I'm sure writing poems is a breeze

For any with features to please

Dear minds with flowing dialect

And absolutely love to dissect

Pretty words in pretty lines

Written by sure pen and mind

Until their wits shall come to find

The magic of the words, in time

Lest one decides it's dull and dry

For some reason of flow or rhyme

Meaning, thought, depth, a crime

Which causes masters pain divine

And leaves novice pining to their Muse

Asking, begging for inspiration or ruse

To assist them in their untimely failure

and give them one of the greatest treasures:

A piece so great, so captured glory

It's sure to grow to be grand history!

But that is the dream of poets true

It is not for those of a different hue

So I leave you with this single piece

Which gives my view of another race

Connected to yet different than mine

For a novelist am I, you'll come to find

But for now I wish the poets well

And respectfully decline to be one myself

No, seriously, I don't write poetry XD