This. is a parody. Kay? XD And ugh, killed me to write...If anyone wants to ruin it further, go ahead!!! XD

Anyways, it's meant to be a sort on how some girls only pretend to be friends with other girls just for looks and all that and how it can be really cruel. I don't see all girl friendships like this, of course, but...hey, it's the world. It happens.

Dear Blog 3 3 3,

OMG, u won't BELIEVE the night I've had !!! Remember how I've been taking all week about pr0m? Tonite was the nite! And it was pERFECT 8DDDD!!! Christie was worried she was caching a cold, but she snuck some of her mom's allergy pills and was totally fine! No gros gunk or anything! Ew p. She came rite over to my hose so we cud help each other with our dresses and makeup and stuff :D. We had like two hors to get redy, so we had lots of tiem for fun! She had this rely gorgous pale yellow dress with a bit of a train into the back and even some purls sown in a line at the top above her boobs. I was sooo jelus! I even told her she shuld have gone with this blue one of mine that my aunt gave me two years ago that she had tried on before but didn't fit. Get this-she actuly took my "advice"! So she spent the night in that tres horrible blue dress that made her butt look huge but cut into her midle so she could hardly breathe and always looked flustered from it XD. It was so lolwurthy! I, on the other hand, had this DAZLING white gown with sparklz and a low-cut 3! I think it gave the impression that I was a virgin, but ready for some fun ;). Christie said I looked like a slut, but she was just jealous D:.

So then we like got to the prom and imediatly started dancing with our bfs right next to each other. It was so fun. I couldn't help but kinda stick my leg out a bit so Christie would trip, and she did XD! Right into this other couple XD! I lmao'd SO hard XD!! But then she got all mad and it was so not cool D:. I can't believe her sometimes TT. I told her it was just a joke and she didn't need to go all growl at me, but she still just totally would NOT stop yelling at me D:!!1 I can't believe her! We're supposed to be BFFL!!!! So I told her she was being a bitch and walked away. She ttly needed to cool down before I decided to speak to her again. She is sooo luky to have a frend like me, seriously, cause she's really quite stupid and ugly and no one lieks her, so I'm like doing her a hUGE favor! Anyways, so she stomped off to the b-room and I went back to having fun.

I didn't see her later, which kidna sucked casue I wanted to go home already, so I waited a litl wile but she didn't show up, so I just went home, figuring she'd gotten herself another ride, whatever. I'm not sure if I'll even talk to her tomorrow for being such a bitch about all that. If she can't take a joke, maybe I don't want to be her friend anymore! Yeesh. TT Oh well, TIME TO SLEEEEP D:

YOUR bffffffffffl!!!!!!!!!! 4evaaaa,

Chelsea 3 3 # # 3