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I stared down at the little plus sign, tears streaming down my face. Seventeen, a senior in high school, and pregnant. Pregnant. And the babies father- he didnt know. Hell, he didnt even know me.

I was alone at a party, my friends having abandoned me a little over an hour ago. My boyfriend was off somewhere, pissed that I refused to have sex with him. We had been dating for three months, and he just kept pushing. I just-couldnt do it with him, I didnt feel comfortable.

"Hey, dont cry." A voice said, making me look up in surprise. A tall young man was standing there. He looked about my age, with hair so dark it was almost black. It was messy- though I couldnt tell if that was because of whatever he had been doing or because that was the style he liked. His dark blue eyes-really dark blue eyes-stared at me. He wasbeautiful. Like one of those really hot models. He was also drunk, judging by the way he leaned against the wall.

I didnt realize he was talking to me until he jerkily kneeled down, his hand reaching out slowly. He let his thumb brush under my eyes, wiping away the moisture he found there. "Why are you crying?" He questioned, the words coming out slowly.

I shrugged, darting my eyes away from the guy in front of me. Instead, they landed on Nate- my boyfriend. My boyfriend who was currently wrapped around some blond on the couch, his lips pressed against hers and his hand up her shirt.

The mystery guy followed my gaze when I gasped, the tears coming harder now. "Is that your boyfriend?" He asked me, his hands still on my cheeks. I nodded.

He let out a low growl, stumbling to his feet. He held out his hand to me, which I slowly took. He helped me to my feet, not letting go of my hand, and led me out of the main room. I noticed us passing the kitchen, past the lounge. Then we reached a staircase, which had a rope in front of it. A clear sign that said Keep Out. "I dont think we're supposed to-"

"Trust me, they wont care." His voice said as he walked under the rope, still dragging me behind him. We walked up the stairs, finally coming to a room where he pushed the door open and dragging me inside. I looked around quickly. It was definitely a boys room, judging by the dark bedspread. Oh, and he was a student, with all of the books and papers scattered around the desk.

There were boxes everywhere, like the person in the room was moving in. Or out.

The mystery guy led me over to the bed, sitting down and pulling me with him. "Your boyfriend is a jackass if he'd do something like that.."

"He's just pissed I wont sleep with him." I muttered, lying backwards on the bed.

I saw mystery guy raise his eyebrows, looking down at me. "Why wont you?"

"Cause he's an ass and I'm a virgin."

There was silence once again, and I let my eyes travel to the mystery man. He looked like he was contemplating something. "Virgin? Then you really dont want to loose it to someone like him. It shouldnt be like that."

"And what should it be like?"

"Like this." He whispered, leaning over and pressing his lips against mine. I froze momentarily, then let my lips press back against his. "Just let me know if you want me to stop." He whispered.

I had woke alone the next morning, gathered my clothes, and walked home. Nate was waiting for me, calling me a slut, whore, any name he could come up with. I just told him to get the hell out of my house.

I had never regretted that night. Truthfully, I had looked at it as being one of the best nights of my life. Except nowI looked down at the test once again. Now I wasnt so sure.

I had noticed the sickness, the weird smells- every scent just seemed stronger. Then I noticed my missing period. I had denied it at first, not letting myself think about it. But there it was. The truth. And, my baby wouldnt have a father.

I had looked for the mystery guy at school. I hadn't found anyone that looked like him. None of my friends had any idea who he was. I had given up.

Maybe I should start looking again.

"Morgan? Where are you?"

I cursed, getting up quickly and getting rid of everything as fast as possible. "Uh, I'm in the bathroom!"

"Hurry up, I want to talk to you!" my sister, Kate said. Our parents had died in a car crash when I was fourteen. Kate, at nineteen, had taken over, moving us into a two bedroom apartment, going to school and working a full time job. I had a part time job myself-Kate wouldnt let me get a full time job until I graduated high school.

If I graduated high school. I thought, looking down at the pregnancy test.

I washed my hands, then walked out into the main room. "Hey, what's up?"

Kate flashed me a smile, her short blond hair hanging in her face as she quickly picked up some of the magazines on the table. "Hey, I have a group of people coming over from my psychology class. We have this group project thing, and I though it would be better for them to come here instead of anywhere else. So, they should be here in a few hours. I was just wondering-"

"I'll go to Liz's house." I told her, knowing what she was going to ask. I didnt like being around when her college groups came over. They always tended to start debating things. Of course, this was her psychology class. I had never met any of them.


I looked at her a moment, biting my lip. "When are they coming?"

Kate glanced at the clock. "About three hours."

I nodded slowly, still biting my lip. "Can I talk to you?"

Kate instantly stopped moving, her eyes on my face. Kate was more than my sister, she was my best friend. She knew everything, everything about Nate, about they mystery guy at the party. I told her everything.

