Love is an illusion, not a fact

You never have to give it back.

I know your only trying to take it.

Love never passes outside of hearts.

You don't have to tell it who you are.

Because it already knows you hate it.

I want you to love me and adore me,

But I know that its a story

But I know that I cant say it...

You heart yearns and acts so bold,

For someone else that you can hold.

It screams and breaks when your left to drown,

In the darkness and the cold.

It fills with joy when you feel

That hand on your back that feels so real.

You feel that nothing could go wrong,

But even still.

I want you to know me,

And everything that we could be.

But then again its just a story.

One that starts with one upon a time

And ends with happy ever after.

Then the story starts over again.

Once upon a time. Ever after... Again.