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It was raining. Not just a small drizzle... it was pouring. Adam Hale was not a rain person. He loved the water, he would go swimming anyday, but rain...? Hell no... It wasn't the fact that it always made him feel ansty, no matter how light or heavy it was, and it wasn't the fact that his father had been killed on a rainy night... No... It was the fact that no matter when it decided to rain on him, he always found himself alone with one of three people whom he affectionately named the Friendly Three...

The first was Zack Pryce... Zack was tall and tan, easily personifying the words "tall, dark, and handsome". He had the darkest raven hair, which shined and waved sinfully against his chiseled face and masculine shoulders. He had the body of a Greek god, equipped with rippling muscles, and a low voice that rumbled sensuously through his chest. He had deep blue eyes that were almost navy in color. It was nearly impossible to deny that he was incredibly sexy... In his wolf form he took the shape of a big, all-black beast that looked as deadly as it did beautiful.

Another one was Adrien Coal... Adrien was also tall and tan. However, where Zack had raven hair to his shoulders, Adrien had luscious blonde hair that only waved slightly around his ears. He had the calmest and most alluring emerald green eyes... They always shone with humor, which only added to his appeal. Once again, he had the body of a god. His taut body was nearly as inviting as his gently flowing voice that was lightly traced with a Southern accent; after all, he had grown up in Georgia. His wolf form was a sleek, beautiful blonde wolf that could tear anything apart with his razor sharp teeth.

The final one was Alexander Fury, who simply went by Fury... a more fitting name. Fury could have easily been the sexiest of the three. His chocolate brown hair, which was cropped short, accented his golden eyes perfectly. He had a deep voice that could send shivers down the strongest spine... And his body... His body went beyond a god... He was all male, from the tip of his head to the bottom of his feet; the straightest man would want a taste of him... One look from him sent females into a sex crazed haze... He was the epitome of sex and beauty. His wolf form was a big, chocolate brown wolf with peircing golden eyes; he was one of the biggest in the pack.

So why would Adam have such a problem with being alone with one of these incredibly gorgeous guys? One: they were horny pricks. Everytime he found himself alone with one of them, they never failed to ask him to bed. Two: he'd known them since he was little. None of them were much older than him, he was seventeen and the youngest of them (Adrien) was twenty. He had considered them brothers... but then they had hit puberty and started lusting after people and had grown distant from him, not wanting a "kid" getting in their way. When he had hit puberty and discovered he would be a rare submissive in the pack, they had taken an instant liking to him. They all lusted after him.

Adam was one of the smallest of his age in his "family". Every other guy in his pack who was at least his age almost towered over him. He was as tall as the boys in his school, but to his pack he was tiny... like a female. His hair was mostly a dark cherry red, but when in the sun it had brighter highlights. He kept it just long enough to cover his smoldering grey eyes. He didn't have the darkest skin in the pack, in fact it was rather light compared to everyones else's. His mother had called it "peaches and cream", which certainly entertained his suitors. He also had a small gentle voice that drove the males mad (Because he was a submissive, none of the females wanted him). His wolf form was about as big as his mother's and it was a unique brindle (a mixture of reds, browns, and blacks), the only one in the pack. On his front left foot he had a white sock that his mother and the Friendly Three fawned over every time he was in wolf form. His coat was shiny and he had a mournful alto voice. All of the females were jealous of him... He had so much attention and they wanted some of the action. He had finally gotten rid of most of it, but of course, the three people he couldn't shake were the three main candidates to become Alpha of their pack.

The werewolf pack, which had been headed by Adam's father before he died, was currently leaderless. The Elders were running until a suitable leader could be found. It had been six years since the death of Jonathan Hale, one of the greatest leaders the pack had ever had, and an Alpha had yet to be found. Every year they had the Test, where every eligible male would fight for the chance to claim the Alpha title; none had ever been good enough. This year though, Fury, Adrien, and Zack would be competing and one of them would definitely win. Then after the Test, was the Bitches' Dance. It was the test for any eligible female willing to fight for the position of being the Alpha's bitch. Both tests sickened Adam; brute strength was not what made a leader, and why would any self-respecting female fight for someone's attention? He for one would never roll over on his back to be someone's bitch; if someone wanted him, they would have to prove themselves to him and not the other way around.

