Inside a beautiful private hospital room, the girl woke up all sweaty from a bad dream.

"Argh... My head hurts. Wait... Where am I?" She complained as she tried to sit up.

"Please lie down. Your cuts are still fresh."

She raised her eyes and saw the kind-looking face of the nurse so she calmed down. Then she tried to remember what happened. She recalled she was being chased by weird guys, and was running down this dark and slippery alley, then she tripped over and probably lost consciousness for she can't remember a thing after that.

"Uhm... How did I get here? I was supposed to be-"

"I brought you here." A gentle male voice said out of the blue.

She turned her head and noticed a slim figure sitting near the window. The sun was almost blinding her just-opened eyes, but when she clearly saw the person's face, she felt much more stunned.

The raven-haired bishounen slowly glanced at her and gave her a small yet strikingly beautiful smile. Then her stare was directed towards his eyes shining like silver, which is subtly contrasting the deep blackness of his hair, which looks even more breathtaking when the wind blew it a little to his cheeks. "Kirei..." She thought while unconsciously clenching her hand a bit at the innocent cloth underneath it.

Divine beauty. That was the first time she saw such a thing.

It was almost like a dream, she can't even convince herself that "the" thing is a person... Until it spoke.

"What's the matter? Do I look awful for you to stare at me like that?" He smiled while gently closing the book in his hands.

His slightly slanted eyes seemed to smile as well.

"No... It's not like that." She tried to hide her blush by looking away.

After a few seconds she heard the sound of the chair being moved a little. He stood up and walked towards her.

"Please leave us for a while." He politely told the blushing nurse while coming near. When she went out, he sat on the chair beside the bed.

"Are you okay now?" He asked while gently touching her bruised hand. She jerked and immediately pulled it away.

"Ye...yes." She can feel her heart beating fast.

The guy noticed her nervousness so he stood up and walked towards the table. Those moments of silence gave her time to calm herself down.

"Uhm... Thanks for saving me." She shyly said.

He did not respond so she peeked at him. Seeing his back still on her, it gave her an uneasy feeling.

Then he approached her again and gave her a cup of tea.

"I know you've gone through a lot because of the tragedy that happened to your family. But please, don't get me mistaken."

She got confused and after a sip, she asked,

"What do you mean?"

"I did not help you for nothing, so don't thank me." The tone of his voice changed all of a sudden.

"But...You saved me from those guys and brought me here, right?"

"It's true that I did take you from them and brought you here, but it's only because..."

He stopped to sip a little.


"I'm the one after you." He said with a mysterious smile.

She felt a lot more tensed than before. One moment she's admiring him, the next she's afraid. Is he one of those guys?

"Don't tell me..."

He put down the cup and spoke, "Don't be afraid. My name is Touya Takahisa. I'm the current CEO of the Takahisa Group. I learned about what happened to your father Seiji, so I wanted to offer you now my help, if you promise to help me as well."

Her eyes opened wide.

Takahisa Group? That's the company my dad had worked for 15 years! There's no way the CEO could be...this thing.

"What do you mean?" She replied while looking downward, face hidden by her messy hair. She tried to get hold of her emotions; she's not in the condition to argue. However, her body unconsciously shook as well as her voice.

"You see, I was looking for someone to do a special work for me. I thought it suits you well, so I saved you from those gangsters and paid all your father's debt."

"You all?"

"Well, 50 million yen is pretty big for ordinary citizens like you. It is virtually impossible for you to earn that even in a lifetime. But because Seiji and I used to play golf a lot, and he often talks about you, I guess you're the most worthy to get this prestigious job." He said with a curious glitter in his eyes.

"Huh? And what exactly is that job?"

"You see..." He plucked a grape and took it to his mouth before gracefully chewing it. Then he plucked another and gave it to her, as if to share. She took it and confusedly ate it. He was looking at her the entire time, then he said,

"It's pretty simple work and does not require high-leveled education or even good looks. Plus, I believe most girls in Japan can only dream about having the chance to be employed. You're absolutely lucky."

She looked at him curiously while eating the fruit. "Just tell me what it is."

"Be my brother's bride."

She almost choked.


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