Chapter 1

'Sakuya! Sakuya! Wait! don't go there!' a little girl stopped where she was, her long dark hair falling like a dark river down her back. She was perhaps six with chocolate brown eyes. She looked back to her father a man around the age of forty or so, he had dark hair that was going grey. He was in plane jeans and an old worn T-shirt that had the logo to Guns and Roses on it. He looked winded his silvery eyes full of worry.

'Don't go there, come back.' Sakuya looked around to see what was the problem the trees were in a striate line a few feet towards Sakuya's father but other than that there was nothing odd in the warm summer woodlands around their house.

'Come here now. You are never to go past the tree line. That place belongs…to other people. Come on we are going home we have played enough.' Sakuya's father said as she walked back towards him confused but obedient. Over head a raven watched them as they walked away. Sakuya looked back and saw the raven perched on the tree line. It had purple eyes, cawing at them continually it changed into a screeching sound.

Sakuya woke up to the annoying screech of her alarm clock. She smacked it and went to the bathroom groggy. Turning on the bathroom light which lit her entire one room in the dorm building she pulled the old white shirt off exposing her bare chest. Taking a long strip of cloth wrapping she bound her chest flattening her breasts down so they appeared to not even exist. Her hair was cut short, it would have looked long for a guy, which was sort of the point, the sides and front were mostly the longer parts they didn't reach past her jaw. The back was short cut maybe two inches. Taking a glob of hair wax she spiked the back up so it followed the Asian style she normally wore. She pulled on clean under wear then doubled it over with boxers then pants and a belt tightened as tight as she could get it. She pulled her element shirt over her bound chest and then pulled her skater shoes on. When she was done Sakuya looked like a guy. Perhaps a little feminine but she was only 16 so she could still claim that she hadn't hit puberty yet. Soon she was going to run out of time and have to start pretending. Her voice was already deep for a girl and childish for a guy. Her brown eyes were what gave her the feminine look, they were those wonderful big doll eyes that movie stars killed to get and tried to with eye liner and mascara. Sakuya had the look and she didn't want it. She had been dressing like a guy since she was thirteen when she first understood what her father had meant by 'if you were a guy things would be different.' The comment had come after Sakuya's mother passed away. That was what caused Sakuya to move out of her fathers place and go to the boarding school where she now pretended to be a guy. She didn't like it, but she figured that if she looked and acted like a boy her father might like her. It never happened, when Sakuya's mother died her father went to religion as the answer to everything. He had become a preacher and when he saw Sakuya again he called her a 'sinful demon'. Since that day Sakuya had avoided him completely, but since she was unable to switch schools she had to stay in her fake life as a guy with straight A's in school. She had been called a 'fag' many times and was labeled gay. That had happened when she had once tried to tell a guy she liked the truth. 'I…I really like you…I mean more than friends-' were Sakuya's words. She had been cut off by the boy who said. 'You're a damn fag! Stay the hell away from me.' He had left, then told the other boys at the school and it had become common knowledge then.

Sakuya's friends now consisted of a few misfit girls who had been kicked out of the social groups for reasons like: smoking, got pregnant, allegedly shot a man.

Sakuya sighed and left the room fully dressed she went down the stairs unable avoided the inevitable ass kicking she would get when she reached the bottom of the tall dorm building. Sakuya had become the object of much torment from the jocks that thought that the 'fags' should be put in their place. Though Sakuya wished she had a way to avoid them completely or be able to fight back it always seemed that they would be able to sneak behind her and encircle her so they could easily kick her down and continue 'punishing' her until they thought she might have gotten the message. She walked out of the stairs and sighed seeing the jocks waiting her to leave the doors of the dorm room.

'Maybe a fire exit wouldn't be to bad.' she thought to herself but in her moment of hesitation one of the jocks saw her standing there inside and motioned to his friends to get ready.

'To late now.' She thought and sighed walking slowly to the door where the jocks waited. When she got outside she tried to just walk past the guys and they stopped her.