Today, he found himself alone with Adrien. If he had to pick one of the three he had to be stuck with, it would definitely be Adrien. The young Georgian just had this appealing aura around him. He wasn't as horny or as bastardly as his friends, and he was always smiling; Adam could definitely see himself being friends with the blonde. Adrien seemed to only court him because his older friends were doing it. He hated being left out of anything. And besides, it was simply hard not to find the Southern boy charming.

"Why hello, Beautiful," the blonde male said, smiling brightly. He stood in front of Adam as the smaller wolf tried to walk around the huge man. "Why is it that we always meet on the dreariest days?" he asked with a charming southern smile as he blocked Adam's way.

Adam rolled his stormy grey eyes and stopped trying to get by while crossing his arms over his slender chest. "Is it because one of you three Alpha wannabes always seem to just accidentally run into me while I'm alone and you have an excuse to see me wet?" Adam gestured slightly to his soaked clothes. He regretted wearing a white shirt because his entire chest could now be seen through the wet fabric, including the small black Celtic design around his naval that marked him as a submissive.

It was this mark that held Adrien's emerald gaze captive. The blonde wolf reached a hand up to lightly trace the marking through the boy's shirt; Adam didn't move. He allowed the blonde to continue... until his hand reached to slide under the white shirt. Within a second, Adrien was sprawled out on his back, looking up at Adam.

"Today's not my day, huh?" he questioned from the floor, a grin spread out onto his face. He ignored the cold water that immediately soaked his back.

Adam smirked and offered his hand to the older wolf. "Nope," he said, pulling the blonde up. That was what he liked about Adrien. He would make a move, Adam would put him on his back, and then they would act like it had never happened. Adam had asked the other wolf why one day; he had said that he would love to have Adam for himself, but he could tell when the feelings weren't mutual. However, he had been instructed/threatened by Fury to at least try to win Adam's affections. Fury had claimed that either he, Zack, or Adrien would have Adam... no one else... so if Adam refused him, he may choose one of the other two. Fury was just like that...

Adrien brushed invisible dirt from his denim shirt which fit snuggly on his muscled chest, a useless action because of the rain, and then dusted off his dark denim jeans which hugged a nicely sculpted backside. Adam felt his cheeks heat up as he noticed this... He shook his head; the last thing he needed was to fall for Adrien... That would be weird...

Adrien turned to him, smiling brightly. "Are you coming to the Clearing to watch the Test?" he asked as he wiped some water out if his eyes.

Adam looked at the older wolf as if he were stupid. "Of course," he replied, "Why wouldn't I? I want to see who becomes our next leader."

"Of course you would... but you do know what happens after every Test, don't you?"

Adam sighed, his grey eyes looking highly annoyed. "Yes," he said, "The Bitches' Dance... No," he growled out, "I will not join it." The Bitches' Dance was open to any female, in his case, submissive, whom was old enough to have a mate and whom thought they were strong enough to claim the Alpha. Zack had been dropping hints for him to join it, Fury had out-right asked him too, and Adrien... well... where was he going with this?

"Hmm... Don't you want to?" the blonde wolf asked.

"No," Adam said, he ran his hand through his wet hair, "I don't want to fight for someone... I would rather someone fight for me." There was a brief silence in which Adrien stared at Adam with a calculating look in his emerald eyes. He smiled and lightly shouldered Adam when he started to walk next to him.

"I'll race you home," Adrien exclaimed as he quickly shifted to his wolf form and ran forward a few feet. He stopped to sit on his back legs and wait when he saw that Adam wasn't changing too.

"You are so careless!" Adam laughed as he looked around to be sure that no humans were around. Yet even if they were he doubted they could have seen the change through all the rain anyway... "But you're on!" he exclaimed over the roar of the rain. He bolted forward and lept over the blonde wolf and in mid-air changed. When he hit the ground he was already a good five feet away from Adrien.

Adrien watched Adam run ahead of him and howled in appreciation at the beautiful site before running after the smaller brindle wolf. They ran off the street and towards the forest. Adam's house was used to hold each pack meeting because his father had been leader and because his house was the only one big enough to hold the entire pack. It was located deep within the forest where the pack didn't need to worry about hiding and were free to run in wolf form and not get caught. Adam's house wasn't the only pack house in the woods. There was a subdivision called Moon Creek that housed nothing but werewolves and was where the Friendly Three lived when they weren't pestering Adam at his house.

