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Ch.3—Predictable Romance

The sharp repetitive pound on the front door curved Delilah's lips into a beautiful smile. She knew who it was. She had been waiting for him all evening, and coming to her parent's—well, her mother's now—home more frequently because of it. He had never seen her dorm room, and even though they'd spent quite a bit of time together, she was not ready to show it to him. She didn't know why just yet, but it felt like a special treasure.

"Darling, would you get the door?" her mother asked of her, when no one went to open it on account of the several knocks. Her brother went to the door when Lila seemed frozen in place. Her mother looked at her mysteriously.

"Hey Bobby," Jonah shook his head at his sister's antics, the way she spun around blushing to the fullest the instant he came through the door. She stood up, and turned to him. Then, they just stood there, staring at each other. Neither the first to speak.

Finally Jonah sighed loudly, crossing his arms. It was the same thing every time. He came, she was frozen solid, and then all they could do was look at each other until there was some sort of distraction. The younger boy could hardly believe his sister had told the man they were to be just friends. If this was being just friends, he was almost scared to know what something more entailed.

"Uh…" Lila looked around rapidly, trying to find something of importance to do. Jonah rolled his eyes.

"I'll go in the kitchen…" he snickered quietly, "I'm sure mom needs my help with something."

"Yes, go to the kitchen, Jonah. Mom needs you I think," she pushed her brother along, almost 100% sure that he was either scoffing, rolling his eyes or shaking his head at her…even if she was nowhere close to looking at him. "Robert—"

"Bobby," he corrected, walking closer to her, almost amused as the red flushed to her cheeks.

She cleared her throat. "Bobby, right."

"We've known each other for a few months now, I think you can call me by my nickname."

She laughed nervously. "Yeah, okay. Can I take your coat?" she asked him, seeing as he was halfway done slipping his arms out of the sleeves. He handed it to her, and smiled, watching as she runs to the back closet to hang up his coat.

He shook his head and headed for the kitchen.

"Hey, Mrs. Everetts, anything I can help with?"

"Robert!" she came around from her stirring position in front of the big casserole dish. "It's so nice to see you again," she hugged him and he squeezed her frame softly.

"You as well," he smiled warmly. Robert looked across the way to Jonah finishing up some homework on the kitchen table. He smiled. "What kind of homework is there for a fifteen year old these days?"

The boy cracked a smile, watching as the surprised look on his mother's face faded quickly. She should've known that Bobby moved from one thing to the next faster than the average human being. She adjusted though, had become aware of his habitual tactics the first couple weeks after the tragic death of Mr. Everetts. Everyone was still trying very hard to move past it, to not let it bother them or to not think about it too much. Bobby helped them do that. His constant change in thoughts and activities was amusing to say the least; it helped the focus to look everywhere else but at them. And what was particularly admirable was the fact that for the life of him he couldn't move past Delilah. She was the one constant in his life it seemed. Nothing short of a miracle could tear him away from that beautiful girl.

"You don't have to make small talk with me just because Lila isn't available."

Bobby smirked. "Now, you know that isn't true," he came and sat by the boy at the table.

Jonah raised his eyebrows in suspicion.

He sighed. "Okay, fine. But not always."

The boy laughed, nodding his head. "Not always."


"She won't be nervous once we start dinner."

Bobby's gaze flashed to Jonah's. "What…uh….what do you mean?"

Jonah rolled his eyes. "Don't act stupid. I know you feel awkward about the way she responded to you when you got here like .2 seconds ago…"

He was silent.

"…and the way she responds to you the first few minutes every time you come over?"

Still, nothing.

"Jonah! Clear off the table and come set it for me, Sweetheart."

The boy smirked. "And that's my cue." He got up and left with his books, passing his older sister along the way. The girl already seemed to be moving past her nervous behavior, and Jonah shook his head knowingly. If they moved at this rate, the two wouldn't be on their first date for the next ten years.


The call came from behind him, and he tried to slow the turn of his body towards that beautiful voice, but he could not help his enthusiasm when the aforementioned brunette with blonde streaks appeared before him. She was smiling brightly at him and there wasn't even so much as a hint to the blushing nervousness or embarrassment that had been so evident on her features only moments ago.

"Lila," he breathed. She was breathtaking. If this was how she dressed for Friday night dinners, he wished it was Friday all the time. Of course she was only in jeans and a classy striped shirt, but he found everything she wore to be absolutely stunning.

