*Chappy 1*

The day seemed light and easy. It was a Friday afternoon, just the time school ended. Fridays are really the saddest day of the week. You have some freedom, but you know that you would have to come back. I felt all the people pass by me with eager excitement to go home, go to the movies, or the beach… Anything that would take their mind off this place called prison. Maybe it was just me, but time didn't seem to pass by. I was frozen on the spot that I was in. My mind just wandered freely. Finally, I have realized that I was standing still. It was kinda embarrassing because a bunch of people were staring at me.

While moving over to the side so I can't get run over, I called Ayden, my boyfriend. Everyone says it's really great that we finally got together. I have known him since we were 3 years old. He was getting bullied all the time, so one day I stuck up for him. Got me a black eye, but then again, I did beat the crap out of boys that were bullying him. He didn't like me though. He always avoided me whenever I came near him to say hi or something. Eventually I gave up. When we were in the sixth grade, we got paired up for a project. I did the same thing that he did to me by ignoring him. But then I realized that we would both fail unless we communicated with each other. When we were done with the project, we were best friends.

Apparently, we were the "couple that were best friends but won't take it a step further, even though everyone knew that we liked each other" kind of best friends. Ayden and I were used to people saying how we should get together, or hook up and bull like that. We would always laugh it off, and cuss them out. We would go to school and home together when we could; we watched a movie on Fridays at each other's house; we would have sleepovers and things like that.

We were walking to the movies about 2 weeks ago. He took my hand; I really didn't mind it though. He had done it plenty of times before, and so it was nothing new. He occasionally stopped, and when I looked back it him, he would look away from me. Ayden, then, suddenly hugged me from behind. He was holding me so tight that I couldn't even move. I turned to him to ask him what was wrong. He just stared at me. I don't know how much time passed between us, but the silence was… different. He then just kissed me, no warning or anything. The feeling was so magical—I could feel the electricity spark everywhere we touched. It felt like we kissed forever, but when we pulled apart, it seemed too soon. The day after, which was a Monday, he was beaming and wouldn't let go of me. This was 2 weeks ago, may I remind you.

Two weeks later from that whole scene I was trying to call him. His phone rang about 3 times then went to voicemail. Maybe he pressed the wrong button? I called again, and this time I knew that he was ignoring me. Sure, I would've thought he was busy, except for the fact that I heard his phone ring. His ringtone was very distinguishable—it was "I'm in Miami Bitch!" by LMFAO. We both loved that song, and I would recognize anywhere. So he was outside, and he was deliberately ignoring me. If he was with his buddies, he still would've answered the phone. They always told me that they could tell when he was talking to me, even before we went out. He had this look on his face of immense happiness. His friends have been trying to get us together for a while.

I really wasn't paying attention to my surroundings, so I bumped into someone. I turned around to apologize and I see someone making out. I was about to leave, but then I noticed a few things: the girl was wearing a shirt that I had loaned to my friend. She was also wearing the Nikes high dunks that I let my friend borrow. So I was guessing that it was Tabitha, my best friend. I didn't want to interrupt, so I just texted Ayden. I heard Ayden's phone ring. It seemed really close. I pinpointed the sound to the guy who was making out with Tabitha. I tried it again; that couldn't be right. Sadly, I was right. I just stood there watching them. Eventually, they would have to come for air. So when they broke apart, they would see me. After a surprisingly long time, they finally did break apart.

"I love you so much," Ayden whispered, with that soft, velvet voice of his. He kissed her lips gently.

"Oh," Tabitha giggled. "You know I love you too, baby. So when are you gonna break the sad news to poor, little Cammy?"