Adam picked up his pace when he felt Adrien's nose touch his hind leg. No one in the pack could run faster than Adam and Adrien and between the two, Adam usually came out on top. His wolf form was smaller and built for speed while Adrien's was bigger and built for strength. He heard Adrien howl, a deep, low sound that nearly made Adam stop and go to him. He howled back, a sustained alto note that was a little louder than he intended. The sound urged Adrien to run a little faster as he doged a tree and bounded forward, his blonde paws digging into the muddy earth. He was steadily gaining on Adam, the small, brindle wolf's house coming into view.

Seeing his house Adam lept forward and his paws touched down on his backyard. He slowed down to a jog, he had won. Suddenly he was tackled to the ground by Adrien. They rolled across the yard and ended up in a tangle of limbs with Adrien on the bottom. They each changed back into their human forms and laughed at the position they were in. "I won!" Adam boasted as he poked Adrien's chest. While they ran it had stopped pouring rain and was now just drizzling.

"So you did," Adrien laughed as he sat up and pushed Adam off gently. "I'll win next time," he promised as he stood and reached down to help Adam up.

"In your dreams," Adam laughed as he wiped off his butt.

"In my dreams," came a sudden, deep voice that sent a shiver down Adam's spine. "Do you need help with that?" asked the voice as a firm hand passed over his backside.

He rolled his eyes and stepped away from the hand. "Hello, Fury," he said as he turned to see the tall brunette. "Hello, small one," Fury smiled. He looked over at Adrien. "Adrien," he said with a nod.

Adrien cleared his throat awkwardly and nodded back, "Fury."

"What are you doing here?" Adam asked Fury after a curious glance at Adrien. "The test is tomorrow, and the party doesn't start until 9:30 tonight." The party being when Test participants went to a local bar/club to dance and get drunk. The place was called 'Phases', like the moon, and it was run by an old wolf couple whom everyone loved, humans and wolves alike (of course the humans didn't know about the darker side of the club's owners).

"Your mother called all eligible participants of the Test for a meeting," Fury explained. "Zack should be here shortly," he said as he took off the jacket he had on and draped it over Adam's slender shoulders. "You should head inside and dry off or you'll get sick and have to miss your next game," he warned referring to Adam's position on the human baseball team at Moon Creek High School.

"Oh, yeah... what ever will I do if you guys can't stare at my butt while I run around a baseball field in tight, ass hugging pants?" Adam asked sarcastically as he wrapped the jacket tighter around himself and turned to walk to the back porch. Adrien and Fury laughed as they watched the smaller wolf stomp up the stairs. When he reached the door it flew open though and hit him in the nose. "Ow!" he howled as he clutched his throbbing nose. He looked up at his attacker through teary eyes and saw that it was Zack.

"I'm sorry, cub," Zack said as he pulled Adam into an apologetic hug. He pulled Adam back and bent down to look at his nose. "Here, move your hands," he said softly. Adam shook his head 'no' and tried to get passed Zack and go inside. Warm arms wrapped around him and stopped him. Then gentle hands were placed against his, pulling them away. "It's not broken," Zack said as he pushed down on the sensitive, sore nose.

Adam whimpered and slapped Zack's hands away. "Yeah, but it hurts!" He pushed Zack away from him and with as much pride as he had left turned and left the Friendly Three to laugh amongst themselves at his retreating back.

"Mom! I'm home!" he yelled as he went to the kitchen and grabbed an ice pack from the fridge to put on his aching nose. The cool sensation felt delightful and he sighed in relief.

"What happened to your nose, honey?" came a soft, musical voice. A woman with strawberry blonde hair and a heart-shaped face walked in wiping her hands on a purple apron tied around her waist. Adam looked up into his mother's baby-blue eyes. He rushed forward and hugged his mom with the arm he wasn't using to hold the ice pack. "The Freindly Three attacked me!" he whined. His mom only laughed and rubbed his head like she always did when he was upset. "You smell good," Adam said unexpectedly. His mom smelled like strawberries and vanilla. "Were you baking?" He pulled away and took in her appearance.

