"Cayden," I mumbled, fingers clutching the bed sheet.

He wasn't there. I lifted my head off the pillow, eyelids fluttering open. I blinked, squinting against the sunlight. I looked to where Cayden was supposed to be, sitting up and looking around the room. Where was he? I turned to look at the bathroom door. It was open, but Cayden wasn't in there. I frowned, sliding my legs out from under the covers and placing my feet on the floor. I stood up and stretched for a minute, yawning as I did so. I sniffed and rubbed my eyes. I moved to the bathroom to brush my teeth and brush over my hair.

As I left the bedroom I grabbed my robe from the chair by my desk. I pulled it on over my t-shirt and tied it around my middle. I walked down the stairs slowly, hearing only silence. I made my way down the hall, peering into the kitchen when I came to it. My mom was standing at the counter, her back facing me as she read the morning paper. "Mom?" I asked and she turned to face me, smiling.

"Good morning, dear. Do you want something to eat?" she asked.

"No, no, I'm alright, thanks. Um, where's Cayden?"

"He's out in the back with your father. Are you sure you aren't hungry?"

"With Dad! Alone!?!"

"Cecilia, your father isn't going to kill him."

"Are you sure?" I mumbled, turning to leave the kitchen.

I could practically hear the roll of her eyes as she replied, "Go check if you want."

I wet my lips as I left the kitchen, beginning down the hall. I was forced to stop when the doorbell rang and my mother called out, asking me to get it. I sighed, turning around to go back for the door. My father could kill him and bury him now! I hurried to the front door, pulling it open and freezing when I saw Jackson. "What are you doing here?" I asked softly.

He didn't smile or frown, but kept his face blank. "I'm here to help your dad with the fence," he stated.

"Oh, um, he's in the back with Cayden. Come on," I mumbled, stepping aside to let him in.

As he stepped inside, his arm brushed mine. I bit my bottom lip, shutting the door and then heading down the hall. Jackson followed after me, saying hello to my mom as we passed the kitchen. We were almost to the back door when I felt warm fingers curl around my own. I stopped and turned to look at Jackson. He smiled tentatively. "How are you?" he asked.

"I'd be better if you dropped my hand."

He let go, but the feel of his skin lingered, tingling my own skin. I wanted to shake my hand or rub it on my robe, but I refrained from doing so. I watched as Jackson wet his lips, his tongue tracing along them. We stood there, staring at each other when suddenly I heard the stereo in the living room come on. The song that filled the house was one I was all too familiar with, one I hadn't listened to in quite a while though. It was Elvis Presley's I Can't Help Falling In Love With You. My breath hitched in my throat as a flashback began reeling in my head.

"Wanna dance?" Jackson whispered into my hair.

So, that's what the small radio was for. "Sure," I replied.

He let go of me and stood up, then he took my arms from behind and helped me stand. He tugged my hand and pulled me off the blanket, onto the grass. He reached down, still holding my hand, and pressed the power button. He pressed a few more buttons and then a song started. My eyes widened and a small gasp escaped me as I recognized it. Elvis Presley's I Can't Help Falling In Love With You.

"Wise men say:

Only fools rush in.

But I can't help,

Falling in love with you."

Jackson pulled me close and wrapped his arms around my waist, his hands resting on my lower back. I swallowed and managed to get my arms around his neck. He gave me a small smile and I returned a weak one.

"Shall I stay,

Would it be a sin?

If I can't help,

Falling love with you.

"Like a river flows,

Surely to the sea.

Darling, so it goes.

Some things are meant to be."

Jackson looked down and looked me straight in the eyes. They held that unidentified emotion again. I wanted to look away, but I couldn't. We stared into each other's eyes as we danced, me biting the inside of my cheek as well.

"Take my hand.

Take my whole life too.

For I can't help,

Falling in love with you.

"Like a river flows,

Surely to the sea.

Darling, so it goes.

Some things are meant to be.

"Take my hand.

Take my whole life too.

For I can't help,

Falling in love with you.

"For I can't help, falling in love with you."

The song ended and we stopped dancing. I tilted my head up to look at Jackson. "Cecilia..." he said softly.

His face moved closer to mine. I was aware of this, but I didn't move. I couldn't move; I was frozen in place. Suddenly, Jackson's plump lips were on mine.

I shook my head, not wanting to remember that night. No, that whole day in general. He'd done everything perfectly. A picnic, a massage, watching the sunset... and a dance. I think that was when I really fell in love with Jackson Davids. I hadn't listened to this song since that night, not wanting to think of him. I looked away from the man in front of me and turned around, walking faster to get to the door. Once I was outside, I could no longer hear the music inside. Jackson stepped out next to me a few seconds later, but he didn't say anything.

