A freak. That's what the girl standing in front of Amber was. Jade had no poise, no composition, no manners, and she just looked…well, dark. Her hair was a deep raven's black and her pale face stood out upon her as if it was carved out of stone. She was also a little bit taller than Amber, with a thin and muscular body. Her very appearance made Amber turn her head in disgust and the very fact that she had to share a room with the girl for a month or so, almost made her gag with nausea.

As Jade helped her parent's bring things into the Wilmington's house, Amber went over to her mother who was standing near the doorway. "Mother, does Jade really have to stay in my room? I mean, there is a guest room, and its not like it's occupied." Her mother turned and gave her a sharp look. "You know what we discussed before Amber. Don't make me repeat it, unless you want to have a talk with your father about it."

Amber's light blew eyes grew a little bit larger at the response. No, she would never dare ask her father about the situation, especially when both of her parent's made it clear to her already. The Barton's had nowhere to stay at the moment, since Jade's father had lost his job temporarily. Her own parent's were nice enough to take them in as they explained to her, but Amber new the real reason behind it. Jade's family was powerful and had connections. Once those connections were made, her mother and father would be the ones to benefit.

Snapping out of her thoughts, Amber moved to the side, to let the other family through the door. When Jade passed by her, settling her bags on the ground, she turned to the blonde girl. "Where's your room?" She looked at the girl for a moment; seeing that it was obvious Jade wasn't being proper. What the correct thing to do, would be to wait until one was escorted towards the correct destination instead of out right saying something. Frustration boiled in her insides, but she let her light personality come into play. "This way," she said in a calm tone. Amber picked up the girl's luggage in her two hands, wishing that she had the maid to do all of the work. However, the maid said that she was taking a day off, which only made her more frustrated. Even touching the bags disgusted her, so she walked down the long wooden hallway and towards her bedroom at a fast pace.

When she got inside, she immediately put the bags down by the side of her bed. "You can sleep on the sofa here, or if you're uncomfortable you may take the bed. What do you wish?" Amber made herself make eye contact with Jade, hoping that the girl wouldn't say that she wanted to sleep in the bed. Yet, no matter what, she had learned to put a guest's needs before her own. "The bed." She tried not to sigh at the answer and then she turned away from Jade, making a dirty look at the fireplace.

"Very well," she replied simply, turning her head to face the girl again. "Do you need help to unpack your bags, or do you have a handle on it?" Amber couldn't even begin to imagine touching Jade's clothes. It would be just like touching garbage with her bare hands. "I'm perfectly fine, dealing with my own things. In fact, you can leave."

Her eyes flickered back to the girl and they held each other's gaze for a minute. Jade had made it perfectly obvious that she disliked Amber as well and the sudden fact sent a small shiver running down her back. There was hardly anybody that disliked her and having Jade be the first one did not make her in any way comfortable. Amber allowed herself to loathe people, even if it was rare, but she was never in the same situation where the feelings were mutual.

"Alright I will leave. But I'll be back after I get ready for bed. It's late, if you haven't noticed." Besides everything, Amber pulled her small mouth into a smile. Jade did not return the fake happy mood that the other girl was in, so she instead only held her penetrating deep gaze on Amber. All the brunette really wanted to do was to be alone and it seemed that the girl in front of her did not seem to get the hint. Though the truth was, that she was stuck here for a month, and there was absolutely nothing she could say or do about it. Helplessness was not something that Jade was very fond of, but accepting any situation at any given point was something that she was used to. So with that thought in mind, she turned away from Amber and started to unpack her things.

When the girl didn't respond back to her and unaware of Jade's inner thoughts, Amber almost smiled with relief. She didn't want to have to speak to Jade anymore and it didn't seem that the other girl wanted to either. She walked back towards the door and began to open it, when she suddenly remembered her manners again. "If you need anything, let me or my mother know." When Jade didn't answer her again, she walked away, happy to be away from her room for the first time in her life.

Later that night, Amber woke up from a restless sleep. Lying down on the sofa was very uncomfortable, but of course she could never complain about it out loud. Blinking her eyes rapidly, she stretched, and then looked at her surroundings. It was still nighttime and the darkness in her room seemed to conquer the silence that was inside of the house.

Part of her wanted to return to sleep, but she was suddenly hungry. She slipped her robe over her nightdress and quietly slipped out of her room, making her way down the hallway and into the kitchen. Normally, Amber would never think of getting a midnight snack, yet, with the Barton family moving into the house she didn't exactly get a chance to eat a full dinner. She didn't have the biggest appetite, her feelings getting in the way of her mouth actually taking in the food that had been on her plate.

As Amber went towards the pantry, she heard food steps behind her. Her whole body froze in a stance and she was afraid to turn her head around. Hoping that it was her mother and not her father, she made the decision to say something. "Mother, I'll go back to bed immediately. I'm terribly sorry if I disrupted your sleep." She looked down at her feet, still not daring to turn around.

