The place that was once called home was transformed into an abandoned, death-written nightmare. The dark ink had stopped writing in the pages of their novel, and the black moon watched the ashes dancing around glowing scarlet flames. The tale had ended in tragedy, with the black ashes spinning around as the crimson, fiery roses burned everything in their paths with their dangerous, stunning, crimson petals.

A shadow of a death angel painted across the dingy wooden floor in a pale shade blue as a sweet, dark, melodic giggle fell from her rosy lips and filled the nightmare with an eerie echo. "The careless whispers linger here still," the death angel whispered, "but the whispers will never be reached now."She then turned around and disappeared in the dancing ashes that blew softly beneath the black moonlight. The flames continued to burn in a passionate fashion as the ashes continued to dance under the new moon's gaze. The metronome of death lingered in the nightmare that was once home.

The lifeless orbs of her victims gazed up at the black moon as a bloody halo surrounded them all gracefully; their cold, white lips lay unmoving. Their callused fingers were withering away now, almost as if they were vermilion roses. Blood ran down from their smooth fingertips as it dropped on the wooden floor, creating a hush yet lovely melody. Their state of mind was utterly lost in a swirling darkness of death and despair as they began to give up on the fight of surviving. They began to accept eternal rest in the cold, black snow of silenced death.

Yes, their chapters have ended, but they each shared a gorgeous demise. Under the starless night, ashes dancing around their bodies…a bloody halo surrounding them, and the black moon staring down at their corpses. Their wishes; finally granted by a mysterious, dark angel. Such perfect end…

Who could imagine a death as wondrous as this?

I want to give the courtesty to Kaze Tsukai No Kagura, because she is my beta reader for Gothika and Butterfly's Blood! And she is an amazing piece of software! Love ya, Kaze! ^^