When the tears speak

Are you crying as usual before falling asleep?
Even it's so faraway, it sounds heartbroken.

Why do you think I don't realize it anymore?
If you're hurt, I'm hurt, it's so simple to get it.


When the tears speak and fill an empty heart,
it's everything you feel, nothing you can say.

In a silent voice nobody hears but me
who's waiting for you in somewhere.

It seems paradise, it seems a new day,
it's just all the love I always cherish for you.

Verse 2:

Somebody tells me you're wandering
without nobody who really cares again
but I'm like looking for you every single day
even I don't find you, I know you're here.



You know, I didn't want to say goodbye,
I just hoped you didn't hear anything.

If there's winters, there's a sun too
that shines for you even at night.