~ Waiting ~

A man sat casually in his chair.
Held a pistol loaded in his hands.
Alone in his dark room, this lair of pitch black.
He wasn't afraid.
A sweat, he wouldn't dare
This man feared nothing.
A door, he gave a glare.

The sounds of a clock tick
will breaks things all silent.
Now, the doors' click...
interrupted that clock's tick.
A lock pick?
The man cautioned himself.
This could be a trick.
He thought.

It can come from anywhere.
This is too easy.
Steady in his chair
Readied his pistol.
His eyes they stare
hot and burning as the door slowly opened.
An eerie, yet comfortable feeling filled the air.
He lowered his pistol.

This man now changed his mind.
He did fear.
That fear made him blind.
He couldn't see the truth.
And all these years in confine.
You can't escape it.
It's time to leave these things behind.
A new life is waiting for him.

(a smile)

The door
it is
wide open.

© GuardianAngel. All rights reserved.