"We could keep this a secret. Just between the 2 of us," Ayden suggested. I really didn't know how they could not see me. HELLO? Peripheral vision here? Seriously? Or were they too much in "love." I was about to leave, but my shoe was untied. Figuring they couldn't see me, I bent down and tied my shoe. One of them tripped over me, and landed really hard on my back. When they finally got up, I heard Tabitha's exaggeratedly girly voice say, "Oh. My. Gawd! Are you okay?" And then to Ayden she said, "C'mon. Help me get her up. I stood up, not facing them, and dusted my self. The place was really quiet except for the three of our voices. I checked the time on my phone: it was only 3:20. Damn, I thought to myself. People really do wanna get out of here fast.

I started to walk away from them. It almost worked; they hardly noticed me leave. But, sadly no. Ayden just had to call me.

"Ugh, I have to call Cammy," he groaned. I almost smiled, thinking of the excuse he would use.

"Aw, why do you have to call her? This way, we can just go straight to my house," Tabitha complained.

"Oh, don't worry. We definitely will." This statement earned a very high pitched giggle from Tabitha. I almost turned around just to shut them up. Instead, I bit my lip and made sure I had everything. I looked back carefully to make sure that they didn't see my face, and checked to see if I had left anything there. Thankfully I didn't so I turned back around and started to head home again. I took 2 steps—so far so good, I thought to myself—but then my phone rang. It was this kinda annoying song that Ayden picked out for whenever he called. There's not many people that have this ringtone so I figured Ayden knew that it was me that was standing a few feet away from him.

"Yes," I answered in a really irritated voice. Well, why wouldn't I be irritated? I just caught my boyfriend, who was also my best friend, cheating on me with my other best friend. The thing that really got me stumped was, why would they do something like this at school, where all 3 of us go? We always hang out after school, and we would meet up in the front. There are also other people that would see them, and they would tell me. Unless everyone else already knew? I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case.

I turned around and made sure they saw my face clearly. Did they just stand there and gawk like I expected they would? No, surprisingly enough. They went straight for excuses.

"Hey! OMG! We have been looking everywhere for you," lied Tabitha, with her now very annoying perky voice. I didn't even wanna hear any of it. Got my iTouch, blasted it, and walked away. As simple as that. I knew they would follow me and try to explain, but at this point I didn't even care anymore. I just had a strange numb feeling.

When I got to my house, it was strangely quiet. The TV was off, no radio, no one talking on the phone, it was just dead quiet. I figured my sister would be home by now, but then again she is a senior—a senior with a life at that fact. But Felicity would usually come home to change and then she would leave. She and her friends were usually here for about an hour, but maybe they are at someone else's house? Probably so. I decided to call her to make sure she wasn't here. I heard her phone ringing in the kitchen, so I went to go check it out. She had 23 missed calls and she had 75 unread texts. Odd… I ran up the stairs and went to her room. Everything looked in place, like she had never even come home.

I went back downstairs to start thinking. There was a very small noise somewhere. I was silent for a few moments and heard loud thumping. When I was about to walk to the basement, I saw a figure coming up the stairs. My heart leaped with joy when I saw Felicity, but then I saw the scar on her arm. I quickly ran upstairs and got the first aid kit. As I got downstairs, I heard quiet shuffling.

"Hey? Are you okay? What happened to your arm?" I questioned.

"Hey yourself." She gave me a dazzling smile. To most people, she would've looked completely fine, but I am her sister. I could always tell when she was faking it or not. "I just got cut. A little scratch. You wanna go somewhere today? Maybe we could eat Chinese for go Italian tonight. Oh! I'm so hungry."

I fixed up her cut, but didn't say anything. She was definitely not okay. She had a suspicious cut on her arm, and that couldn't have been done by accident. She had more than 2 missed calls and over 1 unread text. My sister is constantly on her phone, and the only time she wouldn't answer her phone would be when she's taking a shower. But many of these calls and texts came from earlier today or before. Felicity was obviously ignoring someone; these calls came from various people. I didn't want to prod her or anything—she would tell me on her own time. I got her a wet paper towel to wipe her face off. She looked at me, realizing that her face was a mess. She was crying earlier. Her face was all messed up by the tons of makeup she wears.

