let's travel back in time,
tear a hole through reality
slip into a dream
and fling ourselves into a vision of hippies and disco
(only not go back that far).

let's just go back
to you and me,
when i could still call you a friend.

let's go back:
to when i could still call you, crying
and not have to be ashamed.

to when my lifetime's worth of angst
was dumped on you daily,
and you never minded, not one bit.

to when we could still joke about anything
and agree on everything
and laugh about nothing
and life didn't have to make any fucking sense.

to when i wrote in your yearbook
and you wrote in mine,
and we discussed tentative plans for the future,
which were timid for the eyes of others
because no one understood
even though they all wanted it too,
and everything was goddamned perfect
(for the eyes of others).

let's just go back:
to before i said yes.