Chapter 1

Amaratha's P.O.V.

I lay awake knowing that any minute now I would have to get up soon. I was dreading today for it would be the day that I start a new school in a town called Big Spring. It was located in the middle of no where. My dad was telling me just the other day that there was only two hundred kids in there high school which was a third of what my last high school had.


God, I hated my alarm. It just reminded me that I have to get up, bla. I sat up in my futon and looked around for the thousandth time this morning. My room was painted red, it had black trim, and on one wall it had gold swirls. I loved it because red and black were my favorite colors and I got to paint it all by myself and I felt proud of it. I got off my futon and walked toward the bathroom to take a nice, short shower to wash my hair and stuff. After I felt clean enough I turned the water off, got my towel to dry myself off and got out. Thank god this bathroom was connected only to my room because I didn't think of grabbing any clothes.

I walked out of the bathroom to my dresser to put some underwear on and then I walked toward my closet and put on my usual skinny jeans, t-shirt and vans. After that I walked back into the bathroom to blow dry and straighten my hair and apply my eye shadow, eye liner and lip gloss. When I thought I looked presentable I grabbed my laptop case that had my laptop in it a long with the things I needed for school and headed toward the kitchen. Mmm I could smell the bacon, eggs and oven toast just waiting for me.

I expected to see my mother and father waiting for me to join them but no instead I found the kitchen empty with only a note and a plate of breakfast. I walked over toward the food hungrily and started gobbling it down. When I was stuffing myself I finally read the note aloud.

"Good morning Mar,

Sorry to not be there to wish you a good day but your father and I had to leave for work. You car arrived last night when you where sleeping so you can drive yourself to school. You keys are in your bag. Drive safe! Love mom and dad"

Well isn't that nice… I got a lame note along with loneliness. Oh well I guess it's off to school.

When I arrived to the high school I was in pure shock. I saw like no one outside. This place looked like a jail for murders and rapist. Man a chill just went down my spine just thinking about it. I looked at my cell phone so I could see what time it was. It read 10:28. I was really late. So I got out of my car, grabbed my stuff and headed toward the building. When I got inside I pulled out my schedule looking for what my third period was.

It was literature with a guy named Anthony Holland. I didn't bother with trying to hurry to class I mean what's the point I'm already late why rush myself to get yelled at. I looked at the map I had been given when my dad first in rolled my ass here. His class was on the second floor down the next to that one bathroom.

I found the stairs and slowly made my way up them. It took me forever to reach the second floor but when I did I walked down a hallway and I took a left then a right and then another left. I finally found his classroom after ten minutes of looking for it. I opened the door with out knocking and just entered. At the front of the room there stood a man that looked to be 6'3, in his early thirties, with chestnut hair, his shirt gave off that he had muscles because it was so tight on him, he wore blacked rimed classes that made him look like one of those sexy nerds, and when his eyes came up to mine I almost had a heart attack. They were the prettiest shade of dark blue making them look indigo from where I was standing. He looked angry to be interrupted in the middle of his class.

"What can I help you with," he spoke. Mmm god his voice was deep but not too deep.

I tried not to show my arousal when I finally spoke up, "I… I'm supposed to be in this class right now."

He went over to what looked like his enrollment sheet, "Are you Amaratha Davis?"

I nodded my head yes while making eye contact with him again. It felt as if he could look into my soul with those eyes.

"Your forty-five minutes late to my class. Do you care to give me a reason why?"

I lowered my head wanting to say not but instead I gave him the 'I over slept' excuse. I could feel him and finally the rest of the class staring at me. He was the one to break the silence.

"Class, can any of you tell Ms. Davis what we do to people who are tardy to my class," he looked around and called on the only person who had their hand up, "yes Ryan?"

"Anyone who is late shall get a week worth of detention a long with a warning," the Ryan kid replied.

"Well, Ms Davis shall I give you detention or shall I just give you a warning," Mr. Holland asked.

I replied a warning and raised my head to look at him again. He pointed to a seat in the front of his desk and said it would be mine for now, so I walked over to it and sat down. I took out my laptop, turned it on and I looked around to see what exactly what we were doing but didn't see anyone with a laptop out on their desks so I spoke up, "umm sir where is everyone else's laptops?"

A few kids giggled and the rest looked at me like I was an idiot. He turned his attention on my again and he too looked at me like I was an idiot.

"We are not like other schools. We still like to use the old fashion way of teaching," he replied.

"Oh, I just assumed that since my last school taught us the new easy way that this school would to."

And with that he just continued with the lecture I interrupted earlier. I already hated this class but loved the teacher. Ok well I didn't love him he was just easy to drool over, unlike most teachers.