Suddenly she felt a hand on her shoulder and then she heard a voice whisper in her ear. "Don't be sorry." Confusion rippled through her mind, knowing that she didn't recognize the person behind her. Amber swallowed nervously finally making her self look to the side, just to see who it was. It was Jade. Immediately she tore her body away from the other girl's hand on her shoulder, wanting to run away as soon and as quickly as possible. Although, as she took a couple steps around the person in front of her, she slipped on the thin floor, falling onto her knees. Her legs burned from the impact and she had to bite down on her hand to keep from screaming out in agony.

Jade walked over to the blonde girl and sat down on the floor next to her. Before either one could realize what was happening, Amber felt the dark brunette lean towards her and kiss her lips. She hated the fact that she was entangled in a kiss with the very girl that disgusted her, but she couldn't find the strength to pull away. The warm sweet taste that entered her mouth was surprisingly good and through her pain, she wanted it to last.

When the other girl broke away, it snapped her back to reality. Forgetting about her manners completely and the fact that Jade was her guest, she said, "I hate you." The words came out in a hard whisper and both girls once more locked eyes. Jade almost smiled at the girl's response, liking that Amber was leaving her fake happiness behind. "Good. Because I hate you as well." So with that, she pulled the blonde into another kiss, hoping that everything she was doing was truly freaking the girl out even more.

Amber kissed Jade back, this time welcoming the sweetness coming back into her mouth. Every good intention she had about not even coming into contact with the other girl while she was in the Wilmington's house went completely out of her head. But since she admitted to the brunette her hatred, she had nothing better to do but to prove it to her as well. Amber made the kiss harder, biting and scraping the other girl's bottom lip.

Jade moaned in response, seeing that the blonde was finally playing the same game she was playing. Yet, little did the smaller girl know, Jade took risks and no matter how hard Amber would play, she would still be the one to lose. To show her dominance, she began unbuttoning the girl's nightdress, pulling and tugging on each button until they came lose.

Meanwhile, Amber kept kissing Jade, deciding to let the brunette take off her clothes. She had the maid and her mother do it before, so why should the other girl unbuttoning her nightdress bother her? Amber didn't think of a good enough reason, so she decided to take it to the next level. She dripped her kisses down the other girl's neck and pulled off Jade's nightwear at a quicker pace then when the brunette had taken off her own.

Now they were both completely naked and before Amber had a chance to keep kissing Jade, the girl ducked her head down and started sucking on both of her hard erected nipples. The blonde gasped with surprise and the realization came through her mind of the fact that Jade was winning. Amber was never really good at competition in the first place, but what the other girl was making her feel, literally took over her whole body.

She couldn't help but admit to herself that she enjoyed the hot kisses that were making their way down her thin and small frame. Amber put her hands on top of Jade's dark hair, noticing for the first time that it felt like pure silk in her grasp. However, the brunette was lowering herself further towards the ground, so Amber's grip on her loosened.

Just to make sure Jade had won completely, the brunette had decided she was going to do something the blonde was never going to forget. She was down on the floor completely and she put her thin pale index finger inside the girl's entrance. Amber's eyes squeezed shut, her body shuddering with pleasure, as Jade pushed her finger in and out at a quick pace. "More," she heard herself whisper.

Abiding by the blonde's wishes, the brunette smirked and started licking the warm liquid coming down Amber's legs. She was more then winning now, Jade knew she was going beyond the boundaries, but at the moment she really couldn't care less. Her finger left the girl's entrance and her tongue slipped inside, to make up the absence for it. Amber moaned again, her whole body convulsing in slow but powerful waves, as she was beginning to reach her climax.

Warmth circled the blonde's body along with more shudders and a powerful scream that she was keeping tucked away. Jade had conquered, but just to add a little of herself in everything, she dropped her mouth on top of one of the girl's breasts, and bit hard. The brunette would have yelped because of it, but she still had her tongue inside of the other girl. More liquid was seeping down from Amber and Jade took it inside of her mouth, drinking it. The taste was sweet and salty and she wanted it to last.

Finally, the brunette took her mouth away from the other girl's entrance, and just moved back to kissing her lips instead. Amber was dripping with sweat, her mind was blank, and her body aching from what she just went through. Either way, she kissed Jade back again, tasting the left over liquid that was just inside her body. The brunette had held some of it in her mouth, just so Amber could take part in drinking some of it.

When exhaustion came through the blonde's mind, she pulled away from the deep and dark kiss that she was in, feeling herself collapse on the floor next to Jade. Besides everything that had happened, the brunette felt a sudden responsibility over the smaller girl. She picked Amber up from the floor with both of their clothes and carried her back to the bedroom, laying her down on the soft and comfy bed.