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Bus Rides

It was bus ride like any other, or so it would seem to anyone else. But it was more than that.

It was a look at the world, it's true side. None of the flamboyance of life that some of the optimists of the world were present at this moment. And none of the sugar coated lies could be found. It was a grim look at the world through the eyes of someone as knowing and yet as naive as an eighteen-year old can be.

All the mysticism of the world was within reach, but the truth could shatter all hope present in that young mind. The grim streets stretched out through the time worn glass and the foggy images of people, as they really were, stood clearly in the graying light of the cloudy day.

People walked though life with nothing but ambitions. They saw everything with a value that was irrelevant to the young spectator. Prices and money. Income, jobs and the promise of more material things. Those were the things that mattered. So much was lost to these thoughts of greed that the true value of things was lost.

People, life and the simple things of beauty that brought a smile. A smile itself, more valuable than anything, those weren't important. The simplicity with which man once lived was long forgotten in the paved streets filled with empty-eyed beings walking to and fro. The world was a different place, it was an empty place and it was a lonely place for those who could see past the price of life's ambitions.

The world was a place of suffering, of happiness, of sorrow. It was a place of wonder at times and it was a place of pain at others, that much could be seen along the streets even as the bus sped away, allowing only small glimpses of the life outside.

The soft sounds of rain hitting the glass could be heard and the people outside could be seen running and hurrying in an attempt to get out of the rain. The boy allowed himself to gaze away from the window as the bus slowed to a stop. A woman left, all others stared anywhere but outside as if looking out could somehow open them up to something they didn't want to see. But could the truth really be that bad? Was ignorance the best way to live through life?

To live with eyes closed seemed like too much of a lie. It seemed like too much of a loss as life passed by with only glimpses of what it was like to live to the fullest. Nothing but glimpses at what should really matter. But maybe he was wrong, maybe it was all just a bus ride.

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