~ Celestial Guardian ~

He appears from nowhere,

with his sword in hand,

a challenge you would not dare.

His strength is beyond human,

his heart is too big to bare,

his valor is quite tremendous.

They say that he is an angel sent from up there.

This silent guardian with invisible wings.


He protects the helpless & the weak,

and accepts no gifts nor rewards.

This mysterious warrior has something to seek.

No one knows what mission he holds.

But, the villagers own rumors between one leak.

Rumors, lies, gossips, & tales.

Spies were sent to take a peek.

Found lonely rooms of emptiness as though never there.


He is good at covering his tracks.

Travels alone in such sweet solitude.

There is nothing that he lacks.

He is definitely a true protector.

A golden hero who always got our backs.

Wielding his mighty sword in hand.

The sword which he uses as he hacks.

Unseen enemies seen only by him.


He frightens the people late one day

drenched in blood of red drip slow.

What had happened he not say.

Alone, by silent request, traveled up the sacred mountain.

The very top, such little oxygen, yet steady he walked the pathway

until he reached a field once full and beautiful.

Peacefully there he lay.


Staring soullessly into the sky his last gentle smile.

Calm field in which he lies,

surrounded by golden warmth of light and blooming colors of bright.

Memories of him across erased without any "goodbyes."

His tender heart shall beat no more.

His now fragile soul soon unties.

His soul bound quest now fulfilled.

His human self now dies.

Fallen angel no more.

© GuardianAngel. All rights reserved.