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Introduction (Edited)

There are certain places that only exist in the human mind. No one can get there but you, usually. I welcome you to the land in my mind. It is called Trinigahn. The city has not that many people, it houses only about 300. The rich live in the east, and the farms are in the west. The big city lies in the heart of the land. It is the biggest part of Trinigahn (Which is actually quite big, but it houses little) Here we meet a young girl named Breela Topper. Breela has long light brown hair and green-blue eyes, she just turned thirteen. She is rather short and loves everything about life. Her house was in the city part of the amazing land. 290 Gringle St. is where she lived with her mom, two older brothers, three older sisters, in a small, white two story house. The house had blue shingles and a small porch that led up to a black door. You could see Breela's room that she shared with her three sisters, Annaleise, Belle, and Piper, outside in the top left window. It was the first one as soon as you walked up the mahogany stairs.

If you go exactly two streets up past 290 Gringle St. you'll find 401 Ring St. That was the street of Breela's best friend Arianna. Arianna was a tall dark haired, light brown eyed girl. She lived on a farm; it was the first farm outside of the city. Peach Wood farm they called it. It was big and white with black shingles. There was a gate that had "Welcome to Peach Wood Farm" written on it. There was a barn and three acres of land for farming.

Now we go back to Breela who is sitting in her room, reading a book…

__________ Breela's POV_________

"Breela!" Piper, my forteen year old sister, screamed from the other side of our small bedroom.

"What?" I said without looking up from my book. Piper was the most annoying of my siblings, she was always either too peppy, or too angry. She was the second youngest in our family, which meant we had to share one of the bunk beds in our light yellow room. Piper was older than me, so she got the top bunk, and yes, I minded.

"Did you take my new teal sweater with the little beads going a cross the top," I looked down at the sweater I was wearing. It was new, teal, and had little beads going across the top, but it wasn't Piper's.

"I bought this last week," I explained as I returned to my book. Piper came across the room and grabbed the book from my hands. I sighed and tried to reach for it back, but Piper was holding it above her light brown hair filled head.

"Mom said that she bought that sweater for me, so give it!" Piper must've gotten something confused.

"Mom bought you a brown sweater, just like this, this ones not yours, its mine," The glare in her light brown eyes changed, she looked a bit nicer for a bit, probably because brown was her favorite color.

"Fine," Piper finally agreed and went to search through her half of our closet for the brown sweater. When she finally found it she pulled it over her head and went down for breakfast. Today was the first day of school, Piper was starting high school, and I was going into the eighth grade. My twin older brothers, Tristan and Aiden, were going to be seniors this year. Annaleise was fifteen and going into 10th grade and Belle was sixteen and going into 11th. We had one kid in every grade from 8th and up, except college. We probably had the biggest family in the whole city, well, one of them.

I stood up, my blue jeans stretching out into a more comfortable position. Strolling out of the room and down the stairs, I entered the kitchen to find Tristand and Aiden playing football over the table with our cereal box. Belle was standing on the table trying to get the box to pour her self some cereal. Piper was just sitting in her chair with an empty bowl of nothing, and Annaleise hadn't even gotten out of the shower yet. Ever since our dad had left us, my mom worked extra hours to make ends meet, which meant she now left for work early. We all did our shares earning money too; Aiden and Tristan worked at the local pizza place, called Pizza Palace, and Annaleise, Belle, Piper, and I all babysat. I looked around at our kitchen; it was fairly small, like every other room in the house. It had granite counter tops, wooden cabinets, and a white tiled floor that was always covered in crumbs or juice. Belle finally caught the cereal in the middle of a hike and swung her brown hair around her shoulders. Her brown eyes caught mine and she tossed me the box.

"Breela your pants are undone," Tristan joked, as always. I looked down and quickly zipped up my jeans. My face flushed a deep red, even though I was only with family. Aiden slapped his hand on Tristans and they both laughed together.

I grabbed a bowl and sat down at our big circle table. Belle hopped down from the table and sat next to me, Piper on her other side. The boys had obviously eaten their cereal already because they were out the door as soon as they had made fun of me.

"Breela, are you taking the subway to school?" Piper asked as she shoved a big bite of flaky cereal in her mouth.

"Yeah, I am, why?" I responded before I put my bite in, and then chomped after finishing.

"Because you have no one to ride with," She reminded me that I got to go to school without anyone else in my family. I smiled as I responded.

"I'll ride with Arianna," my best friend and I were going to meet at the corner of Litchem, right before the subway entrance, and ride together.

"Alright, but remember what mom said," and I did, it was the same old thing; don't talk to strangers, she wouldn't even let us sit next to strangers on the subway.

"I will," I said as I finished my last bite of cereal. I walked to the sink and put my bowl inside of it. I rinsed it out and put it to dry on a rack my mom had gotten as a housewarming gift when we first moved in. Right as I was about to put on my new pair of dark brown flats Annaleise was coming down the stairs.

"Where have you been?" Belle complained, "We leave in like ten minutes!"

"Relax, relax," Annaleise tried calming Belle, "I can eat a bowl of cereal in five," I didn't feel like listening to this, so I put my shoes on, grabbed my bag and headed out the door.

To get to Litchem Street all I had to do was go up my street, and cross Hana Street, walk to the left and then go up a few steps and I would be at the corner of Litchem and Hana, where I was supposed to meet Arianana. When I got there she was already waiting for me.

"Hey!" She greeted me with a high five and started rambling on about the goats on her farm. I was too busy thinking about the school day to listen to her goat rantings. I thought about seeing everybody from 7th grade, and maybe meeting some of the new kids, though we rarely got new kids.

