1. First Encounter

"Crap," I whispered under my breath. It was gym, and I just froze the ball I was supposed to catch. Again. This was the third time this week and it was only Monday. I can freeze time with my hands. And I just did. Fortunately, everyone froze with the ball so I didn't have to explain how it stopped in mid-air.

All of a sudden, everything un-froze, including the ball, which hit me in the face. Ow. Everyone laughed, including Mr. Johnson, the gym teacher, who was hiding a snicker. Now, this was the last straw. Having a teacher laugh at me put me over the edge. I put my hands up and re-froze the class. I then simply walked into the locker room, even though we had fifteen minutes left of the class. I could wait.

I pulled my clothes out of my locker, and put them on silently. I was wearing light-wash jeans, a cami, and my favorite shirt. My shirt was black and had a picture of the cast form the bestest movie ever! Just as I was finishing up, and calming down, I heard something a seventeen year old never wants to hear. My name being called by the secretary over the intercom. She said; 'Willow Afton to the office, your sister is here.' I wanted to scream. I pulled all my things into my bag and headed to the principals office.

As I was walking, it finally hit me, why would my sister, Gwen, come to the school? I walked faster beginning to worry. Was something wrong? Was my family o.k.? My slightly fast walk turned into a jog and from that to a sprint. Thoughts raced through my head. Did someone die? Was I found out as a witch? Was Gwen? Did we have to leave forever? I almost didn't want to know the answer to any of the questions.

I was almost to the office now, heart pounding in my ears I passed the last of the posters for student body president. Finally, the office was in my line of sight. I reached for the door still in mid-run, missing the handle by a millimeter. Now, if I had been walking, I would've been fine, but I wasn't walking, so I slammed into the door. Gwen was bound to hear the bang of my crash, so I just lay on the dirty, cold, tile floor letting the spots fade from my vision and waiting for Gwen to come out and help me.

While I was on the floor, I realized I didn't need to run to the office. I have another power; I can transport my self places in the blink of an eye. I slapped my forehead in an act of stupidity, giving myself a massive headache. The spots returned and this time didn't go away. They got bigger, and soon, clouded my vision completely, leaving me in dark, lonely, silence.

While I was unconscious, I had a…a dream almost. About a beautiful witch, named Zelda. Zelda lived in 1532, so if she was discovered, she would be burned alive as a punishment. Her boyfriend was a handsome man, named Anton. They were married four months into their relationship. They immediately, were the perfect couple. They had strong love. They never fought, always agreeing with what the other would say. It looked as if everything would stay the same forever. Looks can be deceiving. After the perfect first years were over, Zelda decided Anton need to know she was a witch.

She sat Anton down and said 'This maybe a shock but, -you can't tell anyone this-, I'm a witch. Not a bad one, I've never used my gifts to harm a living thing. Only to help the less fortunate. Do you believe me?'

He replied, 'Yes.' He picked up her hand and kissed it gently, excitement in his eyes. He finally had the proof he needed to turn her in, expose her. She would never live long enough to find out he was a witch hunter. A witch hunter bent on killing her.

Wow, my head hurt after that. I was still unconscious when I heard voices. Not of adult, but the other high school kids. I didn't here Gwen either.

Most of the voices said 'Is she ok?' others said 'Is she dead?' Was I dead? I thought I was down for the count, when I heard the best sound of my life. A Deep, velvet, calming voice that sounded familiar.

This amazing voice said, 'Willow? Willow, are you o.k.? Can you hear me?' my first thought other than who was talking to me was; how do they know me? I only have friends that are girls. This was no petite girl; this was the voice of every girls dream man. Hearing the voice drained me of all energy, if I had any in the first place. I felt like I needed a nap. 'What?' the voice said. I just said that out loud! Crap, crap and more crap! This time, I wanted to talk out loud.

'Gwen?' I said. I was appalled by how small my voice sounded. I felt cold hands cradling my head; not the warm hands of my sister.

The voice, a soothing voice said, 'Shhhhh honey, you need rest. Gwen's here, just rest.' I realized that my hands were in another pair of hands, warm hands, and Gwen's hands. So I did what the voice said, I rested and let myself drift back into my unconscious sleep.

2. Waking up

Several hours later I awoke once more, I didn't open my eyes though. I heard an annoying beep, and thought it was my alarm so I let my eyelids flutter open. What I saw wasn't my room. It wasn't even my house, or any of my friends' houses. I saw bright lights, tile ceiling and an I.V. machine. I was no doubt in a hospital. I closed my eyes again, moaning.

What was more alarming than the fact I was in a hospital was the fact my hands were so cold. When I tried to move them, they felt in cased in blocks of steel. I once again, fluttered my eyes open. I winced at the brightness of the hospital lights. Letting my eyes adjust, before I tried to look around, I realized that someone was sitting on the bed next to my side. Not Gwen.

I sat up slightly and saw the most beautiful face in the world. It was no doubt the face of the voice, but I still needed to know for sure.

So, I said, 'Who are you?' yeah I realize that sounds really stupid but you can't really blame me, I've been unconscious for hours or days.

He replied, 'Oh, I'm so sorry for not introducing myself earlier. My name is Wyatt. Wyatt Collins.'

'I'm…' I started,

Wyatt interrupted me, 'Abigail Afton. I know. I always have.' How creepy was that? This guy I've never seen, or heard of for that matter, knows my name and all about me.

"It's just Willow," I said.

I was just starting to consider the possibilities like he was stalking me, when he said, 'Your sister told me about you, she said I could stay here until you wake up so I could tell you what happened.'

What happened? I opened my mouth to speak, ask a question, but he did that for me. 'You slipped in the hallway and hit your head twice, once on the door and again on the ground. I was walking by and saw you. When I got to your aid, you weren't breathing, so I started CPR. After a few minutes your pulse was strong along with your breathing so I ran into the office and called the ambulance.

'Then so you wouldn't stop breathing again I got your head off the ground and set it in my lap. That was right about when you woke up again. You might have been hurt, so I stroked your head, and told you to rest. When you figured out your sister was there, you went unconscious again. The paramedics brought you here, and I've been waiting for you to wakeup. That's everything.' My mouth dropped in awe of what had happened. How the heck did I miss that? I was dead for a few minutes! Wyatt could probably tell what I was thinking, because he said, 'I know it's a lot to take in, I mean you're only human.' Human right, I was less human than a vampire. He began to look awkward. Wyatt shifted on the bed. After some silence, he finally said, 'I should probably leave you alone.' He turned for then door when I blurted, 'No! Stay with me Wyatt. I need you!' Did I really just say that?

'O.k. I guess I'll stay, then.' He replied smiling half way, one corner of his mouth up. I did just say that. He walked gracefully to my bed, sat down, took my hands, and stared into my eyes. When I thought I was going to loose him, I really saw him for the first time. He had bronze hair, highlighted with black streaks that were relatively long and shaggy. His eyes were in between gold and brown, so they were just slightly darker then his hair. Wyatts other features were also perfect. He looked like he was chiseled to look like a god, in human form. He was actually down right hot. And he saved my life. And he was still here with me at the hospital, on my bed, staring into my eyes with a look of a puppy when you adopt it. This was the precise moment I realized I was in love.

Wyatt apparently felt the same, for he said, 'I will be waiting for you to awake tomorrow.' I was suddenly exhausted. I laid my head on the pillow and fell into a fitful slumber.

The next day I awoke refreshed. I momentarily forgot what happened yesterday, and was frantic that I was in a hospital and that Wyatt, the perfect man, didn't really love me. My door opened, and in walked Gwen. I was hoping for Wyatt. 'Morning Willow, how did 'ya sleep? Sorry I couldn't come see you yesterday,' She looked around to make sure nobody was listening, 'I needed to get some potions from the shop.' Witch stuff I understood, she was cursing someone. She sat on the end of my bed and lightly punched my shoulder, 'hang in there.' She said. She then got up and left me alone on the bed. I fell back on to the pile of scratchy, hospital pillows with a huff. I tuned away from the door, and looked at the cars pass below on the street. My door opened once more, I automatically thought it was Gwen, so I said, 'hey Gwen' the answer wasn't Gwen. It said, 'Hi yourself.' What the heck? It's not Gwen! I turned toward the source of the voice with a confused look on my face. When I tuned enough to see my strange visitor, I gasped at who I was staring at. 'It's you' I said. I was staring at Wyatt. 'Yes, it's me. Do you want me to leave?' he said with a thumb pointing towards the door. I couldn't figure out how to talk, so I just shook my head vigorously. 'Well, o.k. then. I'll stay.' He said as he came and sat on the edge of the bed. He handed me a foam cup with a cardboard ring, 'Here, I brought you some coffee. Hospital food sucks.'

'Thanks' I took the cup and brought it to my lips. I drank deeply from it not knowing when I would get more, and savoring every molecule of the java. I heard a small giggle, coming from my side. I glanced at Wyatt. 'What?' I asked. He replied, 'Nothing. It's just your funny, I'll bring you more coffee whenever you want some, you don't have to chug the whole thing.' I set the cup down, Wyatt grabbed my hand. It felt cool on my warm skin. My heart started to flutter, Wyatt hadn't changed. He pulled me off the bed, into his lap on the chair. I was sitting side ways on his lap, with his arms around me. I would fall asleep once again, this time my head was on his shoulder. As I was waiting for sleep to come, I breathed in his sweet aroma, centering myself. Although I died, have a concussion, and am in the hospital, this was the best day, well two days, of my life. Apparently I haven't had any good days. I need a social life.

I was afraid for morning to come. Most people on the other hand, if in my situation, would love for morning to come. But not me, I had different ideas. My problem was that, in the morning, Wyatt won't be there. It could be like yesterday, him just eating for himself and getting me coffee or it might be totally and completely different. He might not love me anymore and leave me…Forever. I jut couldn't take if he did that, if he broke my heart. Knowing myself I would slide into depression, probably for six or seven years. That might be exaggerating. Months would be better but, years sounded better, I told myself.

3. Telling Secrets

I was starting to wake up; I tried unsuccessfully, to stay asleep. I didn't open my eyes, because I knew what I would find. Well, what I wouldn't find. I knew Wyatt left me. I was in the bed again, not in Wyatts lap. He really was too good to be true. I felt my heart sink. Seven months of depression, here I come. I opened my eyes. What I saw was not the ceiling, because I wasn't looking up, and not a wall. It was a pail, white arm. I turned my head toward the window, toward the face. I saw Wyatt. My heart rose once again. Goodbye seven month depression, hello Wyatt! My thoughts almost screamed this at me. I never was so relived to wake up.

'Hello there sleeping beauty. Enjoy your slumber?' he said that almost mockingly. 'Yes, yes I did. And you?' I replied. All he did was flash me my favorite half smile he had and said, 'I also did.' While he was saying this he got up of the bed. He fisted the straps of his book bag. I didn't even know he brought it with him. With a look of agony and defeat on this face, he said, 'I must leave. Today I really should go to school; I've skipped twice this week because of my being here. I'll be back at three thirty, on the dot.' He then turned and walked out of my room. Perfect. What would I do with out Wyatt here? I should find out soon.

I lay in bed for what seemed like hours, before I decided to call Jamie Wolff, Lynn Corey, Jess Kedler, and Lori Parker. They were all my best friends and I hadn't seen them since before I was admitted to the hospital. Then, I realized that if Wyatt was in school so were they, but they usually had their cell phones I class with them, so I reached over and grabbed my cell and texted them all the same thing:


Hi. They texted back

Ditch and come see me.

Be there after class. 15 minutes.



I set my phone down on the side table and pulled the covers off of me. I put my legs over the side of the bed, and tried to stand up. I started to fall, because of my socks, and caught myself on the rail. I wanted to go for a walk. I pulled my I.V. along with me and stepped out into the hallway. I passed the nurses station, and looked at the clock. It was nine twenty-five. I had ten more minutes before anyone was going to show up. I started to walk again. This time towards the water fountain. It was only twenty feet or so ahead of me, but it took several minutes to reach because I was so weak. I got there and took a drink of the cold, but stale water. Then I started to walk back to my hospital room. When I finally was back, I went to sit on the window seat. I knew all of my friends cars well and was looking for them. Although I had about five more minutes to wait. I started to look if Gwen had brought my car here. I had a mint-green, convertible, super volks wagon bug. I didn't see it and I wasn't too surprised. Them I saw a black, H1 hummer come into the parking lot. I really hated that car on any normal day, but today, I loved it. It was Lynn. Knowing her she probably ditched class early to come and see me for the first time in three days. Normally I wouldn't condone such behavior, but today I wouldn't care if she robbed a bank to come see me. As long as some one was here. I turned as the sound of a knock came from my door. There was Lynn, in her skull tank top.

'Hiya' she said.

'You ditched early? Or were you already out of class when I texted?'

'A hi would've been fine. And yes I ditched early'

'I'm not too surprised.'

'You shouldn't be.'

'What have I missed? You know, in history and crap.'

She replied, 'How would I know? Like I pay attention to any thing.' I sighed. I should've known better then to ask Lynn. She doesn't really pay attention in class and the only time you find her homework done is if she copied it off of me first. 'I'll ask Jess. She pays attention' she blushed. Jess was my closest friend at my high school. She was also my cosine, by marriage.

My best friend was Lori, but she didn't go to my high school; she went to my parochial school. She was also…. A sister witch. We've done spells together; we were actually made into witches together. We were both humans, then my parents-also witches-turned me into a witch. I said I would blow the secret without a sister witch to talk to, so I changed Lori. We've been BFF's ever since. But none of my other friends knew that either of us were witches. And today was the day I….we would tell them. With me in the hospital, I was vulnerable; they would take pity on me and not blow my secret. I hoped. Maybe if I was lucky, they would join us; become more sister witches.

I looked out side again, I saw a silver Volvo next to Lynn's hummer. Jamie was here. That's just perfect, two humans to tell at once. If Lori got here second, then we could tell then one at a time. The world was against me. Then as if meant to happen, my phone rang. It was a text from Lori. It said;


Why. I answered back

Just do it.

Just after Jamie walked in the room, I put my hands up. They both froze in time. Then I looked outside. Lori's Ferrari was nowhere to be found. She must have bubbled. She only does in an emergency. I can bubble to, I do it all the time.

'Lori' I said. Even though it was one word, it was my favorite spell. Saying someone's name when concentrating on them brought them to you. Then like clock work Lori appeared.

'What were you thinking? You bubbled here!' I said angrily.

'I didn't. I drove.'

'What did you drive? Your Ferrari isn't here.'

'Your Bug.' She replied sheepishly

'How'd you get my keys? I didn't tell you were they were.'

'Spell.', she replied smugly.

I should've known. 'Cool. Did you use herbs or minerals?'

'Minerals. I used pyrite.'

She used fool's gold?

'You need to leave.' I said a little cruelly.

'What? Why?'

'You can't be here when they un-freeze.'

She walked out of the room. Just in time too, Jamie and Lynn un-froze.

'Hey Lori.' We all said together, but at different times.

My heart started to beat faster, harder. Lori was shooting my hints; she was trying to tell me to tell them about us. I took a deep breath.

'Guy's we have something to tell you.'

'What?' they looked from Lori to me and Back to Lori.

'Well actually, I should probably show you.' Lori said. She then bubbled to the window. My other friends stared at her sure face, not knowing if to be scared, or amazed.

'Well? Do you get it? Or do I have to tell you?'

No body said anything for a time. I needed to break the silence.

So I finally said, 'We-Lori and I- are witches. We have been since last year. Are you going to join us? Or blow or secret? If are going to tell about us you have to be one of us or we have to kill you.'

Again, silence. Jamie, the one I was worried about, ran out of my room, terrified. She then tripped, and started running again. She tripped once more and was gone, typical Jamie; always tripping.

'Lori?' I said. She understood.

'I'm on it' she then bubbled out. Lynn and I were left alone.

'Lynn? Are you ok? I'm still Willow, you know.'

'I don't know. How long have you…..been a witch?'

'I was tuned last year. On my sixteenth birthday.'

'Oh' was all she could say back to me.

'Will you tell or join us?'

'Join you.' I was hoping she would say that.

'When? Days, weeks or years?'

'I don't know just….bubble me home.'

'What about your car?' I asked

'Bubble that to.'

'Ok' I replied. I grabbed her hand and bubbled to her Hummer.

'Get in.' I said. She did as I told her to. I put my hand on the door, and bubbled to garage. She went in her house without a word. I bubbled back to the hospital. Lori was waiting for me, with Jamie in my bed asleep.

'What did you do to her?! Is she de-' I cut myself off. She was sleeping, Lori know doubt used a spell. A potion actually, one probably made from pills.

'How'd Lynn take it?' Lori finally said, breaking the silence.

'She's going to join us. Sooner then her eighteenth birthday, I hope. It will be easier for us and her to make the change. I bubbled her and her hummer home. What time is it' I asked hoping Wyatt would be back soon.

'One fifteen. Why?'

'No reason. Just curious.'

'We should probably make Jamie forget what happened, she could expose us.' I said wondering what Lori had in mind, hoping she didn't want to kill her. Although, Lori was never one for those kinds of things, so I wasn't too worried.

'Yeah, she will if we don't use a spell. I don't want to kill her. I don't need another broken law on my head.' Telling humans about our existence was highly punishable if they weren't made one of us by choice. We probably needed to do a remember-me-not-spell. They weren't too hard but we didn't have any potion materials here so we would need Gwen to smuggle some in to the hospital for us. Which is harder then you think, most of the stuff is big and hard to hide.

'Willing to bubble to my house? I can't leave and Gwen can't bring us the stuff because of size issues.' I asked Lori.

'Sure but I might not be able to make one trip.'

'Take my bug, you already have my keys.' Lori looked at me and blushed. She then bubbled to my car, started the engine and drove off to my house. It was ten after three, so I had twenty minutes until Wyatt came back. The drive to my house was at least twenty minutes, plus gathering the materials, and driving back. That would give me time to have Wyatt to my self, and as long as Lori texted before she bubbled, I could freeze Wyatt.

Ten more minutes until Wyatt got here. I had no idea of what the heck I should do, do I practiced holding a freeze. What I mean is that I can't get thing to freeze more then a few minutes, and Wyatt would have to be frozen for a while. I picked up a glass, and was about to throw it in the air to freeze but my door was open, someone could see me. I flicked my wrist towards the door, it closed.

Besides freezing, I can move things with my mind. So I told the door to shut, it did. I then through the cup in the air and put my hands up it froze in its place above my bed. I held my hands there and it stayed as long as my hands were up. This was good. I put my hands down and the glass fell on to the floor.

'Knock, knock.' Someone said. I looked up and there stood Wyatt.

'Hey stranger.' I said back. My phone rang. I held up one finger, and picked up the phone. It said:


Not yet!!! I replied back.

I put up my hands to freeze Wyatt, but nothing happened. I let my phone drop, I froze that. Why can't I freeze Wyatt? There are only three things I can't freeze, other good witches, vampires, and werewolves. Wyatt must have some of them in his genes. If he wasn't part witch, I couldn't see him anymore.

Don't bubble!! Wyatt doesn't freeze!!!!

OHMYGOD!!!! She texted back.

'Um, Wyatt?' I said.

'Yes?' he replied.

I backed out of my original question of if he was another supernatural 'monster'. So instead I asked the rather corny question, 'Do you have bothers and sisters?' I could just scream. He must think I'm mental or something, 'do you have any brothers and sisters?' bah! I didn't think that he would answer my wonderfully corny question, but he did.

He said. 'Actually, yes. I have two brothers, both older. Their names are Stephan and Christian. I also have two sisters. Victoria and Kaci. Also older, than me by a few months. We were all adopted, so we are all different by only a few months. My adoptive father is named Rupert, my mother is Caroline. Anymore questions?'

'No' I said, in awe of what Wyatt had just told me. I didn't know he was adopted. This was going to be even harder to tell if he was a super natural creature. Just peachy.

4. Turning Lori

Hearing Wyatt talk about his past made me think of mine. My resent past anyway, when I became a witch. I remember that day perfectly.

It all began when I was coming home from school in my new bug. My parents got if for me on my sixteenth birthday. I was really very pleased with that gift. A bug was my dream car. I had always been rather hippy, old-fashioned. I loved animals and the environment. I also instead of hello and goodbye, I would say peace. So as you can probably tell I really loved that bug. Anyway, when I got home my parents were sitting on the couch. This didn't usually happen. I was kind of freaked out; well actually, my mind was screaming Apocalypse! Run! But I didn't, I stayed to find out what was up. My mom had this really serious look on her face. She told me to sit across from her, on the big, tan, oversized chair. I sat down, confused.

I remember staring at mom, her hair up in a tight, professional bun. Her eyes like athame.

'Willow, honey, we need to talk to you. About your…heritage.' She said this like it was a bad thing. I had no idea what they wanted to talk about, but I listened anyway. What they said was the shock of a life. They said, 'Willow, we-us and you- are witches. Not bad ones but good. Now, will you except this or not? The choice is yours.' I stared back at them expecting that some weird dude would jump out of nowhere with a camera and say 'Gotcha!' but it never happened. People only do that when they were playing a joke, but they weren't joking, they were dead serious.

As I was finally figuring this out I said, 'What? Are you serious? What powers do I have?' yes I know, I go from freaked out, to wanting to know what powers I had. I'm pathetic. They looked at each other, not knowing what to say. Wow, that was awkward.

'Well, we really don't know. You will have to figure that out yourself.' That's just great I thought to myself, then I realized I wouldn't be able to talk to Lori about any of this. Unless she was a witch too. She couldn't be, could she? So I asked about it. I said, 'Are the any other witch families around?'

'No, we are the only ones.' Great. Now, I really couldn't talk to anybody, especially Lori. I had more questions, but only one mattered. Well actually two. So I asked. 'Do I have to be a witch?' most people would love to be a witch but not me, not without Lori. I had anticipated the answer but it was a shock when it came. 'No, you have no choice. Why?' I was afraid of this question so I answered it with another question of my own. I asked, 'If I can't tell any humans about us, can you turn Lori into a witch so I have someone to talk to?' they stared into my eyes hopping I wasn't serious, I was. I really caught them by surprise, they didn't expect this question. They probably expected me to be all happy with magical powers. They never thought I would want to tell my friends.

'Um, I guess we could but it is against the law unless they ask to join our world. So if you can get Lori saying 'I want to be a witch' on tape, we can. We just can't do it against her will, or without her knowledge.' I wondered why, but I didn't bother. So I just said, 'Done. Be ready after school.' They nodded their heads in unison. I looked at the clock, it was around five. I needed all the I had to get Lori to say those six short words, on tape. I ran out side to my bug, and floored it all the way to Lori's house out in the middle of nowhere. The usual twenty or thirty minute drive took half the time. My bug just flew there. I ran inside the house. Panting hard I managed to say, 'Where's Lori?' I said to her mom, who was shocked, me breathing so hard. She was so stunned; she couldn't answer my question with words. She simply pointed towards Lori's room. 'Thanks.' I said in between gasps. I once again sprinted away this time to Lori's room. Down the hall I stormed, past the living room, the bathroom, and Lori's parent's room. I reached the room at the very and of the hallway and stopped running. I reached for the handle, and then I thought Lori would take it better if I locked the door from the outside and bubbled in, but I decided it would be better if I just asked her to say those six words. So I just walked in. Lori was sitting at her desk, typing on her lap top. Her purple iPod was plugged into the computer. She was no doubt down loading songs. So I took the chance to look at her room. She had a twin sized bed, with white fur comforter. Her walls were white, she had a large bay window on one of them, and her desk was on the wall next to that.

'Lori?' I said, 'Will you do me a favor?' she turned around to face me. Will you say 'I want to be a witch'? I need it on tape for…….history. I'm doing a project on the witches of 1532.' She gave me a look of whether she should run away, laugh, or slap me. She took a deep breath; I thought I was going to have to run away. She finally said, 'I want to be a witch. Are you happy now? I'm going back to down loading now.' She said as she was turning toward her lap top. 'Thanks' I said.

I started to think of my home. My parents would turn Lori into a witch after school tomorrow. One problem was solved; I got Lori to say the six words. Now I just had to tell her about the fact I had turned her into a witch without her knowledge. Aren't I a great friend?

I rushed out Lori's front door and down her driveway to my bug. I opened the door, got in and started the engine. It came to life softly. I shut my door, put on my seat belt and drove away. Although I did what was probably the hardest part of turning Lori into a witch, I felt even worse than before. I knew I was doing something behind my best friends back. I never lied to her before about anything so major before.

I was going slowly going home; instead of fast like I had all the way to Lori's. I was really feeling guilty about Lori. I just kept telling myself that it would all be over tomorrow, Lori would be a witch and she would know. Although I still had a choice, I didn't have to give the tape to my parents, I didn't have to make Lori a witch. No, Lori would join me and my family, whether she wanted to or not.

All the felling guilty had got me home. I shut off the car, and sat there for a while. I was still feeling like I was helping someone commit murder. I leaned my head against the steering wheel. I just sat there for a while. No thoughts went through my head, just emptiness. A total and complete void of life; that was what my head had turned into. For those few minutes, you might have scooped my brain out and stored peanuts in my head.

After about ten minutes, I was done feeling sorry for myself and decided to gather the ambition to go inside the house and give my parents the tape. I sighed; I guess I should go into the house. I got out of the car. I started to walk up to the door, our walkway was short, so I reached the door in a matter of seconds. I reached for the knob, and paused. I started to wonder, about other super natural creatures. Where there others, like vampires or werewolves? Creepy. I hated vampires they were so stupid. I pushed the thought form my mind. I turned the knob and walked inside the house. My parents were there, in the living room. Just sitting there on the couch.

I stared at then for a second, and then walked off to the kitchen. I put the tape on the counter and waked back out, into the hall way. I turned and went to the last door on the left, my bedroom. I didn't bother doing my home work. I thought I could find a spell to do it for me. I laid down on my bed and fell next day, I put on a pair of jeans and a tee-shirt. I grabbed my book bag and headed down the hall. My parents were still in the living room. This time they were on the floor, with the tape and spell supplies. I guessed that they were setting up for the spell. It would be over after school and they would call me to tell me when I had to get Lori out. I would have to ditch class, drive to Lori's school, get her out of class, explain she was a witch, convince her I was, and all without her trying to kill me or pass out. Easy as pie.

I got in my bug and drove off to school. I was expecting a call before one. That way I could get out during lunch, and have time to go get Lori.

I sat through my first classes mindless. During fourth hour, I was half there. I had band so I had to be conscious. I played the flute. I was a long hour. I barley made it through. Then, in fifth hour, I was back to not being there. At last fifth hour was over. It was all most time for the call.

I sat down at my usual table with Jess, Lynn, and Jamie. I was taping my foot, anything to get my mind off of the call. While I was waiting, everyone was eating. I wasn't though. I didn't bother because I didn't want to get the call while I was eating. It was one exactly. Any time now. I started to relax, getting ready to leave. My pocket buzzed. It was the call…..well text actually. I got up said I had to go and ran out of the cafeteria.

I ran to the student parking lot, and to my Bug. I opened the door and started the engine. I floored it out of the lot, onto the road. I didn't care if I was speeding; I needed to get there fast. Lori's school was only a few miles from mine, so I got there within seconds with the speed I was going.

I fumbled to get my seatbelt off and get inside. I got up to the door and pulled; it was locked. I rang the door bell and the principal came to open the door for me. I came there often at lunch, so he wasn't surprised to see me. When he opened the door I replied quick thanks, and sprinted to Lori's classroom.

I opened the door and said, 'I need Lori. It's an emergency.' Lori looked awestruck seeing me of all people in her class telling her to leave. She got up and jogged toward me. I grabbed her forearm and pulled her out of the class.

'What's wrong?' she asked, her voice sounded worried. We were at the office, and I was singing the book to bring her off school property.

'I'll explain on the way to my house. Right now we have to move.' She said no more.

I dragged her into my car. When we were both inside, I locked the doors. Lori was really looking scared now. I only had about ten minutes to explain before we got to my house, so I took a deep breath, slowed the car down, and started my explanation.

'Lori.' I said, 'There's no easy way to tell you this, but I am a witch. You know spells and potions?' she just stared at me.

'And that's not all of it. When I asked you to say 'I want to be a witch' it was because if you said that my parents could turn you to. I can't do this with out you.' I looked over at her. She still had a look of disbelief on her face. I needed to hear her say something. 'Well? Do you believe me?' I really hoped that the answer was yes and I thought I would be. She finally opened her mouth to speak. She said in a small, weak voice 'Yes.' I sighed a sigh of relief.

I had just finished explaining when I pulled into my drive way. I gat out of the car, but Lori didn't. I went over to her side of the car and opened her door for her. She still didn't move. I reached in and unbuckled her. She still didn't move. I put my right arm under her legs and my left arm under back and lifted her up. I had always been strong, and with my being a witch my strength was magnified enough I could carry her easily. I shut the door with my foot and walked up the sidewalk. I held her in one arm to open the door. I walked inside and yelled out to my parents, 'I have her.' They ran up to us. My dad took Lori into the living room and set her on the couch. I was curious so I asked, 'Is the spell over? Is she a witch?' they nodded their heads. I looked at Lori lying on the couch. She was awake, but pretty unresponsive. She just stared into the faces of my parents and me.

'Lori? Do you understand that you can never tall anyone about this, not even your parents?' my mom said in her loving, tender voice. Lori just nodded once, unable to speak after finding out what just happened. I wanted to tell her more but decided to let her rest. So, I just called her mom to tell her that she was staying the night at my house.

After that, I found out I can freeze and bubble. Lori learned more about witches from me and my parents, and found out her powers. Lori could levitate and also bubble. She never told anyone about us, until we told Jamie and Lynn together.

I was broken out of my thinking by Wyatt's sweet voice. It said, 'Willow? Hello? Are in there?' I looked up at his pale face. I said, 'Oh sorry. I was…remembering.' oh that was smooth. Remembering. How stupid was I? I expected him to laugh at me or ask me what I was thinking about, but he didn't. He simply nodded. His expression suddenly changed. He turned to his book bag and got out three books. All with...pink covers? Then I realized, they were my books with my covers. He brought my make-up work. How sweet was that? Wait a minute; my books were in my locker. And only I knew the combination and number. I opened my mouth to speak and Wyatt beat me to it. He said, 'The principal opened the locker that is yours and gave me your homework. You have page 167 thirty-three through forty-five in math. A story to read and write a three hundred word report on page three-eighty for literature. And sections one through three on pages three hundred through three-forty about Lewis and Clark for U.S. history.' he said this all with one breath quickly and clearly. How did he remember that all? My mouth hung open in awe of all the work I had and he fact Wyatt brought it all to me, remembering exactly what I needed to do. Wyatt chuckled. Then said, 'Shut your mouth, you'll catch flies.' He said this with a smirk on his face, trying to hold back a laugh. I shut my mouth, blushing. I tried to find a come back so I could not just sit there looking red. A little to late I thought of one and finally said, 'Har har.' With the crappiness of my answer, my blushing, and his own remark, he couldn't stand it anymore. Let out a laugh like no other. Although it was just a normal laugh, in his voice, it was deep, romantic, and sexy. And by the way he started laughing harder it was like he could read my mind or I was blushing again.

'Are you going to stop laughing at me iron lung?' iron lung. That's a good one I'll have to remember that.

'Iron lung? You really need a new insult slash comeback book' I stand corrected. I will have to forget that one. I blushed once more. I think that I offended Wyatt because he came and sat down on the side of the bed next to me. He had a sorry look to him. 'I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel…bad.' I felt honestly that he was being honestly sincere. I felt like a character in my favorite book. Twilight.

'Willow? You stopped talking again, is everything ok?' I looked up at Wyatt and saw worry in his just slight bronze eyes and tried to reply to his question of worry, but I couldn't. His eyes were hypnotizing me, I just nodded my head. After I did so, his expression changed from worried, into closer to his normal state, but still with a hint of worry. I could tell that my answer hadn't completely satisfied him, but it helped his frame of mind. I could also tell that he actually cared that what was wrong, and what I wasn't telling him. This reaction from him made my heart swell up with love for him. He could probably sense this from me because he picked me up and got off the bed. He slid into the chair with me on his lap. He was he ice cold. I wasn't surprised; I was under the blanket and was hot, so everything was cold to me. His arms were wrapped around me, his hand intertwined together. I was sideways on his lap so I rest my head ho his neck, and he rested his chin on the top of my head. The way this was I felt like a normal seventeen-year-old in a normal relationship, not a witch in love with a mortal. Or vampire.

After several minutes in my heaven on earth, Wyatt got up with me. He set me down on the bed and stretched. I wondered whet was going on. He didn't usually do this so I opened my mouth to speak. Wyatt beat me to the punch. He started to talk, 'I'll be right back, I want to see when you are going home' with those few words, he walked out of my room. I wondered when he would be back. I heard him talking to the nurse; I didn't hear specific words, just Wyatt's sexy voice and the nurse's overly perky response. I really hate those perky nurses. After that he walked back in.

'When can I go home?' I asked Wyatt. He looked at me with strange eyes, and then he opened his mouth to speak and closed it again. I was beginning to wonder what, if anything was wrong. 'Wyatt?' I said, 'What's wrong?' he looked at my gravely. This look was one you gave someone when you were trying to tell them they were going to die. I started to cry, it's natural to do that sort of thing when someone looks at you that way. Wyatt came and sat on the edge the bed. He patted my hand; he was still cold to the touch.

Then, unexpectedly, he burst out laughing. I looked up, his perfect face blurry through my tears.

'What the hell are you laughing at? You looked at me like I'm going to die!' this reaction just made him laugh harder. It also made me even angrier with him. Then, I got the joke. He was kidding; he was only pretending to look grave. I was fine and going home today probably. When I got my strength back after the tears, I raised my hand above my head. I brought it down with a force I didn't know I had. It landed smack on Wyatts's cheek. It hurt……me. His flesh was as hard as rock, and ice cold. I felt like I smacked a bolder. I held my throbbing hand, and looked into Wyatts eyes. His look had gone from laughter, to concern and remorse. His hands came to my right hand, my injured hand. His left hand was on the top of my hand, and his right was on the bottom. The fact that his skin was ice cold helped the throbbing pain instantly. It was numbing the palm of the hand, which was probably red and swollen.

'I'm so sorry, Willow. That was inappropriate of me.' Wyatt apologized. He bowed his head toward me. He was truly sorry for his 'inappropriate' actions. With my free hand I gave him an excepting hug. He looked up at me, his face longing to lose this physical pain I was in and the emotional pain he was in.

I smiled at him. He did not smile back, he looked in pain. I wished that I could help him.

'Wyatt, what's wrong with you. You look like you almost killed me.' I said this jokingly, but that struck a nerve for him.

'I'm so sorry.' He got up and left my room. I heard him talking to a nurse. Then I heard footsteps, I thought Wyatt was returning. Then the nurse walked in, with a doctor at her side. The doctor came and picked up my right hand. He whispered something I couldn't hear to the nurse and she walked out. When she returned, she had a dish in her hand. The doctor picked up my hand and wrapped a cloth bandage around my hand, half way up to my elbow. Them they simply walked out of the room, not telling me what happened. I guessed slapping Wyatt sprained my hand.

I waited for Wyatt to return but he never did. His book bag was still here so he had to return, but he didn't. I though he left me forever. I grabbed the phone book on the table and went to the 'C's' and found Collins. I tried to remember his dad's name. It was Rupert. I found the number and dialed it on my cell. It rang several times before some one answered. It wasn't Wyatt. The voice said, 'Hello?'

I replied, 'Is Wyatt there?'

'Yes, hang on.' I waited several seconds. Then a sad voice came on the phone.

'Hello?' it said.

'Wyatt, why did you leave me?' I asked rather directly

'I hurt you Willow. I broke your hand. I'm a monster.'

'Only if you don't come back you are the monster.' The phone clicked off. I leaned back on to the pillows. I heard a knock at the door. I didn't fell like saying 'come in' so I just let out a moan. I heard footsteps come up to my bed. I felt cold hands on my feet. I looked toward the foot of the bed and saw Wyatt. He was smiling, not friendly, just to please me. He was a bad actor.

'Why did you come back?' I asked.

'Don't you want me here?' he asked, hurt

'Yes, I do. I just wanted to know how you got here so fast.' It looked as if he was debating what, and how much to tell me. He began by opening his mouth then shutting it again.

'I live close and have are really fast car.' He said this with a slight smirk. He must have a lot of money for his 'fast car'. I smiled back at him. H actually smiled back at me. With real sincerity and love

'So when am I going home?' I asked with curiosity.

'Today. In a few minutes, actually.

My jaw dropped. How could I get all my stuff together and change in a few minutes? I looked toward Wyatt for help. He simply looked back with a look on his face telling me that he had an idea. I looked back with a look telling him he better not be thinking what I was thinking. I highly doubted he was though because I was thinking a spell.

'I have an idea.' Wyatt said. I should have known better.

'What are you thinking Wyatt?' I said this warily, I didn't know if he was planning on something stupid like leaving everything here. I looked at him, hoping for a hint; there was none. I take back what said before. He was a good actor.

'Go get dressed,' he said, 'I'll get all your stuff together' I opened my mouth to protest, but he was already pushing me into the bathroom with my clothes. I surrendered and walked myself into the bathroom to change.

I looked at the clothes that Wyatt had thrown at me. It was a pair of perfectly faded jeans, and a white cotton t-shirt. It was prefect. I put on the clothes; it was difficult because of the bandage on my right hand. Why did I have to slap Wyatt and beak my hand? When I finally was changed, I left the bathroom. Wyatt was on the bed with my things gathered neatly, in my suit case next to him. He was smiling. Probably because his idea worked.

I went and sat next to him on the bed. Just as I sat down, I was going to ask him how he did this all so fast, but the nurse walked in with a wheel chair. She smiled and to happily said, 'Time to leave,' I got up and sat the chair. It was cold and uncomfortable. Wyatt grabbed my things, and walked next to my in the hall. We went to the elevator and went down to the first floor. We went out of the big double door, and the nurse stopped. I waited for something to happen and Wyatt was to. The nurse said that I could get up, so I did. She took the wheelchair and went inside.

'Wait here.' Wyatt said. He jogged off to get the car. I heard an engine and he pulled up. But what I saw wasn't my bug. It was a brand new, red Masirati. I gasped; he did have a fast car. A fast and expensive car. He opened the passenger side door for me and I got in. the in side was as cool as the outside. It was all tan leather on the inside. I looked into the backseat; my suitcase was on the floor, so I went to put on the seat. I couldn't, it was heavy, like two hundred pounds heavy. I asked Wyatt if he thought it was heavy and he shook his head.

'Wyatt? Will you pick up my bag for me? I can't it's to heavy.' He nodded his head and reached back to put it on the seat. When he set it down, my bag moved. Not like shifted, but something inside of it.

'Wyatt?' I said warily, 'my bag just moved.' He raised an eyebrow and unzipped the bag. Inside was the most unexpected thing I could see. It was Jamie! She put her head up and said, 'You! You knocked me out, put me under a bed and stuffed me in a suitcase! What is your problem! Hi Wyatt.' She was pissed at me, and said 'hi' to Wyatt, the one who stuffed her in the suit case? I once again raised my good hand to slap Wyatt, but remembered what happened last time. I put it down again.

'Jamie, I didn't put you in the bag that was Wyatt.' He looked at me with a look telling me I shouldn't have brought that up. I replied with a sorry look and turned back to Jamie.

'Why were you under my bed?'

'You tell me! Wyatt, take me home.' I turned away from them both and as soon as I did I heard a sound like a boulder exploding. I turned and saw Wyatt turning away from Jamie. Jamie was on the backseat, unconscious, with a large bruised area on her cheek. Wyatt slapped her.

I opened my mouth to tell him off.

'Wyatt Collins! How dare you knock out Jamie! She just wanted to go home! And why did you stuff her in a suitcase?'

He took a deep breath and started explaining.

'I knocked her out because she was harassing you, and I stuffed her in a suit case because I didn't want you to fell bad about forgetting her under your bed. Satisfied?'

'Yes, for now. I'll get more out of you later today or at school.'

We were quiet for the rest of the ride.

At my house, I threw Jamie out of the car and brought her inside. Along with the bag. Gwen had a remember-me-not-spell so we cast it on Jamie and bubbled her home. When she woke up I was still there and she thought it was all a dream and she said, 'I had the strangest dream.' I chuckled and bubbled back.

When I got home, I went to my room and started my homework; Wyatt was a good, well great student so I wished he was here to help me with all this work. The phone rang and my dad answered it. He came into my room and handed me the phone, 'Hello?' I said I had no idea who it was.

'Hey Willow. Open your window.' Whoever it was hung up.

I did go open my window trusting the voice. I went and sat back down. I heard nothing, but felt a slight tap on my shoulder. I turned around and saw Wyatt.

'lock your door so your parents don't find me' I got up to close and lock my door.

'I came to help you with your homework.' He said. I smiled, so did he, my favorite half smile. I pulled a chair up for him so he didn't have to stand. He came and sat down next to me.

'Hand me your pencil.' He said to me. I did, he took my books and started to write all the right answers. In my handwriting, perfectly.

He was done in a matter of minutes. When he was finished, he handed my books back to me. There was a slip of paper on the top. it was a phone number. It was his cell phone number. That made me curious. How did he know my phone number, we weren't in the book and I didn't give it to him. I looked at him with confused eyes. He understood.

'School directory, they have everyone's number and address in it.' Of course that's were he got it.

I looked at the clock, it was ten thirty. I had a test tomorrow; I should probably go to sleep.

'Wyatt, you should probably leave. We both have tests tomorrow. We should both go to sleep.' He looked at me with a mixed expression. Half was hurt that I wanted him to leave. Like I could actually have my boyfriend sleep in my locked room with me. Yeah right. The other expression was confusion, like he didn't know what sleep was. He got up and put his chair back. 'Goodnight.' He said.

'Goodnight, Wyatt.' I replied back to him. He then walked over to my window and hoped put. But I was on the second floor, how did he jump? I ran to the window. I Looked out to the ground but Wyatt was long gone.

I went and sat down on my bed. I really didn't need to sleep. Not because I wasn't tired, witches don't have to sleep. We can, but I don't like to. So I decided to call Lynn, she was usually up pretty late. I walked over to my desk, and picked up the phone. I dialed Lynn's number. After several rings she picked up.
'Willow? Is that you?' she said.

'Yes. Have you decided when you want to join us? It has to be soon, it will be easier that way.'

'Ok. How about this weekend? I don't have any plans.'

'Ok, that will be good. Friday would be best, that way you can find out your powers before you are by yourself.'

'That works. What about Jamie? Is she with us this weekend?' crap, crap and double crap!! How can I explain this?
'Well, Jamie kind of freaked when we told her so no, she stays human. And she doesn't remember any of this so don't tell her.'

'Fine then. Bye.' The phone clicked, she hung up. I sighed. I had eight hours of 'sleep' left and nothing to do. I had a slight idea. If Wyatt was a vampire, and I think he is, then he doesn't sleep either. I should tell him to spend the night tonight so I can see if he sleeps. I picked up the piece of paper with his cell on it and called it he answered on the first ring.

'Willow? What happened to going to sleep?'

'Couldn't. Come over. Now.'

'Ten minutes.' He hung up. I had ten minutes before he came and I had to prepare. I first, because he thought I slept, needed to put on pajamas. I pulled out a special pair I kept for such occasion. They were pink and from Victoria's Secret. I thought they would please Wyatt.

Then, with my other power, I cleaned my room. I just flicked my fingers, putting away random things. I also messed up my hair so it at least looked like I tried to sleep. All this had taken a few minutes so I pulled the covers of my bed and got under them. Them I remembered Wyatt came through the window and I had to open it. So I got back up and opened my window. The air was cold, but not to cold. Then I went back and laid down.

Several seconds later, Wyatt climbed through my window. He came and sat in the bed. I pulled the covers away so he could come underneath with me. Sure he was cold, but still. He got underneath and put his hard, ice arms around me. I pretended to go to sleep after several minutes. He didn't. This was the precise moment I realized I was in love with a vampire. The moment I realized I would be sentenced to death. Bummer.

I had a lot of practice pretending to sleep, so the night wasn't hard for me. I just laid there, occasionally shifting. Other than that all I had to do was be patient. All night I thought about what would happen to Wyatt and me if he found out about me and the council found out about us. It would surly be death. Unless one of us were turned human. I couldn't do that to poor Wyatt. He already lost his family and was adopted. If either of us were to lose their powers, it should be me. Now I just had to find a way to store my powers until I could use them again. If I could use them again. I could always give them to Lynn, but I wouldn't be able to be immortal. I can stop aging whenever I want and I was going to choose to do so when I turned eighteen. I only had another two weeks to go, but I would have to keep Wyatt in the dark until then.

Then, because I was so stressed, I actually fell asleep. Even though I didn't want to. I really hoped the Wyatt didn't sense a difference in me from pretending to actual sleep.

In the morning, I woke up to the sound of Wyatt walking around my room. I looked at him, he looked tense and worried. Like someone was after him. He noticed that I was awake and he turned to face me. I wondered what was going on. He began to speak.

'You were restless last night, what's wrong?' he didn't say this like a question; it sounded like he already knew my answer.

'I was having nightmares it was nothing. Really.' I didn't think that I really satisfied him, because his expression changed from tense and worried to disbelief and hurt because he believed I lied to him. I gave him a smile and he did smile back, but his heart, his soul wasn't in it. They were both gone with the becoming of a vampire. That was what really made my choice. As soon as I was immortal, I was relinquishing my powers. For Wyatt. For us.

I looked at the clock; it was ten minutes before the start of school. I really needed to get ready, which I couldn't do with Wyatt here. So I went to the bathroom with my clothed and changed with a spell so I could do it fast. I was done in thirty seconds. I bubbled to my door, so I would be faster because I was down stairs. I walked in my room. Wyatt was there on the bed, which he made, with my bag in his lap, packed. I smiled at him and when he smiled back it was real. I grabbed the bag and he stood up. We ran down stairs and out the door before my parents could see us.

'Hang on.' He said, running off into the woods. I heard a door slam, an engine start and squeals from tries. Then he was there, with the car I got in and we sped off to the school. I don't really live that far away so we were that in about a minute flat. He parked and we both got out of the car. I put on my book bag and so did he with his. We walked to the school with our hands intertwined.

We got there just in time for our first hour. Wyatt had never been in any of my classes, because I would have noticed him. When Wyatt walked into heath with me, I was confused. We had an accidental all girl class, and he wasn't in it. But he just walked in and sat down in the seat next to me. Ms. Green, the teacher, took roll and said Wyatt was on her list. He changed his schedule.

Unfortunately, it was a girls health class and really awkward with a guy in it, boyfriend or not. Wyatt didn't mind though. If he was a vampire, this was probably his twentieth time of so through high school, that was why he was so smart.

Another problem was that because it was an all girls class and Wyatt looked like a god and nobody knew we together, everybody was flirting with him. I had to try really hard not to freeze them to kill them, although, Wyatt just ignored them.

We walked together to second hour too, which was history. We were in the computer lab doing research on individual projects. Wyatt was in this class before, I just didn't know. We sat next to each other in the lab, hands together. We both, although difficult, typed with one hand. Wyatt got just as much he normally would, I did about half.

On third hour, we had gym. This was really separated boys from girls. so we weren't together we could warm up with each other, but other than that we were apart. Lynn was in my class, but she didn't come to school. She was probably trying to except the fact that in two days, she would be witch.

We didn't have fourth hour together either. I had band Wyatt didn't play any instrument that I knew of anyway. Lynn was also in my band, she played the trumpet, but she wasn't here. With out Lynn or Wyatt it was a long class. All we did was practice our songs for band festival.

We again had fifth hour together. We both had English with Ms. Wyatt. she was my favorite teacher this year and Wyatt's too. We were reading a book, The Diary of Anne Frank. Wyatt had already read it, so he didn't need to pay attention. We started passing notes.

Do you believe in vampires? He asked me

Yes. What about you?

Kind of.

Why only kind of?

I don't have proof.

You need proof?

Yes. You don't?

No. what about witches?

Yes. I have that proof.

He has proof?! He must know about me.

What is your proof? I really hoped he would say something that didn't involve me. I never got my answer. As soon as I passed it to him, Ms. Wyatt took the note and trough it away. So much for being our favorite teacher.

When she was walking way, Wyatt flipped her off. I elbowed him in the ribs. Ow. His ribs are as hard as his face.

'Wyatt!' I said, 'You can't do that!'

'I already did.' He replied. 'What is done is done and it just so happened to be done in my favor.' I shook my head.

Then the bell rang. We gathered our things and walked out of the classroom hand in hand. Because he couldn't give me his so called 'proof' I asked him.

'What is your proof of witches?'

'I have my ways.' He said no more. I didn't try anymore, he would tell me in his own time.

When we were in the cafeteria, I said goodbye and went to sit with my girlfriends. Wyatt went to sit with Christian, Stephan, Victoria, and Kaci. I wasn't really hungry, so I didn't eat. Lynn wasn't there and neither was Jamie. So it was only me and Jess. I hadn't talked just us in forever. She wasn't really too talkative. She ate quickly, and then went to class early. I was left alone. I got up and went to sit with Wyatt. His sibling stared at me with disgust. Wyatt stood up and hugged me. When he had his back turned, I returned a look. My look said 'what now'. That was fun.

I sat down and started conversation.

'Soooooo… how's it going?' they stared back at me. Wyatt looked really awkward. He grabbed my arm and pulled me away from the table.

'Don't talk to them, they don't really like the fact I'm dating you. Stephan is jealous he can't have you, and Kaci want me to like her, not you.' I took that in to consideration.

'What about Victoria, and Christian? They hate me Just as much.' He answered this easily.

'Them? Oh, they just have issues. They just don't like people. They aren't happy.' I nodded. Just as this was all sorted out, the bell rang and we had to go to seventh hour. I had math.

We went to my locker; he didn't need anything, and got my things. He sat next to me in class, like always. He sat in front of me, so he passed back a paper to me.

Willow, come to my house after school... you need to meet my parents and we need to tell then about us.

Why don't you meet my 'rents first?

I've seem your house, you need to see mine. he passed it back to me and I had just enough time to see what it said before Mr. Felins took the note. I reached to snatch it back. He had a habit of reading it to the class. He went to the front of the class and prepared to read it. Wyatt turned around to look at me, he was horrified.

'Well, well, well. We have a note here. It says that Mr. Collins and Ms. Afton are talking about meeting each others parents to tell them that they are dating. How sweet.' He said this to make us look bad. He hated me. The class laughed hysterically. Wyatt picked up his and my things and ran out of the class, clutching my arm. In the hall, he picked me up. He ran to his locker and dumped everything, his and mine, and continued running out of the school. He ran to his car and put me in side. He didn't even put on his seat belt, before he sped away.

'Wyatt. Were are we going?' I practically spit the question.

'Away from here. My house.' I shut up. When he was angry, he was scary. I trusted him even so and let him take me away.

With Wyatt driving, the ride was about ten minutes. He lived out in the woodsy area, and his house was well hidden. It was a large, white, old-fashioned mansion. It was three stories tall. It looked as if it was always there and never intended to leave. Wyatt drove around the back and parked the car. He opened the door, and got out. He walked around and got me out of the car.

He carried me inside and up the stairs. He stopped at the second floor, and went to the end of the hall. He opened the last door and went inside. It was his room.

The walls were blood red. On one of them, was a long black couch. In the corner, was a stereo with at least a thousand CD's stacked up to the ceiling. Across from the couch was a flat screen TV hung on the wall. It was over a cabinet, which looked like it had DVD's inside. In the corner on the right of the TV were several steps, leading to a four-poster bed. It was probably king size. Curling up the posts were wrought iron flowers. I was pretty sure that they were Iris's.

I wondered why we came here. The school day was almost over, and Wyatts's parents were bound to be home soon.

'Wyatt? When are your parents usually home?'

He looked at me strangely.


'And your Siblings?'

'Crap. I usually drive us all home. I have to drop off Christian's car.' He got up, leaving me alone in his room. I heard an engine rev, and him drive away. He would be back soon; He drove fast enough. But he didn't have a car to drive back in. I sighed. I would have to wait longer than I thought. About ten minutes later, Wyatt walked back in. How did he do that?

'I decided that they can walk today.' He smiled and said, 'Want to watch a movie? I have lots of them.' I nodded. He went over to the cabinet and got out a DVD. I didn't know what it was, but I didn't really care at this point. It was just background noise so we didn't have to sit in silence.

'Wyatt? Can I ask you something?'


'How long are we going to ditch class for? And why are we?'

'As for how long, just until everything blows over. And I made you leave with me because, well to be honest, I was worried that if just I left, one, you would be more liked by others, not me and two, I personally think It would make you look skanky and me look pathetic.'

Ouch. I was shocked at how much truth there was in Wyatt's answer. I liked that about him. He just wanted me to know the truth. I looked at the clock again, only a few minutes until everyone got here. I hoped Mr. And Mrs. Collins like me more than the kids.

We sat in near silence, other than the movie, for a while. Until that is, Wyatt muted the TV and turned to me.

"I want to try something," he said.

"What?" I asked.


He leaned forward slowly and my heart leapt, even though I knew we were moving a bit fast. I couldn't care less. His cool lips found mine. He pulled away from me quickly to look at my reaction. I was in total and complete bliss.

Wyatt leaned forward again. This time, I put my arms around his neck and in his black and blond hair. I got up on my knees and so did he. He wrapped his arms around my back and took a fist full of my hair. He pushed me down on the mattress. But as soon as I was downing in bliss, I heard a door open, they were home. Although, I didn't know which 'they' it was. Wyatt pulled away and held up his finger, telling me to stay quiet. I did. He whispered on a voice so quiet only I could hear it.

'It's my siblings. I don't want them to know what happened. They already hate you; let's not give them an incentive to kill you.'

Kill me? That's a downer.

They were coming up the stairs now, probably to their rooms. It was a good thing that Wyatt was that last door. Nobody had a need to come down here. But knowing my luck, they would. And I was right. Someone knocked at Wyatt's door.

'It's just Rupert.' That made me feel a lot better. Rupert didn't hate me yet, he would a large incentive to kill me.

'Come in.' Wyatt said. A face came in the door, it was also gorgeous. He had dirty blond hair, it was slightly longer then Wyatts' and had dark eyes. He was probably in his late twenties. I had a feeling that he was ,next to Wyatt, the best looking one in the family.

'Who do we have here?' he said

'Rupert, this is Willow, my girlfriend.' He called me his girlfriend. For the first time.

'Hello.' I said

'Why hello there. Wyatt, why don't you introduce Willow here to everyone?' Crap! I don't want to die!

Wyatt stood up, defeated. He and I walked out of the room together, down the stairs and into the living room.

As soon as I saw Victoria, I was ready to run away. She had pixie length dark drown hair. She also had…Purple eyes? That made her look menacing. She was petite. Barley five foot two. She smiled at me.
'I'm so glad you're here! I love it when I have new friends!' she said it like she wanted to kill me. Rupert gave her a look and she walked away holding Christian's hand. He waved back at me. Then it was only Rupert, Stephan, Wyatt, Kaci, and me.

Kaci's hair hung just below her ears. It was platinum blond. She was about me height and a little bit skinnier. Of course, I couldn't see her eyes behind the sunglasses.

Stephan had shaggy black hair. He was roughly Wyatt's height and had a menacing look that made my blood curdle like old milk. His mouth was pressed into a hard line as he and kaci glared at me from behind the glasses.

Rupert also gave them a look and they walked away. When it was only the tree of us, Caroline Collins walked in and actually smiled at me.

'Mom, this is my girlfriend, Willow.' She reached out to shake my hand. I gave her mine.

'Why do they all hate me so much?' I asked

'Well, they don't like outsiders of our family.' Rupert said.

I nodded my head. Wyatt looked at me them to Rupert.

'Willow, do you mind waiting in my room for me? I'll be right there.'

I nodded and walk up the stairs.

I wanted to know what was happening, so I bubbled to the kitchen to hear what they were saying.

'Wyatt, we can't tell her about us. She's human.' Rupert said.

'We have to. She probably knows already. She told me that she believes in vampires. Any way, I don't think she is human, she doesn't smell like one. Plus her thoughts.'

'Fine, we tell her.'

Wyatt came up the stairs to come get me. I bubbled back.

'Willow,' he said, 'come down stairs with me. We have something to tell you.'

I walked out and went down stairs.

'Willow, what we have to tell you, is that we are all vampires.' Wyatt said this, and was surprised by my reaction.

'It took you guys long enough to tell me. I figured that out what, a week ago? You are ice cold, strong like steel, you don't sleep, you do everything by running. That's how you got to the hospital so fast and got back after dropping off the car. But most of all, you are all drop dead gorgeous.' When I was finished talking I crossed my arms.

'Well, Wyatt you were right she did know about us. Now we need to know about you.'


'Well, I am not vampire. I think we can leave it at that.'

'No Willow. We need to know more.'


'Fine then. I'm not human either.'

'What part of 'more' don't you get?!' this was the first time Wyatt got mad and yelled at me before.

'I gave you more!'

'Not enough!'

'Fine then, I'm a witch! Happy?!'

then Victoria walked down stairs.

'Wyatt, only you could bring home this bitch, I mean witch.' She smirked and flounced off. Rupert and Caroline followed her.

'One of these days, I'll get her back. Rip her to shreds, object at her 5th wedding to Christian, Something!'

'Want me to? I can curse her.'

That was a nice thought. It was also the nice part of being a witch. I had advanced senses, powers, didn't have to sleep, was immortal and could curse people. Or vampires, I hated.

'No, thank you.' Wyatt said with a smile. My face fell. Damn!

'I really wanted to curse her!' I crossed my arms.

'She's not really that bad when you get to know her.'
'Well you are both vampires, I'm a witch remember? Natural born enemies.'

'That's kind of a sucker punch for your vampire boyfriend.' He looked hurt by what I said.

'Sorry, my bad.' He smiled at what I had to say, and then hugged me. He is really old-fashioned and corny.

'I heard that! And I'm old-fashioned, but not corny!'

'What, I didn't say anything!'

'Oh, sorry, I can hear your thoughts. Awkward.' He inched away from me. That dirty liar! 'I am not!'

'Turn your brain off!'

'I can't.'

'Wait, what else have you heard me think?'

'I knew you were a witch, you thought it so much, and I also I heard that you think my laugh is deep, romantic, and sexy. I believe that those were the words you used.' This was really bad. He knew I said that! 'Of course.'


'Pushy much?'

'Sorry, it's nerve-racking to have to sensor my own thoughts.'

'I understand. I won't say anything about what you think.' Now that was down right sexy of him.

'Thank you.'


'Sorry, it's just so hard not to say anything when you think that!'

'Then don't listen!'

'Aww. How cute. Their first lover's quarrel.' We looked over and saw none other than Victoria.

'Torri, get out of here before I sick the witch on you.' I then, for dramatic effect, growled.

'Oh, she speaks! Or, growls. Grr yourself.' This was when my second power came in handy, and it worked on vampires. I flicked my hands at her and she went flying through the kitchen wall.

'Bitch!' She growled. She got up, perfectly unscratched, and stormed out the front door. Her stiletto heels clicked the entire way out.

'Um, have any of you seen Victoria?' Christian asked, just two seconds too late.

'Well, I threw her into a wall and she stormed off.'

'Thanks, that explains the hole in the wall.' He walked off to find her.

'Wyatt. Now what? You're a vampire, I'm a witch. If the Council finds out, we'll both die. One of us has to give up our powers.'

'I know. You thought about that too.'

'Wyatt, this is serious! I turn immortal in two weeks; I can give up my powers then. We just can't see each other until then.' I ran out of the house, Wyatt tried to catch me, but I bubbled out of his steely grasp. I went to the most obvious place because, it was so obvious, no one would look for me there.

I waited in my room, he shouldn't find me here.

I was on my bed when my dad said that I had a visitor. So I got up went down stairs and saw who was on the porch.

'Honey, I'm back.' He said. It was Wyatt. 'Come with me. We need to talk.' His tone was really, perky. He must have been pissed.

I walked outside and he let his anger show.

'Why did you leave?! You could have been killed by a witch hunter; The Council can't come this fast. They can't be here for a month or more, and you will be like me by then, don't worry.'

'How did you know where I was? I didn't think it.'

'You are very predictable, I guessed. I was right.' I elbowed him. And again he didn't feel a thing. I was thinking ow and he knew.

'Sorry for my rock hard abs.' I didn't say what I was thinking; he already knew what it was. I was thinking it wasn't his abs that were hard, it was his head. He elbowed me back and I fell over, holding my side. He forgot that I wasn't a vampire, and had soft skin. He picked me up.

'Do you want to go see my mom? She's a Doctor; I think I broke a rib,' I was thinking yes.

'Do you mind if I run us there? It will be a lot faster.' I nodded. He started to run. He was going so fast, his feet barley touched the ground. We were almost flying.

We were at his mansion in a few seconds and he ran inside.

'Mom,' he yelled, 'Help Willow, she's hurt.' He ran up stairs. I expected him to stop in his room, but he kept going up to the third floor. It was two large rooms. One was a library, with thousands of books. The other was a real ER. It had tiled ceilings and floors. There were several hospital beds, with machines. There was a glass wall dividing it room. The other side of the room was a fully stocked OR. I only have an attic.

Wyatt placed me on the nearest bed and went to see his mother in the library. These people were so rich they had a hospital in their attic! This was awkward beyond belief.

Wyatt was back with his mother, he knew what I was thinking so he explained for me,

'We need this in case she needs to have take-home patients or something like this happens.' I nodded my head.

'Christian, will you please come help me. We have a broken rib.' Christian was up in a flash. His hair was blond and really shaggy. He was a moose! He was at least six foot five. He was all muscle; he had no fat what so ever. Even though he could probably eat me, he was just a big teddy bear. He had to be to off-set Victoria.

'What did you do? Fall down the stairs?' he asked me.

'Well, actually, Wyatt did it. He elbowed me.' I pointed an accusing finger at him.

'What? It's my fault she isn't indestructible?!' Christian nodded.

Caroline lifted my shirt slightly so she could look at my side. I looked at Wyatt and he looked faint. Can a vampire faint? Christian started wrapping a bandage around me and I heard a loud crash. I looked over and Wyatt was on the floor, eyes closed.

They were done wrapping me, so I hoped down and knelt next to Wyatt. He was out cold. I picked him up and Christian came over.

'Um, you want to let me get him. He's heavy for you and you have a broken rib.'

'No Christian. I'm not a human, I have unnatural strength too, you know.' Christian shrugged and walked away. I walked down the stairs, Wyatt in my arms. I walked into his room and set him on the bed he didn't use.

I waited for a while, staring at him. He didn't wake up and I started to nudge him. His eyes fluttered open.

'Hey there sleeping beauty, enjoy you sleep?' I laughed. This was probably the only time I could say that to a vampire.

'What happened?' he said.

'You passed out while Christian was patching me up. I didn't know vampires could pass out.'

'I passed out? I wonder why. Christian carried me hear didn't he, that is so embarrassing. My older nurse of a brother had to carry me to my room because I passed out watching my girlfriend being patched up.' He slapped his fore head in an act of stupidity. It sounded like a boulder smashing into another one.

'Actually, I carried you up. I have unnatural strength too you know.' He stared at me.

'You carried me? That's even worse!'

'Yes, me. See?' I picked him back up and cradled him like a small child.

'And I though I was the perfect predator.'

I looked at him; I didn't know what he meant. He hopped out of my arms, landing gracefully on the floor.

'What I mean, I that you can't out run me.' He ran over to me in a fraction of a second and grabbed me; I bubbled away.

'But you can. And you can't fight me off.' He reached and grabbed my hand. I pushed him down with my powers and bubbled behind him. I grabbed him, I was just as strong, so I pinned him against the floor.

'You can fight me off, and then you can pin me. See what I mean? You are freaking immune to all my tricks.' He pouted.

I got up and let him stand.

'Sorry, but you found your match. You can't beat my powers. Those mixed with my brain and strength make me the predator, now doesn't it?'

'Don't forget your looks.'

'Fine, with all that and looks, I am the perfect predator.'

'That's all fine and dandy, but you don't have to drink blood to live.' He looked hurt that I was better, but I didn't have to hunt. I bubbled away; I needed to talk to Rupert.

'Rupert!' I yelled. He was there in a blink of an eye.

'What do you need Willow?'

'Is Caroline a vampire?' I asked.

'Well no, actually. She is just immortal. Wyatt is kind of the same too. He has all our….characteristics, but he doesn't need blood. He does have it every once in a while, he can survive on either.'

'Thanks.' I bubbled back to Wyatt.

'I am not!' he said as soon as I was in the same room as him.

'You have to let me say that!' I was thinking that he was a dirty little liar.

'I never said that I had to drink blood, I said that you didn't have to.' That was a good come back.

'Thank you, I thought it was.'

'Wyatt! Stop that!'

'Fine.' He stopped.

'So, if you're not all vampire, can you turn someone into a vampire?'

'Yes, but they would also be like me.'

I wanted to change the subject.

'Are we going to school tomorrow?' I really did want to know.

'No, we can't. We have to go somewhere that we will be safe. We are going to my…meadow, you could say. It's this big clearing I go to so I can think more clearly. I can't hear thoughts there.'

I was wondering about his other family, when he was telling me this. I wondered when Victoria would be back. Soon I thought.

'Wyatt. When will Victoria be back? I want to leave before then. I want you to meet my parents.'

'Soon, we should leave soon.' He ran over and swooped me up in his pale, cold arms. I bubbled out.

'You can run, I want to use my own super natural powers.' I bubbled to my house, I beat him by seconds.

I went inside with Wyatts hand in mine. I looked into the living room and saw something a witch never wants to see. Plunged into the couch was a silver athame. A silver athame was the current way to kill a witch.

I ran into the kitchen, the bedrooms and the bathroom, but couldn't find my parents anywhere. I went back to Wyatt, who was still frozen in the living room. He held his arms out for me. I jumped in them, my head in his neck. The tables turned, he was holding me now.

'Wyatt, we have to find them. It isn't the Council, they don't use athames. They could be…..' my voice trailed off. Wyatt knew what I would say anyway, so I didn't bother.

He stroked my head, he turned to leave.

'Wait! I need to get Tobias!' I screamed at Wyatt. He looked at me, confused. I never told him about Tobias.

'My cat. Witches get special animals, called familiars. Tobias is mine, I need him.' Wyatt set me on my feet.
'Kitty, come here kitty!' I heard a soft meow from under the bed and reached under. I felt Tobias and pulled him out.

I cradled his small frame in my arms. He was all white with a heart shaped spot on his head. I went back out to Wyatt, relieved.

'Got him, we can leave now.' Wyatt came over and picked myself and Tobias off the ground. He started to run; he even closed the door on his way out.

The run was the normal way to travel with Wyatt for me…..Tobias on the other hand, not so much. He had is claws in my arms the whole way. I didn't mind, it was nerve-racking on your first run, and Caroline could fix me up.

When we got inside of Wyatt's house, Tobias jumped down and ran under the blood red living room couch. He ripped out his claws, and the cuts started to bleed, bad. Wyatts's nose wrinkled up, he didn't like the smell of blood. Stephan on the other hand, he did like blood.

He ran down the stairs and looked wild. His eyes were dilated, his hair was raged. He started to snarl, he reached for my neck with his gleaming teeth.

Wyatt reached for him. He couldn't hold him for long. Let go Wyatt! My head screamed. He did as my thought told him.

Stephan lunged again, but I was ready and bubbled behind him. He was facing the open door and I pushed him outside. After several seconds of breathing non-blood air, he was calm again. Wyatt went to talk to him.

'Stay out here until she isn't bleeding.'

Stephan obeyed, only because Christian walked in the room, smelling blood.

'Wyatt,' he said, 'now what did you do?!' he said looking down at my gashes.

'He didn't do that, he doesn't like the smell of blood, my cat did that.'

