Rejection would never sting as much, spoken from your sweet lips.

It wasn't intentional, rest assured, though most I do is. One sweeping glance, a random crowd, strangers' faces.

I hadn't meant to lock gazes with one. Never catch anyone's eye. ( That's not something I ever seem to do. ) Intense, unreadable, they held the bitter-sweetness of molten chocolate. Never am I


But you seem to render me so.

(Always loved Native American heritage.) High cheekbones speak to my soul, and five o'clock shadow speaks of rugged appeal. Yet you seem so sweet, shy.

(I've always been a sucker for long dark hair, darling.)

Imagine my surprise when you smiled back. And then proceeded on a collision course with the waitress. (Never thought I'd be the graceful one, love.)

Why so serious?

How I'd love to wipe that expression; I want to see you smile again. I wonder what your laugh sounds like; to relish, cause it, let it run through my veins.

Though, with your gaze trained on me like that, you can keep the expression. You come across the quiet type; you scream intellect.

(Quid pro quo. Give me your heart.)

Eye contact doesn't go unnoticed. (Ignore them, love. They don't understand.)

I love the ponytail, baby, but I'd love to rid you of it and let it flow down your shoulders.; it looks so soft, so lustrous.

(No, don't run your hands through it. Don't tempt me.)

Temptation has never felt this good.

Age is no factor, not in the affairs of the heart. (Honey, a few years never hurt a soul.)

Let them think what they will. But please, please, watch me as I go.

(And look at my name; take in my number; that slip of paper wasn't for laughs.)

I wrote it for you.

My first poem on this site. Real experience. Lemme know your thoughts; I love constructive crit. Oh, and the whole setup and everything? It's inspired by CuriousContradiction.