"Where do you think your going faggot?" Damian a tall husky boy with bleach blond hair that was already showing signs of a widows peak said. He had a scar on his cheek bone from getting hit in the face by a hockey puck.

"Um… I have a test in math today." Sakuya said trying to sound innocent and pitiful knowing full well that it was pointless.

"Why not help us study then? It's a nice day out and all." He said with a smile showing white teeth and an empty spot where a tooth was meant to be.

"Could we not do this today? I'm running late as is." Sakuya said referring to her math class though it didn't start for another ten minutes.

"I don't think so." He said as he and his friends started punching her. Sakuya threw up her arms over her head and tried to block what punches she could. She was knocked down by a punch landing in the back of her head which made things dizzy.

'So close…why couldn't that have knocked me out?' Sakuya thought as she was being kicked and stomped on instead of the punches. A hard kick hit her ribs and there was a crack clearly herd. Sakuya screamed in pain thought the beating didn't stop.

Five minutes after the crack in her ribs she was left on the ground as the jocks walked away all smug with themselves. Sakuya laid on the concrete for ten minutes until the pain had died down some. When she pushed herself up she hissed in pain as her broken rib shifted. Going back inside the building Sakuya opted to go back to her room and avoid everyone for a while. She hurt everywhere and moving made everything worse. She took the elevator which was empty for the moment. Going un the nine floor to get to her room Sakuya leaned against the wall of the elevator avoiding having anything touch her right side which the rib was cracked.

Once to her room Sakuya laid down on the bed and let herself drift off to an uneasy sleep. As it was painful to breath she figured she should have gone to the nurse or something but she refused to be so weak as to have to go to the nurse for anything but the most serious injuries she got.

The next day Sakuya woke up stiff and in pain. She knew she had to go out today. Though she hurt so bad that she didn't want to even face the challenges that would be presented today. She sighed and stopped short with the pain in her chest. She went to the bathroom and got cleaned up then put on a suit and opened her window to the fire escape. She had often gone out this way but would always take the torment of the jocks beating her up this time of the year to avoid having them wait for her at the bottom of the fire escape. It was five thirty in the morning so she thought that it wouldn't be a problem but still was cautious about leaving the sanctuary of her room. She climbed out and started down the fire escape. Today was one of the worst days for Sakuya, it was the anniversary of her mothers death. She would go to her mothers grave clean it up and leave fresh flowers for her. She wanted to try and get there before her father so she didn't have to deal with him. But it was a two hour train ride to get to the cemetery where her mother was buried. She hated her father for it too, he had gone against her mothers wishes to be buried in the small cemetery near their old house and buried her in the stuck up cemetery reserved for the people in the church. Boarding the train Sakuya had time to think.

'God I hate People of the Faith. They always think that anything different from them is a damn sin. Father made us leave our home because of it. He thought that stupid tree line was a mark of evil, that anything that went beyond that tree line was evil. What is evil is that stupid church he is involved with making him burn their symbol for god on his chest. Then I was left to take care of him when he got and infection. He claimed it was his soul becoming aligned with 'god' what god could there be? I hate this day, why did you have to die mom?' Sakuya thought her mind wrapped up in that the train ride went relatively fast.

She stopped at a small flower shop on her way to the cemetery and bought her mothers favorite flowers. Velvet red roses, Sakuya could remember back to before her mother had gotten sick, when her mother kept a garden these roses grew everywhere. They always seemed so perfect even when they were wilting they looked beautiful. Sakuya used to help her mother tend to the rose bushes, she had tried to keep them alive while her mother was sick but they seemed to die with her mother and now Sakuya could only find those beautiful velvet red roses in stores. Painfully she walked back to the train station and boarded once more to make the next hour and a half trip to the cemetery.

