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Yep, it's Aiya and Zeth again :p This is their letters to each other in the time they were apart, and this pretty much tells what they were doing. All belongs to me, buahahahha!

Surprisingly, the alone time Aiya had between performance and practice was long and empty. She was used to a strict schedule that she used to follow at the hospital every day without fail which would take up every minute she had. Now, she found herself with the very thing she dreaded: open periods of nothing but her own stupid thoughts to keep her company. She'd had times like that at the hospital from time to time, but not very often. In fact, those completely went away after she met Zeth.

…Now there was an idea.

Aiya poked the little desk with the inkless end of her pen in a slow repetition, stalling the simple task she'd set herself to do. When she realized this, she quickly flipped the pen over in her thin fingers and set the tip firmly on the paper. With many insecure pauses among the pen strokes, she began to write.

Dear Zeth,

You might not remember me…In fact, you probably don't. It doesn't matter much, since you'll never read this…I've been well, I suppose. I'm masquerading as a man in a circus and somehow happened to become the lead act …I really don't know what to tell you about myself. I really want to ask you questions. Is your father as mean as he looked when I saw him that one time he came to get you? He looked…wrong to me, like the last thing he wanted was to be there. I've seen that look before. I've seen kids with permanent disorders whose parents would come for them after a week or even a few days and they had that same look of not wanting to take them home, home to more misery and abnormality. Stupid normies, eh?

Another question I have is...Oh, if I could actually speak to you again, I'd ask you…how have you been? What have you been doing? Have you been dating or anything? I know you don't live a normal life, but is it at least…decent? Bearable? I'm sorry if it's not…

And I'm sorry I left, but I'm sure you understand. I'm also sure you know what caused me to leave…I want so badly to tell you what really happened, but I won't put that here. No, writing it in some fake letter would be useless. I'd want to tell it straight to your face. I'll write this: I am not a murderer.

…I am a murderer. I did kill, but…I want to say I had good reason, but was I really worth what I did? I don't know…Who knows their own worth?

Like I said, I won't waste paper and ink with my stupid ramblings. Maybe if we ever do meet…IF…if we ever do meet and you want to hear it, I'll tell you everything.

Yours, if you want me,

Aiya Heart

P.S… I'm sorry.

A single tear fell down her blueberry cheek (with a hint of purple when she blushed), but she quickly wiped it away.

* * *

Zeth lay staring at the metal ceiling of his dark chamber, letting the sway of the ocean beneath the layers of ship interior rock him and hopefully calm him. He sighed, for all it did was cause turmoil in his empty stomach and a sort of melancholy in his heart. Though the magnificent ship was his own personal vessel and had been since birth, it still felt strange and unwelcoming to the young master. Master, hah; the only thing he'd ever been master of was his own mind.

He quickly pushed such thoughts from the insolent surface of his mind and turned onto his side, facing the chamber itself. He'd had it simply furnished so no chaos would cause him to feel rattled and be unable to focus on his thoughts. But could lying in the turbulent ocean of one's mind really keep one from insanity? Was it not the very thing that brought insanity along?

There was nothing to be done. The temptation to lie there forever was a burden, but after three straight days of nothingness, Zeth was feeling nostalgic for working, doing something, anything!

A sigh and these longings were expelled as well. He stared with a hint of a glare around at the room, hating this self-inflicted prison. And then the sight of his writing desk caught his eye. He immediately leapt to his mammoth feet and all but threw himself before it, his idea flaring up and burning through his boredom. After dipping the annoyingly expensive pen in his favorite jet black ink, he began to write.

My Dearest Aiya,

It truly hasn't been very long since we last met, but I feel like it's been an eternity. I cannot say I have been well, but I can say that I'm alright. I'm currently on my ship somewhere in the ocean, just trying to get away. You'll have heard that my father disappeared the night you…also disappeared. I am left with the entire Pyrose fortune. Oh God, if only it wasn't me.

You'll be…-surprised? Glad? Annoyed? –to know that two of your brothers, Manny and Devin, have decided to come along with me for "my own good". They make very interesting company. Manny is persistent while Devin cunning. It makes quite the combination, as I'm sure you know. They are very well and are enjoying the voyage, while they do miss you and hope you are well, as I do.

I remember well the look you had on your lovely face when you saw my father. You have such an impeccable judgment of people; I have always been eternally impressed with you. You were right to have that look, for my father is indeed a monster, to say the least. I shan't go into details, but if I ever meet you, I promise I'll answer any questions you have as well as I can. I'm sure you remember how silent I am, since I cannot seem to move my thoughts to mouth very well, but I find it a bit easier around you. I will try my best.

If I ever meet you, which is very unlikely and yet one of my greatest hopes, I will tell you this: I don't think you're a murderer. Whether or not you actually did commit the deed is unimportant to me, for I understand. I would hope you wouldn't push me away, for I only wish for you to be happy. I do hope you're happy, though I may never be as long as I am stuck with my father, even though he is possibly gone forever. Let's hope so.

I promise to explain if we ever meet. It's a shame that I cannot actually write to the real you, since I neither know where you are nor think I have the courage to actually send this, but I suppose it's a sort of comfort to pretend.

Ever Sincerely Yours, even if we never meet again,


Zeth had no more tears left to cry for that moment of heartfelt emotion, though he felt his heart clench and ache.