"Hey, Lia!" fourteen year old Jackson Davids shouted down the hallway.

The young red-headed girl standing at her locker turned her big blue eyes to him as he headed her way. Cecilia Richards pushed her glasses up when she felt them sliding down her licked her lips, turning back to her open locker. She pulled out her book bag, slipping her binder inside as Jackson appeared at her side. "How was your day, Lia?" he asked, watching her cheeks turn red as he said her nickname.

She swallowed, shutting her locker door and locking it. She turned with a smile to Jackson, her lime green braces glimmering in the light. "You should know, Jackson. You're in all of my classes," she said, rolling her eyes.

At fourteen, Cecilia was pretty. She was also one of the more popular eighth-graders. If she ditched the glasses for contacts and lost the braces, she'd be the prettiest girl in their grade. But Jackson didn't mind the slightly nerdy look she had. He liked her just the way she was. Cecilia had always been his best girl friend and nothing could change that. Unless they got into a fight or something, but that had never happened before, so why should it happen now?

"Except drama," he pointed out as they began down the hall.

He hoisted his backpack up higher on his back, then took Cecilia's book bag. She opened her mouth to protest but he held up his hand. "Come on, Lia. I've been doing this since school started. Shouldn't you be used to it now?" he asked.

"Yes, but I'm perfectly capable of carrying my own bag."

"Have you ever thought that maybe I want to carry your bag?"

"Why would you want to carry my bag?" she snorted.

"Maybe I like you," he replied, glancing at her out of the corner of his eye.

Her cheeks flushed red and she looked down, biting her bottom lip. "You're just teasing me right?" she asked.

He knew she liked him as more than a friend. That's why he was doing this now, pretending to like her so he could get Cindy Kasher, her best friend's attention. Cindy was his friend as well, but she didn't seem to actually pay attention to him. He felt bad for trying to use Cecilia, but he was a boy and he wanted to make Cindy jealous. What better person to make a girl jealous with than her best friend?

He knew it was wrong, but he couldn't help it. "Nope. I actually like you, Cecilia," he lied through his teeth.

She looked up at him. "Jackson, quit messing with me," she said, rolling her eyes.

"I'm not messing! I can't like you?"

"Well...yeah, you can."

"Okay, so wanna go to the movies tonight?"

It was Friday. Everyone from school went to the movies on Friday night, so Cindy was sure to be there. Cecilia blinked at few times, studying him. "I'll call you later," she mumbled, taking her book bag from him.

As she headed down the steps to her father's car, he called out, "Bye Lia!"

She didn't wave goodbye or anything. She just got into the passenger seat and they drove off. Jackson bit his lip. Maybe this would take longer than he thought...



"Jackson?" Cecilia asked when he answered the phone.

"Oh, hey, Lia," he said in a cheerful tone.

"Um, do you still want to go to the movies tonight?"

"Yes!" he responded without hesitation.

"O-okay. Um, so we'll meet there at six forty-five?"

"Sure thing. And Lia, I'll pay for your ticket."

"No! I'll buy it myself."

"Lia, come on. It's a date, I'm supposed to pay."


"Alright, I'll see you later!"

"Yeah, bye."

She hung up before him. He flipped his cell phone shut and glanced at the time. He had a little over two hours before he had to meet her. Of course, his mother didn't know yet... Jackson got off his bed and left his room, going down to the living room. "Mom?" he asked.

She was sitting on the couch, flipping through a magazine. She looked up and smiled. "Hey, honey," she said.

"Um, Mom, do you think I could go to the movies tonight?"

"With who?


"Oh, of course you can!"

"Awesome! Can you drop me off at the theater at six forty-five?"

"Sure thing, honey."

Now the plan was in motion.



"CINDY! You'll never believe this!" Cecilia shouted into the phone.

"Dang, girl. Keep screaming and I won't be able to hear."

"Sorry, sorry. But Jackson asked me out on a date tonight!"

"No way! Oh my gosh, Cee! I'm so happy for you," Cindy squealed on the other line.

"So am I! I mean...I never thought he'd like me as more than just his friend."

"Well, he does!"

"I knooow."

We laughed and then she asked, "What are you going to wear?"

"Jeans and that cute light blue shirt you got me for my birthday."

"No, no, no. Here's what you should wear. Skinny jeans, white tank top, and that light black jacket you have. Wear your black flats too."

"Uh...are you sure?"

"Yeah, you'll look hot!"

I laughed. "Okay, I'll try to call you later and tell you how it went. Unless you're going tonight? You could sit behind us and watch everything."

"Nope. I have to babysit the Brown kids tonight," she replied, sounding disappointed.

"Okay, see you."




"Hey," he said, smiling as Cecilia approached him.

"Hi, Jackson," she replied, a blush creeping over her cheeks.

"What movie do you wanna see?"

"Umm... Remember The Titans?"

"Okay, great."