Ten minutes flew by and the bell rang signaling that the class was over. I had already closed and put away my laptop and I started to get up but I was stopped by Mr. Dreamy.

"Tomorrow don't be late, don't bring your laptop, and don't forget your paper and pencil."

I said a quiet ok, pulled out my schedule and map and walked to my next class.

My fourth period which was History with Mrs. Chang and my fifth period which was Pre Cal with Couch Kiev flew by fast. And so now it was lunch and I was sitting with my new friends. The two guys, Josh and Dylon, were dating and happened to be into the same things I was. Julie had the same opinions as I did so I instantly liked her. I know I will be able to trust all three of them when the time came.

"Dylon look who is trying to put the move on Mr. Holland again," Josh said femininely.

We all turned to where the staff that had lunch duty sat and saw Mrs. McNab trying to seduce Mr. Holland. From where we were sitting it looked like he was disgusted and apparently we were right in thinking it because he finally got up from the table and walked out of the lunchroom. I started to laugh because the face Mrs. McNab had been priceless.

"Dude what you think he said to her," Dylon asked not really talking to anyone pacifically.

"I don't know. Hey how much more time do we have till lunch is over," I hurriedly asked.

"Um in about thirty minutes. Why," he replied.

A huge smile appeared on my face, "Let's go somewhere. I'll drive."

"Hun it's only your first day maybe you should wait to skip lunch. Think of how much trouble you'll get in if you got caught," Julie said trying to talk me out of it.

"Well I'm going to my car anyways. I need my ipod, badly," and with that I stood up and walked out of the cafeteria toward the car lot. I made my way to my car trying to be sneaky just for the fun of it. I got to the drivers side of my car, unlocked it, got in, turned it on, and filled the air conditioner because I was burning up. I saw that my ipod was in the passenger's seat so I turned it on and started listening to it.

I looked at the clock to see that I had at least fifteen minutes left till I had to go back in. I started to close my eyes and drift off to sleep, but it didn't happen because some rude asshole was banging on my window. I looked out it to see Mr. Holland standing there looking at me.

"Get out of the car," he said rather loudly.

So not wanting to argue I turned my ipod off along with my car grabbed the ipod and got out of my car slowly.

"Did you know that NO student is to leave the campus unless they are checked out by a legal guardian," he said.

I looked up at him and closed my car door. He looked cute when he was aggravated, "Yes sir I knew. But did you know that I was only getting my ipod and didn't have any intentions of leaving the school grounds today?"

In the distance I heard the bell ring. I turned around and started to walk off but was stopped by his voice.

"I'll be looking forward to seeing you in detention with me today and tomorrow and the next day and the day after that."

I glance at him from over my shoulder and then started walking toward my next class. I found Julie, Dylon, and Josh all waiting for me with my stuff. I didn't say anything to them knowing they knew what had just happened. We all had art next so all I had to do was follow them. We go into the art room before anyone else had so we took the two back tables. I took my schedule out to see who the teacher for this class was and I almost flipped out.

"Hey you guys is my schedule right I think it's a typo," I said letting them have it.

"Where do you think the typo is," Dylon asked.

"It says that Mr. Holland is teaching this art class."

They all looked at me and just stared. I knew what that meant. My schedule wasn't wrong. God I hate this school. Why did we even move? Everything was ok in, Mason, but no mom and dad both got a better job offer here so they took it.

I sat in my seat pissed off and just waited for him to enter. My friends tried to strike up a conversation with me but I stayed silent. When the bell rang he came in and closed the classroom door behind him. He didn't greet the class he just went to his enrollment sheet and started calling out names. When he said my name I could tell he was looking for me and when he found me he smirked. He looked so conceded right now. I just wanted to wipe that smirk off him but I couldn't and I wouldn't do that.

Surprisingly, art ended up being better than what I imagined it would be. He gave the class a free day to just draw what we were feeling. So basically Julie and I just talked and doodle on a piece of paper till class was over. All three of my friends had a class eighth period unlike me who had a free period so they went to their classes but I stayed in my seat.

I was so focused on my little drawing that I didn't notice Mr. Holland standing right in front of me. He cleared is throat to let me know he was standing there, so I looked up at him to see what he wanted. He didn't say anything but just stare at me. It was like he was trying to remember every detail of my face.

I broke the silence, "Sir why are you looking at me like that?"

"I want to paint you. You have the type of face that just screams 'paint me'," he said with a little chuckle.

I lowered my eyes and blushed. I hope he didn't see it I would die from embarrassment.

"So are you just going to do your detention, now," he asked.

I just sat there looking down. He seemed to be nice but I still hated him for giving me detention, didn't I?


I have not proof read this or anythig like that. i just finished typing it and really wanted to post it before i went to bed. i hope ya'll enjoy it.