"So then, Kurtis, the grey one, kicked Sly, the white one, and we had to keep Kurtis locked up all day!" She pouted about Kurtis the goat, the one who she obviously liked the most, because she talked about him the most. We started to walk down the subway stairs, the loud roar of the train interrupted her sentence and for a moment I was free from her goat talking. But the train quickly stopped and I continued to hear her fabulous stories of the three goats that lived in her barn.

"Billy, the brown one, is never around the other goats; I'm beginning to worry if he is feeling bad that he has no friends. I'm really worried about him," She told me she was worried twice in that sentence, which signaled me to change the subject.

"So, umm, are you excited for school?" I popped that question and her face turned dull.

"Of course I'm not excited for school! Although I did miss everyone during the summer, but I will miss my goats during the school days," And there we were back on the subject of goats as we boarded our train to school. We found a seat around not strangers, just to follow my mom's rules. She talked about goats the whole time, driving me mad. Kurtis and Sly this, Billy that! It was so annoying! When we finally arrived at school I was overjoyed. The school was rather small, but still big; it was made of bricks and only had one story. Since there weren't that many people in Trinigahn there were only two teachers per grade, so only six teachers in the whole school, not including the principle and vice principle. I had Mrs. Yankee, Arianna had Mrs. Ria. Hey, I loved her, she was my best friend, but she talked way too much about goats, and goats wasn't something that I loved to talked about.

We walked into the Trinigahn Middle School. The hallways were filled with laughter and shouts. Carter Michen was the first voice I recognized.

"…If you like pina colada!" He sang to no one in general, just hoping for laughs. It worked as I walked to my locker I let out a silent laugh that no one could hear. There was always something about Carter that made me laugh; he was just a funny person in general. But he had the most amazing blue eyes you'd ever see too. He was good looking, but he was taken, so I decided to just leave him as a friend.

My locker number was number twelve. There were only fifty kids in my grade, so only twenty-five kids were in each class. We didn't switch classes like a normal middle school, we just stayed with one teacher, and it wasn't until high school that we moved classes for each subject.

"Breela Topper," Carter's voice sang in my head, "Your locker is next to mine,"

"I see that…" it was all I managed to spit out through my joy. His locker being next to mine meant that he would be in the same class as me. I smiled happily as I put books into my locker.

"Carter!" Callie Nickol's squeaky voice filled my ears. She was so annoying. She was also Carters girlfriend. The shortest person I'd ever met and she had the lightest, brightest blonde hair and blue eyes I'd ever seen. But they weren't pretty like Carter's. I decided to ignore the two of them and went back to my books. I got up and looked at the grey carpeted halls; they were so busy with the feet of people hugging each other. I wasn't hugging anyone. That was particularly because I really didn't belong to any one group, I was friends with everyone, I sat with different people at lunch, mostly I sat with Arianna, alone outside though. I liked it that way, not having some posse following you around all the time. I found that very annoying.

I got up off the floor and walked to my classroom with only a paper and pen, since it was the first day of school and I wouldn't need much. The bells would ring in five minutes for all the students to be in their classrooms. I was the fifth student in the room. I saw Lilah Devon across the room and waved. She walked over and started talking to me. Lilah had tan skin and dark green-brown eyes. She was about my height, not short but not tall. She was very into music and had a great voice, she sung at school events all the time. We talked about our summers until the class started and we choose seats next to each other in the middle of the room. Carter walked in after the bell had rung, but before the teacher had started. He smiled at me, I smiled back awkwardly, and then he chose a seat in the back next to his best friend Stephen Uhla. The teacher began talking about the supplies we would need and the things we would be doing this year. By lunch she had given us our English books and first semester reading project.

"Breela!" I heard Arianna's voice through the teen filled hallways as I was rushed out of Mrs. Yankee's room, "Over here!" I turned around to see Arianna waving her arms in the air, she really didn't need to though, seeing as she was very tall, about 5' 8" (towering over me by six or seven inches) and had the loudest voice I'd ever heard. Her voice could direct me to wherever she was. I walked over to Arianna, who was now by the drinking fountain, waiting for the slender red head in front of her to get a drink.

"Can we sit with Riley Eder today?" Oh no, not Riley Eder. I had known Riley Eder since the second grade and she was as annoying as a lamp that wouldn't stop flickering, giving you a headache. But seeing how excited Arianna was about it, I decided that maybe she had changed.

"Could Lilah sit with us too?" Arianna gave me a confused look, as to say, 'whose Lilah?', "Lilah Devon?" I gave it another try.

"Oh, umm, alright," A short hefty blonde boy behind Arianna flicked her on the shoulder and muttered that it was her turn to get some water. She scooted up a bit and ducked down.

I saw Lilah coming down the stairs before Arianna had been done drinking, "Hey, Lilah, do you wanna sit with me and Arianna?" I asked her pleasantly.

"Sorry, wish I could but I told Nina that I would sit with her today," She gave me a sympathy smile and walked forward towards the lunch room. Arianna tapped me on the shoulder, signaling a go. We walked into the courtyard to eat. It was rather breezy day outside, but this was where Riley wanted to sit.

"Over here!" I heard Riley call from a round cement table in the shade surrounded by trees and yellow flowers. I shivered as I took my seat and put my lunch down on the table.

"Oh," Riley seemed surprised, "Hi Breela," I decided to put on a good fake smile and braced myself for the most annoying lunch hour of my life.

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