Rating: PG-13; Violence, scary moments, & brief language.
Genre: Horror, Suspense, & Fiction. (little supernatural-ish & fantasy-ish I think)
Full Summary: Two brothers, Chris (21) & David (10), travel alone to a forbidden & abandoned town located on the other side of their hometown, Kinswood. Once there they discover dark secrets, grotesque monsters, & a vital need to survive! They soon become chased by dark worshipers known as, The Eclipse, who want them to stay but in particular, David for some reason.

In this game of chase and hide & seek they encounter not only the terrifying creatures but fearful challenges, some "magic," and even guidance from the unexpected. Can Chris protect an utterly frightened David from these terrors? And why do the Eclipse want David so much? What secrets laid hidden on this land? (Story inspired by Silent Hill but not as terrifying as it).

~ Chapter One: Trepidation (Part I) ~

The rain drummed a beat on the ground and the trees, creating a symphony in an attempt to soothe the arguing thunderclaps. Though the strident bangs ran little chills down my back it took my mind off of the fact that we, my little brother and I, were in a small damp den. The wind blew through the opening, driving droplets of water to sting our faces. I wiped off its attacks. I took much of the damage since I lent my jacket to David, my little brother. As the older brother, it was sort of instinct to protect the him but also instinctive to annoy him. But this wasn't the time for annoyance.

My brother had begged and whined for me to bring him to the woods so he could take some pictures. I'd rejected the idea, knowing it would rain, but this had led to one of his immature fusses and I'd relented.­

You see, he kind of wanted to be like dad; a photographer and daring adventurer. Except there were some differences between the two. Dad was brave, strong, and had an advanced knowledge of survival skills. These were attributes which David didn't have. But ever since Dad went missing nine months ago, David's sadness reinforced his desire to be just like him. He tried to take responsibility for being the head of the family and tried to be strong and valiant when clearly he wasn't. But I have to admit he does have Dad's willpower and the same urge to take pictures.

Every day David would ask to go outside. I didn't mind as long as the weather was perfect. But today it wasn't. It had started dreary and cloudy, and then a light tickling spray of rain fell. Then the spray turned into roaring sheets of rain; we had been lucky to find this den.

Achooo-! *sniff*

"God bless you. You've got the cold. You see now why this was such a bad idea?"


"Sorry-achoo!" David rubbed his nose and nodded weakly.

It wasn't really the kids fault. I was the one that gave in to his irritating whines when I knew very well that it was going to rain and that David easily got sick in weather like this.

I sighed, "Hey, come here." I spread my arm out behind him and he slid closer to me shivering nonstop for the warmth. I hugged him tightly.

The poor kid never really liked thunder. Whenever there were a thunderstorm brewing outside he would hide under his blanket and hug a flashlight. Though the flashlight or the blanket can't protect him from the rage it gave him some reassurance and comfort. But, none were here to comfort him.

"Ow!" An object was pressed hard against my side. I pushed David back a little to reveal his broken camera. The film was sticking out of its compartment and as for the camera itself it was wet & cracked. This camera was dad's old camera which he gave to David six days after he went missing. It was old yet durable; I knew that it's been around for more than twenty years. I'm surprised it still works after all those years and now today it's well... it had a good run.

David always had it with him. And when he runs out of film he had reinforcement. Strapped to his shoulder was a small black camera bag filled with both extra films and batteries. So, if he were to be low on batteries or film he had it conveniently right in his camera bag. But, now since the camera's been beaten there was no use for them.

I grabbed the camera by its detached strap.

"Hey, it's your camera." I held it up for him to see. He swiped it from me and looked down onto it.

"What-how did this happen!? It's broken!" He shook it a bit.

"Look it's just a camera we can always get a new one...a better one." I thought I was trying to cheer him up if I told him that we'd get a more improved camera (digital maybe) but, I saw this only made things worst.

"No! I don't want another camera! This was dads' and nothing can replace dads!" He desperately tried to wipe off the muck and stuck the film back in hoping that it'll work. He pressed the round little button that took pictures but it failed. There was no flash or click. It was dead. He lowered his face in disappointment, his eyes still fixed dismally at the camera.

I really shouldn't have said that. I knew too well how much that camera meant to David. It was given to him a few days after dad's absence so of course it was a precious item to him. And as for me, I received a BB gun which was by far cooler than an old camera.

But, where was dad? He's been gone for only nine months so, there is still hope that he's still alive somewhere. Even David & mom believed it too. We knew very well that dad could handle himself. So, it was hard to believe that he was 'kid'napped.

Things changed so much after his unexpected departure. Mom hasn't been the same since that day and it makes me pity her. Every night when I walk by her door I hear her praying for him to come back home and that wherever he was he was safe. Late in the night when I get up to get a drink or to use the bathroom sometimes I hear her crying softly in her room. I really don't want to see this state of mom but, I did nothing to prevent it. I only pass by her door hoping for the best when really that didn't help do anything. I could have walked in that room and comfort her by saying things that I was suppose to say. But I didn't. Instead, I just go back to bed and lay there insomniac.

Where are you, dad?

David's voice spoke softly but clear, "Dad's going to kill me..."

"Look, no he's not... Say, why don't we go see James' tomorrow to get that baby fixed like new, huh? What'd you say?"

There was a slight pause. "OK..." He sighed. Then he slid back next to me & I felt him shivering more than ever even with the two jackets on. But I guess he wasn't used to the cold.

He tied the two straps of the camera around his neck and hugged the camera itself tightly with one hand.

I closed my eyes a little and thought about dad. About everyone. I went into my mind to play some old scenes that would help lessen the sound of thunder outside. Memories that gave me a sense of comfort and joy.

When dad was around things were always exciting. Dad was quite the adventurer for an old man and he was fun; to be completely honest. Whenever he asked us if we wanted to go on a little trip the whole family would come.

One of my favorite activities was, river rafting. Nearly every Saturday, dad would take us to a river to do some rafting and we'd always come home wet but, filled with exhilaration and laughter from such thrills. But ever since David developed a fear of water we never went rafting again. And it was just last summer actually when David established the fear of water.

I was just idly helping mom with some moving of objects in the kitchen because her back wasn't so well that day. It was a nice and quiet afternoon but the silence was broken when I heard rapid sounds of splashing and gargled screams coming from outside. I looked out the window to see David splashing furiously in the water his head barely above surface shouting for help and gasping for air. I dropped whatever I had in my hand (thank god it wasn't mom's good china) and immediately ran out the door and jumped into the pool. That day I rescued him from a dreadful death. I shook my head. I didn't want to think about that now. I opened my eyes.

David was gone.
But, I knew exactly where he was.


~ Author Notes ~

I had to divide the chapter into half because it was kinda long.

And before you say that this is like Silent Hill I just wanted to say that Silent Hill inspired me to write this.
So, there could be some similarities between the two...

Also, this is the very first chapter story I wrote so, I'm excited to see how it goes. ^-^ And I have been told that there a lot of mistakes but I am sort of novice at this.

I'm hoping to continue this if it's successful & help for the title of the story is very much grateful! I'm no good at coming up with titles. -_-''
Thankies very much for reading & commenting/reviews if any. =)