She had her hair pulled up into a nice bun with small curls framing her face. Instead of her usual jeans and blouse she was wearing a nice dress and had even put on make-up. "I was baking," she said as she reached under the cabinet and pulled out a towel. At Adam's questioning look she added, "We have guests. That's why I had everyone elligible to be in the Test come over," she said as she stepped forward and began wiping at her son's clothes. "They need to meet our guests, and so do you," she said pulling off Adam's shirt. "But first you need to get cleaned up. Take your dirty clothes to the laundry room and I'll do my best to get the mud off."

Before Adam could tell her that it was Adrien's fault his clothes were muddy, the kitchen door opened... and in walked one of the sexiest men Adam had ever seen. He was sexier than Adrien, Zack, and Fury combined...

Adam felt his cheeks flush. "Amora," said the stranger in a deep rumbling voice that made Adam's heart skip a beat, "my father wishes to speak with you before the rest of your pack arrives." He looked over at the newcomer and the first thing he noticed was the head of white hair that was tied back away from his finely chiseled face. Oddly, the man looked no older than twenty-five.

"Alright," Adam's mom said with a light blush on her tan face. "Don't be too long, honey," she said to Adam as she took off her apron and set it on the counter. Adam set down the ice pack as his mom walked out, leaving her half-naked son with the complete, yet incredibly sexy, stranger who just now seemed to notice his presence. The big, tall stranger looked down at Adam with swirling violet eyes, letting them roam all over his wet, half-naked body. The deep violet eyes lingered on the black Celtic tattoo around his navel before the stranger bowed his head and turned to leave. Adam could think of nothing to say and even if he could, he had momentarily forgotten how to speak. He watched the man leave, noticing that his white hair was braided and went half-way down his very muscular back.

"Hello again, gorgeous," Adrien smiled as he and the other two thirds of the Freindly Three came in through the door. They whistled at his topless appearance and hungrily looked him over. He was knocked out of his momentary stupor and his voice came back.

"You guys are so stupid!" he exclaimed as he pushed his way out of the circle they'd surrounded him in and picked up the ice pack. He put it up when he passed the fridge and took the set of back stairs leading to his room. The Three tried to follow him but he quickly showed them he was is no mood for their advances and sent them away with their tails between their legs.

Once in his room he finished drying himself off and ridded himself of his wet jeans and underwear to be replaced by a fresh, dry pair of boxers and some black dress pants. He dug around in his closet to find a nice shirt, thinking of the new stranger the whole time...


"Now that everyone is here," Amora Hale started when her son joined the rest of the pack in the den, "we can begin." She gestured over to a group of five people no one in the pack had ever seen before, three men and two women. They all had eyes of various shades of purple. "Our new guests are here from the Royal city. This is Nikolas Cane." The stranger with white hair stood and bowed. He was the youngest of the five. Adam blushed when Nikolas's violet eyes found his and Nikolas sat back down. "This is Draconis Cane, Nikolas's father. And the others are members of their guard." Draconis stood and bowed. Adam noticed that he and Nikolas were very similar in appearance except Draconis had black hair with gray streaks that was also braided down his back. His eyes were the same swirling violet of his son's but held a smiling warmth that was lacking in the serious-looking eyes of Nikolas.

Draconis didn't sit back down like Nikolas had, though. He stood and walked over to stand next to Amora. "Thank you for that marvelous introduction," he said with a deep cheerful voice that reminded Adam of his own father. "Hello, Pack of Hale," he said in greeting to the rest of the pack. The pack's name changed with each new leader. Since Adam's father was the last leader the pack still had his name. "We have come to give you a proposition. My son and I come from the Royal City. It is now in danger of attack from the humans and a few rebelling wolves from our own pack." Outraged whispers errupted around the room. "We have traveled the country in the hopes of finding a new location for the Royal City. Each pack we've encountered however has let us down... On the road we met several lone wolves who told us how your pack was in need of a new Alpha-"

Fury stood and said, "And we intend to find one like any other pack does, the Test. We shouldn't have to accept a new leader based on anything besides their ability to win."

The other eligible Test participants nodded their heads in agreement. Draconis smiled. "We would not have it any other way. We simply ask that one of our own be allowed to participate. And if he wins, we will make this pack the new Royals."

"If you lose?" Zack questioned as he pulled Fury back down.

