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Chapter 3

Carolina's POV

I would love to say that I got out of going into the city with Prudence and Father, but I cannot. I was not interested in meeting the man that my sister may marry in the future simply because she did not love him.

I was reading when I heard Prudence exclaim, "Oh, Mother, Father, thank you! Thank you so much!"

I ran in, "What is it?" I asked.

Prudence turned to me and showed me a beautiful dress and a hoop skirt, "Oh, Carolina, look at what Mother and Father have bought me!"

I felt the gorgeous fabric, "It is beautiful! Prudence put it on, I shall help you!"

We ran out of the room, and I helped her. Prudence is a very beautiful girl. Her hair is so dark it looks violet, her skin as white as snow. And her eyes! They are a rich chocolate brown. She is, without a doubt the prettiest girl in South Carolina as well as the most eligible bachlorette in South Carolina.

After putting on all the layers as well as her new dress, I brushed her silky hair, and put it up in a bun, "Oh Carolina," she said in her dreamy voice, "I can't believe that in four hours, I shall meet my future husband!"

"Oh, yes! The man you want to marry even if you don't love him!"

She rolled her eyes, "Love will come, Carolina. When you get to be my age you shall understand."

I finished up, and I took a step back, "Oh, Prudence! You look absolutely darling!" Her dress was a light color of green, with white trimming.

She twirled around, "Really?"

I nodded, "Of course!"

She walked over to our parents, "Thank you Mother and Father! I can't wait until Thomas sees me in this!"

Father nodded, "He will fall in love with you at first sight, I just know it! Now, let's all get in the carriage, I shall be there shortly."

We nodded, and walked out. The slaves were working hard in the field just like they did every day. I saw Jeremiah look up from his work, and smile at Prudence.

William, the overseer, frowned, and whipped Jeremiah hard, "GET BACK TO WORK!"

"No!" I said, "Please. We want to talk to him."

William nodded, and Jeremiah jogged over to us. His back was bloodstained, but Prudence kept her head down.

"Good mornin'," he said, bowing to me, and taking Prudence's hand and planting a light kiss on it.

She looked up into Jeremiah's eyes, "Jeremiah..."

He quickly changed the subject, "Where you two belles goin' on a fine day like this?"

"We are going to the city to meet Prudence's possible future husband."

"Ah," he said, "Another slave owner?"

Prudence shook her head, "No, doctor. He's one of the most eligible bachelor's in the state."

He nodded, "You beautiful in that dress, Prudence. Is it new? I'm sorry, I hope I wasn't being too bold."

Once again, she looked into his eyes, "Why, thank you Jeremiah. It is new, I thank you for noticing."

He nodded, "No problem."

"Girls, It is time to go!" Father called from the carriage.

"Father?" I asked.

"Yes, my daughter?"

I continued, "Well, I was planning on purchasing many things, but I do not want to carry them by myself. Is it possible that Jeremiah and Magory can come with us? They can carry whatever we purchase."

Father scratched his chin in thought, "Well, I suppose it's okay. Have William get them."

"Thank you Father!"


It was somewhat awkward in the carriage until Jeremiah cracked a joke. It made Prudence laugh really hard. I was surprised, as I had never seen her laugh that hard ever.

"Finally I get ya ta laugh! I guess that means you like meh, right?" he said.

"I have no comment on the matter," she replied.

Magory and I rolled our eyes.


When we got there, Magory, Prudence, and Father went over to the house of Sir Thomas. I, however, was allowed to wander through town for a couple of hours with Jeremiah. It was great, for I had a couple of questions to ask him.

As we parted ways, I asked Jeremiah bluntly, "Do you love her?"

"I...I don't know what you talkin' about," he stuttered.

"You do to know what I am talking about, Jeremiah. Do not lie to me! You love Prudence."
He sighed, "Well, I wouldn't say that it was love at first sight. She so beautiful, as well as smart. I just wanted to get to know her better. Then there was that day when she taught me how to read. That's when I fell in love with her."

"Wow," I whispered softly, "That's so romantic! You should tell her how you feel."

He looked shocked at the idea of proclaiming undying love to Prudence, "No, I shouldn't, She already in love with the doctor."

"I think you'd better tell her before you lose the chance," I encouraged him.

"Well, I did bring what little money I have. Maybe I can buy her a beautiful necklace."

"What? Why? Most slaves like you would save up to buy your freedom," I was astonished.

"Well, I love her. She deserves it!" he exclaimed.

I smiled, "Well, then I guess we had better start shopping!"

We headed off towards the stores.

I was going to help Jeremiah win over Prudence no matter what it takes!


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