'Wyatt does too like blood, that's why he's not breathing. Your cat? You mean your familiar?'

I nodded and looked at Wyatt. He shrugged at the blood comment and walked out side with Stephan.

'I'm surprised you knew what a familiar is. Not most vampires would.'

He shrugged.

'May I?' he asked, arms out.

'You are the first who's asked my permission. Wyatt doesn't say anything.' I hopped into his arms and he raced up the stairs to the hospital in the attic.

Caroline was up there already.

'What now? Was it your cat?'

'How do you know about Tobias?'

'I have my ways.' I didn't want to know muck about her ways. Christian put me down on a bed. Caroline came over and started to disinfest my cuts. It stung, but not bad. When the blood was gone, I could see that they were bigger than I thought. I only had a glimpse before a bandage was wrapped around my arm.

'Don't you want to know why I had to bring Tobias here in the first place?' I asked

'Yes.' Christian replied.

'We found a…..athame. At my house. It's the modern way to kill a witch.' I looked down at the floor. When I peaked a glace upward, Christian was mortified.

'Are your parents all right?' he asked.

'I don't know, I couldn't find them.' Caroline came over and pulled my into her arms.

'Why don't you talk to Rupert, he is a good listener and you need some one to talk to that understands your position.' I didn't know what she meant, but I let Christian lead me to Rupert's office.

Rupert's office was on the second floor. Christian knocked on his door and waited for a response.

'Come in.' Rupert said after a time. Christian opened the door and pushed me gently into the room. He shut the door behind me and left Rupert and me alone.

'Willow? Not the person I expected. Come, sit. What did you need?'

'I need someone to talk to. Caroline said that you were a good listener.' He smiled and nodded, letting me begin my story again.

The whole time he never interrupted. I told him about everything from Wyatt and how I knew about him, to the athame in the couch. During the parts about Wyatt and me, he would sometimes laugh

When I got to the part with the athame, he looked horrible. Like I was telling him Wyatt left the athame. When I was through, he stood up. I assumed that he was going to leave or something like that. He didn't. he did something I would expect Caroline, maybe Wyatt to do. He got up, walked over to me and knelt down, so we were the same height.

He was on one knee and embraced me in a cold, steel hug.

'I'm so sorry' he said in my ear. I was suddenly aware of what was happening, here in Rupert's arms. I started to cry, I didn't care if I was with Rupert, just that he was the best person I could talk to

Finally, when he realized I wouldn't be done for while, he picked me up. Cradling me, he walked down stairs. He sat down on the couch, with me in his lap. I laid my head on his shoulder. He just sat there rocking me and telling me it was going to be okay.

When I was done, my eyes were dry and sore, he looked me in the eyes.

'Do you feel well now Willow? Or do you want to talk more?'

'I'm fine. Thanks Rupert, for everything.' He smiled at me. His simple gesture reassured me. He set me down and walked away.

'Willow, did talking to Rupert help you?' I looked up, it was Wyatt talking. I couldn't find the words to answer, so I nodded.

Wyatt came and sat on the couch next to me. I went and grabbed his hand. Then, leaned in and kissed him.

'Why did you stop breathing when I was bleeding?'

'I said I didn't need to drink blood, I never said that I didn't drink it through. I do, I drink animal blood along with Caroline, Christian, Victoria, Stephan, Kaci, and Rupert.' He looked ashamed by what I made him say.

I was still holding his hand when he scooped me into is arms and smiled.

'Let's go for a….walk.' he really meant a run. I nodded and he took off running.

He went past the river behind the house, through the woods for a few minutes and then to a clearing. He stopped and set me down. He stepped into the cloudy air and smiled. This was the first time that he looked like a vampire to me. His smile was devilish and I was afraid of what he wanted to do.

'You and I are both supernatural, right?' I nodded. 'Then lets go at it, lets fight. Your power against mine' I returned the smile, then a look of worry. I wasn't indestructible as he was. I could get hurt, or killed.

'Don't worry, we are in range of the house, Caroline will help you.' And with that we fought.

He lunged at me, I bubbled away, not wanting to use my powers to hurt him. He lunged again, landing on top of me. He was a rock, so it hurt. Bad. That was what made me not care if I used my powers or not.

I flung him over the tree line, I smiled. He was back in seconds, shocked of what I could do when I felt threatened. I told him to come back at me; I was thinking that I would move aside at the last second. I lied. When he came forward again, I bubbled on top of him and pulled him down. He was pinned on the ground. I won the fight.

'I admit defeat.' He said as I had him pinned.

He stood up; my weight didn't make him stay down. I was clung onto him when he did. He put his arms up and tried to run, but I stopped him.

'Let me show you how I travel.' He looked confused. I smiled his devilish smile back at him. I hopped out of his arms and grabbed his icy hand. I bubbled back to his house.

When we were back, he looked dizzy. I smirked.

'Put your head between your knees. And don't worry, you get used to that.' He curled into a ball and put his head between his knees. I bubbled to find Christian.

I came back with him, but he ran, I bubbled. Wyatt was still on the floor, Christian was laughing.

'What's the matter bro? Why are you so dizzy?' we laughed. Wyatt looked up and looked pissed. I knew that he would want another fight and wouldn't let me win this one. I gulped.

'Just because I'm half vampire and sometimes drink blood doesn't mean my human half can't get dizzy' I felt bad for laughing at him, so did Christian. He walked away and left us alone. Thanks Christian.

Just as Wyatt was rising, Victoria walked in. she smirked.

'I heard you in the woods,' she tuned to face poor Wyatt. 'you get beat up again? Pathetic.' She spit the last word. Wyatt moved to tackle her. I put my arm in front of him.

Not a good time. I thought. He obeyed.

'Not only were you pinned but you got dizzy from running.' She was pushing her luck.

'Want to know why he was dizzy, bitch? I did this with him.' I grabbed her hand and bubbled her a few feet away.

She was dizzier than Wyatt had been. She collapsed on the floor, but I wasn't done yet. I flung her outside and shut the door.

'Don't mess with me again, or you'll have worse. Bitch!'

I high-fived Wyatt. Christian heard us, he wasn't happy.

'How dare you do that to my wife!?' he said.

'She's not your wife yet, you need to be married. Again.' Wyatt said matter-of-factly.

'So? What are you going to about it?'

'I challenge you to a fight, the clearing, five minutes. Tag-team, who's your second?' who was Wyatts? Not me, I can't fight Christian!

'Stephan, we'll be there.' He ran to get Stephan.

'Wyatt,' I said, 'I can't fight with you! I can't!'

'You're not. I won't put you in danger, not again. I have Rupert.' Hearing his name, Rupert ran down stairs.

'Did I hear you want me to fight with you?' he didn't sound eager.

'I can't put Willow in danger, not again.'


'We fought in the woods, she won.' Wyatt looked ashamed of saying that.

'Then I will fight, but I'm not happy about it, I'm doing it for Willow.' He smiled in my direction.

They ran to the clearing, leaving me behind. I huffed, they left me behind! I would show them, I would go, I would bubble there. I bubbled to the clearing.

They were there, on opposite sides, Christian and Stephan facing me. Wyatt heard me, he turned around.

'What are you doing here? I left you so you wouldn't see this. I want to protect you!'

'Wyatt, I can protect myself. I have my own powers you know.' I crossed my arms; I knew that I had won.

'Willow, I don't want you to fight, I will.' Rupert said.

I nodded, I won with watching, not fighting. I sat on the ground, and waited for it to begin.

They began, Christian moved toward Wyatt. Wyatt moved out of the way. Stephan didn't want to fight his dad and it showed. He was also uncomfortable with my being there, because he almost killed me today. He ran off into the woods, Rupert followed.

Wyatt rammed Christian, it sounded like boulders exploding in a rock slide. With just Christian and Wyatt, things were a lot more dangerous.

As I was thinking about this, the exact opposite of what need to happen, happened. Victoria came walked out of the brush; she went to stand with Christian. The fight stopped, for a moment any way. With Victoria here, Wyatt didn't have a chance. I went and stood next to him.

'Leave Willow, I can do this on my own.'

'no way, I'm staying. Don't make me bubble you again.' This scared him, he let me stay and fight at his side, I was a rib of steel, strengthening Wyatt. The fight began again.

Christian came at me; I knew how to handle him. I reached out and touched his shoulder and bubbled o few feet. He dropped to the ground, incapacitated. Now for Victoria. I couldn't make her dizzy as well this time, so I flung her over the trees out of sight. Wyatt and I ran back, before she could come and start another fight. I snickered all the way there.

When we arrived back at the house, it was dusk. I needed to call my…..oh right, my parents are MIA. I guess I'll spend the night here.

'I guess you will.'

'Wyatt! Stop that!'

'Sorry, I felt that after the bubbling thing I deserved to do that.'

'Yeah, let go back to thinking okay?'

'Fine.' He walked out of the room.

Where was I, oh yeah, I have to spent the night here, which would be fine because none of us slept. As long as Victoria left me alone, things would be fine.

I walked up to Wyatt's room. I remembered which was his, so I went straight in. I lifted my hand to knock and was stopped.

'Come in.' I walked in.

'Did you read my mind again?'

'No, I heard you.' Why didn't I think of that?

I walked over to his bed and sat down. He put his arm around my waist, pulling me closer. He was cold on my skin. He wasn't asking about my ribs, even though he was on my bad side.

'How are your ribs, you aren't acting like they hurt...even though I'm on your bad side.'

'Um, they're fine.'

'Why don't you have Caroline check them out?'

'No, that's okay.' I didn't gat a chance to say more. He had me in his arms. He ran up the flight of stairs to the hospital. We were there in the blink of an eye.

'Mom!' he yelled, 'Willow needs to be checked out again!' she was in front of us in a fraction of a second.

'Set her down over here.' She gestured towards a bed. Wyatt set me down on it and let his mother aside to look at me. I gulped.

She slightly lifted my shirt and started to feel the spot were my three broken ribs were. She got a strange, confused, look on her face.

'Are you sure you broke these ribs? I can't find the breaks.'

'Um, actually, I'm healed.' I smiled sheepishly, hoping that they both believed me; they didn't.

'What do you mean?'

'I mean that my ribs aren't broken any more, they are all healed.'

'How? That's impossible, they can't heal this fast. They were clean breaks. It should've taken weeks.'

I took a deep breath; it was time to explain my third power.

'Well, I have an affinity. That means that I can control an element. Only a few witches have one. Nobody has the same one, so there are only five witches that have one. I have water. It heals me quickly. My dad has one too, he has fire.'

Wyatt looked pissed. I didn't blame him.

'I see, do you have any other powers that I don't know about? Like maybe…you're psychic?'

I didn't know if my powers would grow, or if I had more I didn't know about. I deserved the blow Wyatt gave me.

'No,' I whispered. Wyatt softened up; when he read my mind and could tell I was telling him the truth. He pulled me back into his arms and walked down the stairs.

Instead of stopping at his room, he kept going. He went down to the first floor and out the door. He kept going and stopped at the forest. He set me down.

'Meet me in the clearing.' That's all that he said before he took off running. I bubbled to the clearing we had been in before. I beat him there. He showed up few seconds after I did.

'Why didn't you tell me about the water thing? I could've told everyone, you are indestructible!'

'That's why! I'm not indestructible! I only heal faster than a human, I still feel extreme pain, and I can still die! Don't you understand? I won't be like you for at least two weeks! Even then, it's just with the not dieing thing!'

'How do you become like me? How can I help?'

'Well, you can't do anything really; I think I'm immune to your bite.'

'Want to find out?'

'Not until I'm immortal and you can't kill me.'


'Can I go to school tomorrow? If on of us doesn't go, people will think that you kidnapped me.'

'I see your point, but I will be there all day, in my car.'

'Deal. Now it's dark, can we go to 'sleep'?'

'Yeah, we can. Hop up.' He held out his arms and ran us back to the house.

When we got back a few seconds later, he stopped just outside of the closed door. I wondered if something was wrong. Maybe, somebody dangerous was inside.

'Wyatt, what's wrong?'

'Victoria, she's inside. Waiting for me.' Those few words said it all. We wouldn't be able to stay here with out Victoria waiting to pounce, literally, when we got inside.

'What now?' I asked. I didn't want to go inside with Victoria in there.

'We turn around, and go to your house. She won't come there.' With that, he turned around and ran to my house.

That trip was just as short as the one from the clearing to the house. We walked in the door; I feared that I would find bodies inside. I closed my eyes, knowing what I would find. I heard Wyatt let his breath out; I looked up to see what he was seeing.

The house was exactly as I saw it before, neat, tidy, and a hole in the sofa where the athame we found earlier was. My parents, however, were nowhere to be found. Then I wondered about Gwen. She wasn't here earlier, and she wasn't here now.

I hoped out of Wyatt's arms and turned on some lights. I saw a note on the floor. It had Gwen's scrawl on it.


I am being hunted by witch-hunters. stay away from the house at all costs. Be safe. I will be back at the house in a while. If you need to leave a response, bubble it to me. I can't tell you where I am at.


I gasped. I didn't know about this. I didn't want to. I showed this note to Wyatt; he picked me up and ran. I didn't know where to, but it took a while to get there.

He stopped at river. It wasn't the one by his house; at least I didn't think it was. He jumped up; I thought that he what trying to jump it. I was wrong. He landed in the middle of the water and started to run again. I didn't think that he could be fast enough to run over the water, but he was.

When he stopped, he was behind the house. It was his river we were at. He sniffed the air. He smiled, and ran inside the house.

'What was that all about?' I asked.

'You can't stay there, we can handle Victoria. Also, here there are seven vampires to save you.' I smiled, he cared about the fact I was in danger. He walked inside.

The first thing he did was look for Victoria. She was nowhere to be found, yet. Then he yelled out to his family, 'Everybody! Family meeting! Now!' everybody was in the living room in the blink of an eye, worried.

'What's wrong?' Rupert said, concerned.

'Willow's family is being hunted, that's why they left. She is in danger. She needs us.' Through all this, he never put me down. Everybody nodded. Even Victoria wanted to help me. They really did care.

After he was done speaking, everybody left. We didn't leave the living room though, we stayed on the couch. we sat there, not thinking or moving for what seemed like hours. When it was probably past midnight, he took me into his room. We laid on his big bed, listening to another DVD. Neither of us really paid attention, we both were thinking about my safety.

After several hours, it was starting to get light outside. We got up and got ready slowly. Well, I did, he changed quickly and watched me get ready and pace around the room when I was done. We still had an hour before school started.

I looked at my arms, and realized, that I had two bandages on. I needed to take them off, I was healed. People would see them and think Wyatt abused me or something like it. I went with Wyatt to see Caroline so she could take them off. We sat in silence for the several seconds it took her to remove both the bandages.

When she was done, we walked down stairs.

'Are you coming to school? You wouldn't want to look pathetic, and I would be safer with you there.'

He sighed, 'I guess I'll see you in first hour.' I smiled, I won and he would be there with me to suffer the stares.

We got in his car; I did without hesitation this time, and drove off to school. We waited in the parking lot for a while, gathering the nerve to go inside. Finally, when class was about to start, we went inside.

Everyone we passed was whispering or pointing at us. It was hard to keep a secret in a small school. I was glad that Lynn….Crap; I forgot Lynn was turning into a witch tonight! I didn't know how to do it and I didn't have anyone to help me. Wyatt heard what I was thinking, so I didn't have to tell him.

'She can come to our house to. She is in as much danger as you are.'

'Thanks, I owe you.'

'Not really.' With that we walked to our first hour.

On our way there, there were whispers and giggles, all about us. Wyatt ignored them, I couldn't as well as he did. My face turned red, I was really embarrassed. Everyone knew because of the fact we had a small school. About have way there, I couldn't take it anymore. I put my hands up and everybody froze. I smirked.

'Why did you do that? They weren't hurting anything.'

'I don't like them talking about us, I want silence!'

'You think the voices are bad? I hear the thoughts, they are so much worse. Mostly guys thinking….about you.'


'Yeah.' We walked in silence; everybody was frozen, so I grabbed Wyatt's hand.

As soon as we walked into the classroom, everybody un-froze, it was a good timing. We sat down in the back. We he sat in front of me, so I could see the other girls. None of them turned around.

Ms. Green turned on the TV and my spirits lifted; it was a movie day. She always let us move around the room on movie days, so Wyatt and I moved our desks next to each other. A few other girls tried to sit next to him, but they were afraid of me, so kept their distance, only sneaking glances when they thought I wasn't looking. I was always looking.

When the bell rang, we headed to History. We had another movie, but we couldn't move, so he sat in the desk behind me. We watched in silence, only talking after the movie was done.

In gym, he was swimming with the boys and me class was doing a basketball unit. I never liked basketball; I was always getting hit in the face and today was no different. I was hit in the face with a ball three or four times on accident, and another time someone hit me on purpose. I was also punched in the face. If that wasn't enough, when I opened my locker, it was stuck so I pulled it open. When I did, it opened suddenly and also hit me in the face. Now I had to go see Caroline, I thought that I broke my nose.

When I was waiting for the bell to ring, Wyatt came up to me; he looked not surprised at my bloody nose.

'Now what did you do?'

'Basketball, locker, falling, and getting punched.'

'I don't care if you want to or not, I'm taking you home for at least fourth hour. Caroline should do something about your nose.' I nodded I could miss band.

We walked out of the gym, and outside. We acted like we were going to the other buildings, but we walked to the car instead. We got inside, and as soon as everyone was inside, we started the engine and sped off to his house.

We went a different way than the way I knew. That's what I thought until we passed his road.

'Where are we going, you passed your house.'

'Caroline isn't home. We have to go to the hospital.'

I stopped talking.

We pulled into the parking lot, and walked inside. The nurse at the desk smiled at Wyatt. He smiled back.

'Hello Wyatt, looking for your mother?'

'Hello, yes I am, have you seen her?'

'Yes, she's in the ER.'

'Thanks.' He walked towards a set of double doors. He held then open and I walked in. Caroline was standing there, and when she saw me she wasn't surprised.

'Now what Willow?'

'Basketball.' She nodded and sat me down. She started to wipe the blood away and look at my nose. She sighed.

'It's broken, hang on,' she walked away and came back with a white thing. She put in on my nose and smiled.

'Usually, you need to wear that for a week or two, but for you, I say you can take it off tonight.' She walked away.

I walked into a bathroom and looked in the mirror. I groaned. I can't go to school like this.

'No, you can't. I guess you're coming back to the house with me.' He smiled with my defeat.

We walked back out of the big doors and to his car. When we were inside, neither of us were talking so he out in a CD. It was classical music, I didn't know that he liked classical. I did though.

'You actually like classical music?' I asked.

'Yes, you have to remember that I'm one hundred years old, I'm old-fashioned.' I nodded.

Because Wyatt drove so fast, we were at his house now. He parked and got out of the car, I waited a few seconds. This was to slow for him, so he came around, got me, and ran inside and all in a fraction of a second. He sat down on the blood red couch, which I thought was ironic. Vampires that drink blood with blood red furniture and walls.

'Wyatt?' he turned his head towards me, 'can I use your phone? I need to call Lori and Lynn about…tonight.'

'Sure, here.' He handed me his cell phone. I dialed Lynn first, she wasn't in school.


'Hey Lynn, ready for tonight? It won't be at my house, we'll be at Wyatt's instead.'


'My boyfriend Wyatt. My parents are MIA, I'll explain later.'

'I don't know were he lives.'

'I'll come get you, when do you want me there?'

'Twenty minutes?'

'Okay, see you then.'

'Bye' she hung up. I started to dial again, this time Lori.

She didn't answer and that was fine, I could go to her.

'Wyatt, you mind bubbling again? I need to go get Lori. She has to help me tonight and she's in danger by herself. I don't want to go alone.'

'Can't we drive?' he asked, pleading.

'How fast can we get there?' he didn't answer, he just picked me up and ran to the car.

We were on the road in seconds, on the way to Lori. She wasn't that far away, so were there in about three minutes.

'Fast enough?'

'Yes, let's go get her.'

We walked to the door, and Wyatt went to open it because I didn't tell him that it was locked. He pulled to hard and it came off the hinges. I put my hand up and froze the school. Lori came to see why everyone was frozen.

'Why are you here? And who is this?' Lori asked, confused.

'Lori, I'm here because you have to come home with me so we can turn Lynn. For your other question, this is Wyatt, my boyfriend.' Her jaw dropped, probably from the fact he was so hot.

'Hello, nice to meet you. Willow, we should probably get going.' He said,leading the way outside and to the car.

When we were waiting for Wyatt to go get the car, I said, 'He knows about us, he knows we're witches. He's okay with it all because…he's a vampire. We know about the Council.' That was I was able to get out before Wyatt pulled up. Lori was shocked at his car. I slid inside with out hesitation, Lori, not so much. She stood there, mouth open, staring at the car. I sighed and went to pick her up and put her in the backseat.

The ride was short, only a few minutes, but it was silent.

Wyatt. I thought, he turned his head towards me. He was listening to me.

We need to explain the witch hunter thing to her that she is in danger. He nodded.

When we get back to our house. He smiled, he was glad I finally understood that I was probably going to live with him.

When we were done with our 'conversation' we were at his….our house. We got out, but Lori didn't, she was amazed by the mansion. I sighed. I walked round to her door and grabbed her out of the car, then walked inside. I bubbled up to Wyatt's room. Wyatt ran there.

'A vampire? You had to fall in love with a vampire?!'

'Yes I did, he saved my life. He has been protecting yours too.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, that there is a hunter the loose, my parents are probably dead, and my sister is missing!' I screamed the last part; I knew Wyatt would here it anyway, so I didn't bother keeping it quiet.

Wyatt came over and picked me up. He went and sat on the bed, stroking my hair. Why did I need Lori's help to turn Lynn?

'You don't have enough power to do it by yourself.'

'I know.'

'So why did you think it?'

Lori cut him off. 'Think it?'

'Oh yeah, I read minds.' Wyatt answered her for me.

'That explain some things, where's your bathroom?' that was random.

'Go down the hall by the stairs; it'll be the first door on you left.'

'Thanks.' After she walked out, we heard a large bang. We went out to the hall to see what it was.

We looked down the hall, but saw nothing. So we looked down the stairs, and saw Lori laying there at the bottom.

'Take her to the hospital, I mean attic.' Wyatt went down, picked her up, and ran upstairs. He set her down on the nearest bed. She was awake.

'What happened?'

'You fell down the stairs, I carried you up here.' Wyatt said. She looked around and saw that she was in a hospital.

'Up here? But I'm in a hospital.'

'No your not, this is my attic. My mom is a doctor so she had a hospital put in our attic.'

'I see. Why am I all wet?'

I answered, 'I have an affinity. Its water and it has healing properties.' Wyatt held a cup of water, and I out my hands over it absorbing it. Then, I put my hands over Lori, healing her. She got up.

'Thanks. And I have an affinity too. Air. ' She walked back to Wyatt's room, leaving us up stairs alone.

'Why are you friends with her? She doesn't get my being a vampire.'

'She has only been a witch for a year; she doesn't understand other supernatural things.'

He sighed.

'Yeah, I guess you're right.' We walked back to his room.

When we were walking back, I realized I was still wearing my nose bandage; I reached up and took it off. I threw it on the ground, but before it hit, Wyatts snatched it up. He tossed it into a small, wicker waste basket.

When we were in his room, he sat down on the bed. But only for a few seconds. Then, he ran down stairs. He was back in a flash, with Tobias in his arms. Then I realized that Lori didn't have her familiar.

'Where is Beetle? You are in danger without him, I'll be right back.' I bubbled to her house. I went into her room to find Beetle, her cat. He was a shade of blue, so that's why he was named Beetle.

I looked inside her room, but didn't see the cat, I saw a hunter. He saw me too. I bubbled behind him and punched him in the back of the head, knocking him out.

'Beetle!' I yelled. He came out at the sound of my voice, and jumped into my arms. Then I bubbled back.

'Wyatt!' I yelled, 'Emergency, we have to leave! Now!'

'Why? What's wrong?'

'There was a hunter at Lori's and he saw me. I managed to knock him out, but he'll be back. And I bubbled so it could be faster, but he can track it. Get your family, we need to leave. You will have to run us, I'll go with you. Lori can go with Rupert and Lynn can go with Christian.'

'Hang on.' He pulled out his cell and had a six-way conversation with everyone at once. He spoke so fast that I couldn't understand him; he hung up after only a few seconds.

'They're on the way, one minute tops.' They were all there in less than thirty seconds.

Rupert and Christian got there first.

'Willow, tell us exactly what happened.' Rupert said.

'Wyatt went and Tobias for me, then I realized Lori was in danger without her familiar, Beetle. So I bubbled to her house to get him. I went in her room and saw the hunter, he saw me to. I bubbled behind him and knocked him out. Then got Beetle and came back here. Then Wyatt called you and here we are. If we all don't leave soon by running, we'll all be dead. He can track were we bubble to when he wakes up, which is any minute now.' When I was half way through, everyone else showed up.

'As soon as we get Lynn, we run. We don't come back until Gwen finds us and gives us the okay. Got it?' Wyatt was really in charge, he knew everything I wanted to say.

'Willow, you run with me,' Wyatt said, 'Lori with Rupert and Lynn can be with Christian. Let's go!' with that everyone who was carrying picked up their person and ran. Instead of cradling me like usual, Wyatt put me on his back. Rupert did the same to Lori. I gave directions to Lynn's to Wyatt and he led the way there.

Wyatt went inside together to get her.

'Hey Willow'

'No time come on!'
'What do you mean?'

'A witch hunter is on the loose, we're running away. You're going with Christian.' We went outside and Christian put Lynn of his back. After that we went to my house, to leave a note to Gwen. Then, we left. I didn't know where we were going or when we would be back. If we would ever be back.

We ran for what seemed like hours, and considering the fact we could go several hundred miles every few minutes, we were probably in Spain by now. It was starting to get cold and the fact vampires were ice cold didn't help. Wyatt could tell that the three of us that weren't vampires were going to freeze. Sure, I could heal them, but it isn't easy and takes a lot of power that I didn't have.

'Are you okay? You look cold.'

'I'm fine, just keep running.'

'I can tell you're lying. It's in your mind.'

'Stupid brain, can't keep a secret.' Wyatt laughed, lightening my mood some.

I saw some lights in the distance; it was probably a city that we would stop at. The lights got closer and I was that they were coming from buildings.

'We're going to stop there for you to eat, Lynn to sleep, and let everyone hunt. If we are going to be tempted, might as well be full.' I raised an eyebrow.

'With a human and to half human witches, we are tempted to go back to the ways of hunting humans, not animals. We don't want to be thirsty so you're all safe.'

'What about you? Are you going to hunt?'

'No, someone has to stay behind with you. That, and I don't have to, I eat like you do. Unless I see it, blood doesn't affect me. I can't smell yours or anyone else's unless they are bleeding, so you're safe.' he smiled at me.

We stopped talking, but I would ask a yes or no question in my head and Wyatt would answer with a shake of his head.

Are we almost there? He nodded.

How long are we going to stay, are we going to stay? He nodded, but didn't answer the first question.

We stopped in the city about ten seconds after that. We stopped at a fancy hotel, and checked in.

'May I help you?' the woman at the desk said.

'We're checking in, Rupert White.' Rupert White?

'Yes, here you go.' She handed us several room keys. We walked over to the elevator. It came swiftly, and we got in.

Rupert handed Wyatt, Kaci, and Victoria keys. He kept one of them for himself and Caroline.

'What about Lynn and Lori? Who are they staying with?'

'Us, all four of us are together. We can't separate you or leave you alone, so Rupert decided to put me with you because I don't need blood. It's safer.'

We were at our floor now. We stepped out into the hall way.

We walked down the hall and into a room. It was no doubt a suite; it had large double doors going to it. Inside, it was split into two rooms, one had two beds, and the other had one. There was one bathroom; it had a whirlpool bath tub, marble floors, counter tops and toilet. There was a balcony, but I doubted that we would use it. In between the two rooms was a large sitting room with a flat screen TV as the center of attention.

Wyatt walked in and set me down, and then he walked back out. He came back in after several seconds, carrying Lori and Lynn. One of them in each of his arms. He walked to the room with two beds and put one of them on each bed. After that he shut the French doors that led to the room, and walked back out to me.

'When are you turning Lynn? Tonight would be hard, but we have the balcony. Then again, the hunter is only a few States away. Your call.'

'Um, I don't know. It takes a lot of power, and one more witch would help, but it would probably be safer to do it tonight.'

'Well, actually, we do have another 'witch' per say. But he can only do spells and it's all he could do magic wise for a while.'


'Rupert, he was a witch before he was a vampire. After he was immortal, he was bitten. That's why Caroline said that he would understand you. A hunter killed his parents.'

'What?! Why did you tell me?'

'I prefer to let my family tell their own stories.'

'How did the venom not kill him? It would kill me.'

'No, if you were immortal, it wouldn't. When he was a witch, he had an affinity. He still has it.'

'Huh? What one does he have?'

'Earth, he always has had it. Why do you think we live in the middle of the woods, or are always camping?'

'I thought that you were always camping to hunt.'

'Let me rephrase that. Why do you think that I, the one that doesn't need blood, am always camping with my family?' I didn't know, I always thought that he was outdoorsy.

'Come on, we better go get him to do the spell.' We walked out of the room and down the hall into the other suite. Rupert and Caroline were on the couch, watching the news.

'Rupert, we need your help with something.'

'What do you need?'

'Well, I told Willow about your….being a witch. We need one more for the spell.' Rupert sighed and stood up.

'Fine, I'll help, but it will be extremely dangerous. I won't be able to use the earth for a few days. I'm not a full witch.'

'Um, Rupert? How long have you had earth?' I finally inquired.

'Well, I was given my powers when I was eleven, and hat was in….eighteen-thirty. So roughly, one hundred and eighty years, why do you ask?'

'I was wondering why the earth affinity disappeared, and now that I think about it, sprit disappeared as well.'

'I know were it went. I don't know how it was given to her, but Victoria has it.'

'What?! She isn't a witch or part of a witch even!'

'Actually, we don't know that. She doesn't remember any part of being human. Not even if Victoria was her name.' After that, we sat in our room in silence. I knew why she was so mean now.

Rupert and I gathered some supplies for the spell. The usual things, colored candles, a lighter, and paper to write the spell on. It didn't take long, only about ten minutes. When we were done, I woke up Lori and Lynn to tell then about Rupert. When the story was done, we turned Lynn into a witch.

'Are you sure you want to do this?' I asked Lynn.

'Yes, I'm sure.'

'It's not fun,' Lori inserted, 'I remember it. It sucked, it hurts for a long time while your body gets used to the magic.'

'I still want to join you.'

'Okay, go lay in the circle.' Lynn went to the circle of candles we made and laid down inside of it. She closed her eyes and tried to even her breathing. Lori, Rupert and I all began to say the spell.

Hear now the words of witches, the secrets we hid in the night. The oldest of gods are invoked here, where the great works of magic is sought. Upon this night, and in this hour, we call upon the ancient power. Bring this power to we witches three, give us the power.

Lynn opened her eyes in pain. She was a witch now, one of us. She stood up, and got out of the circle.

'What ever you do, don't say any poems or concentrate on one place for to long. A poem can be a spell that will backfire, and if you think of somewhere, you'll bubble and the hunter will track us.' I told her.

'Got it, no poems, no bubbling. What power do I have?'

'We don't know, you have to find that out. I can freeze time and move things with my mind. Lori can levitate. We both have affinities to, along with Rupert. Only one witch can have it at a time, and there are only five. I have water, Lori has air, Rupert has earth because he had it when he was bitten and Victoria has Spirit. We don't know why she has one. I wouldn't be surprised if you didn't have one though.'

'Wh-' I then cut her off.

'Oh, and you'll be getting a familiar. An animal to protect you it is usually a cat, but not always. Now you can talk.'

'Thank you, now, can I go to sleep?' she through her hands down…and a fire ball shot to the floor.

'What did I do?' she screamed as Wyatt put out the fire in the carpet.

'Apparently, you have an affinity for fire.'

'Sweet.' When she said that, it hit me. My dad was the witch with fire. Only one witch can have it at a time, my parents must be dead. My knees buckled and I collapsed. I was out cold before I hit the floor.

When I woke up, or what ever it is that we do, I was on the bed in the one-bed room. Wyatt's hands were on my arm, holding me down.

'What happened?' now, you would probably think that I was the one asking, but Wyatt asked me.

'The fire ball, she has an affinity,'

'What do you mean? Isn't that a good thing?'

'Yes and no, I'm glad she has it, but my dad had fire. So my parents must be dead.' My voice fell out towards the end of the sentence. When I told him that, Wyatt left go of my hands and let me stand up. I stomped into the other room, where Lori and Lynn were watching the flat screen.

'Lynn, I hate you!' I screamed so loud I was surprised that I didn't wake up everyone in the hotel.

'Why? What'd I do?' she replied.

'You took fire! It was my dad's, so he's dead!'

Wyatt came up to me and embraced me from behind. He picked me up by my waist and pulled my out of the room.

'Willow, it's not her fault she got fire or that your parents died. It was never anyone's fault, but the hunter. You can't change the past and if you are going to be immortal, you have to give it up. If you can't change it, why bother. When you dwell on the past, you have no future and I don't think I can live with you for the rest of eternity if you go off the deep end every time something bad happens. Do you understand me?' He was fuming.

'I'm sorry, but I'm not used to this kind of thing. Give me some time. And what did you mean rest of eternity with me?'

'Did you actually think we would break up like any other high school couple?'

I didn't know what to say to him. I didn't really know what I thought. I didn't think about spending eternity with Wyatt or breaking up with him. I just hung me head, knowing that I had lost for the first time in one of our arguments. He put me down and pushed me into Lynn's room to apologize.

'Sorry Lynn, I was blaming you for my parents and I don't know what came over me.'

'It's fine.' She said sourly then turned back to the flat screen. I walked back out to Wyatt.


'No, but I know I'm not getting more out of you. Are you hungry? I have to go eat.'

'No and neither are they. Go, we'll be fine.'

'Okay, just think my name, and I'll be back.' He walked down stairs. I sat on the bed and fell back on the pillows. I heard the doors to my room close. I looked up, expecting to see Wyatt. I didn't though, I saw Victoria.

'What do you want? Aren't I in enough pain?'

'I want to talk, about why you got so mad at Lynn.'

'I don't understand.'

'I have another ability other than the spirit, like Wyatt does. Only mine is much more…dangerous. I can make people extremely angry for no reason in the least. I was mad at you, so I used it on you. I wanted revenge; you're always so happy and I want to be you. My stupid power makes me…angry most of the time.'

'What else have you done? In general, not just to me.'

'Well…you know World War II?'

'Yeah, with Hitler?'

'About that…it was me. Hitler was a great guy, we had tea every Thursday. Then, I got bored. After making so many people mad in World War I, I had nothing to do. So I pissed off Hitler and had him attack the Jews. I miss him; he was always so hateful, so evil. He was a great guy.'

'You started world war two?! Anything else you want to tell me? Like you assonated Lincoln?'

'Yeah, in about thirty years, hide in the sewers. With Wyatt and supplies for…three years.'


'Just a suggestion. You never know what could happen.'

'World war three? Or are going to assonate the president?' She walked away, and then came back.

I slid back on the bed, hoping that she was kidding. She laughed devilishly, 'I won't use my powers on you, but now you know my story so you can't blame me for always being so pissed. It's my power, like water heals you. It's a part of who I am.'

'Okay, I guess I won't blame you, but while I'm getting used to this, I might forget momentarily and toss you through another wall.'

'It's fine, I don't care, I'm indestructible and it's not like we can't afford to fix it. I mean, really, we have enough money in the small bathroom alone to run a small country for at least a year or more.'

'Got it, walls equal okay. I might do that for fun if I never forget, if you don't mind.'

'Only once, I can't be positive that I won't blow up after that.'

'One time only. Now what about everyone else's story? Wyatt won't tell me anyone's.'

'I won't either, I may be mean but, I don't tell peoples stories. That is their job. Oh and I doubt that Wyatt will tell you his story either,' After she said that she walk back out of the French doors. I thought about Wyatt. He was at the door before I thought his full name.

'What is it? Is something wrong?'

'No, Victoria told me about her other power and I'm overwhelmed. I needed to talk to you.'

'Then go ahead and talk, I'll listen.'

'Well, she said that I can throw her a wall because she doesn't care!'

'That doesn't sound like her; she doesn't do anything for anyone unless it somehow helps her. What else did she say?'

'She said that you had enough money in your small bathroom to sustain a small country for a year! Is that true?'

He hesitated, 'Yes, it's true. Caroline has been a doctor for almost five hundred years, so she has more money than Bill Gates multiplied over.'

'She said one more thing, about…you,'

'What did she say about me?'

'She said that you don't tell stories, that you wouldn't tell me yours.'

'She's right; I don't want to tell you my story.'

'Why won't you tell me?'

'I didn't want to frighten you. It can be a fairly disturbing story if I tell the right parts.'

'Tell me the little kid version, or trust me and tell me the real version.'

'I'll tell you the little kid version, and the real one later. Okay?'

'Fine, whatever,'

'You know how I said I was only about one hundred years old? Well I'm not. I'm about…well only a few decades younger than Caroline. She was from 1532 I believe. Time was badly marked, so give or take a few years. After she was turned into a vampire, she was lonely. She was the only vampire the world because many were killed. She was dispirit for a companion. She was working in a hospital, with some troops from a local battle. I was one of them. I was relatively high ranked person even though I was only seventeen. I was shot right here,' he fingered a spot close to his heart, 'It didn't hit my heart directly, but I was fading, and was going to die soon. I awake the whole time and it sucked a lot. Well actually, I was in a coma for about an hour before I was brought to her. When the sun went down, and it was dark, she picked me up out of the bed. Her skin was so cold, I remember that well. She ran out the back door and jumped across the roof tops to her home. When she took me inside, she bit me. I was surprised that it worked because I lost so much blood, but it did. I took her way for life, only feeding on animals even though she didn't feed at all. I don't even know how she turned me, considering that she isn't even a full vampire, but she did. So we lived out the past centuries in random places. Creating the rest of the family along the way. First Rupert then Victoria, Christian, Kaci, and Stephan. They all managed to fall in love, but not me. I never found anyone who was the perfect person, vampire or not. And now, I have. I fell in, love. The cat fell in love with a mouse. I fell in love with my 'mortal enemy'. It's more like 'immortal enemy', but you get my point.'

'Thanks for telling me, you can tell me more later.'

'That's fair I guess, I'll tell you…in a few weeks most likely, when we aren't on the run. Oh, and that reminds me, we should probably leave today. Sooner rather than later. Get your stuff together.'

'What stuff? I didn't bring anything.'

'Oh right, then let's go buy us all new clothes so we don't were the same things for two days,'

'I'll tell Lori and Lynn,' I turned to walk away but he grabbed my shoulder. 'What?'

'I meant you and I get new clothes, they can go with Caroline,' he let go of my shoulder and walked me to the elevator.

Wyatt and I went down to the first floor and out the doors. We didn't drive there, so we had no car to take. We walked around to the back of the building. He put me on his back and ran to the mall. We were there in a few seconds, and we went again to the back. He put me down and we walked to the front again and inside.

The inside was much larger than our mall with twice as many stores. We walked past them, holding each others hands. A lot of the girls we pasted stared at Wyatt and I wasn't surprised, he was pretty hot. We kept walking until we got to the biggest and probably most expensive store there. I was hoping that we weren't shopping there, but Wyatt pulled me inside.

He went to the guys half of the store and I went to the girls. I didn't see anything I would wear. It was all dresses and fancy clothes. I walked toward the back, and found salvation. There was one rack of jeans. I almost ran there, and found my size. They were dark wash, and I normally wore light, but I didn't care. I had to find a shirt still, so I held onto the jeans and went to look. I saw a lot of shirts, but none that I liked. I saw one that I did though, but not in this store.

I went to find Wyatt, he was buying his clothes. I handed him my jeans and he bought those too. Wyatt handed the cashier a large wad of cash, grabbed the bag of clothes, and walked away. I grabbed the receipt to see how much he had spent, and didn't like want I saw. My jeans alone were over two hundred dollars. I shoved the receipt back the bag not wanting to see it more.

I pulled Wyatt to the store I saw the shirt in. It was Hot Topic. A mostly Goth store (Lynn loved it), but I saw the best thing in my life. It was my favorite shirt that I had to leave behind at home. It was the Twilight movie shirt. It was black and had a picture of the cast on the front.

'Wyatt, that was my favorite shirt before we left it behind. I need something to hold myself together. It's the shirt I want,'

'That's fine, what size are you?'


'Stay here, I'll be right back.' He walked into the store and out of my view. He came back in a minute with a bag in his hands. I had the one shirt I needed to survive. We went out to the back of the mall and he threw me on his back with the bags and ran back to the hotel.

He ran all the way to the room and set the bags down along with me. I grabbed the jeans he bought me and went to the bathroom to put them on. I left my old shirt on to leave the bathroom. Wyatt was already changed; he had on really dark jeans, with a tight fitted grey tee shirt that perfectly outlined his chiseled features. He looked amazing.

'Thank you, I like your jeans. Here's your shirt,' He tossed a black shirt at me, but the black shirt was on the bed. I thought it was his, so I went to the bathroom and put on the Twilight shirt.

'Why do you have a black shirt?'

'It's yours.' I went over and pick it up. There was another one below it and another below that. I counted the Twilight shirts that he bought. I counted forty different Twilight shirts and not to mention all of the accessories and posters.

'What's with all of the Twilight stuff?'

'I thought that you liked it,'

'I do, but you didn't have to buy the whole store! I just needed the one shirt,'

'I didn't buy the whole store, just all the Twilight stuff. Well, now you have all the shirts you need to be on the run. Not to mention a pretty impressive collection of memorabilia.'

'You're right, now, when are we leaving?'

'As soon as everybody is ready. Which is now, so hop on.' He bent down so I could get on his back. 'We can give the stuff to Caroline to carry,' after that he, picked all the other stuff up and ran to Caroline. 'Here, take this,' he said to her. She bundled it all up and everyone started to run. We didn't use the elevator, it was to slow. We ran down the stairs and out the back door, all without stopping.

It was the afternoon, so the sun helped keep Lori, Lynn and I warm on the trip. Also, because we were pretty much invisible, the vampires didn't sparkle. We ran in the streets next to cars, weaving our way through the city. In about thirty seconds, we were on the out skirts of the city. We were at least fifty miles away from where we were.

After the city ended, it was all forest again. With the sun blocked out by the trees, all of us were freezing. it would be several hours before we stopped and I was willing to let my emotions go over the edge to escape consciousness for even a few hours.

'Go ahead, I don't mind.' Wyatt said, he probably read my mind. With his reassurance, I let the emotion I had been holding back explode forward. I was asleep before I took another breath.

I didn't know how long I was in my dreamless sleep, but when I woke up, I was in a bed at another hotel. I looked at the clock on the bedside table; it said it was just past three in the morning. I just decided to get up, because I slept all of the emotion off and knew I wouldn't be able to sleep again. I walked to the door and tried to find my way to Lori and Lynn.

Outside the door, were a sitting room and another door. I went to the other door and opened it. Lori was sitting up, reading and Lynn was in the bed trying to sleep.

'Hey Lori, Lynn. Why are you trying to sleep?'

'Because that's what you do at night, but I can't,'

'That's because witches don't sleep, only if their emotions go hay wire,'

'you could have told me that! Now, how do I let my emotions…' she said, then fell asleep.

'Lori? Do you want to do something?'

'What were you thinking?'

'You need to help me find a familiar for Lynn. The Council usually gives them out, but if they give Lynn's to her, then they'll find out about Wyatt and me.'

'okay, what animal was she supposed to get?'

'I don't know, only the Council knows, Wyatt can read their minds for us and speaking about Wyatt, where is he?'

'Right here,' Wyatt said, coming in from the sitting room. 'I already read their minds. She is supposed to get a monkey. Named….Edmund? that's a really bad name. Come on. Lori you too.'

'Where are we going?' Lori asked

'You'll see,' he said with a smirk. He tossed Lori on his back and picked me up. As he ran past Lynn, he grabbed her too.

He ran down the stairs and out side. He ran to a ware-house. He stopped and set us all down. He opened the door and pushed us all inside. It was pitch black and none of us but Wyatt could see anything. He flicked on the light switch.

The lights came on a section at a time, illuminating the whole building. There were glass display boxes every ten feet or so. They had rings inside.

'Pick one,' he said.


'Just pick one,' he said.

I walked around to all the boxes, oblivious to what I was really doing. In the last box, I saw the most beautiful ring I gad ever seen. It had a thin, silver bang and one small diamond in the middle.

'This one's Purdy,' I told them.

'I was hoping that you pick that one,' he picked it up and put in a little black, heart-shaped, velvet, box. I still didn't know what he wanted.

Then, he walked back to the front of the building again, I followed. When we were at the front, Lori and Lynn were smiling like total idiots. I still didn't get it. Wyatt knelt down on one knee and held out the box.

'Willow Afton, I promise to spent all of eternity with you and love you the whole time. Will you be my wife?' I finally got it.

'Yes,' I managed to choke out.

I heard clapping sounds. I turned to see Rupert, Caroline, Victoria, Christian, Kaci, and Stephan. Before they stopped their clapping, Wyatt pulled me into his arms and kissed me like he never had before. He ended when we were both breathless. Victoria came up and gave my shoulder a congratulatory slap, only she's super strong. I went fling into the wall.

'Ow, that hurt,' I mumbled and Victoria came over and helped me up.

'Sorry about that, it' just none of us have been married for a first time since…what year was it Rupert?'

'It was 1834, Stephan was married to Kaci. Am I right?'

'You are Rupert, like always,' Kaci said sarcastically. It was the first time I heard her talk.

'Wyatt, I have only one request for the…Wedding. I want it small. I don't some million dollar church and eight hundred people. Small, that's all I want. And all white'

'Okay, but I want two things,'

'What do you want Wyatt?'

'I want to try to turn you when you are immortal and I want to replace your Bug with something faster. Like…I don't know, whatever car you want,'

'That's fair I guess,' those were the last words I got a chance to speak, Lori and Lynn came over and embraced me in a group hug. The Collins's followed; everyone combined was too strong I couldn't breath.

'Let her breath,' Wyatt insisted. Everyone piled off me.

I looked at the ring on my finger, wishing my parents were here to see it with me. Gwen would want to see it too. I closed my eyes and concentrated.

'Gwen,' I whispered. Then, a cloud of bubbles appeared.

'Gwen!' I screamed, 'You're here!'

'Of course I am, Why wouldn't I be?'

'You don't know, do you?'

'Know what?'

'Mom and dad are dead; Lynn got dad's fire affinity,'

'What?' she whispered, her voice fell out at the end.

'The hunter got them, that's why we're on the run.'

'Oh, why are we in a big ware house?' she asked me, just now realizing where we were.

'I picked out a ring,' I lifted my hand so she could see it, 'and it was my engagement ring,'

'Ohmygod! Who are you getting married to?' she said, looking around at all the faces.

'Wyatt,' he put his arm around my waist, pulling my body closer to his.

'But…but…but he's a vampire! A stupid, smelly, blood-sucking, vampire!'

'No, he's not stupid, smelly, and blood sucking. He doesn't drink blood. If it weren't for him, Lori, Lynn and I would all be dead. I love him,'

'I'm not going to care of the Council takes you and kills you, you know that right?' she growled.

I was going to speak, but Wyatt let go of me, and got in a defensive crouch in front of me, and started growling. I pulled him to his feet.

'She won't hurt me,' I told him, but before I could finish, Victoria was running toward Gwen. She tackled her, and then threw her out side through the wall. She walked back with a smirk on her face.

'Thank you,' I said to her, 'She deserved it,'

'I know, now we should probably move on again. She bubbled here, the hunter will be back soon,'

'No, we don't leave. Seven vampires is more than enough to kill a hunter,' Christian encouraged.

'At least let's go home, then we're on our turf,'

'Let's do it,' I interrupted, I felt out of the loop. Then we ran all the way back to our home in the woods.

The trip seemed shorter on the way back, but longer at the same time. It was physically longer, but I was so lost in the fact I was getting married and my….fiancée, I forced myself to think the word, was going to fight with his family all for me and my friends. Well, actually, he was fighting with our family.

I was thinking about the wedding, the impending fight, gaining immortality, the Council, and Gwen going to them. The thoughts swam around in my head, some drowning the others, and then swapping. Although my emotions should have put me to sleep, I was conscious the whole ride back. It was mostly at night, so Lori, Lynn and I couldn't see anything. I would occasionally rub on a sharp branch, and be surprised by the fact it didn't cut my arm.

The weather was really confusing me too. No matter how cold it got, I was warm. And even though I was on Wyatt's icy back, that wasn't cold either. He felt body temperature. I thought that it was because there were our clothes blocking the cold, but even the exposed skin on his arms felt like velvet to me. All of this confounded me long enough to get back to the mansion in the woods.

When we returned to the house, Stephan of all vampires gave us instructions.

'Willow, Lori and Lynn, sit on the couch. Don't talk, or move,' we obeyed and went to sit on the couch. I sat in the middle with Lori to my right and Lynn to my left.

Victoria and Christian stood in front of us. They weren't in their protective crouch, but they were coiled up like a spring ready to fight.

Caroline and Rupert stood behind us, also ready to fight. I couldn't bear if Caroline was fighting, but that's why they were in back and Rupert was with her. He could protect her. I couldn't really see poor, petite Victoria in a fight either. Then again, she had spirit and the fact she started world war two. If she managed to do that, she would be fine. She would probably use her power to make the fight harder.

Stephan stood by Lori and Kaci stood by Lynn. There was nowhere for Wyatt, but I didn't want him to fight. He sat on the couch with us, in between Lynn and me. He had his arm wrapped around me, and again he felt like velvet.

We stood (well, Lori, Lynn, Wyatt, and I sat) like this for only ten minutes before the witch hunter ran in the open front door. The vampires crouched down and all let out growls. Even Wyatt on the couch was letting a snarl come from his throat. I put my arm around his shoulders to calm him. It didn't work very well, he still was snarling.

'What do we have here? Seven vampires protecting three useless witches,' he said, noting the fact that we had to have vampires, our natural born enemies, protect us. Before he could get anything else out, Kaci sprung forward. She landed square on his shoulders. Christian and Stephan lunged forward as well, each holding one of the hunter's arms. Kaci, kneeling on his shoulders, started pulling at his head. She was twisting it right to left, trying to break his neck.

I looked away, not wanting to see it, hiding in Wyatt's shoulders. I expected to here bone cracking and blood squirting, but I didn't. I heard a sound like metal being shredded apart. I snuck a quick glace upward, I saw a pile of pale body parts.

'What…why…huh?' I managed to squeak out.

'He wasn't a human like you thought. He was a vampire,' Wyatt told me. I really wanted to know why a vampire would be hunting us, but if I knew the answer I would probably feel worse.

'He wasn't a normal vampire either, he was on the Council. His name was Barnaby Collins. He was a member of our coven. Then, he turned bad and started to drink human blood. That's why his eyes were the color of blood,' I looked to the head lying on the floor. The eyes were open, and crimson.

'So, the Council knows about us?' I asked, not to one person, but to everyone.

'No, when Barnaby won't return, they will assume that he didn't want his position or was killed. They'll just give up,'

'So, we're safe?'

'No, we need to get them to not know about Lynn. We have to get her a familiar,'

'What familiar do I get?' Lynn said as she walked into the room.

'We can't tell you that, you aren't aloud to know until you get it. I know it's a weird law, but it's still a law.'

'You have to tell me!'

'No, I don't,'

'Tell me what freaking animal I get!' she fumed, raising her hands in the air. She threw her arms towards me, palms out. A ball of fire came towards me and I didn't have time to react. It hit my body just below my heart. I hit the ground screaming.

Wyatt caught me before my head could hit the floor. The fire didn't stay going for the long, because of my water affinity, but it still severely burnt me. I healed in a few minutes, because turning Lynn gave my affinity more power.

When I got my first glance at Lynn after that, she was floating several inches off the wood floor, she was totally engulfed in a fire ball. Her arms were slightly out, elbows bent, palms still slightly facing me. Her lips were parted and she had her jaw locked, breathing through her mouth. Her power was triggered by anger, I could tell. Mine was triggered when I need it, and I had more power and control.

'Water, come to me,' I said. I rose into the air like Lynn and was engulfed in a bubbled of water.

'Come on, follow me,' I bubbled to the clearing. I was there, and so was Lynn a few seconds after me, because she had to figure out how to bubble.

We were still in our elements, so we weren't touching the ground. I extended my bubble of water, so it was almost two feet thick. (Glub)I threw all of the moisture I could at Lynn. She sizzled out and dropped to her feet. I let my bubble fade away slowly and also dropped.

When I was on my feet, Victoria and Kaci stepped out of the shadows.

'Are you done?' Kaci asked me.

'Yes, I sizzled her out, her power isn't as strong as mine,'

'Good, I don't like watching you fight, Willow. I don't want you to get hurt,'

'Huh? I didn't think you liked me,'

'No actually, I do like you. You're so…opposite of what immortals are supposed to be. The only immortals I knew were family, or other vampires,'

'I'm not immortal until next week,'

'You're not? You already have the skin of an immortal,'

'What do you mean, Kaci?'

'She means that your skin is hard and cold now,' Victoria said for her.

'That's why those tree branches didn't cut me and why Wyatt feels like velvet!'

'No way! You cracked the code!' Kaci said with a slight European accent.

'Kaci, no teasing your sister-in-law,' Victoria said mockingly. Kaci stuck her tongue out at her.

'I'm not your sister-in-law yet. I will be in…I don't know. After the wedding,'

'When do you want to have the wedding? It shouldn't be too soon, but not to far away either,' Kaci asked.

'I don't really know, I want it a few weeks after my birthday. So… a month or two?'

'That can be done, I'll talk to Wyatt,' Victoria told me. Then Lori walked into the clearing. When she did, Kaci and Victoria giggled and left.

'I can't believe you're getting married! And to Wyatt! This is so cool, when is the wedding?' she babbled. I shook my head, laughing.

'About a month, I want it here at the house. I told him that I wanted it small,'

'Ohmygod! I still can't believe it! You and a vampire!'

'Yes, me and a vampire. Oh and I have a question for you,' I told her, excitedly.

'What did you want to ask?'

'Will you be my made of honor?'

'Ohmygod, yes! Of course I will!' she hugged me, 'Owie…Why are you so cold and hard?'

'I don't know really. I think it's because the spell made me more powerful, or something. I would be like this on my birthday anyway, when I'm immortal,'

'Oh, okay then,'

'I have to go, I need to ask three people one question,' then I walked away to find the three people I was looking for.

I walked to the kitchen, and through to the dining room.

'Hey everybody, come to the dining room!' I yelled out. My family of vampires was in the dining room in the fraction of the fastest second.

'What do you need Willow?' Rupert asked me.

'Family meeting, everybody sit down,' I told the group. Rupert pulled out the chair at the head of the table for me, and I sat down. Wyatt sat on the other and of the table facing me. Rupert, Stephan, and Christian all sat on my left. Caroline, Kaci and Victoria sat on my right.

'You have the floor Willow,' Rupert told me.

'Thank you, Rupert. I wanted to talk to you all about the wedding,'

'What about the wedding?' Rupert asked me.

'I wanted to ask you all something. First, because it's traditional to have your father walk you down the isle and my father is dead, I want you all to walk me down the isle,' I gestured to Rupert, Stephan, and Christian.

'We would be honored to walk you down the isle, Willow,' They all said.

'Thank you. Next, I want to ask Caroline, Victoria, and Kaci something,'

'What do you want to ask?' Caroline wanted to know.

'I want to know if you would all be my bride's maids, along with Lynn. Lori is my made of honor,'

They all began to smile and giggle with excitement.

'Of course Willow!' they said. Victoria and Kaci came over and embraced my in a velvet hug.

'I want to ask you something too,' Wyatt said, it was the first time he had spoken the entire time.

'What Wyatt?' I asked.

'I want you,' he gestured to Rupert, Stephan, and Christian, 'To all be my best man….ah…men,'

'You got it little bro,' Stephan said.

'Hey! I'm almost four hundred and sixty-six. You're only, what, one hundred and fifty? I have the seniority. I was actually your dad for a while. When I was first made, I was Caroline's husband!' I backed away at that comment.

'Wyatt, you what?!' I screamed at him.

'Although I was young, I had to pretend to be her husband for a while. At least until we found Rupert. Because she was the best doctor they had, everyone knew her. And because everyone knew her, they knew she never had children. But, don't worry, we were never married or anything like that. This will be my first and last marriage,'

'You could've told me that before all this you know, it's a little creepy that you were her 'husband', and I use the term loosely, and now you're her son,'

'I told you my story was kind of disturbing, if I told the right parts.'

'You were right, anything else you want to tell me? You know, like you have kids somewhere?'

'No, and I don't have kids either, not yet anyway,' I smiled at his response. I liked the idea that I could one day have children with Wyatt.

'I like it too,' he said with a smirk, must have been replying to my thought.

'You're right,'

Stop that, your…our family will get confused.

'Fine,' he pouted as he crossed his arms.

'I'm…confused, were you talking in his head?' Kaci asked.

'Yes, I was,'

'Okay, nice to know,' after she said that, as if on cue, everyone stood and left the room. Except for Wyatt and I.

'Now what? Have you decided on the wedding date yet?' I asked.

'No, I wanted you to choose it. When do you want it?'

'Um, I don't know really. I want it soon though. How about…the twenty-first? It's a week after I turn eighteen,' I told him.

'That's fine, who do you want there? The family of course, but any relatives?'

'I don't know, like or have any relatives. They died, and I didn't know them in the first place,'

'What about your friends? I know about Lori, and Lynn, but what about Jamie and Jess?'

'If I can convince them at school, then yes. Then, we'll have a grand total of two guests,' I said sarcastically. My wedding to a rich, four hundred and sixty-six year old, vampire would have two humans.

'Oh! Crap, I forgot about school tomorrow! Do you really have to go?' he pleaded.

'Yes, I should probably graduate for the first time. And I won't if I fail my classes,'

'You won't fail,' he assured me.

'Yes, Wyatt, I will,'

'No, you won't, Willow. I've been doing all your work, so you just have to turn it in,' he said as he crossed his arms smugly.

'Oh, Wyatt! Thank you, now I only have to show up and find the right assignments! But wait,' I said as the layers of happiness fell from my head, 'what about the final exams? I can't fail those and because you do my work, I don't understand any thing,' I told him.

'I have that covered too; we take the test on different days, right?'

'Right,' I agreed slowly.

'And the people monitoring the test change everyday, right?' he implied.

'Right,' I answered again.

'Then all I have to do is put your name on one of the tests I take, and then there you go. Easy 'A','

'As long as we don't get caught,' I told him.

'We won't. I can even get you a few wrong so it's not perfect if you would like,' he replied.

'No, it's okay. You can give me a one hundred percent,' I said.

'Oh, and I have a surprise for you,' he mentioned.

'And what might that be?'

'You'll see,' after that, he threw me on his back.

He ran through the woods for a while. It was dark, but I was apparently cold-skinned now, so I didn't feel the cold. I thought that we were going towards the clearing, but I wasn't sure. I couldn't see, but I thought the time seemed like it was similar. Wyatt stopped abruptly; he put me down on my feet, facing the trees, not the clearing.

'What are we doing?'

'Early wedding present, turn around,' he told me. I did as he said, confused. When I turned to face the mystery object, I still couldn't see anything.

'I can't see, it's to dark. My eyes aren't as good as yours,' I told him.

'Oops, I forgot about that, hang on,' he said as he clapped his hands together. I saw light flicker on, they were in windows.

The building was small, especially compared to the large house I was used to. There were vines winding their way up the front and sides, other than that, I couldn't really see what the building, looked like. Wyatt could tell.

'You can see the rest in the morning, if you want to,'

'I do, but why did you get me a cottage? In our clearing?' I asked.

'Oh, it's much more than a cottage. That's why you have to see it the daylight. But for now, I'll settle for just the inside.' he put his arm around my waist and pulled me inside the house.

The lights were already on, so as soon as I was inside, I saw that it was really much more than a cottage. There were paintings on the walls, none of them matched anything. There was a large, tan, oversized chair with an ottoman. There was a fire place facing it, and a fire was going inside it.

There was a smaller chair in the corner. It was the perfect size and was maroon. Then, I recognized a piece of furniture. It was the long black couch from Wyatt's room. And even though there was all the furniture inside, there was still enough room for more.

Wyatt didn't allow me to see the rest of the down stairs, before he took me to a spiral staircase. We walked up to the next level. The first room was just a medium sized one. It didn't have any furniture, but it was still beautiful. It had a large window, and pale yellow walls. The floors were a very pale, almost white, wood. After several minutes in here, Wyatt pulled me out and into the next room.

The next one was extremely bright. It was all neon colors. There was carpet on the walls and several brightly colored tubes going up to the ceiling. There were path ways made of wood about a foot below the ceiling and there was a small hole leaving the room.

'What's this for?' I wondered.

'Tobias and Beetle. They need a place to let it all go and to just be cats,'

After that, he pulled me into the last room upstairs. It was a larger room than the cat one, but smaller than the living room. It also had pale wooden floors, but the walls were a sky blue. There was a pair of glass French doors, leading outside.

'I'll show you that tomorrow, it's still to dark out for you to see it properly,'

'Okay,' I replied, 'Anything else you want me to see?'

He didn't answer, just pulled me to another set of French doors. These were solid not glass though. He opened then and pulled me inside. He flipped the lights on and I saw a girl's best friend. It was a closet full of ball gowns, designer clothes, and all my Twilight things.

'No way! This is so cool!' I said as I hugged him.

'If you like this, then you'll love the third floor,' his honey voice told me. I looked confused.

'Come on, I'll show you,' he said no more, but instead pulled me back to the stair case.

The third floor was only one room. The lights weren't on, so I couldn't see anything. Until he flipped the switch, I was blind. There were only two theater seats, with an extremely large television. It took up the entire wall, and the wall was on its own huge. I thought that the walls were black, but when I looked closer, I saw that they were actually totally covered with posters. Upon my closer inspection, I saw that they were all autographed, Twilight posters.

'Do you like it?' he asked hopefully, but I shook my head.

'You hate it, don't you?' he said it like he was going to cry, but I shock my head again. He looked confused.

'I love it,' I whispered, then gave him a hug, 'Oh and I want to change the date for the wedding,'

'To when?'

'To the fourteenth, it's my birthday,'

'That's fine with me,'

'Thank you, for everything,'

'You're welcome,'

After I saw the house, well actually it was more like a castle; I still didn't know what the outside was like. I had an idea, but I was probably way off. It was only one in the morning, so we still had to wait for morning to do anything. Wyatt could tell what I wanted. (But not like that. I am not a slut, thanks very much.)

'Do you want to see the other parts of the down stairs that I didn't let you see before?'

'Why not, we have the time,' I told him.

He walked me back down the stairs, to the first floor. But, before we could make it all the way down, I stopped.

'Can I bring Tobias to his knew room?' I asked.

'I already did, take a look,' he told me. I stuck me head inside and saw Tobias climbing the carpet on the walls.

'What about Beetle? Can he stay with Tobias too?'

'I don't see why not. Although, if he's here, then Lori should be here with him. And if she's here, then Lynn should be too,' he said with a smile.

'No way! You would do that for me?'

'Of course I would, I've learned you aren't very happy when your friends aren't around,'

'Oh, thank you! Again,'

'You're welcome, again. Actually, that was one of the things I wanted you to see. It's a part of the second floor, I didn't show it to you before. I wanted to show it to you as a surprise,'

I looked confused, he understood.

'Come on, you'll see,' he said as he pulled me to the other side of the second floor, the one by the master bed room. I noticed something that I hadn't before. I saw a curved door, next to our door. Wyatt opened it and stepped inside.

'Ta-dah!' he sang.

The room I saw before my eyes was spacious. It didn't have a corner, the walls were all round. The walls were a bright orange, and the floors were, again, pale wood. There was a second, smaller, spiral, staircase. I walked over to it and went up to see where it led to. When I was in the mystery room, I saw something I knew my friends would love. It was an all glass room, and you could see for miles over the trees.

I walked all the way inside, and looked at the flooring. It looked exactly like sand. I walked further, to see why it looked so real. Then, my bare feet felt why it was so real. It was real. There was a small clearing in the sand, and it held a comfortable, bright blue couch.

'They'll love it,' I whispered to Wyatt.

'I know, now lets bring them to see it,' he said as he tried to pull me to the spiral stairs.

'They can see it later, I want to see the rest of the house,' I told him.

'Whatever you want,' he replied. He took me to the other stairs and we went down to the first level.

We went through the living room, the fire still going. He walked me into the room I hadn't seen yet. It was a kitchen, straight from a magazine. The appliances were all stainless steal, and the counter tops were made of marble. I knew that he had to eat, and he knew that I had to, so the kitchen wasn't a prop like in the main house.

I thought that we were done, but he pulled me in to another round room. The lights were off, so again, I couldn't see anything. Wyatt knew so he flipped the lights on. I saw something that I never knew I would ever have.

It was all white, even the wood floors. There was a large grand piano in the back. There was a chair, a music stand, and a catalog on the chair. I looked at Wyatt for a hint of what it was. There was none.

'Go and look at the catalog, pick one,' he told me. I didn't ask what I was picking, but I did as he said and went over to pick up the catalog. It was for musical instruments. I flipped it open and saw it was for flutes. I flipped through it, trying to find one I liked. On one of the last pages, I saw the perfect one. It had a gold mouth piece and all silver body.

'This one, I like this one,' I told him.

'I was really hopping that you would pick that one,'

'Why?' I asked.

'Because, I already bought that one. It's over here,' he led me to a shelf and opened the door. I picked up the case inside. I opened it up to look at the flute it contained. The head was engraved with loopy, gold writing. It said:

Willow; let this be a sign of the music you make me hear.

'Thank you, again,' I told him.

'I didn't buy it to hear you thank me, I want to hear music,' he said.

'Hang on,' I said as I put the flute into his hands. I bubbled to my house. I was in my room, looking for a piece of music. I found the one I was looking for. It was a nameless piece I wrote myself. I now had a name though. At the top, I scrawled 'Wyatt'. Then I bubbled back to the music room.

'Got it,' I said as I sat down. Wyatt handed me my new flute. I ran through several scales and was ready to play the piece.

I played the introduction, then through a series of intricate patterns. I played a slow, calm portion and then came back in with a gentle sweeping sound. Then, I surprised Wyatt with a loud, fast, difficult tune and finally ended.

I sat the flute down on my lap and looked up to Wyatt to see his reaction. He was surprised, staring at me with amazement.

'What composer did that piece? It was so unique, and I didn't recognize it,' he told me.

'You should know who it was, if fact, you personally know who it was,' I joked,

'You wrote that? It's amazing!' he exclaimed.

'Yes, I was the one who wrote it, I had a lot of extra time before I was a witch,' I said.

'Now that I've heard what you compose, want to listen to what I compose?' he asked, already knowing my answer.

'Sure, what do you play?' I asked, realizing I didn't know what instrument he played.

'What don't I play? I play everything from the kazoo to the bassoon. There is only one I haven't learned,' he said show to show off.

'And what would that be?' I asked, even though I knew the answer.

'The flute, I never bothered to learn. I wanted something that I couldn't do so my family could do at least one thing that I couldn't,'

'What do you mean one thing your family can do better?'

'I mean, that I do everything better than everyone, but medical with Caroline. I speak the most languages, have read the most books, am the second oldest, been the most places, play the most instruments, and am the smartest. I'm even catching up with Caroline in modern medicine. I've been to collage…thirty times or so, getting a degree in a different kind of medicine every time. I need to go to collage one more time, and I'll be the doctor in the family,'

'I don't think Caroline will like that idea,' I mocked.

'I know, that's why I'm not in collage right now. I'm giving her a chance to go back and have two more degrees than me,'

'You better not beat you own mother, Wyatt,' I teased.