"Okay." She said slowly, sitting on the sofa. I sat beside her, blinking my eyes furiously to stop myself from crying. "Morgan, what is it?"

"I'm pregnant." I told her softly, letting the tears fall.

She just sat there, completely silent. She had wide eyes, her mouth hanging open. Finally, she moved, taking me into her arms and gently rocking me from side to side. "Oh, Morgan." She said, her own voice small. I knew she was crying too. That just made me cry harder. "Are you sure?"

"I took two of those home tests." I told her softly, swallowing hard.

Kate nodded, gently pushing me away and walking toward the phone book. "First things first, we're going to make sure. I'll make you an appointment with my doctor. Then we can justtalk about what you want to do." I saw her hesitate. "If you are, do you want to-"

"I'll keep it." I told her firmly, not even entertaining any other option in my mind.

Kate gave me a small smile, already knowing what I was going to say. "Can you remember anything else about this mystery guy?"

I shook my head, my mind frantic. "No."

She merely nodded, picking up her phone to call the doctor. She got off only a couple minutes later. "Two days. Wednesday. Your appointment is at two-thirty." She walked back to the couch, once again hugging me. "That was three months ago, right?" I nodded. "Okay, that would put you due sometime around June. At least you graduate in May."

"I'll look like a blimp walking across the stage." I muttered.

Kate chuckled, her hand running through my hair. "Yeah, no graduation partying for you."

"Thats how I got into this mess anyway." I told her, standing from the couch. "I'm going to go get some things together for Liz's. I'll see you later tonight."



My seventeen year old sister was pregnant. Truthfully, that fact didnt bother me much. Morgan had never acted like a seventeen year old. The thought that bothered me was that she didnt know who thismystery guy was. And, even though he didnt deserve to know anything considering he left her after taking her virginity, I still think the baby needed a father.

"Kate? Are you okay?" One of my group asked. I looked at the girl, Jessie. A sophomore, I think.

"Yeah, fine." I told her, trying to clear my head. We were supposed to be doing a study on psychological disorders, but we had yet to decide which disorder to work on. My group consisted of Jessie, the sophomore, Christian, a junior, Seth, also a junior, and myself. I was a senior- though, I had taken a year off after my parents died. I should have graduated last year.

"Are you sure?" Seth questioned, his dark eyebrows raised. Looking at Seth to long could actually cause you to drool. He had girls follow him around campus, but as far as I'd heard, her hadn't even taken any of them on a date. Or to his bed. He just acted like they weren't there.

"Yeah, I- uh- about three hours before you guys got here, my seventeen year old sister told me she was pregnant." I told them, sinking back onto the couch. There was silence a moment, then Seth spoke again.

"Does she have a boyfriend?"

"Nope." I told him, closing my eyes. "She's had sex a total of one time, and she's pregnant."

"What about the father?" Christian questioned.

"Has no idea who he is." They all looked at me, a frown on their faces. "It was a one night stand thing."

All of them showed comprehension. "oh." Jessie said. She looked around slowly, "Uh, does she live here?"

"Our parents died three years ago." I replied, feeling that familiar sadness in my chest. "Morgan was fourteen. I took a year off school, just to get everything situated. But yeah, she lives here with me. She's a senior, has a part-time job."

"Well," Seth said, flipping his messy dark hair out of his eyes. "She sounds like she's responsible. Is she going to-"

"She's keeping the baby." I told them, rubbing my eyes. "Which just means we need another bedroom."

"Is she at work now?" Jessie questioned, obviously interested.

"No, she's at her friends. She doesnt like being around a lot of people." I said, chuckling.

Seth let out a small smile. "I agree with her on that. So, how far along is she?"

"Three months."

He got a contemplative look on his face, seeming to turn into himself. "I want to meet her!" Jessie declared, literally bouncing up and down in her seat.

I laughed at the girl. "Maybe one day when she's home." I glanced at the clock, seeing how late it was. "I guess we should pick a topic, huh?"



I let myself into the apartment late that night, looking around to see if anyone was left. The table was completely clean of books, soda's, or snacks. I knew it was safe.

I sighed, walking over to my room and shutting the door behind me. Liz hadn't been veryunderstanding about the baby. She told me I was stupid to sleep with the mystery guy in the first place, and I was really stupid for thinking I could handle a baby at seventeen. She kept pushing abortion.

I told her there would be no way in hell. She told me I was an idiot.

I left shortly after that, instead choosing to go to the college campus library. It was open later than the Public Library, and I just read until it was time for them to close.

"How did it go with Liz?" Kate asked me, appearing in my doorway.

"Not well." I told her, lying flat on my back and staring up at the ceiling. "How did the group project thing go?"

She let out a small laugh. "We got as far as picking a topic. They're coming back on Wednesday."

I shrugged. "I have to go to work after my appointment anyway."

She chuckled a little. "Get some sleep, Morgan. I'll see in in the morning."