Trash this atomic existence

Gnash sandpaper comics between your fat thighs

No ethereal bubblegum in the ricocheting elevator

Is your itching blog below your drool-laden pillow?

Pour oolong in your bacterially-infected ear

Crush the rusty fish flakes with your toes

Nail polish in twelve different erotic flavors

Microwaves are not intrepid spelunkers

Idolize my gasping, heaving shoelace

Tickle the armpit of my door

Claw at these gummy, rainbow-colored bricks

No belligerent ass-rubbing on the polyurethane opera wall

Quit harvesting those meaty glow-in-the-dark sticks

Melt like sizzling dandelions into the brewing chlorine saucer

Is your fingernail yet caught on your

Gray, folded, mucus-slathered thinking bomb?