'I know. And now that you know that I do almost everything better, can I play for you?' he asked, almost begged.

'I don't se why not, let's hear it,' I told him.

Wyatt walked over to the shelf, and considered the instrument he was going to play.

'What instrument do you want to hear?' he inquired.

'Um, how about…saxophone? I don't know anyone who plays that,' I suggested.

'Okay, hang on,' he said as he walked over to the cases and pulled down the saxophone. He took it out, and did a few warm up scales. Then, he lapsed into a song I recognized, but couldn't name. It sounded classical, but I wasn't positive what composer.

When he was done, he put the instrument down and looked for my approval.

'Well, did you like it?' he asked, hoping I would.

'Yes, who wrote it?' I asked, confounded.

'I did,' he said a little smugly.

'Huh, I thought that I recognized it. Can you record it for me?' I asked.

'If you record yours for me, I'll give you mine. I already have it on the computer,' he told me.

'Deal, I'll be right back,' I said as I bubbled to my house. I bubbled back when I got what I was looking for.

'What did you go get?' he asked curiously.

'This,' I said with my hand out, showing my black iPod. Wyatt looked confused.

'What is it?' he asked. I started to laugh; he was funny, pretending he didn't know what an iPod was. While I was laughing, he still looked serious.

'You seriously don't know what this is?' I asked and he nodded.

'It's an iPod,' I said.

'A what?'

'An iPod, you know, an MP3 player?'

'No, I don't know,' he said.

'Here,' I said as walked to his side, 'you turn it on, and pick a song like this,' I put my thumb on the dial and picked a song. I pressed play and put the earpiece in Wyatt's ear, 'Now you try,' I told him and dropped it into his waiting palm.

He tried to copy my motions, but he didn't do it completely right. The song he selected didn't play, so he closed his fist on my iPod. It exploded in a million pieces across the room.

'Sorry, I'll buy you a new one. I never was good with technology. Even though I was alive for the invention of electricity, and all of this stuff, I still can't work it,' he said sadly.

'Its fine, I can teach you,' I said mockingly.

`'Thanks, I really don't understand any of it,' he replied.

'As long as I get my iPod and songs back, I'll let it go. I wasn't any good at working it when I got it either,'

'Now, I have on more surprise,' he said.

'What? Do you have a secret lair, or something?' I joked.

'No, a gift for Lynn,'

'For Lynn? What did you get her?' I pondered.

'You thought she played the trumpet, right?'

'Yeah, she plays the trumpet,'

'I got you a flute, so I got her a trumpet. You think she needs a new one?'

'She always needed a new one. I'm surprised that hers hasn't run away screaming yet,'

'Well then, I think I picked a good present. I got something for Lori too. I hope she likes hers too,'

'What did you get for Lori?' I asked curiously.

'I got her a piano, your thoughts said she played, am I right?' he asked, knowing my answer.

'Yeah, but not well,'

'That's where you come in. you can bewitch her to play well,'

'Okay, but only because you already bought it, and I want to save us from being deaf,' I joked, 'when can we give Lynn her gift? She's not asleep,'

'I'll be right back,' after he said that, he ran to the main house and appeared several seconds later with Lynn.

'What do you want?' she almost yelled.

'We wanted to give you a gift that Wyatt bought,'

That got her attention, 'What is it?' she asked, almost jumping up and down.

'See for yourself,' Wyatt said as he handed her a large, wrapped, trumpet case. Of course, Lynn didn't know what it was. She tore open the paper and stared at the case.

'You got me a new trumpet!' she stated and screamed. She put the instrument to her lips and played a few bars from a song she knew. Then, she ran out of the room, outside, and back to the main house with her trumpet.

'That was nice of you, she really liked that gift,' I said.

'I know.'

'What about Lori? Should we give her gift to her now?' I asked.

'Sure, why not,' he said as he ran outside. He ran back in before the door closed. He had Lori in his arms and he set her down. 'Here she is.'

'Thank you, captain obvious,' I said sarcastically.

'Why am I here?' she asked.

'We wanted to give you a gift,' I told her.

'What is it?'

'It's in here,' Wyatt said as her turned her towards the music room. He pointed to the large grand piano.

'You got me a piano? Most people give gift cards, but I like it.'

'I thought you would, now leave,' Wyatt said.

'Why can't I play it?' she said hysterically.

'Because, I want to be alone with Willow and you can play it tomorrow.'

'Fine then, be all butt-like!' she said as she stormed out of the room, back to the main house.

'That wasn't very nice of you, Wyatt.'

'I know, but I want to be alone. She can come back when it's light out.'

'Ah…Wyatt …it is light. The tour lasted several hours. I want to see the outside of my new home.'

'Okay, come on,' he said as he pulled outside.

He was pushing me out, so my back was to the house. When he turned me around, I saw why some of the rooms were circular and so were the staircases.

The house really was like a castle. Each side had a turret. On the top of one, was a large cement ball. There were ivy vine winding up the square part of the castle, but not the turrets; they were made of river rock and smooth.

I saw the glass room; it was at the top if the left turret. All the windows were perfectly placed on the outside of the castle. The rest of it, like the inside, was perfect. Now, I had to see the part of the master bedroom that I had to see 'properly' in the day light.

'I'll show you that next. Come on,' Wyatt said. I followed him inside and up the stairs. We walked into the master bedroom and to the French doors.

We were on the back of the house, so I didn't see this earlier. I opened the doors and went to step out, when Wyatt grabbed me from behind. Right before I was going to scold him for not letting me go out, I saw why he grabbed me. I was going to step into nothingness.

'Why the frick do you have a door going to nowhere?'

'Because, when you're a vampire, you tend to just jump out if windows. You don't need doors, doors are for squares,' he said.

'Squares? What decade are you in.'

'I really don't know,' he replied.

I looked at the clock, wondering when we had to go to school.

'Soon, we should probably change,' Wyatt said.

'Okay, I'll be in my closet. If I'm not out soon, I got eaten by a ball gown.'

'Okay,' he said as he walked away. I walked into the large closet that now held all of my clothes.

I spent at least ten minutes looking through all of the shirts alone, but finally I picked one out. It was a V-neck, low-cut, white, long-sleeve, t-shirt. I found a pair of flared, dark wash jeans to finish the look. I put on a pair of white, wedge heels, and combed out my hair. It reached to my shoulders, and was slightly curled in on the bottom inch.

When I was done, I walked down stairs. Wyatt was waiting for me on the couch with his car keys in hand. He was wearing another grey t-shirt and a dark pair of jeans.

'Ready?' he asked.

'Yeah,' I said, 'let's go.' I turned to leave, but Wyatt didn't follow.

'I'll be out in a sec, go get Victoria and Kaci from the house,' he said.

'Okay.' I walked to the main house and inside. Victoria and Kaci were waiting for me in the living room.

'Hey, Willow,' Kaci said, 'Ride with us today.'

'Why not?'

'Were are the boys at?' Victoria asked me.

'Wyatt's at the house, I don't know about Christian and Stephan though,' I answered.

'He left a few minutes ago,' Kaci said.

'Christian's at the house too, I'm not waiting for them. We're going to get them,' Victoria said impatiently.

'Okay,' I agreed. I bubbled there; Victoria and Kaci ran.

When we got there, we stood in front of the house, looking up. Wyatt and Christian were crouched on the right turret.

'Come on guys! We'll be late!' Kaci yelled up. Wyatt jumped down, landing in a crouch and standing back up.

'See, we don't use doors. We jump off of crap,' Wyatt said. Then Christian, who I thought was going to jump as well, started to climb down. He was down before I could blink. He walked over to Victoria and stood in front of her.

Victoria looked up and down his muscular frame, 'My monkey man,' she said. Her tone was full of implications. Christian picked her up.

'My spider monkey,' he said while she was in his arms.

'Why don't you call me something like that?' Wyatt asked.

'Because,' I answered, 'like you said, you jump off stuff. What am I supposed to call you? Grasshopper? That would be so romantic. 'My grasshopper man' I don't think so,' I said.

'I…I could climb,' he said.

Christian interrupted, 'No way, you are not taking 'monkey man'. That's me, I am monkey man, you are grasshopper man.'

Victoria added, 'You have your own house, we don't know what you were doing all night.' Christian snickered.

'Ew! Are you saying what I think you are?!'


'Ew! Why would I have sex with Wyatt?! He's four hundred and sixty-six!'

'What's wrong with that?! Am I to old for you? I wasn't when I purposed.' Wyatt intervened.

'No, but…but...' I couldn't finish, 'I really loathe you now Victoria, you started it!'

'Yah! I love it when people loathe me!' Then, I figured it out. Victoria was using her power on me; she wanted a fight.

'Do you really want to fight before school, Victoria?'

'Yes, I do. If you haven't noticed, I usually fight everyday and I haven't in a while. So, you want to?' she asked.

'How much time do we have?' I asked Wyatt hoping that we didn't have enough time to fight and not be late.

'Actually, none. School starts in a few minutes.'

'Wyatt, Victoria wants me ride with her today, if that's okay.'

'That's fine. Christian and Stephan are riding with me.'

'I'll see you there,' I said as I walked to the garage to get in the car.

We took Victoria's fancy car (she has two cars, a fancy one and a casual one) to show off. She had a flat black, Aston Martin V12 Vanquish, with tinted windows. Victoria drove, Kaci took shotgun and I ride in the middle of the back seat.

The ride was short, only a few minutes, but we sat in the car waiting for the guys. They showed up and parked next us after a few seconds. Christian and Stephan got out slightly before Wyatt did.

They came around and waited for us to all get out of the car. Kaci and Victoria got out first understandably, because they were super fast vampires. Our respective vampires took our hands and walked inside. Wyatt and I were last, because he took my slow witch pace.

As soon as we walked into the classroom, the bell rang. We made it, but barley. I handed my late work to ms. Green and sat down behind Wyatt.

We were taking a final that was just for this class, so Wyatt and I couldn't talk of pass notes. Although, because he knew all of the answers, I had to think of the letter I thought was right. If I was right, he would nod, and if I was wrong he would shake his head. I got a perfect score.

In our second hour, we were just taking some stupid notes we already had. The teacher apparently ran out of ideas this close to the end of the year. I wasn't worried about taking them though; I could have Wyatt copy them for me.

In third hour, the girls were doing a swimming unit, so we went to the middle school. It was just across the parking lot, and had the pool. Wyatt was doing a self defense unit, so he skipped.

In the class, we were diving. I was relatively fine with that until I realized that if I was ice cold, that my hair would freeze solid. I dreaded this through out the rest of the dives.

When I was changing, I used my super strength to wring out my hair before it could freeze. I was the only one with dried and styled hair walking over to my school.

In band, we were getting a lecture on our tone and breathing in the correct places. I was zoned out for most of the talk, but heard parts like 'flutes need to shut up and let the lower voices come through' or 'flutes needed to stay in tune' or my personal favorite. It was 'it's not me, it's you. You don't care enough'. Other than that, I was totally zonked.

In English, we were writing science fiction short stories. Mine was set in 3117, and about nano-bots who took over people and killed them. I wouldn't be surprised if my story came true. If Victoria found out what my story was, she would find a way to make it happen. I would burn it when it was graded.

I didn't know what Wyatt's story was about, he was very secretive about it. All I knew was that it was hand written in his scrip and was extremely long. He had an entire notebook filled with only the story, so I felt bad for Ms. Wyatt, because she had to read it all. We worked quietly the entire hour, but because I was finished with my story, I read it in my mind for Wyatt to hear.

He passed back his notebook, with his story in it. I started to read it, and it took until the end of class for me to finish. His was about a community who was in danger from a cancer cure turned bad. It was very interesting, but not very short, I wouldn't be surprised if he got extra credit for its length.

When I was reading the last sentence of Wyatt's story, the bell rang. I handed his notebook back to him, and we walked out of the room together. We went to his locker, and dropped off his books. Then, we went to my locker and put all of my things away.

We walked into the cafeteria, and he started to walk over to our usual table, but I stopped him.

'Wyatt, sit at my table today, so we can talk to Jess and Jamie.'

'Okay, let me tell the others,' he said as he walked toward his siblings.

I went and sat next to Jess, she was exactly the same as before. Jamie…she was really different. She was only four foot seven, and now she was almost a foot taller. Her hair was longer, and she looked like she had been working out.

'Hey guys,' I said, 'nice to see you again.'

'Hi, where've you been the past week?' Jess asked.

'You know, sick. I had the…flu,' I answered.

'Sure you did,' Jamie answered cruelly.

'I could say the same to you, you haven't been here longer than me!' I replied.

'Family reasons.'

'I have something I want to tell you both,' I said wanting to change the subject.

'What?' they said at the same time.

'Well…you know how I turn eighteen on the fourteenth?'


'Well… I don't know how to tell you this.'

'Just say it straight forward, no sugar coating,' Jess said.

'Okay, you asked for it. On my birthday…I'm…getting…married.'

'No, seriously. What did you want to tell us,' Jamie insisted.

But before I could answer, Wyatt walked up and kissed me on the cheek.

'You weren't kidding, were you?' Jess said.

'No, I wasn't. Wyatt is my fiancé.'

'Anything else?' Wyatt said.

'Yes, I want to invite you come. It'll be at Wyatt's house, on my birthday. Come in the morning. Actually, I'll come get you.'

'Okay, see you then,' Jess said as she walked away. Jamie was still there.

'So I'll see you then?' I asked.

'No, I have plans already.'

'Can't you cancel? I'm getting married!'

'No, it's not really plans. I have a temperature and my cell count is off.' I reached over and touched her arm, it was extremely hot, even though my skin was cold.

'I don't care, I want you to come, you're one of my best friends.'

'Fine, I'll see what I can do,' she said angrily as she stormed to class.

'I'd say that went well.'

'Not really Wyatt.'

'Well, Jess is coming, and Jamie is going to try to, so why didn't do well?'

'Because, Jamie has changed. I don't know how, but she is. She's stronger, and has a temperature, and she's mean. She's not the Jamie I know.'

'I thought she changed too, but not how you said.'

'How do you think she changed?' I asked.

'I'll tell you in the hall, it's a….private matter.' I think I understood what he meant. I think I knew what he meant it had to do with vampires. I followed him to the hall so we could talk.

'What changed with her?' I asked.

'She smelled different to me, she usually smells human, but not today. I don't know what the exact smell was, but it was bad. It was almost like…decay.' Just as Wyatt got done telling me this, the bell rang for seventh hour.

We went to his locker, then mine for our books. We were going to math for the second time in almost a week. With being on the run and skipping, we haven't been in school.

Wyatt sat in front of me, and I sat in the last row still had work to do and notes to take in math, so we decided to pass a note back and forth. We didn't get far, before Mr. Felins started to walk back to us to take the note. Before he could reach us, I froze him and the rest of the class.

Wyatt stood up and asked me, 'Will he unfreeze if I punch him?'

'No, feel free.' After I said that, he punched Mr. Felins square on the jaw. 'I feel better now.' Then, he sat down.

I un-froze Mr. Felins and he let out a blood curdling scream and collapsed. I re-froze the class to heal him. I got down on my knees next to him and outstretched my hands over his head. His jaw moved back into place, and I moved my hands. Wyatt and I sat back down, and I waved my hand. The class un-froze, and gasped. Mr. Felins stood up and rubbed his jaw, were Wyatt punched him.

'What did I do?!' he yelled, 'Class dismissed!' he said, still rubbing his chin. The class let out hollers and left the room, to scream in the hall. Wyatt and I stood and left also.

The rest of the class was running around the hall crazily. We walked calmly to our lockers to exchange our book and wait the ten minutes until our science class. We ran into Jamie in the hall though and that set Wyatt over the edge.

When we walked past, Wyatt stuck up his nose, like he had smelled something. Jamie did the same thing, and purposely ran into him. She smirked as she walked away.

'She smells so bad! Couldn't she take a shower or something?' Wyatt angrily.

'She doesn't think she stinks.'


We were coming up on the science lab, for our biology class. It would be only the second time we had eight hour together. Even though we had five more minutes until the class actually started, we walked in and sat at our lab table. Our teacher just stared at us; wanting an explanation to how we got there so early, considering the fact that seventh hour hadn't ended yet. When he didn't get one, he went back to grading tests but not without glaring at us on his way down.

We simply sat there, waiting for the rest of the class to join us. There should've been a class in the lab with us, but Mr. Roberts had a planning period. Like every teacher, he had a free class period to do whatever he wanted. He had his seventh hour, so we were alone.

A few other students walked in, also from our math class. They sat down at a table in the back, so when class started they could goof off. They were yelling and throwing things, trying to get on Mr. Roberts nerves. It worked.

He stood up, red faced, glaring at the noisy ones in the back of class.

'Get out! Now! Come when class has started, you ungrateful…' he didn't finish, probably because he wanted to keep his job. The noisy one filed out, making faces. I thought that Wyatt and I would be safe, because we were being angels but he shoed us out as well. He unfortunately, rubbed my shoulder while pushing Wyatt and I out.

'What are you?!' he screamed, backing into a corner, 'Your skin is cold and….and….and…hard! leave me alone!'

'What do you mean?' I asked in my most innocent, sweet voice.

'Get out!' he screamed again, but this time in fear for his life. Wyatt and I left the room and poor Mr. Roberts cowering in the corner. When we were in the hall, the bell rang and everyone rushed into their rooms. When we were alone in the hall, I wanted to know why he was so afraid of us. Wyatt read my mind.

'He was afraid because his parents were from a tribe that is more…superstitious. He was raised in the modern world, on the beliefs of his ancestors. He knows what we are, or close enough. He thinks we're 'criaturas de la noche', or in English, 'creatures of the night'. They're beautiful, pale and cold-skinned. He thinks I took your soul.'

'Why? He's not Indian, he's British!'

'Yeah, but he was adopted, by Indians.'

'That makes so much sense.'

We stopped talking after that. We were already late for class, and Mr. Roberts would probably call the cops if we went anywhere near him ever again. So we walked to the office. I walked in while Wyatt waited out side. The secretary looked up.

'Yes?' she said.

'Would you call the Collins family out of class please? They have appointments.'

'One moment.' She picked up the phone and said, 'Collins family please come to the office.' They ran there and were inside with me in seconds.

'We have to leave, guys,' I said.

'Okay,' Kaci replied. We walked out of the office together. Wyatt was still waiting for us.

'Come on,' he said, as he started to walk to the door, 'we need to talk.' When we were safely out by our cars, Wyatt said, 'Mr. Roberts rubbed up against Willow, and now is afraid of us. I don't think we should come back, unless we can switch biology teachers.'

'I could do that for you,' Victoria said looking all sweet and innocent, 'I can convince the office to do what ever I want.'

'You do that,' Wyatt said back to her, a little scared I think.

'Yah!' She said jumping up and down clapping.

'Well,' I said, 'we said we were leaving, so we probably should.'

'Why not?' Christian asked.

We got in our cars, same as before. Kaci, Victoria and I got in one and the guys in the other. We sped off to the house.

The ride was, again, short. Even shorter than the last one. When we got to the house, Wyatt and I went to the castle. The rest stayed in the main house.

'Hey Wyatt? Ask Rupert about the smell, he might know what it is,' I said

'I probably should. Let's go back to the house.'

'Hang on; if I promise you won't get dizzy again, can we bubble?'

He hesitated, 'Fine, only if I won't get dizzy.'

I smiled and took his hand in mine, I bubbled us to his room in the main house.

'I'm not dizzy!' he exclaimed.

'I told you that you would get used to that, didn't I?'

'Yeah, you did,' he said as we walked down the hall, to Rupert's office.

When we knocked, I didn't hear a reply. But Wyatt opened the door, and Rupert was inside, so I guessed Rupert thought the answer. Rupert put a book mark in the book he was reading, and stood up.

'What do you need?' he asked us both.

'A girl that is friends with Willow has changed. She is taller, stronger and is really hot, even to our cool skin.'

'Anything else different?' Rupert asked, perplexed.

'Yeah, actually. She smells really bad. I don't mean a human, who doesn't shower. I mean full fledged, death and decay. Any thought?'

'I think I know what it is,' he finally said.

'What?!' I almost screamed.


'Jamie, a werewolf! Couldn't be, they're way too rare! There has only six in the history of supernatural creatures!'

'Now there's seven,' Rupert said quietly.

'Now what! I'm a witch, my fiancé is a vampire, and one of my friends is a werewolf! If we knew a ghost, we would know every member of the supernatural community! I can't take it!' I yelled as bubbled to the castle.

I ended up in the music room, but I didn't feel like playing my flute. I walked out and up the spiral stairs. I was going to stop in the closet, and play dress-up to drown my sorrows but I decided not to. I decided to keep going, up to the third floor. I went to the left turret, the glass one, and climbed up to the top of the dome. I punched my fist through the glass, and crawled on top of the dome that wasn't shattered.

I jumped from the glass dome, over to the other turret. I crouched on the top of the cement ball and even though it was so windy I should have been blow off, the wind simply split as though I was a rock. I sat at the top, staring over the tree line. The birds were flying past me, along with the wind, but I didn't care. I was concentrating too hard to notice the scenery and weather. I was thinking how I was being married to my immortal enemy, and one of my best friends was my supposed enemies, enemy.

While I was concentrating, I felt someone rubbing my back.

'I know, this is a lot for you to take in. take your time, its okay,' Wyatt said soothingly.

'I…I…I can't take this Wyatt. We're breaking so many laws already, I can't take one more!' I whined.

'Well, I have more broken than you I bet. And I don't mean Council laws, either.'

'What do you mean?' I asked warily.

'I mean, that when I was growing up in London, I was a very unlawful person. I lied, stole, cheated people, and right after I became a vampire, I was a murderer. I've killed so many people, I've lost count. I said I took Caroline's way of life, but I lied. For several years, like any other teenager, I was rebellious. I went off and lived on my own for a while, not caring if I killed a human. I only thought of myself, I didn't think of the people's family. I was truly a monster, not to mention the numerous Council laws I've broken as well.'

'I don't mind that you killed so many people, you don't anymore, and what else have you done?'

'I told you about me and my family, I told you about my gift, I helped my family kill another member of our coven, I'm getting married to someone you is supposed to be my immortal enemy and who isn't in my species. That enough?'

'No, but I'm not getting more out of you.'

'Do you remember last time you heard that?' Wyatt asked me.

'Yeah, it was when we were one the run and I got mad at Lynn. You made apologize.'

'You're right.'

'I know.'

Right after I said that, I decided to try something. I decided to try out my new found indestructibility. I jumped out of my crouch, to the ground. I landed on the balls of my feet, as to not break the heels of my shoes.

Wyatt followed me down, and looked really worried.

'Why did you do that?! You didn't know if you were indestructible!' he fumed.

'Calm down, I was sure I wouldn't get hurt and that if I did, I heal fast.'

'Still, don't do stuff like that. I'm used to having a fragile you to look after.'

'I wasn't indestructible for what, a week?'

'Old habits die hard and it was longer for me than it was for you.'


'Well…I was kind of…protecting you before you met me. That's how I knew you were in the hall when I saved you.'

'What did you do? Stalk me?'

'No, nothing like that. I kept your thoughts in my mind, to check up on you and when your thoughts were gone, I followed your scent to where you…'died'. If I didn't, you would actually be dead.'

'Thanks for that.'

'No problem.'

'But I still have a question.'

'What now?' he pleaded.

'Why did you care what happened to me? I mean to you wasn't I a useless human?'

'I cared, because…I don't know really. I just had to, its like when you don't know the right answer on a test, but one just sticks out.'

'Thanks for clearing that up,' I said sarcastically.

I went back inside the castle. I bubbled up to my new closet to change into something else. I grabbed a Twilight shirt and a different pair of jeans. I went over to where the shelf of jewelry was, to put on a necklace. I almost always wore one, and my neck felt naked without one there.

There were dozens of different necklaces to choose from. There were gold chains that looked like snakes, with diamonds, silver chains with crosses on them, because I was a relatively religious person. There were so many, I could wear one a day, for a year and never wear one twice.

There was one that I didn't know what it was.

'Wyatt?' I said, he walked into the room.


'What is this?' I asked, pointing to the necklace.

'Our family crest, it's a symbol made just for this family. We've had it for centuries.'

I picked it up and put it around my neck. It was relatively heavy and large. It was on a thick silver chain, and was an oval. One the inside of the oval was the actual crest design. It was two lions on their hind legs, facing each other. There was a shield in between them, that was crimson and midnight black. There was a strip of what looked like ribbon, over the shield; it said 'Collins'.

I picked up the family crest, and put around my neck. I clasped the two ends together and let it dangle from my neck. I looked in the mirror.

'It's beautiful,' I whispered, but Wyatt didn't answer. I looked around, to see if he was still there. He was standing right behind me, nodding.

'It is.'

We walked down stairs, to walk to the main house. Normally, he would run and I would bubble, but today we decided to walk at normal human pace. We went slowly, holding each others hands. He still felt like velvet.

It took almost fifteen minutes to reach the house at our slow pace, but when we did, it didn't feel that long.

We walked in the open front door, and saw everybody on the couch, even Lori and Lynn.

'What's going on?' Wyatt asked, a hint of worry in his sweet voice.

Rupert answered, 'Jamie.'

'What about Jamie?!' I said, almost yelled. I was pissed; he probably wanted to kill her.

'Nothing bad, but we can't befriend werewolves. We have enough broken laws already.'

'I don't care about the laws, Rupert. Jamie and I are really close; we were even close when she moved out of the country a few years ago. She stays,' I almost snarled.

'Moved out of the country?' Rupert repeated, like a question. Of course he didn't know! I never told anyone that Jamie moved to Saudi Arabia!

'A few years ago, in eighth grade, her dad got a job in Saudi Arabia. She moved there until last year, when she came back here to graduate high school with us. Even with a nine hour time difference, we were always e-mailing each other. I never went a day without talking to her.'

'Well, there's no way can separate you now, after talking across an ocean.' Rupert agreed.

'Thank you; at least she doesn't have a pack.'

'A pack?' Kaci asked.

'Yeah, a group of wolves that she belongs to.'

'Oh,' she said as she walked upstairs.

'Hey Lynn, Lori, I want to show you something,' I said.

'What?' Lori asked.

'Follow me,' I said as I bubbled to the castle. They were there a few seconds after I was.

I walked to the second floor and to the round door. I opened it and pushed them inside.

'Cool!' Lori exclaimed as she ran up the spiral stairs.

'What about the broken glass?' Wyatt whispered in my ear.

'I took care of it.' I pointed up so he could see what I meant. There was a solid glass dome again, not the one I shattered.

'How?' he asked.

'Spell, I am a witch you know.'

'I should've guessed.'

We walked back out and this time, went our special ways to the main house. All of Wyatt's siblings were sitting on the couch. Victoria sat on the arm rest, her knees to her chest. Kaci was sitting next to her, and Stephan was next to Kaci. Christian was on the other arm rest; he was crouching like he had on the top of the castle.

'Hey, Willow,' Stephan said. The other were concentrating on the TV, Victoria had the remote and was watching extreme sports. Shocker.

'We were just about to go hunting, Wyatt, if you want to join us.' Christian offered, 'You should come, you need to blow off some steam.'

'Um…' Wyatt hesitated, looking in my direction.

'Go,' I encouraged, 'Christian's right, have some fun.'

'Okay, when are we leaving?'

'Now,' Victoria said, hopping off her perch, 'Willow, are coming to watch?'

'No,' Wyatt snarled.

'Wyatt,' I said, 'kill the habit, I'm indestructible.'

He didn't answer, just stopped snarling. I jumped on his back so he could run.

We stopped running after a few minutes, in the middle if the forest. Wyatt set me down and put a finger to his lips, telling me to be quiet. I nodded in reply.

Victoria closed her eyes and put her head up. She took in a deep breath, and eyes came back open. She crouched down, something I thought would be impossible considering the length of her dress, and stared at the trees. She sprang into the bush and I heard a growl, broken off by a gurgle. She came back out, looking the same as she had before, but pleased with herself. She was almost purring.

The rest of them split up, and did the exact same thing that Victoria had done. Except, Christian that is. He found a grizzly bear, and started to taunt and tease it. It rammed him and pushed him to the ground. The bear swiped it's huge paw over Christian's chest, not harming him, but destroying his shirt. It looked as if he was trying to wrestle with the bear.

When I had enough of him and his foolishness, I said, 'Christian, don't play with your food!'

'Fine!' He said biting into the bear's throat, he through it off of him, into the trees. 'If you won't let me fight the bear, and Caroline won't let Stephan and I fight, what am I supposed to do?'

'You could fight me,' Victoria said innocently.

'I don't think so,' Christian said back.

'Are you sure?' she said, no doubt using her power on him.

'Yes, I'm sure.'

'That's not fair!' she said running off into the woods, Christian followed her. Kaci and Stephan followed him, to make sure Victoria didn't hurt him.

'Why didn't you hunt, Wyatt?' I asked when we were the only two left.

'I don't need to.'

'Wyatt, seriously, I saw the look on your face when Christian was with the grizzly. You want to hunt.'

'Not with you here, I'll look like a monster.'

'No, you won't. I've seen everyone in your family hunt, but you.'

'You haven't seen Caroline or Rupert.'

'Yes, I have. I saw them when I was sitting on the turret.'

'Fine, but only because I really need to kill something,' he said as he jumped off of the boulder we were sitting on.

He ran into the trees and out of my line of sight. I heard a second long growl and a gurgle, then he reappeared. He came back over to me and pulled me off of the boulder and onto his back. He ran to the main house again.

On the way back, I kept seeing something in the trees. It looked human, but I couldn't tell. Wyatt saw it to, but didn't mention it to me. Other then the UFO, (unidentified freaky object) the run was exactly like it had been on the way there.

When we were back at the mansion, everyone was back like they were before the hunting trip. They were all sitting on the couch, watching sports on TV. They didn't even look up when we walked in, unlike before.

Wyatt and I returned the attitude, just walking past them. We walked up the stairs, although I didn't know why. I thought that we were going up to his room, but we kept going up to the third floor.

Then, when we approaching the hospital in the attic, I thought that we were going to see Caroline, but we weren't doing that either. We walked into the only part of Wyatt's house that I hadn't been in yet. We walked into the library.

He walked around looking at the numerous bookshelves, looking for a specific book. He was in the section for classics. The section contained everything from Romeo and Juliet to Tom Sawyer. He picked down two books. I didn't see what they were, but he handed one of then to me.

'What are we doing?' I asked.

'Reading. I know that you like some of the classics and I obviously do, considering my age. I used to always read this time of day, but haven't for a while. Now, I'm trying to get back into my routine and I want you to join me. Broaden your mind.'

'You could've just said 'story time', you know.'

'I don't talk like that though, I use large, and highly intelligent vocabulary.'

'You sure do, remember? 'We jump off crap.' And 'doors are for squares.''

'Touché,' he said as he jokingly glared at me.

I looked down at the book he had handed me to read. It was Tom Sawyer, fortunately, a book that I already read and liked very much.

We walked outside to find a good place to read. There was only one problem though, it was sunset and Wyatt could see, but I couldn't.

'Don't worry, I took care of that,' he said, pulling me into the woods. He ran me to the castle, and clapped his hands. The top of the right turret lit up. 'Follow me,' he said as he went inside and up the stairs.

He went up to the third floor and into the large theater room. He walked to where the screen and the wall met. He felt around the wall and pushed open a small door.

'Ladies first,' he said, gesturing to the door.

I knelt down and crawled through the opening. There was a mini spiral staircase. I walked up to see where it went, the book still in my hand.

It went up for a while, the stopped. I hit my head on the ceiling and said, 'It stops, now what?'

'Push up.'

I did as he said and the door opened, I continued up the staircase. I hopped up onto the platform and saw yet another door. I opened it and crawled up, without Wyatt's instruction. I saw standing on the right turret.

'Isn't that easier than breaking the glass and doing a spell to fix it?' he asked.

'I didn't have to break the glass, I can bubble up here. I broke it because I needed to release some anger.'

'Oh, I forgot. I guess I didn't need this put in. I can climb up here.'

'HEY! You can't climb! You jump!' I heard Christian yell from the main house.

'SHUT UP CHRISTIAN!' I shouted back.

'NOT SO LOUD!' his booming voice yelled back.

I opened my mouth to speak again, but Wyatt stopped me.

'If you keep going, he'll never stop.'

We both crouched down on the turret, the light made it so I could read, and opened our books.

We sat reading until far past midnight. When I was a good half way through the book, Wyatt jumped down. He landed silently

'Come on, hop down!' he said, I could barley hear him.

'You told me I couldn't do that anymore!'

'I take it back, just jump!'

'Fine!' I said, jumping down. I landed right in front of him and almost as silent.

He tossed me onto his back and ran to the house. Before we were there, I heard extremely loud acoustic guitar coming from the upstairs.

We walked inside, I had to cover my ears.


Christian walked in from the kitchen, 'What'd I do now?!'

'I thought you were playing.'


'What?' he asked from the couch.

'I thought if it wasn't Christian playing, then it was you. Sorry. RUPERT!' it had to be him playing, he was the only guy left.

'You don't have to shout, Willow.'

'Sorry, I thought it was you playing. KACI!'

'Stop yelling! It's to loud!' she said, barley audible over the guitar.


'Yeah?' she said walking in the living room. The music still played.

'Who's playing?'

'Victoria,' Christian yelled over the sound.

I bubbled up the stairs, to Victoria room. I pulled open the door. She was playing a green guitar, wearing something only a vampire should wear. She had a black tee shirt on that in big, yellow lettering said 'bite me' she also had on bright, purple, skin-tight, pants.

'VICTORIA!' I screamed.

She stopped playing and turned around, 'What? You're harshing my mellow!'

'You're playing to loud!'

'I'll stop, but you get me wrath!' she said as she smashed her guitar on the wall. She picked up the pieces and nailed them in a guitar shape on the wall.

While she was doing that, I looked around at her room. She had so many guitars smashed on her walls; I wondered how many she owned. He walls, what you could see of them, were ash grey. There was a chair, and a guitar stand, but that was it furniture wise.

She walked over to a door, and reached her hand inside. She pulled out a crimson guitar and put it in the stand. She looked at herself in the large mirror that took up most of one wall.

'What's with the smashed guitars?' I asked.

'When I get done rocking out, I smash it. It's a good way to relieve stress.'

'What about the bag of dust?' I asked, pointing to a large bag of dust, hanging by the guitars.

'That was my first guitar. I tried to learn it when I was a newborn still. I had anger issues.'

'And the pile of bones?' I asked, pointing to the corner, were a pile of bones sat with a human skull on the top.

'You….saw that. It was the maker of my first guitar.'

I backed away from her, 'And the silver athame above your door?'

'You saw that to?'

'Yeah,' I said, scared.

'That's how I killed the guitar maker.'

'That's how you kill me.'


'A silver athame is the only way to kill an immortal witch,' I said as I gulped.

'Don't worry, I won't kill you. You haven't given me a reason to.'

'Good, I didn't think you would want me dead.'

'You're right. Now, unless you want me to change my mind and use the athame, I would suggest you leave me in peace to rock out,' she said as she picked up her guitar.

I didn't say anything, just walked out of the room and back down the stairs. Wyatt and Christian were sitting on the couch waiting for me.

'I see she decided she was in a good enough mood to not use the athame,' Christian said.

'You could've told me that your sister had a athame, Wyatt,' I said as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

'I didn't think it was important.'

'You didn't think it was important! She could come kill me!'

'Let me rephrase that…'

'You better rephrase that!'

'I meant that I didn't want you to worry.'

'That's so much better.'

'Sorry,' he said, trying to comfort me.

'You better be,' I said, maybe a little too cruelly.

'Want to go home?' he asked, trying to change the subject.

'No, I want to plan the wedding that's in less than a week.'

'Okay, do you want to do it just us, or have it be surprise, or hire a wedding planer?'

'I already had a wedding planner in mind though…'

'And who would that be?'


'You want her of all vampires, to plan your wedding?''I trust her.'

'Do you want an all black wedding?'

'I don't think she would do that….'

'I do….'

'Are you actually telling me that you don't trust your own sister with your wedding?'

'That's precisely, what I'm saying.'

'Well, I don't care. You know that she heard us, so now she's going to want the job. And you know what'll happen if we don't give it to her…'

'I hate it when you use our extreme sense of hearing against me.'

'I know.'

'I can see why they call us immortal enemies.'

That was so unfair! He said that he understood us being enemies. I raised my hand in the air to slap him, knowing that I was rock hard so it should hurt him this time.

I brought my hand down on him, making him cringe away from me. I laughed at his pain.

'It's not funny!' he said, rubbing his face were my hand hit him.

'Yes, it is. Last time I did that, I broke my hand. Now I can hurt you!'

'Hurt is right! That was a strong hit, even to a vampire!' he whimpered, 'Remind me to make you fight Christian one of these days…'

When he said that, Victoria flounced down the stairs.

'I heard that I'm planning your wedding!' she said excitedly.

'Yeah, I guess you are,' Wyatt said, knowing his battle was already lost.

'Yea!' she said as she clapped her hands. She ran up the stair case to tell Christian the news, because he had left when she came down. Although, Christian probably knew already.

'Are you happy now? We get a Goth to plan our wedding….' Wyatt demanded.

'She's not Goth, she's a vampire. So she plays her guitar to loud and wears black sometimes, what's it matter?'

'She'll turn the wedding into Halloween!'

'No, she won't. I'll make sure of that.'


'Well, if you kill a vampire by burring it, Lynn will come in handy.'

'So will that athame above Victoria's door…' his voice trailed off.

'Don't worry, Lori has air. She can freeze a layer of water over me.'

'You could drown.'

'N-…hang on. Come to the river with me,' I said as I walked out the door.

Wyatt followed me to the river behind the house, taking my slow pace. I thought that he would've wanted to run, but I guess that the fact we had eons of time changed his mind.

When we finally walked the mile or so to the river, Wyatt really wanted to know what I was thinking. I was very careful not to think of what I was going to do, so he was left in the dark.

'Okay, we're here, no what are you doing?' he demanded.

'You don't have to breathe, right?' I asked, not answering his question.

'No, vampires don't need oxygen. You still didn't answer my question, though.'

'Does this answer it?' I asked, while I pulled of my tee shirt so I was only wearing my cami. I was also wearing shorts from when I changed earlier. I jumped up and directly over the river, I curled my knees to my chest and yelled, 'Cannonball!' I hit the water hard, but it didn't affect my hard skin. My head broke the surface, 'Come on, take a swim with me!'

'Ugh,' he said as he pulled off his shirt. He jumped into the water with me. 'Now what?'

'Come on,' I said as I dove beneath the surface of the water. I waved my hand for him to follow me. 'Water,' I mumbled as well as I could under the surface. I felt water rush into my lungs, feeling just the same as oxygen.

We stayed under far too long for a human to survive. We were under for almost an hour I guessed, glancing at the under-water life. When I was finally done proving my point, I pulled my head above the calm of the water.

'Thank you water,' I said, letting air replace the water. 'See? I breathe under water, it feels just like air.'

'I see your point. What feels like air?'

'The water in my lungs, it's like air to me when I'm in my element.'

'You are the strangest creature I have ever met, Willow.'

'Says the one who reads minds and isn't a full vampire, but has the powers of one.'

'I'm not part fish.'

'I…can't think of a come back. Touché.'

'Want to go back to the house? Your clothes are starting to freeze.'

I looked down ad the clothes I was wearing, and saw what he meant. My thin tank top was hardening to the outline of my body, along with my shorts.

'I should go change, unless I want icicles for clothes.'

We walked to the house again so both of us could change. Only, it was to slow for Wyatt. After only a few seconds, he swooped my up into his arms and ran back to the house. He sat me down on my feet when we were safely inside of the living room.

Victoria was sitting on the arm of the house with the remote in her hand again. She was flipping through the channels so fast, that the picture was a blur. As I was walking past, the remote exploded in her hands. The debris rained downs on Christian, Kaci, Stephan, and me.

'Not again!' she said as she hopped of the couch. She went over to the desk in the corner with the computer on it and opened a drawer. She pulled out another remote from a pile of many, and walked back to her seat. She jumped back into her previous position and started channel surfing again.

Wyatt continued on his way upstairs, and I ran to catch him.

'What was that all about?' I asked.

'She pushes the button to fast and hard so the remote explodes. We have almost thirty more, just in case.'

'This is the weirdest house I have ever been in.'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, I'm part 'fish', your half vampire, the rest of your family is vampires, Victoria plays guitar then smashes them along with remotes, and we have allies with our enemies! This is a one-of-a-kind house!'

'Yeah, I know. This is a weird house, even if it is full of super natural enemies.'

After that, I realized a small problem. None of our stuff was here and our clothes were freezing. not only that, but Wyatt left his shirt at the lake.

'Wyatt? Why are we here? All of our stuff is at the castle and you forgot your shirt…'

'I didn't forget my shirt, I left it there.'

'You didn't answer my first question.'

'Fine, we're here because I need my clothes. If you didn't notice, only your clothes are in the closet.'

'How did you get dressed for school today?'

'I ran here, changed, and ran back.'

'I should've thought of that, I really haven't been thinking about your…powers.'

'You really should consider that.'

'I know.'

'I should have considered it when…Never mind.'

'When? What are you hiding?'

He took a deep breath, 'Before we moved here and we lived in Washington, I had some trouble in gym.'

'What kind of trouble?'

'None of my siblings were in my class, so I had to try really hard not to run to fast or be to strong. When we were playing football it was even harder, football is my favorite human sport. I was running at slightly faster than I should, but that wasn't too bad. I tossed the ball to a teammate, Jeremy Barnes, and I threw it to hard. He flew through to the end zone, and about three miles away. We immediately moved.'

'You aren't good with sports ,are you?'

'I love sports…when I'm on a team of vampires.'

'I meant when you're with a bunch of humans.'

'Oh, then yeah. I can't play sports with humans, unless I want to move.'

'Well, when we do have to move, I'll try to be in your gym class.'

'You won't have to try; you just have to give…a donation to the school. Works every time.'

'Is that how changed your schedule?'

'No, I hacked the computer. Then, I asked Rupert to do a memory spell so the teachers I had forgot me and the ones I switched to remembered me.'

'Wouldn't a 'donation' be easier?'

'Yeah, but where's the fun in that?'

'Fun? Your idea of fun is hacking a computer and doing spells?! Spells are hard; I'd like to see you cast one!'

'They don't seem hard.'

'Well, some aren't. The one to turn Lynn took a lot of power and totally drained me of energy. The memory spells aren't too bad, but a reversal memory spell is really hard. I still can't do one and I've been trying to for a year and a half. They take to much power.

'Fine, spells are hard. Now, can I please go back to what I was doing? My pants are frozen.'

Christian started laughing from down stairs.

'Go ahead. I should probably go home and change too.'

'See you there?'

'Yep,' I said as I bubbled to the closet in the castle.

I took off the crest necklace that I forgot I was wearing and laid it down on the table that held all of my jewelry. I picked up a Twilight shirt and a new pair of jeans as I walked to the master bathroom. I laid my clothes down on the toilet and started to peel of my frozen cami and pants.

I turned on the hot water, knowing it still wouldn't warm me up. With ice cold skin, nothing could warm me up. Although I was ice cold, the hot water helped me relax.

After ten minutes, I turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. I picked up a towel and wrapped my self in it. I picked up my clean, dry clothe sand changed into them. I tossed the towel into a basket and walked out.

I walked down stairs and saw the fire blazing. I thought that Wyatt would be waiting for me, but he wasn't. I looked in the kitchen, music room, second and third floors but he wasn't in the house. I bubbled to the turret that we usually were on, but he wasn't there either.

I went back to the house, to see if he was there with his siblings. They were all in the living room, the same positions as before. Did these vampires ever move?!

'Hey guys?' I said. They all turned their head to me.

'What?' Stephan said.

'Have you seen Wyatt? He's not at the castle.'

'No, he left after you did. He ran into the forest.'

'Do you know where he went?' I asked, worriedly now.

'No, why?' Christian said, concerned.

'I saw something out there after we went hunting. I don't know what it is and I think it could be another vampire.'

'Want us to look for him?' Christian asked, Stephan had turned to Kaci in fear for her.

'No, he should here my thoughts.'

'Okay, if he's not back in a few seconds we'll go after him.'

'Thanks, guys.'

'No problem little sister.'

Wyatt, come back. You're worrying me. I thought.

I looked to the forest. He wasn't there,

I walked outside, still staring into the forest

'Wyatt?' I called. I waited no answer. 'WYATT!' I screamed, still no answer. 'Wyatt,' I whispered. It should have brought him to me. It didn't. I bubbled to Rupert.

I ran into his office where he was reading.

'Rupert!' I yelled.

'What?' he said concerned.

'He…I…Spell…' I couldn't say what I was trying to.

He grabbed my shoulders, 'Willow, concentrate and slow down. Tell me exactly what you need to.'

'Okay. I went home to the castle to change and take a shower. Wyatt stayed here to change and said he would meet me at home. Stephan said he left, that he ran into the forest. I thought his name, I screamed his name, and I said a spell but he didn't come to it!' I sobbed into my hands.

'I can see the thoughts not working; he can only hear about ten miles away, the same with hearing. As for the spell, what one did you use?'

'The name spell, where you say a name and concentrate on it and the person comes to you.'

'I don't think they work on vampires. Let me try.'


'Christian,' he whispered. Christian didn't come to the room, but we heard a loud bang come from the stairs. We heard footsteps and Ruperts door opened.

'I was just sitting on the couch, and then I was on the stairs! What did you do?!'
'Sorry, Christian. I was trying to see if a spell worked on vampires.'

'So can I leave?'

'Feel free.'

'Thank you!' he said as he stormed back down to the living room.

'It should have worked on Wyatt; he's part human.' I said.

'Not necessarily. I could only bring Christian half way. Maybe if we did it together…'

'It could work! Let's do it!'

'On the count of three…One…Two…Three!'

'Wyatt,' we both said.

We waited several seconds, and Wyatt dropped at our feet.

'Oh Wyatt!' I said as I pulled him to his feet and into my arms. 'Where were you? Why didn't you answer me?' I said, Wyatt still in my arms.

'It's okay, I'm here.' He said as he stroked my hair.

'Yeah, but-' I started but he out a velvet finger to my lips.

'Let's talk at home, come on,' he said as he pulled me out. I didn't want to run though. I bubbled us both to our living room.

He pulled me to the couch and sat down. My arms were around his neck, and I was trying to pull my self closer to him.

'Now answer my questions,' I demanded.

'Calm down, I'll tell you. I couldn't hear your thoughts clearly, or your voice. They were like mumbled whispers. I was to far away.'

'Where were you though?'

'I was in the country side forests about eleven miles away.'

'How did you hear me at all then? Rupert said you could only hear ten miles.'

'He's right, I usually only hear ten miles.'


'How did I hear you?'

I nodded.

'You're special with me. I'm so attuned to your voice in my head, it's easier to hear.'

'When you heard me, why didn't you come back then?'

'I thought that you were just thinking, not trying to contact me.'

'What about when I yelled to you?'

'I thought you were yelling at Christian again, you do that a lot.'

'Did anything happen when I did the name spell?'

'Yeah, actually. I bubbled a few miles closer to the house.'

'Why didn't you come back then? I thought that the thing we saw after hunting killed you!'

'I'm sorry I scared you,' he said, still stroking my hair.

'Why didn't you come back though?'

'I started to, just not running. I was walking at a normal speed.'

'A human speed?'

'No, vampire speed, about forty miles an hour.'

'You still didn't tell me why you left in the first place.'

'I was hoping you forgot…'

'You were wrong, I want to have a reason for thinking you died.'

'Do I have to give you one?'

'Yes. When I bubbled to my house, I worried you. You thought a hunter could've killed me. Now when you disappear, with the Council ready to kill us and some UFO in the woods, I can't have an answer!'


'Unidentified freaky object. You still didn't answer.'

'Fine. I was…hunting.'

'Why? You don't need to, and you did yesterday.'

'I try to hunt every couple of days.'
'Why though?'

'My eyes, they would scare you when I don't hunt.'

'I thought your eyes were-'

'Naturally gold? Well before I was turned, they were green. When I was a newborn they were crimson, and when I hunt they're gold. But if I don't hunt…they're silver. They look like Mercury.'

'You think that it would scare me?'

'It would, I know that it would.'

'You can't know until I see them.'

'You will soon enough. I didn't hunt today, so my eyes will be changing. Fast.'

'How fast?'

'Well, look at them now. What color are they?'

I looked into his eyes that were normally gold. They were a deep black.


'Then in a few hours they'll, be silver.'

'I can't wait to see them.'

'Yes you can. I don't want you to see them silver, I already told you that.'

'But Wyatt, I want to see them! Do you actually think that silver eyes will scare me?'

'No, I don't think they'll scare you. I know that that will.'

'No you don't! What will it take to convince you that my mind works backwards?'

'I don't think anything would convince me at this point.'

'Well, I'm going to try and convince you anyway.'

'Suit yourself.'

'Here it goes; my favorite movie is about vampires.'

'That's not even close.'

'Okay…um…I'm a witch, one of my friends is a werewolf, and I'm being married to a vampire.'

'A little closer…'

'Um…I'm not afraid of Victoria.'

'That proves your point. Your mind works backwards, everyone is afraid of Victoria.'

'That was easier than I thought.'

'Convincing you of my view.'

'Of course it was; I read your mind.'


That was the last word either of us spoke because Lori and Lynn bounded in the door and through to the kitchen. I unwrapped my arms from Wyatt's neck and went to see what they were doing. Wyatt followed me.

When we walked in, they were both looking through the cupboards. They were running around, pulling things from the refrigerator and cupboards.

'What are you two doing in my kitchen?' I asked them as they flew around, messing up my clean kitchen.

'We can't use the one at the main house; it's only a prop,' Lori answered.

'That didn't answer my question. Why do you need a kitchen in the first place?'

'We're baking a cake,' Lynn said.

'Why though?'

'For you! We want to make your birthday cake but it can't be on your birthday.'

'Why can't I just have a cake on my birthday?'

'Keep up! You'll have your wedding cake on your birthday slash wedding, and ours now!'

'That works, I guess. Wyatt, do you mind if you leave the three of us alone for a while?'

'I don't mind, I need to hunt.'

'Oh no, I don't think so. I will see your eyes.'

'You can't stop me from hunting, Willow.'

'Yes I can.'

'I am the queen,

You are the bee,

As I desire, so shall it be!'

'What was that?' Wyatt asked, looking around.

'A spell; now if you try to hunt, you won't be able to.'

'I doubt it.'

'Oh yeah? Try to go hunt then.'

He ran out the door to the woods. Several seconds later, he was bubbled back to the kitchen.

'Want to try again?'

'No, I won't hunt. I'll go to the house and watch TV.' He turned to leave, but he stopped. He turned back to face us.

'I need to give Lynn something before I go. Follow me.'

The three of us followed Wyatt up the stairs at the cat room. He opened the door and we saw Tobias and Beetle climbing the walls.

'Why are we in here?' Lynn asked.

'Look up,' Wyatt said.

Lynn looked to the ceiling along with Lori and I. We saw a small, black and white, monkey dangling from it's tail.

'A monkey?' Lynn asked.

'Your familiar.' Wyatt said.

'It's Edmund?' she said as the monkey dropped onto her shoulder.

'Yeah, I went and found him yesterday.'

'Can I rename him? I don't like 'Edmund'.'

'Yeah, go ahead.'

'I'm going to name him…Flame! Like his mark!'

'Huh?' the rest of us said at the same time.

'His mark; like Tobias has the heart and Beetle has the triquetra. Flame has a star in a flame circle.'

We looked closer, leaning towards the monkey in Lynn's arms. On its forehead, was the mark that Lynn had said was there. It was a small circle made of flame and inside was a red star.

'Now can we make Willow her cake?' Lori asked Lynn as she set Beetle back on the floor to play with Tobias. She had been holding him.

'Yeah, as long as Flame come with us.'

'I think we should bring all of our familiars with us.'

'Why not?' I said back to Lori.

We walked back to the kitchen to make the cake that I didn't really want. I was only letting them make it because I didn't want to upset them.

'When you need me, just call,' Wyatt said as he walked out the door.

You got it. And NO hunting! I thought.

'I won't, I promise.'


I walked back to the kitchen to help make the cake.

Lori and Lynn were already mixing the ingredients together in a large metal bowl. Well, Lori was anyway. Lynn was walking around with the large carving knife, swinging it around.

'Put that down, Lynn! You could hurt Lori or yourself!'

'No I can't. We both stopped ageing last night. It can't hurt us anymore.'

'It could still hurt any of us!'

'No it couldn't, see?' she said as she plunged the knife deep into my left arm.

She let go as I screamed in pain. I pulled it back out and through it into the sink. I glanced down at the cut that it left. It was still bleeding, but I could see that it was healing. I put my right hand over it and healed myself with the water.

'What'd you do that for?!' I yelled at Lynn.

'I thought that nothing could hurt you once you were immortal!'

'It was silver! A silver athame is how you kill a witch! You never, ever, touch a silver knife!'

'I'm sorry! Nobody told me that silver is bad for us!'

I turned my anger from Lynn over to Lori. 'You never told her! I thought that you would, that's why I didn't! If I didn't have a healing ability, I would be dead!'

'I said I was sorry!' Lynn said.

'It's not your fault, I didn't tell you silver was bad for us,' Lori said.

'Can we go back to my cake now?' I asked, trying to change the subject.

'We don't really have to. It's already in the oven.'

'Then now what do we do?' Lynn asked.

'Why don't we…design my wedding dress?'

'How? None of us can draw.' Lori said.

'I can,' Lynn piped up.

'She's right. She is a really good artist.'

'Well, I guess we know what we're doing until the cake gets done,' Lori said.

We ran upstairs and to my closet. We wanted to get some ideas from the gowns I already had. I pulled in three chairs and a small table with a drawing pad for Lynn. She outlined the dress, and then drew a design. She didn't even ask me what kind of dress I wanted.

She was done in a few minutes. She held up the picture so we could see it.

It was long, and flowing. It looked like a white water fall. It had long, lacy arms, with the same design on the veil. The bottom half of the dress was solid silk, so was the upper back.

'How did you know what I wanted it to look like?' I asked her in amazement.

'I don't know, I just saw a picture of it in my head and just…drew it.'

'Anything else?' I asked.

'Yeah…um…when I saw the picture the dress was in your closet. It was in there,' she said, pointing to a shelf with other dresses on it.

I walked over to it and unzipped the first bag with a gown inside. It wasn't a wedding dress. I continued unzipping the bags, until I was at the last one. I didn't expect to find the dress, but I unzipped it anyway. Inside was the wedding dress that Lynn had drawn.

'How did you know she had that dress?' Lori asked.

'I didn't have it. I know what dresses I had and this wasn't one of them.'

'That's weird,' Lynn said.

'Wait! I think I know how she did the dress thing!' I said.

'How?' they both said.

'Lynn, draw a tee shirt. Imagine me wearing it, hurry!' I commanded.

'Why?' she asked.

'Just do it!'

She started to draw another picture. She was done even faster than before. She held up the drawing so we could see it. But instead of looking at the picture, I looked down. I looked back up to see the drawing and it was the same shirt I was now wearing.

'I know what happened!' I said.

'What?!' Lynn asked, throwing the sketch aside.

'That's your power! What ever you imagine then draw happens!'

'How do you know?'

'Well, when you pictured the dress in my closet then drew it, it appeared. When you pictured me wearing a tee shirt, it appeared!'

'That is so cool!'

Before we could talk anymore about Lynn's new found powers, we heard the oven timer going off as we had to go take the cake out of the oven. We walked down the stairs, I was still wearing the shirt Lynn had drawn to me.

Lynn pulled out the hot pan because her affinity for fire allowed her not to get burnt. She put it on the counter and Lori cooled it down with her air affinity.

Lynn got out some frosting, but she didn't out it on the cake. Instead, she bubbled upstairs and got the drawing pad. She drew out a gourmet frosting design. It appeared on the cake seconds after she was done with her drawing.

'You like to show-off your new power to muck, Lynn,' I told her.

'You would too if you just got your powers!' she replied.

'No actually, I didn't freeze everyone I saw.'

'I levitated at home, in my room. Just too prove to myself that I could,' Lori added, 'I never did it in front of Willow even.'

'Sorry again, I just like being able to change things when I want to.'

'Obviously,' Lori said.

We stopped talking for a while, none of really knew what to say. After a while, I needed to break the silence.

'So, what flavor is the cake?' I asked.

'Red velvet,' Lori replied.

'Can we eat some of it now?' Lynn begged.

'Sure,' I said, 'Help yourself.'

'Yea!' she said running to the cake with a fork in her hand.

Lynn shoved the cake into her mouth, not pausing to swallow before taking another bite. Before long, half the cake was gone and Lynn was putting her fork in the sink.

'I can see Christian maybe Stephan doing that, but not you Lynn!' I said,

'Well, it was a good cake,' she replied.

'Yeah, was,' Lori said.

'Don't worry, hang on,' Lynn said back as she walked back to the table and to her sketch book.

She sat down and started to draw the cake again. After several seconds, she stood back up and walked back to the cake. It looked exactly like it had before Lynn devoured it.
'See? Back to normal.'

'Yeah, but I'm not hungry any more.' I lied, I was ravenous. I just didn't want to eat what Lynn just had, even if it wasn't the same cake.

'Neither am I,' Lori said.

'Suit yourself,' Lynn said, 'Do yah want any Flame?'

The monkey nodded and ran over to the cake and shoved cake in his mouth, just the same as Lynn has done before him.

Wyatt, I thought, come back, I don't need anymore time.

Wyatt walked back in, barley after I got the full thought out of my mind.

'Miss me?' he asked, pulling me into his arms.

You have no idea, I thought.

'Enjoy your time together?' he asked us.

'Yeah,' Lori and Lynn said together.

Kind of.

'Victoria wants to see you at the house, something about the wedding,' Wyatt said.

'Okay, see you later Willow.'

As they walked out the door, I was thank full Wyatt came back to rescue me. He could tell.

'And why did you call me back so soon, pulling yourself away from your friends?'

'I love my friends, but after a while with Lynn, things get weird.'

'Like Lynn's new power weird?'

'Yeah, ah, how did you know about that?'

'You actually thought that I would be watching sports?'

'Yeah, I actually I did.'

'Well, if you haven't guessed yet, I wasn't. I was listening to all of your thoughts.'

'I should've figured that out.'

'So now that your friends are gone, now what do you want to do?'

'I was hoping that-'

'We could eat?'


'Sure, why not. I probably should too.'

'Thank you, you wouldn't want to eat what I was going to either.'

'That cake Lynn ate then made reappear?'


'I don't think I would feed that to Christian.'

'So what do you want to eat?' I asked.

'Well, what do you want?'

'Anything, as long as it isn't cake.'

'Then I'll surprise you with my cooking.'

'Fine with me.'

We walked into the kitchen and Wyatt ran around collecting ingredients, for his mystery dish. He was all but invisible, so I had no idea what he was making.

When he finally stopped the running, his body was blocking my view of what he was cooking. All that I knew was that it smelled amazing. I kept trying to sneak a glace towards the food, but Wyatt kept moving his own body to block me. Finally when I realized that I wouldn't be getting a clue as to what he was making, I went into the living room.

I sat on the large black couch and turned on the flat screen. I turned it to a news station. I watched CNN for a while, and then Wyatt walked in.

'Can I eat now?' I asked.

'Yes, you may.'

I sat down at the marble table and started snarfing down the food. Wyatt sat facing me, eating like a gentleman. I must've looked like a starving dog. I didn't even taste the food until my fifth or sixth bite. After that, I started to chew slower, realizing how good the food tasted. I didn't even know what it was, but I knew it was meat.

When I was done, I looked up to see Wyatt sitting and waiting for me. I thought that he must've eaten at a vampire's speed, so I didn't look like a pig or he usually ate fast and he was trying to keep the habit.

'I usually eat like that,' he said.

'Okay then. Well, now that we're both done, what do we do? I mean yesterday we read, but even I don't read that much.'

'I actually didn't want to read tonight either, if that as okay with you.'

'What were you thinking of doing?'

'I was hoping that I could give you a part of our agreement.'

'Our agreement?'

'Yeah, for the wedding. I said I wanted to give you a new car.'

'And is that what you want to do tonight?'

'Yeah, I bought it while you were with your friends.'

'What is it?'

'You'll see…'

I followed him to the garage with all of the family's cars in it.

There was Victoria's Aston Marten and her Porsche, Christian's Hummer, Kaci's convertible, Wyatt's Maserati, and another car I didn't recognize. It was a silver, convertible, Mustang.

'Where's mine?' I asked, looking around.

'Your bug is in the other garage and your new car is right here.' He said as he pointed to the Mustang.

'Seriously? You bought me a mustang?'

'Yeah, I told you that you would get a fast and expensive car.'

'I know, but you could've got me something less expensive!'

'What part of being rich don't you understand? This was cheap to us, anything under about seven million in cheap to me!'

'Still, I think I might stick with, my Bug for a while.'

'So why did I but you the other car?'

'Because you wanted to.'

'Okay, I know that. I meant why did you let me buy it if you won't drive it?'

'I let you buy it because it was one of your agreements to marriage.'

'They can be negotiated!'

'Still, I didn't know you would buy such an expensive car!'

'I already told you!' he yelled.

Victoria walked in before I could speak again.

'You two need to shut the hell up!' she yelled.

'Why?' I yelled back at her

'Because everything isn't about you! We all need the quiet!'

'What about your guitar playing?' Wyatt said. He was backing me up!

'That's different! If I don't play, someone will probably die!'

'Why don't you kick a tree?' I suggested.

'We would no longer have a forest.'

'So you can make all the noise you want because you're dangerous?'

'Yeah, pretty much.'

'I'm dangerous too you know,' I said.

'What are going to do? Throw me into the river?'

'Oh, no. You're not getting off that easy.'

'Oh, I'm so scared!' she said sarcastically.

'You should be. Wyatt, will you do something for me?'

'Am I doing what you're thinking?' he asked.


'Sure,' he said as he grabbed Victoria and pinned her against a tree.

'You're not stronger than me, Wyatt,' she said.

'I'm not, but we are.'

I walked to him and out one of my hands on Victoria as well. She was squirming, trying to escape.

'Oh Christian, Stephan! Come here please!' I said, knowing that they could hear me.

They came running out of the woods.

'What are you doing to Victoria?' Christian asked.

'We're teaching her that she isn't the only dangerous one in this house,' Wyatt said, gesturing to me.

'And how are you planning to do that?' Stephan asked.

'I was planning on fighting you, Christian.'

'Cool! I haven't fought in ages!'

'Stephan, will you help Wyatt hold Victoria? She might try to get away.'

'Sure, this should be interesting.'

'It should be,' I said as I walked over to Christian.

'Christian, there aren't any rules to this fight. Anything goes.'

'Fine with me, little sister.'

'Wyatt, you referee.' I said.

'I can't, I could cheat. KACI!'

She ran out of the woods.


'Referee the fight. It'll be fair that way.'

'Okay,' she turned to face us, 'Ding, ding! Fight!'

Christian ran at me and grabbed me from behind. I bubbled out, and grabbed him. I pushed him away, and flung him over the trees with my powers.

He ran back to the place we were fighting and said, 'Not bad, but let's see how you handle this!'

He flung a large tree branch at me, I put my hands up and froze it.

'Nice try, monkey man!'

'HEY! YOU CAN'T CALL HIM THAT!' Victoria yelled.

'Will someone gag her please?' I asked.

Wyatt put his hand over her mouth; she continued to attempt shouting. Christian and I continued.

I made my nails grow out, so they were like claws (yes, I can do that kind of thing. Being immortal has it good side.) I clawed Christian across his shoulder, and because like any other immortal, my nails tore open his flesh (if you could call it that).

'Ow!' he said, 'I didn't know you could do that!'

'Well, I can. Watch out for the nails.'

I swiped my nails over his face, cutting him again. Although, they weren't really cuts; they didn't bleed. I used my power to throw him into a large tree, which had collapsed. I also used my telekinesis to pick up the branch and slam it into Christian, like a baseball bat.

When I let the tree fall to the ground, Christian came and ran to me. I used my nails again. This time, I scratched his chest, tearing open his shirt. Victoria would've killed me if she knew what I was thinking, but so would Wyatt.

Christian stood back up and ran at me again. I kicked him in the gut, throwing him into another tree trunk.

'Ready to give up yet?' I asked, 'I could go on all day.'


'Christian, you really shouldn't have said that.' A devilish smile came to my face.

I used both of my hands and pushed him back with me nails. But before he went back, my nails dug into him. He collapsed on the ground.

'Uncle, uncle!' he screamed as I dug my 'claws' into his leg.

I stood, and also allowed him to stand.

'Want my to heal you?' I asked.

'Yes please!'

I held my hands over his shoulder, and healed his whole body. Wyatt and Stephan let Victoria down. She came over and punched so hard I flew into a tree. I stood up, unscathed, and went over to Wyatt.

His hand that he had over Victoria mouth was torn like Christian's shoulder was.

'Did she bite you?' I asked.

'Yeah, but it's fine, really.'

'I don't care, I'm healing you.'

I took hold of his palm and healed it as I had done with Christian.

Christian came over to me and said, 'I want a rematch! I didn't know you could cut me, or you were so strong! I was afraid to hurt you!'

'Okay Christian, what ever you want. You helped me prove my point.'

'Yeah, I get it now. You can be just a dangerous as a vampire. Now stop fighting my monkey man!' Victoria said.

As Christian and Victoria walked away, I swore I heard Christian say, 'I'll kick her ass next time, I swear to god…'

'Thanks for healing me,' Wyatt said after we couldn't see Christian and Victoria anymore.

'No problem, Wyatt. Thanks for holding Victoria down for me and sacrificing your hand.'

'I don't mind, it's not like I haven't hand my hand torn apart before.'

'What happened?'

'My early years, when I was living on my own, I got in a fight with another vampire.'

'What'd you do to him?!'


'You got in a fight with a girl!'

'Not any girl, I got in a fight with Caroline.'

'Your mother! You got in a fight with your mom!'

'I said I was a bad person. Anyway, she was trying to get me to come back from my rebellious ways. I didn't want to and she tried getting me back by force. But, I was a newborn, so I was much stronger. I tried to attack her, and she put her hands up to protect her face. I was a stupid young creature. She used her nails to claw my hands back.'

'Wyatt, do you mind telling me this kind of stuff all at once?'

'No, I don't think I will.'


'It keeps life interesting.'

'The last thing we need in an interesting life. We don't need all of the surprises, we've already had enough.'

'Still, I think I shall wait until a later date to disclose the further information.'


'I'm waiting to tell you the rest of my past.'

'Can't you just say that in the first place, I don't like it when you talk like that.'

'I told you I tend to use larger words than the average person.'

'I know, but can you talk like an average person, you know, every once and a while?'

'Sure, whatever makes you happy.'

'And don't do that either.'


'That. Don't sacrifice your feelings to make me happy. I want you to tell me the truth.'

'Okay, I won't do that either. On one condition.'

'What now? You have to be running out of them.'

'I won't do that if you fight Christian or…'

'There's more?!'

'Sorry, but I don't want you to lie to me either.'

'I can't, you would read my mind anyway.'

'I still don't want to have to get the truth from your head; I want it from the heart.'

'I guess that's fair. So now we both have to tell the truth, I can't fight Christian, and you want to turn me into a vampire.'

'Sounds like this should keep us busy for a while.'

'What'd you mean 'a while'?'

'I mean that if I turn you, you will be writhing in pain for several days for turning into a vampire and then you can't be around humans for a few years.'

'I thought that if you turned me, I wouldn't need blood.'

'I lied again. When I was a newborn, I needed blood everyday to live.'

'What happened to the truth concept?!'

'I told that lie before we decided to do the truth thing.'

'What else have you lied about?'

'I already told that you that you will find out on a later date.'


