Title: To Be a Ghost

Summary: Being a middle child is never easy; it means that you often get ignored, and sometimes, you even feel like a ghost. This is a feeling that 15 year old Nathaniel Grant knows only too well. And it doesn't help being the only male child in his household, either. Just when things seem to already suck enough, he finds out that his parents want to move out of the city and into a small, coastal village in Massachusetts. When he arrives in his new home, he has a hard time fitting in and finds himself falling for someone he can never have. Enter Gemini, the ACTUAL ghost of a 16 year old boy who died in the 1600s. And he REALLY likes Nate. SLASH!

Rating: T, for cussing and death…Haha. Definitely one of my softer stories.

Additional Notes: I'm sure by now that people have picked up on a pattern here. This is because this is a series of stories. The only connecting factor is boy love. Thus, the series is called Love Through the Genres, in which different boys in different situations and everything come together and…well…fall in love! Anyways, this story is going to be updated a little bit slower than TBM did towards the end, so for that I apologize. School IS starting soon and I have SRA judging duties, so yeah. PLEASE BE PATIENT WITH ME! I'll still try to update once a week at least.


I have always been "normal." I never stood out for anything, unless you count standing out for not standing out. At which I definitely excel. My friend Meg nicknamed me "Ghost-Boy" because of how little I was noticed by others.

Which is why I suspected an ulterior motive when Cherie Huntington, the most popular girl in the tenth grade, asked me to take her to the Spring Formal. After I had stammered out some variation of yes that satisfied her, I rushed into the boys' restroom to check myself out in the mirror, just to see if I could figure out what had made her notice me, let alone ask me out.

I had examined my light brown hair and brown eyes, noticed the few freckles that crossed my nose and cheeks, and then took in the ear piercing that I'd gotten for my fifteenth birthday this past January. I was short, and scrawny, which I supposed some people might find adorable, but Cherie did not seem like that kind of person. So, why had she picked me instead of that football jock, Todd Gannon?

I couldn't fathom it. At lunch, I asked Meg about it; Meg, which was short for Megumi, was a beautiful Japanese girl, with multi-colored shoulder-length hair and a rather…unique…sense of style. She designed all of her clothes, and never wore the same ensemble twice, though she would use different pieces of it in her other different outfits. She almost always wore bright colors, and carried all of her art-supplies and books in a Hello Kitty backpack.

As much as I did not stand out, Meg was an expert at being the center of attention. She had the second highest grades in our school (yes, I had the highest, but I didn't advertise the fact), was the costume designer for all of our school's plays, and had won more awards than I could count for her art designs.

Meg stared at me from behind her designer-glasses (which she did not need, by the way; her vision was perfect) with a look that quite clearly said, "You've gotta be kidding me," when I told her about my day.

"I couldn't make this stuff up, Meg. Cherie actually asked me, and I have no idea why," I told her, pushing my food around on my plate.

"Well, you are super kawaii," she said, reaching over and pinching my cheek with one of her hands, her long nails painted two different colors and her many bracelets clinking loudly against one another.

I swatted at her hand, causing her to laugh. I hated it when she called me cute. "Come on, be serious. She would never ask a guy like me out. So, why did she?"

Meg sighed. "You aren't the smartest tool in the shed when it comes to girls, so I suppose I can help you out with this one. She asked you to make Todd jealous. Duh."

I stared at her with my best imitation of a "Seriously?" look.

Meg rolled her eyes. "You're everything he's not. You have the highest grades in the school, and he probably has close to the lowest. You're non-confrontational, he starts shit for a living. It's boy-manipulation at its finest, my dear. All girls are good at it."

"You would know," I said.

"Hey, just because I'm pansexual, it does not mean I have everyone figured out. Cherie's just…easy. Girls like her, they have no depth. Anyway, the bell's about to ring. Are you going to eat that piece of chicken?"

Before I could answer, she reached across the table and stole my last chicken tender and disappeared down the hallway, intent on getting to her art class.. I didn't complain; after all, I really wasn't going to eat it. The bell rang a moment later and I rushed to my next class after dropping my tray off.

