Chapter 16

It wasn't 'til nighttime that Wisdom finally arrived home. He opened the front door quietly and laid himself down on the couch. He sighed and took a nice deep breath. He then closed his eyes for a second and thought long and hard.

She said the person was a female. He thought. So this woman that threatened Hana must had took part of the Purple Doll Massacre. But why a doll? Why use a doll to cover the track up? Strange whack-job I guess…

Suddenly, he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. He sat up from the couch and glanced over. The house was extremely dark, so he could hardly see anything. But he was able to see outlines of two shadowy figures standing over the couch.

"Elise, Lauren?" Wisdom questioned.

"Yes?" The two girls said in unison.

"Sorry, I got home late."

"It's fine." They both said again in unison.

"Why are the lights off?"

"Because it's harder to find the hider."

Wisdom's eyes suddenly grew wide. He slowly turned his head and saw his two sisters holding Gothika and a knife in each hands under the moonlight that decided to show itself. Wisdom slowly stood up without his eyes pulling away from Gothika and the knives.

"W-w-what are you guys doing with knives and the doll?" He questioned, not really wanting to know the answer.

"Isn't it obvious?" Lauren questioned.

"Yeah, Wise. Isn't it?" Elise echoed back.

Wisdom took a step back with fearful green eyes. This is not happening. He said in his mind, trying to soothe himself. This is all a dream. They are NOT holding knives and Gothika in their hands! God, please tell me they are not doing this right now?

"We are the artists behind the Purple Doll Massacre," Lauren answered.

"We are the one that murdered the Greene family," Elise echoed back.

Wisdom shook his head in denial. He didn't want to believe that his two adoptive sisters were actually murderers of the Greene family three years ago. This was true insanity! It was too hard to believe.

"Keep denying all you want," the small girl replied darkly. "We're still going to kill you."


"Because death is the most beautiful art of all," Elise answered as a psychopath smile painted across her face. "The color red is such a lovely color, don't you agree Lauren?"

"Indeed it is." The small girl answered. "Now, enough chitter- chatting. Let's move onto to our next work." They both held up their knives higher along with the gothic doll. "We don't want to disappoint Madame Gothika, now do we?"

"YOU'RE INSANE!" Wisdom screamed out and threw two couch pillows at them. The pillows landed on their faces, which was the perfect time for Wisdom to escape. Wisdom began running to the kitchen where the back door was. He pulled on the doorknob, but horror struck him. It was lock.

"No, it can't be locked!" Wisdom whispered. "Damn! Why?" He glanced over and saw the two insane girls walking toward him with their master and art of destruction tools.

"I think we shall call his work, Fallen Wisdom," Elise replied. "I think Madame Gothika will like this, don't you?" Lauren didn't answer. Instead with horror, Lauren jammed the knife deep into Elise's stomach. The older girl screamed out in pain as red started painting the floor below her. Wisdom stared in horror, paralyzed by the insanity.

"Why?" Elise asked as streams of blood slithered out of her mouth like snakes slithering out to the nighttime.

"You have disgraced Madame Gothika," Lauren answered with an ever darker tone. "You should had kill the little florist girl like Madame Gothika wanted. You have wasted a valuable piece of art." Elise then fell down on the floor and her hand slipped out of Gothika's. She laid on the wooden floor with her sapphire eyes staring up at Wisdom lifeless like a doll's. Wisdom stared at the dead Elise and slowly shifted his eyes up toward Lauren.

"Now, where were, Fallen Wisdom?" She asked as she rose her knife up as if she was toasting to someone. Wisdom shifted his eyes toward the counter. He saw a metal pan. He quickly grabbed it and held it up.

"We were at the part where I do this!" Wisdom screamed out.

Suddenly, Wisdom smacked the pan at Lauren's face. He then smacked her again and again. He continuously whacked the pan at Lauren's face as he screamed on the top of his lungs. Blood dripped out of the small girl's mouth, head, ears, and nose as he continued to defend himself.

Finally, Lauren fell to her knees, and she shifted her blue eyes up toward Wisdom. She smiled a creepy smile, showing bloody teeth, and replied, "I might I die, but Gothika will live through and through. She will not be forgotten." She then dropped Gothika. The doll shattered into million of pieces, and Lauren fell on her stomach next to the broken Gothika.

Wisdom breathed heavily and stared at Lauren and the broken pile of Gothika. Suddenly, Wisdom heard the door opened. He glanced up and saw two police officers. He smiled, and he felt happiness surged through him.

"Oh thank God you're here officer!" Wisdom screamed out.

The two police officers stared ahead. They stared at the two girls' body and the glass shards spreading across the kitchen floor. Then they glanced up at Wisdom. He was holding a bloody pan in his right hand, and his face was coated with splatter of blood.

"Arrest him!" The police officer on the right commanded. The police officer on the left sprinted toward Wisdom and tackled him down. Wisdom was confused. He didn't do anything wrong.

"You are arrested for killing these two girls!" The second officer replied as he clipped the handcuffs on Wisdom.

"What?!" Wisdom cried out. "No! No! I'm not a murderer! I'm not a murderer! These girls are! The doll! They're the murderers! Gothika!" The second officer then pulled him up and dragged him. Wisdom tried to kick, but his struggling were pathetic.

"I'M NOT CRAZY! IT WAS GOTHIKA! GOTHIKA!!!" He screamed out on the top of his lungs.

The second police officer took the crazy Wisdom out of the house as the first police officer walked in the kitchen. He glanced down and saw the shattered pieces of glass that once built a handsome doll. The police crouched down and studied the porcelain shards. He then stood up and walked out the door, entering in the night world.

After the first officer left the house, a soft and beautiful yet sinister laugh filled the house as the one of the small, porcelain shards moved an inch by itself.

The End?

I have finally finished Gothika the Doll. Hope you like the ending. I thought since I usually write a happy ending I decided to write a tragic ending of this story. Muhahahaha! I'm so evil! Maybe I should write a sequel to this...I'll let the reviewers decide on that. So, when you review please let me know if I should leave this the end or make a sequel out of this. Thanks for reading! And also, sorry if the length are too short. I'll work on that next time! Cheers! :D