'You're actually okay with that?'

'If that's what you want to do about your lie filled past, then yeah, I am.'


Instead of replying, I pulled my face to his and kissed him. He had to end it, I didn't want to.

After our kiss, I thought of the conversation we just had. Wyatt could tell.

'How'd we get talking about that, from healing my hand?' Wyatt asked, my face in his hands.

'I don't really know; we do that a lot.'

'We do. We really need to stop changing the subject.'

'May I change the subject?' I asked.

'Now when we change it like that, I don't mind.'

'Okay then,' I said as I pulled my face to his once again. 'Can we at least go home?'

He didn't answer, just pulled me onto his back. We were in our living room seconds after that.

Right as I was pulling myself to him again, he pulled away.

'Ugh! For the love of…' he said.

'What is it Wyatt?'

'My brothers. They want to go hunting. Now.'

'No way Wyatt, you are not going hunting! Not when your eyes just turned silver.' I said as I realized that his had turned silver already.

'I won't hunt, I promise, but they're standing outside and are getting impatient.'

'Go before they come in and destroy our house, but be back soon.'

'I promise,' he said as he stood, kissed me, and started walking towards the door in one motion.

After several seconds, I figured that it was safe to think because they were running and would be to far away for Wyatt to hear me. I walked into the kitchen and picked up Lynn's sketch pad that she left here. I left Wyatt a note in case he got back before I did. It said:


Went for a walk in the woods. Don't worry if I'm not here by the time you get back. If I get lost, I'll bubble back.


I laid it down on the table where I knew he would find it and walked out the front door.

I stayed in the trail for a while, going a few miles, but decided that I wanted to go deeper into the woods than it would let me. I turned off the path and started walking in random directions. I was positive that I was lost, but I didn't care. I liked the feeling of not knowing where I was and I could bubble to the castle whenever I wanted.

After another several hours, I was sure that Wyatt would've gone back home and saw my note. He was probably watching TV or listening to my thoughts.

I was also more lost than before. The sky was hidden by the trees and it was pitch black. Lynn's fire would have come in handy for a light, but I had a spell for it.

I snapped my fingers, and an orb of light formed in my hand. I looked around, to see if I could recognize the part of the woods I was in, but all I saw was the pairs of blood-red eyes in the bushes.

I turned to run away, but my foot got stuck on a branch and I fell to the ground. I tried to get back up, but the thing in the bushes jumped on my back. I tried to push it off, but it was to strong. It was biting my rock hard neck with a force I was sure had to come from a vampire. I didn't want to be a vampire yet, not like this.

Before I had a chance to fight back, the thing had my pinned to the ground. When I got a good look at it, I saw that it wasn't a vampire. It was a baby.

It went to bite my neck again.

'Wyatt!' I screamed, 'Wyatt!'

The thing was biting my neck now, drinking my blood.

I could feel my life being sucked away. I tried one more time to call Wyatt.

'Wyatt,' I said my voice inaudible to my own ears.

I closed my eyes. When I was sure that I must have been dead, I felt the thing being pulled off of my neck and Wyatt picking my body up.

I'm sorry Wyatt I thought. Then, I went black.

I woke up sometime later, on a bed. I opened my eyes and I didn't see the ceiling of our castle, or of the house. I saw the ceiling of the hospital in the attic.

'Wyatt,' I mumbled. It sounded like a groan.

'She's awake!' I heard Kaci say, 'Wyatt, she wants you!'

I heard footsteps and felt a velvet hand.

'It's okay, I'm here,' Wyatt said.

'Wyatt,' I said again, it sounded more like a word this time.

'I'm here,' He said again.

I opened my eyes.

'What happened?' I whispered.

'A baby vampire attacked you. I was at the castle, waiting for you to come back. I heard you screaming and I ran the ten miles to find you.'

'How can there be a baby vampire?'

'It wasn't really a baby. Its mother was human and its father was vampire. She grows much faster than the average baby. She can talk and be civilized at times.'

'How do you know that?'

'Well, two reasons. One, Victoria asked it to attack you and…'

'WHAT?! Victoria asked that thing to attack me?!'

'She didn't really ask it too, she just said you tasted good. It was enough to put her over the edge. The other reason was that the baby is sitting in the living room…'

'You let the thing that almost killed me, stay in the house!'

'Yeah, well, now she isn't thirsty so she's calm and safe to be around. She wants to speak with you.'

'No way, I'm not talking to something that wants to kill me, Wyatt.'

'To late,' Wyatt said as he walked out of the room.

He walked back in several seconds later with the child that almost killed me (idiot!) in his arms.

She hopped down onto the bed I was on and said, 'Thank you, Wyatt.' her voice was high and almost sounded like wind chimes.

'Well, what'd you want?' I said cruelly.

'I wanted to say I was sorry for attacking you a few days ago. Victoria said that you would taste really good. I couldn't help myself.'

'A few days ago?'

'Yeah,' Wyatt said, 'it's Thursday. You lost so much blood, that Caroline sedated you for two days. She gave you a blood transfusion; you have no idea how many vampires we had to check to see if we could find the right blood type…'

'Vampires? Why not humans?'

'After you become immortal, you can only get immortal blood. And it has to be your old blood type. You have O-positive and most people with that kind of blood do make the change to vampire and neither of our witch friends' matched.'

'Who did it then?'

'She wishes to remain anonymous.'

'Victoria?' I guessed.


'She tries to kill me, and then she saves me. She is truly the strangest vampire in this house. You said it was Thursday?' I said, remembering the date.

'Yeah, why?'

'The wedding is tomorrow!'


'We have so much to do still!'

'No we don't. Victoria took care of everything.'

'That's the only reason I even saved sorry ass,' Victoria said as she walked in the room, 'I already had everything done, and you go and nearly die!'

'You told her to bite me!'

'After the wedding!' she walked back out.

With all the talking about the wedding, I forgot all about the baby-vampire. She had fallen asleep against my side.

'What's her name?' I asked Wyatt.

'She doesn't have one.'

'She doesn't? What have you been calling her for the past two days?'


'Can I change the subject?'

'Go ahead.'

'Where are all my friends? Don't they care I almost died? Again.'

'Lynn and Lori are waiting for you down stairs and Jess is at the Castle sleeping. She doesn't know what any of us are.'

'Damn! I forgot to tell her! Bring her up.'

'I don't know if that's a good idea…'

'Bring her up,' I growled.

'Okay, I'll be right back.' He ran out and back in the room, this time with Jess.

She was awake now.

'What time is it?' she asked.

'Around three in the morning,' Wyatt answered.

'So why am I here? And how did I get here so fast?'

'So many questions,' I heard Wyatt mumble.

'You're here because I have to tell you something and you got here so fast because… we'll get to that part later.'

'What do want to tell me?' she asked sleepily.

'I'm a witch, Wyatt and his family are vampires and we think Jamie is a werewolf.'

She laughed, 'Don't play tricks on sleepwalkers. What did you want to tell me?'

'That was it. Wyatt can run super-fast, and that's how you got here so fast. I can freeze time and move things with my mind along with controlling water. All of us are super strong.'

'You're serious?'

'Yeah. Watch Wyatt, he'll bend the chair in half.'

'Sure he will, Willow.' She said as she turned her head to Wyatt.

He picked up the metal chair and held it in his left hand. He pushed his right hand down and the chair folded in two.

'Prank chair, probably rubber.' Jess said, awake now.

'Then try to unbend it, smart-ass.' Victoria said, walking back into the room.

'Okay, I will!' she said as she walked to the bent piece of metal. She tried as hard as she could, but the chair stayed folded.

'Here,' I said, 'Let me try.'

Jess handed me the twisted piece of metal that was once a chair. I pulled it apart; it looked the same as before. I tossed it to the corner were it had been before.

'Do you believe me now?'


'I didn't want to do this, but…' I said as I bubbled behind her.

I grabbed her and threw her into the air. I held her up with my telekinesis.

'Believe me now?' I asked.

'Yeah, now put me down!'

I lowered her to the ground.

'And now that you know about us, if you tell anyone we will kill you. Understand?' Victoria said.

'Uh-huh! I w-won't tell anyone, I p-promise!'

'Good, now get out and go back to sleep like none of this ever happened,' she said menacingly.

Jess ran out of the room.

'Wait, Wyatt, did you say it was three in the morning?' I asked.

'Yeah, why?'
'Is it Friday morning?'


'I'm getting married today.' I said mono-tone.


'Can you say anything other than 'yeah', Wyatt?!'

'Ye- I can.'

'Good. Now please get the little monster that tried to kill me out of here.'

'I…can't…do that.'


'I told her she could live…here.'

'Wyatt! I should just…'

'Don't say it, I can picture it in your heard,' he shuddered.

'Caroline?' I said, 'Can I heal myself? It's faster.'

'Go ahead.'

I put my hand over my neck and healed where I was bitten. I hopped out of the bed.

'When's the wedding at?' I asked Victoria.

'Two thirty. I don't need the time to get you ready, I have super speed.'

'Good. I want to take a long drive before I get married.'

I started to leave, but Wyatt caught my arm.

'Happy birthday,' he whispered.


I bubbled to the new car in the garage that was mine.

I got in and revved the engine loudly. I drove into the darkness of the early morning.

Before I got far, I realized I was still wearing my bloody clothes from two days ago. I turned around and sped back to the woods.

I hid the car in the woods and bubbled to the closet.

I changed in to something I normally wouldn't wear. It was a skin-tight, strapless, black, leather dress. I put on a pair of black stilettos and grew out my hair slightly (one of the perks to being immortal, you can control that kind of thing). It was now hanging just below my shoulders. I snapped my fingers and it turned jet-black. I put on diamond earrings, a diamond chocker, and my wedding ring. I also grabbed a pair of big sunglasses. I bubbled back to my car in to woods.

I sped around the back of the woods and to the road. I drove through Portland and on to Washington. It was daylight when I got to Seattle. I didn't know why I came there, but I did.

I was going to a book store I had been to before. I was driving a little slower, but not much, just enough to be under the speed limit.

I stopped at the store and parked around back. I hoped it was open because it was barley light outside. I walked up the stairs to the door. I pulled slightly; it was locked.

I walked back to the car and moved it to the street. I leaned on the hood for a while, when I saw a large black wolf a with white nose and paws walk by. I gasped loudly; it turned its large head towards me. Its eyes widened and it ran away like I was a monster. Although, I never saw a wolf before, it looked familiar.

I sat on the hood of the car for about an hour, and then went to the store again, it was open.

I walked in (that's a lie; I strutted in) and put my sunglasses on the top of my head. I walked past the young guy at the counter. He looked up from the magazine he was reading and his jaw dropped. I kept walking.

I went to the section for witch craft and pulled down the largest book there was without looking at it; I knew what it was. It was called Shadows of the Dark Arts.

I walked back to the counter and set the book down. I handed the boy a fifty dollar bill and walked away with the book under my arm.

In my car, I put the book in the passenger seat and sped home again.

I parked the car in the garage and bubbled to the house. Victoria was waiting for me in the living room. I hid the book behind my back. There was no way I could let her see it; it was filled with evil spells.

'Come on, I need to get you ready.'

'Let me go upstairs first,' I said.

I didn't wait for an answer I just bubbled upstairs. I hid the book under the bed and went back to Victoria.

'I know you can just control your hair to curl, but I want this done the traditional way; I'm using curlers,' she said holding up a bag of hair curlers.


'Because, I'm the wedding planner and this is how I want things to be done.'

She dragged me upstairs to the master bathroom, where Kaci was waiting. She pushed me into a spinning chair and out the curlers in my hair with super speed.

'Can I go now?' I asked.

'Only for a half hour, then you have to get dressed and get your make-up.'

'Thank you!' I said as I went down the stairs.

Wyatt was on the couch watching TV. I tried to turn around before he could see me, but he was faster. I ducked behind the banister.

'You can't see a bride in her wedding dress!' I said.

'You're not in your dress yet.'

'The same rule applies for a brides hair curlers!' I said.

Wyatt chuckled.

I bubbled back upstairs.

'I can't go downstairs! Wyatt's down there!' I said.

'Well, I guess that we'll just have to get you dressed then. The weddings in an hour.'

'How? I wasn't gone that long.'

'Yeah you were. It's one thirty.'

'I'll go put on my dress…'

'How? I didn't give it to you yet.'

'Lynn drew one and I liked it.'

'Well, unless I do you're wearing mine.'

She ran out of the room and came back with a dress bag. She unzipped it and I saw a white leather dress that looked to short to be a shirt.

'I don't think so, Victoria.'

'Let me see yours then.'


I walked off and walked back with the dress.

'I guess that yours is more traditional.'

'So I can wear this?'

'Yeah, go change.'

I walked to the bedroom and changed into the dress and took out the curlers.

'Now what?' I asked Victoria.

'Take your ring off.'

I took it and set it on the counter.

'Anything else?'

'Let me take care of it.'

Victoria ran around me along with Kaci changing little things. When they were done, my necklace had been replaced with a diamond heart, my hair was brown again and my nails were painted a pearly white.

'Now, we have to change. put this on,' Kaci said as she flung a crimson garter on my lap. I blushed.

Victoria and Kaci left the room. I sat in the chair for a few seconds and they come back. They both followed my rules, of wearing all white. Victoria was wearing a short leather dress and Kaci was wearing a long, white, strapless dress.

'The guys will be up soon to escort you down,' Kaci said.


'And we have to go get in place. You're on your own until the guys get up here,' Victoria said as she and Kaci went downstairs.

I sat waiting for a minute or two for the guys to come up. When they finally did come for me, Rupert was in front, Christian was next, and then Stephan was last.

'Ready, Willow?' Rupert asked.

'I guess.'

I stood up.

'Crap! They didn't give me my bouquet!

'No, that was my job,' Stephan said as he moved from the back of the line.

He handed me a bouquet of white roses.

'Thank you.'

'Now we really need to get you downstairs…' Christian started.

I took a deep breathe, 'I'm ready.'

As soon as I said that, the wedding march started. Rupert grabbed my left arm and Christian grabbed my right. Stephan walked behind me.

Walking down the stairs, before anyone could see me, I tripped slightly in my stilettos.

'I'm Okay, keep going,' I said as I stood back up with Stephan's help.

We continued down the spiral stairs.

I could see people now. We were almost at the bottom, and I could see Wyatt in his tux. It made him look much taller than he really was. I hoped my stilettos would have the same effect for me…

I walked down the center of the isle, looking around. I saw something that totally disregarded my request. The entire living room had been emptied of furniture and was filled with seats. The seat were filled with vampires.

'Hang on guys,' I said.

They let go of my arms and I walked over to where Victoria was supposed to be.

'Time out!' I Said as I stormed out of the living room and into the kitchen to find Victoria.

She was sitting at a table filing her nails…and wearing a strapless, black, leather dress that would be to short for a shirt. I looked down at her.

'I said this wedding was all white, and you kind of have to be there!'

'Wyatt mentioned the white thing, but you didn't say anything about me have to be there.'

'Well, I just did.'

'Fine then,' she said as she ripped off her black dress to reveal the one she was wearing earlier.

'Now get your vampire ass out there!'

'I didn't think you had it in you.'


'You swore at me.'


We both walked back to where we were supposed to be. The guys started walking me down the isle again. It went seemingly faster this time. Before I knew it, I was standing next to Wyatt.

I didn't hear anything the preacher said, until I heard Wyatt say, 'I do,' as his silver eyes stared into mine.

'Do you take Wyatt to be your husband?' he asked me.

'I…' I got cut off by the front door being kicked open.

I turned to see what happened, and saw Lynn jump out of her place and in front of the person who was standing there. It was the head lady of the Council. It was Madam Rose. Even though her name sounds sweet, she hates law breakers. And we were in the line of fire.

Lynn stood in front of her.

Don't do anything stupid! I begged.

Wyatt's eyes were widened.

'This is a private wedding,' Lynn said, 'Get out before I kick you out.'

'I don't think so,' Madam Rose said.

She pulled an athame and stabbed it into Lynn's upper stomach. Lynn fell to the floor with a thud. Dead. She laid in a puddle of blood.

I tried to run up to attack her for killing Lynn, but Wyatt had a strong grip on my shoulder. Christian, Rupert and Stephan grabbed me as well. I just glared at her instead.

'We seem to have some trouble makers here, now don't we?'

We didn't say anything.

She clapped her hands and turned gracefully in her long, red, gown. Several vampires from her guard walked in.

They bowed. 'What do you need my lady?'

'Remove the witch and vampires; take them you-know-where.'

They nodded and ran up to Wyatt and me. One grabbed Wyatt and one grabbed my wrists. He pinned them to my sides and picked me up like that. Wyatt was trapped the same way.

'Wyatt!' I yelled as I tried to kick the vampire holding me to get loose.

'Will-' was all he could get out before the vampire holding him covered his mouth.

The two vampires that grabbed the two of us started running. I couldn't see where they were taking us, but I had a feeling Wyatt could. I wished that I could see as well as Wyatt, but at the same time I wished I couldn't see anything at all. I knew what was coming, the were going to give us an unfair trial and sentence us to death or something worse.

They might kill one of us and then make the other suffer by living without them. I knew how the Council worked; I knew that they hated all happiness in a supernatural creature's life. They wouldn't get their way this time though. Not if I had anything to do with it.

By the time I was willing to kill Madam Rose (which is quite an accomplishment, most people are afraid to say her name.) we were at our mystery destination. I didn't know where we were physically at, but I knew what happened here. It was a magical building that neutralized powers. Wyatt and I were worse than dead; we were human.

The two vampires that brought Wyatt and I here, carried us different directions and put us in to separate cells. I gave Wyatt directions to my cell in his head, but I had a feeling the magic took away his mind reading. I hoped that it didn't and that he still had his strength so he could break us out.

The vampire that brought me here took me to a cell on a different floor and opened a thick glass door. He roughly threw me inside like he was taking out the trash. I landed face first n he dirty floor. I looked back up I time to see him close the door. He smirked. I returned a look. Only instead of his you-stupid-witch-look, I gave him a look that said 'when I get out of here, I'm coming to find you'.

He responded by trying to look calm, but under his face was fear. I kept up the glare until he was out of hearing range. After I couldn't see or hear him, I curled into a ball in the corner.

I put my face on my knees and said, 'Happy birthday to me.'

I started to think about how to get out of the glass cell I was in. (they put everyone they caught in thick glass cells because when their strength was taken away, it would make prisoners feel weaker to not be able to break glass.) I thought that is my strength was gone (which I didn't know for sure) I could use my affinity to break the glass. I decided to try strength first. This cell might not be strong enough for a witch to break punch my fist into the wall. The glass didn't shatter, but it didn't hurt me either. That meant I was still indestructible; they didn't know I was immortal yet. They made a mistake.

I turned to look over my shoulder; to see if anyone was watching. There was a guard at the end of the glass hallway. Perfect.

'Oh!' I said as I 'fell' to the ground.

The guard came running to make sure I didn't die (yeah right, like he actually cared!).

'What wrong?' he asked with a mono tone voice.

'I need water; it's my affinity. I'll die if I don't have it.' That was a lie, I didn't need water. But this guard was a stupid vampire that knew nothing of witches…

'How much do you need?'

'Well,' I said as I looked around, 'Fill the room so there's no air left.'

'I'll see what I can do.'

'Thank you.'

He left the room.

Wyatt, it you can hear me, I'm gonna break out. I'm coming for you. I thought and hoped that he could hear me.

The guard came back with a hose (You would think vampires would be able to come up with something better). He took one of his razor sharp vampire nails and made a hole large enough for the hose to fit through at the top of my little glass box. He took a blow torch (I wonder where he got that…) and melted the glass around it so I couldn't escape. He turned it on and it started to fill the box. He walked away.

After several seconds, the water was already to my knees. At that point, I really wished I didn't have to wear the dress and heeled shoes. I kicked out of the stilettos I was wearing, but I couldn't do anything about the dress.

The water was at my waist now.

'Water,' I said.

I tried to take breathe, but I couldn't. I sat in the floor so my head was under the water. I took a breath of the water and I felt the life and strength it brought me. I sat on the floor of the cell until the box was totally full. Although, the hose wasn't off, so I could fell the pressure building. I swam to the top of the box and tied something I never tried to do before. I tried to freeze the water.

It worked, but not well. I managed to make several ice cubes, but that was all I could do. I swam back to the bottom and did the same thing I did in the fight with Lynn. I pushed out the water as far as I could. I felt the glass pushing it back. I pushed harder.

I was sitting cross-legged on the floor with my arms out stretched. I sat like that for as long as I could, almost an hour I guessed. When the glass didn't shatter, I gave up.

'Thank you water,' I said. I blew the water out of my lungs; it came out in bubbles…

'Water!' I said.

I concentrated on the outside of my cell. I bubbled a few inches closer to the wall.


I tried again. This time I bubbled all the way to the wall. I tried one last time and was inside of the glass. I tried to bubble, but the glass was full of an anti-magic spell.

Great, I thought, I'm stuck in a glass wall. And I have no water to breathe. I don't think this can get much worse.

Just as I was thinking this, Madam Rose came around the corner. She was still wearing her red dress from when she came to arrest us. She saw me in the glass and smirked.

'I had a feeling you were a trouble maker,' she said as she snapped her fingers.

I fell to my knees in front of her. I stood up and wrung out my hair and dress. When I stood up; I was taller than she was. I looked down at her and crossed my arms.

'So what if I am? What are you going to do about that?' I asked.

'Kill your vampire.'

'I'm the trouble maker, why not kill me?'

'Maybe I should.'

'I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't kill either of us.'

'Why ever would you do that?'

'You need us.'

'Why would I need you?'

'I'm the most powerful witch in history, and Wyatt would be useful on the Council.'

'Yes, he would. Especially with his age and mind reading, but I don't see how you are that powerful. All you can do is bubble.'

'They don't tell you anything do they? I also have the water affinity. Why do thing my cell was filled with water?'

'I thought they were trying to drown you.'

'I also freeze time. I have telekinesis, and I can bubble thing to my hand. Not to mention my strength and body control of my immortality.'

'What do you mean? About body control.'


I grew my nails and hair out. I also changed my hair to by a bright green color. I changed my eyes to be pink, and I grew another several inches.

'See? I can change anything about me I want. How often does that happen?' I said sarcastically.

'That's impossible. Not even Gwen can do that.'

'Gwen?' it couldn't be my sister…

'Nobody told you? Your sister id our new Head Witch.'

'She turned us in didn't she?'

'You learn fast.'

'Cut the crap Rose, are you actually going to kill the strongest witch and vampire in history?'

'How dare you?! You are to call me Madam Rose as everyone else is!'

'Oh yeah, Rose?' I was pushing my luck, I knew it.

'I don't care if you are the most powerful witch there ever was, you're sentenced to death! Immediately!' her voice rang out through the glass hallways.

'I don't think so,' came a voice from behind Rose.

I looked to see who it was and so did Rose; she spun around. It was more then one person. It was Jamie and a group of kids I didn't recognize.

'If you save her, you lose your position!' Rose shouted.

'Consider it open then.'

'I sentence all of you to death!' rose said, her voice shaky.

'Really?' Jamie asked.

She and the group of people behind her all crouched on the ground. Jamie looked up.

'Don't make us do it, rose.' She said.

'It's madam rose!'

'Don't say I didn't warn you,' Jamie said as a tingle went down her spine.

Before I knew it, she, and all the other kids, were in the floor in wolf form. Great, she has a pack. The four of them walked slowly forward towards rose. Jamie started to snarl viscously and so did the rest of the small pack. Jamie ran forward, almost as fast as a vampire, and attacked Rose

I turned my back away so I didn't have to see anything. I heard the same sounds as I did when the vampires were killing Barnaby. After a minute or two, it stopped. I turned back around. Jamie and the other kids were standing over the pile of body parts that was once Madame Rose.

I jumped over the pile of parts to Jaime. In mid-jump, I changed back to my normal look. By the time I landed, I looked the same as I did during the wedding.

'OHMYGOD, Jamie, thank you!' I said as I hugged her.

'No problem. I thought the pack would want a little fun.'

'Who…are they?' I asked.

'Oh, sorry. This is Leo,' she said pointing to the relatively good looking one with long dark hair, 'this is Ben,' she said pointing to shorter one with short light hair, 'And this is Scarlet.' I looked to the last girl standing; she had long, straight, red hair. She also had a long scar over her left eye.

'Hi,' I said, nodding to each one of the pack, 'We should probably get out of here…'

'Hang on; I never said I was letting you go.'

'I thought…'

'I said I wasn't going to let her kill you, I never said anything about letting you go.'

'Come on, Jamie! We're best friends, why won't let Wyatt and me go?'

'I'm not your friend any more Willow, but I just didn't want the inconvenience of killing you.'


'Yeah, killing an immortal witch and vampire takes forever. I mean you have to gather the kindling for the fire and-'

'I got it. But why do you hate me now? Is it because my fiancée is your enemy?'

'No. It's because you told me you were a witch, knocked me out, left me under a bed, stuffed me in a suitcase, knocked me out a second time, and cast a spell on me!'

'I said I was sorry! All I did was leave you under a bed and tell you I was a witch! Lori knocked you out, Wyatt knocked you out again and stuffed you in the suitcase and Gwen cast the spell!'

'You were still in the center of it all. And if you weren't such a little stalker, none of this would have happened.'

'Stalker?' I whispered.

'Don't you remember? When I moved to Saudi Arabia, you emailed me at least six or seven times a day. If I didn't answer you would send me one asking if I was dead.'

'I asked if I sounded like a stalker Jamie. You said I sounded like a concerned friend.'

'You're a lot more gullible when you're reading the lies.'

'You've really forgotten the old days haven't you?' I said, my voice quivering and barley audible.

'What about them?' she said cruelly.

'Remember how in eighth grade, there were only four girls in our Tech class? And you and I were always partners because the other two were stupid.'

'No, I don't remember.'

She was lying.

'What about the time you were gone for a week in Georgia and I helped you catch up with class work?'

'Doesn't ring a bell.'

'Or when we were making planes? When ever you flew it, it hit the ceiling, and when I did it always went out of its way to stab someone.'

'I don't remember,' she said, but I knew she was reminiscing in the moment.

'And before you left, I gave you our plane we made to take to your new country. W e named it George.'

'Stop trying to stall; I don't remember any of this stuff.'

'What about Lynn, remember her?'

'Yeah, but-'

'Well, start forgetting her. Your precious leader over there,' I motioned to the pile of vampire on the floor, 'killed her.'

'Rose wouldn't do that.'

'She did. Lynn didn't know who she was and jumped up to protect us. Rose didn't like the fact someone was standing up to her.'

'I don't believe you.' Her voice said she did.

'I'll take you to her body then, come on.'

I started to pull her away so I could bubble us back, but Jamie and her followers didn't move.

'You're not tricking me, Willow,' she said.

'Are you tricking yourself?'

'You're not making any sense.'

'How do you know I'm not trying to not make sense?'

'Stop the stalling. Scar, take her to the cell.'

Scarlet, whom I guessed was nicknamed Scar, came and grabbed my left arm. She began to pull me roughly through the hall ways to a different cell. She opened a door that wasn't glass. She picked me up off my feet and tossed me inside.

'That went well…' I said as I stood up in my ruined wedding dress.

'It was good try…' I heard someone behind me say.

I spun around to see who was in the cell with me.

Leaning up against a wall, was Rupert.

'Rupert? What are you doing here?' I asked.

'I tried to break you out. It didn't work.'

'I can tell that much, but why did you try to break us out in the first place?'

'Wyatt's my son and you're my daughter-in-law.'

'No I'm not. I never got to say 'I do'.'

'So? You're still a part of this family.'

'Yeah, I guess I am,' I said as I smiled. Then I got an idea. 'Hey Rupert, do they know about your affinity?'

'Yeah, that's why they didn't put me in one of the glass cells.'

'What does glass have to do with earth?'

'Glass is made from melted sand.'

'Right. Mind if I cast a spell on you?'

'Can't I just cast it?'

'You don't have enough power too; this place has an anti-magic charm.'

'So, how do you have enough power?'

'I'm the most powerful witch in history.'

'You can't be…'

'I am. I can bubble, freeze time, move thing with my mind, change my appearance, control water and more. My powers don't work as well in here, but I can still use them. See?' I bubbled a few feet.

'Okay, so you can still bubble. What about the 'more' you can do?'

I snapped my fingers, the orb of light reappeared.

'And your appearance?'


I shortened my hair so it was a guy's length. I turned my eyes blue and shortened my finger nails. I also grew a few inches and changed the rest of my body to look like Ben's. I changed my voice so it sounded like his too.

'See? Instant disguise.'

'How'll that help us though?'

'If I make you look like Leo, then we can take their places. Nobody knows about this power.'

'Why not? Turn me in to Leo.'

I waved my hand in the air and Rupert turned into a person identical to Leo.

'What about our clothes? We can't be wearing this,' Rupert said.

I looked down and saw I was still wearing my ruined wedding dress. I waved my hand again and we were wearing what Ben and Leo had been.

'Now, we have to yell for help,' I said, 'They can't find us to let us go without knowing where we are.'

'Well, I want to get out, so let's start yelling for help.'

'Help us!' we both yelled, I thought we sounded like idiots.

With only one yell, someone came and opened the door. I looked to see who came to rescue us. My hopes were dashed as I saw it was Leo at the door.

'That's unfortunate,' I said as I let myself turn back into me.

'Thanks for telling us about that little power you have,' Leo said he shut the door in our faces.

'There goes our chance of escape,' I said.

'Yeah, and he's bound to tell the other wolves so we can't try that again.'

'I just hope Wyatt's okay.'

'So do I, Willow, but don't worry I'll get us out of here.'

'You can't. All of your power is gone, but mines not. I'm our only hope of living through this.'

'That's a pretty heavy burden for you to carry by yourself.'

'We don't have a choice, Rupert. I'm the only one that can carry it.'

'Let's just…go through this on day at a time.'


I slumped to the floor. Rupert fallowed and sat next to me. He put his arms around my shoulders like Wyatt did. I laid my head on his shoulder and tried to think of another way to escape with out getting Wyatt and Rupert killed. I figured that if someone had to die, then I should. Wyatt lived almost five centuries without me; he could do it again.

I thought about using myself as bait and letting Wyatt and Rupert have time when the guards wouldn't be around. If all of the guards were focused on me, then Rupert could let Wyatt out.

I thought of a lot of different plans like that. Only all of my plans ended with me dying and Wyatt living out all of existence without me. Several of my plans ended with Wyatt dying along with me. I didn't like any of the plans I had come up with. I had a feeling that they wouldn't work either.

When I finally convinced myself that my ideas were crap and I wasted who knows how long trying to make a plan to escape, I stood back up.

'How long was I thinking, Rupert?' I asked him as he stood up.

'A long time; it's Saturday.'

'What happened while I was…unconscious? If you can call it that.'

'Not much.'

'Good, I don't want anyone to try killing us.'

'Did you come up with any plans to get us out of here?'

'I came up with a lot of ideas, but I have a feeling Wyatt wouldn't be to happy if we used any of them.'

'Why do you think that?'

'All of the plans I thought of ended with me dying.'

'You're right; Wyatt wouldn't like us using those plans.'

'So we're back at square one.'

Just before Rupert replied too my negative comment, the door to our cell opened. Leo and Ben walked in carrying athames. They threw them at me and I put my hands up. They froze just before they hit my chest. I stepped to the side and let the athames unfreeze and hit the wall behind me. I flung them back at Leo and Ben. They caught them in mid-air and walked back out of the door.

Rupert looked at me. 'Thank you!' he said, 'Those things can still kill me too!'

'How? You're a vampire and only tearing you apart then burning you can kill you.'

'I was an immortal witch first though, so I'm still half witch. An athame can hurt me just as bad it hurts you.'

'I didn't know that.'

'I thought you would've figured it out.'

'I've been a little busy lately.'

'Yeah, I guess I should've told you.'

'Well I know now so anything else?'

'No, you know pretty much everything else.'

'Good, if I'm saving your life it helps to know I'm saving it.'

'So what'd we do now? We can't very well escape now.'

'I don't know for sure, but I have an idea.'

'What are you thinking now?'

'I'm thinking that we're not going to attempt escape again.'

'What?! That's our only way to live through this whole mess!'

'Okay, I may be several centuries old, but I'm not following what you're saying.'

'We can't escape without Wyatt, right?'

'Yeah, I'm not leaving without my son.'

'And we can't escape without talking to him, right?'


'Then let's give up my power to see Wyatt!'

'No way, your power is the only thing keeping us alive.'

'I have that covered, trust me.'

'I don't know; I don't want to risk anything. I mean, we may be imprisoned, but we're alive.'

'My powers only keep me alive; you and Wyatt are still in danger.'

'We've lived hundreds of years though, you've only had eighteen.'

'The rest aren't worth it if I know I let Wyatt die.'

'I'll let you do it, but keep one of your powers. We need something to protect ourselves.'

'I'll keep my telekinesis and my light,' I said as I snapped my fingers for the bubble of light I had.

'How does light help us?'

'It helps if I can see to use the telekinesis.'

'Oh sorry, I forgot you're not a vampire, all of my other children are.'

'Not me, I'm special.'

'You all are, but I can finally relate to someone. None of my family even knew about witches until I came along.'

'After we see Wyatt, we'll keep talking about the witch thing. Right now, we wait quietly. The wolves are used to having us talk, when we don't, they should come running.'


Rupert and I went and sat on the floor, just has we had before. I couldn't help but think about Wyatt. I hoped that the wolves came soon.

I was right. The wolves came only a minute or two after Rupert and I stopped talking. It was Scar that walked in.

'Scar,' I said, 'I'll give you my powers so we can't escape.'

She looked down on us, 'Why?'

'I want to see Wyatt one last time.'


'Please? After that, I'll let you kill me however you want. Even…an athame.'

She thought about it for a few seconds. 'Okay, give me your power.'

I snapped my fingers and brought the orb of light to my hand. I looked at Rupert and he started to understand what I was doing. I handed the light to Scar. In her hand, it dissolved.

'Now take me to Wyatt one last time,' I demanded.

'Come with me,' she said as she walked us out of our cell.

She was holding onto Rupert and I, pushing us down the long corridors. We went several different directions, probably to confuse me so if I tried to break Wyatt out, I couldn't find him. But finally, we came to another cell made from the weird rock stuff.

Scar opened the door and pushed Rupert and I inside. I saw Wyatt sitting on the floor, with his head against the wall. When I walked in, he put his down so he could see us. He stood and ran to Rupert and I.

'Willow?' he said, 'How are you here? Are they letting us go?' he pulled me into his arms.

'I gave up my powers to come see you. They're going to kill me when I leave.'

'They can't do that.' He let go of me.

'Yes, they can. That was one of the agreements. I said if they let me see you I would give up my powers and let them kill me.'

'We can't let them do that!'

'Wyatt, we have to. It's the only way you can escape. I'm sorry.' I turned my back to him.

'Rupert, there has to be some other way! We can't just let Willow die!'

'We've thought of everything, nothing we can do will keep her alive now.'

'I'm sorry Wyatt, it's the only way,' I said as I turned to face him again.

He pulled me back into his arms.

Scar walked in, 'Time's up.'

Wyatt kissed me like he never had before. He put me on my feet and I walked out with Rupert.

Scar led us through the corridors again. Only this time, she didn't take us back to the cell. She led us to white room (Do they have any other colors?!) that had Jamie standing in it. There was a tarp on the floor, probably so I didn't get blood all over the white.

I saw that Jamie was holding an athame in her right hand. She held it up and started walking towards me. Scar let go of my shoulder and grabbed Rupert with both hands. Jamie stopped a few feet in front of me.

'I'm sorry it had to end this way,' she said.

'No you're not. You want me dead.'

'You're right, but I'm required to say that.'

'Get it over with, Jamie. Just do it,' I said as I raised my arms up.

She started walking towards me with the athame raised in her right hand. When she was a few feet away from me, I pushed my hands forward and used my mind to push Jamie into the wall.

'Bring it,' I said with a smirk.

Jamie stood up, 'You asked for it.'

She ran back at me and jumped up and turned into a wolf. I kicked her in the gut and watched her fly into another wall.

'Give up,' I said, 'you can't beat me. My power is greater than yours.'

'Not in here it's not!' she said running back at me.

I pushed her away again, it was harder this time.

'Scar!' she said.

Scar let go of Rupert and came to help Jamie. I kicked her with my mind. She also flew backwards, but it took a lot of my strength.

'Rupert, use earth!' I said.

Rupert held up his hands and conjured rocks. He flung them at Jamie and Scar, not hurting them, but pushing them back. They didn't give up though, they called in reinforcements.

Leo and Ben walked in. they were also carrying athames. I tried to push them back, but they only stood there. I tried to make a ball of light, but that didn't work either.

'Rupert, my power isn't working!'

'Mine is, move!'

He walked in front of me, throwing rocks at the wolves. When the rocks hit them, they would yelp and heal. They had too much power and were deflecting all of ours.

'Where's my power? I didn't give it up!' I said.

'Yes you did, remember?' Scar said.

'No, that orb of light I gave you was just light! It wasn't my power!'

'Yes it was. We tricked you into actually giving up your power.'


'We can hear you talk, you know, and when we heard your idea, we told Wyatt. He said that you would try to trick us, but we tricked you!' Scar said.

'I actually lost my power?'

'You're finally catching on!'

Rupert continued throwing the boulders at the wolves. All it did was keep them back of a few seconds. If Rupert stopped, they would come forward again.

'Don't stop Rupert!' I said.

'I have to; my power isn't strong enough to keep going like this.'

He put his arms down and the rocks stopped forming and keeping the wolves back. They came forward slowly; I guessed it was to scare us. I stepped forward.

'Rupert, get behind me. You're as good as dead without your power.'

'But Willow,' he said, 'you don't have any power either. You're just as dead as I am.'

'I'm still immortal though and that means I'm indestructible; I have a different power I can use.'

The wolves stopped about seven feet in front of me. I walked to them and closed the gap. I balled my hands into fists and put my left foot back.

'Oh you can't be serious,' Jamie said.

I looked her in the eyes, 'I am.'

'You just don't give up, do you? You have no powers left; all you're doing is prolonging your death.'

'I'll go down trying,' I growled.

'You won't last two minutes fighting all four of us.'

'Two more minutes to live.'

'You really want to fight all of us?'

I put up my fists, 'Bring it, mongrel'

'You asked for it,' she said as she threw me against the wall.

I stood back up. I walked back to the wolves.

'Is that the best you've got?' I said.

Jamie threw me into the air and kicked me to the other side of the room. I spun around in mid-air and landed on my feet. I walked back to the pack again.

'You're losing your touch, dog.'

'You shouldn't have said that,' she said as she turned into a wolf. She growled at me.

She ran for me and tried to attack me. I spun around and kicked her hard in the face. She flew back into the wall. She stood back up with a yelp and tried to attack me again. I put my arms in front of my body. She ran into them at full-force. I pushed them over my head, flinging Jamie into another wall with a bone-shattering force. She lay in a heap on the floor.

'Do yourself a favor and stay down,' I said.

She stayed on the ground.

'Rupert, help me with these three,' I said.

'What do I do?' he asked as he came to stand at my side.

'Just fight them like I did!'

'Come on, tough guys,' I said, 'Bring it.'

'You brought this upon yourselves,' Leo said as he came forward to attack me.

He ran forward, to ambush me, and jumped up before he could hit me. He spun in the air once and tried to kick me. I grabbed his leg and spun him around in the air. When I let go, he flew into a wall too. He stood back up. Do these people ever give up?!

I looked to where Rupert was trying to fight Ben. He wasn't doing very well with it. He was getting attacked to much and wasn't fighting back to well. All he could do was get a punch in every few seconds.

'Ben! Why don't you fight me first?' I said to draw attention from Rupert.

'This should be easy,' he said. He obviously didn't see me fight earlier.

He let Rupert go and came to fight me. His strategy was different from the others. He simply walked until he was within inches of me. He balled his hands into fists and he tried to punch me. I thought he would be the easiest to fight, but I was way off. I didn't think he would just attack me while standing right in front of me.

He punched me square in the jaw and I went flying into the wall I kicked the other wolves too. I really wished I didn't ask to Wyatt now. Along with my power, went my indestructibility and strength.

I stood back up, well tried to anyway. Because my indestructibility was gone, that punch along with hitting the wall hurt really badly. I thought that I broke some bones when I landed and because my affinity was gone as well, I couldn't heal myself either. I limped back to ben. He was smirking at my pain.

'Jamie was right, you are stupid,' he said.

'I'm not stupid; I just want to go down fighting.'

'Don't worry then, you won't have to wait long to go down.'

He spun around once and kicked me in the gut. I was too weak and sore to protect myself from the blow. I hit the wall again and slid down to hit the floor.

I didn't bother getting up again. I had broken bones, no powers, and no strength. Jamie who wasn't lying to far from me, stood up. She and the wolves walked to where I was.

'Willow, you should've let us use the athame. Now, you get to watch us kill your vampires. Then, if you're not dead, we'll kill you too,' Jamie said.

'Go ahead, Jamie, kill me. So long as you are the one that does it,' I struggled to get the words out.

'Why not? I need some fun once and a while.'

Rupert stood behind Jamie.

'Rupert, now!' I yelled as well as I could.

Rupert's eyes glazed over black, like everyone's does when we used our affinity. He conjured four large, pointy rocks. He plunged them into the wolves. The four of them fell to the floor. He ran over to me.

He fell on his knees in front of me, 'Are you okay?'

'I'm pretty beat up Rupert; I really need to see Caroline. I don't think that I can walk out of here.'

He pulled me into his arms and ran, at a human speed, out of the white room.

When we were in the hall, he stopped.

'I don't know how to get to Wyatt,' he said.

'Go right, then left, then straight.'

'How do you know?'

'I'm not positive, but that's what my gut is telling me.'

'You better be right, I don't want those wolves finding us. They're not going to be too happy with me for stabbing them.'

Rupert started running again. He followed the directions I gave him and we found the cell Wyatt was in relatively quickly. Rupert help me in one arm and opened Wyatt's door.

Wyatt was leaning against the wall, but when he walked in, he was running towards us.

'What are you doing here? What happened?' he asked us.

'Here,' Rupert said as he handed me to Wyatt, 'Willow will explain on the way back.'

We started to run again at our slow human speed. Rupert managed to find our way out this time so I could explain to Wyatt what happened.

'What happened?' he asked me as we were running.

'Rupert and I fought off the wolves long enough for me to realize I actually lost my powers and indestructibility. Rupert stabbed the wolves with some rocks, and we came to find you. That's about it.'

'I understand the fight thing, but why are you hurt?'

'I lost my indestructibility along with my powers and tried to fight off the wolves. It worked for a while; I won my first two fights but then…'

'How were you fighting then off without your powers or strength?'

'I took karate when I was fourteen. I was a black belt by sixteen.'

'You never told me that.'

'I was trying to keep life interesting.'

After I said that, Rupert had found the door to get out. He led us out side. As soon as we were out of the building, I felt instantly better. I didn't know how, but my powers were back. I still could barely move though, because my powers were too weak to heal me.

Before we started running, we saw something sitting by the side of the building. We all turned to see what was there and were surprised by what we saw.

Sitting by the wall of the building, was Christian, Kaci, Stephan, and Caroline.

'What are you doing here?' Rupert asked.

'We were trying to break you out, but we couldn't break in,' Christian said.

'What about Victoria?' I asked.

'She started to run with us, but I don't know where she went,' Stephan answered.

'I don't really care, let's just get out of here before the wolves come after us,' I said.

'Fine with us,' Christian said.

We started to run, but then everyone stopped.

'How do we get back?' Rupert asked.

'Don't ask me, I couldn't see the whole way here,' I said.

'I couldn't see anything either; my eyes were covered,' Wyatt added.

'You all ran here, why don't you know how to get back?' I asked.

'We didn't run here, we tracked,' Kaci said.

'What's the difference?'

'When a vampire tracks, they only use their sense of smell so they didn't really see the way here,' Wyatt answered.

'Why can't you track your way back?' I asked.

'Because…I don't know; I can't track,' Wyatt attempted.

'I guess we could…' Stephan said.

'Lead the way then, Stephan,' Caroline said.

'Okay, follow me.'

We followed Stephan back through the woods. We ran for a really long time, longer than it took to get there. I thought for sure the wolves were following us, but every time I looked back they were nowhere to be found.

'Wyatt, how much longer?' I asked while we were running.

'I don't know; I never learned to track. Everyone else can, Stephan's the best at it.'

'I thought you could do everything better that everyone but with the flute,' I mocked.

'And tracking, I left that out earlier.'

'Why? Didn't want to scare me?'

'Believe me, fear might be good for you, but I didn't tell you because tracking is the simplest vampire action. Every vampire knows how to do it hours after they're created. It's embarrassing to admit.'

'Wyatt, I don't care. I'm not much better. Remember the day when you saved me?'

'Yeah, why?'

'You know how I was in the hall before classes ended?'

'The office called you down.'

'I was out before that. I had been a witch for two years and I froze the ball in gym while I was trying to catch it. When it un-froze, it hit me in the face. Everyone laughed at me so I re-froze them and walked out.'

'You were still getting used to your powers though; I've been a vampire for almost five hundred years.'

'So? Witches are supposed to be able to cast spells, use their powers, and bubble within several an hour of getting their magic.'

'I see your point, but still, I don't like being the oldest and being able to track.'

'How come Stephan tracks the best when he's the youngest?' I changed the subject.

'I told you, I don't tell stories. You have to ask him that.'

'I will, after I can move again.'

'After you can move?'

'If you haven't read my mind to tell yet, I can barely move from that fight.'

'Read you mind…' he said confused. He closed his eyes and concentrated.

'What is it Wyatt?' I asked.

'I can't hear your thoughts anymore.'

'I wonder why, you always could before.'

'I know…'

'Maybe it's because my powers are getting stronger or I lost my powers for a while.'

'Maybe, but what did you mean about the fight?'

'I meant that during the fight I didn't have my powers, so I didn't have indestructibility. I got thrown into walls, kicked and punched so much I'm surprised it didn't kill me.'

'How come it didn't you though?'

'I don't know. I was more or less human for the fight, so it couldn't be any of my powers that did it. Speaking of my powers, the wolves said that you helped them get them.'

'Why would I do that? I knew that if you didn't have you powers then we would all die!'

'I never really thought you helped them, but I wanted to make sure.'

'Good. Hey, I think we're almost back.'

'Finally, I need to see Caroline.'

'You do know that I could heel you, don't you?'

'How can you heel me?'

'If I were to turn you now, then the venom would heel you. It did with me.'


'Yeah, that's how we turn people when we bite them. Our saliva is venomous in the blood stream.'

'I see, now, are we back yet?'

'A few more seconds.'


We said no more after that. Wyatt ran the several seconds to the house and I just lay in his arms trying to forget the all-over pain in my body. I felt like I was hit by a train.

When we got back, I thought Wyatt would take me to the house for Caroline to see how I was doing, but instead, we went to the castle.

'Why are we here, Wyatt?' I asked.

'I have a feeling you want to yell at someone before you're in a cast.'

'Who?' I asked.

Wyatt didn't answer, just brought me to the kitchen from the back door. Sitting where she had been several days ago, was Victoria filing her nails.

'Who do you think you are?!' I yelled at her.

'Oh come on, it's only been a few days. I'm Victoria, the bitch you all love to hate,' she said.

'I meant, when the other vampires were coming to save me, why didn't you?!'

'I could've influenced the fight.'

'For us to win!'

'Or, I could've joined the other side.'

'Wyatt, just get me out of here. I can yell at Victoria after I can move again.'

'Okay, but Victoria, you better be out of our house by the time I get back or I will kill you,' Wyatt said as he walked out of the castle.

He ran into the living room of the house less then a second after we left the castle.

'Hey Caroline,' Wyatt said, 'Meet me upstairs.'

He went up to the third story of the house and we saw Caroline waiting for us in her doctor's coat.

'Let me guess, the fight?' she said as Wyatt put me down gently.

'Ow, yeah,' I said.

'What hurts?' she asked me.


'I'll take an x-ray. Wyatt, you might want to leave.'

'No, I'll stay.'

'It's okay Wyatt, go talk with Rupert,' I said.

'Okay,' he said as he reluctantly walked out of the room.

'Willow, just let me move you to the x-ray,' Caroline said.

'Okay. Ow!' I said as she moved me to another bed.

A bright light flashed on.

'We have to wait a few minutes for the picture to develop.'

'Do I have to move again?'

'No, you can stay here.'

'Thank god, I don't think I can handle moving again.'

We waited the several minutes so the x-rays would be clear enough to see. Caroline held them up to the light and gasped.

'What?' I asked.

'Are you sure your immortality was taken away too?'

'Positive, why?'

'With your injuries, you should be dead.'

I soon found out what she meant. The entire left side of my body was shattered from hitting the wall twice along with my right wrist and ankle. My right shoulder was dislocated and I had several ruptured disks in my back. My skull was also cracked where I hit the wall. Be the time Caroline had me in all over the casts I needed, I could barely blink.

'Wyatt, you can come back now,' she said quietly.

Wyatt walked back in and when he saw me, also gasped.

'I guess when you said you could barely move, you weren't kidding,' he said.

'Ya think?' I said.

'How long will she have to wear this?' Wyatt asked Caroline.

'I don't know. She heels fast, but with her powers just coming back and the trauma to the body she might heel slower. I'm going to take another x-ray in a few hours to get an estimate of hoe long she needs the casts. Until then, I suggest she stays here. I don't think she's in the mood to move some more.'

'She's right, I am not moving. I will after I can breathe without being hit by a bus,' I said.

'That's' okay, I'll just stay here with you,' Wyatt said.

'No you're not. She'll heel faster without you here,' Caroline said.

'How much faster?' I asked her.

'A few hours for you, a week or two for a human.'

'Go, Wyatt, but stay in this house. Don't go back to our castle.'

'Okay, I'll be downstairs if you need me.'

He left the room.

For the next week, I had no contact with anyone but Caroline. She came in for a few minutes everyday to check my vital signs, nut other than that, I was by myself. Whenever she came, she would run around me checking the various casts and machines that were connected to me. She never talked to me, or acknowledged me in any way. For the full week, I was going crazy!

When me week of torture was finally over and Caroline removed my casts I was ready to see Wyatt again. As soon as she was convinced I was okay, I bubbled down stairs to see my man.

He was sitting on the couch, talking with the vampire baby. He looked up when I walked in and smiled. He stood up and ran over to me. He picked me up into his arms. He kissed my lips, but not passionately.

'That wasn't romantic! I haven't seen you in a week and that's the best you can do?'

'Sorry, I was afraid you were still sore from the shattered bones.'

'I am, but you can do better than that.'

'How about this?'

He pulled me closer and kissed me harder than he ever had before.

'Is that any better?' he asked.

'Yeah,' I said quietly and grinning like and idiot.

'Ew!' the vampire baby complained, 'Do you have to do that while I'm sitting right here?'

'She's a smart kid,' Wyatt whispered in my ear.

'Somebody's getting attached to that thing.'

'I'm not a thing!' the baby vampire protested, 'I'm a baby vampire. Aren't I cute?' she smiled sweetly and grew out her fangs.

'How long is she staying here?' I asked.

'As long as she wants to.'

'Should she at least have a name?'

'Yeah, I guess so. We'll talk about it tonight at the castle.'

'Speaking of the castle, I should probably go change.'

'You're right, I'll run you there.'

'You kind of have too; I could barely bubble down here.'

He picked me up and cradled me in his arms. He ran to the castle and put me on my feet so I could walk in by myself.

I walked in and saw all of the chairs form the wedding a week and a half earlier. I walked a little further inside, and saw something I had forgotten about.

Lynn's body on the floor.

I ran to it. She was lying on her back with her arm over her chest. She looked exactly the same as she did when she died, starring at the ceiling. Witches didn't decompose when they died.

'Lynn,' I whispered. I fell to my knees beside her.

I pulled the athame out of her lifeless body and threw it aside. I put my hands over her and tried to heal her, but I knew I couldn't heal the dead. I put my head on her cold chest.

'I should've…I could've…' I sobbed, my tears mixing with her blood.

I looked up, to see if Wyatt was still there. He was standing by the door, hands in fists and not breathing.

'Wyatt, what are you doing?' I could barely understand myself.

'The blood,' he managed to say.

'I thought the blood didn't make you thirsty.'

'It does when it's visible to me.'

I didn't say anything else to him so he wouldn't have breathe. I didn't want him to eat Lynn's body, dead or not.

I closed her eyes for her, so she wouldn't be starring at me. I pulled her into my lap and cried myself out. Wyatt stood miserable, in the door way the whole time.

I picked her up body and brought it upstairs. I took it to the bathroom and cleaned all of the blood of her. When I was done, I took her ruined clothes and burned them. It was the only way to get rid of witch blood. I put Lynn in a dark lavender dress that was so skin-tight it was like a second skin. I brushed out her matted hair and tied it back in a braid. I put a pair of my white stilettos on her as well. I took her into the master bedroom and laid her on the bed.

I walked back to the bathroom and took a shower to get all of her blood off of me because there was no way I would set myself on fire. When I got back out, I realized that I had been wearing my wedding dress the whole time. It was all I had left of Lynn. I put my hands over it and tried to heal it. It worked. It returned to the way it looked right after Lynn drew it for me.

I changed into a black dress and took Lynn back downstairs. Wyatt was still in the door way.

'It's okay Wyatt, the bloods gone.' I mumbled.

'Not all of it.'

I looked at where Lynn's body was. There was still a puddle of blood, and the athame.

I picked the athame up and threw it as far as I could outside. I flicked my hand and all the blood from the floor flew out side as well. I held in the air long enough to pull out a lighter and burn it. I walked back in.

'It's safe Wyatt.'

He took a breath, 'Good. What do we do with Lynn now though?'

'I guess we better tell her parents.'

'What are we supposed to say? 'I'm sorry; your daughter has been killed by a vampire with an athame. Oh, and by the way, this was two weeks ago but don't worry she didn't decompose because she was an immortal witch.' I don't think so.'

'I had an idea for that. Her parents thought she's been at military school, so we just have to say she was sent to war and died.'

'Don't you think they would know if Lynn had been to war?'

'Like they read their mail!'

'Listen to yourself! I think you need to spend some more time with Caroline…'

'No Wyatt! My best friend, and sister witch, is dead, I have to tell her parents and a vampire that nearly killed me is living with us! I have a right to be a little cranky!'

'A little? You bought a book of evil spells!'

'You found that?'

'Of coarse I did, if was sitting on the bed!'

'Do you know why I bought it in the first place?'


'I bought it so we could fight against the Council.'

'Still, it's not like you. You've changed.'

Wyatt left the castle. I was left standing with Lynn's body in my I bubbled to Bug. I was going to tell Lynn's parents about her and I thought they would be suspicious if I took a brand new mustang.

I put Lynn in the backseat and drove to her house.

When I got there, I snapped my finger and changed my looks so I looked sad. I walked to the door with her body in my arms. I rang the bell and her parents answered.

'What happened?' he mom asked.

'She died.'


'Military training was too realistic.'

'When did this happen?'

'I just got the body today, so I don't know when…Bye.'

I put Lynn's body in her dad's arms and ran to my Bug that I had left running. I didn't even bother with my seat belt before I drove away. If I hit a tree, I would be able to walk away.

My mind was empty on the ride back, so it seemed fast.

When I was back at the house, I parked the car and bubbled to the castle. I thought Wyatt might have been there, but he wasn't. The baby vampire was though.

'What are you doing here?' I asked it.

'What does it look like I'm doing?'

'That sounded like something Lynn would say…'

'I don't really care, witch. Leave me alone.'

'You sound exactly like her.'

I bubbled to the house to see Wyatt. I had a feeling I name for our little baby vampire.

Wyatt was sitting it the living room with a book in his hand. It was Romeo and Juliet. He looked up at me.

'What do you want?' he asked me cruelly.

'I have a name for the baby vampire.'

'What'd you have in mind?'



'She sounds exactly like Lynn and Isis is the Egyptian goddess of rebirth.'

'We still need a middle and last name, though.'

'I thought of that too. Her full name is Isis Piper Collins.'

'Where'd you get Piper and Collins from?'

'Well, piper was the name of a witch I heard of once and Collins is our last name. If she's our adoptive daughter, then we should have the same last name.'

'Daughter? You're actually okay with adopting her?'

'Yeah, I guess. She already spends all of her time here so…'

'Thank you,' he whispered.

He stood and hugged me.

'Get off me!' I yelled.

Wyatt moved away so he wasn't touching me anymore.

'What's wrong with you?' he whispered.

'Nothing's wrong with me.'

'It's like I don't even know you anymore.'

He picked up his book and walked away.

What was wrong with me? Why can't Wyatt touch me without me getting mad?

I ran up the stairs to Victoria's room. I opened the door and looked in the wall mirror. My eyes were totally black. Even the white of my eye was as dark as night.

I bubbled to my closet. I found the darkest sunglasses I had and put them on to hide my eyes from Wyatt. I looked in the mirror to make sure they hide my eyes completely. They did, but I found another problem. The white dress I was wearing had turned black. I ran back to my closet and out on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. As soon as the material was on my body, it turned black.

I knew that this wasn't normal and there was only one person that could figure out what was wrong with me. I went to see Victoria.

She was in the forest, hunting. I found her easily enough.

'Victoria!' I said when I saw hew.

'What do you want?'

'Your help. I think you're the only person that can help me.'

'Why do you want my help?'


I pulled off my sunglasses to reveal my black eyes.

'What? Can't you just turn them back with your powers that we so much about?'

'No, I've tried. And that's not it all.'

I bubbled to the closet and showed Victoria how my clothes turned black when I put them on.

'You do have a problem,' she said studying me.

'Can you help me?'

'Sure, why not? I had a feeling I would need my Spirit soon.'

We went down to the living room. I sat down in one of the chairs from the wedding that was still there and she sat facing me.

After ten minutes, she finally spoke.

'I know what's wrong with you,' she said.


'You're turning evil,' she said it like was an everyday thing.

'I can't be…'

'It's in your Spirit, your evil.'

'Thanks for your help, I guess.'

'I'll send you my bill. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going back to lunch.'

She ran out of the castle and back to her hunting trip.

'Perfect,' I said out loud, 'I'm turning evil. Now what?'

I didn't really know how or if I should tell Wyatt. If I told him, I didn't know what he would do. But on the other hand if I didn't tell him, he would probably wouldn't be to happy with the fact I didn't tell him. Even if I decided to tell him, I didn't know how I could. What was I supposed to say? 'Wyatt, I'm evil now and I might kill you.' I don't think so.

I sat in the chair thinking about this for I don't know how long. I came up with as many possible outcomes as I could for each of my scenarios. All ended badly. I thought of only one possible answer to telling Wyatt about my turning evil. I wouldn't tell him. I would act as if nothing was wrong and I was just wearing all black because Victoria got into my closet. I wouldn't use my powers so I couldn't do anything evil and I wouldn't kill anyone.

I rubbed my eye and walked upstairs. It was dark outside now, so I decided to get rid of my emotions. I decided to do this as often as I could, so I could rid of some evil.

I changed into some pajamas, just a pair of red (soon to be black) sweat pants and matching sweater. I pulled the covers aside on the bed and crawled inside. I fell back on the pillow and closed my eyes. I was asleep before I took another breath.

I woke up sometime later, with something over my chest. Without moving my head, I looked at it. It was Wyatt's pale arm. I closed my eyes again before he knew I was awake. I didn't want him to see my eyes.

I pulled off the covers as I would when I normally woke up. I put on the sunglasses I left on the table and walked into the closet without acknowledging Wyatt.

I changed into a red mini-skirt and a black tee-shirt. I pulled my hair back and put on an emerald necklace. I walked back out of the closet.

Wyatt had made the bed and was sitting on the end, waiting for me. He smiled, but not warmly. I tried to smile back. I didn't know if I did or not.

'Somebody had a lot of emotion to sleep off,' he said, his smile gone.

'Why do you think that?'

'You've been asleep for almost two days.'

'Two days? Why didn't you wake me up?'

'I didn't want to, you seemed so… at peace.'

Peace, right. Peaceful was the last thing I was.

'I was,' I lied.

'Well, what should we do now?'

'Tell Isis her name?' I suggested.

'I already did. That's why I came to find you; she wanted to thank you for giving her a name.'

His compassion was overwhelming. He didn't come to find me because I was gone of two days, oh no. he came to tell me he gave the little monster her name.

I tired to look happy for him, 'She liked it?'

'Loved it. In fact, here she comes now to tell you herself.'

He was right. Isis came running into the room. She jumped up and surprised me by falling into my lap.

'Get off me, you little monster!' the voice I heard wasn't mine, but that wasn't the worst of what I did.

I flung my wrists at her, throwing her off my lap and through the wall. Wyatt ran out of the room faster than I had ever seen him run. He came back with Isis in his arms. She was crying.

'You shouldn't have done that; she's only a baby.'

'But Wyatt-'

'Don't bother. If it were me that you threw, that would be okay but she's a baby. She's not as indestructible as we are.'

As he left the room with the crying Isis, I heard her say, 'I just wanted to…'

'I know, I know,' Wyatt whispered back to her.

This really hit me hard. I looked down at me hands, they were shaking. I could've killed sweet little Isis. Victoria was right, I was turning evil. I bubbled to the room that we never needed. We had a use for it now.

I closed the heavy curtains on the windows that were letting the light of day in. I didn't deserve the light, I was a monster. I went huddled in the corner with my knees pulled to my chest. I pulled off my sunglasses; I wouldn't need them in here. I sat in a trance-like state, not daring to unleash the monster within my body.

I don't know how long I sat there when I heard someone looking for me. I didn't want them to find me, but I was afraid that if I moved I would unleash the monster. I stayed still and hoped that would go away. They didn't.

Christian stuck his head in the door. He didn't see me at first, but he kept looking. I hoped he would go away, he didn't.

'Willow?' he said as he stared into the corner I was in.

I didn't say anything, opening my mouth was what the monster wanted.

Christian came and kneeled in front of me, 'Are you okay?'

I tried to keep staring through him.


I kept staring silently. He stood and ran out of the room. I hoped he would be gone for good, but I had a feeling nothing would be going my way. And I was right. He came back with Rupert, Caroline and Wyatt. I didn't know where Isis was.

'Willow?' Caroline says.

I didn't answer.

'Rupert, get Wyatt out of here. He doesn't need to see her like this.'

Rupert pushed Wyatt out of the dark room and shut the door. I thought I heard them go to the house. Caroline bent down in front of me and shined a light in my eyes. She gasped, probably because my eyes were black.

'Rupert,' she whispered.

He ran back to her side; no Wyatt.

'Look at her eyes.'

He also bent down and looked into my evil eyes.

'There's only on person that knows what this is,' he said so low I could barely hear him.

'Victoria,' Caroline said in the same low voice Rupert used.

'What?' she said angrily as she walked into the room.

'Do you know what's wrong with Willow?' Rupert asked her.

Her expression changed from anger to worry, 'Yeah, she came to find me a few days ago asking the same thing.'

'What is it?'

'She's turning-'

'Not so loud!' Rupert hushed her, 'Wyatt will be listening.'

She said something I couldn't hear, but I knew what it was. Rupert and Caroline looked worriedly in my direction; I kept staring.

'Do you think you could get through to her, Torri?' Rupert asked. I hadn't heard her being called Torri since when I first met her.

'I think so, let me try,' she replied softly as she bent down to see my face.

She tried to put her hands on my shoulders.

I growled and said, 'Do it and you pull back a bloody stub!' I didn't recognize the voice that came out.

Victoria jerked her hands away from me, looking frightened. I doubt it had to do with what I said, but that I was acting so evil from my normal nice self.

'Ohmygod, I'm so sorry Victoria!' I said as I bubbled away.

I bubbled to the middle of the forest; where Isis attacked me.

Not long after I bubbled there, I heard people calling my name. I climbed up the tree I was next to, praying they wouldn't look up.

Stephan walked directly beneath me. I wasn't surprised they sent him, he was the best tracker. He looked up.

'Willow, get down,' he commanded.

I shook my head.

'Okay then, I'm coming up.'

He climbed the tree and sat on the end of a branch that was facing me. He inched closer to me; I backed away.

'Come back home,' he persuaded. When I shook my head again, he continued, 'Victoria can help you. We all can.' He reached his had towards me.

I began to take it; the monster wanted me to. But I stopped and jumped down. I bubbled to the river before I hit the ground.

'Water,' I said once I was in the river.

I swam down river as far as I could before I realized that Stephan would come find me again and he could just hold his breathe find me under the water.

I stopped swimming and sat in the sand on the bottom. I waited for Stephan to come find me; I knew he would be here soon enough. And I was right. Several seconds after I stopped, he appeared. He swam to me and pulled me to the surface so we could talk.

As my head broke the surface, I let air replace the water.

'What do you want Stephan?' I demanded cruelly.

'Come back to the castle,' he replied.

'Like this,' I pointed to my eyes, 'I don't think so.'

'Victoria can help you.'

'She already tried.'

'We can try something different…'

'No, I'm evil. I growled at Victoria, I almost attacked Wyatt, and I hurt Isis. I'm not coming back.'

'At least come say good bye,' he pleaded.

'Then you'll let me leave?'

'Then, I'll let you leave. We'll never come find you again.'

'Fine, but only to say good bye.'

'Thank you.'

Stephan reached his hand towards me; I took it. He pulled us both out of the water and ran back to the castle.

When he stopped, we were in the small room I was hiding in earlier. Everyone but Wyatt and Isis were waiting for us.

'Let's get this over with,' I groaned.

'Get what over with?' Kaci asked me.

'I'm only back to say good bye, then, I'm leaving.'

'Stephan, you-'

'This was the only way she would come back,' he said.

'So, good bye everyone. I hope we don't meet again,' I said.

'That's all we get?!' Victoria fumed, 'We save your sorry ass so many times…And this is what we get?!'

In her anger, her fangs grew out.

'What more do you want from me?'

'More than that!'

'You're not getting more. I'm going to find Wyatt and Isis. Then, you'll never see me again.'

I bubbled to wherever Wyatt was.

He was somewhere in the forest, with Isis beside him. He turned when I bubbled behind him. He started to say something, but stopped after he saw my eyes.

'That's why they didn't want you to see me,' I said, pointing at my eyes, 'My eyes are black and I'm evil.'

'You're not evil.'

'Yes, you stupid vampire, I am. What will it take to convince you?!'

Isis ran into the trees and hid.

'That's what I am to you? A stupid vampire?'

'That's what I just said, isn't it?'

'That's it. I was going to reconsider, but this did it,' he said through his teeth.

'What were you going to do?' I asked sarcastically.

'Willow, I'm…'

The end

I stared into his silver eyes, waiting for the rest of his sentence. I didn't know what could come after the 'Willow, I'm…' he didn't say anything.

'What Wyatt, what are you?' I asked him, tired of waiting for an answer.

'I'm leaving. I'm taking Isis and we're leaving,' he through his teeth again.

I felt the evil inside me subside for a short moment.

'What do you mean?'

'I mean, if all you think I am is a stupid vampire and you're turning evil, I'm not staying here to watch it.'

All of the evil left me. I felt my eyes and hair turn brown again.

He turned to walk away.

'Wyatt, no!' I tried to yell after him.

He turned back to face me, 'What?'

'Don't…don't leave,' I begged.

'Why shouldn't I? You don't care about me, and nothing is holding me here.'

'What about Isis?'

'She's coming with me; you don't even like her.'

'You wouldn't either if she nearly killed you!'

'You're probably right, but I at least gave her chance! Not to mention the fact I don't understand you turning evil.'

'I don't either, why can't you just ignore it?' I asked as I bubbled away, feeling tears burn in my eyes.

I bubbled to the movie theater in the castle. I ran to the side wall and found the small door that led to the secret passage to the roof. I crawled into the small space and curled my knees to my chest. I really hoped nobody would come find me. But, like everything else I hoped, it didn't work to my advantage. Before long, someone was knocking on the little door.