"If we lose we simply ask that we be able to bring back our mates and young ones until a pack of our own can be found," Draconis replied with a note of despair. He had hoped this pack would have been different...

"Why did you come here in the hopes to win if you could not win anywhere else?" Adrien asked next.

"We never lost anywhere," Draconis sighed. He bowed his head in defeat.

"Then why are you here?" Fury asked, his patience dimming.

Nikolas stood up and walked over to stand next to his father. Adam saw the similarities even better now. "We never lost anywhere because they never let me compete," he growled. No one spoke up to ask the question on everyone's mind. Adam looked around.

"Why?" he boldly asked. He didn't look away when the smoldering violet eyes of Nikolas looked over at him.

"They didn't want to risk hurting the Prince," he said still maintaining eye contact with Adam.

"The Prince?" Fury asked with an edge of excitement to his voice. "The Prince wishes to join the Test?" He and the other Three stood and bowed. The Prince eyed them specutively.

"Well I say bring it on! Finally! An opponent worth fighting... I was worried I'd have to waste my mad skills on these two!" Adrien laughed. Adam laughed too.

"What mad skills? You can't even beat me in a race of speed!" The rest of the pack laughed along with him. Adrien glared at Adam and stuck his tonuge out at him.

"So you will let us join?" King Draconis asked hopefully.

"It is not up for young ones to decide!" shouted an angry voice from the back. Adam turned around and saw Adrien's father, Alan. He was determined to have Adrien win the Test. His southern accent wasn't as cute as Adrien's and his emerald eyes didn't shine with the same appealing light.

"And they are not young ones who decided!" Adam called back to him as he turned back around to face the King and Prince.

"What did you say?" Alan asked scathingly, glaring. "Do you mean to tell me that I am wrong, Adam?"

"You know as well as I that Adrien, Fury, or Zack were going to win the Test anyway. Why should anyone else besides them decide who they fight against?" Adam questioned, turning to glare at the older wolf who spoke to him as if he were a flea.

Alan backed down reluctantly because he knew that Adam was right, but he still glared with venom at the younger and beautiful wolf.

"Well spoken, Adam," Prince Nikolas said as Adam faced him once again. Adam shivered at how his name sounded coming from those lips... with that deep voice...

Amora stepped forward once again. "Does anyone elligible for the Test oppose?" She looked around the room. No one came forward. "Then it is decided... Prince Nikolas will participate." She turned to the Royals. "We would be honored to share our home with until you depart or until more proper housing arrangements can be made," she smiled.

"The honor would be ours," Nikolas said as he looked at Adam once again. Adam had stood to go talk to the Three but could feel someone staring at him.

"Everyone is free to leave! But remember to be at the Clearing at nine for the Test tomorrow night!" Amora called over the talking that had risen up; people began leaving. "I made cake if you dears are hungry," she said to Adam and the Three. The Three got a hungry, glazed look in their eyes.

"Did you make the strawberry cake?" Adrien asked dreamily. The Three loved Amora's cooking almost as much as they loved trying to court Adam.

"I did," Amora laughed. "It's in the dining hall." They immediately turned to leave. Fury wrapped his arm around Adam's shoulder.

"Time for cake, small one." Adam pushed Fury's arm away.

"You guys are relentless! Don't touch me," he glared. He could still feel eyes on him as he led his stalkers into the dining hall. On the table was a three layer cake with white icing and strawberries on top. The Friendly Three quickly put their mouths to use and downed two thirds of the cake in under five minutes... and it was a huge cake!

Adam decided it was time for the Three to leave and told them just that after they finished eating. "You're already tired of our company?" Adrien asked with a cute pout.

"Am I ever not tired of your company?" Adam shot back. The Three all put a hands on their hearts and looked hurt.

"That hurt... It really hurt," Fury said as he stood to leave. Adam laughed at him.

"I might not be able to fight tomorrow," Zack said as he stood next.

"I can't fight until my heart feels better," Adrien pouted. "Give me a kiss and revive me." He puckered his lips and closed his eyes. Adam kissed his own hand and then slapped Adrien on the back of the head.

"And you were actually cute for a second there!" he laughed.

Adrien stood and laughed while rubbing his abused head. "I had to try," he explained. "Need a ride to the club?" he asked next.