Cayden and my dad were talking, the latter leaning against a post that they had put up. My dad laughed at something Cayden said and gave him a friendly pat on the shoulder. His bare shoulder, I noticed now. Cayden had his shirt off, exposing his tan and well-muscled upper body. His blue jeans were pulled up, sitting comfortably on his hips as to not show any part of his boxers. Cayden didn't like showing the waistband of his boxers if his shirt was off. Nor did he like his jeans to sag; he found it uncomfortable and something that should be left to young teenage boys to do.

I started over to them, Jackson following quietly behind me. "Morning Daddy," I greeted first, allowing him to pull me into a hug once we reached them.

He smiled and I said hello to Cayden. I would have liked a good morning kiss, but Cayden refuses to kiss me in front of my father. My mother was a different story; she enjoyed PDA. I still remember when she made me kiss Jackson at graduation. Such an odd woman... Cayden smiled down at me, his blue eyes twinkling. "So, Dad, you're kidnapping Cayden to work on a fence?" I asked.

My father chuckled. "No, I think you should hang out with your friends instead. So, why don't you all just go back on inside?"

I nodded slowly. Cayden pulled his t-shirt back on as we began across the grass again. "How are you this morning Jackson?" he asked.

I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye. Jackson cleared his throat before replying, "I'm pretty good. How 'bout you, Cayden?"

At least he's civil.

"I'm great. Any man would be if they woke up next to Cecilia."

I turned my head to look at Cayden, lightly smacking his arm. He shouldn't say things like that to Jackson. The man on my other side sputtered for a second. "You're sharing a room?" he asked, as if in disbelief.

"Yes. We are engaged, Jackson," I responded this time, looking over at him.

"Well, I know, but...your parents don't seem like the kind who would let you stay in the same room with a guy."

This was true. Though my mom was a total PDA person,but sharing a room, was not a good idea with her. And then my dad, well...he's my dad so of course he wouldn't want me sharing a room with a guy. He'll probably want us to buy two separate beds when we're married. It took a lot of convincing over the phone to get them to allow us to share my bedroom. Jackson nodded slowly as I explained it to him.

"Um, well... Cayden and I need to go get ready. We'll have to take showers...and Cayden spends forever in the shower, so it'll maybe be an hour and a half to two hours," I said as we stepped back into the house and began down the hall.

"Okay. I'll hang out with your mom and call Jazzy. We can go over there when you two are ready," Jackson replied.

I nodded and grabbed Cayden's hand as we rounded the corner. I pulled him to the left, upstairs. Once we were in my room, I took off my robe and turned to him. "Do you wanna take your shower first?" I asked.

"Sure. I'll be out in a few minutes," he said, moving to the bathroom.

"Yeah...a few minutes, my butt," I mumbled as the water turned on.


"So, we'll meet at the cafe as soon as they're ready, okay?"

Jazzy responded with a soft yes followed by giggles. I wondered what she was doing, but I had a pretty good idea that I had interrupted something between her and Kyle. I quickly said bye and hung up. Sarah was sitting across from me at the table. "So, still in love with Cecilia?" she asked, not even looking up from the morning paper.

I always hated how blunt Mrs. Richards was. "Yes, ma'am," I mumbled.

"You think her and Cayden are sleeping together?"

She actually looked up this time. I sputtered for a moment. "I-I don't know," I replied.

She shrugged, picking up her coffee mug and sipping from it. "I think they might be," she said.

"I'd rather not know if they are or not..."

"If who's what?" Cecilia's voice rang through my ears as she stepped into the dining room.

"If you and Cayden are sleeping together," Sarah said, smiling at her daughter.

I turned slightly to look at her. Cecilia's cheeks were now tinged pink. "Mom, I don't think that's yours or anyone's business," she said before leaving the room again.

Sarah looked at me. "They're sleeping together," she stated.

I gazed at her, confused. How could she know that? So what if Cee's cheeks had turned pink? Maybe she was just flustered...


"Cayden, are you ready yet?" I asked.

I had gotten tired of waiting for him to get out of the shower, so I ended up using the bathroom down the hall from my room. Then I put on my plaid skirt and black t-shirt. As I brushed my teeth again and pulled my hair up, Cayden continued to shower. So, I just did my makeup and went downstairs to see what was going on. However, the fact that my mother and Jackson were debating whether or not Cayden and I slept together made me high-tail it back up here to my room. Luckily, Cayden is out of the shower. He's just locked my bedroom door while he gets dressed...

"Cayden!" My fist came in contact with the wood and a few seconds later, the lock clicked and Cayden pulled open the door.