'Willow? Are you in there?' the person asked. I could tell it was Wyatt from his honey voice.

'Why do you care?' I mumbled.

He opened the door and crawled inside. He sat beside me.

'Because,' he said soothingly, 'I wanted to talk to you.'

'Why? Want to tell me what a horrible person I am? How I'm not good enough for you?'

'No, I wanted to say I was sorry,' he said quietly.

I looked up to meet his gaze.

'Really?' I asked.

'Yeah, I shouldn't have told you like that. I'm sorry.'

'But you're still going to leave?'

'Yes,' he whispered.

'Can't you just stay here? I'll try not to be evil.'

'I shouldn't, you need some space.' He said softly as he turned his head away from me.

'I don't need space, I need you.'

Tears sprung from my eyes again and Wyatt inched away from me.

'Maybe you should leave, Wyatt,' I whispered as I bubbled back to the rest of the vampires.

They were all still standing in the spare room in the castle. They all had different levels of shock on their face's when I bubbled in.

'I changed my mind, I'm not leaving,' I said softly, without lifting my eyes from the floor.

'In that case,' Victoria said as she stepped towards me and handed me a slip of paper, 'My bill.'

I looked at the 'bill' she handed me, 'Six million dollars! Where am I going that kind of money?!'

Christian laughed, 'Small bathroom.'

'Hang on then,' I said as I once again bubbled away.

This time, I went to the smallest bathroom at the house. I crouching in front of the towel cabinet and pulled the door open. I pulled out six million dollars in cash and bubbled back to Victoria.

'Here you go,' I said as I dumped the pile into her arms.

Christian looked at Stephan and they both burst out laughing.

'You know, you could've given her a check,' Christian said between his booming laughter.

'Whatever, Christian,' I replied, 'Do you know why I'm even staying?'

'You can't live without us?' Victoria asked sarcastically.

'No, Wyatt's leaving instead.'

'Wyatt's leaving?!' Kaci said.

'She just said that,' Victoria said to Kaci, 'So, why is he leaving?'

'I don't know, he just said that he was. I think it might be from me turning evil.'

My head sunk back to the floor.

'You know that turning evil isn't your fault, Willow!' Victoria said as soothingly as she could.

'Yes it is.'

I sunk to the floor so I was sitting down. Victoria did the same thing and sat in front of me.

'You couldn't control it, it was your soul.'

'I don't care, I'm still turning evil!'

'You weren't a few minutes ago.'


'Your eyes and hair were brown again. They aren't anymore, but…'

'So there's hope?' I said as I lifted my head to see Victoria.

'Yes,' she said, flashing me a smile that for once wasn't mean.

'Then, I'll stay. I wish Wyatt would though…'

'Don't worry about that, leave it to me.'


'I said, leave it to me.'

'Okay, now if you guys don't mind, I want some time alone.'

'That's fine, come on,' Victoria said as she lead the other vampires out of the room.

I heard the front door open and close, which meant that the vampires weren't in the castle anymore. I stood up and walked downstairs.

The fire was going in the fire place, so I went and stood in front of it. Not for warmth, but reassurance. As long as I had lived in this castle, the fire was never out once. I needed the stability it held for me. I stared into the deep orange flame and felt like I was part of it. I wished I was anyway. It never had to worry about changing what it was or getting arrested or being evil. I envied it.

I shook my head, trying to get the thoughts to leave. I didn't want to envy the flames, the real me didn't anyway. The evil side of me wanted me to like the fire. It was hungry for its power and control it brought. It was then and there that I made a firm commitment to the monster.

I will not be evil! I screamed at the monster.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and smirked at the flame. It wouldn't be getting the best of me, oh no, I was going to fight it with all my power and all my being. From that point on, I decided I would stick to my earlier vows. I wasn't going to use my powers, I wasn't going to kill and I sure as hell wasn't going to be evil.

I turned my back on the fire and went back upstairs. I went to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I saw that my eyes had turned back to black along with my hair. I tried not to worry, but I did anyway. If I wasn't going to be evil, why did I still look it?

'I'm not evil, I'm not evil,' I chanted to my reflection.

I ran my fingers through my hair and sighed. Maybe I was going to be evil after all. I walked out of the room and downstairs again, to the kitchen.

I pulled out a bowl, spoon, milk, and a box of Special K. I poured myself a bowl of the cereal and sat down at the table to eat.

I ate silently and slowly. So slowly, that by the time I had eaten four or five bites, my once crunchy cereal was reduced to a bowl of mush. I dumped the cereal in the trash and cleaned up the mess.

I sighed again and walked back to the living room. I sat on the couch and stared into the fire once again. My resolve to not be evil was almost gone. I gave into the monster and stared into the flames. Until, I had a visitor.

I felt something against my said and looked over to see what it was. I saw Isis staring up at me with her crimson eyes. She looked so much older than when I saw her last. She looked three or four years old, instead of one month.

When our eyes met she said in her high voice, 'Hi mommy!'

'I'm not your mother,' I said, trying to keep the cruelty out of my voice.

'Well I call Wyatt daddy, so you're my mommy.'

'No I'm not, Isis. I don't think you should be here right now. It's not safe.'

'Yes, it is.'

'I'm not safe for you to be around, remember what happened last time?'

I shuddered, thinking of throwing her through a wall.

'I scared you.'

'I don't want to hurt you again, so leave, before I do.'

'You won't hurt me,' she said lovingly as she wrapped her little arms around my shoulders in a hug.

'I will of you do get off of me!' I growled through my teeth.

She pulled her arms back and jumped of the couch. She ran out of the house a little slower than a vampire.

'Ugh! I didn't mean to do that! Stupid evil monster!' I yelled at myself.

I shook my head and stared into the flames once again.

Before I knew it, I was walking upstairs instead of staring blankly into the flames. Me feet carried me to the bedroom. I bent down and looked under the bed. I saw what I had bought almost a month ago. It was the book of evil spells.

So that's what started it all! I thought. I knew that the evil book must have triggered turning evil. Although, why did I but the book in the first place? Turning evil must've happened earlier than that.

'Time for some research,' I whispered.

I walked downstairs and out the front door. I walked the several miles through the woods to get to the house. I didn't want to bubble, because it might seduce me to use more of my powers.

I walked in the front door of the house and saw Rupert on his cell phone. His back was to me, and being immortal meant that I was super quiet, so he couldn't hear me. As I walked be hind him, he flipped his phone shut and it shattered to pieces.

'Damn it!' he said as the pieces skittered across the floor.

I chuckled slightly, and he turned around.

'You didn't hear that,' he said when he saw I was standing behind him; 'Caroline would kill me.'

'Why?' I asked, trying not to get impatient.

'She says that we shouldn't curse in the presence of women.'

'Do you really think I care?'

'No, but Caroline does, so this never happened. Okay?'


'Why'd you come here anyway?'

'I wanted to know if you had a laptop I could bring back to the castle.'

'Sure, what color do you want?'

'What color?'

'Yeah, we have every color there is. So, what color do you want?'


'Here,' he said as he ran out of the room and back again. He handed me a black laptop.

'Thanks, Rupert.'

'No problem,' he said as he started to pick up the pieces of his phone.

I left the house and started the long walk to my castle.

When I got back, I went into the kitchen and sat down at the table. I sat the computer down and turned it on. I opened up the internet went to Shadows, to run a search.

Shadows is a special search engine for the supernatural community. I usually used it for spell, but today I was going to find out when and how witches turned evil.

I brushed my fingertips over the keys and searched Shadows for anything that could help me. On my first search, I found what I was looking for. It was a witch website that wasn't made by the Council; it was made by witches.

The site had a lot on spells, but that wasn't the part of it I needed. I found an article written by a witch who was evil. It said very little, but it was helpful.

Witches don't turn evil, their born evil. The process usually begins with powers. Your powers grow. Then, the eyes and hair gets darker. Then, attitude. You usually notice a year or two after gaining powers.

When I was finished reading the article, I my mouth hung open. Everything fit me precisely, but I couldn't have been born evil. Both my parents were powerful, good witches. They never used their powers for anything, but helping humans.

I kept searching the different witch websites, but they were all different. One would say they same thing as the article, and the next would be the opposite. One even said 'There is no good and bad, only differences in power.' It was no doubt written but a witch from the sixties.

After a few hours of reading the dead-end articles, I gave up. I brushed my fingers over the keys one more time to delete the history. I didn't want Victoria finding out about Shadows, or any of the vampires. shadows was mainly for witches and werewolves. Vampires weren't really supposed to know about it even. Although, I had a feeling Rupert might know about it because he was half witch. Then again, he was changed before internet…

I shut the lip of the computer and shook my head again. It was pathetic that I was thinking about all of this. I set the laptop aside and went to find Wyatt.

I walked through the woods for several hours without finding him. I looked in al of the spot he had taken me before, including where he took me hunting. He wasn't in any of the places I looked.

I finally stopped in the same spot where Isis attacked me. In other words, I was totally and completely lost. I climbed up a tree and sat on a branch. I knew a vampire would be able to hear me, so I asked Christian to come find me.

'Christian,' I said just slightly louder than I would normally talk, 'Help me, please. I'm lost.'

I waited several seconds and Christian ran under the branch I was perched on. I jumped down and landed in front of him.

'Hey little sister, got lost?'

'Yeah,' I admitted.

'What were you doing, anyway?'

'Looking for Wyatt.'

'I thought Victoria said leave it to her.'

'She did, but-'

'Then leave it to her, now come on. Let's get back to the house.'

I jumped on his back and he ran me to the castle. I jumped down and walked inside. Christian followed me inside.

'Let me grab the laptop, then you can take me back to the house,' I told him as I walked into the kitchen and grabbed the computer.

I went back to Christian, who was waiting in the living room.

'Hop on,' he said as he crouched down so I could get on his back.

I handed him the laptop and jumped on his back. I locked my arms around his neck and he ran to the house.

'Thanks Christian,' I said as I reclaimed the laptop and went upstairs.

I was upstairs because I had an idea as to where Wyatt was. I went into his room. He wasn't there, and I didn't think he would be. I walked up to the third floor; to the library.

I walked up and down the isles until I saw Wyatt sitting in the last one, reading. He looked up, but didn't meet me gaze.

'Finally found me, huh?' he said, setting his book down.

'After looking for hours, getting lost and having to call Christian to find me,' I said cruelly.

'Why didn't you just bubble?'

'Because, I'm trying not to use my powers.'

'Okay, but why did you want to find me so badly?'

'I wanted to talk.'


'Just come to the castle with me.'

He stood up, 'Hope on.'

I jumped on his back and he ran us to the castle.

When we were in the music room, he out me on my feet.

'Why are we in here?' I asked.

'It's sound proof, so nobody can hear us. So talk.'

'Well, I wanted to ask you about…Shadows,' I sucked in a breath.

'Shadows? What's that?'

'A supernatural search engine. It's Google for witches.'

'What does that have to do with me?'

'It doesn't. I read so many articles on withes, the laptop battery died. They were all on evil witches; most said witches weren't turned evil, they were born that way. I thought you should know.'

'Anything else?'


'Then, I'm getting Isis ready to leave.'

Wyatt ran out of the house. I sat down on the floor.

A minute or two after Wyatt ran out, Isis ran in. she ran behind me and hid. Wyatt ran after her.

'Come on Isis,' Wyatt pleaded.

'I don't wanna go!' she said from behind my back.

'Just let her stay with me, Wyatt,' I said, feeling the cowering form of Isis behind me.

'You don't even like her!'

'I know, but she doesn't want to go with you.'

After thinking for a few minutes, he spoke, 'Are you going to neglect her?'

'Even if I wanted to, she weasels her way into the castle to find me.'

'Will you try to kill her?'

'No! I would never do that, I may be evil, but I will not kill! And it hurts me that you would think that!' I yelled.

'Sorry, but I want to be sure.'

I didn't say anything. Wyatt turned to Isis.

'If you need to find me, you know how to track,' he spoke to low for me to hear the next part, 'I'll be back soon enough. Good bye Isis.'

He turned to walk away.

'Ah!' I let out.

He turned back around, 'What?'

'You say good bye to her but not me?!'

'I only say good bye to people I love,' he said gravely.

'You…you don't love me?' I whispered.

'Not while you're like this.'

He ran out of the room and didn't come back.

'That little-' I stopped, realizing Isis was still behind me. 'Well, it looks like it's just you and me, kid.'

'Hey! I'm not a kid! I'm simply young and short,' she replied.

'Fine then, Isis.'

'Thank you.'

Isis came out from behind me and sat down in front of me. I felt a shiver go down my spine. I stood up quickly and ran up the stairs, Isis running behind me. I looked in the mirror and saw a monster.

My skin was as pale as a sheet. My eyes and hair could've turned day into night and my teeth were razor blades. I spun around to see Isis. Her face was contorted at the sight of me.

'Isis, I'm only going to say this once, run!'

I didn't recognize the voice that came out, but Isis took my advice. She ran away so fast I could barely see her.

'Victoria, help!' I said at a normal voice.

She ran to behind me, trying to look like her normal self, but actually worried.

'What's wrong?' she asked with worry straining her voice.

I turned around, 'This.'

'Hang on,' she said urgently as she closed her eyes and put her hands on my shoulders.

After a few seconds, she opened her eyes again.

'We need to get you somewhere safe.'


'Almost your entire soul is evil now.'

Before I could answer, I felt the monster inside me take over.

'Torri, run!' I demanded before the monster took my body over.

She ran out like Isis had, not even flinching at the fact I called her Torri. I felt the monster lift the corners of my mouth in a devilish grin. I bubbled away unwillingly in a sea of dark bubbles; that was a sure sign of turning evil.

I didn't know where the monster was taking me; I was just along for the ride. I ended up in the forest. I lifted me head to look around. While I was doing this, someone grabbed me from behind. They were to strong to be one of the girls, so I guess it was Christian.

'Christian?' I asked my mystery person. My voice sounded more like my own.

'Yeah, I'm taking you somewhere safer.'


Christian ran me somewhere I didn't recognize. It was a small town I hadn't been before to and it was raining.

'Where are we? I asked in the monsters voice.

'It's not as safe if you know where we are,' Christian replied.

'Okay, but why are we here?'

'You can hurt anyone here,' Victoria said as she stepped out of the tree line.

'Why can't I hurt anyone? There are still people here.'

'Yeah, but your 'dark side' only wants people you know, two in particular,' she told me.

'Who?' I asked, although I already had an idea.

'Wyatt and Isis.'

'Why them? And Christian, you can let go of me now.'

Christian still had me firmly around the waist at least a half foot above the ground.

'No can do, Willow. Just because it's not as dangerous for you, doesn't mean I'm letting you go anytime soon,' Christian denied.

'Ugh! Why do I want to kill Wyatt and Isis?' I asked Victoria.

'Wyatt hurt you and Isis…'

'I know Wyatt hurt me, but how do you know?'

'He left you!'

'Yeah, and you said that you would take care of it!'

'I tried! I thought that I could control his spirit like I can with a human! It didn't work.'

'You do know that he's dead, right?'

'But he's half human!'

'Whatever, now why do I want to kill Isis?'

'You've had a grudge since she nearly killed you.'

'I see…so how do I not go evil, exactly?'

'I had an idea for that, but I don't think you would like it.'


'I found out that vampires can't turn evil, so…'

'No, I am not letting you bite me! You could kill me!'

'Why would I do that? Like I said before, you never gave me an incentive.'

'I meant that you might not be able to stop once you start drinking my blood.'

'I don't have to be the one that bites you then. We could have Caroline do it. It'll be easier for her considering the fact she's a doctor and only half vampire.'

'I don't think she would be too happy with turning me though, considering I don't want to be a vampire.'


'Would any half vampire be able to control themselves enough to not kill me?'

'Yeah, as long as they're used to human food instead of blood, why?'

'I have one in mind…'

Victoria thought for a moment, then, 'No, absolutely not!'


'I am not letting Isis bite you!'

'Why? She has before and we only let her eat human food, never blood!'

'Because, she nearly killed you the last time, that's why!'

'Torri, I don't care. She won't hurt me.'

'First, if you call me Torri again, I'm going kill you. And second, you do care! Your soul still holds a grudge!'

'I. Don't. Care.'

'I'm not letting you do that!'

'Well then, I'm staying an evil witch.'

And that was the end of it. Victoria stopped talking and I stopped replying. Although, Christian kept his tight grip on me. Personally, I didn't mind, but I could see that Victoria was ready snap my neck.

Later that night, we moved to the woods surrounding the town. When we were safely out of human range, I really didn't have the patience to have Christian holding me anymore.

'Can Christian let go of me now?' I begged Victoria.

'No, we're still to close to the people,' she replied.

'You asked for it.'

I easily pushed my way out of Christian's grasp. I dropped to my feet and crossed my arms. I didn't have to say anything to Victoria; my expression said it all for me. But she still felt inclined to respond to my actions.

'Christian, why'd you let her go!' she raged.

'I didn't!'

'I could've done that whenever I wanted, you know,' I said, my voice smug.

'Ugh!' was all Victoria said back.

'Now, can I go to sleep? I need to loose some evil.'

'Go ahead,' Victoria said angrily.

I climbed up the nearest tree and found a thick branch. I stretched out on the bark and let all of the evil and emotions explode forward.

I woke up when it was light out again, with something on my chest. I opened one of my eyes to see what was using me as a chair. I saw none other than little Isis.

'It's about time you woke up!' she said excitedly, 'You've been asleep for days!'

I ran my fingers through my hair to comb it, not daring to use my powers to pull it straight.

'What are you doing here?' I asked.

'A very big man put in me in a very tall tree.'

'Christian!' I whispered angrily. I picked up Isis and set her aside on the branch. I swung my legs over the side. I dropped to the ground, softer than I ever had. I looked back up to see if Isis would follow me. She poked her little head over the side and held on for dear life.

'Come on, Isis,' I cooed, 'I'll catch you.'


'Jump, Damnit!'


'You're so stubborn!'

I climbed back up the tree and pulled her off the branch. I had to pry her fingers form the bark, but I finally managed to get her to the ground.

I put her on her feet and looked around to find Christian or Victoria. Christian was leaning against a tree, but Victoria was no where to be found.

'He where's Torri?' I asked.

'Hunting. She didn't want to kill you in your sleep.'

'She cares so much,' my voice took on a sarcastic tone.

'Don't I know it, I'm married to her.'

'How many times?'

'Our fifth's supposed to be in November.'

'Congratulations. At least you haven't gotten arrested at your wedding yet.'

'That must've sucked.'

'You have no idea.'

'I know how you felt after the fight though.'


'I think it's time I told you my story, okay?'

'Course it is Christian. I've been wanting to know how you were changed.'

'It was the early sixteen twenties and I was working in London building ships. I had only been working for a few months, when I was offered a job working in the palace. They wanted me to build furniture and what not. I took it for obvious reasons. I was to start that night. When I left, it was sunset. I ran home gathered some clothes and went to my favorite place on last time. I would have to move to far away to see it again. It was a series of steep cliffs on the coastline…'

'I think I can see where this is going.'

'Let me tell the story! Anyway, I went to the cliffs to watch the sunset. I sat with my legs over the edge and waited for the sun to go down. Only there was one slight problem. It started to pour rain and where I was sitting was just compacted dirt. The ground turned into mud and I fell more than one hundred and fifty feet into the water. And as you know, falling from that height into water was like falling on cement. Only, I was pretty darn lucky about where I fell.'

'Trying not to swear in front of me?'

'Stop interrupting! And yes, I'm trying to avoid it. Back to the story. I landed where a young girl was swimming. She pulled me out of the water. After that, I went unconscious. When I finally woke up, Rupert was standing over me. Before I knew what was going on, his fangs were out and he pulled my wrist to his mouth. When I woke up even later, I was a vampire. That and I found out who saved me was Victoria.'

'How'd you two fall in love then?'

'We didn't at that point. When I woke up, I had a ring on my finger and so did she. She was standing over me and said, 'I'm your wife now.' I was kind of freaked out, but she grew on me. We were married a second time about fifty years later, when I actually loved her back.'

'That's not normal, Christian.'

'I know, but really, is anyone in this family normal?'

'Not really.'

'My point.'

At that moment, Isis ran out of the woods.

'That's the big man!' she said, pointed at Christian.

'No, that's Christian.' I argued.

'Big man!' she retorted.


'Big man!'

'I'm Christian, not big man!' Christian intervened.

His voice boomed through the woods and scared Isis back into the underbrush.

'Now look what you did!' I yelled as I tried to pull Isis out of a bush.

I pried her fingers off a tree and pulled her into my arms. I brought her to Christian and she cowered like a dog in my arms. I put her in Christian's arms and she shook even harder.

Christian raised a large hand, 'Uh…hi.'

'Hi…Christian.' She replied shakily.

After a few minutes, she wasn't shaking anymore.

'See? I'm not so bad,' Christian said.

'But your still freakishly large,' I said under my breath.

'Ha ha, Willow. Very funny.'

I opened my mouth to reply, but I stopped when I heard a rustling in a bush. I snapped my head around just in time to see Victoria walking out of the brush, licking blood off of her lips.

'Finally awake, I see,' she said, letting her fangs disappear.

'Yeah, I am.'

'You slept long enough,' a sarcastic tone was clearly audible in her voice.

'At least I don't marry someone against their will.'

She turned her rage from me over to Christian. When he saw this, he gave Isis back to me.

'You told her?!' she fumed.

'I told her my story, and it just came up! I'm sorry!'

She returned her anger to me again. I put Isis on the ground so I wouldn't hurt her and neither would Victoria.

'I should kill you, right now! You aren't supposed to know our stories!'

'Now, now, Victoria. Watch your temper. I'm evil now and that means I'm a hell of a lot stronger than you are. Wouldn't want to make me angry.'

'You just wait! You won't be stronger forever, and you're not…' she didn't bother finishing her threat.

I slightly changed the subject, 'When you're bitten, you get the strength of the vampire, right?'

'For a year or two…why?'

'Just curious. Now, you might want to go hunt again.'

'I was just leaving.'

She turned and ran into the thicker woods. I waited several seconds before I called Isis to me. She came running out of the woods.

'Hi mommy!' she said as she jumped into my arms.

'I'm not your mother,' I said, leaving the cruelty out of my voice, 'But there is something you can do for me.'


'Bite me.'


'I want you to turn me into a vampire,' I lied. I didn't really want to be a vampire, but it would mean I would be stronger than Victoria and I wouldn't be evil.

'But it didn't work that last time.'

'Were you trying to turn me the last time?'


'Did you use your teeth or your nails?'

'I cut you with my nails, but-'

'That's why. You can only turn me if you use your teeth. Bite me.'

'Only if I can call you mommy.' She crossed her little arms over her chest.

I thought about it. It wasn't that hard of a decision to make. I could either by good and really strong or stay evil and weak.


I put her on her feet and knelt down next to her. I held my wrist out to her. It was more respectful to bite a wrist, and there was no way I would let her drink for my neck.

'Don't take much, only enough to turn me, okay?'

'I won't hurt you, mommy.'

I flinched at the sound of 'mommy'. I saw Isis grow out her sharp fangs. She reminded me of a cat when she did that. She pulled my wrist to her tiny mouth and bit me. I felt my flesh being torn and my blood leaving my body. It also burned worse than when Lynn hit me with a fire ball. After a few seconds, I felt light headed. I felt like when I was human and stayed up all night.

'That's enough!' I heard Christian say.

Isis pulled her fangs out of my flesh. Grey spots blurred my vision. I tried to blink them away, but they grew larger instead. I fell onto my back and passed out. Whether it was from lack of blood or the change, I wasn't sure.

After I passed out, I didn't really remember anything. Other than the fact I felt like I was being sawed in half. I remember Christian picking me up and moving me somewhere, and passing out again. I woke up I didn't know how often and every time I did, the pain was worse. At first, it felt like when I was human and tried running track; the slight burning in my muscles. That wasn't too bad.

The second time was ten times worse. It also felt like burning. It was like when Lynn threw the fire ball at me. I was awake, well aware, the entire time I felt like that. I was sure that I would be a pile of ash when I was changed. I also thought the pain wouldn't get any worse. I passed out again towards the end of the burn, when it was simply smoldering. I hoped that it would be the end.

When I awoke again, I still wasn't a vampire. I could hear my heart race, Christian, Victoria and Isis. That and the pain was worse again. This time, it felt like when Lynn cut me with the silver. Only instead of just my arm, it was my body. I would've taken the silver athame at this point.

After that pain, I was sure nothing could be much worse. I was way off. The next pain was only slightly worse than the pervious pain, but that wasn't what was killing me. It was my heart and lungs. My heart that was racing not to long before, was now only beating once or twice a minute now. It wasn't pumping blood, so my lungs weren't breathing for me. No matter how much air I sucked, I was suffocating.

I wanted to scream and die. I wanted to tell Victoria to kill me. But I knew that would never happen. If I opened my mouth, I would scream so loud I would expose us. I kept my jaw clenched tight.

My heart started beating even slower. My lungs stopped working altogether and I felt something scorching my hand.

'Did I take to much blood?' I heard little Isis ask with a quivering voice.

'No, don't worry;' Christian said soothingly, 'She's fine.'

'Than why isn't she waking up?!' Victoria yelled.

'Isis, why don't you go hunt?' Christian said. Although, it wasn't a suggestion, it was a demand.

The burn in my hand left slightly. Isis had left. Christian waited for her to get out of hearing range.

'Torri, you shouldn't have said that. She feels bad enough as it is.'

Why did she feel bad? Does she think she killed me? Did she kill me? I wished I could ask what was going on, but I knew what would happen if I tried.

'Sorry, but I'm still pissed. She shouldn't have let the monster bite her in the first place.'

'She's not a monster and she barley took enough blood to change her at all. That's why this is taking so long.'

Taking so long? I thought it had only been a day or two. I thought that it went by to fast for it to be over all ready. Maybe I was unconscious more than I thought. I wanted desperately to ask what Christian meant, but at the same time I didn't really want to know.

'Whatever, I'm going hunting,' Victoria said.

Christian let out a sigh. As he did, as if on cue, the pain subsided from toes and hands. I tried to move, but I still couldn't. All I managed was twitching my fingers.

I waited. After a few more minutes, I could feel my arms and legs as well. Although, I was still paralyzed. My heart had stopped beating all together and my lungs didn't ask for air. When I tried to take a breath, it was like having a cold; no air being able to enter my nose.

After that, the started to leave my torso as well. My heart, although still, still ached. It felt like I had an extreme case of heart burn, like after I ate spicy food. I tried to move again and I could. I balled my hands into fists and wiggled my toes.

Then, at last, all of them original pain was gone. In its place was one sharp point on the inside my lips. That and a sense of power I hadn't felt before. I felt like I had enough strength to tunnel through the center of the earth to Japan.

I opened my eyes. It was far too bright to be night, but not nearly bright enough for day. I looked through the trees and saw the moon. I didn't understand.

I didn't sit up, afraid of the raw power in my arms. So instead, I called Christian to me.

'Christian,' I tried to say. My voice sounded wrong though. It was far to musical to be my own, even though it was rough and cracking. A dry ache was in my throat.

'Willow?' Christian said as he stood over me, 'How do you feel?'


I cringed at my new voice; Christian noticed.

'What's wrong?' his voice was panicky.

'My voice. It's to…musical.'

'It sounds different? I didn't notice. It sounds exactly the same to me.'

'It does?'

'Yeah. Maybe it's just your new ears; they hear a lot better than before.'


'Is there anything else wrong?'

'It's so bright!' I complained.

'You should see it during the day. That's why always where sunglasses on sunny days. Anything else?'

'My throat hurts.'

'I was afraid of that…'

'Is something wrong?'

'No, I just didn't want to be one to take you hunting.'


'I had to be the one who took Stephan on his first hunt. Bad memories.'


Christian sighed, 'Come on sis.'

I sat up slightly.

'Follow me.'

I jumped to my feet and walked to Christian. He started running into the woods and I tried to follow him. I couldn't run faster than my normal witch pace though. Christian turned around and came back.

'Why didn't you run?' he asked.

'I can't, watch.'

I tried to run across the small field we were in. I could only run slightly faster than your average human.

'I was afraid of that…'

'What were you afraid of, Christian?' I was worried now.

'That you were out to long. You were out cold for two weeks.'

'Two weeks?!'

'Yeah. I thought Isis took to much blood or not enough, or because of your being the most powerful witch ever.'

The ache in my throat got worse.

'I don't really care right now, just let me hunt.'

'Come on then…' he turned towards the woods. I didn't follow.

'Christian, let go by myself.'

'I don't think…'

'Christian, I'll be fine. I can bubble.'

'Rupert could too, before he was turned.'

I tried to bubble. It worked, and better than ever. I could bubble as fast as a vampire could run.

'I guess we know where your speed went to,' Christian said.

'Bye Christian,' I said as I bubbled. I thought about blood and my prey.

When I bubbled to where ever I was going, I was inside of a house. I didn't know why I was there. I tried to breathe, and it worked. Air flooded into my lungs but with a strange feeling to it. I didn't need the air. But with the air, the ache in my throat turned into a flame. I followed my nose into a small bedroom with an asleep man inside.

After I saw him, my instincts took over. The spot of pain in my lips got worse and I opened my mouth. A single fang protruded. I bubbled back to Christian.

'Christian! Why do I only have one fang?'

I opened my mouth so he could see and he laughed.

'All newborn half vampires only have one. Wyatt only has one.'

'But Isis has two!'

'Because she was a born vampire, not made.'

'How can I hunt with this?'

He laughed again.

'Hang on,' I told him. I used my power, that I hoped I still had, to grow my left fang, 'There, now, bye Christian!'

I bubbled back to my prey. I tried not to go to the same place, but I did. I saw the innocent man lying in bed.

'No, I'm not going to murder,' I told myself firmly.

I bubbled to the forest to find different prey. I found a deer. I crouched down in the bushes and waited for the opportune moment. When it had its back turned, I sprung on its back. I bit into its neck. The blood rushed into my mouth and I drank it willingly. It was spicy and sweet and warm.

When I had drained the body, I threw it into the woods and bubbled back to Christian. I walked over to him as I licked my fangs. I let them disappear.

'That was fast,' he said.

'The deer didn't put much of a fight.'




I spun around to see Victoria walk out of the woods.

'I was wondering if you would wake up or not, ' she said, 'Do you only have one fang?'


I grew out my one fang and my fake one.

'Oh, I hoped you would have one that matched Wyatt's and you do!'

She reached out and tapped my fake fang.

'How cute! You made yourself a fake fang.'

I tried to lunge forward, but Christian grabbed my shoulder, 'Watch it Torri.'

'Whatever. Come on, let's get into some decent clothes.'

I looked down and saw I was in my clothes from two weeks ago. I reached my hand to Victoria. She took it and I bubbled us to my closet.

'Wear black,' she said before running to her own closet.

I put on a pair of skin tight black leather pants. I also put on a black leather tube top. It exposed part of my stomach and I liked it. Because it was so bright, I also put on a pair of sunglasses. Right as I was finishing up, Victoria came in. she was wearing a black leather, strapless mini dress. She also was wearing Siamese Sapphires. They looked back.

'Hang on,' I said as I grabbed a necklace to put on.

I picked a tear shaped emerald that had diamond surrounding it on a green velvet chocker chain. I grew out my hair so it was at my waist and made sure it was midnight black.

'Ready,' I said as I smirked.

'Let's go.'


'What now?!'

'Isis, come here!'

She ran into the room. She looked even older than when she changed me. She looked five.


She grabbed me around the waist. I pulled her off.

'I'm going to make you look older, okay?'


I changed her appearance so she looked to be about thirteen. I also changed Victoria's and mine to look early twenties.

I threw some clothes at Isis, 'Put these on.'

She did as I said. She was wearing a red plaid mini skirt; a low cut black tee shirt and black leather boots that went up her calves. I also gave her a ruby chocker.

'Now, I'm ready.'

Victoria ran Isis and me back to the small little town. It was starting to get light out, but nobody was awake.

'Wander around Isis, we'll be right back,' Victoria said. She pulled me into the woods.

'What are we doing?!' I asked.


She put a finger to her lips to tell me to be quiet. I stopped making noise and watch Isis. She was standing in the middle of the street. If someone wanted kidnap her, it was a good time.

We waited. The man that I was going to kill earlier came out of his house and walked over to Isis. I tried to jump out of the trees to protect her, but Victoria shook her head. I stayed and watched the scene unfold.

'They there,' the men said as approached Isis.

'Hey,' she said.

He was looking at her chest now; it looked as if he wanted to touch her.

'My face is up here,' she said.

'Don't be like that sugar,' he put his thumb on her cheek. She pushed it off.

'I wouldn't do that if I were you,' she said with a distinct warning in her voice.

'Why not?' he reached to grab her.

Victoria pulled me out of the trees as he turned around.

'You have friends,' he said happily as we approached him.

'You might want to leave us alone,' I warned.

'Why? Then I can't have any fun!' he reached put for Victoria and my instincts kicked in.

My fangs grew long and sharp. I snarled. He looked up and saw me.

'What the hell are you?!' he screamed.

'I'm a vampire.'

He tried to run away, but his fear had him froze for one second to long. I grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

'And now, I'm gonna kick your ass.'

'I don't want any trouble!' he stammered.

'Well, you got some.'

Then, I went for his throat.

I dug my fangs into his flesh. I expected to taste the same as the deer, but it was much better. His blood was hot, sweet and sticky. It had meatiness to it that the deer didn't. I drained him of blood and felt an emotional high. I tossed his body to the ground as I licked the blood from my fangs.

Then, my bliss faded away. I truly saw he body that I had just killed. I started to shake. I fell to my knees. I looked up at Victoria and Isis.

'I know,' Victoria said as she rubbed my back, 'the first kill is always the one you remember. It always kills you on the inside…'

'No, you don't understand,' I whispered, 'I liked it. It felt good to have so much power.'

I didn't want to look up at Victoria's purple eyes. I could feel her shock drilling into my back, where her hands were. I didn't like this part of being a vampire yet. I didn't like the fact I could kill so easily and not so much as flinch. I liked it.

I finally decided I needed to see Victoria's reaction. I also needed to know if I scared my daughter for the rest of her immortal life. I lifted my eyes from the ground to Victoria. I couldn't get a good enough view at her, so I slowly lifted my head as well.

The look on her face didn't say anything to reveal what she was thinking. Or what she was going to say to me after hearing what I thought. Her face was totally vacuous, until that is, she looked me in the eyes.

Her mouth opened and she gasped loudly.

'Damnit, Willow!' she said, still staring into my eyes.

I didn't know what she meant by it. I thought that it might have been a delayed reaction to what I said. But then, when she still hadn't lifted her gaze from my eyes, I figured it out.

'Am I still evil?'

She sighed, 'Yeah.'


'Yeah, I really thought that turning you would turn you good.'

'So did I! But, it didn't so I'm a stupid vampire for nothing!'

'Watch it, Willow,' Christian whispered in my ear. I didn't know if Victoria heard him or not. She didn't look like she had, but she did have better hearing. Then again, because I was a vampire to now, we had the same hearing level. I could barely her Christian, I finally decided Victoria couldn't.

I pushed Christian's hand off my shoulder.

'Come on Isis,' I said angrily, 'We're leaving.'

Isis skipped over to me. I waved my hand in the air and made her look like herself. I bent down and tried to pick her up. Victoria stopped me though.

'You're not going anywhere with her,' she said with an edge to her voice. I couldn't tell if it was just my new hearing, or she was getting ready to snap my neck, though.

'Yes, I am.'

With her speed, she swooped Isis into her own arms. I felt to sharp points on my lips. As my fangs got longer, my lips parted. A fierce snarl escaped my throat.

'Give me my daughter,' I demanded.

'She's not yours anymore,' Victoria replied.

'Yes, she is,' I changed my voice so it sounded less mean and more motherly, 'Don't you want to come with mommy, Isis?'


She jumped from Victoria's arms and ran to mine. I smirked at Victoria. She tried to lunge at me. Christian ran from behind me and grabbed her around the waist. I bubbled away.

I ended up in the castle. I knew Victoria wouldn't look for me here because it was so obvious. Then again, I thought the same about Wyatt when he came to find me.

My fangs grew out at the sound of his name. Isis jumped to the floor and as she did, I balled my hands into tight fists.

'What's wrong, mommy?' Isis asked me.

'Wyatt,' I said through my teeth.

'What about Wyatt?'

I felt like she was trying to kill me. I didn't want to remember Wyatt and she was trying to get every last detail out of me. I took a deep breath.

'I'm not very happy with him right now.'


'Isis, don't you dare ask me anything about Wyatt, ever again!' I growled.


She skipped out of the room. My hands slowly unclenched.

I took another deep breathe. It felt strange. I didn't need the air like before. I wondered how my affinity would work, but I decided it could wait. Right now, I needed to go hunting.

I bubbled to the nearest vampire. And unfortunately, it was Stephan. He had the best sense of smell so he would be able to tell I was a vampire.

'Long time, no see. Where ya been, Willow?' he asked suspiciously.

'You know, just hiding out,' I replied shakily.

'Don't you mean turning into a vampire?'

He had me caught, but I didn't want him to know he was right.

'No! Why…why would you say that?!'

He only said one word to check his suspicion.

'Wyatt,' he whispered.

My fangs grew out and I snarled.

'I thought you were a vampire.'

I kept growling.

'Well, now! I hope you can escape the Council one more time.'

I stopped growling, 'What do you mean, Stephan?'

'You're an illegal vampire.'

'What do you mean?'

'Vampire's have to be registered. You're not. It's illegal.'

'Whatever. I've done a lot of illegal things.'

Stephan looked at me blankly.

'Nobody told you? I've already committed murder, and that's where I'm going right now. Hunting.'

'Willow, that's not you talking! Your powers where to strong and Isis was too weak. You're barely a vampire!'

'What do you mean?'

'Isis is a half vampire, so you're only a quarter.'

'I can fix that.'


'If I still have blood, then Victoria can bite me.'

'Have fun with that,' he said gravely as he ran out of the room. His voice lingered in the room after he left. It sent shivers down my spine. His voice changed too. It was rougher than t was before.

I wondered what he meant, but I didn't bother answering myself. I knew I would just get confused, so I just headed for the woods.

I bubbled to where no people should be so I didn't kill twice in one day. I smelled the air and smelled some deer along with something else. I smelled the rich sweetness of human blood. I followed the sent to the path the hikers were on.

They had their backs to me. I purposely made a rustling noise. They turned around and saw me. The taller of the two smiled.

'Hello there,' he said.

'Hello. Can you help me? I'm lost,' I said as sweetly as I could.

'Sure, we can,' the shorter man said, 'Let us just get the map.'

They put their back packs down and started to talk. If I was human, I wouldn't have been able to hear. With my vampire hearing, I could hear it was as if they were talking to me directly.

'Oh my god! She's hot!' the tall man said.

'I know! But I get first dibs! You're married.'

'Not anymore, I'm not!'

One of them pulled a map out and stood up. He walked back to me and handed it over.

'Thank you, you're very kind. What can I do to repay you?' I asked sweetly.

'Well…' the shorter one started. The taller one elbowed him.

'You see, not much happens here and we never have any fun,' the taller one began, 'You know what I'm talking about?'

'I know what you mean! There's never anything for me to do!' I said.

'So we agree?'


'Remember what I said…' the short man said. I guessed it had to do with 'first dibs.'

'I remember. Go ahead.'

The short man started walking towards me. As he was doing this, he was unbuttoning his shirt. I parted my lips in a devilish smile. My fangs grew out. I pulled off my sunglasses to reveal my eyes as well.

The men started to back away from me.

'You see what I mean?' I said just as sickeningly sweet as before, 'I never have any fun.'

'What kind of fun?' the teller one said. he couldn't see me well enough.

'Let me just show your friend, then I'll come back for you.'


I grabbed the shorter man and covered his mouth. I pulled him into the forest so we were out of hearing range. I pushed him up against a tree and smiled. My teeth were gleaming in the light of early morning.

'I don't like it when men try to kidnap me,' I growled.

'I…I…I' he stammered.

'I know, but don't worry. This'll only hurt for a few seconds.'

I bit down on his neck. The blood ran into my mouth. He tried to scream, but his lungs were filling with blood. When I had him finished, I bubbled to the police station. I put the body on the ground and bubbled back to the woods. I pulled my fangs back in and licked the blood off my lips.

I walked back to the other man. He was still standing there waiting for me.

'That was fast,' he said.

'I work fast.'

I leaned over like I was going to kiss him; but instead, I grew out my fangs and cut open his cheek. He screamed in agony.

'What was that?'! He screamed.

'That was my fangs.'


'Yeah, I'm a vampire and I just cut you with my fangs.'

'Why does it burn so much?'

'That's my venom. It's trying to turn you into a vampire.'

'I don't-'

'Want to be a vampire? Well don't worry. I'm not letting you get that far. I'm just going to kill you.'

I pulled his neck to my pips and drained him of his blood as I did with the other man. I dumped his body in the woods. Then, I bubbled to Victoria.

She was at the house, watching TV. She didn't lookup when I walked in. but when I sat on the couch next to her, she paused the TV.

'You killed another two people?' she said.

'How do you know?'

She un-paused the TV and I saw what she meant. She was watching the local news.

'In other news, there has been three mysterious deaths in the area. There doesn't seem to be a motive. All three victims were young men. They were all drained completely of blood…' the anchor woman said.

Victoria turned off the TV. She looked up at me.


'Sorry, but it was the two hikers or your brother.'

'My brother?'

'Stephan pissed me off, okay?'

'I'm not mad at you.'

'You're not'? Her reaction surprised me.

'No, I'm proud!'

I stood up to get away from her, but she stood as well. She then did something I never thought possible. She hugged me.

'What are you doing to me?' I asked as I pushed her off me.

'I'm so happy! I never thought you would be able to kill!'

'That's just the evil me, though!'

She didn't pay any attention to what I was saying

'You're acting exactly the same as I did when I was a newborn!'

That reminded me. I never heard Victoria's story before.

'Hey Victoria?'


'What's you story?'

That changed her mood.

'What's it to you?'

'I want to know more about you. All you ever told me was how you started World War Two.'

'There's not much to tell.'

'I bet there is.'

'No, there's nothing. All I remember of being human is something I don't want to talk about.'

She turned her head away from my and crossed her arms. I put my hand on her shoulder.

'Was it something bad?'

'Naw,' she said sarcastically, 'I'm all depressed because I was a happy human.'

'Sorry. What happened, Victoria?'

'If I'm telling you, we're going to the music room. Come on.'

I met her in the music room at the castle. I bubbled and she ran. When we were both there, I shut the door.

'What happened?'

'Sit down.'

We both sat on the floor. She was facing me with her hands in her lap.

'Nobody knows this, so don't tell them.'

'Why didn't you tell them?'

'I just didn't want to, okay? Now let me tell the story.'

'Okay, okay, sorry!'

'I had an older brother. I don't remember his name, but he was my best friend. He had the most beautiful green eyes I've ever seen and a copperish color to his hair. We were twins, although we didn't look anything alike. He was tall and muscular, while I was short and petite and so on. Anyway, we did everything together. Not surprisingly, I was always running off and getting into trouble. He would always come and save me. if he wasn't in trouble,himself. One day when I was about fifteen, I ran off again. Only this time, he couldn't save me. I was kidnapped by some strange men. I found out three years later that they were vampires. On my eighteenth birthday, they bit me. Then, I wondered Europe for I don't know how long. One day, I found Rupert. I found out he was a vampire too, and he explained everything to me. About fifty years after that, I found Christian.'

'Do you remember anything else?'

'No. I think my name was Victoria, though. As for the year or anything else, no clue.'

'Well, Christian was changed in the sixteen twenties, so you must have been from…1570.'

'I don't know about that. But now you know the rest of my story, so leave me alone.'

'Okay, thanks Torri.'

'How many times do I have to tell you not to call me Torri?'

'Sorry, for asking, but why?'

'That's what my brother called me after he got me out of trouble,' she softened her voice, 'and what he yelled after me when the vampires were taking me away.'

'Thanks for telling me Victoria,' I said.

'Don't mention it.'


'Seriously, don't mention it.'

'I won't, don't worry. As long as you don't tell anyone about my fang…'

'I have a better idea. How about, you don't tell anyone and I won't kill you?'

'That's fair,' I chocked out.

'I'm glad you see it my way. Now, go be a good little vampire and forget we ever had this conversation.'

'Okay,' I said quickly as I bubbled to the castle.

I went to the small room I used as a hide out while I was going crazy. I decided it could do with a makeover. I made a quick plan in my head and went to find Isis.

I didn't know where she was, so I just thought about her and bubbled there. She was in the animal room just down the hall. I hadn't even thought about Tobias, Flame or Beetle since I escaped supernatural prison. Isis was sitting on the floor with Flame. She was teasing him with his food. I watched in horror as he bite her hand.

I ran to her and picked her up. She was crying.

'It's okay, Isis,' I said soothingly.

'Mean monkey,' she sobbed.

Her sobs didn't last for long. Her anger soon turned to rage. As her rage grew, she burst into flames just like Lynn had when she was mad.

'What happened?' Isis screamed as she ran around the room.

'I think you got Lynn's affinity when her monkey bit you! Hang on!'

I tried to use my water affinity for the first time since I had changed into a vampire. I engulfed myself in water and picked up Isis. She fizzled out.

'Thank you water,' I said as I put Isis down, 'Are you okay?'

'Yeah, but what happened?'

'Remember Lynn?'


'Well, she had power over fire. Flame was her monkey and when he bit you, he passed on the power. Now whenever you get mad you burst into flames. It won't hurt, but you can hurt other people. I think I might be able to lessen the power if you want.'

'Can I hurt one of the vampires?'

'Yeah, fire is extremely bad for them. It could kill them.'

'Find the spell; I don't want to hurt you.'

'Okay. I'll come find you when I have it.'

I bubbled to my bedroom. It was where the book of spells was. I sat down on the bed and opened the book in my lap. I flipped through the pages until I found the spell I was looking for. As I looked it over, I found a small problem. It needed four witches and I only had three. Now that Lynn had been killed, I only had Rupert and Lori to help me…

Lori! Oh my god! I had totally forgotten about her since the wedding. She didn't try to break me out, so I didn't see her. And then with turning evil, Wyatt leaving and turning into a vampire, I hadn't had time to see her. I was the worst best friend ever. I bubbled to find Rupert. I needed to tell him where I was going.

Rupert was in his office, as usual.


He looked up from his computer.

'I haven't seen you in a while,' he said.

'Sorry, but I needed to talk to you!'

'Okay, but first, are you liking being an undead creature?'

Apparently Stephan told him about me.

'It's fine. I came to tell you I'm going to see Lori. She must think I died.'

'You're not going anywhere, Willow.'

'I have to see Lori, though!'

I tried to bubble away, but Rupert grabbed my arm so if I was going anywhere, he was coming too. I sighed and stopped in mid-bubble to hear what Rupert had to say.

'Why can't I go see her?' I demanded.

'She still has blood, you know. you're a newborn and you have some major blood issues to resolve first.'

Was he trying to confuse me? If he was, it was working. I didn't have blood issues and I was insulted he would say that.

'I don't have blood issues, Rupert.'

'You don't? then why did you kill three men this morning?' he wasn't very good at sarcasm, but I got the point.

'You saw the news?'

'No, Victoria told me.'

I should've known better than to think Victoria wouldn't tell everyone.

'So what do I have to do to prove I can handle being around blood?'

'Come to Seattle with me. I have to go anyway, so it's no bother.'

I sighed. I would have to be around thousands of humans. I wanted to say no, but then I wouldn't be to see Lori.

'Okay, when are we leaving?' I asked sadly.

'Now. We'll take my car because you can't run and I've always hated bubbling.'

'Can I at least bubble to the garage, then?'

'Sure, but change on the way there please.'


I looked down and thought my outfit was perfectly acceptable for Seattle.

'Don't you think it might look strange for an eighteen-year-old to be walking around with an older guy?'

'Right. I'll change.'

I bubbled to the closet and changed into something less slut-ish. It was a pair of jeans and a sky blue jacket. Over the jacket I had on a long white coat. I didn't get cold anymore, but it might look weird to be walking around in the rain without a coat. I also changed my necklace. I put on a cross. I hadn't worn one yet, so I decided to mix it up a little.

As soon as the cross was on, I felt like I did when I first met Wyatt. Normally, any thought of Wyatt pissed me off, but today I welcomed it. I pulled back my hair in a short pony tail. I also put on sun sunglasses. Not just to hide my eyes, but it was really bright during the day.

I bubbled to the garage. Rupert was waiting for me in a flat grey, corvette. He also had on some sunglasses. That fact made me feel better. I wasn't the only one that hated the sunlight!

'Nice car,' I said.

'Thanks, even though we're not driving. And thanks for putting on something not as…' he struggled for the right words.


He sighed, 'Yeah. Jump on.'

I jumped on Rupert's back and he started running.

We remained silent for a few minutes. Neither of us really knew what to say.

'Hey Rupert?' I asked.


'What year were you…made?'

'Not long after Wyatt.'

At the sound of his name, my fangs grew out. I gripped the sides of my seat with my nail so I wouldn't attack Rupert. A snarl escaped my throat.

'Don't say that name ever again. If you do, I'll kill you.' I snarled. I was dead serious too, and Rupert knew.

'I'll never say it again.'

'Good. Now, what year were you turned?'

'Fifteen fifty, why?'

'I just wanted to know. Weren't you the one that changed Christian?'

'Yeah, but why?'

'I'm trying to help Victoria out. I want to find out the year Christian was changed, so I can figure out when she was from.'

'That's pretty kind of you. Good luck.'

'Thanks, I'm gonna need it. What year was Christian changed?'

'Sixteen twenty-eight.'


'No problem.'

We didn't say anything for a while. It was a little awkward having Rupert take me to Seattle. When we were right outside of the city, Rupert spoke to me again.

'Can you make yourself look younger?' he asked. He turned his head towards me, taking his eyes off the road.

'Keep your eyes on the road!'

He turned his head back.

'I don't see why it matters. I have fast reflexes, and if we get in a crash, we could walk away.'

'I'm not used to the running-indestructible thing.'

'Can you make yourself look younger or not?'

'Yeah, why?'

'You might want to look around fourteen while we're in the city. It won't look as weird.'


I snapped my fingers and made myself look fourteen.

'Anything else you should warn me about?' I asked when I looked younger. My voice changed as well and was much higher.

'Yeah. Don't call me Rupert. We want people to think you're related to me.'

'Okay then, so I'll call you…dad I guess. And hang on again.'

I changed my appearance so I looked related to Rupert.

'Okay, you were saying?' I said.

'We're here.'

I looked over his shoulder and saw the city looming in front of me. Rupert ran onto a side walk. I jumped down and hoped nobody saw us.

The first breath I took made my fangs grow out. I kept my mouth shut and let them cut into my own flesh. I stopped breathing and Rupert could tell. He elbowed me gently and I sucked some air.

I got over the pain in my throat and paid attention to where Rupert was leading me. We weren't staying at the restaurant, obviously, because we didn't need food.

'Rup-…dad?' I said

'Yeah?' he looked down at me.

'Where are we going?'

'We're running an errand for mom.'

I looked up and saw that we were in front of the hospital. When we reached the doors, I stopped. Rupert grabbed my hand and pulled me inside. I thought it might still look a little weird if he was holding the hand of a teenager, so I put up my left hand and froze the people.

'What'd you do that for?' he asked me.

'I need to look younger!'

I snapped my fingers and made myself look another few years younger. I now looked like I was nine or ten. I grabbed Rupert's hand again and un-froze the people.

A few of the nurses looked at me strangely, probably thinking I changed somehow. Rupert passed them all and pulled me into an elevator.

'You couldn't have waited to change?' he said.

'Sorry Rupert.'

'I'm not Rupert right now, I'm your father. And start acting more your age.'

'I'm eighteen though!'

'Not here you're not.'

Just as he said that, the door opened and he pulled me out. He led me down a series of hallways to a desolate part of the hospital that I guessed was for doctors. He went up to a desk that had a doctor sitting behind it.

'Hello Rupert,' the doctor said.

'Nice to see you, Mitchell,' Rupert replied.

'And who would this be?' Mitchell asked, looking at me.

I hid my face behind Rupert's back.

'This is my daughter, Willow.'

'You never told me about her before.'

'This is her first time in Seattle.'

I poked my face out slightly. Mitchell stood up and came over to me. He crouched down so we were at eye level. He held out his large hand.

'Nice to meet you Willow,' he said with a broad smile.

I gave him my hand, 'Hello.'

He chuckled slightly and stood back up.

'Come for the usual Rupert?' he asked.


'Hang on.'

The doctor walked out of the room.

'Daddy!' I said, trying to act nine, 'When are we leaving?'

'Soon, sweetie, I just have to get something from the doctor.'

At this point, I was sure that this was the most awkward moment in my life. I just called Rupert, daddy and he called me sweetie. This was really weird.

As I was thinking this, Mitchell came back out with a red cooler. I was fairly sure what was inside, but I didn't want to think about it. Rupert took the cooler and waved to the doctor. He turned around and pulled me back through the halls.

Rupert took me to the elevator and when it came, there were people inside so we couldn't talk. When we got back to the first floor, he pulled me out to the street. Then he led me into some shadows. I jumped on his back again.

When he was running again, I decided to ask about the cooler.

'Is that blood?' I asked.

'Yeah. I'm surprised you can't smell it.'

I sniffed the air once. I couldn't smell the blood at all. In fact, I hadn't smelled any blood since I walked into the hospital.

'I can't smell blood any more!' I said, more discouraged than happy.

'That's good, Willow! You passed my test; I'll take you to see Lori on the way back.'

'No, I'm hunting before I see her. I want to be sure.'

'Okay. Want me to take you to the castle?'

'No, I got it. Mind if I bubble?'

'Go ahead.'


I jumped up slightly so I wouldn't be touching Rupert so he wouldn't bubbled with me. I bubbled to the castle. More specifically, the closet. I wanted to make sure I looked eighteen again. I put on a different pair of jeans. I also put on a hot-pink cami. I grabbed a pair of sandals as well. Then, I actually changed back to my appearance. Then, I bubbled to Lori's house.

I rang the doorbell and waited. Lori's mom answered. As soon as she saw it was me, she slammed the door again. I didn't understand what happened, so I rang the bell again. Again, her mom opened the door. I put my foot in the way, so she couldn't close it.

'Is Lori here?' I asked.

'n-no. And if you don't l-leave, I'm c-calling the police!'

'What'd I do?!'

Why would Lori's mom want to call the police on me? I thought for a while, and then figured it out. From being a vampire, I looked different.

'I don't know who you are, but if you don't leave…' she started.

I realized how angry I was getting and my fangs poked into my lip. I also realized I didn't go hunting like I had planned too. I turned my back on Lori's mom and started walking. She slammed the door behind me.

As soon as she couldn't see me, I bubbled to the forest. I couldn't smell the blood, so I smelled for animals instead. I followed the first sent I found.

The sent was a deer. I didn't really want the herbivores blood, but I didn't want to kill people more. I decided to take the deer rather than a human. I climbed up a tree and monkey-lept to a different tree that was directly over the deer. I jumped on top of it and bit its neck. It reminded me of a salad almost. When I was done, I didn't feel full enough.

I went and found another deer. I attacked it in the same way I did with the last one. When I was done with my second helping of blood, the ache was gone. I felt downright sloshy even.

I bubbled to Lori's house again. Only this time, I didn't ring the door bell. From her yard, I bubbled directly to Lori's room.

She was levitating several feet above her bed, and listening to her iPod. Her music was blasting too loud to hear me. Her eyes were closed as well, so she couldn't see me. I sighed with relief and jumped up to the ceiling.

I stuck my nails into the ceiling and hung above her, gathering my nerve; if she was going to wake up, I didn't want her to see me. I took a deep breathe, and dropped to her floor.

I landed silently in front of her. I pulled the head phones out of her ears and covered her mouth. She tried to scream, so I was glad I covered it.

'Shh! Lori, it's me!' I said.

I pulled my hand away from her mouth. She started to scream again. I put her hand over her mouth again.

'Shh! It's Willow! I'm going to move my hand, and when I do, you can't scream. Okay?'

She nodded and I moved my hand.

'Willow? Why do you look so weird, and why haven't I seen you in a month?' she demanded.

'I look weird because…how do I say this?'

I debated because I didn't want Lori to know I was a blood-sucking monster.

'Waiting for an answer here,' she said quietly.

'This is why. And whatever you do, don't scream.'

I pulled off my sunglasses and waited to see what her reaction would be to my all-black eyes.

'So your eyes are all black, is that all?' she said.

'Unfortunately, no.'

I grew out my fangs.

'Ohmygod! You're…you're…'

'A vampire? Yeah, I was bitten two weeks ago and woke up today.'

'What about before that…'

'I turned evil,' I pointed to my eyes, 'That would explain the eyes.'

'So you couldn't call me?' she said angrily.

'There's more. Wyatt left me too,' me voice fell out at the end.

'He did? Why?'

'I don't know.'


I cut her off with a snarl.

'Don't ever say that name to me. I don't want to, but I will kill you.'

'What's wrong with you?' she whispered.

'I'm an evil vampire, remember?'

She didn't say anything.

'Did you see the news this morning?' I asked.

'Yeah. I only saw the thing on the three murders-'

I cut her off again. A part of me was relieved that she saw it. The other half was devastated. I didn't know which half was right.

'Well then, you can scream now,' I said, hoping she would get my point without me telling her. She didn't.

'What does this have to do with you?' she asked.

'I killed those people, Lori.'

'No you didn't, you couldn't have…'

'I am a vampire now, and evil. I killed them.'

She didn't say anything for a few minutes. Then, all of her feelings came at me.

'Get out,' she said cruelly.

'Okay, it's far I guess,' I started.


I bubbled away sadly. I bubbled to Rupert. I need to talk to someone.

'Rupert?' I said softly as I bubbled into his office.

'Hey, I thought you would be with Lori for a while yet…' he broke off when he saw how sad I was and that my fangs were still out, 'You didn't kill her, did you?'

'Oh ,god, no! She hates me now though.'


'She found out I killed those people.'

'Oh, Willow, I'm so sorry,' he said softly.

'That's why I came to you. I wanted to talk.'

'That's fine, sit down.'

I sat in the chair across from him.

'Anything in particular you want to talk about?' he asked.

'No, I just need to talk to someone.'

'I'm all ears.'

'Remember the day I came to find a laptop?'

'Of course I do, why?'

'Why'd you crush your phone that day?'

'I was talking to…'


Rupert sighed, 'Yeah.'


'I was trying to get him to come back. He said no.'

'I see. Why'd you run to Seattle for the blood?'

'It's in case of an emergency. We keep some on hand in case we can't hunt for a while. Anything else you want to know?'

'What's your story?'

Rupert seemed taken back by my question, 'What?'

'Why were you changed?'

'I've never had anyone ask me before.'

'So? I want to know why Caroline changed you.'

'Are you sure?'

'If I wasn't, why would I be asking?'

'I don't know!' he sighed again, 'I'll tell you my story.'


'I was a banker in London, and engaged to be married soon. My fiancée wasn't really nice, but she was a countess and I was forced to marry her. One night, she got her self extremely drunk and went to the cliffs.'


'Yeah. Anyway, I followed her there to make sure she didn't hurt herself. It didn't work out to well. She got herself to the edge of cliff before she fell. I didn't know it at the time, but she was dead as soon as she hit the water. Being a stupid young man, I jumped after she did. How I managed to miss the rocks, I still don't know. but I did.

'I fell in a dive, so I didn't actually break any bones. But there was one slight problem. I didn't remember until I was actually in the icy water, but I didn't know how to swim.'

'Uh-oh!' I said again in a half gasp.

'Yeah. I went under the water and tried to come back up, but it didn't work to well. My lungs filled with water and I accepted the fact I was going to drown. When I was letting go of consciousness, Wyatt found me, he was hunting and apparently saw me drowning. I passed out after that. When I woke up, I was a vampire.'

'What about marrying Caroline?'

'That happened about six months later.'

'Did you get arrested at your wedding?'




'Sorry, Rupert. As am I the only one that's been arrested?'



We sat there for a few seconds. Rupert didn't know what to say to me and I thought I was out of questions to ask. I was wrong.

'Other than a banker, did you ever get another job?'

'Yes actually. I went to collage to be a psychologist.'

'I'm not too surprised.'

'Anything else you want to ask or talk about?'

'No, I think I'm fine for now. Thanks Rupert.'

'No problem.'

I bubbled into the forest. I was going to hunt again so I could go talk to jess, but I decided I needed to wear something else. So, I bubbled to my closet.

I put on a black leather mini skirt and black cami. I pulled my hair back into a pony tail and grew it out so it went down my back. Then I also grabbed some black stilettos. I also grabbed my emerald chocker.

When I was done with that, I bubbled back to the woods.

I sniffed the air, trying to find an animals sent. I did smell something, although, it wasn't an animal. It smelled familiar to me, but I couldn't put my finger on what it was. I jumped up a tree and hopped branch-to-branch to find what I smelled.

My nose took me to a much thicker and darker part of the woods. I was glad about the dark because it was easier to see. When I found the sent, I looked down to see what was making it. What I saw surprised me so much, my fangs didn't even grow out.

It was Wyatt.

I jumped down from the tree and landed silently behind him. He didn't turn around when I did.

'Hello Wyatt, I missed you,' I snarled though my clenched teeth.

He spun around.

'Really? You still shouldn't be with me…' he said as be backed away from me.

'No! And, Wyatt, you silly little vampire, I think it's the other way around.'

'What do you mean?' he demanded of me.

'I mean, you shouldn't have come back. You broke my heart and now, I'm going to break you.'

I let my fangs grow long and sharp like a cats. I grew out my nails and started to release a fierce snarl from my throat. I began to walk towards Wyatt.

He ran away from me. I laughed bitterly and bubbled so would be in front of him.

'You can't escape me, Wyatt.'

'Yes I can!'

Wyatt ran in the opposite direction. I bubbled so I would be sitting in a tree over where he was standing.

I hung upside down over him and chuckled lightly. He looked up and I fell to the ground.

'You left me,' I started, 'You broke my heart. At first, I was in denial, than I got angry. So angry in fact, I had Isis bite me. Now I'm a vampire and I'm stronger than you are.'

'You're lying.'

'Am I? Have you seen the news lately?'

'Yeah, but I don't see what that has to with you…'

'It has everything to do with me. Remember the murders today? That was me.'

'It wasn't you, you're not a vampire!'

'And you wondered why I called you stupid. I. Am. A. Vampire. Say it.'

'You're a vampire.'

'Good Wyatt. Now, I'm going to kill you.'

Then, I dove for his throat. Just as my gleaming teeth were about to bite him, four sets of hands grabbed my arms and another set was wrapped around my waist. I turned my head to see who had me. Victoria and Kaci had one arm, Christian and Stephan my other and Rupert was grasping around my waist. I snarled at all of them, but they didn't budge.

I turned back to Wyatt.

'You better run, Wyatt. When they let me go, I'm coming to find you. You better watch out,' I snarled.

'Run Wyatt,' Rupert said softly.

Wyatt nodded and ran back into the forest.

'Let me go!' I screeched.

'I'm sorry about this Willow,' Rupert said.

He took an athame and hit the back of my head. Vampire or not, I was still susceptible to silver. I passed out, but not before I felt palms being cut by the silver.

When I woke up, I still had four vampires holding me. I tried to look down at my palms, but I couldn't see them without moving my arms, which were behind my back.

'You can let me go now,' I said angry.

'No we can't. You can't be trusted anymore,' Kaci said.

'Have it your way.'

I bubbled out of their grasp and faced them.

'You can't contain this vampire,' I said.

'At least we don't try to kill our husbands,' Victoria said softly.

'He's not my husband,' I said.

'He almost was. Not only that, but you owe him.'

'For what?!'

'He saved you life, your friends' lives, you life again…' Victoria listed.

'He also left me.'

'So? It's not like I haven't left Christian before.'


'You know me well enough know that you should've figured out I run away a lot.'

'So what? Has Christian left you?'

'No, but-'

'Then you don't know what it's like having someone you love leave you. Leave. Me. Alone.'

They started to protest, but I bubbled away from them. I went to the castle for several of my things. I got my wedding dress, the laptop, and the keys to my car. I didn't need clothes, I had powers for that.

I changed my appearance so the vampires wouldn't notice me. I looked like your average human. I had curly blond hair and blue contacts. I looked down at my hands as I was about to bubbled away. I had two, long, crimson, gashes on them.

Instead of going to my car, like I planned, I went back to the vampires. They were still like they were before.

'Why exactly did you cut my hands?' I asked, palms out.

'So you couldn't strangle us…' Christian replied quietly.

'Now that you cleared that up…' I said sarcastically.

I acted like I was going to bubble away again, but I didn't. I instead, grabbed Victoria. I was stronger than she was, so I didn't have to worry about her escaping. After that, I bubbled.

I took her to the woods.

'Come with me,' I said it demanding, but I wasn't forcing her to come.


'Hunting, forever.'

'Humans, animals or Wyatt?'

'All three.'

'I'm not going to attack my step-brother. You won't either.'

'You don't even like him! But why can't I?'

'I'm his little sister; I have the right to dislike him. You on the other hand, you have ex-girlfriend rights.'

'Fine, still come hunting with me then!'

'I don't know…'

'Think about it. I'm getting Isis, then I'm leaving.'

I bubbled back to the castle to find Isis. She was in the music room, playing an electric guitar. (I wonder where she got that…)

'Isis, come on,' I said.

'Where we going?'


'Yea!' Isis squealed.

She jumped into my arms. She was almost the size of a five year old.

'Can I do one thing for you before we go?' I asked.


I waved my hand and made her more the size of a one year old. I preferred her smaller.

'Okay, I'm done.'

I bubbled her to Victoria.

'Have you decided?' I asked.

'Hell yeah I have! I'm coming!'

'Okay then, I want two more people though…'


"Scar and Jamie."

"I thought they tried to kill you!"

"They did, but I think they would be willing to come with me."

"I don't want to know."

"No, probably not. I'll go get then, and then we'll leave."


I bubbled to the Council headquarters,where the vampires took Wyatt and I when we were arrested. I still didn't know where it was at, but I didn't need to. I tried pulling open the door, but it was locked. I wasn't surprised.

I bubbled inside. As soon as I did, an alarm went off. I laughed and waited for Leo and Ben to come after me. They did several seconds later.

"Hey guys," I said bitterly.

"How'd you get in here?" Leo asked.

"I bubbled, see?" I said as I bubbled behind them.

"You can't do that though! This place has so many anti-magic charms…" ben said, confused.

"Yeah well, when you have as much power as me, things are different."

I snapped my fingers so I looked as I did when they arrested me.

"Remember me?"

"Unfortunately," Leo said sourly.

"Oh, don't be like that; you know you love me."

I started walking towards them, "Tell me where scar and Jamie are. Don't make me kill you."

They started to back away from me. I grew out my fangs.

"Just tell me where they are," I growled.

They didn't say anything.

"Stupid wolves!"

I bubbled to wherever scar and Jamie would be. They were in the large conference room, used to make a verdict against an accused person.

"Hello, Jamie," I said.

She and scar spun around to face me.

"What are you doing here?" she growled.

"Don't worry; I'm not here to kill you. I want to both to come with me."

"Where?" scar asked.


"Why would you hunt…?"

Then, she saw my fangs.

"You're a vampire too? What else are you?!"

"Just an evil vampire slash witch."


"I didn't tell you?! Yeah, I turned evil. Victoria guessed it was from having to fight off one of my best friends."

"We didn't turn you evil!" scar yelled.

"Didn't we?" Jamie said softly, "She's right. All she ever did for days was fend off our attacks. If that wasn't enough, she had to protect the vampires…"

"Speaking of vampires, do you still hate Wyatt?" I asked.