It was Theatre Acting, my favorite class of the day. I wasn't an amazing actor or anything; but it was the perfect excuse for me to be someone else for just a moment. When I was acting, I didn't have to be some ordinary, boring kid that nothing exciting ever happened to. I could be anyone I wanted to be, and nobody would ever think twice about it. It was the perfect place for me to be, and I loved every minute of it.


The rest of the day slid by uneventfully. When the final bell rang, I grabbed up my bag and all but flew out the door. Tomorrow, Mrs. Raymond, the theatre teacher, and Mrs. Greggs, our music teacher, were holding auditions for the Spring musical, which I was looking forward to. I was going out for the part of Ren in Footloose and had to make sure I had all of my songs memorized.

I slid into Meg's silver Camry, placing my over-stuffed backpack in my lap and buckling the seatbelt.

"Alright, Ghost-boy. We have loads of anime watching to do!" Meg said, sticking her foot on the gas and speeding out of the parking lot. I clutched at the bottom of my seat; riding with Meg was like jumping off a cliff and just hoping that your parachute would open.

In any case, anime was another obsession of mine. I blamed Meg for getting me into it when we were both in 5th grade, watching Sailor Moon. In fact, anything weird or interesting about me was probably somehow connected to my relationship with Meg. Me and her went way back to Kindergarten, when we became friends after I covered for her and took the blame for painting all over the walls. In her defense, it really was a pretty picture.

Meg swerved into her drive-way and turned the car off, bouncing out of the car and grabbing her Hello Kitty backpack out of the back. I followed suit and shut her car-door before tramping up to her small, adorable ranch-style house.

Meg lived with her big brother, Ryonosuke (Ryo for short). Her parents were always out on business, but she didn't seem to mind one bit. Ryo was always a really laid back kind of guy, so he never tried to make her go to bed at a certain time or give her a curfew, which Meg naturally enjoyed.

Ryo was 24 and worked as a substitute teacher at the local elementary school. He was really tall, with mussed hair and the body definition of a Greek god.

We walked into the house and Meg and I took off our shoes as she shouted, "Tadaima! I'm home!"

"Hey. Did you have a good day?" Ryo asked, his dark eyes still trained on the book he was reading.

Back in the day, I had had a huge crush on Ryo. It was then that I realized that I wasn't like other boys, and didn't really like girls as more than friends. When I confessed my crush to Ryo when I was 13, he just laughed and told me that I should be going after people my own age. Even today, only Ryo and Meg knew that I was gay. I hadn't gotten the guts to tell my parents yet, and didn't know if I ever would.

"Yup; I sure did! Ryo-nii-san, are we going to have sushi for dinner today? You promised!"

Ryo finally put down the book. "Yes, we'll get sushi. Happy? And Nate, you seem rather quiet. Something bothering you?'

I jumped and stared at him. "Oh, oh, no! I'm just thinking. Cherie Huntington asked me to take her to the Spring formal. Meg says it's so she can make Todd Gannon jealous.'

Ryo laughed. "Is that so? Seems like you had an eventful day. Did you tell her yes?'

I blushed and nodded. "Yeah…yeah, I did. I mean, it's not like I'm interested or anything, but I didn't know how to say no."

"You're just too nice, Nate," Ryo said, standing up and ruffling my hair as he passed me, heading into the kitchen.

"You guys want a snack before you start your anime party?" he called from the kitchen.

"No thanks! The new live action series of Tantei Gakuen Q is calling our names. Ah, Ryuu-sama, here I come!" Meg cried out dramatically, grabbing me by my arm and all but dragging me through the house to her bedroom, which was at the back. Naturally, I didn't protest this either. I was pretty eager to see Yamada Ryosuke's portrayal of Amakusa Ryuu myself, since Ryuu was my favorite character from the anime.


I got back home after eating dinner with Ryo and Meg. I lived just down the street, so it was no problem walking there. And the weather was nice, too. I stepped inside and tossed my bag on top of all the others, then continued up the single step into the hallway. The living room was to my left, and I saw that most of the family were sitting in there, watching some show or another.

Ali, my youngest sister, sat playing on the floor with her dolls

No one really noticed as I made my way up the stairs and into my room, my sister's cat following close behind. The cat's name was Kitty-Kitty. Sonny, my eldest sister, was not very long on imagination despite going to school to become a photographer like our father.

