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Chapter 1: Take Two

Lights. Camera. Action!

The weather was supposed to be sunshine and glitter for the forseeable future, at least accoording to the local weather man. Was it sunshine and glitter? No. It was raining, and not just a small drizzle either. It was pouring- waterfalling- monsooning, if you will.

Adam Cornelious (don't ask) Hale was not a rain person. Water? He would go swimming any day. Rain? No, hell no- not a fan. It wasn't because it always made him feel ansty. It wasn't even because his father had died on a rainy night. No. It was simple, three little words (The Friendly Three, he likes to say): Zack, Adrien, and Fury.

Zack, a good place to start, was tall and tan with midnight hair that curls sinfully around his chiseled face and masculine shoulders. How a twenty-five year old male can pull of such a cheesy, seventies Harlequinn romance hairstyle is completely beyond Adam, but he does it and well. Maybe it's his lovely physique that looks like it came right out of a GQ photoshoot for a Greek god, or maybe it's a lovely voice that spills like honey from amazingly kissable-looking lips.

Nothing about him can be described as anything less than sensual. His hair isn't black but midnight, his body isn't healthy but godly, and his voice isn't nice but honey(ly?). The comparisons continue with his eyes, warm and green like the sparkling Christmas tree next to the fireplace. Not to mention the fact that he's as sweet as he is beautiful.

It only gets worse.

Adrien would be next, also tall and tan. However, where Zack has black hair to his shoulders, Adrien has luscious blonde (what's a sexy word for blonde?) hair that only waves slightly around his ears. He has the brightest and most alluring ocean eyes. They shine with laughter and rarely frown. He's slightly slimmer than Zack but also belongs on a photoshoot somewhere. His gentle voice is a little sweeter than honey but also a little spicy with a slight Southern accent; after all, he grew up in the South. He was another isane specimen of male beauty, sensual comparisons and all.

Fury would be the final member of The Friendly Three trio, possibly the fairest of them all. His chocolate brown hair, cropped short, accented his whiskey-colored eyes perfectly. He or she would lying if they said they would love to have a sip. His voice was deep and could send shivers down the strongest spine. His body? What is stronger than a god? What is harder than a diamond? What is more beautiful and deadly than a rose with thorns dripping with poison? He was built a lot like Zack, but there was something completely different in the way that he carried himself. Something bad but in a good way- dangerous almost. He oozed confidence and something completely male. Straight men could find themselves wanting a taste if they weren't careful around him.


What does any of this have to do with the rain? Why does Adam hate the rain because of these indescribedly gorgeous guys?

First, all three of them are werewolves- alphas specifically. Adam? He's an omega, the only one in the pack, a "rare gift" according to his mother (a beta). Zack, Adrien, and Fury are the only unmated alphas in the pack, and who do they want to be mated to? Adam. Precisely.

But still, what does this have to do with the rain?

Second, alphas have a natural urge and desire to help and protect omegas. It's instincts- basic werewolf biology. More basic werewolf biology? Omegas like to be taken care of by alphas; one could say that they need it. Adam is not a fan of needing anybody. He doesn't like when it feels like his decisions are being made for him by his anatomy instead of his head or his heart.

He feels ansty when it rains; his father died on a rainy day when he was little. When it rains the omega in him basically sends out little distress calls to any alpha available- i.e. The Friendly Three.

They always find him when it rains, and he hates it.