He grinned, taking her hand in his and pulling her over to the ticket booth. He paid for both tickets and then pulled her inside, looking around for Cindy. He didn't see her, but he saw plenty of other people. One of his friends, Daniel Whitaker, came up to them. Jackson thought he was going to say something to him, but Daniel was simply looking at Cecilia. "Hey, Cecilia. Lookin' good," he said, giving her a once over.

Cecilia blinked, a blush creeping up her neck. "Uh, thanks, Dan," she replied, glancing down.

Daniel smiled, turning to Jackson now. "What movie are you guys seeing? Wait...you two are here together right? Like...on a date?" he asked.

"Yeah we're here together on a date. And we're watching Remember The Titans," he replied.

"Great! You know, everyone has been waiting for you guys to get together."

Uhhh....no way. Jackson studied his friend. Did people really want them together? That's crazy! Jackson murmured a goodbye to Daniel and pulled Cecilia off to the theater they were in. Kids from their school were in the theater, watching the same movie. Jackson moved to the back row, taking the seat in the corner. "You are aware of the fact that I need glasses right?" Cecilia asked, sitting down next to him and shifting her glasses up on her nose.

"Oh! Lia, I'm sorry. I didn't think, I just moved to where I'd normally sit. We can move...."

"Nah, it's okay. I can see."




"Sooo, how was the date?" Cindy asked.

Cecilia shrugged as they headed to her friend's locker. "Fine, I guess. It was pretty much like every other time we go to the movies," she mumbled.

Cindy glanced at Cecilia over her shoulder. "He didn't try to hold your hand or anything?"


As Cindy stopped, beginning to spin the combination on her locker, Cecilia leaned against the one next to it. "He was actually kind of stiff the whole time, you know? Like he barely even breathed."

Cindy's brows furrowed together. "Really?" she asked, spinning the last number.


As Cindy pulled open her locker, a card fell out, followed by yellow roses. Cindy managed to grab the roses. Cecilia bent down, picking up the card. She inhaled a sharp breath when she read over it. "Cindy..." she started.

"What?" she asked, plucking the card out of her friend's hands.

"'Cindy, I like you and I hope you like the roses. Jackson.'"

The girls looked at each other. "He was going to try and use me, wasn't he?" Cecilia asked.

"He's such a jerk!" Cindy said.



"CECILIA!" Jackson cried, running down the hall towards his best friend.

"Leave me alone!" she shouted back.

"Come on! Just talk to me."

"Leave her alone, Jackson," Cindy Kasher growled, stepping in front of him suddenly.

"Cindy..." he said, his breathing ragged.

"I really don't want to talk to you Jackson. Just leave me and Cecilia alone, got it?"

"She's my best friend."

"Obviously she isn't. You used her."

"I didn't... No, I...." he stopped, looking down.

Cindy rolled her eyes and turned around. She couldn't believe he would do that to Cecilia. He was her best friend. Best friends don't do that to each other. That was like Cecilia using Jackson to get to Kevin or something. But she would never do that because best friends just don't. Obviously Jackson wasn't a very good best friend, otherwise he wouldn't have used her like this.



I shot up in bed with a groan. I looked to my left at the alarm clock; it was only three in the morning. I took a deep breath, swinging my legs over the side of my bed. My hands moved up to my face and I rubbed at my eyes. I hated dreaming about eighth grade when I'd hurt Cecilia. Part of me wondered if that was why she had lied to me, why she'd told me she didn't love me and she left. Because she didn't want to be hurt again.

When she was gone, I had told Jazzy about what happened at the airport. She had told me that Cecilia was in love with me. I didn't go after her though, instead I stayed here and moped. Now it's been four years since we've spoken. When she came home for the holidays we didn't see each other. Of course, she met up with the others. I had dated other girls in the past four years, but I was still hooked on her.

I looked at the picture sitting next to my clock. It was the picture of me and Cecilia kissing at Graduation. I loved that picture, so I had made my mom get a copy from Mrs. Richards. I sighed, laying back down. I closed my eyes, rolling over onto my side. I would have to be up in just a few more hours. As I lay there, facing the wall, my thoughts turned to Cecilia. She should be coming home any day now.

After four years, I would finally talk to her again. I could tell her that I still loved her; I hoped that she hadn't met anyone new. I prayed that she still thought about me, that she still felt something for me. I would have gone to her graduation ceremony, but Daren had talked me out of it, telling me that I should just wait for her to come home. I had listened to him obviously. She would be home soon, but would she stay?

I wondered if she was going to stay in Haven or if she was going to move somewhere else. I wondered if maybe I could woo her once she was back in town? Would she even bother giving me the time of day? I yawned suddenly, pulling my blanket up closer around my chin. My mother worried about me. She thinks I'm wasting my life on one girl, even though she does like this girl.

Cecilia. She's special; I love her.


Oh, you all, I just had no clue what to do for the first chapter of the sequel. I've been going insane trying to figure out what to write for the start of this. Well, I thought maybe this would be okay... I hope it's okay and no one seriously hates it. I'm sorry for the pretty bad first chapter, but it will get better, I promise! You just have to stick around and read it. Thanks everyone!