"Not from you," Adam replied with a smile.

"Crash and burn," Zack said to Adrien. The black-haired wolf looked behind Adam suddenly and bowed his head.

The remaining Three and Adam turned too, bowing their heads also when they saw the prince. The big wolf nodded his head in greeting, and walked to stand next to a suddenly blushing submissive. "A club?" the prince questioned, only looking at Adam as he spoke.

"Y-Yes," the small wolf replied. He wanted to slap himself; why was he stuttering? Just because the big wolf was incredibly good looking and... He sniffed the air discretely... and just because he smelled amazing, and because he had gorgeous eyes... and because his hair looked sexy all long and braided down his muscular back... and just because he was tall and had a deep voice and was standing close enough to touch... It did not mean he had to become a stuttering fool!

"A dance club?" the prince asked next, still keeping his eyes trained on Adam.

This time, Adrien answered. "Yeah," he replied. "It's a great dance club owned by the Healers of the pack. It's called Phases! Adam is an amazing dancer!" He lightly nudged the smaller wolf, knocking him into the prince. "He can really get us males howling. Right, Adam?"

Adam jumped away from the big wolf, fighting off the blush on his face. "How about I make you howl in pain?" he questioned, practically growling. He walked to the front porch.

Adrien laughed and follwed the smaller wolf. He gave the angry submissive a quick hug. "Always so sweet," he exclaimed, stepping down the steps of the white wood. "Good-bye! I must change, our little run got me dirty!"

Adam didn't see any dirt, but he waved, albeit reluctantly. He just couldn't stay mad at Adrien. "I'll save you a dance!" he called as the Georgian walked away. He turned to the remaining Three. He noticably sniffed the air, ignoring the delicious scent from the pirnce, who he was still quite close to. "You guys should follow Adrien's example... You smell..."

"Always the complimentary one," Fury said dryly. He bowed his head to the prince and bowed his body for Adam. "Save me a dance as well..." He stated, before walking away.

Adam bristled, he didn't like being told what to do... but he let it slide. He had been rather mean, he could save him one dance. He looked at Zack.

The black wolf gently grabbed the submissive's hand and kissed his palm, the customary thing to do amongst werewolves when trying to win one's affections. Adam blushed, like he always did. Of all the Three, Zack was the most romantic. "Save-"

"Yes," Adam said, rolling his eyes, "You may have a dance as well. Don't you always?"

Zack smirked. He bowed to both of them and walked away. "Until later," he called, leaving Adam alone on the front porch with the bigger, Royal wolf.

"Where is this club?" the Royal asked, taking a step closer. "I would very much like to go..."

Adam took a step back, blushing. "My mom will gladly show you the way. I have to stay here and ride with some of the females."

"Oh? And why is that?" He took another step.

"Because the Test is such a big deal, and because it is so rough, the single females decided that they would present themselves as sort of a treat... tonight at the party. They've been doing it for five years now, they've found it calms the males down a bit." He stepped back.

"But why should you have to go with them? You are male." Step.

"Yes," Adam replied, standing his ground, "But I am submissive. Plus, they choose one from the pack that recieves the most male attention and that lucky one gets to be the main course for their hungry gazes..." He fought off his blush and smirked. He should just treat the prince the same way he treated every other male. If they wanted him they could prove it, and until they did he would make them drool. He stepped forward and he was almost flush up against the bigger wolf. "These past two years, that one lucky one... has been me..."

"I do believe," the prince said, "that the males are the lucky ones..."

Adam was a little put out that the bigger wolf didn't stutter or blush or anything! He just stood there, very unlike all the other males. Adam could simply smile at them and they would be like melted putty. He placed his hands on Nikolas' chest and rubbed it lightly before pushing. "I need to go get ready," he said, stepping around the wolf to get inside.

Nikolas grabbed his wrist, stopping him. He pulled him closer and brought his hand up to his lips. "I look forward to seeing you dance..." He kissed the smaller wolf's palm, letting his lips linger a bit when he felt the quickening of the submissive's heartbeat in his wrist.

Adam pulled his hand away. "You're not going to ask for a dance?"

The prince smirked. "Why? Are you offering one?"

"If I heard 'Please'," he replied, before walking inside and closing the door, leaving a smirking royal in his wake.


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