~ Chapter Three: Submerged ~

I started peddling more gingerly under this cloudy condition making sure that I didn't hit anything that would damage the boat. I concentrated on just rowing carefully through this mist and nothing else. But my concentration was soon interrupted.

"How long is this going to take? When are we going to get out of this mist? Can't you go any faster? Are w-"

"Stop asking so many questions! If you don't keep your mouth shut, I'm going to turn this thing around! "I snapped back.

I hated it when he asked questions. Sometimes, he'd never stop and goes on and on asking what seems to be an endless stream of questions. Good thing he's obedient enough to shut up with told to.

David didn't say anything afterward so everything became silent again. Then, suddenly he perked his head up and started to look around him.

"Did you hear that?" There was alarm in his voice.

"Heard what?"

"I heard something splashing somewhere." David looked out into the fog hoping to catch anything.

"I didn't hear any-"

"Shhh! Listen!"

I stopped rowing and did what David told me to do. But after about two minutes I didn't hear anything but the silence.

"I still don't hear anything." I whispered.

"Just listen…"

His head was turned left and his eyes were searching for the source. I looked in the same direction and concentrated on the mist that hovered above the hidden surface of the water. Though I didn't catch any sounds I felt the boat bobbing slightly. Tiny ripples were moving beneath us.

"We're not alone."

David's eyes grew wide, his skin became pale, and he started to tremble. His hands were clawing at the wood of the boats rim and he was sweating a little.

"David, what's wrong?"

He turned his head to face me and what I saw shocked me. His face looked as though it was drained of blood, his teeth were clenched tightly, and he was breathing heavily like there weren't enough oxygen reaching his lungs.

His voice changed drastically. "Chris…I saw something in the water. I-I think it was a shark but…"

"A shark?" There aren't any sharks out here; whales or dolphins either. Wait. Did he just say, 'in the water?'

I poked my head out of the boat and looked down. The water was slowly becoming visible again. Though there was still some light patches of mist hovering over it I saw it. I even saw the ripples running beneath us but, this time they were growing bigger now. The boat started to bob even more. It became more of a violent shake now.

"I think something's coming." I held tightly onto my seat.

The ripples now had become waves crashing into the boat. It rocked it back and forth in an uneasy motion.

Suddenly, the boat was pushed harshly to the right. Our bodies swayed to the force while our hands tightened their grips. Something had just rammed into us! I looked at David. His face was even more terrible than before.

"David, I want you to close your eyes and keep them shut. Don't open them unless I tell you to. And hang on as tightly as you can onto that rim, you got that?"

David obeyed.

Then, there was another slam to the boat. Only this time this hit was in the back. My body flung backwards from the strong force and David whimpered. I tried to calm him down by telling him things that I hoped would lessen his tension. He nodded his head lowly to each statement. There was another ram to the boat only this time it was much harder. It caused the rear of the boat to rise up into the air and fall roughly back onto the water. Next, the side of the boat was attacked yet again but it much harder now. The attack pushed the boat greatly to the right. Then there were rams all around us; back, front, and sides. There was more than one attacker in the area.

As my body swayed from each incredible force I thought for sure that I was going to fall overboard into the waters. It was that strong.

Then when my side of the boat was raised from a push below I spotted five pointy fins sticking out of the water. They surrounded the boat and they moved back and forth in a ramming motion. One fin was behind David and two were on each side of the boat. And since I was in the air there was probably one behind me as well.

But these fins didn't belong to any marine creature I've ever seen before. These fins were jagged and wounded looking. The skin that coated the fins was a dirty beige color and areas of the skin were peeled to reveal a dark crimson color hidden underneath.

"Oh my god…"

"What?" David's eyes were about to open.

"David, keep your eyes closed!" I was lowered back down but almost lost my grip as it happened.

What kind of sharks were they? Were they even sharks?

His eyes stayed shut. "But I want to see!"

"Trust me. You wouldn't want to!" I was breathing heavily from almost being sent into the water.

"Then what did you see? –AH!" The boat was pushed forward from behind and a moderate amount of water had landed onto David's back. He shivered and bit his lips.

"I don't know. Sharks, I think. But, it doesn't look like it."

"Dolphins then?"

"Dolphins!? What the hell kind of dolphins-" A splash of salt water sprayed my face and into my mouth. I spitted out the disgusting water that in a crude manner. But I didn't bother to wipe off the rest on my face fearing that even just freeing one hand will be the end for me. Instead, I rapidly blinked off the drips that were blurring my vision and shook my head about.

It seemed like an endless cycle of pushing, ramming, and shaking until finally it stopped. Just like that. Everything was once again quiet and still.

David slowly opened each eye at a time. Though I didn't tell him to I didn't seem to care.

"Is it over?" He asked me quietly.

"I don't know…

Everything had just abruptly stopped simultaneously that I still felt something was wrong. Why did it all stop so sudden?

"Well, we should go before they come back."

I finally wiped the remaining salt water off my face but that was it. I didn't make a move for the oars or even checked to see how much damage was left on the outer skin of the boat. I just sat there staring out into the slowly fading mist, trembling slightly.

"Shouldn't we get going Chris?"

I asked myself the same question. Shouldn't I keep going? If we stay here any longer those things could come back. And we might not get lucky again. So why wasn't I doing anything?

"Didn't you hear what I said? We should get moving before those things come back." He hesitatingly let loose one hand from the rim of the boat and it trembled towards me. Then, it started waving in my face. I didn't respond.

"Chris? You OK?..."

Suddenly, there was a tremendous slam from beneath the boat. It was so amazingly powerful that before you knew it we were shot straight into the air! The impact knocked me out of the daze that I was in, and when reality had started coming back to me, David was flung backwards right out of the boat!


I quickly extended my hand out to grab him but it was too late. He had gone overboard. And just when I thought he had fallen down into the depths below I heard a scream.


He was still alive! I rushed over to his side and saw eight fingertips on the edge of the boat. I looked down and saw him dangling there eyes closed and screaming with fear.


I grabbed his arms and steadily pulled him up but then I looked down below. The mist was starting to clear up so, I was able to see everything more clearly now. Judging by the look and size of the water's surface, we must've been at least forty feet into the air! I was completely astonished! But, not just because of how high we were going but something else. Underneath the water was a gigantic wavering silhouette of some kind of creature. The sight was so unbelievable that I almost let David go! It was bigger than whale I believed!

When the boat started descending down like a crashing airplane, David started to rise above the boat nearly over my head! I accidently let go of his arms and he was sent flying over my head and overboard; still screaming. Then I fell backwards off the boat screaming as well! But of course, not as much as David.

As I was falling the only thing that ran through my head was that we might die. A fall like this, we'd never survive! I still heard David screaming as we were lunged down through the air.

This can't be it. I thought. It can't be! When I heard David's ceased screams my heart pounded hard, an atrocious thought came into mind But, I placed it aside. It was just too horrendous to think about. I wanted to think about everyone instead. He wanted to think about the days when dad was around. All those fun joyous days. But they didn't come.


A lot runs through a person's mind, in just less than a second, when something horrific happens. What ran through my mind as I fell is probably what many have thought of before.

And it wasn't death.

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