"Good of you to come to us again," she moved past him, finding her place at the kitchen table.

"Mmhmm," his eyes were glued to her as he scanned her figure, following her to the table. Mrs. Everetts smiled as she glanced up at the two finding their seats at the table.

"Keep it rated PG, Robert," she said, bringing the bowls of pasta and meat to rest in the midst of all the plates. "Come on, Jonah," she called to her son who had just recently departed back to the kitchen to collect glasses from the cupboard. "Time to eat."

Jonah came scampering back to the table just as Bobby's face flashed a bright red when turning to Mrs. Everetts. "Mrs. Everetts, Ma'am, I…uh," he went to scratch his awkwardly. Delilah grabbed a hold of his arm at that and pulled him into the seat next to her.

"Come, sit down, Mama likes to make people nervous." Her younger brother came and sat across from the two of them, stifling the intense laughter that wanted to erupt from his thinly crafted lips.

Bobby looked at her, quite exasperated. She just kept on talking, eyes thankful on her mother for the food at the table, and quite mysteriously at her brother, but none of the talk was directed to either of them. "Besides," she continued, "I know you need some help with your journalist presentations, reports, that kind of thing. Just as I desire some assistance with my school work." She turned her head then to him, and he was still looking at her, but the expression had turned to awe. When he said nothing for the next ten seconds, she inclined her head in question.

Finally, he snapped back into reality. "Uh, err—yes! Yes, I would love to help you, and yeah, yes, we can help each other. You can help me. Yes."

She giggled a bit quietly, and her brother looked at them in disbelief. It seemed either one or the other always seemed to be at some sort of nervousness or stuttering with each other.

He was never getting a girlfriend.

Not if it turned him into…this.

"Well, come on now, let's stop staring at each other," Mrs. Everetts finally sat down, and the two 'love birds' focused back on the table and eventually directed their gazes to the woman speaking. "After all, this food will go cold soon if we don't eat it. You two can stare at each other for the next millennium, after we've eaten." A small smile graced her lips as she avoided the two shocked gazes of the young adults beside her. The stifled chuckle from her son on the right curved her lips a little higher.


"The opera."

She stated it. She stated it. Emotionless, it seemed, or at least that's how Bobby interpreted it. It didn't make him overly nervous, but he did have absolutely no clue on what to say next. He figured a simple agreement probably would come across as lame. But a joking contradiction wasn't bound to get anywhere fast either. The silence was apparently bothering her too though, because she spoke up, sounding almost annoyed at his lack of talking.

"Are you alright?" she asked, and he turned to her, clearing his throat. They were a block or two from the opera and somehow he felt the sudden inability to breathe.

"Yes, I'm fine," his eyes squeezed shut momentarily.

"Are you sure?" she asked, stopping the two of them so she could look him directly in the eyes, which now allowed themselves to be vulnerable to the cold winter breeze. He sighed.

"Yes, I'm sure." He forced himself to be okay. It was getting ridiculous that he was so nervous over her simple statement of their destination. "But are you sure you want to go to the opera?"

That wasn't so hard, he thought, proud of himself for getting it out.

"What?" she asked incredulously.


"Uh…" his eyebrows furrowed in concern. He was doing far too much self talk lately.

She laid a warm, comforting hand on the brisk, rough material of his jacket and rubbed her fingers in circular motions. "Hey, you don't need to be nervous. Of course I want to go to the opera." She looped her arm through his and pulled him along the rest of the way. He was now beaming and having the greatest of ease in his breathing process.

Jonah was probably right though, even if he didn't speak it verbally. It was always obvious by his constant looks and eye-rolling sarcasm. There were always nerves on one end or the other when it came to Lila and Bobby.


It was pitch black when they exited the theatre hours later. The opera had been great, magnificent, one of the best, as usually was the performance on opening night. There was a light, airy feel emanating from all that left the building, gabbing on and on about either how great it was or how glad they were to get out of there.

"Did you like it?" he asked her, draping his jacket around her shivering form. She nodded.

"Mmhmm, it was good," she smiled softly at him.

"You didn't like it," he frowned.

"Bobby, I just told you I liked it."

He sighed. "But you didn't. I can tell."

"How? Because you know me?"

He was speechless.

"What? Is that the reason? You're just too chicken to admit it?" she challenged him.