He had on his jeans, but no shirt yet. Water was dripping from his curls and onto his chest. I stood there for a moment, dazed by his handsome looks. I snapped out of it when I remembered that he needed to hurry up. "Come on, put on your shirt and shoes. Let's go," I demanded, holding out the 'o'.

"Okay, okay."

He moved back, plucking his baby-blue t-shirt off my bed and slipping it on. He sat down on the bed and began pulling on his shoes. Once he was done, he made his way to my bathroom to comb out his hair. I waited patiently in the doorway, watching him. When he deemed himself good enough to go out, he turned to me and smiled. "Let's go," he said.

I returned his smile and took his hand, pulling him from the room. When we entered the dining room downstairs, Jackson stood. "You guys ready to go?" he asked.

I nodded, my ponytail bobbing along. The three of us said goodbye to my mother and told her to tell my dad goodbye as well before heading out to Jackson's car. I had ridden in this vehicle one too many times. Cayden said he would let me have the passenger seat and when we got to the car, he opened my door for me. I asked Jackson where we were going and he told us. The whole ride to the cafe was pretty quiet as I sat stiffly in my seat. I should have made Cayden sit up here...

"So, how did you two meet?" Jackson suddenly asked, glancing in the rear-view mirror at Cayden.

"She sat next to me in my dad's Journalism class first year," he answered.

"Have you guys been dating since freshman year?"

"Oh no. We didn't get together until half way through junior year."

I stayed silent, playing with the hem of my skirt. I wiggled my toes inside my flats. Jackson glanced at me and then back in the mirror at Cayden. "Oh, well, that's nice. When are you guys wanting to get married?" he asked.

"We were thinking maybe October. Or November."

"Oh, wow, that's soon." Jackson began slowing down, as we were coming to the parking lot for the cafe.

Cayden didn't reply, but I assumed he had nodded his head. Once Jackson had pulled into the parking lot and found a parking space, he cut the engine. I took off my seat-belt and got out quickly. Cayden got out and smiled at me. "Well, this should be fun," he said, taking my hand and pulling me around the front of the car. Jackson lead us to the door, where he held it open for the both of us. I looked around and found Jazzy at a table with the other two. I pulled Cayden with me over to the table, sitting next to Kyle. Cayden sat beside me and Jackson ended up in front of me. I hated round tables.

Jazzy had ordered Cayden and I a cup of coffee and some kind of pie. She said it was delicious and that we just had to try it, so we were waiting for that to arrive. "So, how many kids do you guys plan on having?" Kevin asked.

Cayden and I looked at each other. We had never really talked about it before. I'd always wanted at least three and I remembered him once saying that he wanted a house full. "Well, I don't want more than five. Maybe four?" Cayden replied, still looking at me.

I nodded. "Four is good," I stated, looking to Kevin.

"Oh, geez, four? You two are nuts."

"They like kids, so what?" Kyle interjected.

"Fours just a handful, don't you think?" Kevin asked, looking back at us.

I shook my head. I had always been an only child. Sometimes it got lonely in a house with no one but your parents. Jazzy joined the conversation, asking Kevin about his new girlfriend. Apparently they had gotten together a week ago. Her name was Sarah Daley and a really nice girl. He told us all that he liked her a lot. A few minutes later, I was laughing at a joke Kyle told when Cayden's right hand came to rest on my knee. His skin was cold and I shivered slightly. When the waiter popped up with our pie, however, he removed his hand. We ate the slice of pie fairly quickly while the other three continued a conversation. Every now and then, I noticed Jackson glancing at me. I wish he'd stop that...

Jazzy hummed a little tune for a second. "We need something to do," she mumbled.

"My cousin told me about a party the cool kids are having..." Kyle began.

"A movie?" Kevin suggested.

"No," Jackson stated, answering them both.

"Really, we need something to do. Like bowling," Jazzy said.

"I say, we party," Kyle stated.

"I say, you're an idiot," Kevin replied.

"I say, you should both shut up," Jazzy piped up.

Cayden looked over at me, one eyebrow raised in question. "Were they like this in high school?" he asked.

I shook my head. "Not really," I mumbled in reply.

He nodded, turning back to watch my three friends. They were arguing over what we should do tonight. Jazzy wanted to go bowling, Kyle wanted to go crash some high school party his cousin had been talking about, and Kevin wanted to go see a movie. Jackson was sitting quietly, watching them as well. He cleared his throat and Jazzy turned to him, snapping, "What?"

"Why don't we go to that new karaoke bar?" he asked.

Jazzy seemed to brighten, turning to Cayden. "Have you heard Cecilia sing!? She's got a great voice, Cayden!" she exclaimed happily.

Cayden glanced at me. "Nope, haven't heard her," he said.

"Then to the bar!" Kevin said.

And so, it was the karaoke bar we ended up going to. Fun.