Note: The names of the dream characters are mostly Latin and Italian. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I'm enjoying writing it!=]

Chapter 1: Casey

It was midnight in Teel City, a little place that sat right at the edge of Corinth Bay. Somewhere inside the city walls, on the top story of a two story house, a girl was tossing in her sleep. Her name was Casey Sorrel, and she had straight blonde hair that hung above her shoulders. She was 16, and had icy blue eyes. She was a member of a street gang called Night Fangs, and was usually unbothered by dreams. But not tonight.

"Who are you? What do you want with me?" She demanded. Before her stood six women, who had formed out of nothing in the darkness. They dipped their heads to her in respect. One had brilliant red hair, and wore a short skirt of fire, the flames licking downward, and a tang top flared up, the fiery straps caressing her shoulders. She stepped forward to speak.

"I am Flamma, spirit of fire," She stepped back again, head and shocking green eyes down, as another took her place. This girl had jeans of dark water, and a long sleeved shirt that was crossed with ripples whenever she moved, small waves rolling down her jeans as she walked.

"I am Aqua, spirit of water," She followed her fiery counterpart's example, stepping back for a girl who wore a longer skirt of clouds, her short sleeved shirt hugging her figure.

"I am Aria, spirit of air," As she stepped back, a girl that wore shorts made of weaved grass and a shirt that appeared to be moldable rock, took her place.

"I am Terra, spirit of earth," She allowed herself to be replaced by a girl with a long, skinny dress of dark, violet-black shadow. Her hair was midnight black, and her eyes were an amethyst color, where Terra had brown hair with matching eyes. Aria's hair and eyes were pale gold, and Aqua's hair was a blue green ocean color, with deep blue eyes.

"I am Umbra, spirit of Shadow," She respectfully backed away for a girl with shining silver eyes and hair, who wore a crown of light, like a halo with glowing peaks rising above it. She wore a snow colored, bright dress, long and flowing, and looking heavy, though it swished effortlessly around the girl's barely visible feet. Like the others, she wore no shoes.

"I am Luna, spirit of moonlight. As the queen of the elemental spirits, I have chosen you as the elemental child. We have all come to gather around you and offer you our nature to use and control as you see fit," She lifted her arms, and looked up into the infinite darkness, closing her eyes as the others followed suit. "From this day forward, you shall be known by the name of Casey Gem Chaos. Your friend's memories of their friendship with you will be erased to better allow you the freedom your power will bestow upon you,"

"Fire," Flamma called.

"Water," Aqua added. And so it went on.




"Moonlight," As each said their element, an orb of their nature formed, and floated forward, suddenly pulled like magnets to an astonished Casey. The Fire Orb was first, vanishing on contact with her, burning her lungs, but cooling, as the Water Orb forced it's way in, knocking her breath away. The Air Orb billowed out into her, just as the fire and water spread through her veins, through her entire body. The air filled her lungs, and spread along with the others. The Earth Orb smashed into her, rock and dirt and grass scratching her lungs, before spreading. The Shadow Orb was ice cold and flaming hot at once, leaving her lungs tingling as it flowed into her veins. The Moonlight warmly flooded her, seeping from her lungs into the rest of her.

"What... How... Why..." Casey panted. She stopped for a moment, and realized she didn't have to breathe. But it was an uncomfortable feeling, to not feel air in her lungs.

"You are now the elemental child. Seek the leader, the Light, for she will bring the Archer, Elemental Child, and Blue Singer together. Go now, and rest for your journey," At a wave of Luna's hand, energy charged through Casey's body, leaving her refreshed. The world began to spin and fade.

Casey woke with a start, eyes wide as she frantically searched her room for an explanation. Could it be real? Had it really happened? Her mind screamed no, but her body screamed yes, the moonlight energy still coursing through her shaking figure.

"It was just a dream, it had to be a dream," She whispered, forcing a nervous, shaky laugh. She felt as though, for the first time since birth, she was completely cleansed, washed of everything, good or bad, that had made her life real. Was life a dream, would she wake someday to find this life wasn't real, and she was somebody entirely different? She shook her head in confusion, and carefully snuck past one of her two sisters bedrooms. The other was downstairs, and she silently passed it by as she quietly went to stand outside the door of the house.

The midnight sky was dark, with glimmering diamond like stars looking down on her. Stars too far off to be clearly seen bunched together to form grayish whirls that stood out in the darkness. If the dream HAD been real, this would be Umbra and Luna's territory. The moon shone down on the blonde, and a cool breeze gently stroked her skin. Aria, if she was correct in guessing.

Why had they appeared as women? If they really were the elemental spirits, surely they could take whatever form they wanted. Had they wanted to appear docile and calm, welcoming and gentle, rather than frightening, and angry? And how could she think these things, even though she knew it was just a dream?

But it was more; she could feel it, the proof still flowing through her, though it was fading as she stood in the dark, breathing slowly. There were ways to test it, and, feeling like a foolish child, she held her hand in front of her, concentrating on the impossible. At first, nothing happened. Then a small flame flickered from her palm, and Casey jumped, startled, pulling back quickly. Instantly, the fire died in the wind.

Her hand was fine, not burnt, as it normally would have been, and she realized this was really happening. She was the Elemental Child, whatever that meant, and had to seek out this leader, the Light, whoever they may be. That was all. The leader, or Light, would find the others, as it was their job, not hers. Cautiously, she lifted her hand.

A rock the size of both her fists put together tore itself from it's position half buried in the dirt and grass beside the short path to the street. She jumped, losing her grip on the rock, as the headlights of a car appeared from down the road, and the vehicle sped by. Sighing with relief, glad to have not possibly shone someone what she had just discovered she now had the power to do, Casey turned, and headed for her room.

Halfway up the stairs, she stopped. Tears stung her eyes, and dripped down her cheeks, hot with realization. Kora and Jason Lock, her two best friends since kindergarten, wouldn't remember her. At least not as a friend. And with her new name, how was she to know whether or not her family was really related to her? Only one way to find out.

"Millie?" She asked, opening the door to her sister's room, on the top floor. Downstairs, Molly, her other sister, was still sleeping soundly.


"Millie, can I ask you something?"

"Yeah, sure, Casey, just let me sleep afterward," The girl mumbled. She had dirty blonde hair to match her identical twin. She was actually about three minutes older than Molly, but the only difference between them was their voices, personalities, and eyes. Molly had a light voice, attitude, and lime green eye color, while Millie was more like Casey, though Casey was a year younger, with soft sky blue eyes.

"Am I... Adopted, by any chance?" She crossed her fingers, hoping for a no.

"Of course you are; what a stupid question. You already knew that. Now leave me be, I'm tired," The other girl turned her back to the door, and in moments, her breathing slowed to a sleeping pace. Casey sorrowfully closed her secretly blood sister's door and tiptoed away, back to her room. There, she climbed onto her bed, wrapped her arms around her legs, and slowly rocked back and forth, silently weeping.