His eyebrows narrowed. "What's the matter, Lila?" he put a soothing hand around her frigid one. She snapped it away. She was not going to let him get away with this. Going home without even a second to think it through or what was happening between them? They had been going to everything together lately. Plays, movies, ballets, you name it, they went to it. And she had been out of her mind with joy. He would wrap his arm around her, or clasp their hands together when they sat in those huge circular theatres.

She sighed.

But at the end of the day, it was always the same. He went his way, she went hers. There was not even a thought of a kiss, or dare she say it…calling the outing a date? She was just downright tired of it.

"I'm done," she raised her eyebrows, firm expression on her face.

His eyes narrowed. "What do you mean you're done?" His face shouted confusion and worry. He had a feeling he knew what she was referring to, but he was hoping she was wrong.

She scoffed. "You know exactly what I mean."

"Um…" he gulped, pulling the collar of his shirt as far away from his neck as he could manage.

She rolled her eyes, and turned away. "Oh whatever, I'll take a cab home."

"No!" he stopped her, turning her agitated form back to face him. "Let's talk about this."

She crossed her arms across her chest. "Fine. Speak."

"Uh…" his mind went spinning. He had no idea how to approach this. "Could you—?"

"Fine. I'll start."

He gulped and nodded, encouraging her along.

She huffed, gesturing to the bench a few feet beside them, and they both sat. "Tell me how you feel about me," she said point blank. His eyes flashed to hers and his throat immediately ran dry.


She sighed. "We've been going to a lot of things lately. You practically saved me from completely going off the deep end after my father's death. I know it's only been months, but I feel like I know you, and…we're pretty similar, you know?"

He nodded, smiling.

"I mean, we're both nervous at the beginning of our little outings, or at least one of us is," she smirked. "But I'm sick of it."

The joy that had flooded his face immediately evaporated. "Lila—"

She held her hand up for him to wait. "I'm not quite finished yet."

He pursed his lips, and watched as she suddenly looked up at him in adoration. He was so confused.

"I like you a lot, Bobby."

His eyes widened. He had not expected the evening to lead up to this.

"But…" she sighed.

"What is it?" he managed, reaching out for her hand and taking hold of a couple of her fingertips. She smiled sorrowfully at their tiny embrace.

"This is it," she gestured to their hands, holding them up. She shook her head, frustrated. "I'm sick of you acting like you like me when we get together and then pretending like nothing happened by the time we part ways."

His lips parted. He couldn't believe how blunt and honest and forward she was being. And he could see she couldn't believe it either by the way the pink started inching up in her cheeks. Perhaps she thought it wasn't too noticeable because it was so dark out.

"And we do get nervous. I get nervous and you get nervous and we both get nervous, but we overcome it and we have so much in common and we help each other and—"

She was cut off. He found her too adorable as she blabbed and gabbed on for what seemed like ages. He could have just stood there and watched her, but her lips looked a little too delicious. And her fiery eyes could not contain his inaction any longer.

So, he kissed her.

And he kept kissing her.

And she kissed him back, and then broke off, breathing heavily.

There was a sufficient amount of silence that followed, both awkward and confusing and just plain shock-induced.

But finally she spoke. "Is-is that…?"

"My feelings?"

"Yeah…" she nodded slowly.

He smirked. "Yeah, those are my feelings."

"I see," she sunk into the bench and then rose to her feet and began to pace. His eyebrows furrowed in concern and immediately he rose to his feet and forced her to stand still. If she wanted him to act out how he felt and do it boldly, then he was not going to sit back and wait for her to calm down on her own.

"What is it?" he asked, concerned. Finally, she looked up at him and let a slow smile seep into her features. She grabbed her face in a rush and kissed him.

Hours later when they were snuggled in the back seat of a cab on the way home, he would tell her how much he felt for her, how he's been in love with her from the moment he encountered her little spaz at Starbucks months earlier. And that that was why he kept running into her. It was almost on purpose, and it seemed so meant to be.

Hours later it would be even more perfect than it was now, and it would be officially. They would be officially girlfriend and boyfriend, and young Jonah Everetts will have called the exact day and maybe even time that it happened. He was pretty accurate with those types of things.

But that was in the future. Now, in the present…there was just the simple holding of his neck from her clasped hands, and the warmth emanating from his arms as he cradled her body between them. And now, they kissed. And it was the first kiss for both of them. And it was the best kiss in the world.


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