Family Secrets

"So you're my uncle huh?"

"That's right, and you're my oldest nephew it seems."

"Why didn't my mom or Uncle Chris ever mention you?"

"I guess by now you've noticed that I'm not in any recent family photos. You'll only see me in pictures of you mom and uncle when they were children and we were still together."

"Yeah, so?"

"Use your head. I'm not part of your family anymore."

"Why? Did you do something illegal?"

"No. I didn't do anything wrong by society's standards and laws."

"What does that mean?"

"It means that while I am a perfectly law-abiding citizen to a stranger, your older family sees me as a smear upon the good family name."


"Because I'm gay."

"What? That doesn't make any sense!"

"Thin about it: have your mom or Uncle Chris ever said anything good or tolerant about homosexuals?"

"Well no…"

"And do they preach how they wish that all the queers would die of AIDS and rid the world of their filth?"

"Yeah, they do that sometimes…"

"Then they are still the narrow-minded bigots that I remember when I left them. I'm not a pedophile, nor a murderer, or a rapist, but I'm just as bad as those kind of people according to your uncle and mom."

"When did you leave?"

"You were just a toddler, so all your brothers and sisters and cousins hadn't been born yet. You're about 20 now right?"

"Almost 21."

"My mistake. Anyways, I wanted to come and visit you, to see how you were growing up. But your mom and Uncle Chris didn't want that; they were afraid that 'my gayness' would rub off on you."

"That's stupid though! You can't contract homosexuality like it's a disease!"

"Tell that to your mother and uncle. Anyways, that was the start of many fights between me and them. Your dad, Frank, didn't take sides at all. I liked him, but he was your mother's husband, and he went home to that. So I couldn't count on his support half the time. In the end, your mom and uncle went to the court and had a restraining order placed on me."


"Yep. I wasn't allowed within a mile of your family, consciously mind you, unless I wanted to be arrested. When asked why, your mom and uncle tried to get me accused of molesting you. When Frank found out though, he nipped that in the bud real quick."

"Go Dad."

"Yeah, go Frank. So I haven't seen or spoken to your mom or uncle in almost two decades because of their intolerance. I get pictures of you and your siblings and cousins though from Frank – he and I keep in contact every now and then, and I'd send him money for you guys."

"Really? Like what?"

"That car you got for your 16th birthday, the silver Porsche?"

"That was you?"

"Yeah your dad didn't get that holiday bonus like he said he did."

"Well thank you for that."

"It wasn't a problem, I was glad to be a part of my nephew's life, if in a direct way…"

"So why do you call your brother and sister my mom and uncle?"

"Why do you think? They abandoned me, accused me of being something horrible, and ostracized me from the rest of you."

"What about grandma and grandpa? They didn't pass away until I was about 5 right?"


"Surely they had something to say then?"

"When I first came out to the family, my mom and dad weren't too surprised. When I asked them why, mom said that a mother always knows about her children, and dad was just happy I wasn't dressing in drag, something I was quick to assure him wasn't going to happen at all. They were just glad that I was happy and living a healthy and strong life."

"So why no support from them against mom and Uncle Chris?"

"Those two disagreed strongly with Mom and Dad, and they weren't about to change their views. They said that for your grandparents to not push me into 'therapy' was like allowing a mental patient to not receive their meds. I punched your Uncle Chris when he said that, and slashed your mom's car tires."

"Whoa…violent much?"

"Hey I may be a fruit, but I don't take crap from anyone."

"So what happened then?"

"Well as old people do, Mom and Dad slowly lost their mental capabilities and had to be put in a nursing community together. So I couldn't expect any support from them really."

"I think I remember you though, at their funeral. Were you there?"

"Yeah, I beat your mom and uncle in that game. They again tried to keep me away, since you were going to be there, along with your baby sisters and brothers, but I was smart. I had a team of lawyers back me up and I won, only I had to agree to not say anything specifically to you. Frank said hi, gave me a hug though, and I slipped him a card for you guys."


"You're not very articulate for a young man are you?"


"Don't be, I have quite a few years to catch up on teasing you."

"So what have you done since then?"

"Well due to your mom and Uncle Chris's actions and attitudes towards me, I got the majority of your grand parents' estate. So I used my degree and made a nice profit out of it, sent you kids money every year, and have been generally successful in my career."

"What about your love life?"

"Listen punk, unless you want your newly discovered uncle to go into graphic gay sex stories, I suggest you rethink that question."

"I-I mean, have you found someone to love? Like a boyfriend?"

"That's better. Kids today, honestly."

"You're not that old."

"Now you're fishing for brownie points. I'm not buying you another Porsche, whatever you may think."

"Ha ha, very funny. But seriously, have you?"

"A few boyfriends here and there, some fuck buddies, friends with benefits. Right now I'm going steady with a fireman."

"A fireman? You, a boring accountant, are dating a fireman?"

"Okay, someone isn't getting a Christmas gift this year."

"I'm sorry! But I just find that hard to believe! How did this happen exactly?"

