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*Chappy 6*

Finally, the teacher came, telling the boys to leave and head to their classes. The first guy, who I remembered was Theo, came into the back row and sat next to me on my right. Three more newbies came into the room—I only recognized one, which was, sadly, Mason. He winked at me, and sat in the seat in front of me. One of the newbies sat down on my left, and the other sat diagonal from so, so he was next to Mason.

"So," the kid sitting next to me started. He has black hair, dark gray eyes, and something about him made me think he was a reserved kind of person—either that or brooding and dark. His bangs were like mine—long and covering his eyes. "What's your name, sunshine?"

That was really unexpected, for a person like him. I guess I judged way too quickly. I pretended to act super-girly, and seem like I was offended—just like Tabitha does a lot. "Oh. My. Gawd! You totally got it right. How did you know my name was Sunshine?!" The other guys all looked at me; Mason and Theo both cocked their eyebrows at me. I shuddered a little, shaking any trace of girlyness off me. Frowning, I stared intently at my old desk. All the scratches—like "This class sucks," "Fuck you" "I will kill you," and the ever so notorious "Your mom"—were so riveting. As again, note the sarcasm.

"Well Sunshine, I must admit I love calling you that, allow me to introduce myself. I am the ever so wonderful Riley."

"And sweetie," said the guy who was sitting next to Mason, "I am the handsome Demarco." He was well built, I could see that; had a slight tan, and light brown hair, and a dazzling smile that suited him very well. "By the way, sweetie, can I get your number."

"Forward, aren't we," I said bluntly. I ripped a piece of paper from my notebook and hastily scribbled a number down. The number wasn't mine, but I definitely knew who's it was, and they wouldn't have been so happy having some random guy trying to use pick up lines on them, and calling them by ridiculous nicknames. I handed it over to him, successfully hiding my smirk he gave his number on a piece of paper as well, and I noticed his handwriting was terrible. I had to hide my smile.

"Well isn't this something?" Mason suddenly said. "Riley is actually being social, and oh my goodness," he said with mock shock. "He is actually flirting! Although.. I'm not sure if a certain person would be highly happy about that, seeing as how pretty the girl has gotten," he added, while eyeing me up and down. I felt my blood stop cold, and avoided looking at Mason, who was whispering something to Theo. Apparently one of them said something because they were both staring at me.

Eventually, they all started chatting about random things, and as I put my music on, their voices blended in with the other people in the class. My music was blaring—this really shouldn't have surprising, and should've been guessed, if not expected—and slowly the bass banging in my ears was carrying my mind far off. I felt as if I was floating through a time stream. Different memories kept flashing: happy days, sad days, random days—all of them. The weird time stream disappeared when the bell rang. I didn't realize I was crying until I saw a puddle dangerously close to my iTouch. Gathering my things, I dashed out the room with a horrible feeling in my stomach.

For each of my classes, I was a nervous wreck. I had at least one newbie on my class, courtesy of the Marvins. The Marvins, well the Marvin sons, have always had this things—me against all of them. They always liked to provoke me, poke me, tease me, things like that, but it was somewhat (COUGH COUGH…) harmless fun… (I hope you noticed…) For a while, I had a problem with Theo because of the stabbing thing. That I really took hard, and it took me a while to forgive him, and even longer to act normal with him. Just kidding!! He looked really sorry after he stabbed me (especially every time I mention it to him), and also looked really adorable—I mean, a little kid pouting 'cause he's really sorry: can you get any cuter than that!!—so I never really held anything against it. Well... a couple of times, but only when he really pissed me off.

Since my parents were best friends with Mr. and Mrs. Marvin, our family went to visit them frequently. My sister didn't mind because of the Marvins (they were notoriously good looking) and neither did my brother because of the pretty girls. They always fell for his "charm," as he liked to call it—although, I really don't get what they see in him. I mean yeah, he's good looking and all, but I can't think of him in that way or it will be incest.

Mrs. Marvin loved children; she wanted to have as many as possible. She gave birth to nine sons. The last one died at birth and she could bear giving a birth to another dead baby, despite her love for children. So instead, she adopted children. The last time I saw them all, she had seventeen sons—biological and adopted. You think she would stop there—I mean, cleaning after seventeen boys must be brutal—but I heard she adopted more.

I had a history with one of the Marvin sons—Eljean Marvin. He developed a crush on me when we were twelve. The other Marvins would try to get us together, and we actually ended up becoming very close. When he finally asked me out, we are about fourteen. By then, I had liked him a lot, and thought that I almost loved him. One day he told me he loved me, and that fully confirmed our mutual feeling—or so I thought.

A few days later, when I paid him an unexpected visit, his brothers told me he wasn't home. They said that he went to the beach with a friend and would be back soon. For some reason, I didn't realize that they averted my gaze—I only realized that when I was at home.

When I got to the beach, I did find him with a person—although she wasn't just a friend. It wasn't like they were just sitting real close and snuggling or something like that. Noo!! He was on top of her, tugging at the strings of her skimpy bikini. I remembered the black eye I have him—it didn't go away for weeks.

My parents wanted to visit them the very next day—I begged to stay home but no prevail—and there was much to tension for the three minutes I was there. I went and was out the whole day trying to ventilate my anger. They thought I hadn't gotten over him, but the sight of him and his hoe would make anyone try to forget him.

I turned my attention to the teacher who was no glaring at my direction. I glared at him back, and he instantly looked away, not even testing to see if I was paying attention—and he knew I wasn't because no one pays attention in his class.

I sighed as I remembered what he said to me that day.

"Eljean?" Eljean and his hoe looked up at me.

