Full Metal Shoujo!

A troublesome transfer student arrives!

Michelle 'Miki' Okuda thought of herself as a ordinary young woman. She had two nice, ordinary mothers, she lived on a nice normal military base and from early childhood she had been trained to fight as well s in tactics, strategy and other fields.

Okay, maybe she WASN'T ordinary. But she wanted to be! She wanted to go to school, get crushes on cute people, meet ordinary friends and have a regular life.

Not that she blamed her parents, having been career military all their lives they really hadn't planned on parenthood. (It was a odd incident with a science lab, impulse sex and a accidentally opened in-vitro fertilization kit. Don't ask.) They took their sudden case of parenthood in stride, raising their daughter on a succession of military bases as they traveled the world. Only recently had they settled down in a base in Japan, and Miki had been enrolled in a local school.

Hikase Okuda smiled as the military captain adjusted her daughter's sailor fuku. "I'm surprised the school still uses these," she noted as the motherly black haired woman adjusted the ribbon, "most schools have switched to generic blazers."

"It looks pretty cute," Rachel Okuda, Hikase's red headed wife noted mildly. The head nurse of the base's medical department she was a bit gruffer and hard edged compared to her wife, surprisingly. She was a good nurse, of course, but never came across as the motherly type, even if she had been the one to carry Miki to term.

Hikase ruffled Miki's hair, "You're adorable!"

"You're embarrassing her," Rachel chuckled as their daughter blushed. More seriously she addressed the young woman, "You sure you want to go to a local school? I'm sure we can keep educating you at the base."

"I know," Miki admitted, "and I appreciate all the trouble you've gone to. But I want to experience a normal school like too."

Hikase sniffled, "You're so cute!"

Rachel patted her wife's shoulder as she addressed Miki, "I see you've made up your mind. Good luck!"

"Don't forget your lunch!" Hikase added as she pressed the flower patterned box into her hands.

"Thanks," Miki nodded as she headed out of their quarters on the base, "I'm off!"

"Do you think she'll be all right?" Rachel asked, biting her lip as she looked concerned for the first time that morning.

Hikase grabbed a cup of coffee as she ruefully noted, "Miki looks just like you did at fifteen. She's a lady killer and doesn't know it."

"Why do you think I wanted to keep her on base?" Rachel sighed.

A few minutes later, two men watched as Miki walked up to the gates of the base. "Hey, Miki," Dan Wisner smiled, the lanky guard leaning up against the gatehouse. "Make sure not to do anything too crazy," he cautioned.

"I wouldn't do that," Miki shook her head.

Strife snickered at that comment as he lit a smoke, standing on the other side of the gate house. "This from the girl who blew up the chem labs last month," the white haired man noted.

"It was a accident," Miki blushed as she strode by, "could have happened to anyone."

Dan grinned as the two men watched her walk away. "From jeans to wearing a skirt," Dan mused, "how do you think it's gonna go?"

Strife shook his head, "I really don't think she's thought it through."

Later that morning the thirty-something teacher smiled as she walked with her down the hall, dressed in a conservative blouse and skirt. "I'm sorry for causing you trouble, Miss Tsuda," Miki said, her Japanese only having a slight American accent.

Mana Tsuda looked down at the smaller woman, faintly stunned by her charming smile. 'If she were ten years older...,' Mana thought mournfully, 'hell, if she were five years older...!'

"Sensei?" Miki looked up at her with gentle concern, "You have a nosebleed!"

"I'm fire," Mana quickly wiped her nose as they reached the classroom. "Wait here a moment," she ordered, "and I'll call for you."

"Yes, ma'am," Miki nodded, fighting the urge to salute.

'So cute!' Mana thought, hurrying into class before she got another nosebleed. "All right class," she addressed the girls and a few boys, "we have a new student. She's lived abroad the past few years so she may need some help adjusting. Meet Miss Michelle Okuda."

Miki walked in on cue, her skirt swirling around long shapely legs, unaware of how mysterious her deep brown eyes looked. "I'm Miki Okuda," she bowed as her short black hair temporarily covered her eyes, "pleased to meet you."

There was a sound that could only be described as a squee as several girls simultaniously fell in love or lust with the charming schoolgirl. Several boys too, though they also quickly realized they'd be hung by the rest of the class if they moved onto the cute new girl.

"Miss Tsuda," the class president Yurika Kurogane rose, her blond hair shimmering, "there's a seat free here."

Mana really wanted to refuse if only because she could almost see the desire radiating off Yuika, but she also knew Miki had to sit somewhere. "Miki, you can sit there," Mana instructed her, "everyone, please take care of her."

"Hi," Mana smiled warmly at the blond girl as she sat down, hanging her bag on the hooks on the side of the desk.

"I'm Yurika," she purred as she shook Miki's hand, "it's very nice to meet you."

"You too," Miki agreed with her usual cheerful smile.

There was a soft, almost sub-verbal growl from the assembled girls, all saying in no uncertain terms 'mine!' Miki, thankfully, wasn't aware as she turned towards the front of the class as the teacher wrote on the board the morning duties. Once they ran through the checklist she nodded to them respectfully as the first bell rang, Mana leaving as their first teacher arrived.

Satsuki liked to think of herself as a refined, intelligent woman who approached her life with great self control. Despite that almost as soon as she called on the new transfer student, she nearly got hypnotized by her smooth voice. The slim young woman reaching to write on the board, the way her graceful body moved... it took her breath away.

"Who IS that girl?!" Satsuki yelped to Mana after her class was over.

Mana gave her a dangerous look as she growled, "I saw her first. She's MINE."

Satsuki gave Mana a odd look, "You too?" She visibly shook herself as she asked, "What is with this girl?!"

"I dunno," Mana saw another female teacher leave the classroom in a daze, "but I think it's spreading."

"We need to get a jump on the others," Satsuki muttered, thinking of how many students were in the class, not to mention the teachers!

Mana slowly smiled as she said, "I think I have a idea...."

Back at the base, Captain Okuda blinked as she received the day's phone messages. "Honey," she called as she flipped through the papers, "why do you think five of Miki's teachers want a at home meeting with us?"

Rachel shook her head with a sigh, "The animal magnetism strikes again."

To be continued...?

Notes: This started out as a semi-serious idea and quickly devolved into a spoof. May or may not continue this, spoofing other kinds of stories.