"Would you believe me if I told you he saved me from a burning café and we dated the following weekend?"


"Well it's the truth you little brat. The oven in the café had a gas leak; it ignited, blew out the building and knocked me and a few patrons unconscious. Greg, my fireman-"

"Your fireman?"

"Yes, my fireman, and if you interrupt one more time, you won't hear the end of this story."


"Don't be sorry, just mind you manners."

"Obnoxious jerk."

"What was that?"


"Hm. Anyways, Greg, my fireman, was the one to grab me and carry me out. I woke up and he asked if I was alright. Except for a bump on the head I was good. From there, our conversation went from when he was on call to our availability that weekend. We've been dating since, so about two years give or take."

"That's pretty cool."

"Yeah, Greg says our relationship should be a movie or something."

"A cheesy gay romance blockbuster?"

"That's what I said! Anyways, he laughed at that and said yes."


"Yep. So what about you, you seeing anyone now? Frank said you were dating a girl, but broke up a few months ago."

"Yeah, we kinda fell out of love I think."

"You don't fall out of love, you fall out of infatuation."


"When a person is really in love – like truly and utterly in love – that's it, you're with the one of your dreams, your soulmate. Anything else is merely infatuation or some other weak imitation of actual love."

"I guess…"

"Its okay, you don't need to find the One right away, you're still very young."

"That's true."

"So I take then you're straight?"

"Is that really the kind of question a recently discovered gay uncle should be asking his nephew?"

"I just want to see if your Uncle Chris and mom's fears came to fruition or not."

"Well, I like girls…"


"But my best friend…well, we've grown up together. Done the whole sleepover thing, jacked each other off, explored our bodies together…"

"Okay stop right there, I do not need to be picturing my nephew in a circle-jerk with other pubescent boys thank you very much."

"Hahaha, okay no more then. But you see…"

"Go on…"

"Well we're both in sports together, have always been. And when I see him in the locker room, or in the hallways at school, I always get this warm, tingly sensation for him and I don't know what it is. I figured it was just me being glad to see him since we're best friends and all but – why are you smiling like that?"

"You're describing the same way I feel when I see Greg."


"When you look at your best friend, do others sounds and sights fade out and your attention is focused completely on them?"


"And do you think about him when you're not with him?"


"Like in the shower, or in your bed, places like that…"

"Yeah, I've imagined him with me and-"

"Lala, happy place happy place, I'm not a pervert…"

"Oh, right. But yeah, that's completely true."

"Well then, my dear sexually confused nephew, you're bisexual."


"You're still attracted to girls right?

"Yeah I still think they're hot."

"But you're in love with your best friend."

"Yeah I think so…"

"Then you're bisexual. Or at least confused at the moment until you roll around in the rainbows and sample some homo love."

"That's gross when you describe it like that."

"Sorry. But it's true."

"So what do you think I should do?"

"Well you're single. Is your best friend single?"


"Has he ever dated a girl for long?"

"He's had his fair share, like any jock would I suppose."

"But he's never talked about being head over heels with one of them?"

"Nope. Now that I think about it, whenever I dumped a girl, he would too a few days later."

"Well then, it seems to me that your best friend might be feeling the same things you are."

"Are you serious?"

"Like a leather daddy is with his twink slave."


"Never mind, I'll tell you later, you're still pure."

"Okay then, so what you're saying is that I'm gay for my best friend, who might also be gay for me."


"Come again?"

"What I'm saying is that you and your best friend may be feeling a growing attraction between the two of you."

"So that makes us gay then?"

"No that does not make you gay. What makes you gay is when you start wearing tight jeans, make-up, and speaking with a high lisp."


"My thought s exactly. But what I am saying is that for you to not limit yourself to the word 'gay'. Instead, open yourself to love and see where this budding attraction goes between you and your best friend."

"So I should ask him if he likes me?"

"Well I'm not saying drug him and have your wicked way with his body."


"What? I said that I wasn't saying to do that!"

"Oh my God…"

"Stay with me. Just ask him when its just the two of you. Some privacy will help."

"In case something happens?"

"Sure…whether he punches you or jumps your bones."


"Well you never know… Carry some condoms in your wallet in either case."

"What is this, safe gay sex from my uncle?"

"Well you're not going to get from your dad are you?"


"Then shut up and listen."

"Okay moving on please."

"Fine. But don't think I'll forget this conversation."

"So what are you up to now?"

"Greg and I are going out tonight and then heading back to our apartment. You're more than welcome to join us if you like. He wants to meet you guys eventually you know."

"As much fun as that sounds, I really need to get going."

"I didn't scare you away did I?"

"No. But I think I need to make a phone call and meet up with someone."

"Your best friend?"


"You're going to tell him?"


"Well let me know how that goes okay?"

"I will. I have your cell number and e-mail."

"Okay, well I'll see you later I suppose."

"I love you Uncle Drake."

"I love you too Harrison. Stay safe and visit me again."