"You're so lucky that you aren't popular and crap like that. It's ain't as cracked up as everyone says it is. Everyone who is popular is a freakin' hypocrite."

"Well obviously," I muttered to myself. Then loud enough for her to hear I asked, "What happened?"

"Oh, stupid crap. I really can't handle this anymore, you know? Ugh, this is total madness."

I didn't get a thing she was saying. When I asked her what she meant, she just gave me this really bizarre look. I have seen her stressed out, but never like this. She was creeping me out, and I was worried that she would do something bad. I was about to ask her again, she announced she was going to sleep.

"I have a major migraine, so could you bring me up some Tylenol. And then around 6 could you bring me some of your special soup? I really don't feel good right now. Plus, I have to do this major essay that's due soon. I wanna get it out of the way as soon as I can." Yup. Something was wrong with her. Felicity Evett never does her homework ahead of time. She never stays home alone, even if she is sick, unless she has a fever or the flu. Her eyes seemed dazed and very distant. She wouldn't tell me anything, but that didn't shock me—it just made me feel kind of sad. The thing that was the most shocking is that she didn't take her phone with her. If Felicity was ever sad, she would always tell one of her annoying best friends. But she hardly looked at her phone since I have seen her today, and she didn't even ask bout her missed calls or anything. Even though I was baffled by her behavior, I told her I would do as she asked without questions.

I decided to get a head start on my homework, since I had nothing else to do. Like my sister, I had this paper that was due soon, but I do start my projects and papers early, unlike my sister. I started drafting it but when I was more than half way done, I decided to take a break from that. I read the chapter in my science book that we were assigned and took notes. Then did my math home homework and that was it for my homework that night. Seemed like little to do, but it took me 3 hours to complete it all. When I was finished putting all my things, I made dinner for Felicity. Just as I was done putting her dinner on the tray, the tray was packed full. There was my special soup, which was guaranteed to make anyone feel better; some buffalo wings, my sister's favorite; ice tea; hot chocolate; some of the chocolate cake from last night's dessert; a slice of pepperoni pizza; and her Tylenol, which I forgot to give her earlier.

Going up the stairs took a long time. Every time I took a step, it seemed like all the food was going to fall out. As I took a step into Felicity's room, I felt a strange aura. All the blinds were closed, there wasn't any music softly playing in the background, all the electronics were off and unplugged. Her room seemed dead. While placing the tray on her nightstand next to her bed, I turned the light and uncovered Felicity. I found her rolled in a ball, looking so peaceful yet scared. I wasn't sure if she was having a nightmare or something, but she didn't seem to be that bad. I tapped her shoulder lightly and whispered in her ear, "I brought your stuff. Everything's all set." I kissed her forehead softly, noticing she doesn't have a fever.

I got down the stairs and got the phone to call our parents. It was about 6:3o, so my mom would be home soon. After a few rings she answered, "Hello?"

I could hear her on the road, with a sirens faint in the background. "Um, Mom, could we get Chinese today?" I could tell she really wasn't paying attention to me because I had to ask her repeatedly several times before she finally answered, "Ask your sister. Bye. Love you," in a rushed voice. I guess she was going somewhere and was probably taking my dad with her. So there went my plan to have dinner as a family. My mom and dad were suddenly preoccupied—and it wasn't only today, but amplitude of ignoring me; Felicity was being strange—she wouldn't tell me anything. I felt all left out for no reason.

For the rest of the night, I was eating and watching movies and TV. It was boring because: a) it was a Friday night, so usually I watch movies and TV while eating with Ayden or Tabitha; b) everyone was leaving me out for some apparent reason—it just seemed like there was something that everyone else knew while I didn't; and c) I have seen this movie so many times and the acting for it was terrible, but there was nothing else to watch and because I lost the remote and was too lazy to look for it or change the channel manually. Doesn't that sound like a wonderful way to spend the Friday night you just caught your boyfriend cheating on you with your best friend?