I plopped down on my bed and stared up at the ceiling fan as it circled slowly around above me. Kitty-Kitty had curled up at my side and I reached over to scratch him between the ears, enjoying how his body rumbled with his purrs against my body.

A knock on the door nearly startled me out of bed. "C-come in!" I called. I didn't know why I was so shocked that somebody had knocked. I guess I just wasn't used to it; my family usually just left me to myself.

My father stepped into the room and gave me an odd look. "You alright?"

"Yeah, I was just sort of…zoning, I guess," I said, sitting up. "What's up?"

"Family meeting downstairs. Your mom and I have something we'd like to discuss," Dad said, then stepped aside, motioning for me to go ahead of him.

I stood up from my bed, grabbing Kitty-Kitty into my arms and heading downstairs, my father close behind. Once in the living room, I sat down on one of the comfy chairs and placed Kitty-Kitty in my lap.

"So glad you deigned us worthy of your presence, Nate," my sister said. I glared at her. She and I tended to fight a lot, but I still felt closest to her out of everyone in my family. Sonny was one of those girls that's so pretty it seems unnatural; she looked just like our mother, with pitch black hair and olive green eyes and had freckles strewn across her face. They looked cute on her, while they made my skin look blotchy and weird. I took after my father the most; we both had the same ordinary looks.

Ali, on the other hand, was the perfect combination of both. She had brown hair and green eyes, and the same freckles as both of us. She was just four and everyone adored her. She was about as cute as can be, even if she could throw the worst kind of tantrums. She was sitting in my mom's lap, pretending her Ken doll was a superhero.

Dad came into the living room and shot Sonny a warning look. She was nineteen, so my parents sort of held her at a higher standard than the rest of us. She was supposed to set the example for her younger siblings. She had gotten really good grades in high school and got into a great Art school, but she definitely had a rebellious streak. I couldn't count the number of times she had come home drunk or high.

"Sonny, let's not start something. This meeting is important," Mom said after catching the look in dad's eye.

"Whatever. Let's just get this over with. What are we all gathering for?" Sonny folded her arms across her chest.

"Well," Mom began, "your father has been given an opportunity in his career that he has been waiting on for a long time."

Everyone sat silently, waiting for someone to continue.

Dad coughed and stepped forward. "You see, I was offered a job at a small coastal town; it has a lot of great photo ops and they're even offering to pay for the house. I will get my own office and business will probably boom. Life will get a whole lot better from there, kids. I promise."

I felt my heart beat speed up. "We're moving?" I asked, my voice sounding small and pathetic in my own ears.

Mom exchanged a meaningful look with Dad, then looked back at me. "I know it's going to be hard for you kids; Sonny has her art school, and you've gotten used to your friends. But you have to understand that this is a great opportunity for all of us, not just your father. It can be a new start."

A life without Meg and Ryo? I couldn't even begin fathoming it. They were all that kept me from going insane. I had so many questions to ask. How would I make new friends? How far away was I going? What about all of my school shows? "When are we going?" I asked instead, my voice sounding distant from the rest of me. My mom began answering, but was cut off.

"You can't do this to me!" Sonny stormed, standing up and looking really pissed. As if in slow motion, I turned to her.


"Don't 'honey,' me! This is bullshit!"

"Watch your language, Sonny--"

"No, I won't watch my language! Fuck this. I'm leaving. If you want to talk to me, I'll be at Castor's house." Sonny stormed out, leaving everyone staring after her. Castor was her sleazy boyfriend that nobody liked. She always went there when things got irritating.

Dad coughed, looking awkward. "I'm sure she'll come around," he said. I doubted it. But still, I wanted to know when my whole life was going to be uprooted.

"So…about when we're leaving?" I said.

"Over the summer, honey. We really are sorry. We know this is hard for you, but please understand," Mom answered.

I looked down and let Kitty-Kitty hop off of my lap to go and get himself some food. "Believe me. I understand. But I want you to know…I really don't like this." I stood up and made my way back to my room, where I quickly changed into some pajamas and went to sleep, thinking of how I was supposed to tell Meg that I was leaving.


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