"Of course I do, Willow. Do you even have to ask?"

"Want to help me kill him?"

"I thought you were in love with him?!"

"I was. He left me and I want to kill his sorry vampire ass."

"How can we help?" scar asked.

"Come with me. Leave the Council, it's falling apart anyway."

"You got it!"

I held out my hand and they took it. I bubbled us back to where Victoria and Isis were waiting. I pointed out the people so we would all know each other.

"Victoria, Isis, this is scar and Jamie."

"Hello," they all said at the same time.

"Who's the kid?" scar asked, motioning to Isis.

She jumped into my arms from Victoria's.

"My Daughter, Isis. She's a vampire."

She grew out her fangs. When she did, she reminded me of a little cat.

"Nice to meet you Isis," Jamie said.

"Now, everybody," I began, "Victoria, Isis and I need to hunt, then we can do what the wolves came for."

"What do the wolves want to do?" Victoria whispered in my ear.

"They want to…you don't wanna know."

"Leave me out of it."

"Fine with me. What do you wanna hunt?"

"What do you mean?" scar asked.

"I meant humans or animals."


Victoria answered my question with one of her own, "What do you think I want to hunt?"

"Humans it is."

"I know a good place, over populated."


"No! New York City!"

"Let's go, can you guys run as fast as a vampire?" I asked the wolves.

"Sure can," Jamie answered.

"I'll meet you there."

"Can't you run with us?" Jamie asked.

"No. I didn't really get the gift of speed. I have to bubble."

"Doesn't that mean you'll be there like, three hours before us?"

I thought about it and Jamie was right. Even though they could run a hundred miles a minute, they wouldn't be there for a long time after me.

"Take my hand," I said, holding my hands out for my friends.

"Why?!" scar asked.

"I'm gonna bubbled us all there, there is no way I'm waiting for you slow-pokes."

Jamie grabbed my left hand, Victoria had my right, Isis held Victoria's hand and scar didn't grab on at all.

"Come on, Scarlet," I said, "I'm taking you to New York."

She sighed loudly and grabbed Jamie's hand. I bubbled us all to New York. I took us all to a deserted part of the city so nobody would see us. Then, we all walked to the actual city, where all of the people were.

We all waited in the shadows of ally ways until dark. When the sun was finally down, most of the people were off the streets. We walked out of the ally we were hiding in, and found three men.

"You guys might want to go back in to the ally," I said to Jamie and scar.

"Why would we ever do that?" scar asked.

"Two reasons one, don't want you to see us kill someone, and two, you're not the ones hunting."

"Those aren't good enough."

"Fine, but when we emotionally scar you for lofe, don't complain about it!"

I put Isis down on her feet and waved my hands. I changed her to look more like me. She soon looked eighteen.

"Do you remember how you saw mommy hunt?" I asked her.


"Okay, if you need help, I'll be right there with you."

Victoria, Isis and I walked to a group of three men walking on the street. They didn't look trustworthy, so we knew they would be perfect candidates for the way we hunt. We told the wolves this.

"Hey there," Victoria said as she approached the men.

"Hey," one of the men replied.

"Can you help us with something?" I asked.

"What do you need?" another man asked.

"We're hungry," Isis said."

"What-" the last man began.

We all grew out our fangs. The three of us all attacked the man standing in front of us. When we were done, we left the bodies in the street and went back to Jamie and scar.

"To bring death," Victoria started.

"And yet bring life," Isis added.

"What a trick," I finished as I licked the blood from my lips.

"Whatever," scar said, "What's this oh-so-special hunting tactic you had?"

"That was it, seduction," Victoria said.

"It's works pretty well, for us anyway," I said.

I snapped my fingers and restored Isis to her very small, toddler form.

"Ready to go back to…do what I said we would?" I asked the wolves.

"You know it, Willow!" Jamie answered enthusiastically.

"Grab on."

I held out my hands and they all grabbed on like they had before. I took us all back to the woods outside of the castle.

As soon as we were there, scar let go.

"Isis, can you track?" I asked her.

"Yeah. What do you want me to find?"

I pulled her aside, so Victoria wouldn't hear me talk to her. We needed her for her vampire powers, and there was no way she would help us kill her brother.

"I need you to find daddy for me."

"I thought you were mad at daddy, though."

"I was, but I want to tell him I'm sorry. But, I can't track."

"Okay. When do you want me to find him?"

"Not yet. I need time to come up with a plan."

"Whenever you want me to find him, tell me."

Isis started to skip back to the others, but I grabbed onto her shoulder.

"Don't tell anyone I want you to find daddy, okay?"


I let go of her shoulder and she was on her way. Confident that I would be killing Wyatt this time next week, I walked back to my friends, smiling confidently. Isis wasn't there when I walked back and I was glad.

"What was that about?" Victoria asked.

"Don't you worry about me, you'll get wrinkles," I replied.

"Shut up!"

"Oh, I am so scared. I'm shaking in my leather."

She glared silently at me.

"What are you going to do? Bite me?" I asked.

"No. I won't bite you."

"I have other vampires for that."


Victoria stalked off into the woods. I laughed at her poor attitude.

"When do we get to kill Wyatt?" Jamie asked.

"Patience, my young Jamie; that will come in good time."

"I'm older than you!"

"So? Am I supposed to say, 'patience older Jamie'? I don't think so."

Jamie muttered to herself. So quite, that even my new vampire ears couldn't hear it.

"Anyway, let your anger grow," I started, "when you kill him, it will be sweeter. We're not going after him for a few months."

"Months?!" scar said, "That wasn't part of the deal."

"First, we never had a deal, and second, I told Wyatt I would be coming after him. He know I like to do thing fast, so when I don't attack him, he'll think I gave up. But, we'll only then go after him."

"Do I have to stay with you while we wait?"

"No, scar, you don't. I'll have Jamie find you a few days before we go after him."

"Good. I'll see you in a few months."

Scar phased into a wolf. She was a dark red, almost black, color. Then, she ran into the woods.

"Now what?" Jamie asked.

"I should probably find Isis, then I want to try something."

""What do you want to try?"

"You're going to laugh at me!"

"No I won't!"

I thought about it for a while and sighed.

"Fine. You know how vampires don't have to breathe?"


"I want to know what would happen if I tried to breathe water."

She laughed.

"See?! I told you!"

"I'm not laughing at you, I'm laughing at the fact I didn't guess what you were doing!"

"Isis? Can you hear me?"

She bounded out of the trees and jumped into my arms.

"Come with me and then we'll go home, okay?"


"You can do whatever, Jamie."

"Okay," she said as she phased.

It was just then that I realized why the wolf I saw almost a month ago looked familiar. It was Jamie. She was a large back wolf with white front paws and muzzle.

I bubbled to the river and put Isis down on the banks. I jumped into the water and popped up above the surface.

"I'll be right back, okay?" I asked.


I went below the surface and tried to breathe in. it didn't work as planned. I went back up chocking and sputtering.

"That wasn't smart," I said between coughs.

"Oh, bra-vo! That was the picture of grace and elegance!" Victoria said mockingly. As was standing near Isis and clapping her hands at my act of stupidity.

I growled as I leaped out of the water. Victoria was now laughing at me, along with Isis. I took a breath and started laughing at my self.

"It's like a lovely ballet, idn't it?" I joked in a European accent.

"I couldn't have said it better myself!"

"I know, I'm just that good."

Her happiness faded in an instant, "Not that good."

"Can't you just play along for like, a second?"

"No, who do you think I am? Kaci?"

Victoria ran back into the woods. Although, when she mentioned Kaci, I realized I hadn't asked her to come with us. I snapped my fingers to dry off. Then I picked up Isis.

"Want to go talk with Kaci, Isis?" I asked her.

"Yeah! Lets go see aunt Kaci!"

I bubbled us to the house. Kaci was sitting with Stephan on the couch. They were holding hands and still wearing their sunglasses. I didn't think I had ever seen them without the glasses.

"Can we help you?" Stephan asked.

"I wanted to know if kaci wanted to go hunting with us."


"Yes, us. Victoria, Isis, the wolves and me are going hunting."

"She's not going with you. You, Torri and Isis may be content to slaughter innocent humans, but Kaci will not stoop to your level."

"Don't call her Torri," I demanded, "and kaci can speak for her self."

"So? I'm still not going," kaci interrupted.

"See? I was right, now leave."

"What ever you want, I just thought maybe you would want to…Never mind."

I started to bubbled away. Just before I did, Stephan stopped me.

"What'd you want?" he asked.

"I wanted to now if you would be willing to help me kill Wyatt."

"What?! I am NOT going to kill him!" kaci screamed.

"Okay then. See ya."

I actually bubbled away this time. I went to the castle. When I was there, I threw off the backpack I was wearing. I needed it to kill Wyatt and that wasn't for another few months.

I put Isis down and walked into the music room. I looked around, and saw the flute Wyatt gave me. I took it out of the case and looked at the inscription. It was still the same as it was before. I took one of my nails and bragged it slowly over the loopy lettering. When I removed my hand, a large gouge was replacing the 'Willow, let this be a sign of the music you make me hear,' I put the instrument away again.

"Isis, come here," I said in my normal voice.

She skipped into the room, "Yeah?"

"How would you like to play an instrument?"

"I wanna play pretty music!"

"Good. I had one in mind, come with me."

I picked her up and bubbled to the garage. I got in the Mustang and put her in the passenger seat. Then, I realized I didn't have my keys.

"Isis, cover your ears."

She put her little fingers in her ears as I instructed her to do.

"Damnit!" I said.

I reached over and pulled her fingers out, "Did you hear me?"

"Was I supposed to hear you, mommy?"


She wiped the back of her hand over her forehead, "Whew! That's good, because I didn't!"

I laughed at her response. I held out my hand.

"Keys!" I said loudly.

I swarm of bubbled came to my hands. When they left, my keys were in my palm. This was one of my powers I didn't really use. I never needed it before.

I put the key in the ignition and drove off to the guitar store.

I wasn't worried about being around humans. The last time I was, I could smell blood and I had a feeling it would be the same this time. I parked the car and took Isis inside the store.

As soon as I took a breath, my throat burned. I sucked in one quick breath and held it. I went to the nearest employee and asked him what guitar was the best.

He pointed to a rack nearby. I replied a thanks and took Isis to it.

"What color?" I asked.


I picked up the crimson guitar and took it to the counter. I bought her a several thousand dollar electric guitar. Along with that, two amplifiers.

I took her back out to the car. I drove us home and took Isis to the castle.

"Stay here with Flame, okay?" I asked.

"What if he bites me?"

"He won't. Just make sure you stay with him; he'll protect you. I'll be right back."

I bubbled to the house. Victoria was there this time, sitting on the couch.

"Hey Victoria, can you help Isis?"

She stood up swiftly, "Why? Is there something wrong?"

"No, no! She wants to learn electric guitar."

"Oh, okay. Can you do something for me, though?"


"Let me keep the kid!"

"No! she's mine!"

"What's wrong with you people? Why won't you let me keep the kid?!"

"Why would I want to give her to you?"

"I have mothering instincts! I just never got to use them!"

"O…kay. Will you help her or not?"

"Of course I will!"

"Good, that's what a godmother does."

That stopped her.

"Godmother?" she whispered in shock and awe."

"Yeah. I thought if the Council kills me, you and Christian would be good for her."

She hugged me, "Ohmygod! Thank you Willow! I love you!"

"That's a little to far…."

"Oh," if she were human she would've blushed, "Sorry."

"It's okay, Victoria. I'm just not used to anyone trying to hug me other than Isis. That, and the fact you thought I would strangle you."

I held up my palms. They had the healed lines that were once red gashes. They healed already, but didn't go away. Silver was the only thing that could leave me with a scar. Which meant…

Victoria snapped he fingers under my nose.


"Oh, sorry. I was thinking."

"okay then, as I was saying. Sorry about the strangling thing. I didn't know what you would try to do…"

"It was you that told Rupert to slice open my hands?" I tried to sound calm, but it didn't work to well.

"It was me that did it…"

'I thought it was Rupert."

"No…well…yeah. Let me start over."

"Feel free."

"Thanks. Anyway, he was the one that knocked you out. I was the one that filleted your hands."

I snorted.

"I said I was sorry!"

"Don't worry-"

"I know, 'I'll get wrinkles'," she did a decent impression of my voice.

"I wasn't going to sat that!"

"What were you going to say?"

"That I have my own plan for revenge."

"I don't even want to know," she said as she put her hands up.

"Good, because I don't think I would tell you anyway."

"I bet I could get it out of you."

"Oh yeah? I bet you couldn't. try."


She didn't just move, just concentrated on me. I had a feeling she was trying to use her power to control me, but she was just boring me. I yawned.

"And how's that working you for ya?" I asked.

"I hate you," she sneered.

"I know. Lets just go help Isis."

"Okay, meet me there."

Victoria ran out of the room. I bubbled to the castle. I made it there half a second before she did. I took her upstairs to the room Isis was in. I gave Victoria the guitar and stepped back so she could teach.

I thought it would take several hours for her to learn one cord, but after only fifteen minutes Isis was playing just as good as Victoria and just as loud.

When Isis was distracted by her playing, I pulled Victoria out of the room and into the hall.

"How'd you do that so fast?" I asked with amazement.

"Vampires have perfect memories. If I showed it to her once, she'll never forget."

"Then how come my memory is still crap?"

"Have you not paid any attention to anything I have said to you since you changed?"


"You're only a quarter vampire! You are still mostly a witch, you don't even have a full fang! You have a nub!"


"So! You don't even have half of our powers! You need to be bitten again!"

"I'm still not letting you bite me, Victoria."

"I know, I'm just saying!"

The playing stopped in the next room. Victoria ran inside to see what happened.

"Mommy?" Isis said.

Victoria answered, "I'm right here."

"You're not my mommy! Willow is! I want Willow!"

I walked in and smirked at Victoria.

"I told you she wanted me, not you. That's why you can't keep the kid."

"Whatever, here."

She handed Isis to me. then, I took Isis to the woods. We were beginning the long wait until August, when we would find Wyatt.

In the time we waited, I tried to avoid doing anything other than hunting. Isis stayed with me most of the time, rarely leaving my side other than to hunt .

While we were waiting, I found out I had an extremely useful talent for waiting. I could go into a trance for quite a long period of time. I didn't know how long I could go for, because I didn't want to leave Isis alone to long. I would stay in my trance for a week at a time.

When I came out of my trance, Isis would be sitting in front of me. I would go hunting with her until I felt filled with liquid and sloshy. When I was done with that, I would sometimes check on Victoria or the wolves. I wanted to make sure they weren't trying to kill Wyatt with out me. Victoria wouldn't find him, and the wolves might want to find him themselves.

I would've let Isis stay in a trance with me, but she was the only thing stopping scar from finding Wyatt. I knew that scar could never hurt a child, so Isis would be perfect for the job. Or so I thought.

Every time I woke up, Isis would be bigger. My powers wouldn't keep her small form. Every time I saw her, she was at least six months older. By the time I was ready to find Wyatt, she looked six or seven.

When two and a half months had gone by, it was August. I awoke to Isis looking impatient.

"Is something wrong?" I asked urgently.

"I'll tell you if you make me smaller!"

I snapped my fingers. She returned to her preferable size of a toddler.

"Now tell me!"

"Okay, the doggies are getting impatient."

Doggies? We didn't have any dogs. Then, I thought of the wolves.

"Come on," I said as I jumped to my feet, "We better go tell the wolves, the plan."

I pulled Isis into my arms and bubbled us to find Jamie. She was at the Council building in the woods with scar.

"Hey guys," I said as I saw them.

"When are we going after him?!" scar asked.

"Patience. Not yet. Isis will track him on the first of next month."

"Why not now?!"

"I want to watch where he goes for a while. If he's with another coven, then we'll have more to fight. If he's alone, it'll be easy."

Scar was about to speak, Jamie stopped her.

"The first of the month, no later," she said.

"You got it."

I bubbled back to the woods.

"Isis, lets go hunting. After that, track Wyatt for me, but don't let him know about you, okay?"


Instead of going to New York, like we normally do, I went to the small town I hunted in before. It was daylight, but I didn't mind. Vampires only look vampire-y in direct sunlight. Because Isis and I were only part vampire, we didn't have to worry. Although, I still needed the sunglasses.

We went to a less popular part of town, with less people. We found small group of men, standing around. There were four of them. One of them had a camera strapped around his wrist. I wasn't too worried about it.

I put Isis down, far enough away that they couldn't see us but we could see them.

"Take those two," I said, pointing to the smaller ones. One of them was the man with a camera.


She ran up to them. As soon as she did, the men looked down. She grew out her tiny and sharp fangs. Then, she made a big mistake. She went for the one without the camera first.

I ran out to help her. Before I got there, (curse my slow human speed!) the man took a picture of Isis with her fangs out. The flash was too bright, even through my sunglasses. I was stunned momentarily. By the time I got my sight back, the men were gone. Isis still had the corpse of the other man.

"You have no idea, what you just did," I said gravely.

"What'd I do?"

"You let him get a picture of you with your fangs."


"We need to talk to Rupert.'

I picked her up and bubbled us to Rupert.

"Rupert!" I yelled.


"I think we need to move."

"Come sit down," he pulled me into his office, "What happened?"

"We were hunting-"


"Yeah, why?"

"Haven't I told you that with our lifestyle, we don't hunt humans?"


"Oh, well, now you know."

"Anyway, we were hunting, and…long story short, one of the guys had a camera and got a picture of Isis with her fangs."

"Did he get away?"


"If anyone finds out about us, we're done for. You need to hope he doesn't tell anyone, and if he does, you have to kill him."

I saw a great deal of pain in Rupert's eyes. I knew he didn't like the fact we had been killing humans. Not to mention I might have exposed us to the Council we narrowly escaped so many months ago.

"Let's leave Rupert alone, Isis."

I picked her up and bubbled away from Ruperts gaze. I went to the castle. I took Isis to flame.

"Stay her," I said, "I still have to hunt. I'll be right back."

I bubbled to the kitchen in the house. I opened up the fridge and saw what I was looking for. The bags of blood from when I went to Seattle with Rupert. I pulled one out and got a cup from the cupboard. I dumped the blood inside and put it in the microwave. Well, I was going to anyway. Instead, I went back to my kitchen.

I put it in the microwave at the castle. I pulled it out and brought the blood to my lips. The blood didn't taste nearly as good as fresh. The taste didn't even draw out my fangs. Well, nub.

I finished quickly and got rid of the cup. Then, I went back to Isis.

She was playing her guitar. I looked at her hand, where flame had bitten her. There wasn't a mark left. Then, I thought about Victoria. She had Spirit, but she wasn't a witch. Maybe, she was bitten by a familiar…

"Victoria!" I yelled.

She ran to my side, "What?!"

"After you were turned, were you bitten by an animal?"

"Yeah, this weird cat that followed me around."

"It was a witches familiar! When the witch died, it passed on spirit to you!"

"How'd you figure that out?"

"Flame bit Isis and she got fire."

"Oh. Can I leave then?"

"Go ahead."

She ran out of the room.


She turned to face me, "What momma?"

"Whatever you do, don't play with the knives. Their silver."

She smiled devilishly, "Whatever you say."

I bubbled away. I went to the kitchen. There was a large chandelier hanging above the table. I bubbled to it so I was hanging on it. If Isis came in, she wouldn't see me, but I would see her.

Just as I predicted, Isis snuck into the kitchen. She pulled out a knife and poked her finger with it. She started to bleed. I didn't think that would happen. I bubbled down to her.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"I hurt my finger!"

"Let me see."

I took her finger and healed it.

"There, now play your guitar."

She nodded and ran upstairs. I collapsed at the table. I didn't think it would hurt her, that's why I let her do it! I sighed. At least I knew one thing now. Victoria could be hurt with silver too. I bubbled to Christian.

He was out hunting in the forest. Animals.

"Hey Christian?"

"Haven't seen you in a while."

"I know, sorry. Are you tired of Victoria running off?"

"Yeah, why?"

"I have an idea."


Do you think you can get your hands on a solid silver spiked cat collar?"

"I can get my hands on anything I want." He looked at me strangely.

"Easy there tiger, can you get it? With a bell?"

"Sure, but I don't see what-"

"Just do it!"

"Okay. Meet me back here in ten minutes."

He ran back into the woods. I climbed up a tree and hung upside down from my knees. I fell into another trance for ten minutes.

When Christian came back, he had the spiked collar in his hands. I fell to my feet in front of him.

"Now what do I have to do with this?" he asked impatiently.

"Get it on Victoria."


"I don't care! Just do it!"

I bubbled to the kitchen in the castle. Victoria was there with Isis.

"Christian's looking for you," I said.

"Did he say why?"

"No, he just needs to give you something."

"I'll be right back."

She ran out of the room. I laughed to myself, imagining what Victoria would do with the collar. I went into another trance for five more minutes.

When I came out of it, I heard something jingling upstairs. Before I found out what it was, Christian walked in. he had a lot of cuts.

"Can you still heal?" he asked.


"Do you mind…"

"not at all, come here."

He walked closer to me and I healed his gashes.

"I have a feeling you got the collar on Victoria?"

"It took a while, but I did it."

Just then, Victoria came downstairs, wearing a skimpy bikini. The way she came down the stairs, it looked like she was floating. It made her look even more like a pixie.

"I'm a sex pixie!" she sung.

"No your not, and put on some clothes!" I ordered.

"This is clothes."

"No, that would be a bikini."

"Same difference."

"So what's with the collar?"

I tried not to laugh when I asked. I didn't think Christian told her about it.

"Christian got tired of me running away."

Christian tried to talk, but I elbowed him in the ribs.

"Leave, now," I ordered Christian. I said it to low for Victoria to hear me.

He ran out of the room.

"You're lucky you aren't human," I said.


"If you were, you'd be strangled."

"Yeah, well this is kind on uncomfortable."

Christian came back in (does he not understand why I told him to leave?)

"I like the collar," he said, "It looks sexy."

"I know, I like it too," Victoria said was false sweetness.

Christian left again. I sighed with relief. As soon as Christian was gone, Victoria started pulling at the collar. She couldn't get it off.

"Why can't I break this thing?"

"It's silver. The only thing a witch can't destroy."

"But I'm not a witch!"

"No, but you were bitten by a witches familiar, getting spirit."


"You can imagine what Isis feels like then, she got fire."

Victoria thought about it for a minute. She looked upstairs, towards Isis.

"At least she has you to help her. I had Rupert, fifty years after I got Spirit."

"Right, but Rupert knows a lot more than I do. He could teach her a lot more than I ever could."

"You're right," she said cruelly, "You couldn't teach my goddaughter a damn thing!"

"Oh no you didn't!"

"What cha gonna do about it, witch?"


I flung her outside with my powers. I walked outside after her.

"You know I'm stronger, don't male me hurt you."

She stood up, "I'm not afraid of you."

"You should be."

"Show me why."

"You asked for it."

I flicked the air in front of her, she flew backwards. She landed on the balls of her feet.

"That the best you can do?"

"I'm only warming up."

I kicked the air in front of her, hard. She again, flew backwards; hitting a tree and making it fall to the ground. She jumped to her feet again.

"Still not enough to make you quit?" I asked, "I didn't want to do this, but…"

I grew out my fangs and flung myself on top of Victoria. I went to bite her, but someone pulled me off. Victoria laughed manically, and ran off. I spun around and saw kaci with Stephan. They were still wearing the sunglasses.

I growled at them, "What'd ya you that for?!"

"We're not letting you hurt Torri!" Stephan said.

'Her name is Victoria! and I wasn't going to hurt her, just scare her."

"We don't care, leave her alone!" kaci added.

"Don't make me come after you too," I growled at them.

Stephan stepped in front of kaci. He got into a protective crouch in front of her. He thought I was dangerous.

"I'm going to hurt her! I'm gonna hurt you!" I growled at him.

"Kaci, get Christian," Stephan said.

She nodded and ran into the woods.

"Stephan, don't make me hurt you," I said.

Just as I said it, Christian came out of the woods without kaci.

"Willow, calm down," Christian said.

"What if I don't want to be calm?"

"Stephan, leave."

He ran out into the woods.

"I don't want to hurt you, Willow."

"You hurt me? Ha! Not in a million years!"

"You asked for it."

Christian pulled an athame out of his pocket. I backed away.

"You could kill me with that!" I yelled.

"I warned you. But if you keep trying to kill my Family, I'm not gonna let that happen."

I tried to fling to the knife from his hands, but it didn't work. Apparently, my powers didn't work on silver either.


"Willow, stop."

"Okay. See ya!'

I bubbled to the wolves. They were in the woods, in their wolf forms. When they saw me, they ran further into the woods. They came back out a few seconds later as humans.

"What?" Jamie asked.

"I'm not waiting. We're going tonight."

"I was wondering when you'd come get us."

"I need Isis, then she's going to find him."

"Anything else?"

"Yeah, don't let him see you right away. I'm going to surprise him, scare him. When he's good and scared, come out."

"As long as I get to kick some vampire ass, I'm good."

"You'll get your chance, don't worry a bout that much."


"Come to the castle with me for Isis."

They all grabbed my hand. I bubbled us to the castle. Isis was still playing her guitar.

"Isis, it's time," I said.

"I can find daddy?!"

"Yeah. Just make sure you don't go to fast so I can keep up."

"Yes, momma."

She led us to the house. Isis took us to Wyatt's bedroom. As soon as we walked in, his sent overwhelmed me.

Isis took a deep breathe. Then, she ran out of the house. I bubbled to keep up with her. By the time I found her, Jamie and scar were wolves. They were also running towards New York.

I stopped them as I caught up, "Where are we going?"

"East coast."

"Can I bubble us there?"


I took all of their hands and took us to somewhere on the east coast.

Isis sniffed the air again. She looked out at the ocean.

"He swam somewhere," she said.

"Are you telling me I have to swim to France or something?"


I turned to the wolves, "Can you guys swim to France?"

"No, we need to breathe," scar answered.

"Then wait here until we find out where we're going. When we know that, I'll bubble back for you."

They didn't look to happy about it at first. After I glared at them with some growling for a while, they gave in.

"You better come back for us," scar warned.

"I will. See you soon!"

Isis and I jumped into the ocean.

"Water," I said.

I dove under the surface. The salt water was different from the fresh water. It was slightly harder to breathe. I held my breath for a while.

I followed Isis through the water. I was almost as fast as she was. The water, being my element, made me as fast as a vampire. I liked being fast; it made me feel like I was a full vampire. I smiled to broadly to myself.

After what seemed like hours of swimming, Isis pulled me to the surface. I saw something I thought I would never see. I saw England.

Isis and I went up on shore. I snapped my fingers and dried us off.

"Stay here Isis, I'm getting the wolves."

"Okay, momma."

I bubbled back to the east coast. The wolves were lying in the sand, asleep.

"Guys, wake up!" I said.

Jamie opened one eye. When she saw I was back, she stood up.

"Where is he?" she asked.


"When he hides, he takes it seriously."

"Well, you would too. Especially if your evil wife was bound to kill you."

"Hey! You're not his wife!"



Never mind. Grab on."

I held out my hands and they grabbed them. I bubbled us back to England. Isis was waiting where I told her to.

"Isis, find Wyatt," I said.

"Sure thing."

She took a deep breath and started running into the city. She led us across the cobbled streets of town. We went through allies and buildings for a while. After that, we came to a deserted part of the country. It was mostly farm land with cottages.

When we reached that area, Isis slowed down. I was pretty glad, so I could keep up without bubbling everywhere.

She led us to a small cottage.

"Is he in there?" I whispered.


"Okay, guys. Isis, go with the wolves. I'll yell when it's safe to come."

Jamie picked up Isis and ran off into the wooded area. I snapped my fingers to change my clothes. I was now wearing a copy of my wedding dress, but in black. I had the veil in front of my face. I was holding a bouquet of black roses. I pulled off my sunglasses, so my eyes would be visibly black.

I climbed up a tree in front of the small house and waiting for Wyatt to come out. I went into a trance, to wait. I would come out as soon as the door opened.

I didn't have to wait long. Only ten minutes after I climbed the tree, Wyatt came out. He walked under me at a human pace. I fell to the ground and landed on the balls of my feet behind him.

"I told you I would find you," I growled.

He spun around, "What…why…"

His voice had a perfect accent.

"Why am I here? I said I would kill you, didn't I?"

"I don't want to hurt you, Willow."

"You hurt me? Ha! That's a good one."

I dove forward to tackle him. He ran to the side and I ran into a tree. I stood once more, and faced Wyatt.

"Give it up, I'm stronger."

"No, you're not."

"Yes, I am. Even if I wasn't, I have back up."

Just as I said this, Jamie and scar came out of the woods. They were in wolf form. The large red wolf stood on my right, and the black one on my left. Isis was on her back.

"You brought Isis?!" Wyatt fumed.

"OF course I did, I want her to know why I killed you."

The wolves made a strange noise.

"Oh fine!" I said to them, "How we kill you."

"You can't do that!"

"And why not?"

"It's illegal!"

"So is marrying a dead guy, and murder. But it's not like I haven't done those before."

"Willow, don't do this!"

"I said the same thing to you when you left me, you deserve this."

"You're right; I do deserve your anger. That still doesn't mean you should kill me!"

"I'm glad you see it my way. Goodbye, Wyatt."

I jumped forward and landed on Wyatt's chest. I grew out my fangs and smiled.

"I hope your night goes well, Wyatt. I know mine will. Wolves?"

I jumped up and the wolves took my spot. I watched, pleased, as the wolves slowly killed the vampire. Then, I saw Isis.


She was crying.

I pulled Isis aside, "Are you okay?"

"No! The doggies are hurting daddy!"

"Their supposed to. You know that he hurt us, and now he's getting what he deserved."

"It's not fair!"

"Life's not fair, Isis.

She wiggled out of my arms, "Daddy!"

She ran into the brawl of wolves and Wyatt. it then, I realized Wyatt wasn't fighting back. He was just lying there, letting the wolves tear him apart.

"Stop!" I yelled.

The wolves did as I said. I jumped down from the tree I was sitting in. I went to where Wyatt was dying.

"Why aren't you fighting back?!" I demanded, as I picked up Isis. She tried to wiggle away, but I was too strong.

"Like I said, I don't want to hurt you and I deserve it."

"That's not any fun for us, Wyatt."

"Do you want to kill me or not?"

"Of course I do! Wolves, I'll see you later. I'll be hunting."

I smiled once at Wyatt. That was when I saw his eyes. They were still silver, the way I always made him keep them.

My smile faded, "Why are your eyes silver?"

His reply was weak, "You liked them silver."

A swell of compassion raised in my chest. I swallowed it; there was no way I had come this far to take him back.

"I'll be hunting."

I bubbled into the woods with Isis.

"You lied to me!" she yelled.

"You're so smart, I lied."

"You killed daddy!"


Isis gave me one last pitiful look and ran away. I didn't mind, and I wasn't going to find her. I didn't need her anymore. I went back to the wolves, I wanted to know if Wyatt was dead yet.

Jamie and scar were human again.


They turned to face me, "It's almost done."


"We're just going to wait for the rest."

I looked past Jamie, to see Wyatt. He was lying on his back on the ground. He was also in a puddle of blood. I could smell it, but for the first time, I didn't want to hunt.

I dropped to my knees by Wyatt's head. His eyes were closed. I bit my lip, it felt strange.

"What have I done?" I whispered.

Wyatt opened his eye slightly, "You did what you thought was right."

"No, Wyatt. I did what monster-me wanted."

"You're not a monster."

"have you not noticed what I've done?"

"Of course I have. I've done it all too."


"I told you I was unlawful."

He didn't say anything after that. He closed his eyes.

"Guys, find Isis," I said, staring at Wyatt, "I got it taken care of here."

"But we wanted to-" scar began.

"Do you want a ride back to Portland or not?"


They ran back into the woods. When I was sure they couldn't hear me, I picked up Wyatt. he was out cold. I bubbled us back to the castle.

Nobody was there. I was greatly relieved when I saw that. I bubbled upstairs, to the master bed room. I put Wyatt gently on the bed. I held my hands shakily over him. I healed all of his gashes. He didn't look much better after I did.

"I'll be back," I whispered, tears stinging in my eyes.

I bubbled back to England. I didn't know where in the country I was, but I was with the wolves. They had found Isis.

I held out my hand. They took it. I bubbled back to the woods a few miles away from the castle.

"See you later, I gotta go!" I said as soon as we got back. I didn't give them any time to reply; I was already gone.

When I got back, nobody was in the castle again. I sighed with relief. I ran upstairs, to Wyatt. He was still out cold in the bedroom. I climbed up on the bed next to him.

I snuggled up against him and waited for him to wake up. I wished I could still far asleep, but vampires couldn't do that. I settled for a trance.

I don't know how long I was out for, but when I woke up, Wyatt was gone.

I looked around franticly. I didn't see him.

"Wyatt!" I yelled.


I turned my head towards the door. Wyatt was standing there, looking at me. I ran up to him and hugged him.

"I thought you left again!"

"I can't do that, I'm dead."

"yeah, vampire are usually dead-"

"No, I meant you killed me."

"They didn't kill you! They almost did and I healed you!"

"You wouldn't do that for me."

"But I did!"

He sighed, "No, you didn't. The real you had the wolves kill me and is probably having a party right now."

"Will anything convince you I didn't kill you?"


"If you don't trust what you hear and see, believe what you feel."

I pulled my face to his. I kissed him the same way I did after we escaped the Council. and like after Caroline let me go after that. I pulled away.

"Do you believe me now?" I asked.

"A little."

"A little?!"

"You're not evil."

"Yes I am."

"Well, you're eyes aren't black and neither is your hair."

I ran into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. Sure enough, my hair and eyes were brown. There was also a cross necklace dangling from my neck. I never put it on. I yanked it off. As soon as I did, the black returned. I arched an eyebrow and put it back on. The black disappeared.

"Yes!" I screamed as I jumped up and down.

"What?" Wyatt asked, he was at my side now.

"The cross! Its keeps me good!"

"Now, I believe you."

"That's even better!" I squeaked.

I wrapped my arms around his neck in a strangle hold. Wyatt coughed.


I removed my arms, "Sorry."

"I don't mind, come here."

He held his arms open and I dove in for another hug. I was afraid if I tried to kiss him, my fangs would come out.

"Can you do me a favor?" he asked.


"Try not to let the wolves kill me again."

"Those guys wouldn't kill you in a million years."

"What about after that?"

"You lost me."

"We're immortal, we'll be alive still."

"Right, I forgot about that. They won't hurt you for the rest of our existence."

"That's better."

He kissed me. I pulled away too quickly. Wyatt looked down at me, looking displeased.

"Sorry," I pleaded, "Just because I think I'm good, doesn't mean I am."

"You won't hurt me, your mind says so."

My mind? Wyatt hasn't been able to read my mind for months. Not since we escaped the Council together, in April. That was right about when-

"You turned evil," Wyatt finished.

"I've missed that."

"Me too. I don't like not hearing your thoughts."

I sighed happily. Nothing I could've said would make me happier.

"I know what you mean," Wyatt said.

When I said 'nothing we could say would make me happier', it included you. I thought.

"Sorry," he mouthed.

For the next…I don't know how long, I sat in Wyatt's strong, cool arms. When nobody interrupted, my head-clouding bliss faded. Someone was always in the castle with me. If it wasn't Isis, someone else. Nobody was there, though.

"How long was I out for?" I asked, not removing my head from Wyatt's chest.

"Decent time, about a week."

"Did anyone come by when I was out?" worry was in my voice.

"Everyone, actually."

"Did they see you?"

I looked up to see his face. It was calm, there was no hint of an answer.

"No, I was conveniently 'gone' when they would show up. Nobody knows I'm still alive."

There was pain in his voice when he said "alive". I regretted the way I treated him.

"Why did they come in the first place though?"

"Stephan and kaci put the cross on, Victoria came to yell at you, Christian came with her, Rupert came to talk to you, and Caroline came a few times to check for health problems."

Other than the fact everyone came to see me, nothing anyone came for was strange. Other then the fact Stephan and kaci put a cross on me. I didn't know how they knew about it, but I was just glad that they did. Who knows what would've happened if they didn't.

"What about Isis? You didn't mention her," I said.

"She didn't come at all; she's not to happy with you."

"Why don't we tell her you're not dead?"

I released him from my grasp. I turned to leave, but Wyatt grabbed my shoulder. I was a lot stronger, though, so it didn't slow me down.

"Not yet," he said. His voice had a hard edge in it.

I turned around, "Why don't you want to tell her?"

"If we tell her, she'll tell everyone else."

He was right. Isis was a good little vampire, but she had a big mouth and couldn't keep a secret for crap.

"When is it safe to tell everyone you're back?" I asked.

"I don't know. The wolves won't take it to well, but everyone else really should know."

"Why don't we tell Rupert? Doctor-patient confidentiality."

Wyatt thought about it. I could see the strain on his face. I thought he would've liked his family to know he was alive.

"Not yet. I want some time for just us."

"Whatever you want, Wyatt."

I buried my head into his chest. I didn't have my strong sense of smell while I was good. I had a small advantage, but that was it.

"What time is it?" I asked. I couldn't tell by the light.

"Four AM."

"What do we do now?"

"Whatever you want."

"Lets go down to the living room. I want to talk."


We walked at a human pace down stairs. I knew Wyatt knew I couldn't run. We were both content to take our time.

We went and sat one the couch.

"Can I ask a question?" I asked.

"You just did."

I grinned, "One more."

"Go ahead."

"Why were you in England?"

"Several reasons. I have a house there, I'm good at the accent, I grew up there, and I have friends there. I didn't think you would look there either."

"Was that cottage your house?"

"I thought only had one question," he said playfully.


"Okay. No, I was with a friend."


"His name is Peter Goss."

"I see. Vampire?"

"No actually, ghost."

"You're friends with a ghost?"

"Is there an echo in here?"

"Ha ha."

"Can I ask you something now?"


"Why'd you stay?"


"Why didn't you leave the castle? This wasn't your family."

"I know, I'm surprised they didn't kick me out."

"So am I."


"Just saying. Anyway, you didn't answer the question."

"Sorry. I don't know why I stayed. I just know I didn't want to leave."


I didn't bother asking what he meant. Wyatt's mind worked in mysterious ways.

"Yes, yes it does," he joked.

"Should I even ask?"

"No, probably not. I won't tell you."

I pouted, "I don't know if I missed that."

"You know you did."

"No I don't!"

I yanked off the cross. My straitened out and went black.

"You can't read my mind now! Ha ha!"

"I don't mind, I guess. I've been used to the silence."

The hurt in his voice made me feel guilty. I clasped the necklace back one. I sat back down on the couch.

You're being awful forgiving about this, I thought.

"Like I said before, I deserved it."

"No you didn't Wyatt. You didn't do anything wrong."

"Yes I did. I lied to you, a lot, didn't believe you about turning evil. I wasn't a very good husband."

"You had every right to do those things, Wyatt. and you're not my husband."

"Technically, but who cares about the details?"

"I don't, but, the council will. Their coming back Wyatt, soon."

I stood up and began to pace nervously around the room. I looked in the fire place. It was still lit. It infuriated me.

"Water," I whispered.

I snapped my fingers. An orb of light bounced into me hand. I flung it at the flames. They sizzled out quickly. I grinned to myself and started pacing again.

"What about fire makes you mad?" Wyatt asked.

"You should know."

"I do, but I felt the need to ask anyway."

"Why bother?"

"It's nice to feel normal sometimes."

"Well, Wyatt. in case you haven't noticed, we're not exactly normal. We're vampires! And I'm part fish, with only one fang-"

"One fang?"

"Yeah, I thought you knew that."

"Well, I didn't. Right or left fang?"


"Lemme see."

I grew out my natural nub of a fang. Wyatt smiled strangely.

"What?" I asked.


He grew out his fangs. He only had one, like me. inlt he had the left one.

"Yin and yang," I whispered.

"Witch and vamp."

"More like day and night."


"I haven't been out in the day since June."

"Hurts your eyes?"

"Night hurts my eyes."

"Yeah, I know how you feel."


"That was me five hundred years ago."


"Sit down. I need to tell you more of my story."

I sat down net to him. I pulled my knees to my chest and leaned my head on Wyatt's chest again.

"I'll start when I was human."


"As I said before, I was unlawful. I was pretty much the same looking as I am now. I was pretty much always in trouble, if not lying or stealing. When I wasn't doing that, I was saving my little sister. Well, not little, she was my twin. Her name was Victoria. I really miss her."

He looked at me. I'm surprised I didn't give away my thoughts. I hid all of my ideas. As Wyatt looked away, I pulled off the cross. I didn't want to reveal my plan yet.

"Go on," I prompted.

"I was always getting her out of trouble. Her, and my little brother, Maxwell. Not long after I turned fifteen, Victoria ran off. I went to find her. She was with a group of vampire's. They ran off with her. I tried to get her back, but they were to fast. As soon as I turned seventeen, I joined the army. I hoped I could get the vampires that took her. You know what happened after that."

"Did you have any other siblings?"

"Other than Victoria and Maxwell?"


"Yes. I had another older brother, Joseph. Along with two younger sisters, Bianca and Lillie. They died after I was turned."

"Do you miss them?"


He sighed softly and wound his arms around me.

"What was your sister like?" I asked, trying not to reveal my intentions.

"A decent bit like the current Victoria. she was petite, brown hair, and almost pixie-like."


"That's why I could never fight with Victoria. it just felt wrong. It felt even weirder when we tried to hook up-"

"You went out with Victoria?!"

I pulled my way out of his grasp and stood up so I would be taller than Wyatt. I crossed my arms and glared down at him. He stood up as well, now taller then me.

He pulled me into a hug. He rested his chin on the top of my head.

"It's okay, don't worry," he soothed, "Nothing happened between us. We couldn't even kiss without it being creepy."

"You kissed her?"

"I kiss you, don't I?"

He bent down and kissed my lips.

"Yeah, well…that's different."

"I guess it is. I actually love you."

"You mean it?"

"Of course I do, Willow. If I didn't, I would still be somewhere in Europe."

"I know."

Wyatt kissed the top of my head. He sat down and pulled me down on the couch next to him. I started to think. I needed to go tell Victoria, that I had found her long-lost brother.

"I'll be right back," I said as I stood up, "I need to talk to someone."

"Come back soon."

"I will, don't worry."

I bubbled to the house. Victoria was sitting at the desk in the living room on the laptop.


She turned around. "What?"

"What would you say if I found your brother?!"

"My…" she looked around, "Not here, Willow. New York."

She stood up and grabbed my hand. I bubbled us somewhere in New York.

"Why's we come here?" I asked.

"I wanted to hunt."

"I don't want to though, so start taking."

"You of all vamps don't want to hunt?"

"No, I'm turning good again. Talk."

"Okay, okay! My siblings all died after I was changed. My brother died."

"No he didn't! And I found him!"

"The only way he would be alive is if he was a vampire now. Or a ghost."

"Only witches can be ghosts after they die!"

"Then he would be a vampire now. He isn't."

"Ugh! He is a vampire now!"


"Yes he is! He almost died in a war, and he was turned!"

She thought about it.

"I still don't believe you," she said angrily.

"Well, then. I hope you have a good run pack to Portland. I'm going to see your brother, but since you don't wanna believe me…"

She grabbed my arms, trying to pin them to my sides.

"I'm not running all the way back, take me to my 'brother'."

"I thought you would see it my way."

I bubbled us to the castle.

"What are we doing here?"

"Your brother is inside. Stay here, I'll go get him."

I ran inside.

"Wyatt!" I yelled as I tried to stop running. The wood was slippery on my feet, so I fell with a thud.

Wyatt picked me up and put me on my feet again. He didn't let go, making sure I would fall again.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, and I have a surprise for you."


"You know how you said your sister was taken by vampires?"


"They turned her and I found her!"

"You… what?"

"Your sister is alive and outside! Come on!"

I dragged him outside to Victoria.

She snorted when she was me, "Willow, this is Wyatt. he isn't my brother."

"Yes he is," I insisted.

"I don't have time for this…"

She turned to leave, but I grabbed her arm.

I said, "Wyatt had a sister that was named Victoria, whom he called Torri, that he was always saving-"

Wyatt cut me off, "She was my twin. When we were fifteen, she was taken by-"

"Vampires," Victoria whispered.

"See? You are related."

"I thought you were familiar from the day we found you, Torri," Wyatt whispered.

"I didn't remember you though."

"I don't know why you didn't, but I'm glad we know now."

"Me too. At least we now why it was so weird when we hooked up."


They both walked towards each other. Wyatt wrapped his long arms around her. Victoria's small body folded neatly inside of his. The scene almost made me cry.

"I've missed you Wy-Wy," Victoria whispered.

Wyatt looked at Victoria's face, "I really missed hearing that. I missed you too Torri."

Even though the reunion was touching, I laughed. Seeing Wyatt being so loving was natural for me. If seeing Victoria hugging Wyatt wasn't strange enough, she called him Wy-Wy! That was just too good for me to handle.

"I'll leave you two to catch up," I said, trying not to laugh.

Wyatt nodded, still hugging Victoria's small frame. I bubbled to the house.

As soon as I was there, I started jumping up and down.

"Oh my god!" I squeaked out.

"What?" Christian asked.

"Wyatt and Victoria are really brother and sister!"

Christian stared at me. I couldn't figure out why for a while. After a while, I figured out why. I didn't tell anyone Wyatt was back.

"Oops!" I squeaked. I tried to bubbled away, but Christian caught my arm. There was no way I would be taking him with me to the castle.

"What do you mean, Willow?" he asked seriously.


"I don't want the whole story."

I took a breath, although I didn't need to.

"About a week ago, the wolves, Isis and I went to England to kill Wyatt."

"Kill Wyatt?"

"I was evil!"


"Shut up and let me tell the freaking story!"

"Okay, go on."

"Thank you! As I was saying, we went to kill Wyatt. We almost did. Just before he died, I felt bad for doing it. I healed him, brought him back here and he stayed."

"But I went to the castle, he wasn't there. his sent wasn't either."

"he said that he was conveniently 'gone' when you came. I don't know how he did the sent thing."

Christian just stared at me. I stared back, hoping he would say something. He didn't.

I sighed loudly for drama, "Wyatt told me his story and I matched it up with Victoria's."

"But she didn't remember anything from being human."

Could he be any stupider? I was spelling it all out for him, and he didn't get it.

"She lied," I finally said.

He kept staring.

"I'll let them explain."

I reached out and out my hand on his shoulder. I bubbled to the castle.

Wyatt and Victoria were still outside.

"See? I told you they were siblings!" I said to Christian.


"Are you really this stupid?" I asked.


"Ugh! Wyatt, Victoria, will you guys explain this all to Christian?"

"Sure Willow," Wyatt replied.

Victoria came out to Wyatt's arms.

"I. Am. Wyatt's. sister," she said.

"I got that, but how?"

"Well, when two people-"

"I know that! I meant I thought you didn't remember being human!"

"I lied."


"I did remember. Wyatt is my brother."

"I still don't get it."

"You're the stupidest vampire I have ever met."


"It's true! You don't understand anything!"

"I don't."

"I just- Never mind."

"Why don't you go explain, Torri?" Wyatt asked.

"Okay, Wy-Wy."

"Wy-Wy?" Christian asked.

"Come on, monkey man."


Christian and Victoria ran off into the woods. Wyatt turned to me and smiled.

"Thank you, Willow. I owe you," he said.

"No you don't."

"But you-"

"Found your sister, I know. it was the least I could do for you after England."

"Still. I don't know what to say."

"Don't say anything. Let's go inside."

I grabbed onto his arm. We walked into the castle together. We went and sat on the couch. As soon as we did, I pulled him back up.

"Lets sit in the chair today."

"Whatever you want."

Wyatt smiled broadly. I smiled back. We went and sat in the over-sized chair. It was big enough for both of us, but we were touching. I don't think we cared though. I put my head on Wyatt's shoulder.

"We should probably watch the news," I said, "I haven't seen it in a while."

"Okay, let me turn on the TV."

"No, I got it."

I snapped my fingers. The TV flicked on to CNN.

"Where'd you learn that?"

"You'd be surprised what you learn to do when you're evil."

"I guess!"

We turned towards the TV. I didn't pay attention to the first story. It was something on football. But the second story got my attention.

"Last week in Portland, Oregon," the new anchor said, "a man was attacked by a toddler. He was not harmed. Before he ran away, he snapped this photo."

The picture was of Isis with her fangs out and a corpse.

"Whoever said vampires don't exist, where wrong."

I stared at the flat screen, my eyes wide.

"Uh-oh," I squeaked.

"Was that Isis?"


"What'd you two do?"

"Did I tell you I went on a killing spree while you were gone?"

"I think you neglected to say that."

"Well, that's what we did."

"You do know millions of people just saw a picture of Isis as a vamp, right?"


"And that she exposed us?"


"Any idea when the Council's coming to kill us? Again."

"No, but they will soon. Which means we have some work to do."

I stood up. Wyatt followed. I led us upstairs, to the closet. I walked inside and tried to find something.

"What are you looking for?" Wyatt asked.


Wyatt went to a smaller part of the closet and pulled open a small drawer. He tossed a pair of black sweatpants at me. I caught them.

I snapped my fingers and switched my clothes. Along with my leather pants, I changed my shirt. I changed into a black tee shirt.

"Will you please tell me what we're doing?"

"Sorry," I said as I put on a cross ankle bracelet.

I need to teach you how to fight, I thought.

"I know how to fight."

Not without your powers, you don't.

"So what are we going to do?"

I told you I was a black belt, didn't I?

"So you're turning me into a black belt?"

You got it.

I snapped my fingers again. This time, Wyatt changed. Now he was in a pair of jogging pants and a white tee shirt.

For this, you won't be able to read my mind, okay?


When we're in the council building, you won't be able to. We need to practice without it.


I yanked off the cross again. As soon as I did, all of my senses returned. I pulled my hair back into a baseball hat.

"Ready?" I asked.


"Do you know of any clearings where we can't kill anyone?"

"Yeah, hop on."

I jumped on Wyatt's back. He started running through the woods.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"South Dakota."

"Can I just bubble us there? it's faster."


He didn't stop running. I just bubbled us both there.

"Now where?" I asked.

"I'll run the rest of the way."

"That's fine."

Wyatt ran us for a few minutes before stopping in a large pasture. I jumped down.

"Okay, just try to do this off instinct first. After that, I'll teach."

"Whatever you say."

"Try to attack me."

He ran forward at his normal speed. I stepped aside and let him run past me.


"What?" he asked.

"You can't use your speed."


"You won't have it the building. I'll have my powers, but all you'll have is your indestructibility. You not even have that."

"Okay, start over."

I stepped back a few feet. Wyatt ran (at human pace) towards me. I put up my fists in front of my face and kicked Wyatt just as he reached me. It stopped him.

"That the best you've got?" I asked, mockingly.

"I'm not good with fighting without powers."

"I can tell. Now, I'm going to actually teach you."


For the next few hours, I taught Wyatt everything I knew about fighting. He caught on fast and remembered everything. After I was finished teaching, we fought. When we did, neither of us ever won. We always tied. Finally, I stopped it.

"You've learned well, grasshopper," I said.

"Why thank you, dragonfly."


"Yes, it suits you."

I smiled, "You're ready."

"Should we teach everyone else?"

"No. the Council only wants us."

"Of course."

"I know what you mean."

Wyatt laughed.

"Come on," he said, "Let's go find Isis."

I reached my hand out. Wyatt took it and I bubbled us back to the castle.

"Where would she be?" I asked.

"I have an idea."

He led my into the music room. Isis was inside with flame, playing her guitar. She looked ten.

"I loathe that infernal instrument," Wyatt said when we heard it playing.

"Sorry. Like I said before, I was really mad at you."

"It's fine."

Isis heard us talking. She looked up.

"Daddy!" she yelled, tossing her guitar aside.

Isis jumped into Wyatt's arms. He smiled.

"Hey kiddo," he said, "You got big."

"And I learned the gee-tar."

I laughed; she still couldn't say guitar right. I snapped the cross back on my ankle.

I'll be right back, I thought.

Wyatt nodded. I bubbled upstairs.

"Ring," I said.

A swarm of white bubbles came into my opened hand. When they faded, my engagement ring was there. I bubbled back to Isis and Wyatt.

"Thanks for finding Wyatt, Isis," I said.

She ignored me.

Does she still hate me?

"Isis," Wyatt said warmly, "mommy and I need to talk. I'll see you later, okay?"


Wyatt put Isis down and led me out of the room, closing the door on his way out. We went back into the living room. Wyatt pulled me into the chair and I leaned my head on his shoulder. He wrapped his arms around me.

"Yeah, she is pretty mad at you," he admitted.

"I thought so."

"I know, I heard."

I smiled, "You think the council will come after her too?"

"She was the one that exposed us. They'll want her dead just as mush as us, if not more."

A salty tear rolled down my cheek. Another followed. Before long, I was crying into Wyatt's shirt.

"This shouldn't happen Wyatt!" I sobbed.

"I know, I know."

He was rubbing my arm.

"This isn't her fault!"

"I know. Don't worry about it though."


"Trust me."

"I trust you."

"I knew you would say that."

I laughed. Of course Wyatt knew I trusted him.

"Can you sleep?" I asked.

I realized it was off-topic, but I wanted to know. I knew Isis could sleep, but rarely did, so I wanted to know if Wyatt, being another half vampire, could too.

"Yeah, I usually don't though."

"Does that mean I can too?"


"Yay! I've missed sleep!"

Wyatt laughed.

"I want to teach you something, okay?" I asked.


"I learned I can go into a trance-thing. Isis can too; I want to know if you can."


"Come on."

I pulled Wyatt to his feet. I led him upstairs into our bedroom.

I sat down on the bed and patted the space next to me. Wyatt sat down.

"Close your eyes and empty your mind of everything," I directed.

"That's a little difficult to do when I hear thoughts."

"Who's do you hear?"

"Just yours."

I pulled off the cross for the hundredth time.

"Empty your mind."

"Okay, now what?"


I stopped talking. Soon, Wyatt was in the trance. I shook his shoulder.

"You did it! You can go into a trance!"

"One more power I have."


I put the cross back on.

"Mind if I go to sleep?" I asked, "I haven't in a while."

"Not in the least. I haven't slept in a while too."

"How long?"

"About three hundred years."


I pulled the blankets back and crawled underneath. Wyatt lay down next to me. He wrapped his arms around me again and I used his chest as a pillow.

As soon as we were both about to fall asleep, Christian ran in. his hair was messed up and his shirt was unbuttoned.

"Dude, I've got to tell you something!" he said.

"Can't it wait?" Wyatt asked.


"What's so important you woke us up?"

"Well…it's not really a story for children."

Christian glanced at me.

"I'll be back in a few minutes," I said.

Wyatt kissed me and I bubbled to the river. I waited about five minutes and I went back.

When I bubbled in, Christian was still there. Wyatt was standing up in front of him, covering his ears.

"That wasn't a story for adults either!" he said.


Christian ran out.

"Do I even want to know?" I asked.

"I don't want to know."

"That bad, huh?"

"More than you know."

"Can we sleep now?"


We crawled back under the covers. Wyatt wrapped me in his long arms again. Only this time, it was a lot tighter. In fact, if I was still human, it would've crushed my spine. I didn't really care though. I snuggled closer to his hard body and closed my eyes.

That was when I wondered why Christian was in the castle in the first place.

"That's a good question," Wyatt said, responding to my thought.

"Christian!" we yelled at the same time.

He stuck his head in the door.

"Get you ass in here!" I ordered.

He looked down, "I…can't really do that. I'm not decent."

"I don't care! Get in here!"

"Can't I have a towel, or, you know, pants?"

I looked at Wyatt. He just stared at his brother. Still not relaxing his grip around me.

"That's not right Christian!" I exclaimed.

I closed my eyes and snapped my fingers. When I opened them again, Christian was in the room. Only, thank god, he was wearing pants. Before Christian could say anything though, Victoria came in as well. She was wearing Christian's shirt. It was so long it went down to her knees.

"Christian?" she said.


"Come on, let's go."


Christian grabbed Victoria's hand and left the room.

"Please tell me they're going home," I begged.

"They are, don't worry."

I sighed with relief, "Is it safe to sleep now?"

"Yes, it's safe."

I didn't reply. I only closed my eyes and snuggled closer to Wyatt. When I stopped moving, he put his head on the top of mine.

I didn't really know when I woke up. I didn't even know how long I was asleep. My eyes popped open. Wyatt's arms were still tightly wound around me.

"Wyatt?" I asked.


"I just wanted to know if you were awake."

"Well, I am."

"I can see that."

"Do you still want to sleep?"

"Not really. Do you?"

"If I did, would I be awake?"

"Probably not."

"My point, exactly."

"So are we getting up?"

"If you want too."

"I do."

Wyatt unwound his arms from around me and we both stood up. I snapped my fingers and the bed made itself.

We walked down stairs. It was dark outside, so I guessed it was night.

"You're right," Wyatt answered, "It's a little after midnight."

"How long were we sleeping?"

"Almost exactly a day."

"How long have you been awake?"

"Little under twenty minutes."

"I see."

I looked down and saw I was still wearing my clothes from forever ago. I snapped my fingers. I changed into one of my usual outfits from before Wyatt came back. It was my emerald choker, black leather pants, and black leather tube-top that showed most of my stomach. Out of habit, I also had sunglasses. I took those off; even though my eyes were still al black, I didn't care anymore.

I looked back at Wyatt. He was a little bug-eyed, staring at me.

"Really?" he asked, not lifting his gaze from me.


"You wear that now?"

"I changed a lot while you were gone."

"I guess. Although, I like it."

I lifted an eyebrow, "What?"

"I like it; it's very sexy on you."

"Well, I'm glad you think so. I usually wear something like this."

"I noticed when you saw me in the woods."

"What was I wearing?"

"Black mini skirt, black cami, black stilettos, and emerald choker."

"Did I wear enough black?"

"I think so. What'd you what to do now?"

I didn't know. I didn't even think of it, really. I was kind of living one minute at a time. Not even a day at a time, a single minute, waiting to see where they would take me.

"I know what you mean," Wyatt responded, "I haven't really been planning anything out lately."

"So what should we do?"

"Well, when I left," I flinched at his comment, "I would be with Peter right now."

"I don't really want to meet a ghost, though."

"They're not that bad. Except he acts a little older."

"What year was he from?"

"Before mine."

"How long before?"

"Lets just say his name was Thor."

"Thor? Was he a caveman?"

"He prefers Cave Dweller."

Well, I didn't think this conversation could get any stranger. We were talking about a caveman-

"Cave Dweller," Wyatt interrupted.


We were talking about a cave Dweller named Thor who was now a ghost named peter. Nope, not strange at all.

"I still don't want to meet him."

"That's fine. Although, I have a feeling you won't like my other idea either."

He was right. I didn't really want to know what he was thinking. After wanting me to meet Peter-Thor, I was almost afraid to find out what he had in mind.

"I was afraid you would think that," Wyatt said.

I sighed, "What are you thinking of, Wyatt?"

"I was thinking that we should just go to the Council."

"You're right, I don't like the idea."

"I didn't think so."

I tried to keep my emotions in check. I couldn't believe Wyatt wanted to just waltz up to the Council building. The very place we were almost killed last April. I didn't want Wyatt to know how pissed I was. It didn't work.

"You're angry with me," Wyatt said sadly.

"I'm not angry with you, just your idea," I replied. I tried to be sincere. I really wasn't mad Wyatt; I just really didn't want to die today.

Wyatt looked up at me. His face said he believed me, but his eyes said otherwise. His normally bright eyes were dulled. Until the brightness of his silver eyes was gone, I never realized how brightly it burned.

"You heard that, didn't you?" I asked, wishing I hadn't thought it.

"Yes, but it's not a bad thing."

"How's it not a bad thing?"

"I like the fact you realized my eyes were bright."

"You do?"

"Of course."

"Why, though?"

"It means you now a lot about me."

I didn't reply; I knew he would hear my thoughts anyway. I thought it was sweet of him to say that. I was glad he thought I knew a lot about him.

"Well, even though I thought that was sweet," I said, "I still don't want to meet a ghost or die."

"Technically, we're already dead."

"Whatever, I still don't want to."

"So what do you want to do?"

"I don't know."

"I still want to introduce you to Peter."

"You not going to give it up, are you?"

"No, probably not."

I sighed, "Lets go meet Peter."

"Thank you."

Wyatt grabbed my hand and we walked outside. As soon as we were out in the open air, I heard the flapping of the flag.

"We don't have a flag," Wyatt replied, "We don't even have a flag pole."

We both glanced up at the turret. There was a makeshift flag pole made of crushed Dr. Pepper cans. Blowing from the pole was Christian's pants. In purple lipstick, it said Christian wuz here.

"Christian, get down from our roof!" Wyatt yelled up.

"Can I have another pair of pants?!"

It was then that we noticed Christian was only in a towel. I snapped my fingers. Christian jumped down and was wearing clothes again.

I still had a burning question for him ,though.

"Where'd you get all the pop cans?"


"Victoria," I corrected.

"Only I can call her Torri," Wyatt added.

"Why? What makes you so special?"

"I was the one that gave her the name."

Christian couldn't think of anything to say. Even without reading minds, I could still tell that Wyatt had won.

Before any of us had a chance to say anything, Victoria and Isis came out of the woods. Victoria had a can of pop in her hand. Meanwhile, Isis was almost vibrating.

"What's up with Isis?" I asked, picking her up. She shook in my arms, worse than when I first gave her to Christian.

"She had a little too much Dr. Pepper."

"How much did you give to her?!"

"Well, lets just say that this is my third can."

I looked up at the pole. It was at least fifty feet high.

"You let her drink that much?"

"Sure, why wouldn't I?"

"Because it's stupid and she won't sleep for a month!"

"Not my problem."

She ran back into the woods like she always did in the middle of our conversations. Christian followed her, leaving his pants flapping in the wind.

"I have a feeling I'm meeting the cave dweller now?" I said.

"Yes, you are. Unless you changed your mind about the Council, that is."

"I didn't."

Wyatt took my hand and I bubbled us to the cottage I had found him at. It took slightly longer than usual. International bubbled were longer, but we still got there faster than running.

When we standing outside of the door, Wyatt was still holding my hand. I thought he was just going to stay like that; he put his arm around my waist. He pulled me closer to him.

Wyatt knocked lightly on the wooded door. We waited several seconds before peter stuck his through the wood.

"Master Wyatt! How nice to see you again!" he said.

I didn't know if I heard him correctly at first. Did he just call Wyatt master? That was when Peter saw me next to Wyatt.

"Lovely! You brought Willow as well!"

I arched an eyebrow. Wyatt understood.

"I'll explain later. Right now, this is Mr. Peter Goss."

"Nice to meet you, Peter."


We all stood there (well, Wyatt and I stood. Peter floated) for a few awkward seconds.

"Oh! Please come in Master Wyatt!" Peter said, a little embarrassed.

Wyatt opened the door and pulled me inside. It wasn't exactly what I imagined. It was basically one room. There were three chairs, a fire place and a table. Wyatt pulled two of the chairs close together and sat down in one of them. Before I could protest, he pulled me down next to him.

Peter continued to float in front of us. Although, I noticed something strange. He never looked directly into Wyatt's or my eyes. He wouldn't even look at us; he would just stare past us or look at the floor. If that wasn't weird enough, his head never bobbed above mine. It was the same way most people treated Madame Rose.

It really annoyed me that he was acting so strange around us. What bugged me even more was that Wyatt was acting so normal. He was just chatting with peter like it was no big deal. Most of the stay, I just sat and listened.

After another hour or so, Wyatt stood up. I followed him. Peter was never sitting, so he just floated a little higher. Although, he never went higher than my head.

"Well, peter," Wyatt began, "it was good talking to you again."

"Likewise, Master Wyatt. will I be seeing you and Mistress again?"

That was even stranger. Why did he call me Mistress? I wasn't royal or powerful. This was all wrong.

"Expect it, Peter."

"I will. Good day Master, Mistress."

He nodded in respect t both of us and floated back inside his house. Wyatt still had his arm around my waist so I just bubbled us back to the castle.

When we were inside of the living room, I decided to ask about the whole peter thing.

"What was with that?" I demanded.


"Like you don't know!"

"I don't- Oh. You mean the Master thing, right."


"I can't really explain unless we go to the Council."


"Because I just can't. so you either come to the Council with me, or you enjoy your disappointment."

I thought about it. I really didn't want to die, even though as Wyatt pointed out, we were already undead. On the other hand, I knew the master/mistress thing would drive me crazy if I didn't find out. And, we could always fight our way out, plus I would be able to bubble out.

I sighed in defeat. "So when are we going?"

"Right now if you want."

"No, I don't. I want to talk to Lori first."

"I though she's mad at you."

"She is."

"Then why do you want to talk to her?"

"If I'm going to die, I want to see her one more time."

"I guess that's fair."

I held out my hand. Wyatt took it and I bubbled us to Lori's. She was levitating above her bed like before. Her eyes were closed, so she didn't see us.

"Lori!" I said.

She opened her eyes.

"What're you doing here? And why is he-"

"Long story. We got back together. And I'm here because I might need you help."


"We're going to the Council. we might need back up."

"You want me to go with you?" she didn't sound thrilled.

"No, I want you to keep the Telepathy open."

"Okay, but only because I want to kill the Council."

"That works for me."

I grabbed Wyatt's hand again and bubbled to the woods by the Council building.

"Telepathy?" he asked.

"It's a witch thing. We can sometimes communicate with our minds. It's not easy to do."

"So could you read my mind?"

"No, only Lori's. I can only read hers when I'm in danger."

"Well, it's good to know we have backup."

I took a deep breathe, "Ready?"

"Are you?"

"No, but I never will be."

Wyatt pushed open the heavy metal door. We walked inside. I walked more cautious, the reality of what we were doing just then hitting me.

Just as we walked by the large, white room that the wolves and I fought in last April, Wyatt stopped.

"What are we doing?" I asked.


Why? I thought to myself, knowing Wyatt couldn't hear it.

"Because we need to see someone," he said.

"How'd you hear that? I thought it!"

"I'll explain later."

Just as Wyatt fished his sentence, two men walked in. they looked like vampires to me. They had sinister smiles and pale skin.

"Master Wyatt! How lovely!" one man said. His skin was almost white. He had pale blue eyes and dark hair that hung down to his chin.

The man bowed in respect towards Wyatt and I. When he came back up, he stood slightly taller than Wyatt. He didn't try to keep his head down, though. But, he didn't look into our eyes either.

"Hello, Henry. How are you?" Wyatt replied as he nodded once in respect. The accent he had when we found him was back and thicker.

"Fine, sir. And what about you? Are you pleased?"

Henry also had a thick English accent.

"Actually, Henry, no, quite the opposite."

"What's wrong, sir?" the other man answered. He was almost as pale as Henry. His smile was now gone and replaced by a frown. He had black hair that was tied at the back of his neck.

"It's not my problem, so much as Willow's," Wyatt said. His voice took on a tone I didn't think was possible for him. It was harsh, cruel and demanding. It was even scarier in his velvet voice.

"What's wrong, Mistress?" the other man asked.

I opened my mouth, but nothing happened. I just stared at them. Not only was Wyatt's voice scaring me, but the pale features of the vampires were as well. I began to shake violently in Wyatt's arms.

Wyatt noticed. He put his other arm around my body. He turned me around so I was facing him. He put a finger under my chin and lifted my head so I was looking up at him. He bent his head down and kissed my lips gently.

I stopped shaking so badly. Wyatt put my head back down and I rested it on his chest.

"Are you okay?" he asked me softly. His accent was gone and was replaced by his normal, loving tone. It was sweet and caring now instead of harsh and cruel.

I don't like this, Wyatt, I thought. I didn't think I could speak.

"May I ask why?"

I don't know who those…people are.

"It that all?"

You know it's not. You're scaring me.

He pulled me aside. Henry and the other man wouldn't be able to hear us is we whispered at the vampire level.

