As we all know, there is a serious lack of communication between parents and children in many families. Single-parent household rates are high. More parents are working all day. Women are over-asserting their independence. Fathers (and mothers) are walking out on their families.

Most young people would like to have a good relationship with their parents, where they can talk with them about anything. But what stops some of them is the fear of being judged, or punished because of doing so. Other times, their parents either don't have the time or just don't feel like being bothered.

I was one of those teens who never had a real relationship with my parents, despite growing up with both until my father died when I was 6. Not just my own, but every parent I knew as a child was either neglectful or abusive to their children. They were all in their 30s-40s when they had us, so they weren't "young parents". My parents never told me about issues like sex and drugs. I found out about them through school, TV, and so on. But I had enough common sense to separate good from bad, and I've been clean for two decades. Most of my childhood friends couldn't do that, and now they're somewhere portraying at least two young stereotypes.

1. My childhood best friend (who was abused by his drug-addicted mother) drinks, smokes, belongs in a gang, and supposedly got someone pregnant, all before age 15.

2. The most intelligent person I grew up with (who was abused by her mother) quit school at age 17 and got pregnant at 20.

3. Another friend wants to form a gang, smokes, and quit school at age 16. Plus, he never learned how to read.

I cannot vouch for all families, but if more parents educated their young about the issues that harm so many of today's youth, there would definitely be a shortage of young crime. Unless you speak with your kids about those subjects, they will most likely learn the wrong things from their friends, the TV, or even through experimentation.

I know parents who refuse to teach their children about drugs, drinking, etc. "until they're old enough", usually meaning when they're about 13 years old. I know parents who would call their preteen daughters 'sluts' just for asking about what sex is. I know parents who, instead of actually teaching their children about important issues, would just say, "If I ever catch you ___________, I'll beat you." Those people are usually the first to talk about how stupid teenagers and kids are nowadays. Though I'm no stranger to ignorant and lazy parents, it sickens me to hear that.

Every parent I know uses the same excuse for that: "That's the way my parents taught me." Just because your parents did a screwed up job of raising you and you're too brainwashed and stupid to realize that they don't give a damn about you doesn't make it right. And not all offspring are as easy to brainwash as you were. That's why you hear about teenagers beating the hell out of their parents.

Some parents need to stop acting like their job is over just because the woman isn't pregnant anymore. Too many people are out there screaming, "I made you" or "I'm the father/mother", yet they don't really do anything. Buying video games, nice clothes, and giving your kids some decent allowance doesn't necessarily make you a good parent. If that were true, then rich people would make the most perfect parents, but they are not. Ask 50 Cent and his ex-girlfriend. Ask Kelis.

And then there's the parents' non-parenting friends and the brainwashed young people who think that's okay. They say things like, "Well, they gave you that ______ for your birthday." or "If it wasn't for your parents you wouldn't be _______ right now." Very seldom do people bring up the times where the parents helped them with real problems or told them that they loved them. Usually the parents in question never did those things, but when you bring that up they'll just say, "It doesn't matter".

They say, "If parents didn't love their children, they wouldn't feed them or shelter them." "The kids would be starving and freezing in their own house if their parents really didn't care about them." Newsflash: THERE ARE LAWS AGAINST THAT. If a parent refused to do those things, they would (probably) be arrested for neglect. I'll bet any amount of money that if there weren't laws against child neglect, those so-called parents wouldn't be doing any of the things that they are legally supposed to do. Imagine there was no law against abandoning parental duties just for the hell of it. Imagine a legal way for parents to just toss their kids and teens out like garbage with no questions asked and never look back. Oh, wait a minute.

In 2008, Nebraska's Safe Haven law allowed parents to abandon children from 0 to 19 years old with no questions asked. So in other words, if a parent from Nebraska wanted to drop their kids off just for the hell of it, they could do that. No child abuse charge, no neglect charge, no names, nothing but a numbered bracelet. Plus, that conveniently could have saved a person who wanted to abuse their children a few years in jail.

Two months after the law was made, 37-year-old Gary Staton (Grab your pitchforks, ladies and gentlemen) left NINE kids aged 1 to 17 years old there. What excuse can a person possibly have for having nine kids, including a tenth at home? Shouldn't he have learned something from the firstborn? On top of that, he'll be having twins with another woman in 2010.

The Safe Haven Law was amended last year to admit up to 30-day-old babies, thankfully. Still, in the five months of the unlimited ages, 35 "children" were left there. Only 6 of them were under 10 years old. None of them were infants. 26 of them had mental problems. 18 of them were left within days of the law going into effect. 5 of them were brought in from Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and even Florida and Georgia.

Parents of teenagers, as usual, have the most supporters and most excuses. "Teenagers are the worst of all." Teenagers are nothing but tramps and thugs." "The teenagers are probably there for a good reason." Who was supposed to teach those teenagers morals and sense, but didn't? Who forgot to raise their kids in a way that they wouldn't grow up to be "Thugs and tramps"? Who probably did the same thing right in front of them when they were kids?

Maybe a few of them had good reasons, but for the most part, those parents are just lazy, selfish pigs who are willing to make their children suffer because they can't keep their pants on.

Since I'm on the subject of teenagers, I'll add that teenagers aren't exactly the first age group to be adopted. Thanks to this twisted interpretation that all teenagers are criminals, not too many potential parents would even look at one in an orphanage. And that makes it hard for a person who spent his/her entire life in there. Then when they reach age 18, they get thrown out of the "safe haven". Where do they go? Out on the streets, perhaps to rob someone, since they don't have any money of their own. Then they get arrested. All because some bum didn't want to take care of them.

Parents are supposed to guide their children; lead them to make good decisions in life so they can grow to be independent. Most parents would rather mold their child however they see fit, physically, and even mentally. They want their children to have whatever hairstyles they want. They want their child to either believe or not believe in God just because they do. They want their child to dress however they want them to dress.

Guidance: Teaching a child the difference between fantasy and reality so he won't end up acting out everything he/she sees in the media.

Control: Putting child blocks on everything in the house and preventing the child from visiting friends' houses so he/she can't view the friends' stuff until he/she is 18 years old.

Guidance: Encouraging your child to perform physical activities.

Control: Forcing your child to join the little league team to follow your childhood dream.

See the difference?

Obviously, abortion is hard to go through. There's the pain of the procedure, and the guilt of eliminating a potential human life (some women). Still, look at the way society acts when it comes to sex. Men want to be players, women want to be hoes, and no one wants to have a baby. So what do they do? They destroy the baby before it can be born just because they don't want the responsibility. Pretty sensible, huh? So in addition to all the other unnecessary power they have over their children, they can legally kill developing babies. What a surprise. The only excuses for abortion should be if the woman was raped, or if the child is a hazard to the woman's life. Otherwise, heed my final conclusion: