How do you think it feels,

To have no friends in school?

It's a feeling that to very few appeals,

Yet here I am, caught because I'm not "cool".

The others, oh they laugh, at their tables with their friends,

While I move from seat to seat,

Listening to the laughter that never ends,

Being ignored as I sit and eat.

It is not because I am all too shy,

Or have no wish to talk.

Quite honestly, I don't know why,

They all ignore me as we walk.

I know it's not because I'm mean,

As I've had many friends before.

Maybe it's that I'm not interested in their scene,

Or maybe it's just my eyes are far too interested in the floor.

On the rare winter day,

I'm sitting at lunch with my class,

My eyes from my book occasionally will stray,

But only long enough to roll my eyes at some boy's comment on passing gas.

Then the other days that I do sit,

With the grade above us,

I notice that even there I don't fit,

Surrounded by talk of the boys on the bus.

Sometimes when I sit with them,

I try to get a word in.

But because of their constant blabbing, to silence I'm condemned,

Tapping my fingers on my shin.

As the school year goes on and on,

I try less and less to talk.

Until the year is almost gone,

And the one last attempt I make makes them gawk.

I stand by the microwave, cold pizza on my plate laying flat,

When one boy comes up and asks,

"What is that?"

I stare at him for a moment as others go on with their tasks.

Finally I respond sarcastically,

"It's meatloaf. No, it's pizza. Haven't you seen it before?"

Though I think I see a tiny smile, he looks at me as if I'd done something drastically,

And just stares at me oddly while opening the microwave door.

I smile a little, thinking of how,

At my old school those words would be normal for me.

But I cannot say things like that now,

As I am not in words or deeds free.

I cannot joke without a funny look,

Or complain about math without a stare.

Because now I am expected to only read my book,

And my smile is supposedly rare.

As he leaves to go back to his table,

Without another word to me,

I think of how I'm now not able,

Truly to be free.

And then I decide from this day forward,

I will just stop trying,

To show I'm not just some nerd,

Who is perpetually sighing.

In the school I shall live in a world of quiet,

Never really showing them my true self.

While my classmates have a riot,

I will be as silent as a doll on a shelf.