ebony veins, swollen lungs, drowning in sweat.
(did color exist in a former life?)
and those lips, so
skin so cold. someday, i will save you.

ivory fingers plead against my skin.
feel me.
(if i scream, will you answer?)
from so long ago i
remember that timid voice,
your sound. i'll take it away from you.

jaundice eyes. wilted. you're bleeding.
you used to be beautiful.
(erase the image in the mirror)
it hurts, doesn't it? thus, i extend my
kindly hand. only for you.

in a soundless clear, you are
(a contaminated specimen)
inhaling. my taciturn gardenia.
skin tender, lips raw,
(another moth pinned against the wall)
limbs aching, embrace the affinity.
in this field of monoxide, i love you.
(release me)