When she got there at eight she stopped to see her father dressed in a preachers uniform standing in front of Sakuya's mothers grave. Around the grave there were hundreds of little replicas of their symbol for god. Even the vases which before had been made of jade with little carvings depicting stars and dragons on it had been exchanged with the god sign vases you would see in thrift shops. Sakuya had bought the jade vases for her mother and the fact that they were gone made her extremely mad. Her mother had a love for strange and exotic items and the jade vases fit into that category. She stomped her way over to the grave and her father the pain in her ribs forgotten as rage boiled within her. That was one thing she didn't have to pretend about as a guy. Her tempter was short and she could be fierce when she was dedicated.

"So you still embrace your sins." Her father said not looking at Sakuya. Though the comment was directed to her wearing a suit instead of a light colored sundress.

"Where are the jade vases that I got mom?" Sakuya insisted ignoring the first comment her father made. She didn't care if he approved of her or not, the vases were a different story.

"Those demonic things were burned along with the other demonic things the people who convert bring in. They are gone, this is much more righteous than what was here before. God will now accept her soul into heaven for it is not weighed down by demonic objects. Those flowers you have aren't going to rest on her grave either." Her father said with a glance at the velvet red roses that Sakuya knew her mother loved.

"Why not! Mom loved these roses she grew them all the time, or have you forgotten when you burned the painting she made of the forest outside our house? You know she hated daises, she called them weeds!" Sakuya yelled at him purposefully pushing aside a bundle of daisies that sat on top of the grave stone and replaced them with her roses.

"Those flowers symbolize the devil and his evil. Daisies are a pure flower of our Lord. Your mother was tainted by evil when she lived, that was your fault. If it weren't for you, she would still be here. Just leave, you are a sin yourself you have no right to visit this grave or any here. The entire area will have to be blessed again because of your incompetence to think of anyone but yourself. These souls have been tarnished from their shining beauty because of you."

"I hate you!" Sakuya screamed at her father and left the cemetery tears fighting to escape her eyes. She didn't understand why her father blamed her for her mothers death. 'I never meant to fall into the river, mom didn't know it was that deep. Its not my fault, is it?'

Taking the train heading back to her school Sakuya recognized the stop that lead to her old house. She got off, wanting to be reminded of pleasant memories. Walking down the old streets she made her way back towards the home where she grew up. The house was occupied by family now as Sakuya saw when a car pulled into the drive way of the small blue two story home. Ignoring the house she walked to the forest behind it. It had become untamed and wild since she last remember it. She walked through the forest absent minded seeking a fond memory, she passed the stream where she had fallen in. Where her mother had followed and gotten cut then became sick. The doctors couldn't do anything either, every medical tactic they used only made her worse until she died. The area had become dark and gloomy not at all like she remembered it. Or was it just because she was thinking about her mothers death? Sakuya didn't know she didn't care anymore, all that mattered was that she didn't stop walking. That she didn't go back to the cemetery and break their perfectly white picket fence or ruin their garden of weeds called daisies. She stopped actually looking at the forest in front of her. It was vaguely familiar, in fact it was the tree line that stood in front of her. The other side appeared darker than the side Sakuya stood at, but there was no reason for her to turn back now, she didn't care about anything but getting away from her home town. Determined she made the choice and began towards the line.

