Chapter Three

Geeks, Part 3

So you're pretty. That's it? You're going to get somewhere by being pretty? Maybe somewhere on the streets but that's it.

Slamming the door on her way through the house. Fergie was in no mood, to speak to anyone. Ignoring her little sisters calls, she went strait to her room. Kicking all the magazines and makeup off the bed. Slumping down onto her bed sheets, she began to scream into her pillow. She could not understand him, she could not understand why he never noticed her? Everyone else in the school did accept for him. Fergie began to cry, ignoring the knocking on her door.

''Fergie it's me, let me in, please?'' her little sister Kimmy whined.

''No! Just leave me alone Kimmy, I am not in the mood, for you or for anyone today,'' she mumbled under her pillow. Kimmy ignoring her though, walked in anyway.

''What's wrong sis? your never down like this,'' unlike most sisters, Kimmy and Fergie got on pretty well, usually. She was the opposite look to Fergie, while she had Brown eyes, Kimmy had the blue and lighter skin, compared to Fergie's dark tan.

''It's nothing,'' feeling the fluffy pillow from above her head behind moved, Fergie looked up seeing her sister holding it, with a concern look on her face. ''It's boy troubles Kimmy, you would not understand.''

''How old do you think I am? I know many things on boys, so far I've had five boyfriends, and that is not even counting the one I am with now,'' Kimmy grinned.

''Your only 12, you should not be having boyfriends until you've graduated.''

''Whatever, the point is I would understand, so tell me whats wrong!'' Kimmy demanded. Rolling her eyes at her bossy little sisters orders, Fergie sat up strait on the bed and decided to tell her what was wrong.

''There's this boy, Cameron.''

''Cameron?, the one who's name all over your journals?'' Kimmy giggled.

''Yes that one,'' Fergie noted and carried on, ''He, he, he doesn't like me!''

''No you've got to be kidding me, every guy in that freaking school loves you.''

''Not every guy,'' she moaned, slumping back down in the bed, ''I mean if all the male population in the school liked me, then why the hell cannot he noticed me? or even turn up to his own tutoring lessons,'' Fergie cried out loud.

''Maybe he already has a girlfriend, or maybe he is scared of you.''

''Come on Kimmy, do I look scary to you?'' Fergie pouted. ''And if he does have a girlfriend, it still doesn't give him the excuse to turn not up, and leave me all alone like a a stupid idiot I was,'' she screamed, hitting the bed post by the wall.

''Calm down sis, you know, violence never solves anything,'' Fergie sighed, thinking her sister was sounding too much like her mother. ''But the truth does!''

''What on earths are you going on about now?'' she asked her sister who she thought was crazy at that precise moment.

''He might not of be able to turn up to last nights tutoring, but I am sure he has a reason for not being there,'' Fergie shook her head, still not having a clue what planet her sister was on.

''So what are you saying? because I am not getting a word of it.''

''I'm saying, ask him why he was not there, whats the worst that could happen?'' Fergie began to smile, thinking Kimmy was little Einstein.

''You know what, that is not a bad idea, your a genis Kimmy,'' she shrieked, jumping off her bed.

''I know for a 12 year old, I rock,'' Kimmy beamed.


Fergie looked all round school that day, to find Cameron. But there was no such luck. She could not find him at break or lunch, it was oddly strange, since he was normally always at the back table in the cafeteria, but today no one was there accept his friend Ollie. Deciding to find out where the hell that boy was, she strutted over to him not caring if anyone was watching her.

Like Cameron, Ollie was another geek in school. Unlike his friend though, the cool kids seemed to leave him alone. He had the dark hair and light eyes, and did not talk much. People treated him like he was not there, but he seemed to like it that way. Hearing high heel shoes click on the ground, Ollie looked up from his plate, noticing Fergie and Audrey standing in front of him.

''Your name's Ollie, am I right?'' Fergie asked him.

''Your correct,'' he mumbled, his voice only loud enough for the girls to hear.

''Well then...can you tell me where your friend Cameron Rivers is? It's kind of urgent you see.''

''I have not saw Cameron all day, I am not even sure if he is here, I can pass on a message for you though,'' he smiled sweetly at them both.

''No it's okay, I will just try to find him some other time, thanks anyway.''

''Maybe he did not come today,'' Audrey reassured her.



It was the end of lesson and Fergie could not wait to get home. All day her mood had been bad, first because of Cameron not turning up to school and secondly because she had got a D in french. Talk about bad day she thought. Once she was on the parking lot of the school lot, she noticed a familar car parked opposite hers. Looking up closer she noticed it was Cameron's car. Deciding to be a nuisance, she decided to wait there for him. It took him ten minutes to turn up and when he noticed she was waiting by his car, he surely did not look happy. He looked terrified.

''I've been waiting at you,'' she said, staring up at his beautiful blue eyes. ''And I waited at you the day before that to, doesn't it concern you that I need to get at least a B on my scores or else I am going to fail Maths,'' she loudly said. Not caring if anyone in the parking lot heard her, ''I thought better out of you, why did not you turn up?''

''I had something going on, it was really important,'' he quietly said, his voice like an angel to her ears.

''Important or not, you could of told me.''

''I know listen I am sorry, it's just... I did not think you would turn up anyway,'' he told her.

''What's that supposed to mean?''

''Your popular, you do not need a tutor, you could get someone to steal the grades for you or something, instead of wasting your time.''

''Then you obviously do not know me, because I waited over 35 minutes in the cold, for what?'' Fergie screamed.

''Look I already said I was sorry, if you want your god damn grades so much, then I can rearrage for us to study.''

''That would be a good idea, but you better show up this time,'' she warned him.

''I will, I promise,'' he said.

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