To My Doggy

It's like in the middle of the night,

and I'm in my bed,

lying on my stomach,

with a pillow underneath,

writing this.

You've been on my mind ever since I've left you,

and I'm so sorry I did but I had not a choice.

I have your photograph next to me,

and very time I look at it,

I can't help to get tears in my eyes.

Because you were once mine,

and now you're not.

I feel so sad but mad at the same time,

because it shouldn't be like this.

Just yesterday I was watching home videos and seen you.

We were dancing in the kitchen,

then back in my room you gave me a lick on the cheek.

I still remember all the simple things.

I cry.

Memories, all I've got.

You must be so alone. I am too.

I just wish we had never said goodbye.

I love you and I know you do too.


-Brandy- (Shine-the-Light / Fishstix2006)