It was dark. Nearly midnight. It was quiet as the security guard made his rounds around the bank. It was a standard bank nothing special about it except front entrance. It was big with four pillars holding up the sign to the bank. Behind and in front of that were the stairs that led up to the bank itself. During the day you could see kids playing there constantly. Nothing was out of the ordinary here.

The guard looked into the darkness leading into the city of New York City. He looked and stared darting his eyes around a few times. He sighed and started walking again starting to think about getting a new job. Preferably one less creepy and more profitable.

That was when we sprung. We leaped forward from the shadows like moving shadows ourselves. Quick as the wind we ran across the open ground five of us in total. I led them up the steps moving at three steps a move. They stopped at the front door and I pointed up. They nodded and we began to climb leaping, flipping and spiraling up the pillars of the bank.

Getting to the roof was easy and effortless for us. Once there I issued commands to the others. They nodded following there orders without question. On the roof there was a glass skylight that opened the way for the sun to shine in on the bank goers during the day. Now however it was just an easy entrance. I stood in the center of it and pulled a knife loose gently scratching a circle into the glass. When the circle was complete I rose my foot shoving it into the glass. Just as I had guessed it fell through.

Twin shadows sped past me grabbing the slab of glass their feet the only thing keeping them from plunging into to a very messy end. They lifted themselves up placing the circle on the ceiling. I nodded to them the rims of their mask catching the sunlight. I put both my hands into my pockets and took a step forward falling through to the ground below. I hit the ground lightly my descent slowed from a drop to a near float.

My feet touched the ground and I immediately began walking into depths of the banks darkness glancing around. Ever security camera in the room was looking around in their usual pattern a loop of footage already playing into their cameras. My mouth curved into a smirk as I continued with my leisurely pace into the bank stopping at large vault door. It was a dull olive green same color as the walls of the bank.

I shook my head and kept walking into the door. First my foot, then my leg and soon the rest of me followed as I stepped through into the vault looking around. Money was stored in this part of the bank in neatly stake piles each was of bills tied together. I raised my hand and snapped my fingers together. Immediately a shadow rose up from the ground liked a ghost. The ghost looked at me silky black hair flowing behind its head and I nodded slowly.

The ghost and I moved quickly taking the money and replacing it in tightly wound sacks we brought with us. When all our sacks were filled we walked back through the door into the center of the bank looking up at the hole I created earlier. Two ropes fell down and we each took one climbing up them with speed and ease. But not before leaving behind our calling card and our mark. Two playing cards. One red the other black. Both jokers.