I counted to two hundred and back.

You still weren't done yelling.

I shrunk away, staring at you;

Wondering if I should hate you or not.

Uttering "wait" didn't help,

Saying sorry wasn't even working.

You walked away, tearing me apart again.

I broke then and there;

My tears fell, but dried quickly.

My emotions started fading.

I look upon the star ridden sky,

Knowing the days count down until I forget.

The day this crest goes away,

The day that my heart comes back,

They day I may forget I loved you.

I growled throwing what I wished was my heart to the ground.

I tensed as a hand lay onto my shoulder,

You said sorry as I turned to see your face.

I nodded, you led me back inside;

Where I knew it would start all over again...