Why must we bear the blame,

The punishment of those who sinned before us?

Is there no hope for the life we lost?

And where is the justice

In sacrificing every last drop of blood,

In hiding every broken tear,

Only to lose all we dared to cherish?

All for naught did we exchange

Love for hate, and

Innocence for pain.

And where are the righteous to avenge us?

Where are those we saved

Now that we need them?

Hiding behind false decrees,

That's where they lie.

They are the twisted wrongdoers,

Grown fat with their self-satisfaction.

Yet we are the ones whose hands are stained.

We brave enough to do what was right

Carried out their orders on that black night.

We played right into their hands.

And the reward for protecting the weak?


A vicious fate.

A life full of lies, sorrow, and agony.

Solitude where once was glory

As pawns in the horrific game of war.

What could have been is shattered beyond repair,

And never again will we dream for more.