papers and notebooks.

"Sorry…," I began but was interrupted by a cool gentle voice, "It's okay, but you should be more careful you wouldn't want to damage that pretty face you got there." he said as he was helping me pick my stuff up. I hadn't looked up yet but judging from his voice he was pretty darn cute and he complimented me! I finally looked up and saw him he was a blond, brown eyed, hot guy…but of course he wasn't as cute as Ryan.

"Are you okay? You seem a little out of it." the hot guy said.

I snapped out of it and said, "Umm…yeah I'm okay thanks for helping me with my stuff."

"No problem anything for a cute girl. My name is Seth. I barely moved here." he said.

What was wrong with this guy?! He's already complimented me twice in one conversation! This couldn't be happening. I'm not the prettiest girl per say. I had regular brown straight hair light colored skin and a normal body with a little pudginess in the middle. What can I say I like chocolate and popcorn is that a crime? I think not.

Snap out of it he's staring at you! "Hi, my name is Annabel. Well it's getting late I better get going." I started to walk away but he followed after. I mean sure he's cute but what if Ryan see's me with him then he's going to think I have a boyfriend. Then I'd loose all my possibilities of ever getting with him.

"Wait I thought maybe we could walk together since we're both going in the same direction, Well we are both going to the same school right?" he asked.,

"Yeah…..Hill Dale High School right?" I said unsure of why he'd want to walk with me.

"Yeah, Cool maybe we could hang out I mean maybe you could show me around. You see like I said I barely moved into my Aunt's house with her and my cousin, but he doesn't seem like he's going to help me out. He left me this morning and didn't bother to give me a ride to school."

"Oh that's a shame who's your cousin?" I asked staring to relax after I saw Ryan go into the school.

"His name is Ryan Burdock."

"Ryan is your cousin!!!!" I asked surprised.