I had not gotten lost,
and I drove 100mph the whole way.
I'm early (very early).

but you are home.

the nerves got to me so bad,
that I became ill. and the idea
of getting our of my car and facing you,
provoked my gag reflex.

and my shorts were Short.
because I wanted to keep your attention
(and a lot of your friends are really cute).

so I said something, that made me sound a lot like
Beck. and that pissed you off,
because you don't like Beck.
(who the fuck doesn't like Beck?)

you're not wearing a shirt. everything I touch,
is skin. you stand over me, doing little
to conceal the hunger in your eyes.
and I would have, I wanted to (so bad!).

but you are playing D&D (d&d for fucks sake!)
with people that would never have a chance at fucking,
someone like me. (maybe your brother,
but only for the poetry of it).

you lift me up, and now everything is
far to close. and the door opening, is the only thing
that stopped me.

California is too damn hot, for you to be
pushing me up against your dick.
when I can't actually Have it.

go to hell. (come over?)