Geeks Rule The Planet


Authors Note: Okay so another new idea, but don't worry about my other story I've written half of the next chapter of that up so that shall be up soon. But at the moment I shall be writing this because I just found the idea so different for a change. Lately in stories you see popular rich boy and geeky girl, so I thought oh what the hell I'm going to do the opposite of that and do a hot rich girl and geeky boy, it's a change I suppose and I like new Ideas. Reviews are Appreciated and I'll thank each and every one of you that does take your time to read this. This chapter is a Prologue so it will be kind of short, the next couple of chapters won't be though.

Rating: T

Fergie Frankson the IT popular girl, had a mad crush on Cameron Rivers. There was two problems too why she couldn't have him though, Problem 1. He didn't like her. Problem 2. He was the schools GEEK.

One way you could of described Fergie was HOT. Beautiful and Rich, she made Beyonce look Fat, and she made Shakira look ugly. She was the schools goddess, with her long brown hair that reached down her back and brown dazzling eyes that always had a sparkle to them, what guy couldn't resist her. The answer to that question was Cameron Rivers. He was the schools geek, he had been since he started high school, he had no friends nor did he play any sports, all girls didn't take one look at him and all the boys just liked to make fun of him.

To Fergie though he was all a girl could dream of, CLEVER, friendly and the quiet type, and it wasn't like he was bad looking either, with his golden brown and blond hair that seemed to always give her goose bumps, and his cute blue sky eyes that seemed to always have a glint of happiness in them, well that was when he wasn't getting bullied by a fellow male student. She wanted him and she wanted him bad! Since 7th grade she had a crush on him, she even asked him out last year but he turned her down saying No, and well for Fergie that was a first, she had never got a no from a boy before, and that's another reason she wanted him because she couldn't have him. Her friends called her crazy, but she didn't care she was on a mission to get him.

Plan A.

Befriend Cameron Rivers.

And if that didn't work she would use her other plan.

Plan B.

Seduce him.