As Sakuya passed the tree line the forest seemed to get brighter to hold a warm glow. Something about the size of a bird flew past her face though it was a blue green color and had a shimmer similar to and insect the creature had startled her and she backed up into a tree and hissed in pain reminded of her ribs. Taking a few minutes Sakuya breathed in rasping short breaths, despite her pain she felt an urge to continue forwards into the bright woods. Somewhere in the distance a stream could be herd, it may have been the same one that she had fallen into. Though here in this warmly lit forest it sounded only like gentle background music and not a reminder of death. Sakuya continued farther into the forest and the sense of peace came over her smoothing her anger towards her father into nothingness. This forest was peaceful, more so than anything Sakuya had ever encountered before. As she walked tree to tree when her attention was commanded by one tree in particular. This tree was five times as large as any of the other trees Sakuya had seen in the forest. As Sakuya moved closer intending to sit beneath the tree she stopped and looked on in amazement. At the base of the trunk and curling around the trunk steeply up into it higher branches were stairs. They were wooden and looked as if they had grown right out of the tree. Higher in the tree a balcony could be seen and a curtain of purple cloth blew lightly in the breeze. Curiosity overtook Sakuya and she started up the stairs as fast as she could. When she reached the balcony she saw that it was the entrance to a room in the tree, then it came to her. It was an actual tree house, grown right out of the tree! Though Sakuya had no idea how the maker got the tree to grow in such a way. Inside there were tables piled high with books, scrolls, and loose paper. Glittering objects hung from the ceiling. Walking in for a closer look Sakuya realized that the objects were orbs with gems and other valuable materials inside. Though they did not hang so much as they floated, drifting around the room just above head height but low enough to grab. There were book shelves covered with strange objects, such as a hand harp with seven strings each holding a different glow. Another item on the shelves was a small blue glass bottle with a thin neck that fanned wide out. A cork serves as a stopper at the top and the entire bottle gave off a pale blue smoke that drifted in slow plumes around the curves of the bottle and down on to the shelf around it as pooled there. The next item was a silver helmet that had long pointed plates going out from where the ears would be. Sakuya looked at it and could imagine that it would be the helmet that and elf would wear, the extra plates for protecting their long ears. The shelves had other items that did not register as anything very amazing so she continued on. A bit farther in was a flight of stairs that took Sakuya up another level to a bed room. It was an ornate bed, grown from the tree. It had four floor to ceiling posts, one at each corner. The bed was covered with decorative pillows and blankets with elegant designs. Each blanket and pillow on the bed looked like it would be the softest most comfortable thing in the world. Having inspected the rest of the room Sakuya came to a door way covered with a brown cloth that blended perfectly in with the wood of the tree. If she had not been doing a thrall search she would have never seen it or found it. Looking through she saw a faint glow of green light coming from the small hall that bent with the curves of the tree. Following the light she came to a small room with an unnatural growth of thin yet sturdy branches inside the actual tree. They wound around a sword that shimmered in the faint light the gem at the pommel gave off. The entire blade looked to be made of silver. The pommel and handle had ornate carvings of vines and leaves on it. The blade of the sword had a strange writing down the center of the blade.

It occurred to Sakuya then that she should have never gone up the stairs of the tree in the first place. She had never been invited up and whoever lived there wouldn't want a strange person in their home. For whatever reason she had a strong urge to leave the place to go back to her life at the boarding school, back to her usual life of trying to avoid being beaten up. She turned to leave but the glow flashed brighter and then returned to its normal out let of light.


Sakuya turned back to the sword with a look of fear the voice rasping came from the sword, or at least that was what it sounded like to her. Something told her to run and leave that place forever, that her father had been right all those years ago and she shouldn't have gone past the tree line. Even though Sakuya wanted to run from that place, to leave and never come back she could not move, The glow of the deep green gem in the hilt of the sword transfixed her with its throbbing glow. Then as if controlled by the sword instead of her own mind, Sakuya reached out and grabbed the hilt of the sword and pulled it from the branches. The branches as if like flexible vines moved away from the sword and stretched out around Sakuya a leaf occasionally brushing her arm or leg. Once the sword was free of the tree the light became blindingly bright and Sakuya wanted to drop it and run though her body would not obey her. It seemed as if she was no longer in control. No it did not seem that way, it was that way. The world around Sakuya became a white that flashed to black as she was pulled into a unknown black plain. Sakuya was on her knees the only light coming from the gem in the sword, she pushed herself up so she was standing and saw. The light from the gem cast out and dimly lit the faces of beasts standing around her. Though Sakuya couldn't say what they were they spoke in a strange language but somehow she understood. Around her a chanting started low and pensive.

"One who was born to bring death now turns and will cast light of life. Never again shall Nagrabolth be lost. But found where none can find."


Ok so this is the first chapter of my story The Tree Sword, please note that this story is not free for anyone to take. The rights to this story and its characters belong to me, and only me. I would love to hear what you think of it, I have more story written but this is all I have edited so far. Enjoy and may you find your way to Nagrabolth.