Chapter 19

"Wake up. Wake up, Anya," I hear a soft voice call out to me. I slowly open my eyes and find myself in dark place. I tug at my arms, but I can't break it. My arms are chained. I glance around, adjusting my eyes to the darkness. The walls are made of black charcoal with fine paintings on the wall. I notice that that one of Abele Nero's art work, the one of Merrick, is one of the paintings. I now where I am at. I am at the Vatican Museum. I then shift my eyes down and notice I am hanging fifty feet above the ground. I am hanging on a ceiling of the Vatican Museum.

"Oh, look she's awake! Goddess, she's awake!" I hear the soft voice. I shift my eyes down and see a young girl of maybe eight or nine years old with black pigtails and wearing a white robe. The little girl glances up and smiles at me, showing me white fangs. Vampire… I think bitterly as I feel a scowl forming across my face.

Another person in a white robe walks toward the little vampire girl with the hood covering its face. The pale hands then pulls down the hood, revealing the face. It is the same vampire that I saw at the plane. The top ten most wanted vampires around the world. Sunni Knight. I scowl at her as a pair of rubies shift up toward me.

"Sorry, Celeste, but Goddess isn't here right now," Sunni Knight answers without taking her eyes off of me. "We'll just have to wait for her."

"Oh, but I want Anya in the clan now!" The pig-tailed girl complains.

"OKAY!" I scream out on the top of my lungs. "JUST WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!"

I hear the light chuckling of Sunni as Celeste stares up at me with crimson eyes. The blonde vampire then suddenly makes a leap, and she is now floating in front of me.

"You're home, silly Anya," she answers as she grabs my hand.

"Why is every vampire calling me Anya?!" I demand. "My name is Rose! And what do you mean by I'm home?!"

The vampire smiles a crooked smile, showing me a sharp, carnivorous fang. She then flips my hand and points at the small Chinese-looking emblem on my wrist. I then grimace. Where is this going? I ask to myself in my mind.

"This symbol is a Senior Vampire emblem." She answers and shows me her wrist. The same exact emblem imprint her wrist. I then glance up toward her eyes and nod my head in horror.

"No, I am not one of you," I whisper in a fearful voice. "I'm not a Senior Vampire. I'm a vampire hunter. I am Rose McCurdy, the owner of Blood Roses and agent of Blood X Corporation."

"You're not, honey. You are Anya Calina, the most powerful Senior Vampire other than Goddess."

"No! That doesn't make any sense! That's not possible!"

"Your mind is still cloudy, I see. Then let me shed a little light to you."

She drops my hand and floats to my right side. She then throw a arm around my shoulders.

"I would beat you in a bloody patty if I didn't have my hands chained to the fucking ceiling!" I threaten as I tug on the chains.

"Well, your hands are chained, so you won't be able to beat me into a bloody patty." Sunni smirk. I scowl. "Anyway, let me shed some light to you since you can't remember a thing." She then floats away from my right side and levitates back in her original spot. She then sighs and pops her knuckles.

"It was around three hundred years ago, and Adrien, one of the Senior Vampires, had brought you to Goddess's mansion when she was having her huge party. Adrien brought you there because Goddess had ordered him to seize you for she saw potential in you. But Adrien seemed to have fallen for you. So, he told you the whole truth. You became angry with him and ran away. But you weren't able to escape from Goddess. Goddess found you in the corridor and sliced you with Holy Night, a special artifact that turned humans into vampires, but that damn Adrien used his power and reanimated you into a different person and placed you in a different time. But of course it cost him. Adrien became mute, lost his power, and his hair turned that ugly shade of white. So, we had waited for you for three centuries, Anya Calina."

Suddenly, the images become clear to me. The evening celebration. That was Goddess's party. I was the girl in my dream. Silence was Adrien in my dream. Goddess was the one that tried to kill me. All the three hundred years of memories just comes flowing through my mind again.

"So, are you the one as well that cause the epidemic of Red Fangs as well?" I ask, even though I already know the answer since my memories came back to me all the sudden.

"That would be the work of Goddess. She wants a better world. So, she believes that vampires would be a better choice of ruling specie than humans. So, she created the Red Fangs and spread it across the globe. Soon, vampires will be the top of the food chain. And that's where you come in."

"Oh yeah? And what if I don't give in?"

"Glad you ask."

Suddenly, the lights turn on and I see Silence and Merrick hanging on the ceiling across from me. Silence and Merrick are both severely damage with gashes, bite marks, bruises, broken bones, and black eye.

"Merrick!" I cry out.

"R-R-Rose, is that you?" She answers in a weak voice.

"Yes, it's me Don't worry! I'm going to get you and Silence out of here! I promise!"

Sunni then flashes her eyes toward me with a mocking smile painting across her face. She then begins to chuckle, and she flicks a finger at my nose. I growl.

"You promise?!" She exclaims. "You promise to save Adrien and your demon friend over there?! How are you even going to get out?!"

It is my turn to laugh. I then smirk and reply, "Well, thanks to you Sunni I got all my memories back. And I mean all of it." She suddenly grows afraid. I tug at my arms, and the chains break easily, singing the song of freedom to me. I fall as I feel a new power surging through my insides. I then suddenly feel something grow out of my back. I glance over and see that I have grown large, black butterfly wings.

I smile and fly up. I then glide over toward the vampire and Merrick. I reach an open hand toward them, and blue fire flies out of my palm and burn the chains off. Merrick and Silence fall, and I drive down for them. I catch them with both my arms and whisper, "Hang on! I'm going to get us out!" I then feel something hit the back of my head. I glance over and see that Sunni also has blue flame flickering on her finger.

"You won't escape." She threaten. "Not over my dead body!"

"Let's put that to the test then." I challenge. I then glide down with Sunni hot on my trail. I glance over and see that she is still behind me. I smile. I then glide sharply up, extremely close to the wall. I then speed up. Sunni also speed up. I then inhale through my nose and turn my head over toward Sunni.

I exhale out of my mouth and a huge blast of blue flames escapes from my mouth. I see Sunni's eyes grow wide in fear, and quickly, descend down to safety. I then glide up and break through the closest window.

The night sky embraces me as I glide back with the two captives in my arms. I then smile and increase my velocity. Mission accomplished.