Joker leaped over a building the sun rising on their second day of chasing after Harlequin. She landed poised for another leap when she faltered and rolled into the ground. The others leaped past her before they realized her fall and turned around. "What's wrong Joker?" Petrine asked.

"I lost him" she said in disbelief. "Harlequin's tracer. It stopped sending" she said tapping her mask a few times before pulling her laptop.

"So what if it stopped sending. Can't you track where the last signal came from?" Peten asked wondering what the problem was.

She sighed shaking her head. "Not possible. I made the mask so on one could track us. Even if they got my laptop. If on one of the chips got taken it out it would scatter the signal all over the country. Even I couldn't get it all back without at least a week"

"Fuck!" Peten swore stamping his foot on the ground. "So how the hell are we going to find him now?" Death Jester looked up his arms folded.

"She's working on it so cut her some slack" he told him in his gravely quiet voice. Peten looked ready to argue but turned away glaring at the sky.

Petrine typed fast on the keyboard racking her brain for any sort of solution. "Hold on" she whispered typing fast running with her idea. "Well I'll be damned he was that stupid" she said and stood up the happiness and smugness in her voice.

"Who're you talking about?" Petrine asked the happiness infecting her as she giggled.

"Ace. He never took out his tracker. That's how he was talking to us earlier when we fought and that's how I'm going to track him now" she said running forward leaping over the buildings a spring in her step. Petrine and the others followed Joker running faster.

"We gotta hurry though. Ace may wise up" she said doubling her pace. They nodded and moved like the clowns they were moving fast and fluid along the roof tops. This was far from over.


I woke up groggy from Doc's little check up. Sure enough when I stood up all was good as new. Better in fact. I stretched and moved testing myself. I leaned back then jumped back flipping three times before I was satisfied

"Morning Sleeping Beauty" I narrowed my eyes and glared at Sophie again.

"Whatever you little brat" I said walking around looking for Ace. The girl and Doc were around either reading or resting. I walked to the edge of the warehouse and found him sitting cross legged on the floor. I sighed and sat next to him staring up at the glass ceiling rain still hitting the ceiling. "So talk. Tell me everything Ace"

He glanced at me and smirked. "Fine a deals a deal. Mankind is evolving Zack. People are developing or being born with powers like ours. Their examples of that"

I glanced back shaking my head. "What even the brat?" I said shaking my head. No way that little girl had any powers like ours.

"Yeah including Sophie. Erin as you know can fly. Doc can do surgery on people with his mind. Don't ask me how he just can. And Sophie can see the future"

"Bullshit" I said instantly. Erin I could believe because I had seen it. Doc was the same deal because I had the body to prove it. But no way she could do that. I refused to believe that one just on principle. Even after everything I'd done and seen.

Ace laughed openly at that one. "How do you think I found you guys yesterday? No way I was tracking you. Joker would have caught me if I was. No Sophie told me where to find you by looking into the future"

I shook my head at him despite the crazy sense it was starting to make in my mind. Our stealing pattern was random even to us. We stole out of necessity when it was necessary. No one could guess it unless they read our minds...or saw into the future. "Okay fine. What about it?"

"When she does that we can find other people who have awakened their powers. We go find them and either convince them to join us or teach them how to hide"

"From who?"

"A group of corporate big wigs who want to use us as weapons" he said grinning a little. "They're very rich. Very powerful. Very dangerous"

"Sounds like our kind of score" I said grinning back. We dealt with people like that many times when we were thieves. Never mattered how much money they offered us we turned them down every time. "So what's the problem? We take em down no problem just like before"

Ace laughed. "Yeah I guess you're right" he stood up and stretched his back. "But considering me and Erin are our only fighters maybe not"

"Well you got me now" I said standing and throwing an arm around his shoulder. "We got this in the bag"

"Yeah. Sure" he said grinning. He walked away then turned back to me. I could tell there was something he wasn't telling me but I wasn't going to try to guess what it was "Sophie located someone new. Me and Erin are going to go find them"

"What I'm not invited?" I asked laughing a little.

"Nope. Ever wonder why both you and me didn't fly back here? That's because Erin can only carry one person or two kids" I nodded my head. She may be able to fly but that didn't make her any stronger then the average person.

Ace walked away to an old wardrobe and pulled out a black rain coat. Erin walked toward us and did the same. The place was full of random stuff like that. The wardrobe, a grandfather clock, three couches, a bed, a fridge, etc.

"It's a long ways away. We'll be back in about two hours" he said looking at the ceiling. He pulled a long rope and the window fell away letting the rain pour in on that spot. He took her hand and waved with the other

"See ya" and they were gone soaring through the air faster then I could see. But that left me with two hours a lazy doctor and a brat. Great.