"I'm sorry about that. But Henry and Jamison expect me to be like that."

Why, though?

He sighed. "I guess I'll have to explain."

We walked back to Henry and Jamison.

"Remember when we were arrested, how they didn't try to hurt me?"

I nodded.

"Well, they can't hurt me."


"I'm their boss."

I didn't think anything. I didn't do anything.

"In fifteen forty, after I came back to Caroline and before anyone else joined us, we decided we needed to find a way to control future supernatural activity. Caroline and I created the Council."

You made the Council?

"Yes. that's why other creatures respect me so much."

"Yet they tried to kill me?" I said. I could barely hear my own voice. Wyatt could it though and that was what mattered.

"Unfortunately, somebody lost respect. I took care of that, don't worry."

I pushed my way out Wyatt's arms. even without him saying it, I knew what he meant. He killed whoever it was that 'lost respect'. I backed away from him, Henry and Jamison.

Lori, I need you now. I begged, hoping she was listening.

As I waited for her, Wyatt tried to calm me down.

"I had to do it," he said, "they tried to corrupt the whole Council; my creation."


"You don't want to know."

With his few words, I panicked. I knew who it was. It was Gwen. She was the one who came out and said she wanted to kill me.

Before I could do anything, Lori bubbled in. she was dressed for combat. She looked like a ninja. Which was basically what she was.

She stood in between Wyatt and I. I began to shake again and I closed my eyes.

"I'm sorry about this Lori," I heard Wyatt say.

I closed my eyes tighter. I heard Lori scream for less than a second.

My eyes flashed open. Lori was slumped in Jamison's arms. Her eyes were closed and there were two pin-pricks of blood on her neck.

Wyatt started to walk towards me.

"I'm sorry I had to do that," he said, "but I didn't want to hurt her in a fight."

I just stared at him.

"Willow, I'm sorry about Gwen. But, she tried to kill you. I was protecting you, that's all."

"I don't care! You're scaring me! You're like a vampire King!"

"Prince, actually."

"So why are they calling me their Mistress?"

"You're my love. And their Princess."

"I don't want to be royalty! I never wanted any of this!"

"I understand. If you don't want me anymore, that's fine."

"I still want you, Wyatt. just not this part of you. This isn't you."

I looked into his eyes again. They weren't silver. They were glazed over, white. I backed away. I looked behind Wyatt to Henry and Jamison. Henry looked concerned, while Jamison had the same eyes as Wyatt and was staring him.

"Isn't me," Wyatt repeated.

I let my attention drift back to him. His eyes were showing little flecks of silver.

"Isn't me," he said again.

Wyatt spun around. Jamison's eyes changed back.

"Did you do it again?" Wyatt asked, using his accent that made his voice intimidating.

"No Master!" Jamison replied.

"Really?" he didn't sound very convinced.

Wyatt spun around again. He looked directly at me."Willow," he said without the accent, "Were my eyes glazed over?"

"Yeah," I said softly. I wasn't sure what he wanted.

"Were Jamison's?"


Wyatt said no more, only turned on his heel to face Jamison.

"Care to explain yourself?" Wyatt asked. His voice was hard and angry.


"Well what?"

"I had to Sir! There was no way to explain this right!"

"Well, Jamison, thank you. You made Willow fear and maybe hate me."

"I'm sorry, sir."

Wyatt didn't say anything back to him. He simply turned around and looked at me. his eyes were silver again."Are you okay?" he asked me. his voice was soft and gentle. No accent.

"I'm fine," I replied, even though I wasn't.

"Are you sure?"


Wyatt walked up next to me. he pulled me into his arms and hugged me.

"We're leaving," he said in my ear.

Keeping one arm around my shoulders, he started to leave.

"Next time I come back, I'll give you Hell Jamison. Bet on it," Wyatt said.

He didn't reply to Wyatt. I was slightly relieved when he didn't.

When we were in the hall again, I bubbled us to the castle. Inside, I changed into something that wasn't leather. I put on red sweatpants and red sweater. I curled into a ball in the center of the couch.

Wyatt came and sat down next to me.

"You lied," he said.

"About being okay? Yeah, I did."


"I don't like to admit my flaws."

"You always do, to me."

"I know. But never around other vampires. I don't like them."

"I know, but they're the only ones that can be the Head Vampires."


"They're not venomous. That's why Jamison bit Lori instead of me."

"Ohmygod! We forgot Lori!"

Wyatt reached forward and brushed a lock of hair out of my face. His skin never touching my own.

"It's okay, don't worry."

"But they have Lori!"

"No they don't. She's with Caroline."


"Didn't you believe me when I said I had everything taken care of?"

"Yes, but…"

"Then just trust me. I took care of it."

"Okay, Wyatt."

"Thank you."

He reached forward and pushed more hair from my eyes. Only this time, his skin rubbed against mine. I flinched slightly.

"Sorry," he said.

"It's…it's okay."

"No, it's not. I frighten you, don't I?"

"When Jamison was controlling you, you don't know what you were like."

"What did I do?"

"You don't remember it?"

"No, it happens ever time he does that."

"Your eyes were all white. Your voice was hard, cold, mean, deadly. You were like me when I was on killing sprees. I didn't like remembering."

"Believe me, I know what it's like to be evil. I was for a while."


"From the day I was turned until we made the Council. That's why we made it in the first place; we couldn't risk anyone else acting like me."

"Weren't there other vampires, though?"

"Not really."


I lay down on the couch, my feet not even reaching the end. I put my head on Wyatt's lap. He ran his long fingers through my hair. I rolled over onto my side. Wyatt ran his fingers through my hair again.

"Don't lie. Are you okay?"

"I'm still a little freaked out. I feel like they're watching us."

"They don't do that kind of thing. I promise, you're safe."

"Am I?"

"Yes, you'll be fine. Caroline will take care of everything."

"What's she gonna do?"

"She won't hurt them, if that's what you're thinking."

"You would know, but what is she going to do?"

"Just speak with them."

"That's all?"

"That's all."

I sighed with relief. Even though I really hated Jamison right now, I didn't want to have him killed. Although, considering Wyatt was a vampire "Prince" I probably could. Also, if I were to take off my cross, I would probably kill him myself.

I shook my head. I didn't like thinking like that. When I did, my hair fell in my face again. There was no way I was going to kill a vampire. Even if I was living with Vampire royalty.

"You're not just living with VR, you are VR," Wyatt said.

"What the hell is VR?"

"Vampire Royalty."


"And technically, you're VR too."

"But we never got married."

"We should reschedule that."

"Not right now. I'm not in the mood."

"That's fine. We have all the time in the world."

I laughed. It was true. Being immortal, we had until the end of the world to be married. Although, I might get bored after a while.

"I doubt it. Vampires get distracted very easily," Wyatt said.


"It's different for everyone."

"What is it for our coven?"

"Victoria and Christian, sex. Stephan and kaci, nobody knows. Caroline and Rupert, Careers. And me, well let's just say, I'm the freak of the vampire world."

Wyatt smiled. He was right. He kind of was a vampire freak. He could read minds, had one fang, was a Prince, was almost five hundred years old, fell in love outside of his species…

"Like I said, freak of the vampire world," he said, still smiling.

"I'm not much better."

"How are you worse than me?"

"Most powerful magic in history. And, I still have powers as a vampire."

"True. You do have the most powerful magic Caroline has ever seen."

"Caroline? There has to be vampires older than her."

"Damn, wasn't supposed to say that."


"You have to ask Caroline."

"Why won't you tell me?"

"Normally, it would be because I don't tell stories. This time, it's because I can't explain it right. She does it much better. Ask her."

"Come with me?"

"Actually, I have some business to take care of."


"No, Rose."


"You never killed her, only hurt her. She's still with the Council."

"Do me a favor then."


"Tell her if she does that to me again, she really will be dead."

"I don't think she'll be a problem again, but I'll give her the message."

"Thanks. See you soon."

Wyatt ran out of the living room. I snapped my fingers. I changed into an outfit that I would wear before I turned evil. It was just some dark jeans and a tee shirt. After that, I bubbled to the attic to find out what was happening.

Caroline was in her lab coat, as usual. Lori was still unconscious on one of the beds. Caroline looked up when I bubbled in.

"Come to see Lori, I presume?" she asked, smiling.

"No, actually. Wyatt told me to ask you about your story."

That changed her expression. She soon frowned at me.

"He really wasn't supposed to tell you anything."

"Well, I found out anyway. And about the VR thing."

"He told you that too? When will that boy ever learn?!"

"What happened?"

"First, when did he say I was from?"

"Only a few years before him."

"He lied."

"I thought so."

"I'm actually from Peter's time. He's my brother."

"Your brother?!"

"Yes. I was the first vampire created."

I stared at her. She was telling me that not only was she a vampire queen, but she was the first vampire. Ever.

Caroline continued, "Thor and I, my name was Ha-na, were very close. Although, I envied him. He got our ancestors magic. He was a witch. He was the first with an element. He had all of them. That's where you and everyone else get them from. Anyway, I asked him to give me some of his powers. I was always the second best, but I was older. Now, with his powers, he was even better.

"He denied me. I was very cross with him. I even went to the elder of our tribe. I told him everything. Only, he didn't see it as a good thing. He felt Thor was a demon and was to be destroyed. I tried to stop him, but it didn't work."

She stopped. I thought telling me was causing her pain. She probably thought his "death" was her fault, even though he came back as a ghost.

"What happened to him?" I prompted.

"The hunters went and found him. They tormented him, nearly killing him. They threw rocks and spears at him. Eventually, he used his powers against them. He used fire. It hit our father, killing him.

"When they had proof he was "demonic" they killed him. If that wasn't bad enough for me to watch, they turned on my mother and me as well. Seeing what they were planning, I ran into the woods and hid.

"I saw them kill her. When that happened, I couldn't take it anymore. I screamed. They heard me. they pulled me to Thor's body. They threw me on top of him. I landed face-first over his wounds. I got some of his blood in my mouth. It burned the same way our venom does."

She paused again. I was shocked by what happened. I wanted to know what happened after that. I waited several seconds for her to go on.

"With the blood-venom in my system, I ran away. the venom already was taking affect, so I ran away faster than they could catch me. I hid in the trees while making the transformation."

I could tell that this was getting harder for her. She was leaving more holes in her tale.

"They never found me. when I was done burning, I went and ran around the world until England evolved. Then, you know the rest."

"When did you see peter again?"

"About Seven hundred years ago."

"How come you never go see him?"

"Work. And he's still pretty mad at me for getting him killed. I'm also mad at him for turning me ,although, it wasn't his fault his blood was venomous."

"Well, thanks for telling me. it's nice to know."

"Your welcome. There's just one thing I ask."


"Don't ever speak of this again. Not to me, or anyone else other than Wyatt. they don't know the real story. They think I was made in the fifteen hundreds."

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone. You're like my mom. And, you have the authority to have me killed."

"No, I don't. One of the rules Wyatt and I made was that we don't have the power to kill a vampire Prince or Princess."

"What about Queens and Kings?"

"Well, those will always be filled be Rupert and I. I didn't know if Wyatt would marry or run off again, so…"

"Oh. Okay then. I guess I'll see you later?"

"No, I have business to attend to as well."

Caroline turned back to Lori. I bubbled back to the castle. I sat down on the couch and flicked on the flat screen. I wanted to make sure world war three hadn't broken out. With all of the time in the woods, I wouldn't know.

A few seconds after I turned on the TV, Victoria ran in. she grabbed the remote from my hand and changed the channel to wrestling.

"I was watching something," I growled.

"Exactly. Was."

"Why are you in my house? why don't you watch this in your house?"

"Kaci has the remote."

"Why didn't you take it from her?"

"It's more fun to take it from you."


"Your reaction."

I growled at her and bubbled to the woods. I took off the cross and sniffed the air. I smelled something like human blood. And whether or not I was trying to be good, I wanted to kill. I extended my fangs and followed the scent.

It took me slightly deeper into the woods. With every step, the scent grew stronger and the dry ache worse. When I saw who was making the temping scent, I was surprised. It wasn't a human at all. It was a vampire with a corpse.

"Hey little vampire," he said, licking the blood from his lips.

"Who are you?" I snarled.

"I'm Kevin. And you are?"

I couldn't decide what to answer. I could've just said I was another vampire. Or that I owned the land he was hunting on. I also could've said I was his Princess. I went with that one and just in time. Kevin was starting to give me a strange look.

"I'm your Princess," I replied, trying to keep the fear out of my voice.

"I doubt it. Wyatt never married."

"He didn't, did he?"

I found amusement in my voice. And in his reply to my "Princess" card.

"No, he never did. He's not vampire enough for any girl."

"Unlike you?"

"Yeah, I'm way better that that fraud."

"Well, that's too bad. I'm engaged."

"To whom?"

"Wait here and I'll go get him."

"I'll be here."

I bubbled to the Council building. Wyatt was with Jamison in an office. It looked to modern to be a vampire's, but it was.

"Hello Willow," Wyatt said kindly, "I'll be finished in a second."

He turned back to Jamison. He said some words to low for me to hear. Jamison looked even paler than before.

"Ready?" I asked when I couldn't hear anymore mumbling.

"Yes," Wyatt replied.

I grabbed his hand and bubbled back to Kevin. He looked kind of awestruck at Wyatt.

He bowed in respect. "Sir."

"What are we doing here?" Wyatt asked, slight anger in his voice.

"This is Kevin," I said, "He has some issues with you."

Kevin looked at me like I just signed his execution slip. And I probably did.

"What is your Problem, Kevin?" Wyatt asked formally.

"I…I…" he stammered.

"I know, I read minds, remember?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then we no longer have a problem?"

"No, Sir."

"Good. Although, I do ask that you stay away from Willow, or I will kill you."

"Yes, sir."

"Thank you. We're done."

Kevin nodded once and ran off into the woods. Wyatt turned to me.

"Stay away from him," he ordered.


"I don't trust him. I never have."

"Okay. I wish you would tell the vampires you were engaged though."

"Do you have any idea how complicated that would make things for us?"

"No, but, he only was being a smart-ass because he didn't know who I was. I need some form of identification."

"I have that covered too."


"Just come to the castle with me and I'll show you."

I reached out and took his hand. I bubbled us to our bedroom. Wyatt pulled me into the closet. He dropped my hand and ran to where the jewelry was. When he came back, he had a chocker in hand.

Wyatt grabbed my hand and opened it. He dropped the necklace into my palm. I looked down at it. It had a chain like my emerald chocker. Black velvet. Dangling from it was an emerald green, crescent moon.

"What will this do?" I asked, confused.

"It's the symbol of our family."

"What about the crest?"

"That was my human crest. I kept it. But this is what we all wear. Ever noticed?"

I hadn't. Yet, at the same time, I kind of had.

"What are you thinking?" Wyatt asked.

"Oops, sorry," I said. I pulled the cross out of my pocket and snapped if back on. "Better?"

"Much. Did you figure out what we all wear?"


"Want me to tell you?"


"Stephan and Kaci have it on their sunglasses, Torri has it on that collar- Why does she wear that?"

"Christian got tired of her running off, so he got a collar with a bell. It's silver, so she can't get it off."

"I see. Anyway, Caroline has a long necklace, Christian has a leather wrist cuff that he never wears, Rupert has an invisible tattoo and I have my ring."

"Invisible tattoo?"

"On his forehead. It has a spell he put on it so only vampires that aren't in out coven can see it. You'll have to ask him to un-do the spell sometime."

"Yeah, I want to see it. You wear a ring?"

"Yes, look."

He lifted his left hand. On his ring finger, was a silver wedding band. I never noticed it before. In the dead center of the ring, was a blue crescent.

"You never noticed I wear a wedding ring, too?" he asked.

"No, I never really paid attention to that. I was busy thinking the Council was coming to kill me and Isis, only to find out that I'm Vampire Royalty. Why didn't you tell me?"

"I don't know. I guess…I guess, I was trying to protect you."

"From what?"

"All of this. Vampires like Kevin; the hassle of it all."

"Hassle? And what's wrong with Kevin?"

"There's more to VR than controlling other Magical Creatures. You have no idea what we have to do everyday."

"Everyday? You're always with me."

"My point. I'm never doing my job, so I'm falling behind."

"I could help with that."

"No, even I would let you, you aren't trained properly."

"You wouldn't let me?"

"No, it can be a farley dangerous job at times."

"Like when…"

"We went after Barnaby. We didn't kill him either, just hurt him enough to keep him subdued and then arrested him."

"He's still out there?!"

"No, he would be in Europe. We have another Council building there."

"Are you sure he can't get out?"


"Good, he tried to kill me once, I don't need it again. But, what's wrong with Kevin?"

Wyatt turned angry. "I told you, I don't trust him and I never have."

"Why though? Is there something I don't know?"

"There's a lot you don't know, and that'll have to wait for another time to find out."

"You didn't answer my question."

"I don't like or trust him, because he was in our coven at one point as well. Only for a few months. we got rid of him because he wanted my place as Prince."

"Who hasn't been in your coven?"

"That's not the point. All he wants you for, is to get your power. Both royal and magical."

"It's not that I don't believe you, it's just that he seems different."

"He's not. Believe me; I know what he was thinking."

"I know that you're right, I just…"

"Think people can change?"


"Well, humans can. Vampires can't. once an evil vamp, always and evil vamp."

"I guess. I'm going to sleep."

"Want me to wake you up?"

"Just make sure I don't sleep through my existence."

"In other words, tomorrow morning?"


"I'll you then, sleeping beauty."

Wyatt pushed my hair behind my ear and kissed me gently. He smiled at me once and ran off. I walked out of the closet. I heard a soft clink as my cross fell off. I didn't bother getting it. I changed into my red sweat pants and crawled into bed. I fell into a deep slumber not long after that.

I knew I wasn't awake. I couldn't wake up though. I was forced to watch an unholy horror, and I couldn't do anything about it.

I was seeing Barnaby killing my parents. I saw them with their spell book, trying to kill him. I saw my dad use his fire against him, only he was to fast to hit.

I didn't know where they were. Barnaby was going after my father. He took an athame from his belt loop. He threw it at my father's chest with speed even a vampire couldn't get away from. It plunged into his heart and he collapsed to the ground.

Then, Barnaby went after my mother. He didn't kill her right away. using strength much greater than hers, he grabbed her by the neck and pulled her into the air.

"Where is she?" Barnaby growled.

"I'm not telling you," my mother said. She struggled to get enough air to her lungs to speak.

"Yes you are. Where is your daughter?"

I didn't know who he meant, Gwen or me. although, I was guessing Gwen.

My mother shook her head as well as she could.

"You know where she is, Dammit! Where is Willow?"

My dream paused. I was wrong. Barnaby killed my parents to find me. He wanted to kill me.

My dream played out again. My mother shook her head again.

"That's too bad. I'll still find her, you can count on it," he said with false sincerity.

He took the athame and plunged it into her heart. Her body went limp and my body screamed. Barnaby dropped the corpse and walked away like he didn't feel anything of what he just did. And he probably didn't.

Then, something I didn't expect happened. My dream changed. Instead of the gruesome scene of my parents' murder, was a white background. Barnaby was standing on nothing in the center. He was staring where I would be if it was real. He looked directly at me.

I materialized in my dream. I was standing on the same nothingness as Barnaby, facing him. I was to stunned to speak. But he wasn't.

"Enjoy the show?" he asked cruelly.

"What…" was all I could squeak out.

"You didn't honestly think I didn't have a power, did you?"

I didn't answer.

"I do, and this is it. I project myself and my memories into dreams, and you can't escape until I let you. So I ask again, enjoy the show?"

"Why'd you do it?" I whispered.

"Kill your parents? To find you of course. Do you have any idea how powerful you really are? I could do anything if I have your power."


"I will find you eventually. Your vampires can't keep you safe forever. They'll slip up eventually. And when they do, you can be sure I'll be there to use it to my advantage. See you soon."

Before I could even blink, the dream was over. I felt Wyatt shaking my shoulders.

"Willow, Willow! Wake up!" he said.

I bolted upright, panting.

"What happened?" I asked.

"You were screaming."

"Oh god."



Wyatt sat on the bed next to me. he pulled me into his arms. I buried my face into his chest as he rubbed my back.

"It's okay, it's okay. It was only a nightmare," Wyatt soothed.

"No, it wasn't. He…he came into my dream."

Wyatt thought about it.

"Damn," he said.

He stood up, carrying me in his arms. he put my on his back and ran down stairs. He ran all the way to Rupert's office in the house.

"Rupert, we have a problem," Wyatt said, setting me on my feet.

"What?" Rupert asked.

"Barnaby can project himself into dreams, right?"


"Well, he just did. Into Willow's."

"What happened in the dream?"

"I saw him kill my parents," I answered.

"Anything else?"

"He killed my parents to find me. After he killed them, he talked to me. He said that you couldn't keep me safe forever, that you would slip up and that when it happened, he would be there."

I couldn't go any further. Having Barnaby try to kill me again was not something I need right now. Not to mention he killed my family to find me.

"He's getting stronger," Wyatt said to Rupert.

"Unfortunately, and I think there is only one thing we can do about it," Rupert answered.

"Is that the only option? Surely we don't have to resort to that."

Rupert didn't say anything. He didn't really have to; he was only speaking out loud for my benefit.

"How long can we wait?"

Rupert bit his lip.

"That little?"

Again, Rupert was silent.


"Wyatt…" Rupert cautioned.

"If you need me, I'll be in Europe."

"You can't take her with you!"

I was really getting annoyed. They kept talking about me like I wasn't there. I crossed my arms.

"I'm standing right here, you know," I said.

"I'm sorry," Wyatt said, "But Rupert's right. There's no way I'm taking you anywhere near Barnaby."

"Take me there? don't you have it the other way around?"

"No, I can run there. It'll take a while, but it'll be safer for you that way."

"Wyatt, you can't go!" I begged.

"I have to. The only way to keep you safe is to kill him once and for all."

"Don't you see? This is exactly what he wants! He wants you to leave me for a while. He knows you're the only thing in his way!"

He thought about it.

"I don't know," he said at last.

"Don't go."

"It's my job to kill him though."

"No, make Henry do it! He wants you to leave me vulnerable!"

"You won't be vulnerable; you'll have seven vampires looking after you."



"That's even worse! You'll be putting her in danger too! He knows you'll fight harder for me than anyone else and that you're the only thing stopping him!"

He sighed. He looked to Rupert for support. There was only a pale poker face.

"You still think people can change?" Wyatt asked me at last.

"course, but I don't see what that has to do with…"

Then, it clicked. He wasn't going to kill Barnaby. He was going to make Kevin do it in hopes he would die too.

"No, Wyatt. You're not sending Kevin," I said.

"Why not?" he asked.

Wyatt turned his head to Rupert.

"I never thought of that," he said, "You got your way, Willow. I can't send Kevin to do it."

"Why, I thought you wanted him dead too."

"Yes, but they could team up and be a double threat."

"So does that mean you're staying here?" I asked hopefully.

"For now, yes. we'll have to go after him soon though, he's getting to strong."


"I meant Christian and I."

"Why Christian?"

"He's the strongest, he won't get hurt."

"I'm stronger than him!"

"Only when you're evil and I would like to avoid having an evil wife, if you don't mind."

"Why? Afraid of me?"

"No, I just you better when you're good."

I opened my mouth, but before I got anything out, Rupert cleared his throat loudly.

"Let's continue the conversation at the castle, shall we?" Wyatt said.


I grabbed Wyatt's hand. I bubbled us back to the castle.

"I'm still the same person when I'm evil," I said.

"No you're not."

"Really? Do I seem any different now?"

"No, but you're good right now."

"Is there a cross on my ankle?"

Wyatt glanced down to my bare ankle.

"I thought it was a little quite."

"So I still have to wear the bracelet?"

"Yes, I don't want to risk it in LA."


"Damn, I forgot to tell you."

"Tell me what?!"

"We have to move. We were exposed."

"I don't want to move! I like living in the castle!"

"You don't have to worry about that. We always "build" our houses. We've had the house for fifty years."

"But LA?"

"You'll like it there."

"But the moonlight hurt my eyes. The sun will blind me!"

"I have that covered as well."


"Well, you can't change the color of your eyes, and we can't really have you going around with black eyes. You'll be wearing sunglasses like Stephan and Kaci."

Was there no way for me to get out of this? I liked Portland, and I didn't want to move.

"I still don't want to move."

"Would you rather be exposed?"

"Why not, it's not like the Council can kill me."

"You're right, they can't. But, we can leave without you."

"No, Wyatt. you can't leave me here again."

He flinched. It was working.

"The last time that happened, I went on a killing spree."

I didn't look directly in his eyes. I could feel them burning a hole in my forehead.

"And I almost killed you. This time, things are even worse. Barnaby was off. He was wrong when he said you would fight the hardest, but right in the fact you would slip up."

I glanced upward. Wyatt looked like he saw Victoria kill me.

"You don't think I'd be willing to fight for you?" he whispered.

"You were willing to leave me behind, weren't you?"

"I hoped you would just come."


"Yes. I'm always willing to fight for you. Staying here is too dangerous in more ways than one."


He put his hands on my shoulders and looked my in the eyes.

"Barnaby will escape if I don't kill him. If I go to kill him, he'll be already gone and have found you. If we get exposed, do you have any idea what a scientist would do to us? Both of us?"

"How would you know?"

"Remember when you asked me who hasn't been in our coven?"


"Well, one more person. His name was Legend. He exposed himself in New York and got himself taken by scientists. We never saw him again."

"That sucks."

"Don't use the word 'suck' around vampires. It's a little clichéd."


"You don't have to apologize."

"What- never mind. Although, what's with all of the weird names?"

"What do you mean?"

"Christian, Rupert, Legend, Kevin? They're not exactly normal."

"Well, they're just old fashioned."

"Legend is old fashioned?"

"Well, no, but he isn't your typical vampire either. How is Kevin a strange name?"

"It just is, okay?!"

"Great explanation, thanks for clearing that up," he said with a sarcastic edge to his tone.

I laughed. "And about Legend…"


"I want to call him Key!"


"Yeah, like, map legend, map key?"

He nodded. "I see your point."

"Just because you're agreeing with me, doesn't mean I'm going to move."

"We already talked about this. We have to leave Portland."

"Why can't we just fight Barnaby again? We won last time, let's do it again."

"He's to strong, we would lose."

"You don't mean…"

Wyatt didn't say anything. My eyes widened in horror as I figured out what he meant. We, well, they, would kill Barnaby, but someone would be hurt or killed. I could see Victoria, Christian, Rupert and Stephan fighting and nothing happening to them. But, Caroline and kaci, they didn't know how to fight. They would be killed. Caroline could still fend better than kaci though.

Kaci would try to help Stephan and…I couldn't even bring myself to think it. Then, knowing Isis, she would jump in to help kaci. Being under a year old, she would be the easiest to pick off.

After that, Wyatt and I would let our tempers get the best of us. Pretty soon, Wyatt, Isis, kaci and I would all be dead. I couldn't let that happen. Just because I had killed dozens of humans, doesn't men I'll let my family die.

I hated it when Wyatt made me think like this.

"I'm not happy about it, but…" I started. I didn't want to say the full sentence.

"You'll move so we can protect you?"

"As I said, I'm not happy about it."

Wyatt grinned, his perfect teeth aglitter. He scooped me into his arms and kissed me. His lips were full of happiness.

"Thank you," he whispered into my ear."Don't thank me until we're in LA," I grumbled.

"I'll remember that."

"When are we leaving?"

"Soon, maybe a week or two."

"A week?!"

"Is there a problem with that?"

"I wanted to be here for snow."

"Maybe it'll snow early."

"It won't, it never does."

"We'll come back when Barnaby's gone, okay?"

"I guess. Can I at least talk to Jamie and Scar first?"

"If I can go with you to protect you."

"That might not be a good idea."

"You think it would be better to go by yourself?"

"No, but Jamie and scar hate you and think you're dead. They'll kill me if they find out I saved you."

"Don't joke about that."

"I'm not. They almost killed me before."

"They can't now. As long as you wear the Moon, they can't touch you."

"They better not. After going on a killing spree, I'm really afraid to kill them."

"Will you still let someone go with you? For me?"


"Torri and Christian."


"Thank you. I'm feeling a little better about leaving you."

"Do you mind not saying 'leaving'?"

"Sorry. I'm feeling better about letting you go see your friends."

"Much better."

He grinned. I returned it. He put me on my feet.

"I'll see you soon," I said.

"I'll be counting the seconds."


The chocker appeared in my palm and I put it on. I smiled once and bubbled to the house.

Christian and Victoria were watching football. Shocker.

"Hey guys?" I said.

They turned their heads to see me.

"Wyatt said you have to baby-sit me."

"Why not?" Christian said as he stood up, towering above Torri and I.

I snapped my fingers. I changed into what the wolves were used to seeing me in. black leather tank top, mini skirt and boots that went just below my knees. No sunglasses. I needed my scary factor.

"Ready?" Victoria asked.

"Yep, grab on."

I took their hands and bubbled to the Council building. They always seemed to be there. and they were again.

The four of them (Leo and ben were there) were in another modern office that could have been in a bank.

"Wolves," I said.

They turned around.

"Haven't seen you in a while," Jamie said, smiling.

"And I don't think you will."


"I'm moving to LA. Isis exposed us."

Leo and Ben looked at each other and snickered.

"I heard that," I said.

They looked up at me. I was slightly taller in my heeled boots. They saw the green Moon.

"She has the moon," Leo said softly to Jamie.

She looked at my neck.

"You're the vampire Princess?" Scar said. Jamie was too stunned to speak.

"Yeah, she is," Victoria growled.

"You got a problem with that?" Christian added.

The wolves all looked up at him and down at Victoria, looking like they were frozen.

"No, we don't," Ben said at last.

"Good," I said, "Then you won't have a problem with the Vampire Prince either."

"Who is he?" Jamie asked.

"Wyatt, you moron!"

"He's still alive?!"

"Yeah, I saved him."

"Why, you little…" Jamie said. she phased into her wolf self. She was almost as tall as me when she was standing. I couldn't help but think she was kind of cute. I liked animals and here was a giant black and white wolf.

Just a few seconds after she changed, the rest of them did too. Scar was about the same size, and red. Leo was larger and silver. His coat shimmered in the low light of the lamps. Ben was pearly white. I wanted to pour red juice all over him just to stain his fur.

I didn't time to think much about it though. Christian was pulling my away and Victoria was in a crouch in front of the wolves, snarling in a way that made a shiver roll down my spine.

"Don't hurt them!" I said.

"It's my job to," Victoria replied, still growling.

"No! You can't do that."

"You can't control her," Christian said.

"I'm her Princess too."

"But she's still in the coven."

"But, she isn't directly Royal. Only Caroline, Rupert, Wyatt and I are."

"You have a point."

I worked up my most powerful voice, "Victoria, you are not to harm them."

I shocked myself with how…leader-ish my voice was. Victoria spun around, leaving the wolves alone. It worked. My little mental-me did a dance in my head. I smiled to myself.

"Wolves, you are not to harm us. Retuned to your normal state and let us be," I continued.

They stopped growling and did as I commanded. Mental-me was dancing again. I put my hands my Christian and Victoria's shoulders and bubbled back to the castle.

Although I let go of both of them, Christian held onto Victoria. He held her up roughly a foot above the ground. She was trying to get away.

"Let me at him! Let me at him!" she was yelling as she tried to get Christian to let go of her.

"What's with her?" I asked.

"She really wanted to kill the wolves," Christian answered.

"I can tell."

Victoria continued to scream and attempting to kick her way out of Christian's grasp. It didn't really help her that much.

After a while, she stopped. I thought it was because she figured out she wouldn't be getting loose, but I was mistaken.

She grew out her fangs and bit Christian's hand. A word he never used in my presence escaped his teeth. I laughed.

As he held his hand and let out a long string of words that would make a soccer mom slap him, Victoria ran off. I kept laughing.

"I haven't laughed this hard in years!" I said as I tried to catch my breath.

"Well, I'm glad I could make you laugh with my misery! Anything I can do to make you feel better!" Christian said.

"Sorry, but it's really funny to me!"

"Not so much from my point of view!"

"Here, give me your hand."

He gave me his right hand. There were two punctures by his thumb that were bleeding. I held my hand over it. A golden glow shown beneath it. When I removed my hand, he was healed.

"Thanks. And sorry," he said.

"Sorry, for what?"

"My vocabulary."

"Oh, that doesn't bug me."

"Good to know."

"Should we go find Torri?"

"No, she'll come back eventually. My number's on the collar."

"Then I'll see you later."

I bubbled to the castle. Wyatt was in the music room. I thought I heard the music from the house. he was playing the grand piano.

"That was fast," he said, still playing.

"Well, things didn't exactly do as planned," I admitted.

"What happened?"

The music shifted. From its happy and peaceful beginning, came a tune that could only be described as worried.

"Jamie was pissed, as I guessed. She and the other's phased and attacked us. Victoria tried to attack them but I stopped her. When we came back here, she was a little cranky and bit Christian."

Wyatt chuckled. The music went back to fast and happy.

"So now what do we do?" I asked.

I didn't really have anything in mind that needed doing. Other than convincing Wyatt not to move, that is. Although, I already promised I would go.

Wyatt stopped playing and stood up.

"I want to give you something," he said.

"What and why?"

"Can't I just give you something for no good reason?"

"I guess. What is it though?"

"You'll have to open it and find out."

He handed me a little purple box with a pink ribbon. I untied the bow in the ribbon and opened the box. Inside was an Aqua Blue iPod.

"I can't accept a new iPod. I don't need one," I said, handing it back to him. And it was true. I didn't need or have use for an iPod. Any music I wanted to hear Wyatt and I could play on our multitude of instruments.

"You're still part of my family and what's mine is yours."

"Still, take it back."

"I can't do that. It has songs and pictures on it already."

"Delete them."

"I still can't take back something that's engraved."

I flipped it over to the metal back. In Wyatt's hand writing was Shut up and take the iPod.

"You know me well," I said, smiling.

"Check the songs I chose."

I turned it on and went through the play lists. I recognized all the several thousand songs. Except for a few. I put in the ear buds and selected them. They were all different instruments.

"What's with these?" I asked, still listening.

"That's me; I had a lot of time when I was with peter."

"These are all you playing?"

"Yes. One is you."

I selected the song called Wyatt. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was the song I had written and named after him.

"How'd you get this?"

"I have my ways."

"Well, in any case, thank you."

"You're welcome. I thought you would like this."

I reached up and kissed him. Then, I turned off my iPod.

"Wyatt?" I asked.


"You said you always build your houses, right?"

"Yes. We'll still have the house and the castle. Exactly the same as now."

"But we won't have the forest."

"Yes we will."

"LA isn't exactly woodsy."

"We'll be in the woods, trust me."

"I will."

"Thank you."

He bent his head down and kissed me back.

"Back to what I was saying," I said, "How will both the houses be taken to LA in a week?"

"We have a lot of willing vampire that work for us. It'll be taken care of."

"Okay. With one is going first?"

"Both at the same time."

"Where'll we stay while this is going on?"

"It doesn't matter, but we'll probably be in LA with them. At least, you will be."

"What do you mean?"

"I'll be gone for a few days, maybe a week."

"I though we decided you weren't going to leave me again," I whispered.

"I have to. Christian and Torri will make sure nothing happens to you."

"I want you to protect me."

"They'll be able to do as much as I can. You'll be safe."


"It'll be fine."

"What if Barnaby hurts you?"

"I'll have Caroline with me."

I didn't want him to go. I didn't want Caroline to be gone either. Without her or Wyatt for a week…I didn't know what would happen.

"When are you leaving?" I asked, choking back tears.


"So soon?"

"It's the only way I can get there fast enough."

"Are you running?"



"Vampires can use planes too, you know." he chuckled.

"Oh, right."

Even though I was feeling angry and upset, I couldn't help but laugh. I didn't think about that fact they could use a plane. I felt really stupid.

I sighed.

"When's your flight leave?" I asked.

"Two hours."

"Then I'm going to find Christian."

"Willow, wait-"

I didn't. I bubbled to the house.

Christian was in the living room. Not watching TV or anything, just sitting. I wiped a tear from my eye and sat on the couch next to him.

"Something wrong?" he asked me, concerned.

"I'm fine."

Sure, it was a lie, but I didn't want to bug him with my emotions. He had enough to deal with being married to Victoria.

"No you're not, something's up."

"I don't want to bug you."

"You won't. Talk to me."

"Why do you even care?"

"That's what big brothers do."

Even though I felt like crap, I smiled at him.

"Wyatt's going to Europe after Barnaby even after we agreed that he wouldn't," I said.

"There's more," Christian said. He knew he was right.

"Yeah. He could get hurt or killed. He won't believe me though."

"Don't worry."

"How can you sit there and tell me that?!" I yelled.

"I've learned with age that it's the best thing to say."

"Not right now, it's not."

"Well, it you won't listen to that, will you let me be worried with you?"

I looked at him. I thought he was joking. I mean, here was this giant badass vampire, who was saying he was worried for his brother?


hat?" he asked.

"Are you serious?"

"Yeah, he's my little brother."

"But he's older than you."

"Technically, but when he was changed, he was almost eighteen. I was almost twenty-one."


"And, because of that, of our act, he always acts like my little brother. It's just how it works for us."


"So can we be worried together?"


I lay my head on his large shoulder. I started to clam down only for Victoria to come in.

"What the hell are you doing?!" she yelled.

"Willow and I are both worried about Wyatt," Christian answered. I was glad he did so I didn't have to.

"Why? What's wrong with him?" her voice changed from angry to deeply concerned.

"He's going after Barnaby."

"What?! He can't do that, I won't let him!"

"He's leaving for the airport though, you can't catch him," I added. My voice was small and weak compared to when I was talking to the wolves.

"Watch me."

Victoria turned and started to walk away. Without turning around, she said, "And get off my man."

I inched away so I wasn't touching Christian anymore. I also snapped my fingers. I changed into jeans and a tee shirt.

When I looked back up, Victoria was gone. I still wasn't stupid enough to get any closer to Christian than a few inches. We both sat in silence for an hour or so.

After that, I wasn't sitting on the couch anymore. I had moved to the desk with the laptop. I felt the need to use Shadows.

I searched Vampires. I didn't know if it had anything about vamps or not. I hoped there was something on them, but I doubted it. Most vampires were pretty stupid and didn't know how to work the website. And until I met Wyatt, I felt about the same.

I brushed my fingertips over the keys. I was surprised on how much information there was one vampires. I clicked on something that was supposed to be a video on vampire history. As soon as is started, my hopes were dashed. It was really the movie Van Helsing.

I exited that page. Although I didn't expect to find anything, I clicked on another page. It was titled Vampire. As soon as I saw what it was, I wished I was evil still. I wanted to kill the creators of the page. But being evil wasn't all that I needed to kill them. They needed to be alive still. The creators were my parents.

The page was an anti-Council vampire page. It was an online petition to get rid of the royal vampire family and destroy the vampire race all together.

It complained that vampires were too stupid and cruel to enjoy the human world with the other creatures that existed. It said all vampires ever did was kill humans and try to control witches and werewolves.

I went to the comments page. The last comment made me even angrier. It said, Vampires suck, destroy the race!

I exited the site and deleted my history again. When I stood up, my fists were clenched and my fangs were digging into my lip. Christian noticed.

"What's wrong?" he asked.

I didn't answer right away. I didn't really know how to. Should I tell him about Shadows? Or lie and say I was fine? If I lied, he would tell and make me spill anyway. And what could they do to me if I told him about the site? Granted, I didn't know who they were…

"Look," I said.

Christian stood up and went to the computer. He ran there and I was glad, so I didn't have to wait.

He looked back at me.

"What?" I asked.

"There isn't any history, where am I going?"

"Oh, sorry."

I reached over his shoulders and went to Shadows. The black and red homepage came up. The pictures of candles, athames, spell books and wolves floated mysteriously around the screen. It made me wonder what forty-year-old guy living in his ex-mother-in-laws basement created it.

Christian's voice snapped my out of my thinking.

"What's this?"


"What's that?"

"It's like Google for witches and werewolves."

"What about vampires?"

He sounded hurt that they weren't included. I didn't blame him. It was horrible how others treated vampires. Then again, I was one of them not to long ago.

"It's also a bashing site for vampires," I added angrily.


"You heard me right, witches and werewolves often agree that vampires should be destroyed as a race. Check out this link."

I went back to the site that infuriated me before.

Christian read it silently. After every line he grew angrier. I didn't even look at it. When he was done, he exited the site and acted the same way I had a few minutes ago.

"See? Pisses you off, doesn't' it?" I asked.

"Hell yeah! Who made that site?!"

"You wanna kill him?"


You can't."


"They're already dead. They were my parents."

His alabaster face paled further.

"Your parents made that?"

"Yep. They tried to make me think like that too. I didn't know they did that."

"Did you think like that?"

"Before I figured you guys out, yeah, I did. I obviously changed though, considering my new species…""So you thought vampires should've been destroyed?"

"God no! I just thought they were a little creepy it's not like I was afraid of them."

His eyes shown fury from within. With one look, I was frightened beyond belief. I didn't let him know that.

He stood up so he was towering above me. I lookedup at him, trying not to look weak and pathetic. He grew out his fangs and smiled devilishly.

"Afraid now?" he asked.

"Little bit."

"You really shouldn't have said that."

At this point, it was a really good thing I didn't need to breathe and that my bones couldn't break. He picked me up like Barnaby did with my mother. His right hand was wrapped around my neck.

Even though he wasn't planning on killing me, I was still scared. But I was more pissed than anything. I extended my fangs and my nails. I bit him where Victoria had and stuck my nails into his stomach.

He dropped me and I landed lightly on my feet.

"Don't ever do that again," I growled.

"It was just a joke, calm down!"

"If you would've been in my dream last night, you'd know it was more than a damn joke."

"Fine then, it was mean. Now, will you heal me?"

"Why should I?"

"Because you're the one that stabbed me!"
"Because you…Forget it."

"Don't heal me then. Still tell me what happened."


"Maybe I can help. It's what brothers do."

I thought about it. There was no way in hell I would be healing him. Although, I could tell him just to make him feel bad…

"You wanna know why that was more than a joke?" I asked.


"Last night, Barnaby projected his memories into my dream. It was when he killed my parents. That's what he did to my mom. He picked her up by the neck and stabbed her. Got it?"

"Why didn't you tell me this? I wouldn't have ever done that."

"It's hard to talk about, okay? How would you like it if you saw Rupert and Caroline being killed and then found out Victoria went to kill their murder, leaving you with Kaci and Stephan?"

"I see your point."

"No, you don't. You can't understand it without living it. So just leave me alone, okay? I'll let you be near me until Wyatt come back, but after that, don't expect to see me that often."

"I guess I deserved that."

I just stared at him.

"And this," he added, holding his hand up and looking at his stomach with five holes in it and blood running out onto his shirt.

"Much better. If I'm needed, I'll be upstairs."

I bubbled up to Wyatt's room. I went and looked through the DVD's he had. After a while of looking, I found the one I was looking for. It was also the one I almost watched on the internet. It was my favorite movie and was now a little ironic. It was Van Helsing.

It was about the vampire hunter that killed Dracula. I first saw it when I was thirteen and I fell in love with it. Now, it was funny, more than scary. Although, it made me with I could walk on the ceiling…

My favorite part was coming up. Van Helsing and the fryer were just getting to Transylvania. The people wanted to kill him and the fryer asked if Van Helsing was always this popular.

I laughed. I was curled up on the bed. The couch that was in here was at the castle and I didn't feel like going to get it. So, I just watched my movie in silence.

When the ending credits were rolling over the screen, I snapped my fingers and put the DVD back in the case. I pulled out another in the same way. It was Phantom of the Opera. I loved this movie as well. I knew Wyatt had gotten it after he met me because it had never been opened. I would have to make him watch it later…

I sat and watched the whole movie from beginning to end without moving. This was one of my favorite movies ever, but I hated the ending.

After the Phantom does all this work to make the girl like him, she falls in love with a different guy. It was kind of a let down for me.

After that movie was over, I gave up on watching movies. All of the ones I could watch would make me mad. There was something I wanted to change in all of them and I didn't have the patience to watch one I hadn't seen.

I settled for just staring off into space. Only, that didn't work that well for me. After a while, I couldn't stop thinking about Barnaby. I though his name so much, I started calling him Barn-a-berry. Then, I kept thinking about berries.

Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, Hallie Berry, Barn-a-berry…I thought

It Wyatt would've been there, he would've laughed. Just as I wished for him to come back, Kaci came in.

"Can I talk to you?" she asked.


I sat up and she came and sat down next to me. she didn't say anything though. She did, however, take off her sunglasses. When she turned her head so I could see he eyes, I was shocked. I expected ice blue eyes. Hers were nowhere near it though. They were all black like mine.

"Why are your eyes like that? It only happens to witches," I said.

"That's what I wanted to talk about. I was a witch, along with Stephan."

"You were?"

"Yes. We were evil, like you. Only, we weren't as bad once we were turned."

"Who turned you?"

"Victoria. It helped us turn good. Well, not good, so much as not bad. That's why she thought it would work on you as well. Anyway, we wouldn't be nearly as good as we are now if it weren't for the crosses."

She held up he left wrist to reveal a small, silver bracelet with a cross on it.

"Why silver?" I asked. The cross ends were pointed, so they could hurt her.

"Enough of the right silver in the right place stops out powers. On the wrists, or standing in a circle made of silver takes away any powers or elements we have."

"Good to know. Anything else?"

"Yeah. You know how everyone was near-death when they were turned?"

She smiled when she said it. Her perfect teeth were glittering in the dull light. It made her look deadly, especially with the black eyes.

"Yeah," I said slowly.

"I wasn't. I was perfectly happy and healthy, living in New York. When the Collins's moved here in the late seventeen hundreds, Victoria found me. She was quite stupid at the time and felt she knew everything about Witches. She could tell I was evil and felt the need to attack me.

"When I woke up, after the burning, I wasn't evil. I wasn't good either, but I didn't want to go kill the first person that saw me. the same happened with Stephan a few years later."

"What's with him?"

"He may be my husband, but I'm not telling you. It's just a tradition in our family. Ask him about it sometime."

"I think I will. Thanks for telling me your story, kind of. And for the silver thing."

"No problem. That's what older sisters do, make sure you don't get yourself killed."


Kaci put her glasses back on; I tried to find the moon on them. It was on the side and was Orange.

She turned around just before she left the room.

"And by the way, you got Water from me," she said. She smiled again in her creepy way.

"Why don't you still have it?"

"I gave it up, I didn't want it anymore."

I'd never heard that before. I didn't think you could get rid of an affinity without dying.

"How, though?" I asked.

"If you kill your familiar with a vampire bite…"

She didn't go on. I knew what she meant. She didn't really want to give it up, but she bit her familiar after she was changed. It explained a lot. Although, I felt a little strange knowing who I got my power from. It felt like a hand-me-down.

"See you later," she said.

There was something about them way she said it that scared the crap out of me. it also made me want Christian and Victoria's protection. I bubbled back downstairs.

I was more than a little surprised when I did. None of the furniture was there. Torri was though. She saw my confusion.

"Come on," she said," we're going to LA now."

I reached out and took her hand without complaint. I took us to LA. At least, I thought I did. We were in the castle again. Victoria explained.

As it turned out, the castle and all of the furniture was moved already and we really were in LA. Until I stepped outside and felt like I needed my affinity to breathe, I didn't really believe her. But after that, everything set in.

It finally felt real. Like it was all in a book before and now I was in the movie.

"Are you okay?" she asked.

"I guess. It just seems so real now."

"That would be because reality tends to be real."

I ignored her snappy comment. I was about to ask where Christian was, he walked in with a metal glass in his hand. He gave it to me.

"You can't very well hunt, so…"he said.

I took a sip of the drink. It was blood. I was immensely pleased with not hunting but getting okay.

"Now what, though?" I asked.

"We wait for Wyatt to call and tell us Barnaby's dead," Victoria answered.

"Which means you can't leave our sight until then," Christian added.

I sighed and sat on the couch. They sat on either side of me. Torri on my right and Christian on my left.

At one point, I got bored of the silence. I flipped on the news for Portland. As Wyatt had said, it snowed early. And it snowed a lot. There was already a foot of snow on the ground and it was still falling. As soon as I saw that, I put it on the Spanish station so I couldn't understand a thing they were saying. Although, my 'body guards' probably understood every word the people were saying.

I sighed and put my head on the back of the couch. I really want to go back, just for five minutes to say good bye to the snow. But, there was no way somebody would go with me or let me go by myself willingly. I had to come up with a plan to escape.

After a while of thinking, Christian's phone rang.

"Hello?" he said.

He paused.


He hung up.

"The house is here now," he said.

I wasn't sure who he was talking to; me or Victoria. I was guessing both, but didn't show if I had heard it or not. I went back to plan making and I was almost glad Wyatt wasn't there to hear my thoughts.

After a few stupid plans, I came up with one that would work for sure. I would distract Christian and Victoria and bubbled away. without a scent to follow, they wouldn't find me until I came back. They didn't know I wanted to go back to Portland, so it was perfect.

I waited for the opportune timing. A little after midnight, I put my plan into action.

"Hey, look!" I said pointing behind us, "A dinosaur!"

Neither of them moved an inch.

"How stupid do you think we are?" Victoria asked.

"I was hoping very," I admitted.

"Now what are you going to try?" she asked smugly.

"Plan B!"

Without any warning, I bubbled back to Portland. When I stopped, I was just outside of the clearing where the castle was. I slowly walked through the deep snow into the clearing. Just as I was entering the near perfect circle, I tripped. I caught myself before I fell into the snow though. Although, it wouldn't make me cold. They actually felt like little pieces of velvet against my skin.

I continued walking into the circle. I stopped in the very center. I looked up into the sky and let the flakes fall on my face.

"Good bye, snow. I'll miss you," I said, into the sky.

I heard a soft rustling behind me. I couldn't smell what it was, so I turned around slowly.

I saw a single pair of yellow, cat-like eyes staring at me. I arched an eyebrow at them. I knew it wasn't a wild cat because they were too tall. I thought I was a wolf trying to kill me again.

A fraction of a second after I started turning back around, a figure stepped out of the bushes. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw who it was.

It I would've had a heart; it would've stopped dead in its tracks.

My breath caught in my throat as I tried to scream even though I knew it wouldn't do me any good.

Staring at me, un-blinkingly with cat-like eyes and two gleaming, sharp fangs, was none other than…


"I've been expecting you," he said so sweet it was deadly.

I didn't say anything, only tried to bubble away. and that's all I could do. Try. My powers weren't working. My eyes flicked back to where I tripped. Sticking up from the ground, only visible with the snow pushed out of the way, was a silver athame.

I spun around in a circle and saw the tips of hundreds athames sticking up above the circle. It was ironic that I was just told that a silver athame circle would take away my powers. But I didn't laugh.

I looked up as well. There were silver athames in the trees as well. I didn't have a way out and nobody would come looking for me without a scent to follow. Or until Wyatt told them were I would go.

Just as I though things couldn't get any worse, Barnaby took an athame from a leather bag. He picked it up and aimed to throw it at me.

"Well, this is unfortunate," I said.

The end


"What do mean she's not here?!" Wyatt yelled.

"Sorry, bro, but she bubbled away and we don't have a scent to follow," I said.

"She could be killed Torri!"

"You don't think I don't know that?! I love her too, you."

That surprised him.

"You do?" he said, a little bit calmer.

"Yes, she's like my sister."

He put his hands on my shoulders.

"I think I know where she went," he said.


"Portland. Before I left, she said she wanted to be there for the snow."

"Ew, snow."


"Sorry. Let's go."

I started to run. Wyatt caught my arm.

"We're waiting time, man!" I said.

"We need back up! Barnaby probably has her already; we can't go in there alone. I won't lose both of you tonight."

"Are you saying she's dead?!"

"No. I'm saying that if neither of you are going to die, we need Christian too."

"You get him! I'm going to save Willow!"

"You're faster anyway. We'll be right there."

He kissed my forehead like when we were human still.

"Don't do anything stupid," he whispered.

"I make no promises."

I laughed; he didn't. I ran off, not wanting to bring him more pain than necessary. He could lose both of his loves tonight, right now. His sister and his soul mate. I had to get to her, save Wyatt.

I ran to the outside of clearing. I saw the only vampire in the world that I actually wanted to kill for pleasure. All the others were for protection and ones Wyatt couldn't get to for the Vampire Royalty.

Barnaby. He was in our coven when I joined. He was a little obsessive about me, and that's an understatement. He stalked me and then tried to get me to love him like I do with Christian.

I wouldn't do it.

He waited until my newborn strength was gone, so he would be stronger than me. Then he raped me and ran away from the coven forever. I hadn't seen him since I attacked him. Now was my chance to kill him.

I walked into clearing.

"You virginity-stealing ass!" I growled.

He said something before I said that, but I didn't pay attention. I was to busy looking at Willow. She was…


1. Life and Death

Have you ever had a near-death experience? If not, have you ever heard about one? You know, when they unfortunate person says that their life flashes before their eyes. I realize it doesn't sound like that actually happen.

But it does.

Don't doubt near-death experiences or having your life flash before your own eyes as the world sits paused in front of you. It happens and it sucks. I would know.

I stared of into the distance. The universe was frozen in front of my eyes. Either that or moving to slow to for me to see what was happening.

I saw all of my memories flash soundlessly in my mind. My best times. They almost made me forget what was happening. Almost.

First came my first day of high school. Nothing before that was major enough to fit the bill. I mean, I only had a second or two remember. Some things weren't important enough. Anyway, I remembered walking in the front doors, finding my friends, tripping into the trash can. Everyone laughing at me…

Why was this memory in here? This was supposed to be all of my best times to make me feel worse about death! I want my good ones! Good!

Then it cut off to the day I got my Bug and my powers. Much better. I saw going to see Lori, turning her into a witch. Going through two years of high school with my best friends. Starting senior year with them.

Then it cut off again. It went to the day in Gym I was called to the office, died and met Wyatt. That one made me smile.

I didn't think this was one of my best days, but subconscious thought different. It was when I met the rest of my new family. When I threw Victoria through a wall.

Then when I heard Wyatt's story and when I picked a ring. Meeting Isis. When we escaped the Council.

When I adopted Isis and had her bite me. It skipped the burning, thank god. I didn't think I could live through that again. Not that I would be alive much longer.

When I found Wyatt again and saved him. Finding out I was a Princess and how to stay good.

My memories cut out to black. I looked forward and saw my reality. The fact that Barnaby was looming several feet away from me with an athame and I had no way to escape.

He pulled his arm back further. It looked like it was happening too fast after the slow motion speed of a few seconds ago.

He pushed his arm forward, the silver whistling in the air with speed. He released his grip and the athame whizzed past my head, cutting a lock of my hair off. I would've flinched, I would've been hit. Not killed, hit. To kill me I would have to be hit in the heart directly.

I mustered up my voice. "You don't have very good aim."

"I wasn't aiming for you," Barnaby said.

I said no more, not know what could have possibly been said in this situation to make it any better.

"Wondering why I came back?" he asked, tried of waiting for a response on my end.

I didn't move.

"Well, I'm telling you anyway. If I had you're power, I could destroy the Collins's and rule the supernatural and human worlds. Do you know how I could take you powers?"

This time, I was more ambitious. I shook my head.

"I kill you."

My eyes widened in horror.

"Not in the way you think, if you're thinking that I bite you. I do, but not until the end. I stab you with this dagger." He held up a second athame.

"That's not a dagger," I said. I was louder than before, not as afraid. It's kind of hard to be afraid of an incompetent vampire that doesn't know the names of his lethal weapons.

"Yes, it is," he argued.

"No. daggers are longer and thinner, like a sword. It unusually has gems in the handle. That," I pointed to it, "is an athame. Short, silver, double edged. You're not very good at this."

He glared at me. I put on my most innocent face and stared back. I waited. I didn't know if he was going to kill me yet. He would probably have to, considering that anywhere outside of the circle I would have my powers back. Not exactly the most pleasant of thoughts.

"Well? Any more insults for me?" he asked.

I had a lot more I could probably use, but I wasn't exactly in the mood to die any sooner than necessary. Although, I was already dead.

"I'm good," I replied.

"Then, I'm going to kill you."

He started to walk towards me, athame raised. I back away slowly. I knew that if I tripped it wouldn't exactly be a good thing. I could see it know. During the most serious point in time I've almost ever had, me falling on my ass.

And just my luck, as I thought about that, it happened. I tripped and fell backwards. I landed on my butt with my hands out behind me.

If that wasn't bad enough, Barnaby laughed at me. He also dropped his athame. I leapt forward and snatched it before he could. He noticed.

"Not smart, kid, not smart," he growled.

He ran forward and grabbed my wrist. He twisted my arm around and I gasped, surprised how badly it hurt. Apparently, I wasn't indestructible anymore. I dropped the athame into the soft snow.

Barnaby kicked the athame with his right foot. It flew up into the air and he caught it with the hand that wasn't holding my wrist.

I tried to pull my way out of his steely grasp. It didn't work. He put the athame in the leather pouch and grabbed my other arm. He pinned them to my sides and picked me up like that. I flailed my legs in a poor attempt to escape.

"How cute," he said a little too sweetly, "You think you can escape."

That struck a nerve. I was not cute. I excepted hot or sexy, but not cute. Animals are cute, five-year-old are cute. I. Am. Not. Cute.

I kicked him in a place that would make any guy, vampire or not, cringe. Barnaby dropped me. I landed with a soft thud on my feet and tried running away. I got to the edge of a circle and Barnaby still hadn't come after me. a wave of happiness drown me. my mental me did a dance again. One more step and I would be free…

As soon as I took it, I wished I hadn't. There was one thing Kaci hadn't told me. There was an invisible force field not allowing me to get out. I could get in, but…

I flew backwards again. Barnaby was standing straight again and caught me.

"You really thought that hurt me?" he asked, almost laughing.

"I was hoping so."

"It didn't."

"Yeah, I gathered that."

"Don't be a smart-ass."

"Don't try to be a badass."

"Shut up."

"Make me."

"Maybe this…will shut you up."

He put me on my feet, still keeping a firm grip on the back of my shirt. I tried to run away, but my feet just slid across the snow and ice covered ground.

He pulled out the athame and…

Stabbed it deep into my stomach.

I screamed. Barnaby didn't bother covering my mouth; nobody could hear me. He let go of my shirt and I dropped to my knees. I put my arms across my stomach that was covered in warm blood.

I wrapped my fingers around the handle of the athame. I started to pull it out, but it cause only searing pain. I let go and fell to my side.

Barnaby knelt down next to my head.

He whispered in my ear, "Now be a good little half-breed and shut up."

At first, I didn't know what he meant by 'half-breed'. After a while of thinking, I figured it out. I was a vampire with all of the powers of a witch. I was a freak.

Barnaby pushed my hair off my neck. He grew out his fangs and bit me. No pun intended, but it sucked. I felt the burning like when I was turning into a vampire. I tried to scream again, but I only gasped.

When Barnaby stood back up, a drop of my blood dropped on my cheek. I felt weaker. I could tell that even without my magic in the circle, I could feel I didn't have it. It was like when I gave my powers up on accident.

I closed my eyes, wanting nothing more than death to grace me with its eerie presence. I waited for what seemed like an eternity, when I heard footsteps. I thought it was Barnaby, so I didn't open my eyes.

I thought that until I heard, "Victoria! How nice to see you again!" from Barnaby.

"You virginity stealing ass!" she said. That made feel a little better. The Calvary had arrived. I opened my eyes.

Victoria was standing in front of Barnaby, her back to me. She was in an all white outfit. From her Leather pants and cotton tank top, to her stilettos.

She pulled her fist back and hurled it at Barnaby. As soon as she made contact, I heard a sickening crunch. I thought it was Barnaby, until Victoria started jumping around holding her hand.

"What the hell was that!" she yelled.

"It you didn't notice, you're in a silver circle. It takes away witches, and half-breeds like you, powers away. You're human," Barnaby said smugly.

"You just wait…"

As she was saying that, Wyatt and Christian ran to her sides. I smiled. Back up!

"Hem, hem," I said, drawing attention to myself.

Wyatt turned and ran up to me.

"My god!" he said, "What happened to you?"

I didn't know how to answer. I used all my strength on my attention grabber. I moved my eyes to my ankle, where my cross wasn't.

"Got it," he said.

He pulled out a cross from his pocket. He snapped it onto my ankle.

"Better?" he asked.

Get out of here, Wyatt. I thought.


Yes! It's to dangerous, I mean, look at Torri and I.

"I'm still indestructible though."

I don't care. I'm as good as dead anyway.

"You'll be fine, I promise you that."

Just like you promised you wouldn't go after Barnaby? And how I would be safe? How can I believe you?

"Because you always could before and you can now."

I didn't think anything. I couldn't. my eyes drooped closed and I couldn't move or think.

"Willow?" Wyatt said worriedly.

I didn't respond. Wyatt put his hands on my shoulders. He shook me lightly.


When I didn't answer again, he removed his hands. I heard the same sound as when you tore a vampire apart. I thought it was Barnaby. It wasn't.

Wyatt pressed something to my mouth. Whatever it was, was gushing blood. I drank the blood gratefully. I opened my eyes.

Wyatt had his wrist pressed to my mouth. I took a little more and pushed it away.

"You didn't have to do that," I said.

"You almost passed out," he replied.


"So, you needed blood."

"Thank you."

"Your welcome. Will you let me move you now?"

"No. I'm coated in blood and it's making you thirsty."

"I'm fine."

"Is that why you're not breathing?"

"You noticed?"


"I'm still fine."

"I'll make a deal with you."


"Kill Barnaby, then you can help me."

Wyatt turned his head to see Torri and Christian. He sighed and stood up.

"Don't watch," he said.

I closed my eyes. As soon as he had his back to me, I opened them again.

Barnaby had another athame out was going after Victoria. Christian and Wyatt were going after him. They were both snarling. Christian jumped at him, but not before he threw the athame at Victoria. It hit right about where it hit me. She didn't collapse right away. She did gasp though. She looked down.

"I hate it when that happens!" she said.

She fell to the ground with a soft thud. The guys continued fighting. It didn't last long. The incompetent bad guy that Barnaby was, ran off into the woods yelling, "Zoom!"

As soon as he was gone, Wyatt returned to me. Christian went to Victoria.

Wyatt slid his arms under me and lifted me up off the snow. I let out a whimper as the athame moved slightly, cutting even deeper.

"Sorry," Wyatt said.

I didn't say anything. I looked over to Victoria. She not only had been stabbed, but she had a long set of scratches down her face. Plus her broken hand from punching Barnaby.

I closed my eyes again and didn't stop the darkness taking me over. I welcomed it and its numbing effects.

When I woke up again, I was in the castle. I was in the living room, on the couch with Victoria. she was awake as well.

"Are you okay?" I asked her, seeing that the athame was till in her stomach, as was mine.

"Do I look okay?," she replied weakly.

"I can fix that. Wyatt?"

He ran into the room next to me.


"Cover your ears."


"You'll be hearing to screams soon. And a string of profanity."

"I'll be fine."

"Suit yourself."

I took a deep breath and pulled the athame from my stomach. I screamed a blood curdling scream and tossed the athame aside.

"Damn, that hurt!" I yelled.

I turned around, painfully, and looked at Wyatt. He was rigid behind me.

"I warned you," I said.

"I wish I would've believed you; that was really loud."

"What do you expect? That wasn't exactly a good feeling."

"I believe you. How long will it take you to heal from that?"

"Don't ask me, ask Caroline."

"How would she know?"

"It was silver, so I'll heal as fast as if you stabbed a human."

"I'll be right back then."

Wyatt kissed the top of my head and ran out the door. As soon as he was gone, I let out another scream. I had been trying to hold back when Wyatt was there so one, I didn't burst his ear drums, and two, so he wouldn't as worried about me.

"Can it already!" Victoria said, "I get it! It hurt!"

"Well, when I pull it out of you, you'll know why I'm screaming!"

"Oh, no! You are not pulling anything from my sexy, little tummy!"

Sexy little tummy? I mean, I knew Victoria was a little conceded, but really? I could look exactly like her if I wanted to.

"Sexy, little tummy?" I asked.

"Yeah, I mean, just look at it!"

She looked down at her stomach and started petting it like it was a cat. I looked away, not wanting so see her creepy display of affection.

Just as I was turning my head, Christian ran in. a little late but…what'd ya do?

"Who screamed?!" he asked franticly.

"I did," I answered.


"I pulled a silver athame from my stomach. It hurts. A lot."

"Well, see ya!"

Christian ran out of the room again, obviously not caring as much as he had before when he thought it could've been Victoria screaming.

As I was feeling mildly insulted, Wyatt came back. This time he wasn't alone. Caroline was at his side.

Wyatt glanced over at Victoria, who was still petting her 'tummy'. He gave me a strange look.

"She won't let me take the athame out of her 'sexy, little tummy'," I explained.

"Didn't really didn't need to know that," he said.

"You know anyway, so...How long will I be healing?" I asked.

"Excuse me," Caroline said. Wyatt stepped aside.

She looked at the large whole left in my stomach by the silver blade.

"I don't know," she said at last, "If I could stitch it together, things would go faster. But now that you indestructibility it back, I can't do that."

"Yeah…I don't know if I want something stitching my stomach with a vampire tooth. Not that you would have one to use anyway."

Victoria stopped her petting and looked up.

"My closet," she said.

"Huh?" I said.

"In my closet. I have several different sizes of vampire teeth."

I stared at her. Although, I wasn't surprised. she had everything else in there, so why not vampire fangs?

"May I borrow one?" Caroline asked, breaking my train of thought.

"Sure. If you use it on me too."

"Of course. Where are they?"

"In my closet. They're not that hard to find."

"I'll be right back."

She spun around and ran out. I was guessing she was racing off to the house for a vampire tooth. I wasn't exactly happy with the prospect of having my stomach sewn together with some poor vampires tooth, but it would get me back to Wyatt and Isis sooner.

That reminded me. Where was Isis?

"She's-" Wyatt started. But before he could finish, she ran in. and oh my god, she was huge. She looked my age! Talk about creepy.

"Momma!" she said, landing on the couch next to me.

I groaned at the movement.


"Its okay, Isis," I replied, even though I was in pain.

"Make me smaller?"

"I don't think I can…"


"I think I lost my powers."

"No! you have powers, you're a witch!"

"I think Barnaby took them from me."

"He's a dummy."

I laughed. It wasn't everyday your daughter that was barley a year old and looked eighteen called someone a dummy.

"What?" she asked.


To soon for my liking, Caroline came back. She had a tooth and surgical twine.

"Isis," Wyatt said, "Why don't you go help Grandpa with something?"

"Okay, daddy."

Isis jumped up and ran off.

"Grandpa?" I asked.


"But grandpa?"

"Well, that's what she calls him!"

"How is it that you're the one that's been gone for three months, and I'm the one that missed everything?"

"You are unobservant."

I growled. Although, I don't think the effect was felt. I mean how scary could I possibly be? I was lying on a couch was bloody clothes and a stab wound in my stomach. Not all that intimidating.

"Ready?" Caroline asked.

"No, but I never will be, so go ahead."

I closed my eyes.

"Wyatt, you might want to leave," Caroline said before she got started.

"I'm fine."

"Go. There'll be more fresh blood."


Fresh blood?! I had to lose more of what I didn't have?!

"It'll be okay," Wyatt said, "you won't lose that much."

After that, he left the room. I silently glared in that general direction. That was so like him. Leave my when I was having something major happen. I tried to make my thoughts as angry as possible. I knew he was listening and I wanted to make it hurt. He sort of deserved it after doing what he did four months ago.

Caroline wrapped the twine around the tooth. I looked away, not wanting to see the object that would soon be tearing my flesh apart in an attempt to bring it back together.

Because my head was turned, I was staring directly at Victoria. She was smiling smugly at the fact I was grossed out by the tooth. I wondered why she even had the teeth in the first place.