"Ah, so you never told her?" She smirked. "Oh, you bad boy." She pulled him down and kissed him hard and firm. The hoe turned her head towards me, hatred flashing in her eyes. "Get the message? He's with me now."

I looked hard at Eljean, not believing any of it. After a few moments, he looked me dead in the eye.

"I never loved you. I was just bored, and for the moment, you seemed fun to play with," he said with a smirk. His eyes were so cold, his voice so blunt… I looked at the ground because I couldn't face him. His words were like a slap, I could practically hear the contact of his words to my cheek. When I looked at him, he turned away, like I wasn't even worthy of his eyes to set upon me. By then, my vision had gone blurry and the tears were spilling onto my cheeks.

I shook my head vigorously, trying to clear my thoughts of that memory. The bell rang suddenly, making me jump out of my seat, and making me forget the memory for the time being. I looked up and found everyone, including Mr. Wellis, giving me the weirdest look ever. Trying to ignore their stares, I tried to walk out the classroom with as much dignity I had left—which was basically nothing.

Even though my dignity was virtually gone, I still managed to have some hope. It was lunch, and I haven't seen or heard Eljean so far. I had seen some of the Marvins when I was in the hallways, so the chances were that I wouldn't have any classes with him, and I'll just pass him by. I might not even see him until the day over, seeing as how my school is pretty big.

Since I was one of the first people in the caf, this would work to my advantage. I would be able to see if he was entering, so if he was, I would be able to move so he wouldn't see me. After getting my lunch, I made my way to the back of the caf. My back was facing the entrance, but then something hit me—my freaking bright, nearly neon orange—that is one hundred percent natural, may I add—would make me instantly obvious. I quickly put on my hood, but I guess I wasn't quick enough. Theo came sitting across from me moments later.

"Hello, Cammy," he greeted me politely. Giving me a warm smile, he focused his attention to the front of the cafeteria. "Hey guys," he called out really loudly. "Over here!" He waved his arms for a few moments, and then with a satisfied smile on his face, he stopped. I could hear footsteps approaching, so I got my over-ear headphones and started playing "Shanty Town" by Mr. Scruff. "Shanty Town" or the "Whalefish song" (as it sometimes called) has a wonderful base at the chorus that is great for drowning out the voices of those you don't want to hear. Putting "Shanty Town" at high volume, which was quite high thanks to my tweaking, I ignored the guys, which I could see from the corner of my eyes, and I assumed they were Marvins. Looking over at Theo, he told me they were his brothers. As I glanced around the table at the guys that were sitting down, I noticed the majority of them were the Marvins or popular guys that I knew—well heard of.

"Guys," I barely heard Theo say through the blaring music, "this is Cammy. Cammy, since there is a lot of them, please don't make me introduce every single one of them by name. I'll refer to this lot as "guys." If that's okay though."

"It's okay," I said quietly, very preoccupied in not looking up and instead looking at my homework. I really wasn't paying attention, but I swore I heard some perverted that involved me.

"Hey, Cammy!" they all randomly yelled. I looked up and they weren't looking at me, but past me. Figuring that it didn't involve me, I focused more on my work.

"Hey, guys," I heard. I felt the person take a seat next to me, and in the corner of my eye, I saw him stare at me. He poked my cheek. "Hey," he whispered, and when I turned to face him, I saw those familiar green eyes and that trademark smirk.

"Hey yourself," I mumbled, and smiled. He continued to stare at me for a while, not saying anything, our eyes locked. I don't know why I didn't realize that he was leaning in on me, so I was shocked when his soft lips met mine. His hands, gently, yet firm, wound themselves around my waist. After my common sense slapped me across the face, I put my arms around his neck and him back, instead of sitting there like the shocked imbecile that I was.

When I felt him pull away, I bit his lip and pouted. I felt him smile and then he, to my liking and surprise, deepened the kiss. As pulled away, he was wearing the biggest grin on his face, which (it was an effect he had on me) made me blush. Even when we both face forward, I still felt his arm around my waist. Moments later I heard a voice that made my blood curdle.

"Since you couldn't have me, you move to my brother, eh?" I could almost see his smirk. "Doesn't that make you a whore?"

I didn't look up at him—just put my homework away, and started to read a favorite book of mine—and pretended that the comment he made and him didn't exist. Maybe if I forget—

"Hello?" Eljean grabbed the book out of my hands. "It's rude to ignore people when they are talking to you," he declared matter-of-factly. He looked at the book and tossed my book on the table, which hit my juice and fell into Roman's lunch. Roman gave me a sympathetic glance as he handed me my book.

"Sorry," he whispered. By the glance he gave me, I knew that he looked in the book and saw it was a gift from Felicity. I skimmed through the pages quickly and saw the book was stained on many pages. Putting the book on my lap away from harm, I tried hard to hold back my tears. The rest of the table was quiet, some giving Eljean dirty looks, but he brushed them off.

"Roman," I whispered. Despite the talking in the caf, Roman heard me, and turned to face me. I pushed my bangs away from my eyes, tucking them behind my ear. "How… did you find out?" I murmured quietly. My voice cracked, my throat was on fire, and I felt like my head was going to explode.

"All the seniors are talking about it. Apparently Chey went to your house because of a project she had with Felicity and she found out because… yeah," he ended awkwardly.

Guessing from the sympathetic glances I had been receiving, my parents didn't tell her that they thought I killed her.

"Well, what happened," Cameron gently inquired. Concern filled his eyes, and same for the others—including the heartless Eljean. My head was so dizzy; I didn't even notice the footsteps behind me.

I looked down at my book, my bangs falling to their place over my eyes. My hand rolled into fists, trying to stop themselves from shaking. "My sister…" My voice shook and cracked; a tear dropped onto my book. "She's dead."