"Why do you even have the teeth?" I asked.

"Why do you wish to know?" she replied.

"It's a little creepy."

"Not to me, it's not."

She grinned widely at me. Her square, white teeth were glistening in the moonlight. I hadn't even noticed until now that it was still the middle of the night.

"What?" she asked innocently, as if she didn't know.

"Why the teeth?"

"You know how superheros take something from the bad guy?"

I nodded, not quite sure were it was going to.

"When I kill a vampire, I take a fang. I'm well known for it."

I looked at her. She had killed vampires before? I mean, I knew that she had killed humans, but vamps? It was hard to kill a vampire; she must have had some help.

"Who help you?" I asked.

"Nobody. I killed them all by myself."


My voice was high and squeaky. And it wasn't because Caroline was sewing my stomach back together either. There was no way she killed even one vampire by herself. Not even Christian had managed that with Wyatt's help.

Victoria smiled at me again, devilishly. A long shiver rolled down my spine and it wasn't because of the fang in my stomach. Although, until now, Victoria had been distracting me from that small fact previously to this.

Victoria saw my discomfort.

"Having fun?" she mocked.

I didn't answer; she would be in my place soon enough. If I waited and let my anger fester, seeing her pain would be just that much sweeter for me to wittiness.

So instead, I smiled back at her. I pulled my lips over my teeth, showing my pearly white fangs. I had a feeling I was more intimidating than she was right now.

Just as soon as I was thinking about seeing her in my place, I noticed Caroline wasn't sewing my stomach anymore. She was still there though.

I turned back to her, letting my gaze drift away from Victoria. Caroline was using a sterile pad to wipe the dried, and some fresh, blood from my stomach.

She dropped it, the tooth, and some left over twine into a crystal dish and pulled out a lighter. She lit the scraps ablaze. The pad and twine burnt easily, leaving nothing but the smell of burning blood behind them.

The tooth was different.

When the pad and twine were long since burned, the tooth was glowing hotter than ever. A thick cloud of purple-gray smoke was filling the dish. Caroline took it outside. I could still smell the old smoke though. I smelled almost like burnt toast and bleach. Not exactly a great combination.

"Why burn it?" I asked.

"Not everyone is as good with blood as I am," Caroline said, smiling.

"While I was still mortal, nobody tried to kill me though."

"Wyatt, Victoria, Christian and Rupert never breathed around you. Stephan and kaci are in the coven, but are rarely seen before dark in the house. They come after the sun goes down and leave again before it comes up. I think that they hunt and such all day, but I'm not sure. And someone did try to kill you."

I tilted my head. I couldn't remember anyone of my family members other than Gwen trying to kill me before. I thought back to the beginning of the year and considering my memory was still crap, it wasn't easy.

Then I remembered sometime in June, when we had just started on the run, Tobias jumped out of my arms and cut me with his claws. Stephan had run down the stairs and tried to attack me.

"Forgot about that," I said, embarrassed that I was the only forgetful vampire in the world.

"Well, once you're a half vampire, you'll have a better memory."

"I thought I was a half vampire?"

"No, you're a quarter vampire right now."

"Then I'm confused."

"Okay. Isis is a half vampire. When she bit you, the vampire gene was divided in half. That's why you can't run or remember."

"Then how are there full vampires?"

"When you get bitten by a full vampire, it doesn't divide. It's a little strange, I realize, but that's how things work."

"I'm still confused."

"In a few hundred years, things will be easier."

A few hundred years? Would I even be alive then? I knew I was immortal, but with all of the vampire, wolves, witches and humans that wanted me dead for various reasons, I would be surprised if I lived to graduate high school. Which I just remembered I had never graduated in my semi-human year; I was in a trance for it.

I looked back to where Caroline was standing. Only she wasn't there anymore.

"Where's she go?" I asked.

"She needed to go get another tooth, for me," Victoria replied.

"So is the athame coming out yet?"

"No, Caroline is taking it out. Not you."

"Wanna bet?"

"Yeah, I do!"

Just as we got into a heated argument, Caroline came back. She looked slightly displeased when she saw the athame.

"Why didn't you take it out?" she asked me.

"Victoria said that I wasn't supposed to," I replied.

Caroline glanced over to Victoria.

"Victoria, she's the only one that can do it, you know that," she said.

"I don't trust her though!"

"Well, I do and I know she's the best one to do this."

How was I the only one that could do it? Was it a vampire thing that they couldn't touch silver? Or was I just that awesome? They were both viable answers.

"Why am I the only one that can do it?" I asked.

"You have experience with athames. It's safer for you to do it."

That was a little bit of a let down. I wasn't awesome and Victoria's life was all on me. I was experienced with athames. Great.

I changed my thoughts over from my sadness to eagerness to pull the athame from Victoria's stomach.

"Ready?" I asked with extra devilishness in my voice.

"Be nice," Caroline demanded.


She gave me a look.

"Fine!" I said.

I reached over and got a firm grip on Victoria's athame. She flinched slightly when I did. My mental me smiled. I pulled as hard as I could. The athame yanked from her flesh and flew across the room.

Caroline jumped up and caught it. She also picked up the one that was in my stomach. She took them outside and burnt them as well. They only melted.

During this, Victoria stared straight into the distance behind me. she puffed out her cheeks for a few, long seconds. After that, she was serene again.

"You okay?" I asked.

She didn't say anything. If she did, she would have probably exploded. I laughed at the fact she didn't want to give me the satisfaction of her pain, although she inventively would and it would be soon.

After a few more seconds, she spoke.

"That wasn't so bad," she said. She wasn't very good at lying. She voice was high and cracking.



I didn't say anything; I could prove my point easily enough. I reached out and poked my finger lightly into her stomach.

Victoria's eyes bugged out and she screamed as loud, if not louder, than I had. It brought me great satisfaction that she had now felt my pain. Literally.

"I…hate…you," she growled angrily.

"I know, it's just nice to be told."

"Willow…" Caroline interrupted.

"Sorry, mom," I said.

As soon as the word "mom" escaped my lips, I felt more than a little awkward. I had rarely called my own mother 'mom', or addressed her as anything. Now, after living with her for a mere several months her mom. I had also called someone my brother, sister, dad and husband. This was by far the strangest few months of my existence.

"Sorry," I said at once.

"I was wondering when you would start doing that," Caroline said.

I was confused again. She thought that would be calling her "mom" eventually?

"Huh?" I said.

"Well, unless you're around, that's what everyone else calls me."

What, so was I some kind of freak now? They only called her by name when I was around, why?


They all felt it would be a tad awkward for you."

That made me feel a lot better.

"Mind if I take care of Victoria now?" Caroline asked.

I hadn't noticed she was waiting for or a response.

"Oh, sorry. Go ahead."

"Thank you."

I slid over on the couch and Caroline sat down where I was. I pulled my shirt down over my stomach.

Without turning around, Caroline said, "I'll need that as well. The blood will stain and the hole will make wearing it difficult."

"Okay, I'll just go upstairs and change…"

"Stephan and kaci are up there. They have blood issues. Just give it to me now."

Was she serious? Take off my shirt now, no thank you. I knew Wyatt would be looking in on us threw somebody's mind, and this probably wasn't the best time for him to see me naked.

"Well?" Caroline said, "Do you want to be coated in blood all day?"

I sighed, "No."

I pulled my ruined shirt over my head and tossed it onto the couch. Then, I walked up the spiral stairs, holding my head high. Although I was trying to keep my dignity, it was slightly harder to do, hearing Victoria laugh at me.

Just as I got up the stairs, I heard Caroline say, "I need yours too."

I almost died of laughter. I took several deep breathes to calm myself and walked into my bedroom. I went into the closet. I put on a tee shirt and a new pair of jeans. I tried to walk out of my closet, and back down stairs.

2. Seeing

Wyatt was sitting on the bed, waiting for me.

"Hello," he said, smiling.

"Hi," I said.

"No, I wasn't looking in on your time with Caroline."

I felt a lot better now.

"Why?" he asked playfully.

I thought about the past few minutes…

"I see," he said, "Still worried about that, huh?"

"Well, if we were actually married, no."

"But we're not," he said, a little less kindly.

"We will be soon enough though. Patience, grasshopper."

"Grasshopper," he grumbled.


"Why grasshopper?"

"I don't like monkey man and grasshopper sounds cooler."

"It does?"

"To me, yeah."

"I still think it sounds degrading."

Does this sound degrading? I thought.

I knelt down on the bed next to him. I put my hand on the back of Wyatt's head and brought my face to his. After less than a second, he put one of his hands in my hair and the other on the small of my back.

Feel better, Grasshopper? I thought. I didn't really want to end the kiss.

"A little," he said, ending the kiss I didn't want to.

"I thought so."

"I know."

He chuckled.

Of course he knew what I was thinking.

"I always do."

Do you mind?


Again, I have to sensor my own thoughts.

"Take off the bracelet then."

I stood up, reached down and yanked the anklet from my leg. I felt a little different, a little more evil than I was used to. I was glad Wyatt couldn't hear me, he would be worried. At least Barnaby was out of the way…Come to think of it, I hadn't seen anyone go after him.

"Who went after Barnaby?" I asked, hoping someone had.

"We didn't. We were more concerned about you and Torri back here so you wouldn't die. I wasn't going to lose both of you in one night."

I could feel my face ashen. My heart fell. One of the many people that wanted me dead, but the first that almost succeeded, was still at large.

Wyatt stood up next to me. He grabbed my shoulders lightly and pulled my back onto the bed. I winced slightly when I moved.

"What'd you mean you didn't go after him?" I whispered.

"It's better having you alive than killing him right now."

My hands started shaking. My arms followed suit and the rest of my body not long after that.

Wyatt pulled me closer to him, attempting to calm me down. It didn't work to well.

He rubbed my hair and kept trying to sooth me.

"It's okay, it's okay," he said, his voice was more calming than I had ever heard it before.

I shook my head into his hard chest.

"I'll always be here, at your side. He can't hurt me with silver, you will be safe."

I lifted my head from his shirt to his eyes.

"You said that last time too, and look where that got us!"

"I won't let anything happen to you, I swear it."

"How can you prove that to me?"

I was almost on the verge of tears when I asked.

"What will it take? I will do anything to prove myself."

I didn't know. What would actually convince me that he wouldn't leave and would always be right next to me until Barnaby was dead?

"I don't know," I said.

"Would it make you feel better if we actually were married?"


"When would you like it to be?"

Was he serious?


"Oh, sorry," I said, "When would you like it?"

"Whenever you want it."

"I don't know; Valentines Day seems a little clichéd."

"Do you want it on a holiday, then?"

"Yeah, I guess."

"What about Halloween?"

I could see it now. Everyone in all black, fangs out, blood instead of wine.

"Halloween?" I asked, feeling better than a few minutes ago.

"Why not? We are vampires, after all."

"Sure, All Hallows Eve it is."

"I haven't heard anyone call in that for almost a century."

"Well, witches call it that."

"But you're not a witch anymore."


"When a vampire bites or kills a witch, he gets the powers," he whispered, as if it would be easier to handle if it was softer.

"So that's it then," I whispered back. "It's over for me."

"It's okay; I think I have an idea."

"I hope it works."

"It did with Torri."


"Have Tobias bite you."

"Will I get all of my powers back?"

"I don't know, maybe just your element."

I sighed. I wanted all of my powers back, but my element would be nice. I felt really weird not having Water to rely on when I need it. Especially with the self-healing thing. It would be really nice to have that back.

I stood up.

"I'll be right back," I said.

I walked into the room we had for the familiars and saw Tobias napping in the sunlight.

I walked over to him and started petting him gently. I didn't really know how to get him to bite me. He never really did in the first place so it would be even harder. I went with a very direct approach.

I stuck my finger into his mouth. It didn't work nearly as well as I had hoped. He licked it and started purring.

I growled. Tobias puffed up his fur and arched his back. He still didn't bite me though.


I stood up and stormed out of the room. Instead of going back to Wyatt, I went into the bathroom to get the cat spit off my hands.

I looked in the mirror. My hair was in a large knot that would take forever to get out without my powers. There was one good thing though. My eyes weren't black. They were my normal mud brown. Along with my hair, that was normally black, that was my mousy brown. I didn't know how much I had missed it until now.

I grinned at my reflection. I was surprised Wyatt hadn't mentioned it before.

I looked down and turned on the water. When I looked back up, someone was standing behind me. I could only see him in the mirror. He had an athame.

It was Barnaby again.

I spun around. The rug bunched up under my feet and I fell to the ground. As soon as I looked in the spot, he was still standing there.

"Wyatt!" I screamed.

He ran in. he was standing right next to Barnaby.

"What's wrong?!" he asked.

"What's wrong?! You're standing right next to Barnaby!"

He looked to his right and then back to me.

"No, I'm not. That's Victoria. Are you sure you're okay?"

Wyatt walked several steps closer to me. he bent down next to me and put a hand on my head. He pulled me up to my feet gently, although, not taking his hands off my shoulders, afraid I would fall.

"Come on," he said.

"No! That's Barnaby!" I yelled, trying to convince him.

"No it's not."

Why wasn't he listening to me? Barnaby was standing right in front of us, with an athame; able to kill me at any time, and Wyatt said it was Victoria. I didn't think so.

"Christian, come here," Wyatt said, barley louder than his normal tone, but with more worry.

Christian ran in and stood next to Barnaby. I knew he was dumb, but really? He was standing next to the vampire that almost killed me and his wife.

I didn't say anything; I was too stunned to speak.

"What's up?" Christian asked.

"Is that Victoria or Barnaby?" Wyatt asked. He didn't lift his gaze from me.

"Well, I would hope that it's Victoria. Or else I've been sleeping with a gay dude."

Barnaby was gay? I didn't know that. Although, it explained a lot.

"Do you believe me now?" Wyatt asked.

I flicked my eyes back to him. When I looked back, Barnaby wasn't there. It was Torri instead.

"Wyatt, you…you have to believe me!" I pleaded, "He was right there!"

I pointed where Victoria was standing. She and Christian were intertwined with each other now.

"Torri, Christian, go back home," he said.

They left the bathroom, hand and hand. Wyatt pulled me up into his arms. He walked out of the bathroom and into the bedroom.

Still holding me in one arm, he pulled the covers off the bed. He lay me down gently and covered me up.

"Just go to sleep for a while," he said, "I don't need you hallucinating."

"It was him though! He was standing right behind me!"

"No he wasn't."


"It's natural to suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome, especially after what you went through. Barnaby wasn't there, just relax and sleep it off."

I wasn't too happy about that. Barnaby was there and ready to kill me. I knew it. When I looked into Wyatt's eyes, there was extreme pain. He didn't like seeing me like this, but I was right.

"Stay with me?" I begged. If he was making me sleep my insanity off, he would be with me.

"I should probably speak with Caroline."

"Please? Don't leave me. Please."

He didn't answer right away.

"I suppose," he said.

A small, meek grin came to me face.

Wyatt pulled the other half of the covers off and lay down next to me. He wrapped his arms tightly around me. I rested my head on his chest.



"I love you."

I looked up at him as he looked down at me. He moved one of his arms from around me and moved it to my face. He caressed my cheek with his thumb.

"I love you too," he said, "That's why I want you to get better."

The way he said it, it was like I had the flu or something. Not that I was supposedly hallucinating.

"Get better?" I asked.

"It's dangerous for you not to see things right, you could get yourself killed."

"I wasn't seeing things. It was real."

"Please, not this again."

I sat up.

"It was real," I said again.

He didn't answer me.

"Torri?" he said.

Victoria ran into the room. She was wearing Christian's shirt again. I didn't even want to think about why.

"You rang?" she said.

"I need some Spirit, if you don't mind."

"No problem."

She waved her hand in the air.

"Thanks," Wyatt said softly.

She nodded her head once and ran off again.

"I'm sorry," Wyatt said.

It wasn't until now that I knew what he needed Spirit. My eyes started drooping and I slid back down the bed and closed my eyes.

I wasn't too happy about it, but I fell asleep.

And as soon as I was, I was even less happy about it.

I was back in the white space where I talked to Barnaby in my nightmares before.

He stepped into my view. He was wearing a suit. It looked weird for a gay guy.

"Hello," he said.

"Not again," I whispered.

"What? Afraid of me?"

"Not really, no."

It was a total lie though. I was scared to death. I tried to wake up, but I couldn't.

"Don't bother; you can't wake up unless I let you. You have no choice but to listen to me."

"What'd you want?"

"I told you I would find you."

"I realized that you found me, thanks."

"Do ya want me to stab you again?"

"Not really."

"Then listen."

"Okay," I squeaked.

"I have little to say, but pay attention all the same. I'll be back again. I have orders from Her. Expect me soon, and this time…your vampire will be first. Goodbye."

I didn't say anything.

"Oh, and by the way, enjoy seeing me earlier?"

He laughed wickedly as he spoke. My dream me collapsed and I returned to darkness.

As soon as I did, I woke up. Wyatt wasn't there anymore and I didn't really care at the moment. I rolled off the side of the bed. I rolled underneath it and hid like the coward I really was. I shook violently for a while.

After a while, I heard footsteps. I reached a hand out of my shelter and pulled all of the blankets off the bed. I wrapped myself up in them.

Just a few seconds after that, I saw Wyatt's shoes.

"Willow, where are you?" he asked, obviously noticing that I wasn't in the bed. And neither were the blankets.

"Under here," I said.

He bent down and looked under the bed.

"What's wrong?"

"Barnaby came into my dreams again."

He sighed.

"Come on," he said.


"Please? For me?"


"Okay, then."

Wyatt stood back up. I felt slightly better in the fact he was leaving me alone.

Only for a few seconds.

After that, light came pouring in on me. The bed was on longer over me; Wyatt moved it.

"Really?" I asked.

"Just because you weren't going to come out willingly, doesn't mean you weren't going to come out at all."


I crawled out from under the shadow of the bed. Wyatt put it down while I stood up.

"What happened this time?" Wyatt asked.

"In the dream?"


"Barnaby said that he would find me again, that he had orders from Her…"

I paused. I couldn't bring myself to say the rest of what happened.

"What else?" Wyatt asked.

"I don't want to say it."


"It's about you."

He put a hand on my shoulder. He put a single finger under my chin and lifted my head.

"What is it, Willow?"

"He…said that he would kill you first."
"He can't kill me; I have enough back up that he can't come within miles of either of us."

"Are you sure?"


I sighed in relief.

Wyatt kissed my forehead.

"Come on," he said, "Let's get you back to sleep."

"I don't want to sleep, Barnaby will be back."

"You're probably right about that."

"Can I just stay awake then?"

"Will you just relax?"

"Will you just stay with me?"

"Of course."

I grabbed his hand and pulled him downstairs.

Victoria and Caroline were gone, and so was everyone else.

I sat down on the couch. Wyatt sat down next to me. I put my head on his lap and my hair spread over his legs.

He smoothed my hair over his lap and I closed my eyes.

"Don't sleep," Wyatt warned.

"I won't, I don't want to."


I relaxed some and reached for Wyatt's hand. I intertwined my fingers in his. For a brief moment, I had that feeling you get when you're falling. It reminded me of something I always wanted to do.



"Have you ever been skydiving?"

"No. Have you?"


"You want to go skydiving, don't you?"


"I don't think that's a good idea right now."

I guessed he was right. With just being stabbed, seeing Barnaby everywhere (And even though Wyatt said it was Victoria, I didn't buy it), and not having any healing powers. I still wanted to do it though.


"Not right now. It's too dangerous for you."


"Don't be like that."

I sat up and turned around to face Wyatt.

"Like what exactly?"
"Like I'm the bad guy for trying to keep you alive. I can't just let you go do anything you want to now, you could actually be killed this time; you've been lucky so far, but…"

"I'm sorry. But, I don't like sitting around. I would rather be out in the world, you know that."

"I'm sorry as well, this is mostly my fault."

This was not Wyatt's fault. He had been nothing but the best to me all this time. Even before I knew about it, he was protecting me. And if it weren't for him, I would have been dead for a long time by now. Granted, half of the time, he's also the reason people have tried to kill me in the first place…

"How is this all your fault?" I asked.

"First, I said it was mostly my fault. And it is because I didn't stay with you like I said, and you got hurt."

"But you weren't stupid and didn't run off."

"You're not stupid."

"Don't try to make me feel better, please."

I turned away from him. I went from peaceful, to depressed in a few minutes. That was a new low for me.

3. Hunting With Zombies

I curled my legs to my chest and put my head on my knees. I didn't think it was worth it anymore. I had no powers, no element, was only a quarter vampire. There were so many people, vampires, witches, werewolves and such that wanted me dead, why did I even try anymore.

Lynn was dead. Lori wouldn't talk to me. I didn't know if jess was alive of not. I was seeing things that weren't real. My only family thought I was crazy.

I heard a slight movement behind me. As I looked up so I could look behind me, I saw what I heard. Wyatt had moved so he was sitting in front of me now.

"Please?" I said again.

I didn't want to feel better. Wyatt was trying to help me and was making it worse. I wanted to be left alone and wallow in my own misery, not have people trying to cheer me up. I was in a murderous mood as it was and this wasn't exactly helping.

I stood up. I was planning on going hunting. I needed to get out of this house and kill something or else I would go crazier than I already was.

"Where are you going?" Wyatt asked.

"Hunting. I need to kill something."

"By yourself?"

"That's what I was planning on, yes."

"I can't let you do that either. Have Isis, Torri, or kaci go with you."

"Why not you?"

I was surprised that he didn't insist that he go with me. And that he trusted Isis and kaci to make sure I didn't die.

"I think you need some time with other girls."

That was the opposite of what I needed. All my original best friends wouldn't talk to me or were dead. I didn't want to be around girls right now.

"No," I said, "have Christian come with me."

"Very well. Christian?" Wyatt said a little louder than usual.

Christian ran in. he was actually wearing pants this time and I was a little surprised. After Victoria coming in wearing his shirt, I thought he would need another towel.

"Sup," Christian said.

"Will you accompany Willow hunting?"


"Thank you. I'll be seeing you soon then."

Wyatt leaned forward and kissed me gently, smiled warmly and stood up. He ran out the door and I wondered where he had gone. I guessed it was for Council stuff.

"Ready?" Christian asked.

"Shouldn't you put on a shirt?"

"Probably. Hop on."

I jumped up on Christian's shoulders. Even though I didn't need to, I wrapped my arms around Christian's neck. He started to run to the house.

Several seconds later, we were both up in Victoria's room. Well, I was anyway. Christian was in her closet looking for his stuff.

When he came out, he had a shirt on and I was glad. It was a little weird running with him when he didn't have a shirt. Can you image being on your "brothers" back when he wasn't wearing a shirt? Awkward.

"Now that I have a shirt, are you ready?" Christian asked.

"Yeah, but what are we hunting?"

"I'm hunting animals, you, on the other hand, may choose your prey."

"So I can hunt people?"

"You got it."


"Hop on. Again."

I jumped up on Christian's back again. It was a lot easier and less awkward when he was fully clothed.

He ran us somewhere I didn't recognize. At first, I didn't know why I didn't know where I was. Then I remembered that I was in LA, not Portland. I sighed.

"Something wrong?" Christian asked.

"I miss Portland."


"I lived there for eighteen years, I had friends, I had a life. Now…everything's messed up."

"You get used to it after a while. You're just lucky we didn't move to a different country."

I guessed I kind of was. He had to move here from England, plus whenever he got settled he had to move again.

"I guess that's pretty hard, huh?" I said.

"Yeah. But at least I had Torri with me."

"Lucky you."

"You had Wyatt with you, though."

"If he wasn't with me, I don't think I could've done this."

"You wouldn't have had to do this."

Christian was right. If I hadn't fallen, 'died', or met Wyatt I would be at home right now with Lori, Lynn, Jamie and jess watching TV.

Then again, if I hadn't met him, I wouldn't be a vampire. I wouldn't have met my family nor had anywhere to go after my parents died. Barnaby would have found me by now and I would be dead.

"I would probably be dead too," I said.


"Your loads of help."

"You never said you wanted help, how was I supposed to know?"

I didn't say that? I swore I did. Maybe Wyatt was right. Even though he didn't use these exact words, I was going crazy.

"I want help," I said. I hoped it was simple enough for him to understand, he never really was all that bright.

"I feel insulted."

Christian put my down. We were in the middle of LA on a sidewalk. I was a little concerned that he had stopped running in the middle of all the people. I looked at him for a reason.

"Is there a reason you stopped were everyone can see us?" I hissed.

"You'd be surprised how many of the 'people' here are vampires."

I looked up at the crowds. Many of the people had sunglasses on, but that was normal in LA. Some people saw me looking at them and nodded in respect. I guessed that these were the vampires Christian was talking about.

"Still want help?" he asked.



We started walking down the street.

"I don't know. I don't want help, so much as someone to believe me," I admitted.

"Wyatt said this would happen."

Is that where Wyatt went when I was asleep? To tell the rest of my family I was crazy. That was real nice of him.

"So you don't believe me either," I said.

"If I had some proof I would. But it wasn't Barnaby, it was Torri."

"I saw Barnaby."

"Yeah, you saw him but it wasn't really him."

"I knew this would happen."

He didn't believe me.

We were walking by a small park now. All of the people except for one had sunglasses.

"Are these all vampires?" I asked.

"Except for him, yeah."

"I'll be right back."

I left Christian on the side walk and went into the vampire park that housed on stupid human. I went up to the human. He had his back to me. I grew out my fangs and got it over with. I suddenly wasn't in a hunting mood.

I bit down on his neck, drank him dry and pushed the corpse away. I went back to Christian.

As I was, he turned into a zombie. His clothes were ragged and his flesh was melting off his bones. I knew I was seeing things this time. Zombies weren't real. At least, I didn't think they were.

I stopped dead in my tracks. I turned to the other vampires for help, only when I did I knew that they wouldn't be helping me do anything other than die.

I screamed and ran off away from all of them. I realized it was a little stupid running at my human pace, but it was the best I could do.

My plan didn't work to great.

The Christian-zombie caught up with me and picked me up. I tried to squirm my way out of his grasp, but I wasn't nearly strong enough without my witch half of the strength,

"Let me go!" I screamed.

"Willow, what's wrong?!"


"Oh, god."

He started running again. I, on the other hand, passed out. Whether it was from fright or something else, I wasn't sure.

When I came out of it, Wyatt was standing over me.

I tried to sit up, but he put his hands on my shoulders and held me down.

"It's okay," he said.

"Zombies!" I said.

"Not again," he whispered, "Come on."

He picked me up and ran to the castle. We went into the living room. He sat down on the couch and kept me in his lap.

"Zombies!" I squeaked.

"There are no zombies, its okay."

"Vampire zombies are taking over the world!"

"Zombies don't exist."

"I saw them!"

Wyatt started rocking me back and forth. He petted my hair and kissed the top of my head.

"There are no zombies," he said again.

I didn't answer. If he didn't believe me about Barnaby, why would he believe me about something as bad as vampire-zombies attacking?

I put my head on Wyatt's shoulder and gave up. There was no way he would believe me about anything for a while; I might as well give up.

"Sorry," I whispered.

"It's okay."

First he tells me that it was bad that I see things, and now he's telling me its okay?

"I'm confused."


"You told me it was a bad thing I'm seeing things and now you're telling me its okay?"

"It isn't so much a bad thing, as it is dangerous. You can't control it so I guess I have no choice but to be okay with it."

"What if I'm not okay with it?"

"Why aren't you?"

"You have no idea how stupid I looked around all of those vampires."


"Christian didn't tell you?"

"Tell me what?"

"When we were hunting, we were totally surrounded by vampires."

"Did they know who you are?"

"Are you afraid they won't respect you anymore if your wife is crazy?"

"No. And you're not crazy. I wanted to make sure they were respectful to you."

"Confused again."

Wyatt sighed. I had a feeling I was a little too confused right now for his liking.

"If you haven't noticed, you're a vampire princess. If vampires don't respect you, no other creatures will and they need to."


"Are you still confused?"



Wyatt started rubbing my back. And soon as he did, my breath caught in my throat. Everywhere his fingers touched, felt torn apart by silver.

Even without my breath, I managed to say, "Stop!"

Wyatt removed his hand from my back. It still stung where ever he had touched. Almost like when I was stabbed.

"What's wrong?" he asked, concerned.

He put his hand on my shoulder. As before, it burned like silver.

"Don't touch me!" I said as kindly as I could.

Wyatt yanked his arm away. I inched of his lap as fast I could so I was just sitting next to him.

"What'd I do?" Wyatt asked.

"Don't touch me; it feels like you're cutting me with silver."

"Should I get Caroline?"

"No, no. I'm fine. Just reliving getting stabbed I guess."

That was the something I didn't want most. I didn't need my family thinking I was crazier than I already was. Having Caroline come see me would only make the bad worse.

"Are you sure?" Wyatt asked.

"I'm fine, just give me some time."

"Take all the time you need."

I smiled. I was glad he understood I didn't want to be around anyone right now. Unlike some people, he was willing to wait. After living almost five hundred years, he was patient. It was something I had yet to master, one of us needed to have an attention span longer than a mouse.

Although, I was almost wished Wyatt had never saved me. At least once a month I had come so close to death, I was lucky I was one of the undead. If this was going to happen every time I was by myself, I didn't think it was worth it anymore.

"Why'd you even save me in the first place?" I asked.

"I told you that already." His tone had taken on a hard edge. I guessed he didn't want to talk about it. But I was a little confused; he didn't have a reason for avoiding the subject. Unless he lied to me about his reason.

"Tell me again," I said.

"I felt protective of you, even though you didn't know it."

"I don't think that's the truth. I think you lied about it."

Wyatt didn't say anything. When he didn't, I knew I was right. I kept on going with my monologue.

"You didn't want to scare me by telling the truth. Just like a lot of things you've hidden until recently."

"You don't want to know the truth."

"Yes I do! What happened to only telling each other the truth? I find this very unfair."

I crossed my arms stubbornly over my chest.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that life is unfair?" he asked more amusement was in his voice.


"Well it is."

"This is more than unfair though."

"How so?"

"You know when I'm lying by my thoughts, but you can lie all you want and I can't ever get the truth!"

"I see your point."

"So will you tell me?"

"Probably not everything, but something."


"The reason I won't tell you. Can you live with that?"

"I guess it's better than nothing."

"I can't tell you because of your parents."

"What about them?"

I couldn't bring myself to say "parents".

"They made me swear to never tell you anything about what happened, unless you remembered."

What happened? Apparently I had a worse memory than I thought. I forgot some major thing from my past that happened to involve Wyatt.

"Can you tell me when this happened?" I asked. I hoped that a year would jog my memory just enough to remember what happened.

"When you were two. That's all I can say."

It didn't help me at all. I couldn't remember anything from that long ago. Wyatt was the only person that knew now because my parents- I shuddered when I thought about them- were dead.

"That's all?" I asked.

"For now, yes. I will tell you in time though."


"Soon, I promise. But not now, when you stop feeling things, I will."

I hoped it would stop soon then. I wanted to dive into Wyatt's arms, but I couldn't without feeling like I was being filleted.

"I'll be back later," I said as I stood up.

"Where are you going?"

"I want to know if going into a trance might help at all. Barnaby can't get me there."

"Good luck."


I walked upstairs. I went into the bedroom and sat on the end of the bed. I pulled up my legs and curled them up to my chest. I closed my eyes and emptied my mind. As soon as I did, I was in my trance.

I didn't stay in it long, just for a few hours. Considering I've been in a trance for two weeks before, it was a very short wait.

When I came out, I did feel a little different. I felt like nothing could hurt me now. Either I was right or I wanted Wyatt to tell me what happened more then I thought.

I stood up, stretched and went back downstairs. Wyatt as on the couch, reading again. I found that his book was a little clichéd. It was Bram Stokers Dracula.

"Don't you think that's a little clichéd?" I asked.

"My favorite movie is clichéd as well," he said, laughing.

"What is it?"

"Van Helsing."

"I love that movie!"

"I know."

"It makes me wish I could walk up walls though."

"I'm fine with not being able to do that."


"Because I can do this instead."

Wyatt wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me down on the couch next to him. Thank god, it didn't feel like before because even if it did, I didn't think I could stop him.

His mouth found mine. I melted into him and let bliss flood my thoughts. At this point, it was a good thing neither of us needed to breathe or else we would both have passed out by now.

When we finally separated, I was in a much better mood than my trance-state.

"I take it you aren't feeling things anymore?" Wyatt asked.

"I guess not. So will you tell me?"

He hesitated.

"You promised!"

"I guess I did. I'll tell you."


"Okay, do you think you have any idea about what happened?" Wyatt began.


"When you were two years old, you were kidnapped."

"I was?"

"Yes, I'm not to surprised you don't remember anything, if not a little disappointed."

"What else don't I remember?"

"You were only gone for a few weeks. Nothing bad happened to you; I made sure of that afterwards. I read your mind."

"After what?"

"I was the one that saved you."

My mouth hung open. This was all news to me. How did I miss getting kidnapped and being saved by Wyatt? Was I blind?!

"I still don't understand why you saved me at school though," I said. My voice was quite, which was understandable given what I just heard.

"Because from the day I saved you, sixteen years ago, I loved you. Not like I do know, but as a sister. Should I just tell the whole story?"

"That would be nice."

"Okay then. Sixteen years ago, my family and I had just moved to Seattle. We were here for maybe a few days when your parents contacted us. They said that their daughter, a human meant to be a witch years later, had been taken. They weren't sure if it was by a Creature or human. They felt it was a Creature because they knew something they never told you.

"You were destined to be the most powerful witch in history. So, if a Creature was involved, I was as well. When they called me, I told them I would find you. And I did.

"When I did, I found your parents were right. It was a vampire that took you, he was planning on raising you as his own and turning you into a weapon. When I heard this on his mind, I wanted to kill him."

Wyatt stopped. I couldn't figure out why.

"What happened after that?" I prompted.

"As I said, I wanted to kill him. I was about to, but I heard you crying. My attention shifted to getting you to safety. So instead of killing him right away, I knocked him unconscious and went to find you.

"When I did, you were fine, other than being terrified. When I picked you up and looked into your big, brown eyes, I connected with you. I felt like you were my blood family. When I had held you for several seconds, you had stopped crying, but you were shivering. I wrapped you in a blanket and you were happy again.

"After that, I took you outside. Luckily, it was a warm night. I took you to my car and put you in the backseat. 'Stay here,' I said to you, hoping you would understand, 'I'll be right back.' In your young, high voice, you said, 'Okay.'

"I ran, literally, back to the house. The vamp was still out cold so I set the house on fire. I knew it would kill him quickly so I could get my wish and get back to you in time.

"When I was sure he was dead, I went back to car. To my relief, you were still there. You were asleep in the backseat. You looked so peaceful.

"As soon as I could, I got you back to your parents. They were relived to have you back. Although, they almost didn't get you at all. I almost wanted to keep you. But I couldn't. I returned you to your home, I went back to mine."

Even though I was more than a little shocked at what I didn't remember, I wanted to know more.

"There's more," I said.

"Yes. I never forgot about you. After a few years, we moved to Portland. I never knew you still lived there. The year we moved here was your first year of high school. I was very pleased that your parents managed to keep you alive so long.

"When I found out what school you were going to, I enrolled as well. At first, I kept my distance. I didn't know if you remembered anything of that night or of me, so I didn't want to push it. If you remembered me, it could be a little dangerous. If you knew I didn't age, it would only be a short time before you figured out what I was. My family wouldn't let me tell you.

"So for your first three years of high school, I kept my distance. I always was in your thoughts." Seeing the look on my face, he added, "Only when you weren't thinking about certain things.

"Anyway, after three years, I couldn't take it anymore. You were my 'age' and I was in love with you. Now actual love, not family. The day I planned to introduce myself, was the day I saved you for the second time.

"When you started thinking about your sister and being a witch, I was riddled with worry. I was going to leave class to comfort you, but as I was leaving, your thoughts went totally blank.

"Without warning, I darted from the room. I found you where your thoughts were last and found you dead. Because my lungs don't take any oxygen, I breathe it out as well. I used that in getting you to live.

"When I had your breathing again, your thoughts came back. Along with that dream you had. Anton, the witch hunter. Do you remember him?"

"From the dream, yes."

"He was a vampire."


"He was the one that took you. The one I killed for you."

"Good to know."

"There's more."


"Obviously, I knew you were a witch. So that day I was talking to Rupert while you were supposed to be in my room, it was staged. We both knew you were in the kitchen, listening. We didn't want you to know that I saved you so long before that.

"But when your parents died, everything changed. They made me swear that unless you remembered me, I wasn't to tell you anything that happened. When Barnaby killed them, I knew I had to tell you the truth about it. I just couldn't find the right time."

By the end, I wasn't sure if I was relieved or appalled. Sure he saved my life, but he lied to me about something that was a major event in my life.

When I didn't answer, Wyatt grew worried.

"I frightened you, didn't I?" he asked.

"I'm sorry," I said. I knew I was making him feel bad for something; I wasn't sure what, but I knew I was.

"It's okay; I knew I shouldn't have told you."

"No, it's not that, I'm glad you told me. It's just a little weird for me."

"I knew it would be, but you needed to know. I know what it's like to have your past shrouded in shadows."

"How? Vampires have an awesome memory."

"That may be true, but we are easily distracted."

"When did it happen?"

"I don't think I should tell you that; it could make things stranger."

What was the worst that he could tell me?

"Please?" I begged.

"No, I won't tell you this one."


"It's not something you need to know."

"I don't need to know a lot of things, but I do anyway."

"I'm still not telling you."

I didn't have words for what I wanted to say. Nothing would change Wyatt's mind. If he didn't want to tell me, I should just give up. I wasn't very good at convincing him to do anything. There was one thing I still wanted to know though. Even if it would be a little awkward to ask…

"You want to know how I fell in love with you so young?" Wyatt asked.

How'd he-

"-know that?"

I nodded.

"Because you were only evil as a witch, and that was the only thing keeping me out, I can read your mind again."

Since when? I thought.

"Even when I found you stabbed in the clearing."

So why's you act like you couldn't?

"You don't like me reading your mind and you were hurt so I wanted to keep the stress levels down."

So you've heard everything?

"Yes, pretty much."

I just stared at him. It would've been nice to know that before, because of some of things I had been thinking. Or more as, what I hadn't remembered but hoped I didn't think.

"Your thoughts were clean, I promise," Wyatt said as he chuckled.

I sighed in relief. Just as I thought I was calm and relaxed, I was wrong. Although this time, I knew I was seeing things so I wasn't scared.

I was seeing a yeti.

"Really?" I said, staring at the yeti in my living room.


"I see a yeti."

"A yeti?"

"Yes. At least I know I'm seeing things this time."

"That's good."

"Yeah, but I don't like yeti's."

"Let's go to the house then. Maybe Rupert can put a spell on you?"


Wyatt stood up and pulled me onto his back. I wrapped my arms around his neck. When he started running, I couldn't take my eyes off the yeti.

When we got to the house, Victoria was on the couch, watching TV and eating a bowl of vanilla ice cream with strawberry syrup that smelled like blood…

"Is that blood?!" I asked.

"Yep," she said.


Wyatt out me on my feet and took my hand. We walked upstairs and to Rupert's study.

Rupert was sitting at his desk, working on his laptop. When we walked in, he turned around. I noticed he had a pair of glasses on. Did he always wear those…?

"Hello," he said.

"Hey Rupert," I replied.

"May I help you?"

"We were hoping you knew a spell to keep me from seeing things."

He sighed. "Out of the hundreds of spells I know, that is not one of them. I do know, however, to reverse the side affects. If it was like Kevin's case anyway."

"Kevin's case?"

"Yes. I'm sure Wyatt has told you he was a part of our coven at one point?"

I nodded.

"The same thing happened to him not to long before he left our coven and I found a cure, if you will, for it. I doubt you'll like it though."

"What is it?" I asked apprehensively.

"If you are bitten again, your vampire powers get taken away. You'll be human other than the fact your heart won't beat again. Although, you'll have to bitten again after that to be a vampire again."

Again? I would have to endure two more vampire bites and god knows how many days of burning all to stop seeing things. I wasn't sure that I could handle that again, even with Wyatt.

"I don't know, Rupert…" I said, biting my lip.

"Take your time to think about it," he said.

"Okay, I'll let you know what I decide."

Rupert returned to his computer and Wyatt took me back downstairs. I thought about my choices that Rupert gave me. I could keep seeing things for the rest of my life or I could writhe in pain for a month, getting bitten two more times. They both sounded so good.

If I went with the change again, I would be human again for a short time. I wouldn't have indestructibility and with my luck, I would get killed. I would have two more vampire scars, so I would have five bite marks. Two from Isis, one from Barnaby, and two more from whoever bit me again.

Wyatt pulled me onto his back again. he started running back and I kept thinking about my choice that I would soon have to make.

If I decided to go with the change, Wyatt could bite me, like I wanted in the first place. Then again, he wasn't the most in control vampire I knew when it came to blood. Because he wasn't used to smelling it, when he actually did, it was hard for him not to lose it. It would be even harder if it involved me, because he could kill me. That would kill him.

If I kept being a quarter vamp, I could never run, have as good of sight, hearing or smell. I would even have half a fang. I probably wouldn't be able to be a witch again, but I would be indestructible so I wouldn't get killed. Then again, I could be killed. And if I was, it would be more painful and prolonged because of immortality.

I wasn't making this any easier for me, was I?

We were back at the castle again. Wyatt put me on my feet again and I sat down in the small, maroon chair. I pulled up my legs and put my head on my knees. My hair fell over my face and darkened the room.

I had no idea what I was going to do.

"You'll have to decide soon, we need to go to school," Wyatt said.

That didn't help things at all. I was hoping for a few days to think about it, but I had a strong feeling that I had an hour or two in reality. Great.

"That's about right. If it takes as long as it did the last time, we need to do it soon," he said.

I picked my head up. "Could you be the one to bite me?"

"If that is what you want, yes."

"Both times?"

"Yes, but you would still be a quarter vampire."

"That's fine with me. But there is one thing I don't understand."

"How I am a half vampire, while Caroline isn't?"


"Well, this is only a theory, so I'm not positive. But my guess is that because she was the first, that the vamp gene was different. The only reason she was a vampire was because she got witch blood in her system. We think that was what changed her.

"When she decided to make another vampire, the gene changed again. When she bit Rupert, it was changed again. The same thing happened every time someone was bitten, so no vampire is the same."

"But how was Torri changed by vampires that weren't you or Caroline when she was the only one that made vamps?"

"Because the people that took Torri were human at first. I lied about that, I thought it would be easier to explain."

"So what really happened?"

"Torri was kidnapped by several human men. As I've said many times in the past, I didn't handle being a newborn well. I accidentally changed them my first day as the undead. They changed her their first days as well."

"I see. But back to the gene thing. So I would be exactly the same as I am now?"

"No. you would be slightly different. I think that you might be a little more vampire than if Isis were to bite you again."


"She's half-human. I'm not. You would probably have the better senses and might be able to run."

"Then I've made my decision. I want to be bitten. Again. I might as well have two more sets of scars, they might make me scarier."

"I don't think anything could make you scary."

That wasn't the smartest thing to say. I grew out my fangs and hid them in my lips. I started growling. In a split second, I jumped up and landed on top of Wyatt. Because he was still standing, I pushed him to the ground. When we landed, I was lying on his chest and he was laughing.

"You weren't supposed to laugh!" I said, laughing myself.

"I can't help myself! I knew you were going to try and be scary."

Right. I forgot about the mind reading thing. It came in handy sometimes, but now was not one of them.

I stood up, letting Wyatt up as well. It would be while until I could do that again. I would be human, at least kind -of because my heart would still never beat, and then I would be turning into a vampire again.

"How does the change thingy work?" I asked.

"I don't think you really want to know."

"If I'll be living it, I want to know what to expect."

Wyatt sighed. "You really want to know, don't you?"


"It's not pleasant. At least, that's what I think. Kevin said it wasn't."

"You haven't told me anything."

"I was hoping you wouldn't notice."

"I did."

"I know that. Anyway, if you still want me to be the one to bite you, this is what will happen.

"I'll bite you and completely drain your body of blood. Even for a vampire, it's hard to drink that much."

"How'll that help?" I asked.

"Your immortal blood is what keeps you a vampire."

"Won't that kill me though?"

"I said it wasn't pleasant."

"You weren't lying."

"No. after that, you'll be alive, but barely. You won't be able to do anything other than breathe for an hour or two. While you're incapacitated, Caroline will give you human blood. After having that in your system, you'll be human again, but without a heart beat. You'll also be relatively weak for a few days. When you're feeling like your normal self, apart from being human, I'll bite you a second time. After that, the venom will affect you close to the same way as before. A few days after that, you'll be a vampire again."

"Uh…." Was all I could say.

"Change you mind?"

"No, I still want to do it, but I don't like the idea of burning for another two weeks."

"Two weeks?"

"That's how long it took before."

"That's odd."

"I know, but maybe it was just because I was a powerful witch?"


Before I could say anything back, Wyatt turned his head, lightning fast, towards the door.

"Now?" he said loudly. I didn't here a reply; then again, I didn't here the original sentence either.

His eyes flicked back to me once. He hesitated a few moments, staring at me, before he answered whoever I couldn't hear.

"All right," he said.

I was more than a little confused at what just happened. I didn't like that people could communicate with Wyatt by thinking, and I had no idea what they were saying. I had an idea at least. It was probably about me, because if it wasn't, they would just talk.

"Come on," Wyatt said, standing up.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"The house."

I bit my lip and leapt to my feet. Wyatt picked me up again. This time, he cradled me instead of putting me on his back.

I was even more confused. I was afraid something bad happened or was about to. And whatever it was, was defiantly about me and was hard for Wyatt to deal with as well, or he would have told me about this.

By the time we were at the house a few seconds later, I had come up with so many ridiculous plans it wasn't funny. Most were something along the lines of somebody died and I was the blame some how. Usually it was because I thought they were Barnaby and I stabbed them back. Only I couldn't remember doing anything to anyone.

"What's wrong?" I asked at last, after Wyatt put me down.

"I'll tell you upstairs," he said gravely.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled my up behind him. I didn't have any idea in the slightest where we were going. Until, that is, he took me up to the third floor. I thought that we were going to the library, but we weren't. We went into the hospital-thingy.

Caroline and Rupert were there, standing up, facing us. They didn't look as worried as Wyatt, or I did.

"What's this all about?" I asked, finally releasing my lip from my teeth.

"Wyatt, why don't you tell her?" Rupert said.

He took a deep breath and let go of my wrist. He turned back to me and took another breath.

"They want to turn you," he said, "Now."

"Now?" I repeated.



"You need to graduate high school at some point and it takes a long time to do."

I let out a whimper. I knew I would have to take this on soon, but I hoped for hour's even days, not minutes. I wasn't so sure I wanted to go through all this again to be the same I am now in a month. Was it worth it?

"You can still change your mind, Willow," Wyatt said.

"No, I'm going to do it."

Caroline took over from there. she led me over to a bed. I stopped dead in my tracks.

"Can't we do this at the castle?" I asked, not only did I want to know, but I wanted to stall the inevitable as much as possible.

"I'll take you there after you wake up," Wyatt said.

I wasn't okay with it, but I didn't really have a choice in the matter. Caroline continued leading me to the bed I would spend the next several minutes dead in, and the next few hours unconscious in.

I sat down on the edge.

"Wyatt, will you be doing the honors?" Rupert said.

Honors? He considered this an honor to bitten two more times to stop me from going insane? I knew physiatrists were a little messed up, but this was more than I expected.

"Yes," Wyatt said.

He walked over to me at human pace. He knew I wanted to stall the process and I was immensely pleased that he was willing to do that.

Although, the suspense sucked. No pun intended.

When Wyatt was at my side, I scooted back on the bed so I had my entire body on it. The back was elevated, so I was sitting up a little. I guessed it was to make things easier for both of us.

Wyatt brushed the hair off my neck and I sucked in a quick breath.

"Ready?" Wyatt asked.

Just do it, I thought.

He knelt down on the bed next to me and bit down on my neck. It felt strange because he only had one fang and I was used to two.

The slight sting of the fang was soon replaced by a warm, sunny feeling that I wasn't used to with vampire bites. I guessed it was either from it was a good vampire biting me, or because it was a person I loved.

Soon, I was feeling like I had when Isis bit me; light head and sleepy. Only this time, Christian wasn't there to stop it and it wasn't supposed to stopped.

Wyatt kept drinking. My eyes drooped closed and my breathing slowed down considerably. He put a hand on my head and smoothed my hair out. It made me feel slightly better.

I didn't remember passing out after that. I only remained conscious for a few minutes after Wyatt bit me. I wasn't even sure if I was awake for a while. Until I heard talking, that is.

"How long has it been?" I heard Wyatt say worriedly.

"Four hours," Rupert replied.

"It took Kevin three."

"Don't worry, she'll be fine."

"Willow?" he said, grabbing my hand.

Like he said before, I didn't have enough energy to reply anything back. I didn't have enough energy to breathe even. So I guessed it was a good thing my heart didn't beat so I didn't need oxygen.

"I can't hear her thoughts and she's not breathing, how can you possibly tell me she's fine?" he said angrily.

Wyatt put a hand on my forehead. It was cold. At first I was surprised. But then I remembered I was human. Although I didn't understand how I wasn't breathing and my heart wasn't beating, yet I felt cold.

I mustered up all the little energy I had left and squeezed Wyatt's hand as best I could.

"Willow?" he said again.

I squeezed his hand again.

"Thank God," he said. I felt his lips on mine and felt like I had all the energy in the world.

But as soon as I had energy, it was gone. My hand fell limp in Wyatt's. I hoped he noticed.

He did.

"Caroline," he said, "get some more blood."

She didn't say anything back. I heard something plastic-y and a dripping sound. A few minutes after that, some of my energy returned. Enough that I tried to open my eyes for the first time after dying again.

When I tried, I felt like my eyes were glued closed. The weighed thousands of pounds and were determined to stay closed, leaving me in darkness.

I kept trying to overcome myself. It worked to a degree.

My eyes opened to a slit enough for me to see.

"Wyatt," I mumbled. That didn't work nearly as well as opening my eyes. It sounded more like a yawn than anything.

"I'm here," he said.

"I…love…you." It didn't sound much clearer than his name.

"I love you as well," he replied.


"I make no promises."

My mouth curved up only slightly into a smile. My hand fell limp once more in Wyatt's cold, hard hand. Before long, I was, whether you want to call it unconscious or sleeping, I was in one of them. It wasn't exactly peaceful, but it wasn't a bad feeling either. It wasn't a feeling at all.

When I was awake again, I was freezing. I felt like I was in a block of ice. I didn't realize it at first, but I was shivering violently and my teeth were chattering. I didn't know if I was feeling better, or I was so cold I was alert, but my eyes darted open.

That was how I saw why I was so cold. Wyatt was lying next to me and I was curled against his chest tightly with his arms wound around me.

"C-c-cold…" I chattered.

"Sorry," Wyatt said, "You were hot before."

Wyatt sat up and got off the bed. I noticed I was still in the attic-hospital. I pulled all the blankets on me and shivered some more. I was glad that they weren't the crappy blankets you got at hospitals, but pristine white quilts.

"H-how long was I out f-for?" I asked.

"A few days."

"That l-long?"

"Yes. I thought you were dead for a while yesterday. For reasons-unknown to me, I can't read your thoughts and you haven't been breathing. I thought that until you start kicking the blankest off of you and sweating. Those are two things the dead don't usually do."

"Now I'm freezing!"

I was still shivering quite a bit, but my teeth weren't chattering anymore, making it easier to talk.

"Humans feel cold. I'm ice cold and you've been in my arms for almost a day."

"How do I feel cold when I'm not warm-blooded?"

"I'm not sure. Nobody is."


"Want me to take you home now?"

"Can you take me to my old house first? I want to get something."


Keeping my wrapped in the quilt, Wyatt picked me up. He ran downstairs, out the door and to my old house that I didn't know what to do with.

When we weren't there a few seconds later, I was a little confused. But then, I remembered we were in LA, not Portland. It didn't take that long though, only a few minutes. Not that I minded.

When we got back, Wyatt climbed up to my bedroom window. He put my on my feet and I dropped the quilt. I went to my closet in search for a sweater. I found a fuzzy blue on and pulled it over my head. I was considerably warmer after that.

Then I started looking for what I wanted to come all the way back for. My Wicca Symbol. Every witch with an affinity had one in a different color. That meant that there were only five in the world. One of them was mine.

The symbols were all pentagrams in a circle. They were also made of pure silver. I found that more than a little ironic.

I started rummaging around in my dresser. I had a secret compartment for the necklace and I was trying to find it.

I pulled all of the clothes out of the drawer and tossed them aside. I felt around the bottom of the drawer and felt the small indent where I could pull the bottom up. I yanked it open and saw my necklace laying there.

I smiled and picked it up. I hadn't worn it. Ever. It was a pentagram inside of a circle. It was also blue, for water, my former element. Until Tobias died or bit someone, he had Water and as long as I owned him, I got the necklace as well.

"I'm happy now," I said, returning to Wyatt.

"Are you sure you don't want anything else before we leave?"

I chewed my lip. There was one more thing I wanted. I went back to my closet and pulled out another sweater.

"Now, I'm happy," I said.


Wyatt picked me up in his arms and cradled me again.

"Can I ride on your back?" I asked. "It's more comfortable."

"You aren't strong enough to hang on."

"I trust you not to let me fall."

He hesitated before moving me to his back. Only, he didn't let me hang on myself; he still held onto my legs while my arms were around his neck.

On our way back, my body returned to human temperature. Not for long though. In Portland, it was freezing because it was in the middle of the winter. But in LA, it was hot. By the time we were back to the castle, I was sweating.

As soon as Wyatt put me down, I yanked off my sweaters. With two sweaters and a tee shirt on, I was sweating so much that my tee shirt and hair were both soaked.

"I'm going to go change…" I said.

"Okay, I'll be in the library."

He kissed me quickly and ran to the house. I walked upstairs, to my closet. Instead of pulling out a new tee shirt and jeans, I pulled out a bikini. It was crimson red. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail and tossed my old clothes into the basket.

I pulled out my iPod, put the ear buds in my ears and went to my classical music playlist. I walked out of the room, and to the room that was supposed to be Lori and Lynn's. I felt tears sting in my eyes when I thought about them. Lynn was dead and Lori hated me.

I walked up the tight, spiral staircase and into the glass room with a sandy floor. I walked into the dead center of the room and lay down in the fine, soft sand. I stared up at the stars and hoped Lynn was looking down at me.

I sighed and closed my eyes. When I felt a strange coolness on my right side, I opened my eyes again. Wyatt was lying down next to me.

"I thought your were in the library?" I said

"I was, but I'm done."

"What were you doing?"

"Nothing really."


"You want to see, don't you?"


"Put on some clothes, then I'll show you."

"But it's hot out!"

"Stephan is there, and his name suits him."

"His name?"

"It means 'king or crown'. He thinks he can control everyone, except me because I'm the Prince. He'll try to control you as well, be careful."

"I will, I will."

I stood up and walked back down the spiral stairs and to my closet. I pulled on a pair of jeans and a tee shirt over the bikini.

"Happy?" I said.

"I preferred you before, but I would rather my brother not gat any ideas."

"Patience, Grasshopper."

"I'll try."

Wyatt pulled me back onto in back and ran to the library. He took me to the far corner and put me down. I looked at the corner filled with glass book shelves that looked like they were floating. All of the books were leather bound and looked like journals.

I was a little confused, so I pick one up and leafed through it. It wasn't a printed book; it was hand-written in Wyatt's script.

"You wrote all of these?" I asked.

He nodded.

"It's like five hundred years of journals…"

"Yeah. I never really talked to anyone and I had a lot to take care of, especially when the Council was just getting up and running."

I picked one up and started reading it. Wyatt pulled it out of my hands.

"I wouldn't read that one. Not unless you want to have nightmares for the rest of your life. it was one from when I was…a bad vampire, so to speak."

He picked up a different, newer one and handed it to me. I picked a random page and began reading.

15, April, 1793

We have just gotten out of the ocean in New York. Victoria ran off to hunt and whatnot earlier today. Everyone else has settled quite well in past minutes. I, on the other hand, have not. I feel that something shall happen and soon that will be the end for my family and I. The end of us and the end of all magical control.

I have also been informed that a premonition holding Wiccan has seen the arrival of the most powerful being in all of my history .she is destined to save our worlds, both human and magical. I can only hope she is correct, for there is a great danger coming.

-Wyatt Taylor

16, April, 1793

Victoria has returned to our covenant once again. Only, as I feared, she brought danger with her. An unconscious young woman, named Kaci. When I inquired as to why she brought kaci to us, she said that she had bitten her and kaci was to be a vampire now. As if that was against our rules enough, kaci wasn't even near death when Victoria bit her. This has only increased my feelings of dread as the future to rapidly approaches. We can only hope that the future Wiccan girl can save us all.

-Wyatt Taylor

Without asking, I knew that the Wiccan saw me as the most powerful magical creature. Not only did Wyatt tell me that I was, but I had more powers than any witch ever had. Most could only bubble, while I could do that as well, I had the Water affinity, froze time, move things with my mind, bubble things to my hand and change my appearance. Alone, my gifts were rare enough as it was, but together, it was unheard of.

"I'm meant to save the world?" I asked, putting the journal down.

"Yes. But not by yourself. You'll need all of the elements."

"It's a good thing I know who has them then. But I still don't have mine."

"I think I have an idea to get Tobias to bite you."


"Are you connected to him in every way possible?"


"That means when you were turned into a vampire, he was as well."

"But I'm human now; won't he be just a cat?"

"Not necessarily. If he's still alive, then he's a vamp-cat."

"I sure hope he's alive then, or else I have no chance in Hell to get my element or any of my powers back, which means I can't save the world."

"Then lets go see if he's alive or not."

I jumped back on Wyatt's back. He ran us back to the castle while I mentally prayed Tobias was alive (well, undead) so I could have my powers back.

When Wyatt stopped, we were in the brightly colored cat room. I jumped to my feet.

"Here kitty-kitty," I cooed.

I waited a few seconds. I bounced on my heels as I waited for him to come out.

When I was sure I would explode from worry, Tobias lazily walked in front of me. I breathed a sigh of relief.

"He's alive," I said, "Now what?"

"Because he's alive, he's part vampire. Which means he likes blood too. If you were to bleed, just slightly, his natural instincts would tell him to bite you."

"You have to bite me again, don't you?"

"Yes. Give me your hand."

I groaned and lifted my hand to Wyatt's mouth. His fang was exposed. He took my hand in his and applied the slightest pressure to my finger. I winced as his tooth broke my skin. Then, I was confused. If he bit me, wouldn't I start turning again?

"No, there wasn't any venom on my tooth. There wasn't the first time either, that's why if felt good," Wyatt said, releasing my hand again.

"I thought you couldn't read my mind!" I said.

"I can't. But I know you well enough that it's not hard to guess."

"That's convenient…"

But what I was really thinking was Am I really that stupid?

Give Tobias your hand," Wyatt said.

I slowed reached my hand down to my cat. He sniffed it once before biting me. Hard. Because he was a vamp-cat, his teeth were hard and sharp. It hurt pretty damn bad.

After a few seconds, I felt better, stronger. I felt like I was perfect. Not like I had just gotten my powers back, but like they never left in the first place.

I pulled my hand away. Tobias licked the red blood from his white fur. I hoped that it didn't stain.

"Is that all it would take?" I asked.

"I think so. You must have Water back because you've stopped bleeding."

I looked down at my finger. Wyatt was right; it didn't look like I had ever been bleeding. Other than the small white dot that was a scar from Wyatt's tooth.

I tried using water next. I held my hand out flat in front of me and a ball of water appeared. I was elated.

I bubbled a few feet. As soon as I did, I was positive I had all my powers back.

"Yea!" I yelled. I threw my self into Wyatt's arms. he laughed.

"I had a feeling I was right," he laughed.

"I expected it to be harder though."

"Not everything is hard to do."

'With us, yeah it is."

"You're kind of right about that."

"Like killing Barnaby. I thought he would have bled or something. All the vampires I've met have blood."

"Nobody knows why, but Bad vampires don't bleed."

"Rose didn't bleed when the wolves attacked her."

"She didn't?"


"Damn. Christian!"

Christian ran in and think god he wasn't a zombie.

"What's up bro?" he asked.

"You in the mood to fight?"

"Aren't I always?"

"Good. Get Torri and Rupert. We have a fight coming up."


"Wherever Rose is. She's not the vamp we thought she was."

"What am I supposed to do?" I asked. There was no way I was going to just sit around and wait for my family to get killed.

"Wait here. You're not coming with us," Wyatt answered.


"You can't fight."

Before I could retaliate, Caroline came in. she didn't look to happy and she was running. I was worried. She almost never ran unless something was seriously wrong.

"I hate to burst in like this," she said, "but there's a small army of vampires outside."

Wyatt's face drained of color.

"Damn. That's not good…" Christian said.

Wyatt took over. "Get kaci and Stephan—"

"They're the leaders of the army!" Caroline interrupted.

"How could they turn on us like that?! Who else is out there?"

"Them, Legend, Kevin, Henry, James, Barnaby and a few I don't recognize."

"Even worse. Christian, get all of the silver you can find and put a silver circle around the house. Then find Isis and Torri. Bring them here. Do it now."

"Aye, aye," he replied.

He ran away to do as he was told.

"Everyone else, get ready for a fight. Not here though. I'm going to have them follow me away, where we can find more vamps on our side. Ready?"

"No!" I said. "I can't just sit here and watch you get killed!"

"You're going to anyway, willow. I'm not letting you fight because they're probably after you in the first place. Isis and Torri aren't going either. It's too dangerous. You'll all be in the circle to be safe."

Extremely unhappy about it, I agreed. Not having anything better to do, I went into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. I just kind of sat and thought for a while.

A few minutes later, Wyatt came in. He sat next to me.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"My family is going off to be slaughtered. Yeah, I'm fricking peachy," I growled.

"I'll come back. I promise."

He gently uncrossed my arms from my chest and pulled me around so I was facing him. Cupping my face in one hand, he kissed me.

"I'll be back soon. Stay inside the castle, keep everything locked. I love you."

"I love you too," I grumbled as he left.

I went downstairs a second later to find everyone but Victoria and Isis gone. Isis was playing her guitar again, as always, and Victoria was watching TV, a bowl of ice cream in hand that had strawberry syrup…that smelled suspiciously like blood.

"Is that blood?" I asked.

"Yup," she answered.

"Oh, okay. I'm gonna be upstairs, kay?"

"I don't care. Does it look like I care?"

I didn't answer and went back up the stairs. As soon as my foot touched the top step, there was a loud bang from below. I ran back down the stairs to see the entire vampire army standing in my living room.

They were all holding flaming athames and surrounding Victoria. They didn't see me right away and I was tempted to run. But then I remembered the silver circle and I was stuck. Then I thought of Isis. She was in the music room and couldn't be heard or smelled, so she was safe as long as she stayed there.

Just then, I was noticed. They all turned to me and smiled devilishly.

"Oh damn," I mumbled.

Victoria tackled me to the ground just as the athames flew over me. However, she didn't fall with me. The flames and silver it her instead. She fell to the ground in a puddle of her own blood. I stood up and looked down at her.

"You know," she whispered. "You were a pretty good sister. Remember Dawson's Creek."

Then, she took one more breath and died.


"I told you I would kill you, didn't I?" Barnaby said.


He lifted another athame and through it at me. I was to frozen to move, so it was a good thing someone pushed me out of the way again. I ended up curled into a ball on the floor again, underneath another vampire. I heard the silver bounce off their back.

When I looked up to see who saved me, I wasn't surprised to see Wyatt.

My family attacked the other vampires. I turned my back on them, not wanting to see them. Wyatt stood behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I bowed my head down and cried for the lose of my Victoria.

When it was all over, and cleaned up, I curled into a ball against Wyatt's chest to cry even harder. Even though he tried not to, Victoria was his little sister and he was upset, so he cried too.

Everyone left me alone, like I wanted. And life continued, without Torri.

Except with one thing. While I was looking around in her closet one day, trying to remember her, and I found a DVD case for a show called Dawson's Creek. Like Torri tried to tell me about.

I put the DVD on and watched it. It was Torri.

"Well, I see you found my DVD. That means your smarter than I thought or not as stupid," she said. Way to make a vampire feel good. "I knew I was going to die in that fight, so I must be gone my now. I made this a while ago and really hoped you weren't so brain dead you wouldn't be able to find it. But anyway, I need you to do something for me. In my bowl of vampire teeth, there's a vial of my blood. You have to give it to Christian and force him to drink it. That way, he'll get Spirit. We have to keep the elements in the family, got it? make sure he doesn't attempt suicide too, please.

"Tell Wyatt I love him. You know, being his little sister and all. Tell everyone else that I'll miss them and they sure as Hell better miss me. Or else I'll come back from the dead and haunt their sorry asses.

"Speaking of haunt, as soon as I can figure out how, I'll come back as a ghost. I'll find out how, I swear! But until them. You made a pretty good sister, even though I abused you so much. I really had fun during that killing spree! You and Isis should do that again. Until I'm a ghost, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya!"

She stuck out her tongue and the screen turned went blank.

There was only one problem with what she said though. Vampires couldn't come back. Only witches with elements could, if they weren't immortal that is.

I went though her closet, like she asked, and found a bowl of vampire fangs. I was surprised that I didn't find it creepy at all. I dug around inside until I found a vial filled with red blood. I grabbed it and went down to find Christian.

Like he had been since she died, he was sitting on the couch, a bottle of blood in hand, staring into space.

"Christian! You have to drink this!" I said.

"Why? What's the point?"

"It's something that Victoria wanted you to have."

"How do you know? And what is it?"

"Don't bother with that. It's her blood."

"I can't drink that!"

"I'll force you to. Drink the damn blood." My voice was scarier than I would have thought possible.

"Hand it over."

I tossed him the vial and in one quick drink, it was gone."

"What the hell did you do to me?" he asked. "I can feel…souls or whatever."

"It gave you Spirit."

He growled violently and walked away. I followed him outside. He was standing in the middle of a bonfire. His clothes had burned away and I looked away from him as he laughed bitterly and without any humor.

"Five minutes ago, this would have killed me," he said.

"That won't kill you anymore. Spirit is keeping you alive. And I'm not telling you what will kill you."

He stayed in the fire. I bubbled back to the castle and found Wyatt and Isis. I sat on the couch next to them. Wyatt smiled and kissed me. I made Isis toddler-sized again and she sat in our laps.

Maybe, just maybe, things were working out after all. I had the guy, the kid, the family and the life I always wanted. Well, if Lori was talking to me, along with the wolves, Lynn and Victoria were both alive, things would be even better. But I could settle.

Epilogue: Happy Ending

I can't believe this is actually happening.

The music started playing and I hooked my arm through Rupert's. We made our way down the castle's spiral stairs, stepping to the beat of the march.

Standing in the front of the living room (which had been transformed into a chapel, filled with everyone we knew) was Wyatt. Standing with him, as best man, was Christian. On my side, Lori (whom was talking to me again) and Jamie.

The train of my dress (the one Lynn designed) was flowing out behind me. Rupert lifted my veil, gave me a hug and took his place beside Christian. I moved to stand by Wyatt. He smiled at me.

The wedding started and the vows were said.

As we said "I do" and leaned in to kiss, I thought that everything had worked out right.

We were finally getting married. Lori was here, Lynn's ghost had showed up in time for the reception, and my friends were all talking to me again.

It was perfect.

As we started the first dance, I put my lips next to Wyatt's ear.

"We're finally getting our happy ending. I love you," I cooed.

"I know. And I love you too," he whispered back.

And right in front of all of our friends and family, we pressed our lips together. We were laughed at, but we didn't care at all. Time was ours and we were each others.

Course, now I had to learn to be a princess. That, considering my klutziness, would be interesting.